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A Spin of the Wheel, A Cut of the Cards (fm:swingers)


Mindy and Paul entered the house with a mixture of anticipation
unease. Tonight promised to be different, quite different
than anything
they had experienced in their short swinging career. Jeff
and Traci had
spoken of the house parties that they had attended and the
wild abandon
of unbelievable couplings that went on. And after a particularly
session of fucking with their swing friends, Mindy had
allowed that it
might be fun to experience a little more than was possible
with just
the four of them. Almost immediately she regretted agreeing
to go with
their friends to this unknown event. It was not that Mindy
was a prude
or anything remotely like that, after all, had she not eaten
while Jeff and Paul double teamed her pussy and her ass just
the last
session together?

But she looked at herself and her life and she saw a pleasingly
woman, soon to be forty, with a teenage son and daughter.
She had
taught Sunday school while they were still in preschool,
she'd served
as chairwoman of the Christmas Pageant for the children's
grade school,
been a board member of the PTA, was the shop steward for the
techs at
the hospital where she worked as an x-ray technician and
had been one
of the back bones for the local little league, even coaching
a team.
What was or was not normal or so she thought, was that she
was an
inventive and enthusiastic lover to her husband of 18 years.
Or so it
seemed, when she thought about the pissing and moaning
her female
friends and coworkers did about their love lives, or lack
thereof. And
all the various things that they were afraid of or unwilling
to try
because it was "too gross" or what would people
say if they found out,
or other reasons or excuses to cheat themselves out of one
of God's
greatest gifts, sexual pleasure.

Now she had come to regard their weekends as a time of wild
Not that she wasn't making demands on Paul's stamina
and skill during
the week, because she most certainly was, sex was something
she craved
daily. But with the kids spending weekends up at her parent's
ranch in
the mountains, taking part as she had growing up in her parent's
and outfitting business; riding horses, quads, motorcycles,
learning how to canoe, kayak and white water raft, she and
essentially had Friday and Saturday nights to themselves
now. She was
glad for several vastly different reasons; first that
the kids were
getting the same opportunities she had when growing up,
both for making
money and learning to love and appreciate the great outdoors.
that she and Paul now had this time to themselves and time
to do some
exploring and adventuring of their own. To her great surprise
and after
a good deal of trepidation going into their first swing
adventure, she
found that she got almost as turned on watching Paul go balls
deep into
Traci as if it were actually happening to her. And then,
to look over
at Paul doing Traci, while Jeff was rocking her world pounding
pussy; well, it was beyond wild. And a trip to a new galaxy
promised and delivered when Paul and Jeff ganged up on her
and double
teamed her and filled both her pussy and her ass that first
time and
she'd cum so hard that she'd literally passed
out. She had heard of
people doing that, but until it happened to her, she hadn't
believed it to be possible or real.

They had met Jeff and Traci when they had responded to an
internet ad
after years of game and role playing between the two of them
and they
had finally decided to act upon it. They shared a number
of interests
well away from the bedroom. As it was, they had hit it off
quite well
and socialized, with both families together at times as
well as
socializing with them in non-sexual ways. Jeff and Traci
had a bit more
time in the lifestyle and had gone to and were still going
to a local
gathering of area swingers who met monthly at a large house
that a
well-to-do couple lived in. They had regaled Paul and Mindy
with tales
of their experiences at the parties and after this last
experience the
four of them had had, they had decided to see just what Jeff
and Traci
were talking about. The days before the party had flown
by and they
found themselves screwing each other silly mornings,
afternoons and
nights in anticipation of this upcoming unknown new adventure.
panic and second thoughts dogged their steps as they parked
the car and
made their way to the front door.

Mindy had in hand a small bag filled with sundry sexy articles
clothing and toys, Paul held a large manila envelope with
qualifying entrance documents. The door swung open and
a stunning
looking very large lady in her late forties or early fifties
the door.

Paul handed Deana the envelope and sat back to wait for the
next step.
Deana examined the contents and then handed it back to Paul.

"Looks all in order here and Jeff and Traci have vouched
for you when
they sponsored you two to our little group. Let me go over
the ground
rules and then we'll tour the house and introduce you
to the guests who
have arrived so far. First off, no means no, either men or
women may
invoke this, anyone can quit play mid-stroke anytime you
feel you need
to. No harm, no foul. We are all committed couples here and
the health
test you take and present prior to each party with the clinic
we have
an understanding and confidential arrangement with,
insures safety for
all as well as a discount for us "frequent flyers".
With that in mind,
all play can be bareback, with birth control up to the individual,

although the vast majority of our men, and a fair number
of women are
surgically safe. The guys who aren't safe will let
you know, though as
a general rule, and as you as you get to know them, these things
who is what will become common knowledge and you may act
We are a friendly tight group, not everyone plays all the
time with
everyone else as schedules vary and people play in different

configurations and one can forget who is who if you haven't
gotten a
chance to play together for a year or two. So don't be
afraid to ask if
you are ever unsure. So far we've had but one pregnancy
in five years,
and she actually planned that one with a handpicked crew
of six fertile
males who took turns that night screwing her senseless
to give her the
child that her fixed husband could not. They may even be
here tonight,
depending on if they secured a babysitter for their 2 year

Deana lead them from the entry way through a set of double
doors into a
spacious living room with several couches and loveseats.
There were
half a dozen couples chatting in various states of dress
and lingerie
around the room and they naturally gravitated to Traci
and Paul once
they had spotted them. Jeff was still wearing the cloths
he'd worn
there, minus his shoes, Traci on the other hand looked absolutely

delicious in a silky purple corset accentuating her 46
DDs and
minimizing her tummy. Thigh high black stockings stopped
just shy of
her pussy delicately covered by matching purple lace panties.
looked hot and ready for action as she came over to Mindy
and said.

"Let's see what you brought in your change bag.
We need to get you out
of your street clothes and more properly displayed. You,
are in for some fun tonight!"

Mindy looked around and saw that all the women were attired
similarly to
Traci except for Deana, whom she surmised was dressed for
answering the
door and she took Traci's offered hand and followed
her back to a more
private room to change. A short while later they returned
to find Jeff
and Paul each sipping an ale and talking with a rail thin
black woman
in her thirties that Mindy recognized as an assistant manager

"Hi Jennifer!" said Mindy, addressing the
thin woman flirting with her
husband and Jeff. "It's a small world, I had no

The boyish looking lady in the naughty school girl outfit
replied. "You
have no idea, and walked over and gave Mindy a welcoming
hug. She
beckoned with her finger and a black male who bore an uncanny

resemblance to John Goodman came over and Jennifer introduced
Mindy to,
appropriately enough, her husband John.

"Mindy, with an outfit like that, you're going
to have to fight them
off, they'll be knee deep around you, wanting to help
break your party

Mindy looked at herself and the other two women whose images
were framed
in a mirrored wall covering alongside the fireplace. Her
low cut
emerald green micro-mini dress showing off her legs and
the cleavage of
her 40C chest in stark contrast to Jennifer's A cups
secured in a white
school girl blouse knotted under her tits showing off her
flat stomach
and both overshadowed she felt by Traci's lush ripe
figure, sensuality
oozing from every square inch of her short voluptuous body,
to explode the seams of the purple corset. John came over
and lightly
ran his hand down Mindy's back as he spoke to them looking
into the
mirror with them. Mindy was lost in his voice and touch as
he stood
there lightly touching her.

As more couples arrived Mindy was relieved to see that not
only did she
recognize some of them, but that they, like herself was
of a build
normal for their age, with an extra bit of padding here and
along with the marks that time and childbirth or child rearing
gifted them with. The men were similar to Paul or Traci's
Jeff with a
couple of exceptions. And the women ranged from the painfully
Jennifer to a super-sized version of Traci named Laura,
whom they later
found out was Deana's sister, whose 56MM chest drew
admirers almost as
much as her booming infectious voice and laughter. In short,
it was a
cross section of their community who shared a keen interest
recreational sex. As they chatted with friends and acquaintances,
were pleasantly surprised to find, in fact that they knew
a majority of
people who were there, and quickly became acquainted with
remainder. Mindy felt drawn to John, whose resemblance
to the famous
actor was matched in part by his general demeanor and sparkling
funny mannerisms. Finally, Laura took the center of the
room and struck
a dinner triangle lightly three times for attention.

"It's time, " she said. "In accordance
with our customs it's time to
begin the draw. For the benefit of our new couple, Paul and
Mindy, I
will go over how this works. I will call out each step and
what it
means. No, of course as always, means no and anyone male
or female may
invoke that at any time before, during, or after play. Furthermore,
you are or become uncomfortable with what you've drawn,
you may opt out
and be included in a less complex form of play. There are
always those
willing to "trade up" to the more daring forms
of play here and you may
simply swap places. We'll now begin the draw."

Slowly the couples queued up for their chance at a roulette
taking the black or white square that the ball fell into
and moving to
the appropriate line for the next step in the process. Mindy
and Paul
watched as their friends Jeff and Traci each drew a white
likewise Paul when it came to be his turn. Mindy spun and
watched as
the ball stopped on black for her.

"Oh you lucky girl!" exclaimed Traci, envious
of her friends beginners
luck. "You are going to have fun tonight! If you're
not up to it, I'll
swap with you in a heartbeat."

After finishing spinning the wheel the approximately
thirty couples were
divided roughly in half, with a slight imbalance of women
to men in the
white box group. She watched as a deck of cards was brought
out and
each member of the white box group drew a card they were told
that was
corresponding to an alcove number. She watched as Paul
was escorted
through a set of double doors by two ladies, Jennifer and
a tall
pillowy redhead whom Mindy was positive she knew but could
not place.
Shortly it was the black square groups turn, with Mindy's
turn coming
almost immediately. She stepped forward to draw her card.
She looked
and saw that she'd drawn the queen of clubs.

"Ooooo, you lucky, lucky girl you!" laughed
Laura in her booming musical
voice. "You my dear are having one lucky night, and
you'll see shortly
just how lucky you are!" She watched as the others
in their group drew
cards and noticed that there were six men who had also drawn
cards, and one of them was John! The rest of the men and women
number cards. They walked arm and arm through the double
doors with
Mindy and her entourage of six the last ones going through
the doors
into the play area of the house, John escorting her as if
they were a
couple at the prom. They went through an open air patio with
a huge hot
tub and then through another door that opened into what
she surmised
was a huge heated finished garage, that looked that it must
an unbelievable number of cars. She remembered the huge
low structure
that they had parked by, with carports lining the north
and south walls
of the structure, filled with cars from the mundane to the
exotic and
surmised that this is where they normally lived. Lining
all four walls
were curtained off alcoves, each with what looked like
a queen or
king-sized bed, some with curtains drawn for privacy,
others open so
that the alcove occupants could see and be seen. At one end
of the
common central area was a number of mattresses laid side
by side and
end to end. At the other end of the common area was the biggest
bed she'd ever seen, easily measuring 10'x10'.

She looked around and spotted her husband in an open alcove,
a study of
tangled black and white flesh as he was intertwined with
Jennifer and
the redhead, who in a flash of recognition, she still couldn't
the name, but at least she could now place her as the administrative

assistant to the superintendent of schools. She watched
in fascination
as the two women had her husband on his back, the redhead
his face, while Jennifer had mounted his cock and was riding
slowly, teasingly. She watched raptly as his white pole
into the dark skinned Jennifer, the contrast tantalizing
and a
tremendous turn on for her. She reluctantly tore her eyes
away from the
scene to look at the rest of the room and movement drew her
eye to the
other end of the open area and the mattresses laid out almost
like the
mats for her sons wrestling team. The participants there
forming one
big massive pulsating puppy pile alive with sound and motion.
It was
hard to tell where one person stopped and the next one started
as they
all seemed to be interconnected. She supposed at first
for it to be one
big gigantic daisy chain, or what she imagined a daisy chain
to be,
alternating between men and women. While that seemed to
be true in
general, the closer she looked she could see that there
were exceptions
to that rule. She could see two women locked in a 69 with a
stroking what she supposed to be each woman's pussy
with a hard cock.

And then Mindy's attention was turned to matters closer
to hand when
John, Jennifer's husband came up to her, took her face
and brought her
lips to his, his fingers lightly stroking her face. As his
sought out hers, she felt other hands caressing her as well
as more
lips to her ear on one side and her neck on the other.

"This really wasn't fair at all, " she
thought as she fought to keep from
melting into a puddle on the floor. "I can't think
of much I like
better than being kissed on my lips, or my neck, or my ears,
and all
three at once!?!"

She felt herself leaking on her legs as her pussy was beyond
wet, with
what seemed like a river of juices flowing down her inner
Fingertips caressed her rock hard nipples and she felt
her dress being
unzipped and dropped off her shoulders. Her hands sought
out the belt
buckle, snap and zipper of John kissing her and sighed appreciatively

at the just right sized cock her fingers found. Lips were
paying homage
to each nipple , sucking, biting, licking with hands appreciatively

kneading and feeding each hard nip into a willing mouth.
She felt a
tongue and face at her pussy, with a beard ticking her inner
thighs. A
happy mouth was licking and kissing her labia and clitoris.
While still
kissing her, John slowly pulled her head down so that she
was in a
doggy crouch with the others feasting on her and adjusting
Her ass was high in the air, she broke the kiss, slid her mouth
his chest and belly and settled her mouth on his upright
cock, sliding
him into her mouth till her chin was bouncing off his balls,
her throat
massaging the head of his cock. She felt the tongue slide
into her
pussy and a finger and thumb diddling her clit. One of her
nipples was
being twisted while the other was being chewed on as she
had her first
orgasm of the night. This first orgasm was just subsiding
when she felt
the tongue and fingers replace by a cock sliding into her
driving her
down further on John's black cock in her mouth. The
recipient of this
first blowjob moaned and groaned appreciatively as her
mouth took him
further than he'd ever been into a woman's mouth
before. Her throat was
milking the head and spurring him to thrust back with his
hips, fucking
her face. Suddenly with little warning, convulsive spasms
shook him as
he came, spurting his cum into her mouth, down her throat,
as she took
every drop that he had to give her. She continued sucking
him until he
grew smaller and smaller and he scooted back so that someone
else might
have a turn. In the interlude between cocks in her mouth,
she glance
over to look at her husband and saw him on his hands and knees
the redhead with his tongue in her ass while he fingered
her pussy, the
redheads face buried in Jennifer's creamed crotch.
The sight of this,
along with the cock enthusiastically and skillfully plunging
in and out
of her cunt was bringing her to yet another orgasm, this
time a
screaming one.

A thinner, slightly lighter colored cock, she assumed
that belonged to
the mid 50's Hispanic looking male in her entourage,
was placed at her
mouth and she greedily gulped it down, savoring the taste
and texture.
That it is was uncut she considered a bonus as this was only
the second
uncut one she had ever had. The cock pumping in and out of
increased it's tempo, becoming almost frantic and
then she could feel
the release as hot sperm coated the inside of her pussy,
setting her
off yet again into another orgasm of her own. The last spurt
of cum was
just delivered when the cock abruptly withdrew only to
be replaced
moments later by a little thicker and perhaps longer one.
He bottomed
out in her and she was sure of the longer part as he began a
series of
strokes quite unlike the previous one. Not even with Paul
and Jeff had
she had two so different cocks in her in such an immediate
and she found that in itself strangely a turn on. The corkscrew
of this new bigger cock was hitting her in places she didn't
even now
she possessed and with new mouths and teeth chewing, pulling
sucking her nipples she was soon cumming again, hard this
time, almost
beyond the screaming mode. All this time she had kept up
sucking up and
down on the uncircumsized cock in her mouth and when she
finally did
deep throat him and massage the head with her throat, he
let loose and
filled and filled her mouth and throat until she thought
she would
drown. Cum spilled out the sides of her mouth as she sought
to capture
it all and when he was spent she gladly sucked him clean until
shrank out of her mouth. The corkscrew cock pulsed and throbbed
filled her pussy with a fresh load of cum and she again found
cumming along with the cock in her pussy in a shared orgasm.
This was
such a night of firsts she thought in a random thought that
popped in
her head as she found herself being pulled over atop Jennifer's
John and impaled on his rejuvenated rod.

"I've sucked my first black cock, sucked my first
latin cock, and now
I'm about to fuck my first black cock, and oh my
god, .................... I'm about to suck my first
horse cock. This
wasn't the cock that had just filled her womb, this
was some kind of
freakish monster, hard and dry and not slick with all the
combined cum
in her now. She just knew this hadn't just been in her,
and she
wondered if it would fit in her, or anybody for that matter."

She settled onto John and began riding him cowgirl style
while she
sneaked a peak up at the person who owned the monster currently
at her
lips. He was the skinny tattooed early twenties guy that
she had seen
with the tiny little young blond earlier in the living room
when they
had arrived just prior to the spin of the wheel. She hadn't
paid much
attention to them and now she wished she had. She didn't
look to be
more than a hundred pounds soaking wet, and she handled
all this
cock?!? Try as she might she could not get much more than
the head into
her mouth and so she used both hands on it to help handle it,
the shaft while she sucked on the head like a big lollipop.
Every so
often she would sneak a peak at the black cock she was riding,

marveling at the difference in color between it and her
pale pussy that
it kept disappearing into. John was making all the right
moves, as he
was pushing everyone of her buttons of pleasure, holding
onto her
bouncing tits and wringing the nipples with his fingers
while stirring
his cock up into her while rotating his hips The head of his
hitting all the right spots like the ball bouncing around
in a pinball
machine. She came again moaning into the bulbous head in
her mouth,
like an old blues singer practically swallowing the microphone
and the
added vibration of her screaming into this fleshy mic had
the lad she
was blowing shoot his load into her willing mouth. Such
a load it was
as spurt after spurt of cum filled her mouth to overflowing,
than she could swallow until she was sure she would drown
as the cock
beneath her started spitting as well, prolonging her orgasm
as she was
filled both mouth and pussy with more fresh cum. She came
for what
seemed an eternity all the while still trying to suck dry
and clean the
huge head in her mouth until she felt the finally deflated
spent cock
in her pussy slide out. She threw her leg off John, whose
cock no
longer filled her juicy filled slit and proceeded to engulf
his wet,
cum drenched deflated tool in her mouth, licking and sucking
it clean
of the many loads of cum coating it.

She felt a hand stirring her sloppy box and what felt like
many fingers
stroking her vagina, labia and clit. She felt cum being
scooped out and
then the feel of cum coating and then probing her rosebud
sticking up
in the air. One, two, and then three fingers were inserted
into her
ass, each new addition there after she had adjusted to the
More cum was scooped from her pussy for her ass and she knew
what was
coming next as she felt the head of a cock at her back door.
She bore
down a little to make it easier and was surprised at how easily
cock slipped right in. She could tell that it was much thinner
than the
three fingers had been, but oh, how much longer it was, like
difference between her vibrator and her long anal wand.
She wondered if
that had been the one in her earlier, as she hadn't really
seen his
face. And now not this face. Freaky!

John's now clean spent black cock scooted away from
her only to be
replaced by what she thought of as a beer can cock. It was
maybe all of
4 or 4 ½ inches long, and so big around that unlike the horse
cock she
had sucked on a little while ago, she could not get it in her
not even close. So she took as much round head into her mouth
as she
could while stroking this short massive fireplug of a cock
while the
thin long one in her ass stroked her long and deep. And then
were lifting her up, followed by the rod in her ass being
withdrawn and
she found herself settled down on this stubby wide dick.
It barely fit
in her and it stretched her open like she'd never been
before. The thin one slid back into her ass and she came on
the spot
from the sensations from this double stuffing of her holes.
Her tits
were being mauled and the uncircumsized cock was again
presented to her
for sucking as she was forced down again and again onto this
thick stump of a cock by the relentless and quickening assault
in her
rectum by the long skinny fleshy magic wand, whose owner
possessed a
special skill that she had never encountered before. It
was remarkable
to her that these little snippets of thought could run through
brain in the midst of so much sensory overload as to actually
that what he was doing to her was so magical in it's own
special way,
all the while driving her onto this knob of a cock, whose
owner had
also learned to work with what he had to it's best effect.
Her pussy
wide open, the labia split almost to it's limit while
her clit was
literally stretched and massaged by this post of pleasure.
She felt the
plunge and then spurt of cum in her ass as the owner of this
tool began unloading into her bum. He would drive in deep,
spurt and
then pull back only to drive in deep again and spurt again.
couldn't believe anyone could cum that much as it seemed
to her that he
repeated this close to a dozen times, each spurt sending
her back over
the top herself in what were becoming mind blowing out of
experiences. When he was finally done the cock she had been
sucking on
suddenly withdrew from her mouth and she felt him move around
slide it
into and bottom out in her butt. Wider than the previous
one, it began
a series of corkscrew motions that drove her differently
onto the
fireplug of a cock in her crotch and she enjoyed the sensations
as though this constant state of orgasm was her due. She
felt the cock
in her pussy begin squirting and again was surprised by
the sheer
quatity of cum it contained. She could feel the cum being
pumped into
her womb like someone had poured a glass of liquid in her
and because
it was so tightly plugged by the thick member it was forcing
cum past
the seal of her lips down there and coating the insides of
her thighs
with a great deal of splashing.

She felt herself being lifted by the man in her ass by her
tits and
rolled over onto her back with his cock still tucked into
her bum so
that he lay on his back with her back to his chest, her legs
in the air
and her pussy wide open for someone. Who that was soon became
as the young man with the huge equipment grabbed each ankle
and began
slowly feeding his big tool into her stretched and abused
box. Even
after the beer can like one that had stretched her out, this
dwarfed anything she had ever taken herself, let alone
had seen in real
life. Just shy of being as big around as it's predecessor
in her cunt,
it was close to three times as long. At first he worked it
in to where
it was stretched out already and unlike the beginning of
the previous
cock in her pussy , it was now enjoyable, but as he worked
it in
farther, she became increasingly full and uncomfortable
and looking
down she could see he was still a long way from all the way
in. The
increased pressure from his stretching out her pussy working
the cock in her ass still sent shock waves of pleasure through
her and
she found herself giving in to enjoying this fullness.
The additional
tightness from the cock in her cunt was milking the one in
her butt
until with a start she realized that he was cumming hard
in her ass,
the sensations of seed squirting into her bowels again
bringing her to
climax. The young stud drilling her lifted her off the spent
and set her back down on John laying on his back ready again
to go, his
cock sliding in and bottoming out in her ass, as he did so
the young
man gave a shove and she felt him slide all the way in, the
pain and
pleasure that provided quite beyond anything that she
had yet
experienced that evening. The two cocks, one stretching
her pussy wider
and deeper than she would have believed possible and the
other in her
ass, enthusiastically thrusting up into her brought her
to a point
where suddenly the pain was gone and she was literally having
an out of
body experince, so lost was she in her lust. The thin cock
that had
first plumbed her ass was presented to her lips and she instinctively

opened her mouth and swallowed it, sliding down her throat
until his
balls were banging off her chin, her throat milking the
head. She could
feel a cock against each nipple and one in her hand as she
herself the subject of all six cocks at once. She moaned
and squirmed
as the two cocks kept up their assault on her holes. The monster

plunging in and out of her cunt becoming more energetic
and creative as
she loosened up to accommodate the sizeable intruder.
She was riding an
orgasm nearly nonstop as she felt another cock being placed
in her free
hand. And then each ear had a cock rubbing an earlobe and
she felt
hands, oh so many hands, touching and caressing her. She
opened her
eyes in spite of the haze of ecstacy she found herself lost
in, to see
almost all of the party goers around her and her entourage.
She felt a
hand on her clit, playing with that part that wasn't
being pushed and
pulled by the big dick in her snatch and she saw that Traci
had lent a
hand to the action while someone she didn't recognize
banged away at
her friend from behind. Men were stroking their dicks or
getting help
from a willing friendly female who were in turn being finger
fucked as
they watched Mindy at the center of their universe getting
the ride of
her life. She felt the monster dive deep and stay imbedded
as it began soaking her womb with seed. The cock in her ass
picked up
speed thrusting her against the driven home dick in her
cunt which
continued to spew more and more cum deep into her. She went
even higher
into this haze of lust, all her senses tuned into reaping
the greatest
sexual high of her life to date. The cock she was sucking
erupted in
sperm in her throat and she greedily drained him of every
drop. She
could feel wetness against her skin and she realized that
spectators around her were beginning to coat her in cum
and John's
black cock in her ass drove into her as she pushed back onto
him and
finally began filling her butt with the final load she would
take for
the night. She was panting as though she had just run the
mile in
record time, her body glistened with a sheen of sweat, the
cum coating
sliding off her and onto the bed beneath. She could not have
been any
wetter than if she had just climbed out of a swimming pool.
They lay
there entangled with the spent cock still filling her cunt,
black one in her ass just starting to shrink and slide out,
the one she
had been sucking withdrawn and she panted freely after
crossing the
finish line of this sexual marathon. The lad impaled in
her slowly let
go of her ankles and let her legs down off his shoulders and
she slowly
rolled off her anal admirer John and lay there, hair matted
and holes
gaping open and leaking. Her husband Paul came up and rolled
her back
onto her back, leaned down and with the tip of his tongue
touched her
clit and flicked it once, twice, three times and she came
again for a
last time of the evening. He slid full length up alongside
of her and
embraced her, kissed her and as she slowly drifted off to
sated sleep, he held her in his arms. Traci and Jeff gathered
up a
comforter from a nearby bed and covered them both, and the
crowd began
to break up for the night, the air abuzz with what they had
either seen
or taken part in. The air still smelling of hot sweaty sex.

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