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It was all planned that she was not going to be his lover for the night and that she was going to be his MISTRESS and going to use him in a most disgusting way…. In the most dirty and kinky way…. This will give her more pleasures then a vanilla sex….

Of course the act of penetration sex makes her come many times and that she enjoys that but the real icing on the cake is to prove the point that she is supreme commander and that she wants to control his life and that she can make him do any acts inside the room where he can’t use the word “NO”.

She wanted to rule him and use him to her body’s needs apart from sex. She wanted to prove that no matter how many women he has fucked till date it’s her turn to turn the table around and take the revenge now. So tonight is her revenge night, were she will make him feel like a jerk, an asshole that will be punished the way she wants cause he was a Casanova and she wanted to show him his right place.

The word “NO” is prohibited and the only word that she wants to hear tonight was “Yes Mistress” “Yes Ma’am” YES and only the word YES will be the music for the night that she would like to hear tonight after all she is meeting a slave and not a lover tonight.

He was told to wait in his apartment well dressed with wet hairs, polished shoes and wait with a rose in his hand. He was told to have a perfumed bath before he dresses up as the aroma will mesmerise the atmosphere. No lights allowed apart from candle light even the toilet has to be lit with the candles and thin air-conditioned air has to flow was her demand. Romantic start is what she was looking forward to start the play with, after all romance will trigger her brain cells and activate her mind, but the only difference this time will be that it will get activated not for sex but for her kinky dirty play that she had planned for him.

The slave had made all the food ready and the wine was on table as he had prepared all the items that she loves to eat and her favourite Italian red wine was to be served with caviar on the toast to start with and few of her favourite dishes. She had specially demanded she wanted two bowels of curd to be kept ready for her to which he was wondering as to why she wanted CURD ??

The sun has just set and the candles were lit. There was an aroma of the perfume that he has used. The table was all dressed up with wine and food and the bed was spread with flowers and rose petals. The Bell rings and he rushed to the door and opens the door…… there she was dressed in her working attire as she has come from her work place directly to his room. She looked tired as she was working from morning and had hectic schedule at work. Yet the motivation to take the revenge, the motivation to degrade him, the motivation to get something kinky and dirty and the motivation to prove that she can rule him brought her here.

She just looked in his eyes while he smiled to greet her, she never smiled but just raised her finger and pointed towards her feet “this is your place so just kneel down and keep my bags in the side” saying that she bangs the door to shut off not before placing a DO NOT DISTURB tag on the door outside. He kneels and hands the rose to her which she smells with a commanding posture.

Yet standing on the door she spoke in a soft but commanding tone “you will have to impress me not just by giving me a rose but by doing anything that I want to do and you're going to do whatever the fuck I want to do, as well-starting with kissing my feet and saying LISA IS THE ONLY GIRL I LOVE.” I kissed her feet and said “ I only love LISA and not anyone else.”

She had a thin smile on her face and made me repeat with her this words again and again standing on the door entrance. The words were playing in her ears and were pleasing her very much and one can see the supreme smile she was enjoying to hear such words repeated again and again.

“I only love Lisa no one else….. Say it….. loud….. now whisper…. Now loud keep repeating it, I like to hear this it pleases me ….. keep saying”

“You motherfucker, louder….. I like to hear such words you pathetic pig….. Don’t stop…. keep saying them.”

I lost the count and was wondering I never said “I Love you” so many times to any woman I have till date met.

She demands more roses and tells him to pluck each petal out and keep saying
I LOVE LISA and keep that petal near her left leg.

Other petal saying I HATE JENIFFER (his ex-girlfriend with whom he stays now) and keep it near her right leg.

One rose petal plugged and told to repeat what she says “I LOVE LISA.”
Other rose petal was plugged and she said “I HATE JENIFFER”

I kept on repeating whatever she said all her praises petals where kept on her left and all the hate Jeniffer petals were kept on right.

I kept repeating after her “I LOVE LISA” “I HATE JENIFFER” and could see a lot of anger and frown on her face when I use to take Jeniffer’s name.

She made me repeat after lot of words of hatred for Jeniffer.
“Jeniffer is the biggest mistake of my life”
“Jeniffer is a whore”
Jeniffer has no class and is a ugly bitch”
And many other hatred words she made me repeat after her.

She was yet standing on the door and happy to hear her praises and the hatred words against Jeniffer while I was kneeling at her feet
There was a heap of rose petals near her left legs she told me to crawl pick every left leg petal and make a pathway to the chair that she pointed out on which she wanted to sit on.
“ Lay those petals you whore old pig and make sure you don’t get up and keep crawling while you are laying this rose petals and you dirty whore I want you to keep saying I LOVE LISA while creating the pathway till the chair.”

“ Louder say it louder you good for nothing, you whore old pig say it louder.”

I created a lovely welcome pathway till the chair and was called back to crawl and be near her feet. All of a sudden she crushed the petals below her heels which were on the right of her legs and she kept on crushing and saying
” This is for the bitch Jeniffer whom I hate the most and understand you son of a bitch I hate Jeniffer and will crush her this way whenever the time is right and I get my chance. Remove my heels and keep them near entrance”

“Remember this heels that your Mistress wears remove them and keep it in the side you bastard and don’t get up only crawl and keep them in the side”

“Follow me just crawl behind my ass look at my ass while I walk on the petals oh ya keep saying
Saying that she said me to crawl behind her while she walked with bare feet on the rose pathway leading to chair and made me utter ‘I only love Lisa and no one else’ while crawling behind her.
She sat on the chair and ordered me to get those two bowls of curd with a spoon and while she kept on eating the curd she told me to clean her feet using only my tongue.
“Worship my feet you useless pig, clean it with your filthy tongue”

In an instant, she extended her legs, so that the filthy soles of legs was squeezing my head into an upright position, thereby forcing me to smell the stench of her sole.
I felt so humiliated-I was being woman-handled by teenager!

"Get your nose in there, Slave!" she commanded. "Get your nose way up into the sweaty, stinky toe section and smell my foot odour, you fucking loser. Just smell that stench, you ugly little creep! I'm going to kick your sissy ass for bothering me, you old fart. A fucking pervert like you deserves to be worked over.
How do you like that smell, slave? Just smell that atrocious odour, you jerk. Suffer, you fucking loser!"
“Lick my toes lick my feet you old bastard just make sure you lick whole of my feet and make every skin wet with your tongue and oh ya you pathetic whore don’t dare to use your teeth or you mother fucker you will repent for the whole life.”

She kept eating the curd and she puts some curd on her feet
“now spread the curd on my feet and eat the curd”
She kept on putting curd on her feet and made me clean her feet and made me lick that feet.

Viciously she SLAPPED her bare feet onto my face. "Smell my feet, you fucking loser, and maybe I'll allow you some freedom tonight. But not until I'm satisfied."

She constantly toyed with my facial features using her bare, stinky feet. The majority of the time, she kept her sweaty toes right over my nose. She also loved working my poor nose in between her toes, because she knew that the odour there was abominable. She just used my face as a foot massager. She firmly rubbed her sweaty, horribly stinky bare feet all over my nose and face. She took turns rubbing each smelly foot over my tortured nose, from her toes, to her arch, to her heel. She actually used my nose to massage between her stinky toes! She even made me thoroughly sniff underneath her very long, dirty toenails. This gorgeous bitch had no concern whatsoever for my dignity, comfort, aching face or sore nose and to exacerbate my humiliation, she constantly laughed at my predicament, chastised me, and taunted me mercilessly.

"Smell my raunchy foot odour, you fucking pathetic loser!" she commanded.

"Smell my fucking feet thoroughly, or I'll hurt you, big time. I'll rub your tiny, useless cock right into the dirt, you asshole. Smell between my stinky toes my whore, or I'll kick your balls from here to Vermont. Do you think I'm playing games with you here, you little wimp?! Just smell my nasty foot odour! An ugly sissy loser like you deserves to be worked over and tortured. You are the biggest loser I have ever seen. You're so fucking repugnant, that no girl will ever be interested in you romantically. You'll definitely never have a girlfriend, but it will be a gay guy and not a girl. The only thing you deserve from pretty girls, is to be treated like dirt. Women just feel compelled to beat you up, humiliate you, and hurt you terribly-and you deserve nothing more from us. You are nothing but a complete loser, Slave, and you deserve every bit of this abuse. So smell my sweaty feet, you little faggot! Smell underneath my long, stinky toenails, you fucking eyesore! Get that crooked nose of yours in between my toes, and start sniffing. Smell in between each and every sweaty toe, you creep! You are a nauseating, effeminate piece of filth, and I'm going to treat you exactly as you deserve.

How do you like constantly smelling my nasty foot odour, motherfucker? Just smell my stinky feet, loser. I'll wipe my sweaty feet right in your face, any time I please. Do you understand me, you little wimp? Just suffer!!"

My nose wrinkled up and my eyeballs crossed, as her overwhelmingly stinky foot odour battered my brain. The stench of this beautiful young girl's feet was so foul and unbearable; but I could do nothing but smell her feet constantly. And the entire time, she was grinning down at me triumphantly.

She stands up and puts her feet on my hand
“Undress me my dirty whore slave and make sure you fucking loser use only your tender hands and keep repeating words
I love Lisa,
I am a slave to Lisa,
I will obey and do what she wants,
I am her slave,
Lisa is the supreme woman I have ever met
And so on I kept repeating after her while I undressed her.

She sat on chair all nude while I was yet dressed. She told me to lit a Marlboro light for her and said “On your knees, motherfucker!". As she circled around me she slaps my face, pulls my hairs, kicks my ass and yells out,
"Now strip down, completely naked -and don't fuck around keeping me waiting!!"

I must have gotten undressed in record time, ripping my clothes off and throwing them down. Just as I was completely undressed, Lisa grabbed my hair and jerked my head back. She took the last drag out of her cigarette, and flipped the ashes into my face.

To my surprise, she ordered, "Open your mouth, slave." I quickly opened my mouth for her and she dropped cigarette butt into it. I felt a quick shock of pain as the cigarette extinguished against the lining of my mouth. She leaned over me ever so slightly and ordered me to swallow it. Eager to please her, I did. She then violently pulled my hair back further and shrieked,
"That's all you are now! A trash can for whatever I want to put in you, do you understand, you fucking piece of shit?"

"Service me now, slut!", she commanded and spread her legs as my tongue instinctively went right for her cunt. She kept on smoking while I was ordered to lick her pussy. I worked my tongue in and out of her pussy, gliding past her clit each time. She wrapped my head around her strong legs, holding me in and ordering me to bring her off.
"Suck me, Make me COME, motherfucker!"
“You effeminate piece of filth just lick the gates of heaven that you’re Mistress has”

I started licking left pussy lip from outside from tummy end till ass end right lip of her pussy from ass end till tummy end just imagine my fat tongue which is warm, juicy and pink is licking her pussy from outside. Tongue moving on from left lip to right lip and again from right lip to left, from ass end till tummy end and from tummy end till ass end making her pussy lips wet with my saliva.

Oh god just imagine a fat pink juicy tongue is entering her pussy.........its licking her wet interior walls of the pussy

ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh god imagine it..its entering deeper and deeper

I am sucking the interior walls while pushing my tongue deeper.......and deeper and deeper

its touching the interior walls of her pussy making them wet

ohhhhhhh my god now my tongue has touched her clit

Imagine it, it’s just flicking her clit it hard grown clit its being flicked by my tongue ...oh flickingggggggggggggg

flickinggggggggggggggggggggg and lickinggggggggggggggg her clit tongue is licking her clit nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ohhhhhhhh godddddddd ohhhhhhhhh my goddddddd imagine gggggggggoooddd

All of a sudden I start to suck her clit by pulling it in my mouth imagine it her clit is being pulled in my mouth and I am sucking that clit its grown hard while i am sucking

now suckingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg



lickingggggggg bittingggggggggggggggg suckingggggggggggggggggggggggggg

"OH YESS, Yess, Yess, my little fucker, make me come Good!"
She quickly composed herself, and pushed me away on floor with my face facing up she gave her pussy again in my mouth while she sat on my face facing my dick and seeing it grown hard.

She made me lick and lick while she was smoking nonstop. The licking and sucking continued for a while and all of a sudden she cried as her legs squeezed my head and her pussy juice ran all over my face. Within seconds, she went into a bucking orgasm and let a flood of cunt juice lose all over my face and the chair as she yelled out, oh yaa, oh god you bitch oh yaa, oh my god ohhh yaa.

Then to my surprise she immediately mounted her pussy on my hard dick and made me fuck her. I was below her and she told me to fuck her hard.

“Oh ya mother fucker just keep on fucking me”
“Don’t you like to fuck my cunt; just do it just fuck me hard”
“Ya bitch do it, do it I want your fucking cum in my cunt”
“Fill me up you bastard…. Fuck me hard you whore, just do it”
“My filthy pig fill my cunt with your cum ….. cum bastard cum”
“Cum whore cum”

The sound of her words made me so hard I started pumping her ridding her dick, my fat dick was tearing in her pussy, I was enjoying and fucking her hard, she let me press her boobs, fondle her body, while she was smoking I was riding her.
Ohhh I am cumming I yelled and there I was spraying my hot cum, my white cum, my sticky cum in her wet and moist cum. I cum a lot and kept filling her pussy with all my cum and kept pumping till the last drop leaked out of my dick filling her cunt with my cum in it.
I kept wondering if this is what slavery is then, its more enjoyable as I thought I will never get a chance to fuck her tonight and I was so wrong that I just fucked her achieving my organisms too.

"There you go. Wasn't that fun?"
She giggles. "Huh," she says, "you don't understand the meaning of 'slave' do you?"

A powerful feeling of dread overcomes me. I knew there is something more that’s going to come out.

"This must be hard for you to grasp, but you'll learn soon enough. Now clean out my pussy!"

She puts the vagina that I have just fucked in front of my mouth. You refuse to cooperate and I will bust your balls. She raises her hand and places it on my balls and begins to press down. The pain intensifies until I relent and stick out my tongue in submission.

"That's a good slave. Now lick up all your sperm and swallow it!"
She brings her pussy onto my tongue and I begin cleaning it, tasting my own sperm.

“You lick up all the sperm you can and swallow it. Eat your own cum you asshole, you motherfucker, eat it bastard taste it you old man. You like to cum in my mouth always and want me to eat all this every time whenever we meet, so now you must eat this taste your own cum you bastard.”

“Remember this is just the start my dear slave, get use to eating your own cum and soon I want to see you eating other guy’s sperms too understand my useless pig.”

She was facing my dick all this while smoking and enjoying to get licked again. My left over sperms from my penis were not even spared as she made sure that she made me eat all of the sperms from my dick using her finger into my mouth.
“How does it taste my whore?”
“Don’t you want some sperms of other guys?”
“Don’t worry next time I will get a guy who will fuck your mouth”
“Till then keep eating your sperms every time you cum.”

She had kept the wine glass near her and while she was yet getting her pussy licked she was drinking her wine.

Time to clean your mouth she came down on my face her lips facing mine
“You think I am going to kiss you do you???”
“No you whore, you dirty pig you just don’t deserve a kiss but you deserve my saliva”
“Open that dirty mouth you bitch”

She kept on spatting, spitting in my open mouth sometimes with her saliva sometimes with her wine from her mouth and sometimes with the neat vodka that I generally drink.

I lost my taste as I eat my sperms, her saliva, her wine gargles, and my neat vodka.
She not only made me lick her pussy while she was smoking, drinking spitting she made me lick her ass hole, her armpits also.

She enjoyed making me lick her various parts of her body. Sometimes her armpits got licked and sucked, sometimes her nose holes where being licked, her ears got eaten and sometimes her nipples were licked, she moved her body on me while I lay flat on the floor and she enjoyed getting her various body parts licked and sucked.

Having drunk three to four glasses of wine, to my horror, she used her hands to spread her cheeks apart so that her asshole opens and then she sticks my nose inside. The rest of her ass is covering my mouth, so I have nothing to breathe except what emanates from her ass. I make muffled screams, to which she responds, "What, you need some air to breathe? Alright, here you go!" My nostrils get hit with a sudden blast of foul air. She farted straight up my nose! My mind is racing with a mixture of disgust and light-headedness from lack of oxygen. I was about to pass out when she lifted her ass from my face. I sit gasping for breath. She stands up straight and walks to the bathroom. She turns her head to look at my pitiful state and tells me to give her a shower.

In the shower I was told to scrub her, rub her, make her have bath she had decided that she won’t use her hand at all but make me bath her and dry her out. I patted her dry and she kicked me out of the bathroom.

“You see I am not as bad as you think…. It’s your rest time, go fix a drink and have your vodka mixed with the orange juice that you like. Drink it fast and make a heavy drink so that you can enjoy the taste.”
“Don’t eat anything and keep drinking till I stay to stop.”

I was out and drinking while the bathroom door was locked, it took her 30 minutes to open that door. She says “Stop drinking my toilet you have lot of other things to drink tonight.”
My god fuck was my first reaction as she was dressed in a ruling red slip wearing high heels without panties and bra. She looked gorgeous with her makeup and her explosive cleavage showing her natural 38dd boobs. Her hairs were tied in a style that she wanted them while few were falling on her fore head.
I was told to fix drink for her. After her bath she and I had a lot to drink and eat. At all given time I was told to be at her feet while she kept drinking fast and smoking and I was told to lick her pussy and ass till she finished drinking, eating and smoking.
She told me to keep Three whiskey glasses in the toilet and come back and wait outside the toilet. In no matter of time she came out and told me to get glass 1st glass out.
I was stunned and I can see that she had arranged all three glass and all the glasses had her pee in different quantities. And all the glasses were kept on top of the commode arranged so that I get more humiliated.
I was told to take that first glass and smell it.
“Smell it my toilet slave, my dirty whore just smell it after all its Lisa’s golden nectar”
“Now fix me a drink lazy bum”
“Do you want a drink” she offered me and I nodded sheepishly and she yielded saying
“You cheap whore learn to say Yes Mistress”
Say “Yes Supreme commander of my life”
She smiled and told me to get ice bucket and hold the glass near her and with her hands she toppled the 1st pee glass with ice and said
“From now onward no need to drink anything else; my golden nectar must always be drank by you as your drink. Did you get it Whore…. From now on my pee is going to be your drink.”
I was told to drink her pee mixed with ice as my drink, and she kept on drinking her wine as we had some mouth-watering dishes that I had made, she used her hands instead of the folk and spoon and she kept making her hands dirty saying
“Come her you motherfucker, you are just my whore and a slave to me, common lick my fingers and make then clean”
I obliged her and she showed the full hand in my mouth and made me lick it. Suddenly she removed her hands out told me to lick it dry and on her palm she spat, again she spat and I can see her spit and she told
“my slave just remove your tongue out and lick my spit” I licked it and she asked “so tell your Mistress how dose my spit taste… don’t you like it always remember that you will have to start by tasting my spit” she then spat on my face and rubbed it all over my face spat more and allowed her spit to stay on my face.
She told me to get a cigarette “now my whore slave put it in my mouth and lit it” I did the same and she took a big puff and smoked on my face.
I was told to gulp my drink and get the 2nd glass from the toilet
Now I was told to gargle with it as I gargled with it she kept drinking her wine.
”You bastard motherfucker did you like my pee…. You know u will have to drink it every time you meet me”
I was doing it as per her instructions and she yelled “ you need to gargle and then drink it fast you fucking bastard don’t you know how to appreciate your Mistress pee common tell me how it taste describe it”
I was shivering with chill air and told her that her pee is the best and it’s so good in taste and that every time she wants me to drink it I will drink it the way she wants and told her a lot good things about her pee.
Hearing all good praises about her pee she smiled and laughed and said that “remember it’s a holy water to you and it’s your Number One Drink preference because it’s from my body and only for you” Gargle and drink all the pee finish it off.
She asked me if I like cocktail and I replied yes and she giggled and Then the 3rd glass had half her pee and she made me pee half of my pee in that glass and made me drink that and said a whore like me must always drink a mixture of drinks
Then she walked to toilet made me lay on floor and she sat on my face
She laughed and said
“You are my pee drinker you always must drink my pee, you must every time drink it and bastard if you drop any drop on floor I will punish you. You are mine and must always obey me and drink my pee”
saying that she started to pee slowly holding her pee slowly the pee was dropping in my mouth “keep your fucking mouth and eyes open and see how my pee falls in your mouth and keep drinking it and relish my pee from my source and if you drop this golden nectar of mine god save you cause you will be punished” She was bending and observing how I was drinking at the same time she had set her phone in recording mode so she can see it latter and she had another phone via which she was taking the pictures of me drinking it. All of a sudden she sat on my mouth and ordered me to lick her pussy while she was peeing. I kept licking and sucking and she then let herself loose as pee started gushing in my mouth…. She kept peeing nonstop made me drink but then it also dropped on floor. “Drink it baby, it’s your Lisa’s pee”, she says. “You will like it! whore drink it you bastard old pig” .
she lowered herself over my face until her cunt was pressed against my lips, I could smell her scent. She then began to pee into my mouth! Again I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.
“You better swallow every drop or else you’ll wish that you weren’t born” she said quickly. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. It was warm and salty but I carefully managed to swallow every drop out of fear of her wrath. “Good boy” said Lisa.
“I want to pee and make u all wet from head to toe”
“I want to pee on your face u asshole licking boy”
She sat on my face again and pressed her vagina on my face and started peeing in my mouth … I removed my fist and dug my face in her vagina and was shaking my face on her clit …. She was continuously shouting and peeing on me ….. I drank how much I could …. Finally she was empty and she fell on the floor in front with her vagina still on my face …I got up and spread her legs … she was breathing heavily and said ‘oh my old slave that was the best time of my life …. Im so exhausted she said.

She smiled and I knew I will be punished and she smiled and she sat on my nose drowning my nose with her pee and lot was fallen on floor. She made me clean her pussy dry and then she got up and she put the feet on the pee fallen on the floor and then she inserted the same feet in my mouth. She made me lick her feet which had pee on it and made me clean her feet of the pee she kept repeating it till floor was clean. Then she told me to sit on the floor with my ass and shake my ass on that left over pee on floor what she wanted was I must clean all left over pee from that floor to which I obeyed.
“Don’t you like the smell of my pee on your body? You will always have to smell my pee and feel happy you horny male whore”
I knew the punishment will come soon and she kept me in the toilet and she came and started asking me all about her pee. She demanded to hear all good things about the pee taste and etc.
"Now open wide my little toilet, and get ready to eat my shit, you total loser.
I've been holding it in for a really long time now, and it can't wait any longer. I don't know if you could tell, with all the gas I've been having recently." She lowered her ass back down onto my face. "Come on, open up, and get ready for your midnight snack," she said. "Although it's really going to be more like a ten-course meal." Suddenly, I couldn't breathe anymore. She began pressing down with all her weight again. "I'm not going anywhere until this is done. So you might as well just open up and get it over with. I couldn't believe it. I had no choice but to open my mouth and await my fate.
"That's a good little toilet bowl," Lisa laughed.
Just then, she let out a huge fart, more forceful than previous farts. In just a moment, I could see the tip of a huge, thick dense log of female shit making its way toward my mouth. I decided then to shut my eyes and just wait for everything to happen. My entire world was Lisa’s ass in my face, along with the smell of her butthole and her fresh shit, about to pass into my unfortunate mouth. She was laughing hysterically at me the whole time. I couldn't believe what she had reduced me to.

Suddenly, I could feel her shit against my lips, and soon it reached my tongue, then the back of my mouth and throat. Her first log must have been at least 18 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter! The damned thing just kept coiling around in my mouth, again and again. My mouth was becoming packed full of her shit. My cheeks were bulging so much, they hurt. There was so much female faecal matter in my mouth, that some of it had already slid down my poor throat. The stench was unbelievable, and the taste was far worse. The flavour was simply hideous. Finally, the monster exited Lisa’s bottom, and she lifted up a little, allowing me some air.

"Now start chewing it, you total loser!" she said. "I want to see you eat my shit. Eat it up, you toilet. Just eat shit, you fucking creep. Now eat my shit, you fucking toilet bowl.
Start mouthing my female turds, Slave. Chew it up, you complete loser. I want you too thoroughly experience what must be the most hideous, nauseating taste there is. Chew it nice and slowly Slave, so that you completely bring out the delicious flavour."

I started chewing the huge log of shit that filled my mouth. "How does that mouthful of crap taste, Slave? Do you enjoy eating my shit, you complete loser?

You deserve to eat women's shit, for being an unattractive, cowardly, natural-born LOSER! You have got to be the unluckiest guy who ever lived. I mean, you have never ever had a girlfriend, and you never will-and for that, you deserve to eat shit, Slave. Now start swallowing!"
I quickly obeyed, trying to get this ordeal over with.
"You'd better hurry," warned Lisa. "There's another one on its way this moment!"

Just then, she let out another fart right up my defenceless nose. I chewed and swallowed her shit as fast as I could, and the whole time she was laughing hysterically. "You should consider yourself lucky, Slave" she said.
"It's a real honour to be used as a toilet by a beautiful girl like myself. You're the first person I've ever had serve as my toilet. I think I'll come over here more often. We could even go on more dates-how does that sound?" I was about to tell her how it sounded, but as soon as I opened my mouth, another enormous log of shit dropped right into it.

"Enjoy your meal, you fucking loser," she taunted. "Chew it now, nice and slow.
Eat shit, you jerk! I said eat shit, Slave!! Eat my shit, you fucking geek! Taste it! Taste every bit of it completely! And yes, Slave, you do deserve this.
You deserve every bit of this. You deserve it for being a total loser.
You were born a complete loser, and I'm going to make sure that you never transcend that status.
You deserve to eat shit, Slave, for being a total creep.
You deserve to be humiliated and degraded by pretty girls, just for being a disgusting freak of nature. I know that you've had a major crush on me Slave, and for that, you deserve to eat shit.
So just keep working on that huge mouthful of crap you have there. Swallow every fucking bit of it, or I'll pound your testicles into mush!
You know what you're eating, don't you loser?
You are eating the stinky, slimy, filthy, brown, disgusting, gooey, sticky, smelly waste that came out of my butt!! It fell right out of my ass, and you're eating it,

There isn't any more disgusting thing than that in the whole world, you know. Several days' worth of crap just came out of my butt, and it's all in your mouth now and down your miserable throat. Eat that shit, Slave!
You deserve to be tortured. You deserve to be the unhappiest person in the world. How does my shit taste, you total loser?
Do you like the taste of my crap, Slave?
Just keep chewing and swallowing my bowel movement, you fucking WIMP!!
You are the wimpiest, sorriest excuse for a man that I have ever seen, and you deserve to be humiliated for it. I'll shit right into your mouth, and make you eat it, whenever the fuck I want to, Slave.
You understand me, loser?
You are a nothing, Slave-remember that NOTHING WITHOUT ME.
You are only fit to eat my shit, smell my feet, eat my snot, drink my spit, lick between my toes, smell my sweaty armpits, smell my farts, drink my piss, kiss my ass and die!!
You deserve only to be a toilet for me who wishes to humiliate you, and put you in your proper place. You deserve to have the smell of sweaty, stinky female feet in your nose, and the taste of my shit in your mouth, for the rest of your pathetic life, Slave!

You got a problem with that, loser? I didn't think so, you bastard. Keep eating my shit, Slave. Woof it all down, you loser."

"You dirty old man! You fucking pervert! For being an ugly, wimpy, perverted complete loser, you deserve to EAT MY SHIT, Slave! Taste it, you jerk! You should be made to eat my shit constantly, you fucking creep.


"How do you like eating my shit, Slave? Does it taste really good? Aren't you honoured to be my toilet? Doesn't it sexually excite you to be a toilet for such a ravishingly beautiful girl like me? My shit belongs in your mouth, Slave.
Every one of my bowel movements should be deposited right into your sissy mouth.
Keep eating my shit, Slave. Eat shit, you fucking loser. Choke on it! I've been holding it all in just for you, so you'd better be appreciative. You deserve to be subjected to the most humiliating things women can do to you, you fucking sewer-mouth. I'll make you eat my shit, or use your face as a foot-sweat remover, or use your nose as my butthole massager or armpit massager, or whatever the fuck else I can think of.

How do you like that, you complete loser?
"You are a little dirtier than I thought, slave.
This will take a special shower."
The night passed me having a bath and she sleeping in my arms but the midnight arrived and she said
"I always have to pee. Since I don't feel like going to the bathroom I'm going to use you as my toilet."
Without asking, she moved her pussy over my mouth, instructed me to open my mouth and said, "You better not miss a drop."
I did as I was told, laying there with my mouth open. The stream burst out of her into my open mouth.
"Don't swallow until I tell you to," she said.
She filled my mouth until I thought it was going to pour out the sides of my mouth, and then stopped.

She slid down my body and placed her face inches from mine, looking straight into my eyes. I lay there as instructed, my mouth full of her piss.

"You're so fucking pathetic," she said. "I enjoyed totally humiliating you."
By Kinky Slave Guy

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That was hot! I have had pee, but never shit.


kinkyslaveguy replies on 9/22/2017 6:09 am:
try the poo play its different and kinky with the blend of dirty acts

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I didn't like it - it was to long - I am a bi-sexual male that enjoy's sucking guy's hard cock's off and swallowing their sweet load -- just as their hard cock goes down my throat