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A Night to Remember


I spent Friday night doing what I love to do...hanging out with a bunch of marines and sailors...airdales to be more specific. We sat around the beer tent chatting and getting to know each other. I love being the center of men's attention...the more the better.

I gave my number to a few and I got a few so we could all go out and dance. The first one to actually call was a hot marine my age - go figure! I figured I'd hook up with someone closer to 33 - 35 since that's usually how it goes, but to my surprise he was nice, good looking, and actually danced. He had a great sense of humor also. Anyway, we danced til about 12, and then he asked if I wanted to stay with strings sex if I didn't want to. We got along great all night. He made me laugh, and I knew he was a true gentleman. Wow, now try to lay next to someone and not feel them breathing. Or not thinking about how good it would feel to have his cock slide deep inside me. Well I kind of turned my ass his way a little on purpose when I rolled over to go to sleep, and the next thing I know something poking into my ass. My ass started moving toward him, just enough to tease. I pushed against him hard and then pulled away. He started kissing my neck, and I could feel him getting harder. He said, We really shouldn't be doing this.", and I said, "I know, we're both going to go to hell." By then it was too late, he pulled off my panties, as I reached behind me and felt his cock - to my satisfaction, it wasn't small! He turned me around and started kissing me. We kissed passionately for a long time as his hand reached down and started touching me. I was moaning and so was he. We were hungry for each others' touch, and soon I was kneeling on the bed with his cock deep inside my pussy. I was so aroused, my juices were overflowing - perfect time to slide his cock into my ass. I didn't ask permission, I grabbed it and put it in my ass. He asked if I was sure, I said, Oh yeah, fuck me like hell." He was spanking my ass and pulling my hair. I have never been with a marine before,but holy crap - it was awesome. Just as he was cumming, he pulled it out and shot it all over my back. We both laid there for a second; amazed at what had just happened.

We laid back down, kissed each other once more, said goodnight, and he went to sleep. I just laid there not believing that I was able to find a man my age who could make me feel so good. He was fucked me so well and I wanted more.

About 5 am I was still awake, and I felt him move. He noticed I was awake and started poking me again. My body responded and before I knew it, I was on top of him sliding my pussy deep on his cock. He then flipped me over and fucked me doggy again; once again, cumming on my ass. Again, he got up and got the cloth to wipe me up...what a gentleman! We both fell asleep after that wrapped in each others's arms.

When the alarm went off, I was a little sad, because I knew he was going to do his thing, and I mine, and that after the show he would be going back home. He rolled over and looked at me and I could tell what he wanted. This time we just spooned and he slid it into me...I was so wet with anticipation that it slid real smoothly. He pounded me fast and hard and then rolled me over and came on my stomach.

He got up wiped me off and then went to take a shower. When he came out, he said, "That I was awesome.", told me to come see him today, and kissed me goodbye. My heart saddened as he walked out the door in his little marine uniform. He looked so hot. I knew we would never have this night again, but I have fond memories of our little affair.

He was a marine and he proved to me that marines get it done. I just wish I could spend some more time with him. It was awesome.

Semper Fi

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love your stories klw. sexy mind, I can tell you would be so much fun to spend a night (or 3) with.


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for sure great story xox



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very sexy story and you made a marine very happy