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A Stormy Night ( the start of it)


It was a stormy night outside, the rain coming down hard
against the windows somehow though made it soothing. Lightning
flashes could be seen miles away and the thunder more often
than not felt as if it were directly overhead. The television
constantly flickering as did the lights you finally decided
it was enough for the night and upstairs you headed.

You weren’t really all that tired just yet but being there
was little else to do you found yourself soon running a hot
bath for you to slip in and forget the storm outside. Turning
the facet off you ran your hand through the bubbles and bringing
them close to your nose. The sweet scent fills your mind
of thoughts of passion and that missing romance you have
so longed for. Now standing in front of the mirror you watch
yourself as you slowly slip out of your robe. At first you
see your breasts as the candle light bounces off them in
the mirror. Pausing there your hand instinctively reaches
up and cups and caresses them. Your nipples as if they were
controlled by a switch instantly react and stand out as
if they were begging for your attention. There you stood
for what seemed like just seconds but was in fact closer
to an hour lost in your own world of teasing and pleasure
as you touched yourself in all the ways you have so longed
for. Your eyes never leaving the sight of your reflection
it was almost as if you were watching a movie, your favorite
movie in fact. Letting your arms fall to your side, your
robe falls free of the restraints that held it there for
so long. You look at your body slowly and methodically getting
more and more aware of your own level of arousal. You place
your hand softly on your stomach almost as if you were sub-consciously
trying to fight the urge to reach lower and touch yourself,
yet you loose that battle as if you ever had a chance in the
first place. Feeling your wetness you lightly rub yourself
and you can feel as your fingers slowly get covered in your
juices, your sweet nectar. Moaning softly from the pleasures
it was bringing you, you take yourself closer to the edge
but ever so careful not to go over just yet. One hand on the
counter in front, you lean forward and open your legs slightly
more. The cool air in the room brushes against you and sends
a surge of pleasure through your entire being. Instinctively
your finger curls upward deep inside of you and for the first
time that evening you suddenly become aware that you are
in need of a release unlike those of the weeks before. You
stand slowly back up and fight to pull your hand away knowing
how badly you want and need a release but even more aware
of how you need one. Slowly you bring your fingers to your
lips and pull each one in, one by one. You have always loved
the taste of a woman's sweet nectar and especially
that of your own.

"MmmmmmmMMm, no wonder why she liked the way I taste, "
you look at yourself with a devilish smile and say, "to
bad you wont ever be able to taste me again." ending
with an almost vengeful but jealous laugh.

You make your way over to the tub and slowly slip in enjoying
the way the water feels against your smooth and delicate
skin as it gently covers you. Pulling your hair up you rest
your head against the soft pink pillow you had just bought
the other day for the bathtub. Thinking how wonderful it
felt to rest your head against the soft pillow you didn’t
even notice how your hand had begun to caress your body as
it lay submerged in the water. Ever so lightly it would run
across your skin, almost as if daunting it and teasing your
flesh from being able to truly enjoy the sensation only
you had known how to bring it. There you lay for the next hour,
just relaxing and forgetting your troubles in a world only
known to yourself, a world only you had ever been able to
take yourself to before.

Now pulling the plug and with the water slowly draining
from around you, you stood up and reached for a towel and
began to dry yourself off. As this weekend you had the house
to yourself you walked out of the bathroom and into the hallway
making your way to your room. The candles still lit in the
bathroom giving you your only light you didn’t care and
even if there had been someone home you probably would have
done the same thing for that was the mood you were in. Entering
your room you made your way over to your dresser where you
naturally reached for the drawer in which you kept all things
nice and soft. Moving things around you finally found the
one and pulled it out of the drawer. It was teddy you had bought
sometime back for your girlfriend on her birthday but when
you had gotten home from the store you discovered how much
you liked it and decided to keep for yourself. It was low
cut in the front and showed your cleavage that you were so
proud of, in the back it was open...very open in fact as anyone
standing behind you could clearly see your soft and tender
cheeks. It reached under you and back around the front covering
very little which is why you always had kept yourself shaven
there. Slowly it widened as it made its way higher till it
reached your breasts in which it opened in two. Soft lace
frill highlighted the edges with the majority being a hand
spun silk. Red was your favorite color and standing in front
of the mirror you admired just how incredibly sexy and beautiful
you were in it.

You looked around the room and made your way to the bed where
you pulled the covers back and climbed in. Laying in the
middle you reaches up for a stretch and your hands bumped
into the railing behind you. Clenching them you imagined
for a second being tied to them and having some beautiful
and sexy woman making love to you in all the ways you had so
wanted. You had considered yourself more Bi than lesbian
even though it had been so many years since you had been with
a man. So many years in fact you couldn't even remember
what it really was like. Oh sure you had your toys and your
last girlfriend had used some on you almost giving you the
same sensation but with breasts hanging before your hungry
lips you had always lost yourself in another world of delights
and not really known of the other. Never having had someone
take you into a never never land through oral sex of any sort
you had always received your greatest pleasure from having
your breasts kisses, sucked and played with. So for you
it was only natural to respond much the same way. Yet you
had always wanted to find out about that 'other'
pleasure. Your mind began racing on your and soon you were
once again caressing yourself and touching yourself in
ways you had only dreamed of before. It was no longer a need
to find a release but had long become the sensations you
were feeling especially in your sexy red teddy.

As the thunder continued to bust above you slowly drifted
off to sleep not even aware as it happened. With all the noise
being caused by the wind and storm it was no wonder that you
never heard the window downstairs breaking.


His car had broken down the road several miles away on his
way to a friends place for a surprise visit. He hadn’t seen
her in many years but had heard she was back in the area. Reaching
for his cell phone he picked it up only to discover that either
the storm had knocked out communications in the area or
he was just too far away. He leaned across the wheel of the
car and looking up muttered how he hoped he was really as
lost as he suddenly had felt. Arriving only days before
from another country no-one had known he even back and that
meant no one would be looking for him either tonight or anytime
soon. Turning the power off in his car the rain poured down
the window as if he was parked in front of a bunch of firemen
all with their hoses pointed at his poor little car. The
wind was blowing so hard the car rocked roughly and some
water had begun leaking in. For the next few hours he sat
there like this not knowing what to do but praying for someone
to come by and stop. After the fourth hour of staring at his
watch and out his windows he realized that this was a road
not traveled by many, if any at all. Peering out his windows
he looked for some sign of life that perhaps he could walk
too and get some help but there wasn’t a light in sight.

After sitting there for what seemed like an eternity he
slowly became aware of how cold he was getting. He tried
feebly to warm himself up but got nowhere fast. Taking one
last long look outside for some sign to hope for a rescue
he saw nothing, and knew it was all up to him now. Leaning
over the back seat he reached in his suitcase and grabbed
an extra sweater and his jacket, two things he knew he was
going to need if he was to last any more than a few minutes
outside in the unworldly storm that brewed outside the
little fishbowl he was sheltered in for now. Slowly opening
the door the wind grabbed it and almost tore it out of his
hands yet with his firm grip he held onto it and remained
in control. Quickly getting out of the car he was immediately
greeting with the pounding of the rain in his face as if it
were trying to show him who was really in control.

With the rain blowing in from the direction he had come from
and not remembering seeing any houses he decided that it
was best to keep moving forward and perhaps that would help
him see better by just enough that he could possibly see
a house and get help. Thinking to himself, he muttered how
he would do anything for a hot bath and a really hot coffee
right now. With the wind behind him he found walking alot
easier as it seemed to enwrap around him and almost guide
him along the dark and deserted gravel road that was played
out before him. For the next couple hours he walked along
seeing nothing that even closely resembled life, nothing
that gave him any reason to hope and nothing that he saw he
could even use as shelter. His clothes were soaked through
and the water running down his chest along was slowly filling
his shoes and making harder to walk.

The rain poured down on him and he had become so oblivious
to the cold his body was feeling that he began to drift off
in a dream like state. Perhaps it was self preservation
that caused this, perhaps it was some inner spirit talking
to him or maybe it was his guide talking to him and working
with him to give him hope and keep him alive. Surely it would
be easier to admit defeat and lay down right then and there
but something drove him forward and kept him moving. Another
hour passed and now his stomach was talking to him, calling
out to him for food it so desperately wanted. All the basics
in life now seemed to be the calling to him. His life slowly
started replaying in his eyes and he relived some of the
happier moments he had ever experienced. As he traveled
further down the road those images soon slowly were replaced
of all the things he had yet to do, all the things he had only
dreamt of and yet wanted so much. Then everything came to
a sudden halt! The road he had walked on for what may be the
last hours of his life suddenly split in two and now he was
forced to make a choice. His mind could not cope and started
to react by sending him into a madness of panic and confusion.

Out of the blue though this woman’s voice called out to him
in such a calm and soothing manner he had never known before.
Spinning around in circles he couldn’t see her anywhere
yet she had to be close for him to hear her over the wind. Stopping
and closing his eyes he tried everything he could to shake
it off and to stop her from calling to him but nothing worked
and soon he succumb and answered back. Asking where she
was she replied inside of him, outside of him and all around
him. She explained that she was his guide and she was speaking
up because he had reached out to her and asked for her help.
For the next 24 minutes they talked and soon he had calmed
down and began to look at the roads which lay in front of him.
He had three choices here and had to make one, and make it
quickly. He was now aware of how weak he was becoming from
the rain and the storm that engulfed him. Looking back he
knew that was not a choice to be made so he looked forward.
Left then right, left then right he kept looking till finally
he spotted it in the gravel. Tire tracks from a car or perhaps
a pick-up that had taken the corner fast enough to leave
the ridges only tires could leave. Then as he focused on
them he became more and more aware of all the others that
had traveled that route before. Smiling he looked up in
the night sky and gleamed at the storm with a surge of refreshed
energy and yelled out to it.

this had somehow made him feel better and soon he was heading
down that fork in the road skipping along as happy as could
be. This was short lasted though as the storm had already
taken to much from him, worn him down to much for him to really
have recovered.

He crested the next hill and off in the flickering shadows
of the lightning that was headed his way he saw a shadow of
a barn, but was it a barn? By God no it was a house and that meant
he had survived. Running he made his way down the road before
jumping a fence and cutting across a field towards the house.
15 minutes later he was standing at the front door and like
some school boy on his first date he frantically tried to
fix his hair and look as presentable as the weather had allowed
him to become.

After what seemed like an eternity of knocking on the door
and not having heard a sound come from with-in he began to
wonder if anyone was even home. Perhaps they had gone on
holidays or were trapped back in town where he should have
stayed. He walked around to the back of the house and looked
to see if there was a shed that perhaps he could ride the storm
out in till at least morning, something that would hopefully
have a form of heat or at the very least where he could get
out of the cold. Perhaps by daylight the owners would be
back and they could call someone to help him.

Arriving in the backyard he saw nothing, not even a garden
shed or dog house that he could use for shelter. How could
this be he wondered to himself. Maybe no one lived here,
maybe the house was empty …… maybe he was imagining it. Slowly
he walked along the house, reaching out every so often to
touch it, making sure in fact it was real and that his mind
wasn’t playing games on him. Looking through each window
carefully he couldn’t make anything out. It was dark inside
and there were no shadows to be seen, no dog barking, really
no signs of life.

He was about 5 yards from the back door when he passed the
last window. A small one at that, perhaps a bathroom or a
laundry room. The window was shattered and the branch was
still partially hanging on the edge. He peered in and after
several minutes his eyes adjusted enough that he could
start to make out things. Under the window was a counter
and a sink, off to the left a shower and across the room a toilet.
Pausing he debated if he should climb through it or not.
Maybe there would be some old farmer on the other side with
a rifle and a bullet with his name on it. Yet no one had answered
the door, not even a light had flickered in a room indicating
any kind of life.

He knocked out the last couple pieces of glass which fell
to the counter below shattering again into smaller pieces
yet with an echo ringing out like a church’s bell on a Sunday
morning. Slowly he lifted himself up and began to climb
in through the window careful not to cut himself on any piece
of glass which he may have missed. Finally through the window
he squatted there for a few minutes listening for any signs
of life coming from within the house. Turning, a Bolt of
lightning flashed behind him bright enough that he could
make out the entire room as if it were daytime. That’s when
he saw his reflection in the mirror.

It was the reflection of a man obviously beaten by the weather
outside, his clothes were soaked through and the water
now was pooling under him as he remained still squatted.
His hair could have rivaled that of even Medusa or Tina Turner
back many years ago. Yet even as he was badly beaten from
the elements outside there was still something very masculine
and manly about him, something that not even a magazine
could reproduce. He chuckled slightly and images of comic
books read long ago flashed through his memory, and before
he knew it he was humming the Spiderman song to himself.

Now climbing down from the counter and moving away from
the broken glass that laid on the floor he made his way to
the door. Carefully peering around the corner he now could
make out that people in fact lived here but must have been
away………..and hopefully wouldn’t be back till long after
he left. Stepping out of the bathroom he wondered if he should
go any further but curiosity getting the better of him he
stepped forth. Stopping he looked down and realized his
shoes were covered in mud so quickly he took them off as he
wasn’t there to rob anything or hurt anyone but just a poor
man that was in need of some much needed shelter during a
terrible and somewhat terrifying storm.

Further into the house he traveled getting bolder and bolder
in his movement. He tried several switches but the power
was out and it was only after his eyes finally adjusted to
the lack of light that he could make the hazy and somewhat
familiar images out. He was careful where he walked as he
didn’t want to knock anything over nor get anything wet
as this wasn’t his home and he really was a well mannered
and honest man. Turning the last corner he suddenly was
looking up a set of stairs and from what he could see perhaps
the most elegant stairs he ever had seen. Pausing he decided
not to head up as it would be invading someone else’s privacy
and after all he was soaked to the bone, the cold now starting
to nip at him and take hold.

The lights suddenly came on and he nearly wet himself right
then and there if it were possible to be any wetter than he
was. It spooked him at first and then after a few minutes
to calm down he settled back in. He looked around the house,
finely decorated and with a twinge of a western theme so
he thought. He saw a saddle off in the corner and riding boots
under. The table beside him laid a crop which he reached
out and picked up. It looked different than any he had ever
seen yet it had a magical effect on him.

Ahh well no-one is here he thought to himself and realizing
how wet he was he made his way back to the laundry room where
he stripped down to his purest manly state. Taking all his
clothes he emptied the pockets out and placed everything
on the counter beside the dryer. Tossing his clothes in
he turned it on and thought how nice it would be to have some
dry clothes. The cool air felt oddly enough comforting
against his naked body, almost as if it were reaching out
to caress him. Yet a few minutes later he started to feel
the chill in the air and needed to get warm.

Back to the bathroom he went where he took with him the broom
and dustpan he found in the laundry room. First he cleaned
the glass up and then began to run a nice hot bath in which
he would soak till his clothes were dry. The glass all cleaned
he slowly slipped into the tub as the water almost sizzled
against his flesh. Totally submersed in the bath he laid
back and began to daydream and relive the evening events
that brought him here in the first place. Just as he was getting
to the part where his car broke down the lights flickered
several times and once again the room went completely black.

It was about this time she had woken for a brief moment, perhaps
from an odd noise downstairs, or coming in from outside.
Her window slightly open she got out of bed still half asleep
and went to close it. Turning back to her bed she quickly
climbed in and soon enough had fallen back into a deep sleep
once again.

“Shit!”, he muttered to himself not to loudly, “someone
is home.”

He froze still as he laid there still in the bath. What was
he going to do? How would he ever explain it? No clothes,
no nothing…… a broken window, ohh he would be in so much trouble
he thought to himself. Patiently he waited for more sounds,
sounds of someone coming towards him maybe. Yet there was
nothing but the sound of the storm outside. He laid there
for the next hour, his body soaking the heat of the water
in and his mind racing in circles of all the what if’s.

Finally he had convinced himself that maybe it was a cat
jumping off a bed or something, but as there hadn’t been
any other sound it surely couldn’t be that of a person. Standing
he reached for a towel he had seen earlier on and he began
to dry himself off. Remembering that there had been a robe
on the door he reached out for it and for the first time that
even he felt warm, truly warm.

He walked out of the bathroom and back through the main level
of the house. His eyes having adjusted to the darkness once
again he couldn’t see any signs of someone having been there.
Nothing seemed moved or disturbed and nothing had changed.
Again he was at the foot of the stairs looking up, and he debated
if he should go any further. But as he stood there it was almost
as if someone was calling out to him, yearning for him not
to turn back but to go forward which he did.

One step at a time he made his way up, his mind not on where
he was going to, but rather how nice this robe felt against
his naked body under. It was short and barely covered his
butt, a woman’s robe for sure he thought. Made of a soft silky
material it soothed his flesh and soon he found that he was
getting turned on by the feeling it created. His manhood
slowly filled with more and more blood and began to stand
proud and erect. It was wanting and it was needing and his
hand instinctively reached down and he began to touch himself.
As he reached the first landing he was as hard as he ever had
been in his life. Stopping he looked down and could make
out the image of his manhood as his hand wrapped around it
slowly stroking back and forth. This robe he thought to
himself is what had done it, the scent, the softness, the
feeling against him was just all to powerful.

Turning he headed up from the landing till he reached the
top of the stairs where suddenly he was confronted with
the horrifying reality that he wasn’t alone.


He stood there for what seemed like hours, yet really was
only a couple seconds. There in front of him he could clearly
see the warm glow of candles as they flickered ever so softly
from a room down the hall. It was to late to turn back and run
he thought, surely they would hear him as he fled down the
stairs and God only knows he didn’t want to be shot in the
back especially not in a woman’s robe. Slowly he made his
way down the hall till he reached the first door. Carefully
he peered in and much to his relief the room was empty, empty
of people anyways. He could se yet more riding equipment
including that of other crops similar to the one he found
downstairs. Picking one up he looked at and it to seemed
odd in design to him yet what did he know about riding anyways.
He held it in his hand and proceeded down the hallway to the
next room.

Finally he reached the last room and yet not seen anyone.
He knew this was it, the moment of truth. Half scared to death
and half oddly enough excited he peered through the crack
of the door that stood in front of him. Blinking rapidly
his eyes surely had deceived him as there on this great bed
in the room laid fast asleep the most beautiful woman he
had ever seen. Standing there he looked away and then looked
back yet she remained on the bed, motionless with the only
covering of a comforter to which covered only one foot.

Moving now to the center of the doorway he stood there careful
not to make a sound. His feet sliding along the floor as not
to let any boards creek beneath him, his breathing for as
rapid as it had become remained silent and his hand now reach
back to his loins and took a hold of himself once more. There
he was, this normally mild mannered even tempered man standing
in some strange house looking at a beautiful woman he had
never seen before stroking himself softly to a music only
he could hear.

She was beautiful laying there on the bed with the soft seductive
candle light caressing her partially clad body. Laying
on her back, he could make out all her features including
that of the sexiest and probably silkiest teddy he had ever
seen. He looked her over from head to toe and as his eyes fixated
upon her body he became more and more aware of how hard he
was getting in his own hand. Her face he thought was that
of an Angel, yet it was somewhat familiar. Her shoulders
and arms bare to the vanilla scent that filed the room showing
a muscular tone yet one that remained very feminine indeed
which was slightly graced but her short hair. He knew from
the little he saw that her skin would be as soft as that of
the very clouds that this Angel would grace in the Heavens
above. Her neck looked so kissable he thought to himself
with the one ear slightly showing he imagined himself making
love to her, kissing her neck as he moved towards her ear
softly pulling it in his mouth, his teeth grazing over top
of it and the warmth of his hot breath soothing it and taking
her to her own Heaven. His eyes moved lower to her breasts
and while he could not actually see them he could tell from
the little mounds that reached up towards the Gods above
that she was of a moderate size and even in the faint glow
that filled the room he could easily make out the outline
of one nipple. The more he looked the more turned on he became,
the closer his body came to taking over in animalistic lust.
Her stomach was covered completely by the teddy she had
on. He could see the frills and lace that made much of the
decoration with the soft and smooth red silk that lay under
and next to her skin to which e felt an odd jealousy towards.
Still lower his eyes traveled till they reached her most
private of spots and completely out of character he did
not feel at all ashamed to be standing there admiring and
yet at the same time lusting for her. It was there that the
silk Teddy that graced her body came to meet with the tiniest
of frills as it passed between her inner thighs. Her hand
which was just slightly to the side he wondered to himself
it had been there for a reason, perhaps touching her soft
lips lost in some fantasy. There was no traces of any hairs
and he figured that she must keep herself well shaved again
sending a throb racing down his swollen member as this thought
alone turned him on even more and he wanted so badly to climb
in the bed between her legs and kiss her inner reaches, running
his tongue across those innocent lips that lay in front
of him. He then pictured what it would be like to be there
hidden from view, her completely unaware of his presence
watching as she touched herself, pleasing herself and
ultimately climaxed before his eyes. Her fingers moved
slightly yet he remained still and continued to watch,
to look and to admire this Angel which lay in front of him.
She had short nails that too were painted red which he deducted
was her favorite color. Forcing himself to break free of
where his eyes had fixated and his desires had lusted for
he looked down her legs and to her feet. Again her toe nails
were red, and her feet were rather small he thought for a
woman of her height yet they remained as equally sexy and
desirable as the rest of her. He thought of what it would
be like being inside of her, his manhood slowly moving in
and out, her chest heaving in rhythm with nipples standing
straight out wanting to be pinched and played with, and
her foot held in his hand as he kissed it and made love to it
equally as he did the rest of her. He wondered how she would
like that, how she would react, how far he could drive her
to the edge and if he could keep her there. Ohh how he wanted
her, and how much harder by the second it became for him to
fight the urges that ran rampant through his body, his inner
being all caused by the bare animalistic lust that was boiling
over inside and the draw that she was having onto him.

A loud thunder boom echoed in the sky, startling him out
of his fantasy that he was dreaming and caused her to stir.
At first he ducked down so that if she should have woken she
wouldn’t see him there. Yet instead she only moved slightly
and then rolled over onto her stomach. Getting resettled
she moved around a bit till she came to rest with her legs
parted wide and the most incredible heart shaped ass he
had ever seen in his life. The best of all there it was, not
in some dream, not in a magazine or nor a movie but instead
right there in front of his face and only a few feet away fully
exposed as the Teddy she had on did not begin to open back
up till it reached her hips. Ohh how incredible it was, how
it called to him and how badly he wanted it. The one hand that
had engulfed his swollen manhood had begun moving faster
back and forth along his thick and swollen shaft. His fingers
moving as far as the tip and then back down again, the tips
pressing slightly against the vein with a grip that not
even God himself could have pulled apart. He looked back
again and noticed the dark staining that only her wetness
could have caused.


That’s when it happened. That’s the moment he knew there
was no turning back and that he would soon cross over from
being a man to that of a member of animal kingdom. Slowly
standing his hand let go, yet he remained as hard as a rock.
His other hand he hadn’t even notice still held the crop
tightly in it and it would not let go. Fully standing there
now the robe he had on fell to the floor, with only a soft whisper
as it landed. Now completely naked again he moved forward,
his body having taken over from his mind, his desires taken
over from that of his soul and he was going to have her no matter
what. Reaching the foot of her bed he placed one knee softly
as possible on it so not to disturb her. Then the next and
with his full weight now on the bed he moved cautiously up
between her legs. His hand with which he held the crop reached
out on its own and with the crop he tapped her leg lightly
moving it even more open to which she followed its direction.
Bolder and bolder in those next few seconds he became.

He now knelt between her legs, his knees even with hers.
Her incredible and sexy ass right there before him begging
to be touched, grabbed and even spanked in his mind’s eye.
He sat there fighting with the last ounce of decent strength
he had in him not to go any further. Thinking to himself he
could have easily stayed there and masturbated till he
climaxed, covering those cheeks that were mere inches
now away. Yet his body and his urges wouldn’t let him, they
had to have her. He had to have her!

He began to lean forward till his body hovered above hers.
The tip of his erect and hard member hovered between yet
over her as he slid down just slightly to position himself
for entry into what surely would be heaven. His hands moved
to either side and the crop was now less than an inch away
from her neck. Leaning further forward he could smell her
sweet perfume and it engulfed his mind now to. While he may
be about to do the unthinkable to her really he already had
become hers. Tilting his face forward he planted the first
of several kisses so lightly upon the back of her neck that
even a feather could not have landed any softer. First it
was one followed by a pause and as she laid their under him
not yet moving he placed yet another and another. His lips
barely touching her causing goose bumps to rise, the tip
of his hot wet tongue ever so softly dancing between them
and the soothing warmth of his breath caressing all. She
had now started to react. Not the reaction he had expected
as she moaned slightly and taken a deep breath. Perhaps
she was in a dream and had thought this was part of it. This
only made him bolder and more aggressive. He took his one
hand and lightly ran it along the cheek of the same side.
Ohh how soft her skin was indeed. His fingers moved back
and forth and then they felt the teddy she had on. They moved
slightly under and ran down now between her cheeks. He felt
her soft ass as they passed over and knew that to was something
he had to have yet they didn’t stay long and continued down
lower yet. She was moist indeed he discovered, hell she
was wet he thought to himself with such contention as if
it were because of him. His hand slipped from under her teddy
but not before leaving it to one side exposing her most inner
depth to him. He brought it up to his mouth and with his tongue
out tasted her for the first time. It was pure heaven indeed!

It was just as he was reaching for his third finger she moved.
Her legs straightening out, her body stretching beneath
him. She felt something strange between her legs and that’s
when she woke suddenly from her deep sleep filled with intense
passion and frenzy of earlier. As she tried to move she was
restricted cause of his arms that firmly now lay planted
on hers and his legs between her own. Her sudden movement
caused her to press back against him and the tip of his manhood
which was covered in his own pre-cum entered into her soft,
wet love cannel. Ohhh God how that felt, how incredible
wonderful it felt indeed. He collapsed onto her from the
intensity of it of course causing her to scream out in panic.
He pushed harder against her forcing himself deeper yet
into her. His mind racing, her mind confused and panicking.
Still screaming for help he quickly moved his hand over
to her face so he could grab her mouth and silence her but
instead the crop pressed against her throat.

She woke in a state of panic, and confusion. Quickly gaining
her senses she realized this was not her lover inside of
her or as she no longer had one and her last had been another
woman. This was a man instead, and he was in her, ohh god he
was deep inside of her with a warmth she had long forgotten.
She felt the crop against her neck and not knowing what it
was quickly stopped screaming and tearfully begged him
to stop. She offered him money and jewelry, her car, anything
he wanted but got no reply. Tears formed in her eyes and she
knew that he would probably have his way with her, any way
he wanted to. She knew from the feeling it was not a knife
he held against her nor that of a barrel from a gun. It was
familiar yet strange, smooth yet rough, yet not knowing
she figured she best not fight back just yet and let him have
his way. Of course the first chance she had she would fight
him and try to get free.

His hips had pushed harder against her, now even deeper
than before he continued till he was all the way in her, totally
engulfed by her tenderness and sweetness. One hand now
reached around the front and to his amazement he found her
nipple to be as hard as could be. He pinched it between her
fingers and pulled lightly away with it still trapped there.
His hips began the motion that two lovers would make in the
throws of passion, moving in and out of her lifeless body
which had succumb to him underneath. She begged him to stop,
yet he didn’t hear that. Her body trying to wrangle free
yet getting no where. The crop pressed harder to her throat
and she had to stop begging as she could barely breath. Feeling
this he relaxed just enough to let the air pass into her lungs
and out again yet maintained a firm control on this incredibly
beautiful body that he was so deep inside.

Not wanting to miss the feeling of any part of her body he
reach behind her and ripped the teddy free from her back
and then pulled it away from the front. She held her eyes
tightly shut hoping this was just some perverse dream she
was having and not at all real as it was. His hand moved down
in front of her between her legs and with one pull he had torn
the crotch free from between her legs. His hand moved back
down and he felt her tender and swollen rosebud for the first
time. It was at that moment he knew he had to taste her, he
had to run his tongue deep inside of her and he had to have
her in every way known. Lifting his legs over hers and forcing
her to close hers she felt him as he suddenly seemed much
bigger inside. Then sitting up he placed his hands onto
her back to keep her down on the bed.

Was this her chance she thought to herself and before she
had time to react he spoke to her for the very first time.

“Put your hands behind your back Sweet Angel, ” he demanded
of her, “do it or else.”

His voice sounded so familiar, yet different. It was soothing
yet demanding. He was in control and they both knew it. Complying
she placed her hands behind her back and he took them with
his and crossed them over. Reaching back for the teddy or
what was left of it he tore it with a loud ripping sound into
a long narrow piece and from that began to tie her hands.

“There that outta hold you quite well”, he muttered to her
and suddenly pulled out of her. His manhood now rested between
her cheeks and the tip glistened with her juices all over
it. He looked down and could she the beat of the blood being
pumped into it as it laid there and pulsated. He reached
down and rubbed it against her tiny ass and lightly pushed
against it. She contracted her muscles so not to let him
in and he could feel that. Even though he had in fact crossed
the line he still felt very much for her with passion and
an honest concern. So he pressed no further and instead
with one motion drove it back into where he had just taken
it from. This caused her to moan aloud but not in a painful
moan per say but one someone could almost take as being from
lust itself.

Grabbing yet another piece from the teddy he folded it and
made a makeshift blindfold which he soon had her eyes covered
and a knot tied behind her head. This made him feel more at
ease as she couldn’t recognize him if someone should ever
catch him and place him in a lineup. He started moving his
hips back and forth and slid in and out of her watching in
the candlelight as he disappeared into her. He watched
her ass as he pressed against it and then away, his hands
reaching down and tenderly yet controllably squeezing
and parting it. Massaging it, making love to it. He brought
a hand to his mouth where he placed some saliva onto a couple
fingers and as he did so he could smell her sweet scent on
them still. The scent only managed to make him thrust deeper
and harder in her and caused her to let out an even louder
moan which he thought for a second to be that of pleasure
not that of one you would expect from a woman who was in all
reality being by a complete stranger. His hand moved
back down and instead of cupping her cheek his fingers pressed
against her sweet and tender blossom leaving the saliva
there. His hand moved back again and cupped the free cheek
and as he parted them he looked down and would have to thrust
again deep inside of her. His fingers slowly reached for
the saliva and began to rub it against her ass. Pushing harder
and harder and watching as she couldn’t hold the tension
any longer. His index finger was the first to stop over top
and slip inside of her, inside a place that really caused
him to loose all control. He watched as it went deeper and
deeper, yet he could still see the nail. She was tight in
deed and it felt incredible as it engulfed his finger. Slowly
and methodically it traveled deeper yet till he had it in
so far that he could feel himself as he had continued to thrust
his manhood into him. She laid there, her body being opened
and explored in everyway possible by someone whom she didn’t

Nearing an orgasm he had to pull out from inside of her. First
was his finger then his manhood. He didn’t want this incredible
feeling that surrounded his body to end nor did he want to
loose what he had gained. He moved off of her and told her
to lay still. She felt him as he slowly got up and moved of
the bed but not out of the room. He looked around the room
and saw a couple more candles which he quickly lit so that
he could see her even better than before. Next he proceeded
to look around the room maybe to get an idea if she was married
or was living with someone. Opening the closet he was met
with an incredible assortment of outfits and attire. From
jeans to evening gowns, to even some sheer nightgowns and
lingerie. Next he started opening the drawers in her dresser
and looking through all her undergarments which laid neatly
sorted and arranged. Having gone as far as he had he knew
there was no turning back now and his animal side had taken
a full grip and control of him.

She could hear him going through the drawers one by one.
Knowing what lay in the drawers she knew it was fruitless
for her to claim her ‘husband’ would be home anytime soon.
She also knew that he would eventually find her secret drawer
and while that frightened her, she felt somewhat a rush
and wish that she could see the look on his face when he opened
it. Quickly scanning through her mind she summarized what
was in fact in it. The lotions, oils, powders and of course
her toys.

“OH MY GOD, the cuffs”, she muttered out loud when she realized
that in the drawer laid her restraints and play cuffs as

“What did you say, Angel?” he replied.

“Nothing”, she said with a pause, “nothing at all”. Yet
somehow she knew it was to late and he had heard her.

With one Drawer left to open she moved slightly on the bed
which startled him as well as made him fear she was trying
to free herself. Reactively his hand swung out towards
her and even though she was out of his reach the crop which
he had still held wasn’t. With a soft yet firm motion it slapped
against her right cheek, the sound echoing through the
room. She let out a yelp more from surprise than anything
as she couldn’t see it coming, yet at the same time she enjoyed
the feelings and sensations it brought forth. So again
she moved, just enough that he would notice but not enough
hopefully to make him think anything serious, after all
who knew what he was capable of? Again he gave her a slap with
the crop just as soft and yet controlling and firm as the
first. This little game went on for several minutes before
he finally clued in how much she was actually enjoying it.
As much as he was enjoying it too.

Turning back to the last drawer he opened it and before him
lay many things, some of which he had never seen before yet
most he knew exactly what and why she had them. His manhood
let out a throb reminding him of why he was there in the first
place and reminding him what he had yet to finish. Reaching
in he grabbed the leather cuffs that sat off in the corner.
There were four of them and he knew exactly what he wanted
to do with them. Turing back to her he now rolled her over
and for the first time saw her naked body as it lay before
him, so soft, so sweet and so beautiful.

Softly he muttered out “You really are an Angel”.

It was hearing those words that sent a chill of almost excitement
through her body. No longer did she fear him hurting her
or worse but instead she knew that she would be okay at the
end of all this. In fact in some sort of perverse way she actually
hoped he would do everything to her that she had ever imagined.

He took each ankle and wrapped the cuff around them and with
the leather straps he found tied her legs to the corners
of the bed. The he proceeded to tie her hands next again fastening
them to the corners of the bed. Finally the last thing he
did was reach for a blindfold that he had grabbed to. Knowing
how tricky this would be he told her to close her eyes and
to keep them closed till he said otherwise. He told her that
if she didn’t listen he would have to do something that neither
of them would want done fully knowing he couldn’t go that
far himself and it was more of an empty threat than anything.
Funny thing was that while it sent shivers through her body
of fear that this was really real and that she wasn’t living
out some fantasy knowing the person involved he was in fact
a stranger and he could in fact bring her great harm. Yet
somehow she knew he wouldn’t.

With the blindfold properly in place he told her that she
could open her eyes which she did and could see nothing.
Completely naked before him, completely exposed to his
eyes and completely helpless to his whims and wills she
laid there not knowing what would happen next.

He sat there next to her for the next 10 minutes looking at
her body. It was now fully exposed to him and he could see
everything. His hand reached out and began to touch her
and play with her. From brushing her cheek to pinching her
nipples, from running his nails along her sides to spreading
her lips apart and looking at the soft pink skin that still
glistened with her juices. Getting up he moved back to the
foot of the bed and made his way up between her legs. She figured
he was going to just do it and get it over yet was completely
taken by surprise with what happen next.

He stopped with his knees by her feet and his hand reached
out and up in between her thighs. In it he had one of her toys,
a vibrator that while it was long and thick had a small protrusion
shaped like a dolphin to the side. He knew what it was for
as he and his ex had used them many times before. This was
something he loved to do and loved to watch. Slowly he inserted
it into her watching as her outer lips parted and engulfed
it. He slowly moved it in and out of her watching as the toy
disappeared inside of her and back out. Each time he pushed
a lil further and closer to till the dolphin finally reached
her swollen clit. He knew she was getting turned on, he knew
her body was betraying her and he loved every second of it.
Reaching out with his other hand he turned it on and watched
as her body tightened up as the vibrations raced through
her body. He continued to tease her and play with her for
the next couple hours like this. Finally wanting to see
her climax before his eyes, to watch her as her body succumb
to him and announced that she was his, he ran the toy deep
into her and held it there, the little dolphin buzzing away
happily against her clit. As she began to tense and tighten
around the object that was deep inside and bringing her
pleasure that half of her wanted and the other half was fighting
against he did the one thing that took all fight in her out.

He leaned forward and with his mouth began to pull her clit
in where he pinched it lightly between his teeth and with
his tongue he began to flick it back and forth across. Ohh
god how good that felt she thought as she grew closer to an
uncontrollable climax that soon would rip through her
body and into her soul. He could taste her and feel her climax
as it built from deep inside. Then just as he had the first
time entered her with a quick and sudden thrust he pulled
the toy out form in her and placed his mouth over her. His
upper lip pushed against her clit not taking from the sensations
that had brought her to this point but now his tongue dove
deep inside of her and he could feel her getting hotter and
wetter by the second. He twisted and turned his tongue around
deep inside savoring every drop of her juice, engulfed
by the softness that surrounded it. He began to hum sending
a new set of vibrations roaring through her and taking her
over the edge like never before. She cried out as her pelvis
reached up to him wanting more, as she in fact was having
her first orgasm but certainly not her last.

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do you think???

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