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A Simple Trip to the Supermarket.....


On a day off, when Chuck's wife was working, he was feeling
responsible for dinner, so he decided to go to the supermarket
early, so he could spend the rest of his day working on his
hot rod project car. His wife, Karen, is a former model and still very beautiful,
even after 25 years of marriage. When she is in a horny mood,
she likes to do a strip tease for Chuck and dance around the
room naked for him, while watching him masturbate to her
beauty. This makes Karen feel extremely beautiful and
desirable. He was fantasizing about the night ahead and how he could
enhance the mood, by having dinner ready when Karen arrived
home from her work. Chuck got into his car with lustful thoughts of his wife's
naked body. Writhing and squirming before him. Always
in control and telling him what she wants and guiding him
through her desires. "I want you to lick my pussy until
I orgasm. Then I want to get on top of that big cock of yours
and ride it until you shoot your load deep inside me."
He loved following her orders, because it always lead to
a very erotic evening. When Chuck arrived at the store, he parked his car and when
he got out, he noticed sexily clad beauty, wearing a sleeveless
floral blouse and tight short black skirt, was getting
out of her car in the next row. He waited at his car so he could
follow her across the parking lot and into the store. She was a heavily made up brunette with what looked like
large natural breasts. Her nipples protruded through
her bra and slinky floral blouse immediately made Chuck’s
mouth begin to water. He allowed her to walk past him, in
the next row of cars before he stepped between some cars
to follow behind her. He thought she may have noticed him
as she past by but he wasn't sure. As Chuck stepped out,
about ten feet behind her, he was in aw of her superbly shaped
ass. He thought to himself, "Women with large breasts,
almost never have a nicely shaped ass and women with a great
ass, hardly ever have nice tits, but this one is the exception
to that rule!" He didn't follow her far before
the swaying of her ass began to make him hard. Not wanting
to enter the store with a big bulge in his pants, he tried
to deflect his attention to some custom cars that were entering
the parking lot. No matter how he tried, he couldn't keep his eyes off
this sexual wonder of nature, that was titillating his
sensuality in such a public place. Her black leather high
heals were just high enough to accentuate her, black stocking
covered calves and give her a stride that made her ass move
in a very seductive way, under her short black skirt. By the time they entered the store, Chuck almost built up
enough courage to say something to her, so he could introduce
himself, but his tongue was in no condition for a conversation.As
she pulled a shopping cart from the rack, she glanced over
her shoulder and gave Chuck a small smile. Chuck thought
to himself, "Did she know I followed her in, so I could
watch her walk? Was that smile a hint?" Chuck pulled a cart from the rack and regained his composure
so he could get food for dinner, like he had originally planned.
He lost sight of her as he didn't want to look like a stalker
or something, following this erotically dressed woman
around the store. He first went to the produce section and got the makings
for a salad, then over to pick out some corn on the cob. Chuck
then went to the meat section to pick out some good cuts to
barbeque. As he was looking over all the different kinds
of cuts, he was still conscious of having a decent size bulge
in his pants, so he tried to face toward the meat counter.
He moved back and forth, from one end of the meat counter
to the other, trying to decide what to get, when he heard
a voice behind him say, "Do you need some help with
your meat?" Chuck turned beet red and looked over
his shoulder, only to see the beautiful woman he had already
fucked in his mind, as he followed her into the store. Chuck had to say something and immediately said, "Do
you know your meat?"..... She gave him a rye smile and said, "I know what I like."
Then she said, with that same rye smile, "What would
you like to do with it?" Chuck stammered a little and said, "Barbeque. I'm
off today and my wife is working so I thought I would make
dinner for her, tonight. You know, kind of set the mood."
He said with a smile. "You're married? Me too!...Yes, I know that
mood." she said with a slight hint to her tone. Chuck
glanced to see no ring on her finger, but didn't say
anything. She then said, "Here, take these two cuts, right here.
They're perfect for the grill and your wife will surely
make your efforts worth your time, tonight." Chuck, again started blushing, hearing this coming from
the woman he already had such elicit thoughts of. He stammered out the words, "Thank you!" and
put them in his basket and turned to continue his shopping
and regain his composure. As he was leaving, he heard her
say, "Good luck, tonight!" He glanced over his shoulder and again said, "Thank
you!" as he noticed her mischievous smile, once again.
Chuck thought to himself as he turned down the next isle,
"Oh, my God! I wonder what she would be like in bed?"
as he reached down to re-situate the hard cock in his jeans.
He then wandered around the store looking for a few more
things he needed for his surprise dinner for Karen. His
thoughts gradually shifted back to transitioning from
a nice dinner, to his beautiful wife, riding on his cock
while facing away from him and watching her ass as it moved
up and down, engulfing his shaft with every stroke. His mind went directly to his favorite, which was when Karen
straddled him, on her knees, and lowered herself onto his
shaft, so he could watch in the mirror as her ass began moving
up and down on his cock. At the same time, he watched her breasts
dance in rhythm as she fucked him. "Ooooh! How can it get much better than that?"
he thought to himself. Just as he turned the corner of the isle for his razorblades,
he almost bumped his cart in that erotically dressed woman!
"Oh!, Excuse me!" Chuck said, with a surprised
look on his face. "It's OK! No harm done." she said, as she
reached up to take multiple boxes of condoms from the upper
shelf. Chuck, again started to blush and she said, "Look,
my name is Debra, and we're getting nowhere here, just
following each other around the store and just beating
around the bush, instead of just coming out and saying,
"Hey, you're a really good looking guy and I would
like to know more about you!" Chuck said, "You were following me?" "Of coarse I have been! You didn't notice? I saw
you driving down the street and thought you were very sexy
looking so I followed you here. I had no intentions of shopping
today. I intentionally parked in front of where you parked
so as to, hopefully get your attention." Chuck began to relax a little, now knowing that she was having
the same thoughts as he was. "Oh, you got my attention,
all right! As beautiful as you are and dressed that way!"
Just then, they both noticed two women lingering nearby,
trying to hear what they were talking about. Debra said, "Can we talk, in private? Lets get checked
out and I'll meet you at your car." Chuck, still kind of in shock, said, "OK! Sure!"
Totally forgetting about his razor blades, they both headed
for the check-stands. Chuck got checked out first as he
just had a few things to make for dinner. He went straight
to his car and put everything on the backseat. His heart
was pounding as he sat behind the wheel, waiting to see if
Debra would actually arrive. He watched her as she pushed her cart to her car. Watching,
as her beautifully shaped legs moved one in front of the
other as her ass moved in such an erotic way. All these thoughts
rushing through Chucks mind while fantasizing about being
between those legs and imagining what kind of lover she
would be. Debra looked over at him and smiled as she now knew he didn't
bolt at last moment. She opened the trunk of her car and looked
around before putting her bags in. With each bag, she bent
over a little further, allowing Chuck a better look at her
ass. Before putting the last bag in, she lifted her skirt
slightly, so when she leaned into the trunk this time, he
could see that she was wearing no panties. Chuck was mesmerized, that this whole show was being performed
just for him! As Debra slammed the trunk lid down, Chuck's mind flashed
back to his wife, but all that did was make all this, that
much more exciting! As Debra strode toward his car, his thoughts moved to how
beautiful she was, for a woman near his age. It all seemed
like a dream! "Is this really happening?" he
thought to himself! When she opened the passenger door to his car, the reality
of the situation hit him right in the face. She slid into
the seat next to him and all he could do was stare. Debra said, "I've never done anything like this
before. Trying to pick up a stranger off the street. My sexual
life is very different from this, but I woke up this morning,
feeling very horny and in need of something different.
My husband is impotent and my sex life is a total secret from
him, anyway. I thought, if I took a drive and went to visit
one of my friends, my thought process would change and everything
would get back to normal. But when I got on the street and
only got a few blocks from where I live, I saw you and my whole
being became so erotic that I had this urge to follow you
here and try to pick you up." Chuck was in aw of what she just said, took a deep breath and
a sense of relaxation came over him. "When I saw you
get out of your car, earlier, I thought, "Wow! What
a beautiful, sexy woman!" Then I thought I would amuse
myself by following you into the store." Debra said, "I knew you saw me, and my heart was racing
when I knew you were watching me, from behind. I wanted to
find ways to run into you, in the store, so I could start a
conversation." Chuck, then took another deep breath and asked, "If
you have a secret sex life, why didn't you just call
your lover?" She said, "My secret sex life involves the BDSM lifestyle
and I just felt a need for something different, today. You
see, in this lifestyle I am called a submissive. I have a
Master who controls me, and this is very erotic for me, to
be controlled, used and manipulated, sexually. But, this
morning, I had a real strong urge for something different.
The thoughts of cheating on my husband turn me on so much
that I can almost have an orgasm, just thinking about it."
Chuck then confessed, "You know, after we talked
at the meat counter, thoughts of cheating on my wife, with
you, made me very excited and made this bulge in my pants
ache with desire for you." Debra admitted, with a smile, "I saw that bulge and
was worried my wetness might run down my leg, not wearing
any panties." They leaned toward each other and kissed. Their tongues
mingled and Chuck's left hand went to the back of Debra's
head to pull her closer. Only the bucket seats prevented
their bodies from colliding. As their lips parted, Chuck asked, "Can I get a room,
so we can explore what we've started?" "I was hoping you would say that. So, tell me. What's
going through your mind, right this minute?" Debra
asked. "And don't be shy. If we're going
to do this, we have to both open up and let go of all our inhibitions."
Chuck was beginning to relax now, after seeing how open
and relaxed Debra was about her sexuality and said, "First,
I want to watch you strip for me. And from there we will take
it in a spontaneous way." Debra said, "That's exactly what I'll do.
I'll bring some music and I'll tease and titillate
your mind until you can't stand it any longer and have
to throw me onto the bed and fuck me until I scream."
Listening to Debra say this, took Chuck into another space
in his head and without even thinking, unzipped his jeans,
took his cock out, and with his middle finger, started to
tease the underside of his cock-head. "OOooo! Such
a beautiful tool you have there!" she said, as she
leaned over to his side and gave his cock a soft kiss, picking
up a little precum on her upper lip, in doing so and looking
into Chuck's eyes and licking it off in slutty seductive
manner. Debra said, "There's a hotel, out by the freeway,
about three miles from here. Lets take our groceries home
and I'll meet you there in an hour. You get a room and
I'll meet you in the parking lot....And don't
masturbate between now and then because I want all that
cum for myself." Chuck was lust-struck as Debra got out of his car and strode
between the cars to hers as Chuck, again watched her ass
as she made her way and fantasized about her being naked
and performing for him. He watched her get into her car and
back out. As she drove by, in front of his car, she looked
over and gave him a wink. Chuck thought to himself as he put his raging hard-on back
into his pants, "Was this all a tease and will I never
see her again, or will I actually be cheating on my wife,
this morning?" Not wanting to think of the former possibility, he drove
home, put the groceries away and jumped into the shower.
With erotic scenarios with Debra running through his mind,
he had a hard time soaping up his cock and balls with the intense
urge to let his shaft run through his fingers until he shot
his load onto the walls of the shower. He remembered Debra's
words, though and thoughts of squirting cum over Debra's
beautiful face, made him stop and get out of the shower.

Debra also, drove her groceries home and got into the shower,
but as she soaped her body, she couldn't resist the
erotic thoughts of, once again, cheating on her husband
with another married man. She ran her soapy slick fingers
over her breasts and let her hard nipples bounce from under
one finger to the next. The soapy water ran down between
her breasts and over her shaved pussy, where one of her hands
found its way. As her slick fingers slid over the folds of
her pussy, she was imagining how she would dance for Chuck,
while watching him slowly tease and stroke his cock. Maybe
she would move close to him and slide her lips over it and
take it deep into her throat, before pulling off and dancing
more, teasing him and making his want for her, unbearable.
With these thoughts, her middle finger found her clit and
began running up over it and then down and into her pussy.
With one soapy hand trying to pinch her nipple and the other
sliding over her clit, Debra's mind put Chuck's
hands in place of hers, while looking into her eyes, and
this put her over the edge to two quick, jolting orgasms.
Debra quickly regained her composure and rinsed off and
got out of the shower and dried off.

Chuck quickly slipped on some jeans. No need for underwear
for what he was hoping for, a T-shirt and some slip-on sandals.
He again thought of his wife and what she would think, if
she knew what he was up to. Or even if she could watch what
he was about to do. These thought were so erotic to him that
it gave him a Tantra type orgasm, where he felt it build in
his pelvis, shoot up his spine and send chills through his
scalp. Chuck jumped in his car and headed for the hotel near the

Debra put on a black G-sting, a black garter belt and black
nylon stockings. She then put on a black bra that supported
her beautiful breasts from underneath but nothing over
the nipples or above, leaving her dark aureola and large
nipples completely exposed in an offering manner. She then slipped on a pair of tight-fitting, dark grey sweatpants
that hugged the wonderful roundness of her bare ass and
a loose-fitting, matching T-shirt, that showed the size
of her breasts, when tucked in and allowed her hard nipples
to protrude under the smooth fabric. A pair of black three
inch spiked heels finished the erotic look she was after.
When Debra looked into the mirror, she thought about her
straight laced husband and what he would think if he could
see her now....And how it would feel to have him watch her
in what she was about to do. These thoughts were arousing
her as she looked at the slut in the mirror, getting all dressed
up to go fuck another woman's husband. To do things
with Chuck, that she would never think of doing with him.
To do things with Chuck that he would never dream of his wife
doing with him.

Chuck pulled into the hotel parking lot at 11AM and realized
that normal check-in time is around 2PM! "Shit!" he thought to himself and thought he
better go in and ask. He went to the front desk clerk, who looked to be a cute young
college student and asked if she had any rooms for an early
check-in. She looked on the computer and said she only had
one room that hadn't been sold the night before, but
it was a suite and it would be $125. Chuck told her that would
be fine and gave her cash, not wanting his wife to see a credit
card statement with a local hotel room purchase on it. She gave Chuck two keys to room #124 and asked if he would
need any maid service or anything else. Chuck said, "No,
thank you." and turned to go wait in his car, and hope
Debra would really show up. As he was going out the door, the cute clerk said, "If
you need anything, just dial 0 and I'll be more than
happy to take care of you." Chuck looked over his shoulder
to see a hinting smile on the clerks face. "Oh....
yes, I will, thank you!" and headed through the door
to wait for Debra. Chuck sat in his car until 11:30 came and passed. He was so horny now, that he was beginning to think he might
have to go back into the lobby and hit on the cute clerk, that
seemed to suggest she might be interested in him. Just then, a red Honda Civic pulled into the space next to
him and Debra gave him a seductive smile. They both got out of their cars and Chuck said, "I was
beginning to worry you weren't going to show up!"
Debra said, with a sheepish grin, "I spent a little
longer in the shower than I expected." "Nice visual!" Chuck said, as they walked to
their room. Chuck said, "You dressed a little different, this
time." "A little." Debra said, as Chuck opened the
door to their room. As they walked in, Chucks heart and mind were racing faster
than even before. Thoughts of Karen, and Debra's husband.
Thoughts of Debra's beautiful body and how his raging
cock was taking over his mind. Debra turned to him and said, "What do you have in mind?"
All of a sudden, Chuck's nervousness fell away as he
pulled Debra to him, held the back of her head and kissed
her, deeply. Their tongues explored and their wet lips
slid from side to side as Chuck's hand slid down to explore
Debra's beautifully shaped ass, that only a couple
hours ago, was just a fantasy. Debra's hand moved to the front of Chuck's jeans
and said, "I'm glad you're already hard."
"I've been hard since I followed you into that
store." was Chuck's reply. Chuck then said, "I've read a little about the
BDSM thing and I've had a few fantasies about it. "Oh, really? What might they be?" Debra asked.
Chuck replied, "If you were, truly a submissive slut,
bondage wouldn't really be necessary, would it? You
would just obey my every command. Isn't that a logical
way of thinking about it?" "That's one way of approaching it." Debra
said. "Would you like to be my Master for the afternoon
and fulfill that fantasy?" She said. As Chuck moved to the couch, he simply said, "Yes."
Debra just said, "I'm yours." "Stand right there, in front of me and look at me."
Chuck said. As Debra obeyed and moved to about two feet in front of Chuck,
he scooted forward slightly, unzipped his jeans and pulled
his hard cock from his pants. With his stiff shaft in his
hand, he watched Debra, watching him, as he began stroking
it and shaking it at her, in a teasing manner. Debra asked, "What would you like me to do, Master?"
"Just stand there, watch me and answer some questions, "
Chuck replied. He said, "I want to fuck you, sooooo bad, right now,
but it would just shorten the pleasure for both of us."
"What are you thinking, at this moment?" Chuck
asked her. Without hesitating, Debra said, "I want to feel the
tip of that beautiful cock against my lips. I want to take
it into my mouth and suck it into my throat until my nose is
pressed against your belly." Debra could see Chucks breathing increase with her words
as he continued to look into her eyes and stroke his shaft
in slow methodical motions, changing from a fist full of
cock to moving his hand over the top and titillating the
area just under the head with his middle finger. As her own breathing was beginning to increase, she asked,
"May I touch myself, Master?" "Yes, please do!" He said, as Debra began swaying
to some imaginary music in her head. Chuck noticed a slight
opening in the closet door. His mind went to fantasies of
Karen being in the closet and watching what her husband
was doing with this other, married woman. He could feel
a tingling in his pelvic region begin to swell, before he
told Debra, "Look behind you. See that little opening
in the closet door? What if I knew your husband let him into
that closet, before you got here? He may be in there, watching
us, right now." With the thought of that possibility, Debra's pussy
muscles began to contract with the thought of her, straight
laced husband, standing in that closet, watching what
she was going to be doing with this other married man. Chuck saw Debra's breathing increase with these thoughts
he had just put in her head. She began stroking her breasts
with both hands and pinching her nipples through the thin
fabric of her T-shirt as she swayed back and forth. "Did I say you could do that?" Chuck asked her.
"No! You're just making me so hot, with these
thoughts you're putting into my head!" She replied.
"Come over here and turn around." Chuck said.
Debra obeyed and walked to the edge of the couch, between
Chucks feet and turned, facing away from him. As she continued her seductive movements, she felt Chuck's
fingers at the elastic waistband of her sweatpants and
then felt them slide over her hips. Chuck was mesmerized by the beauty of Debra's ass,
as he watched each cheek rise and fall with her swaying movements.
Chuck thought of how Debra's ass was more rounded than
Karen's, and how the G-string accentuated its beautiful
shape. "Now, bend over a little." he demanded.
Debra, once again, obeyed his command. With Debra's beautiful ass cheeks totally exposed
to him and right in front of his face, he resisted the urge
to kiss and taste the soft skin before him, and gave her a
firm slap across her ass. When Chuck saw how her ass jiggled
from the impact of his slap and the "OOoooh"
sound that came from Debra's mouth, he couldn't
help himself and let his fingers follow the path of her G-string,
down the back of her ass and under, to where he found her pussy
lips, nicely enveloping the G-string on its way over her
clitoris. Debra couldn't continue her seductive swaying dance
and began squirming onto Chuck's hand. "Oh...That
feels so good!" She said, in a rushed breath. After a bit of watching Debra's ass squirm on his hand,
and thinking that Karen and he, had never done that before,
Chuck told her to turn around and face him. When she did this,
Chuck pulled her sweatpants down to her ankles. Without
being told, Debra stepped out of them and kicked them to
the side. Chuck just sat there for a few seconds, still playing with
his hard cock and admiring Debra's beautiful thighs
and how they tapered into her knees and calves. He thought
about how Karen's legs were so beautiful and how they
were different than Debra's, yet they both had their
own unique and incredible beauty. He wanted to remove Debra's
G-string and bury his face into the Y, forming where the
insides of her legs met her hips. Chuck then said, "Now step back and remove your T-shirt."
Debra stepped back, crossed her hands in front of her, at
the bottom of the shirt and pulled it up and over her head
in one motion and tossed it aside. "God damn, you're beautiful!" And as Chuck
said those words, Debra felt a rush through her body and
felt her knees weaken, with a nice little orgasm from her
filthy mind. She was now standing in front of Chuck, with the outfit she
thought it would take to put him over the edge. Her G-string
disappearing between her legs, into her pussy lips. Her
nipples, fully exposed over the top of the little half-bra
and he just sat there, playing with his cock and admiring
her beauty. Debra watched as Chuck moved his thumb and forefinger around
the base of his shaft and pull up to the head. In doing so,
it brought a large droplet of precum to the tip. Involuntarily, Debra licked her lips. "Do you want that?" Chuck asked, softly. "Come over here and get on your knees, between my legs."
Chuck told her. Debra moved forward and placed her hands on Chuck's
knees, lowered to her knees and leaned down to take the droplet
with her tongue. She suddenly felt Chuck's hand grab
her hair at the back of her head and pull it back, preventing
her from tasting the little morsel of precum, which was
begging to be sampled. Chuck pulled her back by her hair and with his free hand,
took his cock and deposited the droplet onto Debra's
left nipple, smearing the glossy slickness over her aureola
and now erect nipple. "Now taste it, and look into my eyes as you do."
Chuck told her. With her left hand, Debra cupped her breast and raised it
to her waiting tongue. With her first taste, she knew that
Chuck had been eating fruit, as the flavor of his juice was
very sweet. She looked into Chuck's eyes and said, "MMMmm....So
sweet! May I have more?" Still holding her hair at the back of Debra's head,
and holding his shaft in the other hand, Chuck guided Debra's
mouth to his cock. Just as her lips touched the tip of the head, Chuck pulled
back on her hair, preventing her from going down any farther.
Debra's lips and tongue were able to lick and kiss the
head of Chuck's cock but couldn't quite get it
into her mouth. "Now, put your tongue away and purse your lips like
a kiss." Chuck demanded. Debra obeyed, as Chuck slowly stroked the length of his
shaft a couple more times, bringing more precum to the tip.
Still holding the back of her head, he spread his slick juices
over her lips and onto her cheeks. "Look at me." Chuck demanded. And again Debra
obliged, with a smile as his cock slid effortlessly over
the shiny slickness on her face. "Oh my God, you are a beautiful slut! You were born
to be a sexual toy, to be used and played with." Chuck
said. Through her shiny lips, Debra gasped, "You're
right! I love it! Use me, any way you want!" With those words, Chuck pulled the back of her head, bringing
Debra's lips over the head of his cock and down his shaft
until he felt the tip hit the back of her throat. He held it there, saying, "OOooo...That feels good!"
as his thoughts went to his wife and how her mouth felt on
his cock. There was no gag reflex from Debra, as Karen never could
take Chuck's cock any further than the back of her mouth.
Debra began sucking hard and working the underside of Chuck's
cock with her tongue. Debra removed Chuck's hand from his shaft and replaced
it with her own, pulling and tugging as she worked his cock
head deeper into her throat. She pulled back off of Chuck's shaft to take a few deep
breaths before going down on him once again, taking his
cock deeper into her throat. Chuck began moving his hips in a fucking, in and out motion,
helping Debra take more of his shaft into her throat. Debra came up for air, one more time, before taking Chuck's
cock into her throat far enough to leave no more room for
her hand on his shaft. Chuck, no longer had to hold Debra's head as she was
eagerly forcing his thick cock deeper into her throat,
while wildly working her tongue on the underside of his
shaft. The feelings she was giving him and the visual of watching,
as he fucked her face. Seeing his cock, almost completely
engulfed in her throat was such an erotic sight for him.
With a few more slow thrusts from Chuck and Debra's
nose was pressing against his pelvic bone. He could feel
her tongue, all the way under his cock and lapping just in
front of his balls. He pulled the back of her head tight against
his groin as he slowly fucked her face as deep as he could,
thinking that if Karen were in that closet, she could see
the pleasure Chuck was receiving from this other married
woman. After hearing a few passionate moans, coming from deep
within Chuck's throat, Debra reached under his balls
and began stroking the underside of his scrotum. This put Chuck over the edge as he felt his balls begin to
boil with a huge ejaculation. A slurred, "OOOoooh, my God!" came from his
lips as he pulled out of Debra's throat, took his cock
into his hand and shot his first squirt onto her forehead.
Debra hissed, "Oooo! That's beautiful!"
as she took Chuck's cock from him and aimed it above
her mouth. The next squirt went onto her cheek and several
smaller ones into her mouth. Chucks legs were quivering as he squeezed them to Debra's
sides, he could feel her body tense in an orgasm of her own.
She held Chuck's cock tight against her face as two
more waves came over her. She then took Chuck's cock back into her mouth and eagerly
sucked any remaining cum from his throbbing shaft. Chuck grabbed the back of her head, once again and began
fucking into her face, with his cock still enraged in orgasm.
He looked down at her, to see her looking back into his eyes,
with his cum running down her face and out of her cock filled
mouth. He said, "You're so sensual! You know that?"
as he pumped his shaft into Debra's cum lubricated
mouth. Chuck slowed the pumping into Debra's face as she took
his shaft into her hand and began humming as she rubbed Chuck's
cum over her entire face. The sight and sounds of Debra's humming and moaning,
as she spread his slick juices over her face and neck, began
to arouse Chuck's inner sensuality, once again. Just as his cock was beginning to relax, his erotic mind
took over and he, once again, was becoming hard. Debra noticed Chuck's new erection and said, "Nice!
What would you like me to do next?" Chuck said, "Put your knees up here on the couch, on
either side of me, and sit that slutty pussy on my cock and
share my juices with me." She stood up in front of Chuck and before she could straddle
him on the couch, he said, "Stop right there. I want
to watch you reach between your legs and tell me how wet you
are." Debra reached between her legs with one hand, penetrating
herself deeply with her middle finger and bringing her
wetness up and over her clit. Gasping, she said, "I'm
really wet and I want to be fucked hard!" Chuck said, "I am going to fuck you, good and hard,
but first I want you to look at the closet door, behind you.
Is it opened a little more than before? Maybe your hubby
is trying to get a better view of the slut he never knew he
had. Maybe he wants to watch you fuck another man."
"Climb onto my cock and show him what a sexy slut you
really are, " Chuck said. Debra put a knee on either side of Chuck's hips and lowered
her wanting pussy to the tip of his cock. Thoughts of her husband watching this, made her very hot
and wanting to give him a show. Chuck grabbed her ass cheeks and guided her wet pussy over
the head of his cock. She pressed down, trying to take it
all at once but Chuck's hands held her back, only allowing
an inch or so at a time with each upward thrust. "Please, let me have it all!" Debra begged.
"I want to show him what a slut I really am and how I can
fuck another married man. I've already shown him how
I love to take cum on my face and how I love the flavor."
Then Debra continued, "Let me show him my ass, as I
hump my slutty cunt onto your beautiful cock." Chuck released Debra's ass and she sat down hard onto
his shaft, "Oh, YES! That's good!" she
said, as she began pumping up and down onto Chuck's
stiff cock. Chuck pulled her head forward and kissed her cum-soaked
lips, allowing their tongues to share the sweetness of
his juices. Chuck began running his mouth and cheeks over the remaining
cum on Debra's face and neck, licking and re-wetting
any that had begun to dry. He then grabbed the hair on the back of her head and and pulled
her away, saying, "You are such a beautiful fuckin'
slut! Give me those beautiful tits! I want to suck and bite
those nipples while you fuck my cock." Debra paused her humping to raise her left nipple to Chuck's
mouth. He took it from her with both his hands and squeezed
her breast until her nipple was protruding and begging
to be savored. As Chuck began sucking and lightly biting her nipple, Debra
threw her head back and started gasping, "Yes! Bite
my nipples! Suck them raw! I love that! Don't stop!
You're going to make me cum! She then began pounding her ass down, against Chuck's
thighs, as he met her every thrust with one of his own. As Chuck grabbed her other breast with both hands and began
sucking and biting on that nipple, Debra's mind thought
of her husband possibly being in the closet, masturbating
to the vision of his wife fucking another man, her body stiffened
and sat down hard onto Chucks shaft, as waves of euphoric
orgasm came over her. Chuck felt her pussy contract onto his stiff shaft and Debra's
warm fluids began flowing around his cock and running down
over his balls. Debra continued to gasp and heave as Chuck watched her breasts
shake with each wave of orgasm that shot through her body.
Eventually the tremors subsided and her head collapsed
onto Chuck's shoulder, still gasping for air. Through gasping breaths, they simultaneously said, "That
was incredible!"

Savor your times together, and hunger for the next.....

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Hell yes tell us a lot more! Love to hear every little detail!


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a great story about two horny people who fed off each other
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Love to read more of your stories.


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Hot story! I love to have a husband watching as his wife moans
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I was expecting the hotel clerk to be called to join in.