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A Remarkable woman


I had not intended to tell this story until later. It is ongoing,
and hopefully will not end for years to come. But when I consider
the purpose of these stories, to share the remarkable women
who have enriched my life, she is probably the most extraordinary
of remarkable women and deserves a place at the front of
the queue.
I first met her in my office some two decades ago. She was
there to introduce one of her clients to me, a local motel
owner who spoke only Korean and had been thrust into a precarious
position by the accidental death of her husband. JuLee
and I helped stabilize the situation, and thus began a professional
association that has lasted to this day.
I had known JuLee's husband for a couple of years, but
had not met her until that day. When she was ushered into
my private office, I couldn't keep my eyes off her.
It was good that our initial business was fairly simple
because she distracted me, to say the least. While I had
certainly seen and enjoyed Asian women up close prior to
that time, none had or has ever so captivated me just by her
Her beauty was breathtaking. With luxurious black hair,
exotic and fashionably coifed, and deep green eyes, she
was the epitome of far eastern beauty. Her Korean heritage
(extraordinary in itself I was to learn) was perfectly
captured in her delicate, damask-like nose and chin. Her
lips were moist and full. Somewhat taller than common for
Asian women and slender in build, as befitted an oriental
beauty, she was well and tastefully dressed in a short skirt,
blouse, stockings and business heels. I estimated she
was about the same age as me (and later discovered we were
almost exactly the same age).
She was seated in a soft chair to the right of my desk. During
the course of my interview with her, I found it difficult
to keep my eyes from wandering to the "V" of her
skirt and thighs. Up-down, up-down, went my eyes and I was
certain she noticed. First she crossed her legs to show
me a stocking top and garter (on the side away from her client).
Fifteen minutes into the interview, after turning to her
client to emphasize a point I was making, I swiveled back
to JuLee to observe that her thighs were slightly parted.
I could definitely see the white thighs at the top of gartered
stockings, and imagined that I could see her black panties
(or was that her bush?).
I blushed and felt a distinct tingling in my groin. I was
not sure which end got the biggest surge of blood, but it
became difficult to pay attention to business. I hastened
to finish my analysis and advice, looking to end the meeting
before I embarrassed myself. Unfortunately (or fortunately
as it turned out) I needed to review a contract document
on my desktop, which required us to stand by my desk and lean
over the document to point out a paragraph. In doing so,
her blouse billowed from her chest, giving me a crystal
clear view of her right breast and nipple.
Oh, My! Her breasts were much larger than is normally associated
with Asian women and her nipple was gorgeous. Her right
one was gloriously brown and erect (a full half inch) as
she leaned in. I could not take my eyes off it and my now full
erection pressed against the front of my trousers. I quickly
sat down, even though I lost my vantage point on her tit.

If she was aware of my dilemma, she did not acknowledge it.
I managed to wind things up in about five more minutes, and
let JuLee show her client out of my office. In parting, she
gave no sign in her eyes that she knew of the lust she had provoked
in me. I smiled as she withdrew, noting that even JuLee's
ass was perfect, something I had not been able to see earlier.
I had to concentrate on regaining control of my "demeanor"
before seeing anyone else in the office.
"Was that deliberate?" I asked myself. "Were
her seductive actions innocent, a tease, or the beginning
of a delicious seduction?" <br>
I didn't know. On the one hand, she and I were both married
and we had established a business relationship that day.
But on the other hand, I wryly observed, she was one hot woman.

So I let it sit. I knew and liked her husband, Dave. Although
I was beginning to acknowledge to myself that my own marriage
was on the rocks, I had no interest in actively courting
someone else's wife. Besides, she was a client and
Dave even became one a short time later.
JuLee never failed to dress provocatively (did she ever
wear a bra?) when she came to my office, but my resolve was
not seriously tested again until an office conference
about six months later. She wasn't wearing a bra that
day either, but I became almost completely unglued when
she sat down and spread her thighs sufficiently to allow
me (but not her client) an unfettered view of her pussy.
Her black beaver was perched atop plainly visible labia
at the juncture of her thighs. Fortunately my sharp intake
of breath went unheard by the third person in the room.
I didn't permit myself to stand up during that meeting,
but JuLee and I exchanged some meaningful glances that
let me know the pussy shot was not an accident.
I had made up my mind that I would fuck Mac after my second
or third appointment. But I would not make it easy for him.
I didn't do anything obvious but was just less careful
when I bent over his desk or uncrossed my legs or stood in
the sunlight that came through his window.
At first I was not sure he was interested in fucking me. But
after one appointment, he stepped around me to open the
door as we were leaving his office and he brushed against
my ass with his hard cock. I knew then that we would fuck for
Now what to do? I was by that time separated from my wife and
had already started to date interesting single women,
so I had ample excitement in my personal life. Indeed, as
time went on I was getting more pussy than I could handle
and I certainly did not need to pursue a married woman.
So I conveniently decided that JuLee was just a tease. I
stopped agonizing about Dave and I began to enjoy her flirting
and exhibitions, giving as good as I got. I had become better
friends with her and her husband, and frequently socialized
with them. They met many of the women I was dating. I even
spent Christmas with them and their daughter (a bright
young lady who kicked my ass at Pente).
The flirtatious "intercourse" between JuLee
and I consisted of occasional flashing and furtive fondling.
In my office or other professional setting, a quick shot
of nipple or pussy brightened both our days but seemed to
be no more than a divertissement. We would exchange a grab
of an ass but once JuLee rubbed her hands along the erection
her behavior had produced.
At her house, JuLee never failed to wear very short skirts
or shorts and her nipples were always visible behind whatever
top she chose to wear. Her bending over never failed to give
me a thrill, either a pussy or a panty flash, depending on
what other guests were there. Once Dave caught me staring
at her bent over naked ass and pelt but he quickly grinned
at me and shook his head at her exhibition. We did not discuss
it but he seemed to enjoy her exhibition and no doubt reaped
the benefit later that evening.
Probably the most flagrant flirtation occurred in a hot
tub. We and another close friend of mine had been to a concert,
after which a trip to my friend's redwood hot tub was
in order. When we arrived at his house, we were three men
and five women, four of whom were first time tubbers. The
men quickly disrobed on the deck but the women retired to
a nearby bedroom to undress.
Any doubt as to JuLee's exhibitionist nature was finally
removed that evening. The other women, including my date,
all walked out onto the deck wrapped in a large towel before
quickly removing the towel as they slipped into the tub.
JuLee waited until all were in before making her entrance,
delightfully naked as she carried her towel in her right
hand. I grinned at Dave as she came to the edge of the tub between
us and delicately lowered one leg into the water to find
the bench. In the process of course, she flashed her naked
pussy 12 inches from my nose.
Seating herself beside me on the bench, JuLee was visibly
startled when she sat down on my upraised palm. Touché.
My fingers did not remain still as I wiggled them into her
moistening crease and began massaging her clitty. Not
to be outdone, she quickly had her fingers wrapped around
my pecker, which promptly responded as you might imagine.
New frontiers were passed in our flirtation that evening.
Our eyes locked briefly with a grin and I thought I saw her
other hand in Dave's lap.
I began to explore her pussy with my fingers and even managed
to get one finger into her cunt. Unfortunately, her abundant
juice was continually being washed away by the hot water
but her corkscrew hand motion on my erection did not need
additional lubrication. My excitement was enhanced by
the fact that her husband and my date were seated on either
side of us. It was fortunate that a water jet was located
between us, which did a good job of covering our licentious
activities. I don't think my date had a clue but Dave
may have.
If there had not been so many people in the hot tub, I suspect
we would have kept it up until one of us climaxed (probably
me). But other nude bodies kept shifting and, when another
woman plopped herself down on our laps, JuLee and I had no
choice but to let go and make room for the woman between us.
The woman gave us a knowing smile because she initially
sat on JuLee's forearm before it released my dick.

"Well, hello Mac, " she said as she reached
for my rigid shaft to give it a quick squeeze. Two women were
enough for me that night, so I stood up, moving away from
her to give my shaft a chance to relent before sitting out
to cool off.
But our flirtation had advanced to the point of groping
her quim while she fondled my cock, even if she didn't
get to see it in all its glory. Later, she did see me semi-erect
when I made a point of stepping out of the tub next to her face
before sitting on the deck above her shoulder. I didn't
know about Dave but I had some great sex later that night
with my date.
I continued to think JuLee was just a tease and did not feel
any guilt about harmless, although increasingly physical,
flirting with the wife of my good friend. I was flattered
that this beautiful woman was focusing her exhibitionistic
behavior on me but I did nothing to push it further. I quite
enjoyed it and was content with the exciting tit for tat
(as it were).
Our flirtation came to a climax (pun intended) quite unexpectedly
(at least by me) about a year later. JuLee had taken time
out from her busy career to have another child and went back
to work about four months after birth. I stood godfather
to their son and she quickly got back into the swing of things
with business.
On that fateful day, we planned for her to stop by my condo
to deliver some documents before I returned to my office.
I had played a tennis tournament match during the noon hour
and had just finished a refreshing shower when she rang
the doorbell. Still with wet hair, I quickly threw on a light
robe to greet her at the door. JuLee explained that she only
had time to drop these off before heading to another commitment.

We spread the papers out on the coffee table to make sure
I had them all. Seated on the edge of a low easy chair, legs
spread as I leaned over the table, I suppose my robe unintentionally
"It's not so big now, " she said, distracting
me from the documents. "Actually, it's kind
of cute that way." <br>
Following her eyes, I realized my family jewels were on
"Actually, cute is not what a man wants to hear about
his dick, " I chuckled as I prepared to re-tie my sash.

"No, don't, " she giggled as she sat on
the coffee table and reached a hand between my legs to grasp
my dingus. "I can fix that." <br>
Once again, JuLee had rendered me speechless. Startled
by her provocative action, I felt my cock begin to fill with
blood as her hand started frigging it. And her well-remembered
corkscrew motion quickly brought me to rigid attention.
The only response that occurred to me was retaliation.

"Two can play this game, " I said as I reached
my hand up her pleated skirt and between her thighs.
No panties (surprise, surprise). She pulled her skirt
back to her waist, spread her thighs, and watched my fingers
slide into her furrow and up and down her slit. Her silken
soft black hair was exquisite. JuLee was as wet as I was hard.

Our eyes locked. After several seconds, we leaned in toward
each other.
"It's not so cute now, " she breathed.
"Now it's very angry." <br>
Our mouths touched softly and I tasted her sweet lips for
the first time. We both raised our free hand to the other's
neck and tightened our kiss. Our lips parted and our tongues
explored. JuLee was a wonderful, sensual kisser.
I broke the kiss as I slipped one finger into her wet cunt.
I gently kissed her neck and ear, savoring the scent of her
hair and perfume, before whispering:
"This is far as a cock-tease can go, my dear. I raise
and call you. What do you hold in your hand?" I whispered.
"What are you going to do now?" <br>
She immediately pulled back from my neck and gazed into
my eyes. With a crooked smile and a twinkle in her green eyes
I had never seen before, she brazenly spoke out loud:
"Why don't you fuck me and find out?" <br>
My stomach shivered. Was this actually going to happen?
I stood up, shrugging my robe to the floor. She did not let
go of my stiff rod, pulling it to her tongue to flick the pre-cum
off the knob. She followed that exquisite sensation by
pulling it into her hot, wet mouth.
"Let's get it nice and wet for me, " she
whispered before sucking the glans between her lips.
I knew I couldn't take much of that. I could not remember
when I had been that mentally stimulated, but I didn't
want to cum in her mouth the first time.
"Enough, " I said, pulling her to her feet.

With her hand on my cock and my fingers wet with her juice,
I didn't spare another thought for her married state
and my friend Dave. I lifted her into my arms and carried
her to my second floor bedroom, me naked and her fully dressed.

Thinking back on the day, I don't understand why I took
her upstairs. There was a perfectly good couch (not to mention
carpet) where we were. Perhaps I subconsciously wanted
her to have the chance to change her mind. Or perhaps I wanted
more ceremony for this momentous occasion, so long in the
I laid her on my unmade bed and immediately lifted her skirt
to her waist. JuLee still had her blouse and jacket on as
well as her shoes. Her glorious pussy was wet and waiting.
I bent down to kiss that enticing vulva, inhaling her tangy
scent. After two sweeps with my tongue from bottom to the
top over her sweet slit, I found her clit and sucked gently.
I felt her tremor when she tugged my head up to hers.
"No more. I'm ready. Eat me later. Just fuck my
cunt, " she said in an excited voice. She unbuttoned
her blouse to show me her hard nipples.
JuLee's words were incredibly arousing to me. Despite
the years of flirting, I had never heard her talk that way.
I rose up, licking my lips and scooted forward to kiss her
deeply while lining up my rod with her slit. Leaning to the
side, I rubbed my knob up and down her wet crease as I sucked
her lips and tongue.
Looking deeply into her emerald eyes, I began to penetrate
her soaking cunt. Her eyes closed as I carefully pushed,
slowly and softly, in and out; her sighs an aphrodisiac
to my ears. Her vagina was incredibly tight and it took what
seemed like five minutes to work my rigid cock all the way
in, finally touching bottom.
She held me tightly to stop and I felt her slowly squeezing
me to adjust to me. I was glad for the respite as I was near
the edge of cumming almost from the moment I began entering
her. Finally she released my hips and I started moving with
slow long strokes into her velvet channel.
The respite did not help me as much as I had hoped. I was immediately
on the edge again. I don't remember ever being so excited.
With all of the physical and emotional stimulation, not
to mention the fulfillment of a long held fantasy, I realized
I could not last long inside her.
"I can't last much longer, " I whispered,
almost with embarrassment. "Should I pull out?"
Instead of demonstrating masterful staying power, this
mesmerizing woman had me rushing like a teenager. Instead
of 20 - 25 minutes, I was not even going to make it to ten.
"Faster! Cum in me!" JuLee called out (I later
learned she was on the pill).
Abandoning the slow rippling of our groins together, we
picked up the pace as her legs wrapped around my ass, gripping
me. Soon I was frantically thrusting my cock into her as
our breathing and groaning heralded an orgasm.
"AH. AH. AH. AH!" we both cried out as I pounded
her cervix and exploded into her sweet cunt.
I was not certain if JuLee had cum but I could not remember
when I had cum so hard or so long.
I collapsed on her as I caught my breath. This three year
long fantasy had finally been fulfilled. For me, it was
even better than I had imagined. And I hadn't even gotten
her naked!
I rolled to the side to watch a huge wad of cum drip from her
beautiful pussy. I pulled her lips to mine for a tender kiss.

"Sorry, " I whispered, "I usually last
much longer but you had me so hot I couldn't stop."
JuLee stretched and grinned as she held her thighs wide
open to watch the white sauce roll out between her engorged
labia. I gathered some cum on my fingers to press into her
mouth. JuLee sucked it off with a sensual smile. I began
to feel another hardon starting as I watched that erotic
sight. My fingers scooped up some more semen to spread into
the soft hair on her mound. It was as though this evidence
of our passion should be savored - a moment to relish.
"I need a towel and then I have to be going, "
she sighed as she sat up closing her legs.
I got her a towel and helped her wipe up our juice, before
bestowing another kiss on her fragrant pussy.
"You can take the towel with you, " I said.
"No, I have my panties in the car. They will catch the
rest of it this afternoon until I can get home." <br>
She stood up, straightening her skirt and fixing her makeup
in the mirror. Then she took my hand and led me to the door.
I was still naked as she opened the door, turning to kiss
me in a passionate goodbye.
"That was wonderful, " she said with a smile,
as she squeezed my sticky cock. "Next week we will
have more time to enjoy each other." <br>
So there would be a next time, I thought as I watched her walk
to her car, my dick still wet and half hard from the kiss.
Then I began to feel guilty. Fantasy aside, I had just fucked
a beautiful woman who was the wife of a dear friend. What
I went to his apartment that day determined it was now or
never and was already wet when I got there from playing with
myself while driving. Finally he ran his hands up my skirt
and asked me to fuck him. We went upstairs. I stood there
kissing him and then after laying me on the bed, he lifted
my skirt and began licking my pussy for quite a long time.
Then he came up and kissed me, unbuttoned my blouse and began
sucking my nipples.
I took his cock in my hand and guided it to my pussy. I was amazed
at its size and worried that it may hurt (it didn't).
When I slid it between the lips, I made sure the head hit my
clit many times and actually came once before it was inside
me. I was so wet and hot that his full cock was in me at the first
push and after about five minutes, we both came simultaneously.
I thought he would never stop cumming and wondered how long
it had been since he had been fucked. We both laid on the bed
for a while kissing etc and the cum started to run out of me
when he put his finger in me and brought it up to my mouth for
me to lick off.
I had to go and he was late for an appointment. I stood up holding
my skirt above my waist and he smiled as I watched the cum
(a lot) drip and run down my thighs. I cleaned up, rearranged
my clothes, kissed him, and said "that was great."
Then I left for my next appointment.
I showered again and went to my office. I didn't get
much done that afternoon. As luck would have it, I saw Dave
later that day but avoided more than a cursory greeting.
The guilt intensified. I knew he had enjoyed her flirting
with me and perhaps others, but that was totally different
than fucking me. Was I being greedy? I had plenty of women
to date as a divorced professional at that time, so why go
after a married woman and possibly interfere with what
seemed a good marriage.
I didn't find any answers in the coming weeks. JuLee
called me on Monday of the following week to invite me for
lunch at her house on Wednesday.
"Just you and I?" I asked.
"Yes, the kids are in school or daycare and Dave will
be at work." <br>
"So it will be two for funch, " I chuckled.
JuLee greeted me at her door on Wednesday in a diaphanous
robe which hung open to show her only other clothing to be
a white garter belt and stockings, nicely setting off her
luxurious black bush. After closing the door, I crushed
her to me in a kiss that lasted two or three minutes. My hands
gripped the perfect globes of her ass and ground her pelvis
into my rapidly hardening rod. Her scent and her soft red
lips were intoxicating.
I slipped her robe from her shoulders to the floor as she
unzipped my trousers. JuLee pulled my iron-hard dick from
my boxers and I dipped my knees to fit my rod between her thighs
to rub her clit. It was quickly wet as I stroked myself between
her labia and she groaned. We broke the kiss and she led me
by my penis down the hall into her bedroom, where I laid her
gently on the bed as I undressed.
This was very different from our first time. The week before
I was in a hurry to get into her honeypot, almost as though
to dally further was to risk changing our minds. After waiting
so long to consummate our flirtation, only my cock in her
cunt would satisfy the suspense. Only being inside her
would make this fantasy irrevocable. Now, we had plenty
of time to explore our sexuality and I was not going to be
JuLee pinched her nipples as I undressed. Her hooded eyes
wavered between my eyes and my rigid prick. Naked, I leaned
over her for a tender kiss as I placed my cock against her
wet slit. But I didn't want to enter her yet. I wanted
to worship her perfect body.
I shifted to my side as I kissed and licked her neck, inhaling
her ambrosia like scent. My fingers found her opening as
I began loving her breasts. Her nipples were turgid thimbles
aching to be sucked, and suck I did. Holding each tit in my
hands, I sucked and nibbled and nipped. First one and then
the other. Her sighs and moans told me I was doing something
Finally, I trailed my tongue down her belly to her mound.
Her fine, black pubic hair was unlike any other I had ever
touched. It was soft and straight, laying against her mound
and framing her moist lips. At first, I just brushed my cheek
against the exquisite adornment of her vulva. Then I lowered
my lips to hers and immersed myself in her taste and scent.
With one finger in her cunt, I spread her labia with my tongue
and sucked her juice into my mouth. I spread her thighs as
wide as possible and licked her from just below her clit
to her hidden starfish.
Her groans grew louder and JuLee reached with her hands
to press my head between her glistening thighs. It did not
take long for her first orgasm after I returned to her clit
and circled it slowly with my tongue. A second one followed
as I sucked her nub into my mouth and drove two fingers into
her cunt. Her thighs squeezed my ears in a delightful, if
somewhat uncomfortable, vice.
Twenty minutes? Half an hour? I now needed to be inside her.

"Fuck me now, " she whispered. "I want
your big cock in me." <br>
Hooking my elbows around her knees, my cock found her entrance
on its own. JuLee was so wet that my knob moved unerringly
into her vagina. God she was tight! Slowly but surely my
gentle thrusts gave her time to adjust to my invasion as
I gained access to her exquisite grotto. Finally, I touched
I did't think I had ever been in a woman so responsive
or vocal. Her hips immediately picked up my movement and
she groaned with each stroke into her. I later came to know
that she had several orgasms as we thrashed about the bed
trying to get closer and deeper. Her shoulders and upper
chest became flushed and her eyes almost rolled into her
lids as she came, punctuated by cries of "Fuck me"
"Fuck me." <br>
Stamina was not a problem for me that day. I didn't ever
want to cum as the pleasure of being inside her and hearing
her response was mesmerizing. Finally, I straightened
her legs between mine and rolled her over on top of my thighs.
JuLee sat up and quickly took control of our fucking. I could
barely restrain her movement by gripping her firm ass,
as she posted up and down, back and around, faster and faster.
I was losing it when she plastered her tits against my chest
while kissing me ferociously.
"Cum with me. Cum in me, " she shouted to me,
opening her eyes to insure she had my attention.
Our climax was powerful, long and loud. JuLee milked five
or six spurts of cream from my exploding cock as she ground
her cervix against the end of my cock and her clit against
my pelvic bone. Slowly, her thrusting slowed to a halt as
we exhaled, perspiration dripping from her tits onto my
"Oh, yeah, " I sighed. "You are everything
I ever imagined - and then some." <br>
"I love your cock!" JuLee sighed. "You
can fuck me anytime. Anywhere." <br>
We rested in each other's arms as my dick softened in
her cunt, our juices sliding from her onto my balls.
"Ummmmmm. That was good!" I whispered. "I
want more!" <br>
"How about some lunch first?" she said as she
lifted her sloppy cunt from my flaccid cock. "After
all, I did invite you for lunch." She had a twinkle
in her eye.
I smiled with her and pulled my boxers on as I watched her
perfect ass sway out of the bedroom toward the kitchen.
She picked up the brief robe from the floor by the front door
as she moved to the stove to heat some soup. I sat at the table
as she fussed a lunch together and placed it before me.
We ate quietly, with frequent glances and grins as we remembered
the activities of the past hour. It didn't help my clever
conversation that she never closed her robe, displaying
her proud tits and wet thighs. I don't think her nipples
ever relaxed and by the end of a bowl of soup, my boxers were
serving their purpose.
"Want more?" she asked.
"Only of you, " I parried.
I carried the dishes to the sink and took her hand to pull
her back to the bedroom. We did not need any preliminaries.
My dick was hard as she knelt on the bed to look back at me.

"I like it like this, " she said with hooded
JuLee was still wet from our earlier fuck. It did not take
long to sink my length into her. I stood behind her and watched
her thrust herself forward and back on my cock. Such a perfect
ass deserved more attention than I was prepared to give
it at that time. I could have watched that ass and the sight
of her inner labia following my cock on each outward stroke
as if refusing to give me up, forever! Her rosebud was tantalizing
and I hoped one day I would have it.
Her second orgasm heralded a change of position. Pulling
forward, JuLee rolled onto her back and pulled her stocking
clad knees to her tits.
" Fuck me hard, " she gasped.
My glistening dick quickly found her cunt and I began thrusting
fast and hard, dragging over her clit with each outstroke.
Her vagina felt divine, still filled with my cream and her
juice. We wrapped our arms so tightly around each other
I thought I might not be able to breathe but her climax immediately
followed mine as I again filled her with my cum.
Our time was up after nearly two and a half hours. We thanked
each other for the wonderful sex as we cuddled. I kissed
JuLee tenderly. In what became a familiar ritual for us,
I gathered some of my cum from her cunt to rub on her lips and
tongue. We kissed again sharing the taste of our juice and
cleaning each other's lips.
"You are incredible, " I whispered, heading
for a quick shower.
She did not join me that day, I think realizing that we would
start again if she did. She did not have to go back to her office.

"I'll have a soothing bath after you leave. I
may not be able to walk for a while, " she joked. "You
were wonderful." <br>
JuLee still wore the garter belt, stockings and heeled
slippers to the door to say goodbye. The stockings were
dark with our cum and her wet thighs glistened in the indirect
"I'll call you in a couple of weeks, " she
whispered in my ears as we embraced in the open door.
"Don't forget, " I replied with a smile
as I swiped a finger into her swollen cunt to suck as I walked
to my car.
I had just had incredible sex with a beautiful woman who
absolutely loved to fuck. I enjoyed her for much more than
that and I wasn't going to walk away from that for all
the tea in China. Thus began a regular once or twice a month
funch, with a few fuppers, and an occasional fuckfest over
the next several years.
****** JuLee: His cock was the largest I have ever had inside
me and he is an expert at using it. I can say without a doubt
he is the best fuck I have ever had and also he can use his tongue
as well. His mouth on my nipples is great (but even better
is two men, one sucking nipples and one licking my pussy).
He has fucked me everywhere possible on my body and I just
wish I had more places for him to fuck.
Unfortunately, I continued to feel guilty about Dave and
wrestled with my own moral codes by continuing an affair
with JuLee. I feared it would be a distraction to her marriage.
I worried about Dave finding out and believing that I had
betrayed our friendship. I don't know whether I would
have finally reconciled myself to this delicious love
affair had not the dilemma been quite unexpectedly resolved
during our third or fourth "funch." <br>
This was another weekday at her house where she greeted
me at the door with a black mini-skirt and blouse, having
gotten there from her office just before me. We left her
panties at the door as we practically ran to the bedroom.
I don't remember why we were so urgent that day, but
we were no sooner in the bedroom than I bent her over the side
of the bed on her knees. I lifted her skirt onto her back,
unzipped, and entered her already wet cunt. Tight as ever,
we worked my cock feverishly into her depths and began a
frantic fuck.
JuLee had her first climax after about ten minutes. I thought
of slowing down after slaking my initial lust. As I began
taking my tie and shirt off, the phone rang. I assumed she
would ignore it and was quite surprised when she lifted
her left hand to the bedside phone.
"Hello, " she said, in a voice that did not hide
her rapid breathing.
"Yes." .......... "Right now."
I became a little annoyed that she could so easily be distracted
from our fucking. I began to thrust harder and faster, trying
to get a verbal response that would cause her to quickly
terminate the conversation. I succeeded, at least in getting
the verbal response.
"Ummmmmm. ... Yes! .........Unnnnnnnnnnnnh. .....
Yes. .... Ah! ... Ah!" <br>
I realized she was letting the person at the other end of
the line know that she was being fucked! I heard enough of
the voice on the other end to identify a man's voice.
Then I finally got it - she was talking to DAVE.
JuLee began to build to another orgasm. Continuously groaning,
it became obvious to Dave (or anyone else on the phone) that
she could only be engaged in sex. I wasn't sure who she
was trying to fool, but I now knew it wasn't Dave.
"Talk to you later. Bye!" as she hung up, fumbling
with the cradle.
I think we were both so stoked by the phone call that holding
back our explosion was not possible. I began slamming into
her as hard as I could. She pushed back with each thrust and
arched her back. Sweat dripped from my chin onto her ass.
For the first time, I could not resist her little brown starfish,
now shining with my saliva. Wetting my thumb in her mouth,
I began working it into her small hole.
That did it for both of us. My load spurted deep into her clasping
vagina as she shrieked her climax.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" <br>
Surprisingly, my hardon did not soften. On one of the rare
occasions in my life, I held my firmness and continued to
stroke into her cum-filled vagina. I don't know why,
but after losing some sensitivity, my cock came alive with
sensation and I continued fucking in and out of her exquisite
I stopped only long enough to remove the rest of my clothes
and hers. Lifting JuLee off of her knees, I gently guided
her to her back and my cock found her opening without assistance.
We then rolled to our side to begin a slow languorous fuck.
Her breasts, neck, and lips were available to me as I relished
making love to her. Suddenly it was OK to have this growing
emotional connection to JuLee. My relief that it was OK
to love her while I fucked her, that I was not threatening
the rest of her life, was enormous.
My dilemma was solved. DAVE KNEW. I didn't understand
it, but it let me off the moral hook. And then it was "Katie
bar the door." I had absolutely no reason to do anything
other than explore my relationship with JuLee to the fullest.

We never discussed it. Neither Dave nor JuLee. I cannot
imagine it working for me, but it works for them. ‘
And so it became the most extraordinary relationship that
I have ever had or ever will have. This extraordinary woman
made me re-examine all I knew to be true about love and sex
and women. JuLee became my love, my lover, my sister - my
best friend and the only person, male or female, who knows
my secrets.
I have often wondered what would have happened if JuLee
had been single when we began our affair, instead of committed
to a very good marriage, which I have observed to be the best
marriage I know of.
It was common for me to pursue almost all sexual relationships
with something of an open end. If I pursued a third date with
a woman, then sex and personality were sufficiently compatible
to intrigue me with thoughts of love. Other than the rare
zipless fuck or regrettable one-night stand, I have always
sought an emotional connection with the women I have known.
Anything less is little more than masturbation with a woman's
body. It may feel better at the time but my right hand is a
lot less complicated the next morning.
So I have always fallen at least a little in love with any
woman who graced me with the gift of her body. That she would
give me such pleasure and allow me to pleasure her so intimately
was a gift for which I am always grateful. I usually feel
vulnerable and somewhat unprotected in the experience
of good sex, so it was easy to achieve some intimacy with
many of the wonderful women that I have known. But for some
women, it is easier to get into her pants than into her head.
Within two or three months, other issues eventually got
in the way with most relationships but that did not detract
from the beginnings for me.
With JuLee, the initial relationship learning curve was
bypassed. I had known her as an increasingly dear friend
for three years before we finally had sex. The curve for
sharing our sexuality was gradual and unhurried but has
run the gamut of uninhibited activity; better after ten
years than at the beginning, improving the taste of our
lust like a fine Cabernet.
The issues that limited other relationships for me never
arose and our passion has never waned in these many years.
Perhaps because of her other commitments, and mine, neither
of us became needy of more than the other could give. And
neither has ever become bored or sated with what we could
give. I have never ever been in JuLee's presence that
I did not want to fuck her. Rather my lust for her has grown
to include as much love and respect as I have ever had for
a woman.
In the next two or three years, we continued to grow our lusty
relationship with regular trysts and adventures. They
are too numerous to describe here but the most memorable
are worth sharing.
Once or twice a year, a professional seminar in the San Francisco
area presented itself. Dave did not mind JuLee spending
the weekend in the city and once the seminar was even one
that she could attend with me. On those weekends, her imagination
competed with mine to create adventures that we have never
Driving to the hotel on Friday night began the adventure.
One year, she stripped naked while riding in the passenger
seat and let me finger her for almost an hour driving up the
freeway. I counted three orgasms. She then fulfilled one
of my fantasies with a blowjob while driving at 70 mph. Fortunately
it takes me forever to cum from oral sex, especially when
my concentration is divided. She dressed as we crossed
the Bay Bridge after stuffing my hard dick into my pants.
It was still semi-hard by the time we got into her room. I
remember sliding all the way to the bottom of her cunt in
one thrust. It took two fucks to get us tired enough to sleep
that night.
The next night we took two men we had met at the seminar to
a Moroccan restaurant in downtown San Francisco for dinner.
It was a dining experience that included sitting on low
cushions and eating with your fingers. I don't think
it ever occurred to JuLee to wear panties that evening.
With her short, straight skirt our companions were in a
state of constant distraction and arousal. I doubt that
anyone for several tables around, in addition to the waitress,
missed the beautiful beaver that seemed to be on the menu
that evening. Korean rarebit, I think. My dessert when
we got back to the hotel was all the sweeter - and wetter.

I love to tease him and have raised my skirt so he could see
my pussy in public.
We went to SF and had dinner with 2 other men and I made sure
they saw what Mac was getting later. One guy was so hard he
spent more time covering it up than eating dinner. I thought
to myself what it would be like having all three of them in
me at the same time. That night Mac got the fuck of his life
with me on top.
Another time, we arrived at the St. Francis on Union Square
before dark on a Friday. After being shown to our room on
the sixth floor, we could not wait after being in an automobile
for hours. Our kiss quickly gave way to unzipping her dress
and my trousers as I pushed her to the large window overlooking
Union Square. With her tits pressed against the window
for anyone below to see who cared to look up, I slid my rampant
erection into her wet pussy from behind and began a wonderful,
long fuck. I almost think any spectators would have enjoyed
watching her face as she came as much as her nipples dancing
across the glass. After her first orgasm, I pulled out and
she turned around to sit on the windowsill, raising her
fuck-me heels onto the lower radiator for my full access.
Now the Union Square patrons got a gander of her shapely
ass framed by her garter belt (red as I remember).
Nobody complained before I unloaded my thick seed into
her velvet cunt. After sharing a shower and some heavenly
ass play, we departed for a night on the City. Jumping on
the Cable Car gave some flashes of delicate Korean pussy.
Riding an outside glass elevator to a dance club at the top
of the hotel, I could not resist kissing her in a passionate
embrace as I lifted her dress to expose her pussy and ass
to the world below. Too bad the ride was not longer but I got
my reward later.
The next morning, I think the first we had woken up together,
I woke up with my morning erection nestled between the cheeks
of her ass. I don't know who awoke first, but when we
were both awake, we started the day with a slow, languid
fuck as her ass ground into my groin.
The next night I was able to score tickets to "Phantom
of the Opera" at the ACT. Fortunately we had aisle
seats, but we could not keep our hands off each other through
the performance, despite having celebrated our lust again
before dinner. Fortunately we had her coat to cover our
laps as we fondled each other. I would brag about getting
into her pants in the theater, except she wasn't wearing
any. Her dark cocktail dress was helpful, but I began to
wonder if the older people around us could smell her delicious
pussy. JuLee was discreet about her orgasm.
It was a couple of years later when we christened the short
term parking garage to the San Francisco airport. I had
agreed to drive the two hours with her to pick up Dave and
one of her children when he returned late in the evening
from Europe. Unfortunately I was delayed in picking her
up, so we didn't get to fool around in his big Mercedes
on the way up. But wouldn't you know it; we discovered
that Dave's flight was delayed about an hour when we
"Gee, should we have a drink or a bite to eat while we
are waiting, or should we go back to the car and fuck?"
That was of course a hypothetical question.
The six story short term parking garage was reasonably
well lit for 10 pm, but not exactly uncrowded. No matter.
The backseat of a Merc is quite commodious, more than enough
space to fully disrobe and experience almost any position.
We did both. Having her naked except for stockings and heels
gave me an erection that wouldn't go away. I started
on top, then on my knees, then on the bottom, then from behind.
Her moans and cries must have attracted attention if anyone
came close, but we were oblivious.
I don't think Dave was surprised when we assured him
we had found something to occupy ourselves waiting for
his delayed flight. On the way home, I remember riding in
back while JuLee mostly slept with her head in my lap. Her
sloppy pussy felt so warm and wet to my fingers.
We had many love trysts in my office. I have moved my office
six times over the past twenty years, and a uniform requirement
for each personal office was that it be JuLee-proof - an
internal lock. I'm not sure whether any of my secretaries
suspected anything over the years, but they knew that an
appointment was never necessary for JuLee, and not to disturb
me once she came in.
Every piece of furniture in my office has been used in fulfilling
our lust. Several have JuLee memorial stains. The desk,
the conference table, and sometimes only the floor would
do. One of my favorite office memories was the time she showed
up in a schoolgirl outfit - white blouse and knee socks,
plaid pleated skirt. She flounced in with a contract to
review and bent over my desk to show it to me.
Without a moment's hesitation, I stood up and walked
to the door to insure it was locked. She followed me with
sparkling eyes as I unzipped. She blew me a kiss as she spread
her feet apart. Lifting the skirt over her naked ass, I was
in her soaking cunt in one thrust. We were hot that afternoon.
After two orgasms bent over the desk, I removed her skirt
and finished on the floor. Nothing quite as exotic as fucking
a beautiful woman in a white blouse and knee socks. One of
the few times she kept her moans to a low roar out of deference
to the staff and people in the waiting room. Oh, and did I
say that JuLee is a great fuck?
Two years after we began our affair, JuLee and Dave moved
to a house in the country, with a horse and a sunken pool.
The pool was dug into a hillside with walls six feet high
around it, providing complete privacy except from the
air. It was the perfect place for nude sunbathing, skinny-dipping,
and sex alfresco. The pool was the place where she sucked
me to orgasm for the first time. Oral sex had become a regular
part of our foreplay, as I loved to give her an orgasm with
my tongue before fucking. But there never seemed to be time
for her to finish me that way, as the lure of JuLee's
wet pussy was too much for me to ignore for long.
One day at a pool funch, she wouldn't stop. We had had
a languorous strip and suntan lotion start, with a wonderful
69 to her first orgasm. I got up to shift between her legs
when she sat up to take me in her mouth again, and she wouldn't
let go. Her tongue feathered over my knob as she began the
familiar corkscrew motion with her hand. When JuLee gently
fondled my balls, I overcame my desire to finish in her cunt.
I warned her but she took the first spurt in her mouth and
then directed the rest onto her face and tits.
Another milestone in our lust and love had been passed.
Thereafter, asking where she wanted me to cum became our
After they lived there about year, our relationship expanded
to include Dave. We all knew that we all knew, but we had never
acknowledged it to each other, or I should say that I never
had. But one Saturday it happened while sunbathing. Quite
unintentionally, at least on my part.
We were all three naked around the pool that afternoon.
I had just done some laps when JuLee asked me to put suntan
lotion on her back. She was lying on a towel spread over the
concrete at the south end of the pool. I was only too happy
to have an excuse to touch her and knelt by her side, still
wet and dripping from the pool. Lotion in hand, I began with
her shoulders.
"Let me help, " Dave said. He knelt at the other
side of her and began spreading lotion on her calves.
"That feels good, " JuLee purred.
We began a lotion massage accompanied by her intermittent
moans. I spent rather more time with spreading the lotion
than necessary and my hands were quickly performing more
of a caress than a massage. Dave was the same. By the time
we reached her ass, we were both partially erect. I think
I looked over to him to judge his attitude before moving
onto her ass. He smiled and nodded. We each took one cheek,
with our fingers meeting in JuLee's crack.
"Turn over, " Dave whispered.
She did. Her nipples were hard, her chest flushed, and her
eyes were lidded. Dave and I changed our routine on the front
side - he took her left side and I took her right. JuLee began
to moan and breathe more rapidly as we started with her breasts.
By then neither of us made any pretense at spreading lotion.
The cream was merely the agent to worship her soft skin in
the sunlight. Her thick rubbery nipples got lots and lots
of lotion.
JuLee's firm, flat belly was next, as the other hands
started up from the calves. By the time we reached the juncture
of her thighs, two dicks were at full mast. I did not look
at Dave to seek approval, but I kept my fingers in the crease
of her thigh to allow him the first move to touch her pussy.
He did not pause. His fingers entered her crease as Dave
leaned down to take her left nipple between his lips. Her
moisture was very evident as I watched him separate her
outer lips, and her scent filled the air. JuLee's uneven
breathing told of her excitement.
I leaned down to suckle her other eraser-like nipple, and
edged my middle finger between her thighs to caress the
wet skin between her cunt and anus. After pressing my moist
digit slowly into her rosebud, she lifted her knees and
spread them as far apart as possible. Her hips were undulating
and she seemed on fire, as JuLee reached down to grasp a turgid
shaft in each hand. I looked down to the thrill of seeing
her thumb spreading my pre-cum over my knob, and glanced
over to see her doing the same to Dave.
Our sucking became noisy, almost as though we were competing
to see who could arouse her the most. When Dave moved his
fingers to massage her clit, I slipped mine to her nether
hole and easily inserted two fingers into her flowing vagina.
I tried to get as deep as I could, knowing how much this delightful
woman loved to have me massage the front of her velvet canal.

I continued to twist her right nipple with my thumb and forefinger,
while I raised my lips to hers and began a soft wet kiss. As
our tongues explored, she lifted her hand to grasp my neck
closely to her. She came for the first time then in the brilliant
sunlight. Her eyes were tightly shut. Her wail was almost
a scream into my mouth. Her ass was raised off the ground
in an attempt to get our fingers further into her core, and
then she froze for a moment in midair.
We were all on fire then, sweating in the mid-afternoon
sun. My erection ached.
"Somebody FUCK ME, " JuLee seemed to be pleading.

I looked at Dave. He lifted his head from her left nipple
and smiled. With a nod of his head toward her pussy, I understood
his invitation to take the treasure that we al knew I had
had many times before. But it seemed almost as if this was
a first time with Dave watching.
I lifted her right knee over my hip and scooted myself between
her legs. Grasping her other leg between my thighs, I inched
my cock to her pussy. Dave watched as I worked the knob up
and down her slit to wet it before centering it into her opening.

"YESSSSS, " JuLee sighed and thrust her ass
toward me as the glans popped in. "Fuck me."
It was one of the most erotic moments in my life. Remembering
now, I am still amazed that I didn't cum as soon as I entered
her sweet cunt. Naked in the bright sunlit outdoors, sweat
literally dripping off my nose onto JuLee's belly,
knowing Dave was watching as I worked my cock into his wife's
vagina, I was on a high rarely, if ever, to be exceeded in
my life.
Mesmerized by the sight of my rod gleaming with JuLee's
juice in the bright sunlight, I was halfway in when we were
rudely interrupted. A car pulled up the long driveway to
their house and the moment was over. Their daughter had
been delivered home early from a Saturday school outing.
I pulled out and dove into the pool, where Dave joined me.
Nudity was not a problem around their house, but erections
were. The cold water solved my problem, but my balls still
felt twice their normal size.
I dressed and left soon afterward but I think Dave got a serious
fucking later that afternoon. As I kissed JuLee goodbye,
we all had shit-eating grins on our faces, but nothing was
actually said. We had crossed another threshold but were
in uncharted waters.
The chart began filling in about ten days later when Dave
invited me to stop by for lunch. Funch or lunch, I asked myself.
When I arrived, Dave was fixing sandwiches in the kitchen
and he nodded me toward the living room where JuLee was waiting.
I found her looking out the front picture window wearing
heels, black stockings, a garter belt, and nothing else.
With a smile, I strode to her slender body and grasped her
tits from behind as I kissed her neck.
"So this is to be funch after all, " I said softly.

"Lots and lots of funch, " JuLee replied as
she turned and began undoing my tie. "A beautiful
day to fuck, don't you think?" <br>
"And fuck and fuck, " I whispered as I took her
tongue in my mouth. I shall never tire of hearing JuLee say
the word "fuck." <br>
I let her undress me until my hardon appeared from my shorts,
which she ceremoniously licked and took into her warm,
wet mouth. Pulling back, I knelt to kiss JuLee, tasting
my semen on her lips. I cradled her in my arms to lay her on
the carpeted floor, and positioned my head between her
legs to taste her nectar. I was holding her knees near her
shoulders, flicking her clit with my tongue, when I heard
Dave enter the room.
"Is there room for another?" he asked in a quiet
"Is the Pope Catholic?" I replied as I lifted
my mouth from her pussy, my bearded smile glistening with
her juice. "Actually, I think this exquisite woman
could make room for three or four if we gave her the chance."
Dave began removing his clothes as I returned to my passion.
I LOVE to eat JuLee.
"Fuck me, " JuLee moaned, the magic command
that I can never refuse. I think she had already had the first
of many orgasms that day.
With her legs splayed wide, I lifted myself to position
my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed into her velvet
tunnel. As testament to her excitement at having two men
hot to fuck her, I slid all the way to the bottom with one slow,
exquisite thrust. I didn't get all of my cock in her,
but knew she would expand to accommodate me as I began thrusting
into JuLee.
Dave knelt to begin sucking her tits as I lifted my chest
to give him access. She grasped his hard dick and began moaning.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." <br>
Dave's dick soon found its way into her mouth. The uniquely
erotic situation had me to the edge very quickly. While
Dave circled her clit with his fingers as they engaged in
a passionate kiss, I increased the speed and force of my
fucking and JuLee came again.
"Where do you want it, my Love, " I whispered.
I didn't know what "protocol" Dave would
want. She was my lover, but his wife, and I had never discussed
how he felt about sloppy seconds.
"On my tits, " JuLee gasped.
I pulled out and painted her nipples with rope after rope
of creamy white cum. She had always said I came a lot, but
I think I exceeded myself that day. I rolled to the side and
began spreading my sauce around her breasts, before leaned
down for a tender kiss.
Dave wasted no time moving between her thighs to insert
his baby-maker. She groaned as another cock invaded her
so soon after the first had expired. She never lost a beat,
seemingly renewing her energy with the new dick. Her tongue
explored my mouth as I held her tightly, marveling at the
sexuality of this sensuous woman. My cum felt sticky on
her chest as she pulled me closer despite Dave's forceful
fucking into her cunt. I think JuLee was in heaven.
Dave didn't last long either. She came again with her
ankles wrapped around him as she bucked up to pull him more
tightly into her grasping cunt.
"Let me suck you, " JuLee whispered. I didn't
hesitate to scoot up on the floor so she could get my rod between
her lips. She did not hesitate to lick her juice off of my
shaft as she went about renewing the reinforcements. Dave
groaned and stopped thrusting inside her, just as my cock
began showing life. JuLee's hand began frantically
jacking my dick as she licked my balls.
"Fuck me!" <br>
I turned her on her knees to see her pussy beginning to drip
on the carpet. I never got tired of staring at JuLee's
perfect ass. Never. I was hard again, and did not hesitate
to try sloppy seconds. Her cunt was soooo wet and hot. I knew
I would last a long time after cumming before, and I began
thrusting hard as I rode my shaft over her clit.
I don't know how many more climaxes she had before I
added my seed to Dave's. He left to get the sandwiches
before we finished. But still she moaned, "Fuck me."
Dave brought the "lunch" in after he heard the
cries signaling that I, at least, was done. I think JuLee
would have gone on if either of us could have gotten it up
again. She was insatiable that day. We all knew we were blessed,
as we sat around naked on the floor munching our tuna fish
Nobody could wipe the smile off his or her face. The afterglow
was especially warm. I remember JuLee spilling some tuna
on her chest. I licked it off, tasting my sauce with the mayo.
And then kissed her deeply. I knew we would do this again,
a lot.
And so we did. As the months and years have gone by, I spend
about half my time alone with JuLee and half sharing her
with Dave. Or should I say, Dave sharing her with me. We are
so close that sometimes I feel like we have an incestuous
relationship - two brothers and their sister. Except I
can't imagine lusting and loving any sister like I
do JuLee.
JuLee has had other lovers, male and female, and other affairs
since she and I started. Some she has told me about, some
not. And Dave knows of some that I don't know about,
and vice versa. She has never shared Dave or me with her female
lovers, but Dave has never shared her with anyone but me.
Ours is a three-way without jealousy or reservation. Other
arrangements might be too complicated, but our love is
simple. Dave and I love to make her cum.
One more highlight with this extraordinary woman and then
I will leave the rest for another installment. It was one
of our private times, just JuLee and me in her bed in the country
house. It was a second fuck, slow, languorous, and loving
as we spooned together, thrusting into her with legs closed.

I had often played with her ass over the years with my tongue
and fingers. She had always responded with excitement,
but we had never taken it further.
Ass fucking was something I learned from an older woman
perhaps ten years before but it was not something that I
did often. I have always been somewhat surprised at how
many women were what I called "ass positive, "
but it was such an intimate act that I wasn't willing
to do it with everyone who shared my bed. The physical sensation,
after I got past the exquisitely tight anus, did not compare
to a tight cunt. In that regard it was like a blowjob, although
it continues to amaze me how few women truly enjoy giving
blowjobs and are any good at it. In my experience, there
were more women willing to give me their ass than gave good
So it was more an emotional investment that I looked for,
someone special enough to want me to have it and whose ass
I wanted to have. JuLee is such a woman, but we had never really
communicated about it. I worried that, as tight as her vagina
was, I would be too big for her ass.
That day, her little halo was wet from our earlier spending
and my finger slipped in easily as I stroked into her from
behind. She groaned as I slipped it in to the second knuckle.
I wanted her ass, but wasn't sure if she wanted me to
have it. But her excitement, as I tentatively added a second
finger, encouraged me to try.
Fortunately I had already cum once, so I knew I could last
for the slow, careful penetration required to please a
woman during this most intimate act. Indeed, I had that
rare erection that seems to last forever without losing
sensitivity. One lover had laughingly called it the Dick
of Death, kind of like the energizer bunny.
Taking a deep breath, I pulled my cock from JuLee's
cunt and positioned it against her rosebud. My prick was
very wet and slick, coated as it was with our combined juices,
some of which I had carefully pushed into her anus with my
fingers. Very gently but firmly, I pressed into her ass.

JuLee's moans stopped. Actually, I think she stopped
breathing for longer than I thought possible. But she pushed
back steadily until my knob was inside the ring.
"Ah!" she burst out as I went in. I stopped there,
waiting for her to relax - and begin regular breathing.
She placed her hand on my hip to hold me in place. I sort of
circled around her opening slowly to loosen the ring, and
continued to wait. Fortunately, my cock stayed rigid.

Finally, she pulled my hip forward. Then I knew for sure
that she wanted it. And I pushed. A centimeter at a time,
I worked in and out of her until my groin rested against her
firm cheeks. And then I let her rest as I luxuriated in her
warmth and caressed her flanks. She was wet with perspiration.
Two or three minutes later, JuLee came alive.
"Fuck me, " she gasped as she pushed my hip back.

Slowly and steadily I began to thrust, each stroke a little
longer than the last. JuLee was silent for several minutes,
the only time I can remember her not moaning when I was inside
her. Then her breathing became audible and then she began
to moan.
"Yes. Fuck me. Faster." <br>
I did. With one hand under her body on her nipple, and the
other lightly caressing her clit, we both began to enjoy
the intimacy of this delightful coupling. When I was able
to withdraw on each stroke to her tight ring, I knew that
I was finally going to cum. That is the moment when ass fucking
becomes exquisite. I did not bother to ask her where she
wanted it; my load was going into her ass.
"Ah ..Ah ..Ah ..Ah .." she gasped. And then we
were there. When I exploded into her, I felt so deep that
I thought it would come out her mouth. With a low wail, I think
she came with me. I crushed her to me with a soft "Thank
you" as I nuzzled her neck.
We didn't move for several minutes after my cock stopped
pulsing inside her. Finally, my dick was soft enough to
pull from her heavenly ass with a plop. She turned and we
kissed and caressed for a long time. I loved this woman.

It was not a one-time event for us, but being in her ass was
a very memorable experience whenever it happened. I think
that was her cherry, but the inscrutable JuLee has never
told me whether that is so.
I don't think anybody knows all of her secrets. She
knows almost all of mine. And the adventure continues.
Our love affair will never end, until one of us attends the
other's funeral. And then what memories the survivor
will have.

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Long ass story, But good..Y'all did some good fuckin...{{smile}}


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you one lucky dude....have fuck atleast 20 koreans women
and can never get enough of them...cum sa me da....yoo boo..