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A Simple Meeting


He waited nervously, glancing around the restaurant from
his viewpoint at his table. Checking his watch for the fiftieth
time in the past half-hour, Charles began to wonder if she
was even going to show up. Maybe she decided at the last minute
not to go through with it. After all, they had only known
each other from talking on the Internet and the phone for
6 months. But she also knew that he was not looking for anything
other than good company, good conversation, and a pleasant
evening. Kristine and he had planned this for several months
now to coincide with a trip he was scheduled to make. The
trip happened to take him to her town. He had let her know
there was no pressure and if she wanted to back out, he would
understand. Charles sipped at his orange juice, his days
of drinking gone the wayside many years ago. A flash of brown
in the doorway and he turned to look, his heart jumping into
his throat. A pretty young lady for sure, but it was not Kristine.
He had a picture of her printed off his computer tucked safely
away in his shirt pocket. Her eyes dazzled him through the
photograph, her smile as natural as a sunny day. Her brown
hair curled around her shoulders and looked soft as silk.
He knew her dimensions from their conversations. He knew
many other things as well, but prudently kept them to himself,
knowing secrets between friends should never be shared.
As he stared towards the door, it opened again, and she stepped

The moment he had wondered about and thought of for months
was finally here. Kristine wore a dark blue silk blouse
with the first two buttons undone, a pair of black trousers
made of a light material he could not identify, and a pair
of flats. More than that however was the way she looked.
As her eyes swept the restaurant looking for him, he studied
her. The way her hair flowed in waves around her face and
shoulders. The set of her mouth as she searched for him.
The position of her shoulders, only emphasizing the fact
of her well-endowed chest. The way she placed her hands
on her hips, showing her graceful curves. The late summer
air blew in from the closing door and ruffled her hair. Just
as he was about to raise his hand to let her know where he was,
she spotted him and her smile removed any doubts from his
mind that she wanted to be here. She made her way to the table
he was at and he rose to greet her, smiling in return. As they
embraced in a warm hug, he caught a trace of her perfume,
the scent lingering in his nostrils for a brief second,
then it was gone. They retreated from each other slightly
and gazed upon one another’s faces for a few seconds before
he remembered his manners and moved to pull her chair out.
No words had been spoken nor were needed. She sat and he took
his chair again. Kristine was the first to speak.

“My goodness, I can’t believe your actually here, ” the
sincerity in her voice ringing clearly in his ears. Among
all the women he had known in his life, she was one of the few
whose smile actually reached her eyes. “Did you have trouble
finding the restaurant?” she inquired with a slight tilt
of her head.

“Not really, ” he replied, a twitch of a grin at the corner
of his mouth, “after all, you gave pretty detailed directions.”
From there the conversation drifted slowly around different
topics until dinner arrived. When the waiter appeared
with a tray of food, Kristine gave Charles a speculative
look. “I took the liberty of ordering for you, ” he replied
by way of explanation, “I remembered that you like chicken,
so I got you a chicken breast, marinated and grilled with
a small side salad.” Her eyes widened at this.

“I can’t believe you remembered that!” she exclaimed,
joy in her voice. “I only mentioned it once a long time ago.”

“Remember, I recall some of the oddest things.” The conversation
took off again as they enjoyed their meal. He regaled her
with stories of some of the things he had done in his life
and she told him some of the places she had seen. At one point
he reached out and took her hand as he laughed and noticed
a slight tremble in her fingers. He didn’t make issue of
it however, believing she was just as nervous as he was.
He had to remind himself that it was only dinner. After dinner
and dessert were through, they sat and talked for a while
until, by mutual agreement, they decided it was time to
get out of there. He paid the bill on the way out, not letting
her see what the price was. “Call it a sense of chivalry, ”
he murmured to her as he held the door open, “I believe that
when a man pays for a meal, the lady should never know what
he paid.” He gave her a half-smile, “makes her either crazy
or comforted not knowing. It all depends on the lady.”

Charles could tell she didn’t miss the fact he called her
a lady by the faint blush that touched her cheeks. She mentioned
the fact that they were just a few blocks from her apartment
and he asked if she would like to go for a walk before she went
home. She readily agreed and they took off down the street.
Being almost the exact same height, he found it was all too
easy to look into her eyes, and there lay the danger. If he
looked into them too long, he would fall into them and never
be able to come back. A little part of him wondered if this
was such a bad thing. As they walked they talked about everything
and nothing, just being comfortable in each other’s presence.
Time slipped away until he finally checked his watch and
realized that they had been walking for almost and hour
and half. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her check her
watch also and he offered to walk her home. On the way back,
he felt something warm and soft slip into his hand and knew
it was hers. In that moment, he had never felt that close
to someone as he did now. She stopped and said this was her
building, and he prepared himself for the inevitable goodbye
that always came at the end of wonderful time. Before he
could say anything though, she asked if he wanted to come
up for a cup of coffee. With a glad heart, he said yes and they
climbed the stairs to her apartment.

Once inside, they made themselves comfortable on her couch
and chatted away while slowly sipping at their coffee.
He couldn’t help but notice they way that her lips almost
sensually touched the rim of her cup and wondered how it
would feel to have those lips on his. She only had a couple
lamps lighting the room and in the glow he could the softness
of her skin and itched to feel it under his fingers. After
an hour of just talking, the impulse became to strong and
he gave in, surprising her by leaning over and placing his
lips on hers. She stiffened for a second then relaxed, pressing
her lips back. They held the kiss for what seemed a long moment,
then parted slowly.

“What was that for?” she asked in a breathless whisper,
her beautiful brown eyes wide.

“I’m sorry, ” he quickly said, “I …I shouldn’t have done
that. I just couldn’t help myself.” The blush crept across
his face and his eyes cast downward, not being able to look
her in the eyes. He felt rather than saw her hand reach out
and lightly touch the side of his cheek.

“Charles, don’t get me wrong, ” she explained in the same
whisper of a moment ago, “I enjoyed it, I enjoyed it a lot.
I was just curious as to why you did it.” She cupped his chin
and raised his face so she could see his eyes. He trembled
under her touch, wondering what it was he was feeling. No
mere lust or infatuation had ever felt like this. Her touch
was like fire and ice all at once. Pure electricity racing
over his skin. Her eyes beckoned him to fall into them and
become lost to the world.

“I don’t know how to explain it, ” he started out, “but when
I look into your eyes, I get swept away. When I see your lips,
I want to taste them again and again. I see your skin and my
hands burn to roam across it. I’ve … I’ve never been this
way with anyone before in my life. You excite me on so many
levels, mentally, physically.” Before he could go any
further, she captured his lips again and this time the kiss
deepened into a full passionate storm. He couldn’t tell
whose lips parted first, but part they did and their tongues
danced together. Her hand moved around to the back of his
neck and pulled him closer until their bodies were barely
touching. But in that barest touch there was the promise
and tease of pure delight. Her breasts grazed him through
the layers of clothing and yet he could still feel her nipples
prodding him. He raised his hands to the sides of her neck
and gently stroked the skin he had so longed to feel. Under
his fingers, it was even softer than he had thought possible.
Her perfume again filled his nostrils and his head swam
from the scent. Or perhaps it was having her so close, he
couldn’t tell, and didn’t really care. He ran his hands
up through her hair and she pressed him back onto the couch
till he was lying down with her body on top of his. Her curves
pressed into him and his passion responded. He felt her
tremble and pulled her away gently. “If this is not what
you want, we can stop now.” He said this with a type of dread
in his heart she would say that’s what she wanted. She gazed
at him for a long moment before replying.

“Charles, I have read your stories and spoken to you for
a long time now. The one thing I have always wondered is if
you are as good a lover as the characters you describe with
such detail.” He could feel his heart break a little at this
and had to force himself to speak.

“There is only one thing I am afraid of Kristine, and that
is I would be a disappointment to you. The men I write about
are kind and considerate. They are always what a woman wants
to find in a man. I don’t know if I am that in real life. Those
guys are my way of being something more than I am.” At this
she smiled a gentle smile and spoke the only words that could
put him at ease.

“You have already shown yourself to be kind and considerate.
If you are even a tenth of those men you write about, you are
everything that a woman wants to find in a man. As for the
rest, there is only one way to find out, isn’t there?” She
bent her head again and fastened her mouth to his, her hands
rubbing his chest through his shirt. His hands moved lower
to trace patterns along her back and spine. She began to
unbutton his shirt one at a time, her lips never leaving
his. One of her hands stole downward between them and pulled
the hem of her blouse from her slacks, allowing his hands
to caress the bare skin of her back. She returned both hands
to the work of unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it out of his
jeans at the same time. By the time she had all the buttons
undone her mouth had worked downward to kiss and nibble
at his nipples. His hands were on the move also, sliding
over her skin until he reached her slacks and then over the
material till he was rubbing her bottom. He could feel more
than hear her moan against his chest. Suddenly she sat up
with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“You know what?” she asked in a light tone with just a hint
of seductiveness, “I think I need to take a shower.” She
rapidly stood and started to walk toward the bathroom she
had pointed out when they first got in the apartment, “and
I think I need someone to wash my back, ” she gave a quick
backward glance to where he was still lying on the couch,
“know anyone who might be able to help?” Charles leapt off
the couch so fast he almost lost his feet and would have ended
up sprawling on the floor had he not caught himself. Kristine
saw this and laughed a small laugh, but not a mean one. He
blushed again and followed her into the bathroom.

She made her way to the shower to turn on the water and bring
it to temp, the hem of her blouse billowing out as she moved.
He was entranced by this simple little thing, as he was by
everything about her. As the water ran' she turned
to him and began to unbutton he blouse. He quickly stepped
forward and removed her hands from her buttons. Before
she could ask why, he placed a gentle finger against her
lips to silence her. From her lips, his finger traced downward
over her throat to the buttons, where he undid them one by
one, taking his time. By the third button, he could see the
black lace of her bra as it held in her beautiful mountains.
He reached the last one and stepped behind her to peel her
blouse off her shoulders, kissing each inch of skin as it
came to his view. The blouse slid down arms and over her hands.

He placed it carefully on the sink beside them even as he
continued to stroke his lips over her now bare shoulders
and arms. Under his lips, he could taste her skin and feel
small goose bumps rise in response. His hands trailed over
her arms, her head leaning back slightly and her hair brushing
against his chest through the opening in his shirt. Charles
moved his hands upwards until the caught the sides of her
bra straps, edging under them and pulling them out towards
her arms. She reached behind her and grasping his belt loops,
pulled him close to her, grinding her rear against him.

His member stood straining against the zipper that held
it in. He slipped the bra straps over her shoulders and halfway
down her arms, the material over her breasts almost exposing
her nipples. Letting go the straps, he glided his hands
around her front to lightly cup her breasts and tease the
nipples through her bra. They felt so delightfully heavy
in his palms, the nipples hard as pebbles. Passing his hands
over the tops of her mounds, he moved them around her back
to release at last the clasp which held them in.

In one deft motion, the clasp was undone and her bra hung
by only gravity. She shrugged and it fell to the floor of
the bathroom, quickly forgotten as his hands unerringly
found the soft skin which waited for his touch. She let go
of his belt loops and gripped the front of his jeans by the
waistband, fumbling with the button, trying to release.
The moment it came undone, Kristine pulled the zipper down,
his hard shaft within easy grasp now. Moving with a sensual
grace all their own, his hands found the button of her pants
and undid it, sliding the zipper down and pushing them over
her hips. They fell to the floor and she stood before him
in only a pair of white silk panties.

He stepped back from her and let his shirt drop, admiring
the curve of her hips, the form of her legs. The panties hugged
her rear and as she turned to face him, he could see the lace
disappear between her legs, covering that one part of the
female body men so treasure. She reached out with barely
trembling hands and taking the waist of his jeans, guided
them over his hips and down the floor. His rod pressed outward
against his boxers and she slid them off to expose him to
her wondering eyes.

Charles was not a large man in the sense of length, but what
he lacked in that he made up for in breadth. She gripped him
and it was as if he were gripped by a shimmering energy that
coursed through his body. His hands stole out from him and
slipped her panties from her hips, showing him her slight
patch of hair which he could see she trimmed neatly. The
panties dropped to the floor were kicked aside as they stood
naked before each other. He gazed at her bountiful breasts
with an admiration and longing that made his mouth go dry.
He put his arms around her and kissed her again, their nude
bodies pressing against each other, her breasts crushed
against his chest. Without a word, he broke the kiss and
guided her into the shower, stepping in behind her. The water ran over them, making each other slippery to
the touch. Looking around, he found her bottle of shampoo
and gestured for her to wet her hair. Once she had done this,
he took her head in his hands and bent it slightly back so
he could squeeze a bit of shampoo into it. Charles worked
the shampoo into a lather, taking his time and massaging
her scalp with care. Kristine moaned slightly and placed
her hands against the shower wall to steady herself His
fingers worked all over and through her hair, making sure
not to miss a single spot.

He then moved her back under the spray and rinsed her hair
with the same attention to detail he had used washing it
They were face to face and her breasts swayed gently against
his chest His member prodded forward and he could feel the
softness of her pubic hair on the tip. He moved with a slow
determination due to the fact she excited him so much, he
wanted to make this last as long as possible. Her hair rinsed,
she placed her hands upon his chest and moved him around
so the spray hit him. Reaching down with one hand, she picked
up the soap and began a slow, methodical process of washing
him. Over his chest, she slid soapy fingers and out to his
arms, where she lingered for a second over the tattoo on
his right shoulder. Down his arms and back to his sides,
she went with the same precision he used in making sure every
spot was thoroughly cleaned. Across his stomach and down further, she skipped only
one part much to his disappointment. Going down his legs
and back up again, she finally slid one soapy hand around
him and stroked lovingly for but a few seconds before releasing
him and turning him around. She worked over his shoulders
again and down his back, every so often lightly scraping
her fingernails over his skin This simple act drove him
insane with desire, but he held on only by sheerest will.
Down to his buttocks and the backs of his legs. By the time
she was done, it was all that he could do to keep from taking
her right then and there. He turned around and took the soap
from her, placing her in the spray again and soaping her
body with strong yet gentle hands. As he worked the soap
over her skin, he massaged lightly the muscles underneath.
Reaching her breasts, he hefted them once more, keeping
well away from the nipples for the time being. He passed
his hands over the smooth expanse of her stomach and the
tops of her thighs. He skirted the one area she wanted him
to place his fingers.

Kneeling before her, he carefully washed her legs and
feet. He turned her and placed a quick kiss on her buttock,
eliciting a gasp from her. Rising, he slid his arms around
her waist and pressed himself against her, letting her
feel his excitement resting between the globes of her rear.
She pushed backward and rubbed up and down in little motions.
Setting the soap aside, he turned her to face him and kissed
her with a force and passion even he didn't know he had.

He let his hands roam over her body, taking in the smooth
texture of her skin. He began trekking his mouth southward
toward her well-endowed chest and the pleasures that waited
there. Around her nipples he moved his lips and tongue until
she was fairly panting from the need to have them touched.
Relenting, he took one hard nipple in his mouth, the teeth
barely scraping and his tongue flicking out to taste.

Her hands and arms circled his waist and pulled him closer.
His hand slipped around to her front and in between her legs)
cupping her warm and moist sex. Her hips bucked forward
impulsively and he smiled a little around her nipple. Jumping
from one breast to the other, he took the second pebble in
his mouth and made love to it just as he had the first. Her
breathing was ragged in his ears and it delighted him that
he could bring her to such heights of passion. Around her
lips his fingers touched, so light it was barely a caress.

The tip of one finger slid between her folds and traced
upward, stopping just before her center of pleasure. A
groan issued from her lips as she pumped her hips trying
to make contact with his hand. He kept out of range though
and wormed his finger down again to where her opening was.
As he continued to play with her breasts, he pushed the one
finger in to just the first knuckle. She cried out softly
as he rocked his hand back and forth, slowly entering to
the next knuckle. His thumb came to rest just over her clit
and he was tempted to lower it slightly. He held off though,
preferring to keep her wanting for a few more moments. He
finger slid further up in her until it was completely buried
in her moistness. Her nails raked lightly down his back
and shivers ran up his spine, his desire growing even further.
His thumb tracked down the distance and brushed across
her clit Her body reacted as if she were just hit by a bolt
of lightning. Knowing she was ready to explode, he decided
to give some little bit of release and pressed his thumb
into her, his finger inside waggling against the silken
muscles. Her breathing stopped for a moment before picking
up pace and becoming shallower.

He rubbed his thumb gently across her clit and her body tensed,
the final moment prior to the storm being unleashed. He
raised his head to watch her face as she felt the waves pouring
through her. Her muscles gripped his finger and she rocked
her hips on his hand. He held her around the waist as she shuddered
through her orgasm, keeping her standing by his strength
alone. Her head tipped backwards and the sound of her pleasure
echoed through the shower, ringing in her moans and cries.
Her breasts crushed themselves against his chest and her
nails dug themselves into his back. Soon, the storm subsided
and she was left breathless and panting, leaning on him
in an effort to stay upright. Once she had enough strength
to stand on her own, he helped her from the shower, noting
how her legs were still somewhat unsteady.

Remembering to turn the shower off behind him, he leaned
her against the sink while he retrieved the towels from
her towel rod. Slowly and gently, he rubbed every surface
of her body, drying her without missing a spot. When her
body was dry, he took her wet locks of hair in the towel and
dried it as thoroughly as he could without damaging it.
He would never forgive himself if he messed up the way it
bounded down her neck and lay on her shoulders. As soon as
she was dry, he quickly performed the same action on himself,
watching her face the entire time. She had a dazed look,
but was slowly coming around.

Her eyes focused on him after a time and slid down his body
to see that his erection was still as strong as ever. He finished
drying himself and extended a hand to her. She took it in
hers and he led her from the bathroom, only briefly giving
her a quizzical look. In that look, she knew what he was asking
and pointing to the door across the hall. He stepped over
and opened it to reveal a bedroom with a queen sized bed and
the covers turned down. He pulled her towards the bed and
with his hands on her shoulders, laid her down on the covers.
He sank his body onto the bed till he was covering hers. Her
face only inches from his, he lowered his head until their
lips met again. At first, the kiss was gentle and loving,
but soon it grew in intensity on both of their parts. Her
body was responding to him again and he wouldn't want
it any other way. Her hands gripped the muscles along his
spine and pulled him to her until they were pressed together
in an intimate embrace. He skimmed his lips down her jawline
and onto the front of her neck, going back up to nibble and
lick her earlobe. He paid special attention to the space
right under her earlobe, the hollow of her jaw.

She rotated her head to give him better access to the side
of her neck. He trailed his hot kisses over the roundness
of her shoulder and onto her chest Teasing with his lips,
he went past her nipples several times before taking one
hard nipple into his mouth. Kristine sucked in a sharp breath,
running her hands through his hair. He loved the feel of
her against him, in his mouth, the taste of her upon his lips.
After loving first one nipple, then the other, he skated
his lips further down across her smooth stomach. His hands
caressed her thighs as he slid his body down hers. His face
came down to the v between her legs and he raised them up,
draping them over his shoulders.

Gazing at her vulva, swollen with desire, he inhaled deeply
of her scent. It filled his head with a spinning wonder.
Charles bent forward and placed a light kiss on her lips.
She drove her hips upward slightly, scraping the bottom
of his jaw along her slit. He turned his head and gave a lingering
kiss to the inside of one thigh, then the other. Her hands
came down to stroke through his hair, trying to press him
toward the sacred spot. He, however, wanted to make her
wait for a moment, prolonging the pleasure he wanted her
to feel. His tongue crept along her inner thigh, almost
to the knee and back. When he was done with one, he skipped
over to the other side and did the same.

All the while her hands were trying to guide him back to
the junction he seemed to so casually skip. Far from appearances
though, it was not casual. It took every part his control
to not dive right in. He was enjoying teasing her, but at
the same time, was doing his best to make this a memorable
experience for her. The skin of her thighs was creamy smooth
and olive complexioned, just as the rest of her body. She
had told him once she was part native american. From seeing
her dark hair, both on her hair and lower, and the tan shade
of her skin, he knew he was right to believe her. That dark
hair on her lower body now beckoned him again and he bent
to the task of giving her such pleasure as she had rarely
felt. It was a task that he prided himself in, and at least
to himself, thought himself to be above average at. He bent
his head and placed a gentle kiss upon her lips, allowing
his tongue to slip out just a little and stroke upwards an
inch or so.

Kristine's breathing stopped for a second, then
started at a faster pace. He guided his tongue up further
till it was just brushing her clitoris, giving it a little
flick. With that, her hips jumped, pressing her clit towards
his mouth. He moved down her lips again and back up, tasting
her, smelling her, feeling her smoothness. His hands caressed
the backs of her thighs, pushing them back gently until
her legs were bent and her rested on his upper back. From
this position he had a better view and better access. His
tongue trekked up and down her lips, occasionally darting
out to press up inside of her. Her fluid ran across his tongue
as he lapped them up like a kitten would milk.

Working his tongue into her, his nose brushed against
her clit She moaned deeply and lustfully, one hand running
through his hair, the other rubbing her own breast and pinching
the nipple. He skimmed his tongue back up to her cut and wrapped
around it, flicking it with just the tip. Her response was
immediate and loud. Very loud. He could only take her increasing
volume as a sign he was doing something right. Pursing his
lips, he sucked upon her rosebud, drawing it into his mouth
with tenderness. Longing to give her a mind shattering
orgasm filled him. Flipping his tongue up and down over
her clit, he could feel her body start to tense with the climax
building inside of her.

He lessened the pressure on her legs and they straightened
out, her thighs on either side of his head. Placing one hand
below his chin, he carefully inserted one finger, then
two, into her opening. Curling his fingers, he gently massaged
the walls, all the while nursing her clit. Kristine hunched
her hips up into his face, pressing her clit up into mouth
harder. Her legs trembled on his shoulders and he moans
gained in volume and intensity until they filled the room.
He began popping he clit in and out of his mouth at a rapid
rate, then extended his tongue to press directly on her
button. Charles shook his head back and forth, first slowly,
then faster and still faster till it was almost a blur between
her legs. Suddenly, without warning, her legs slammed
together around his head and her body spasmed. He slipped
one arm over her waist to hold he in place as his tongue drove
her further and further beyond reason. He sucked her clit
into his mouth again and held on while her thighs tried to
crush his head. The bed rocked with her body as she was carried
away by this intense, mind-shattering climax. She cried
out loudly, her hands gripping the bed sheets.

Her hips bucked out of control and it was all he could do
to maintain contact between her knob and his tongue. As
her hips jumped, his fingers inside of her slipped in and
out with no effort from him. The wave began to pass and she
was calming down when he let go with his mouth. Her legs relaxed
from around his head and he was able to lift it and see the
look of contentment upon her face. He curled his fingers
against her inner walls one last time and pulled them out.
Moving with care as not to disturb her, he crept up to lay
beside her and cradle her in his arms. Her breasts shone
with sweat from the exertion placed upon her body. He pulled
her to him, kissing her gently and lovingly. Kristine's arm draped across his chest as she kissed
him back. He felt her body close to him and almost groaned
from the desire which flooded through him. But he was determined
to wait. Wait for her energy to come back up. For her, he would
wait as long as it took. He ran one hand through her hair,
feeling the silk of it through his fingers. Much to his surprise,
it didn't take that long for her energy to return. Soon,
her kisses deepened and became more passionate till she
pulled herself across his body. She ran her hands across
his sides and his chest, exploring his flesh the same as
he had explored hers. She disengaged her mouth from his
and skimmed it around to the side of his head near his ear.

"I need to feel you inside of me, " she whispered
breathlessly, "I need to feel you now." Panic
momentarily flooded through him as he remembered his pants
were still in the bathroom, and along with them, his little
packet of protection. Charles cared too much for Kristine
to take that big of a chance. He prepared to push her shoulders
up to tell her this, but never got that far. She reached one
smooth arm over and opened the drawer of the nightstand
beside the bed and pulled out a foil wrapped packet. "I
hope you don't mind that I'm prepared, "
she told him with a nervous smile. He surrendered his panic
and lay back as she crawled and ground her way down his body.

She came face to face with his erection and placed a quick
kiss on the tip. Watching it jump slightly, she kissed it
again, this time, flicking her tongue out across the area
just under the head. He stifled a groan as his desire increased
yet another notch, is that was even possible. The next he
knew, she had taken about his length in her mouth and was
bobbing her head. In a hoarse voice, he begged her to stop
or he wouldn't last that long.

With a small pop, she let go with her mouth and gave him a
wicked smile. "We can't have that, now can we?"
She tore the foil with her teeth and slid the condom free,
snaking one hand around his hard shaft to hold it steady
while the other one carefully placed the rubber over the
end and slipped it over. Her hand felt so hot on him, he wondered
if he would die from the heat alone. He quickly realized
that if he were to die, he would die with a smile on his face.
Once the condom was in place, she moved her way back up his
body, skimming the very tips of her nipples against his
stomach and chest. Her lips came up from below to latch onto
his again, her tongue probing his mouth and his jousting
back. He ran his hands through her hair as she straddled
his hips and reached between them to position his member.
She slid him up and down her slit before lowering her hips
a touch and letting just the head enter her cavity.

Their lips still locked together, they groaned into each
other's mouths. Slowly, teasingly to both, she slid
him all the way in, gripping him with a sheath of muscle and
a warmth he would have found almost impossible to describe.
She rocked backwards until their hips pressed together
and he was buried hilt deep inside of her. His hands trailed
up and down her back, leaving paths of hot skin and fiery
touch behind. She pumped her hips in a rocking motion, milking
him and his member. The sensation was almost more than he
could stand. She moved her body in ways he hadn't thought
possible, using her inner muscle to grip and release him
at her whim. Her breasts rubbed along his chest, her nipples
poking into him. His head swam with desire and passion and
things he couldn't even describe even if he had wanted
to. His hands trekked downward to cup her lower cheeks and
move her hips in time with his. He thrust back as well as he
could, her hips pounding into his.

Sliding his hands and arms up around her waist, he sat up,
allowing her lips to break free of his. Her breathing was
getting deeper and heavier as was his. His mouth locked
onto one of her nipples and sucked on it deeply. She bounced
he hips on his, his member sliding in and out with a rhythm
all their own. One hand crept down to cup her cheek again
while the other moved around to in between them and thumbed
her clit lightly at first. Her cries began low within her
throat and rose to a wail as the orgasm began to pulse through
her. He could feel her muscles contracting and loosening
around him.

When her orgasm started, he lost control and rolled her
onto her back. Pounding and grinding his pelvis into her,
he drove her over the brink and brought himself to the point
of no return. Leaping gladly into the abyss, he shuddered
as the first waves of his climax tore through him like a tsunami.

All thought ceased. All time ceased. The only that existed
in that one moment was the pleasure. He buried his head between
he perfect breasts and let the waves flow through him. Her
moans filled his ears even as she took off again in another
ride of bliss. His entire insides felt of liquid and they
were pouring out. It was without a doubt, the most exquisite
sensation he had ever had. Soon the moment passed and he
collapsed beside her, gathering her into his arms and crooning
soothing words to her.

She buried her head into the crook of his shoulder and tried
to regain her breath. Time started again. Soon they were
talking about what had just happened instead of tailing
asleep. They stayed that way until the light of morning
broke through the shades and they rose together, naked
and free, to greet a whole new day.


"Some things are better than sex, and some are worse, But there is nothing exactly like it."

W.C. Fields

"Moderation is a fatal thing: nothing succeeds like excess."

Oscar Wilde

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