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A Night to Remember


This is based on a true story. I have changed the names
is all. Actually, this was a story I wrote for two gals I was
planning to meet up with, shortly after my divorce, last
year. I wrote it in segments, over the days leading up to
our actual encounter, to build anticipation for the real
deal. We did in fact meet that Friday night, and it played
out far better and wilder than I had anticipated in this
story. Enjoy!

It’s Tuesday. I just heard back from Sonya after her fantastic
trip to Chicago. She’s available to meet up with Jen and
me Friday night! I’m as excited as anyone can be! Damn, it’s
only Tuesday morning! We still have four more days to go.
I have to be patient, but all I can think about is the fun and
anticipation we’ll experience during our dinner date,
and the bliss we’ll experience right after. I have to be

We all make it through the week that seems to crawl by, until
the big day finally arrives! I start getting ready at 5pm
to meet the gals at 7:00. I take a long shower, cock sprung
to full length with anticipation of what’s to come. I dress
in some snazzy attire and make the finishing touches to
give myself that sharp look, worthy of the fine, exquisite
dining that awaits us.

I arrive early at elegant, downtown restaurant to be the
first, waiting outside the doors, ready to welcome my dates.
Sonya and Jen arrive shortly after, at around the same time,
dressed to kill. “Damn, you ladies look fabulous! Very,
very sexy!” I exclaim with a devilish gleam in my eye. “Thank
you!” you two say in unison, with bashful smiles, as you
look each other down as well. “And you look pretty hot yourself
there, Dave!” Sonya continues. “Yes, you do. And I agree
with Dave that you look great Sonya!” Jen continues, eyeing
Sonya down from head to heal.

I open the door as we conclude paying each other the much-deserved
compliments. I can’t help but gawk at the two beautiful
asses, perfectly adorned with sexy attire, as they pass
through the entrance. “Mmmmmm. I can’t wait to fondle those!”
I think to myself.

“Good evening” the sexy hostess announces as we approach.
“Good evening. We have reservations for three under Dave.”
“Yes, here we are. Seven o’clock. Your table is almost ready,
sir. You’re welcome to relax in the bar until your table
is prepared. My name is Sheila and I will find you at that
time.” She replies. “Thank you. We’ll do that. Ladies,
shall we?” I say, giving a courteous, inviting hand gesture
in the direction of the lounge.

We enjoy a few drinks and start off with a few laughs. I can’t
help but constantly think how sexy these two women are.
I am SO turned on by a good smile, and these ladies have some
GREAT smiles! The cute dimples…the shining teeth…the
warm eyes. Everything about them just gets me so aroused.
We can all tell, pretty early on, that the chemistry is there!
It’s very difficult to keep my arousal in check, despite
having planned ahead and intentionally arranged the furniture
down there to help restrain my cock from springing to full
life in a public setting. Nevertheless, it’s not working
too well. Before it gets too bad, I excuse myself for a moment
to visit the men’s room where I rearrange the package so
that it’s kept under control, for the time being. “Your
chance to spring free and loose will come soon! I promise.”
I think myself with a sly grin, looking down towards my eager

I return to the table, happy to see the two of you talking
and laughing like old friends. Your heads turn in my direction
as you notice my approach. “It’s good to see you gals are
getting along so well. What did I miss for conversation?”
I ask. “Oh we were just talking about you!” Jen says. “Oh
cool, one of my favorite subjects!” I respond with a joking
cockiness. Sonya adds, “Yeah, we were just saying how funny
it is that you were so anxious to put this together so quickly
and that you’re like a kid on his birthday.” “Yeah well,
I’m not a mathematical genius, but the light clicked in
my head once I realized that after putting one and one together,
I have two!” We all share a hearty chuckle at my silly remark.

Just after taking my seat, Sheila approaches the table
and tells us that our table is ready. We make the sexy stroll
through the dining area until the hostess gestures at our
destination. “I hope this will do.” she says, inconspicuously
eyeing the three of us down. “It will do very nicely. Thank
you.” I respond. We take our seats around the table, all
facing each other. “Mark will be arriving shortly to take
your drink order.” And within a moment of Sheila stepping
away, a handsome Mark appears asking how we’re doing tonight.
We all say we’re well, with the hint of a smile forming on
each of our cheeks.

He hands each of us a menu, tells us the evening’s specials,
and takes our drink order. While eyeing the menu down, I
can’t help but notice the luscious lips on each of you. My
mind starts to wander about how nice it will be to see those
beautiful sets of lips kissing each other. I imagine the
soft, sensual contact they will make and how your glistening
tongues will dance between them. Uh oh, my dick is springing
to life again. “Don’t think about that right now! It’s too
early!” I scold myself. “But damn, how can I not?”

Mark returns with our drinks. We keep him busy with our order
of appetizers, and our conversation continues. Jen and
Sonya are sharing their experiences and I can tell they
can relate with one another. Like a typical man, my mind
starts to wander again. I’m trying so hard to focus on listening,
and I’m processing everything that’s being said, but my
imagination is also at work. Now my image of you two kissing
includes me. All three of us are face-to-face with tongues
darting out and meeting each other, in a three way passionate
embrace. It’s becoming an issue down below. Uh oh! Too late!
My cock found a way to slide out of its binding hold that I
made for it. It’s starting to creep up on its side, over my
right thigh! “It’s a good thing I’m seated!” I think to myself.
“Mmmmm, but they would so love to see this bulge in my pants.
And I would like to show it to them so much, watching their
eyes fix on my crotch, but I’ve got to keep this classy!”
I continued saying to myself.

Mark returns with “Your appetizers will be out shortly.
Have you decided on an entrĂ©e yet?” “We have.” I reply and
we proceed to tell him what we’d like. The meal portion of
the evening continues and it exceeds all of our expectations.
As we finish the main course, I lean forward and whisper,
“I’m having a really great time so far tonight, and I can’t
wait to get to get into our room and start the real fun!” The
two of you nod in lusty agreement, and Jen whispers back,
“Agreed! I don’t think we’ll be ordering dessert here.
We’ve already got that taken care of!” Sonya flashes Jen
a wink. The night is set!

After taking care of the bill, we rise (very carefully for
me! Haha) and make our way to the door. Once outside, I ask
you gals to follow me to my car. In our secluded, semi-private
portion of the parking lot I say, “Have I got some surprises
in store for you two!” and I gesture to a bag sitting on the
passenger seat of my car. “Ooooh, I can’t wait to see!” says
one of you. “Me too!” says the other. I take Sonya’s cheek
softly in my hand and draw her in for a gentle kiss on the lips.
Then I do the same for Jen, which gets both of you very excited,
as a hint for what’s to come. Then I am surprised when the
two of you do the same for each other! “Now let’s go get this
party started!” I say without caring anymore about the
obvious bulge forming in my pants. “Someone needs to be
set free!” I say, motioning to my pelvic region. “Mmmmm,
that looks very nice.” Jen says reaching down to graze her
hand teasingly along the fabric of my pants. “Yeah, it’s
time to go!” says Sonya, with her eyes locked on my groin
area, also copping a brief feel of the protrusion in my clothing.

After the elevator doors close and we find ourselves with
a private moment, I reach behind each of you and start to
rub your asses through your beautiful dresses. You press
your asses back against the palms of my hands and we all look
at each other with boiling blood surging through us. The
desire to undress is irresistible and the elevator seems
to take forever in those few seconds it takes to reach our
floor. Sonya licks her lips very seductively, and leans
forward to kiss me.

Ding! The elevator rings as we reach our floor and we quickly
regain our composure as the doors open. “Here’s our floor.”
I say as I lead the way to our room. As I start to slide the key
card in the slot, I mutter, “Are both of you sure you’re comfortable
with this?” You both nod with eager anticipation. “Yes!
Now hurry up and open that door!” Jen whispers impatiently.

The door swings open to the sight of a spectacular suite
with an inviting King size bed just calling for us. I open
the bag from the car, and proceed to light some candles and
incense. I begin with, “We’re going to start this off with
massages. So let me help you girls get out of those dresses
and I’ll rub you both down with plenty of this oil.” Both
of you meander over to the bed, and kick your heals off. I
give each of you a deep kiss and reach around to undo your
straps. I slide each of your dresses off, very slowly and
seductively to expose some very sexy under-attire. Sonya
is wearing an incredibly hot thong, and Jen is wearing some
tight, lacy panties and stockings. I place one hand on Jen’s
breast, with the other on Sonya’s and gently give a few squeezes,
sending jolts of excitement through each of your bodies.

“Now lie next to each other on your stomachs. You’re both
in for quite a treat!” I say, reaching toward the nightstand
for the bottle of rubbing oil. I start with Sonya, undoing
her bra straps, and spreading the slick fluid all over her
back. I start off with gentle strokes around the shoulders,
working the neck some, and making those strokes deeper
and firmer down the center of the back. I’m in my boxers,
legs spread over Sonya’s upper thighs and my cock is firmly
anchored over her ass, teasingly buried between her ass
cheeks as much as my restraining underwear fabric will
allow. I use this position to get the best leverage and each
of my strokes on her back is matched with a rhythm of varying
pressure from my hips. Sonya loves the feel of my dick up
so close to her, and she yearns for it, pressing back with
her ass to meet my slow, subtle humping movements.

Just when she’s aching to feel more, I dismount, playfully
saying “Jen’s turn!” and I go through the same sensual act
with her. At this point, Sonya turns on her side, facing
us, and she reaches down to rub Jen’s lower back. Her hand
wanders down to feel the tip of my hefty cock through my skivvies,
the base of which is buried into Jen’s backside. Sonya reaches
under the elastic band to feel the warmth of my bulbous cock-head.
She also starts to nibble on Jen’s ear at the same time, causing
Jen to let out a little moan of appreciation.

At this point, Sonya lifts one leg up high to provide a good
view of her barely covered pussy. I reach over with one hand
and start to rub it through the silky-smooth, skin-tight
fabric. I roll my fingers gently over her clit and swirl
around in little soft circles. Sonya bites her bottom lip
as she watches my hand fondle her soft pussy flesh. Her panties
are soaking wet and juices are starting to form outside
the edges of her thong as I rub things around a bit. Then I
peel the fabric aside for just a moment, and plunge a finger
inside her cunt, quickly withdrawing it to lick the savory
juices off my finger.

Then I roll Jen over onto her back and say, “I know this is
what you’ve wanted for some time!” We completely remove
your unstrapped bra and I start to nibble on your right nipple.
Sonya kneels down to lick on your left. I lean forward to
kiss you on the mouth then I swoop down to lick on your stomach.
As my tongue leave your mouth, Sonya’s quickly comes up
to replace it. I gradually lick my way down below your belly
button. Then to the top of your panties, then I lick the full
length of your pussy, through your panties, relishing
the delicious taste and smells that come from having been
wet all evening. You break your kiss from Sonya so you can
watch my tongue between your legs and I lift your hips up
in the air to provide the best view possible for the two of

Finally, I pull your panties aside, exposing your hot pussy
to my hungry tongue. I devour you with a passionate fervor,
aggressively lapping up your juices as quickly as they
flow from you. Both of you watch with lust-filled eyes as
I bury my tongue deep inside you, sliding it in and out like
a little cock. Then I softly peel your pussy lips aside to
expose your clit and I swirl my tongue around it, sending
jolts of pleasure up your spine. “How would you like a taste?”
I ask Sonya. Without missing a beat, “I’d love one!” she
replies, and inches herself down to position her head next
to mine. I remove my head just a bit to watch her go down on
you, and I reach down to finger Sonya’s pussy as she licks

“Let’s lick her at the same time.” I say, lowering my head
to join Sonya’s. We spread Jen’s legs even wider…as wide
as they can get and Sonya and I share an open mouth kiss, wildly
churning our tongues around each other, on the surface
of Jen’s delicious pussy right atop her clit. Jen throws
her head back in ecstasy at the incredible sight and feel
of us kissing against her mound. The amazing experience
starts building the strong tingle of an approaching orgasm.
Jen takes one more look at our heads planted between her
legs, focuses on our tongues prancing over her clit, feeling
the thrill of two people eating her out and yells out “Oh
fuck, that so fucking good! I’m going to cum!” “Yeah, cum
on our mouths…grind your pussy on our lips!” I groan back
to her. “Yes, fuck yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming so fucking
hard now!” Jen shrieks as she bucks her hips into our faces.
I press my open mouth squarely on her pussy and push in with
my chin to provide the most pressure against her quivering
pussy, as wave after wave of sheer pleasure ripples through
her body. “Damn that was good! She sighs as the main orgasm
subsides and she enjoys the following, relaxing aftershocks
of the climax.

I take a glance back and look at Sonya’s sexy body and can’t
resist seeing her on all fours. I move around to the back-side
of Sonya and slide my tongue right up inside her dripping
cunt, as she continues to munch on Jen. Sonya takes a brief
break to let out a warm moan and Jen can feel her hot breath
on the inside of her thigh as she lets the sounds of pleasure
escape her lips. I’m reaching a boiling point…I have to
get my cock inside someone.

“I have to fuck you now, Sonya!” I suddenly announce. “Oh
yes, please do Dave! I need to feel your cock inside me!”
you say into Jen’s clit, as if it were a microphone. “And
Jen gets to watch, so let’s give her the best view we can”
I continue. I lay Sonya on her back and place a couple of pillows
under her ass to prop her up nice and high. I pull Jen up close
next to me and she wraps her arm around my waste. I bring my
fat cock up to rub Sonya’s clit with the mushroom head. “Just
fuck her! I want to see you fuck her!” Jen says as she reaches
down to grab my cock and position it right at Sonya’s tingling

Sonya gasps in sheer anticipation as Jen pushes on my ass
to encourage me to plunge deeply into her pussy, which I
eagerly do in one good, hard, deep stroke into the soaking
wet interior of Sonya. Within a second, I’ve buried my full
length inside Sonya, so it’s completely out of view from
Jen and me. I withdraw slowly to watch Sonya’s glistening
juices shine on the surface of my thick, veiny prick. “Mmmmm,
that looks so good!” Jen says. “How does it feel to have him
finally fucking you Sonya?” “Oh shit it feels so damn good!”
Sonya grunts back. Jen starts rubbing Sonya’s clit and
then letting her fingers slide down and part around my cock
as it slides in and out of Sonya. Jen loves to feel Sonya’s
pussy at exact place my dick is pumping her, so she can feel
it as it slides in and out of her. “You like his cock in your
pussy, huh? Is he fucking you good?” Jen continues. “Oh
yeah, it’s so big and feels just right inside me!”

It doesn’t take long at all before I’m ready to cum for the
first time. I try to hold back, but the scene is just too electrifying.
“Now I’m going to cum!” I call out, just a few minutes into
fucking Sonya. “Oh yes, cum inside me baby! Cum hard and
deep in my pussy!” she responds. Within seconds I’m grunting
and pumping hard into Sonya, unloading loads of hot cum
into her. “Oh yeah, that’s so hot! Fill her up!” Jen says
with her attention focused on the penetration, hoping
to see the first hints of my goo slipping out of her.

My orgasm doesn’t slow me down though. I keep on fucking
Sonya like nothing ever happened, except that it’s noticeably
wetter inside her vagina. “Oh yeah baby, keep fucking me,
just like that! Don’t stop!” Jen slides up to Sonya and begins
kissing her deeply. She whispers naughty things into Sonya’s
mouth, and rubs her breasts. Finally, Jen whispers into
Sonya’s ear, “I want to sit on your face and watch Dave fuck
you while you lick me.” “Oh yes, that would be nice!” Sonya
utters back.

With that, Jen throws one leg over Sonya’s head and lowers
herself onto Sonya’s anxious mouth. Sonya raises her head
to meet Jen’s beautiful pussy, extending her tongue for
that delicious nectar that’s flowing out. “Oh yeah, that’s
hot!” I say, admiring the way you two are getting into it.
“Lean back more so I can see her tongue flicker on your cunt.”
I tell Jen and she complies, easing her hands back closer
to the headboard, exposing the underside of her pussy where
Sonya’s tongue is busy at work, hungrily consuming the
precious taste of another woman.

I lean to one side to get the right angle so that I can finger
Sonya’s clit while fucking her. “Oh yeah, just like that!”
Sonya says with approval between her slurping sounds.
“Fuck her ‘til she cums, Dave! Make her cum. Fuck her harder!”
Jen says, amidst her moans of pleasure from Sonya’s busy
tongue. Then Jen leans forward to rub Sonya’s clit. She
dips her head down to give it a good lick too. “Fuck her harder!
Harder!” Jen continues wanting to see Sonya writhe and
squirm in complete pleasure. I pull Sonya’s legs up into
the air, to get a deeper penetration and pick up my pace and
Sonya starts bouncing so hard, she can’t focus on Jen’s
pussy anymore. “Yeah, that’s right. Fuck her good!” Jen continues, as
Sonya’s moaning intensifies. Soon Sonya starts feeling
the onset of her first orgasm and she cries out, “Oh yeah,
that’s it! Fuck me just like that! It feels so good!” Then
the unmistakable sign that she’s cumming! She lets out
a series of deep, guttural moans and her body tightens up,
as she’s overpowered by the most intense feeling of physical
pleasure. Her body convulses wildly, clenching her legs
around me and bucking her hips into me to get my dick buried
as deeply as it will go. After what seems like entire minutes
passing, she finally collapses into the comfortable bed
and groans, “Whewww! That was incredible! Really amazing!”

I start to slow the pace at which I glide in and out of Sonya,
as she melts into the mattress, enjoying the afterglow
of a really strong orgasm. She loves the feel of my rigid
cock, gently enhancing the tingling feeling that emanates
from her pussy and reaches every part of her body. I keep
the slow, penetrating motion going until I sense the orgasm
has completely subsided, then I look up at Jen and say, “It’s
your turn to get fucked. Are you ready for some of this?”
“Definitely!” she replies with genuine eagerness.

“Here, you mount Sonya and caress her as she basks in the
moment.” I say, motioning for Jen to take up my position
over Sonya. Jen obeys, getting on all fours and running
her hand softly on Sonya’s cheek. I reposition myself right
behind Jen, and give her pussy a few good licks from behind
before I position my cock against her labia. With a good,
hard thrust I pound deeply into Jen and she lets out a grateful
moan of delight. “He feels good, doesn’t he?” Sonya asks
Jen, who immediately replies with “Oh yes, he does! He feels
so good inside my pussy.” Immediately after responding,
you ladies lock lips in a lustful kiss. Your tongues probe
deeply and passionately into each others’ mouths. Jen
does little grunts in the back of her throat with each of
my thrusts in this doggy-style position, but that does
not interrupt her kissing Sonya deeply.

I grab Jen firmly by the hips and I pound really hard into
her, causing the whole bed to sway. Finally, Jen breaks
from the kiss to let out a hard moan and “Oh fuck yeah! Hit
my pussy, hit it hard!” Sonya wraps one arm around Jen’s
back and gives it a brisk rubbing, while using the other
hand to clear the side of Jen’s hair aside so she can nibble
on her ear. “Mmmmmmm, it all feels so good!” Jen says with
intense appreciation. By now, Sonya is really getting
turned on again. This hard fucking continues for quite
a while, until I feel the second desire to cum set in. My first
reaction is that I should slow down and save it, but then
I think to myself that I’ll be able to cum four or five times
during the entire night, so decide I can let this one go too.
“I’m close to cumming, but I want to cum with you.”

Hearing this sends Jen into a heightened state of excitement
and she moans out, “Oh yes, cum inside me! I wanna cum with
you too.” “Ok tell me when you’re really close and I’ll let
loose!” I reply. Within a few seconds Jen is cries out, “Now!
I’m cumming!” With that, I grind really hard inside Jen
and explode, spewing my load deep inside her. “Oh yes, cum
with me baby!” She screams out as she feels my streams deposit
during her orgasm. Jen finally collapses, allowing her
breasts to lie heavily onto Sonya’s. “Wow! That was incredible!”
Jen says into Sonya’s ear. “Yeah, you got a pretty good pounding
there!” Sonya humorously replies. We decide to take a little
break and lie together, all caressing each others’ arms,
backs and bellies.

But it doesn’t take long at all for our hands to shift from
rubbing those body parts to nipples. Then a hand reaches
down for my cock. My hand is reaching for a pussy. In no time,
we’re panting hard again and lusting for each other. My
semi-hard cock springs back to full length with each stroke.
I take a nipple in my mouth and start suckling. Sonya starts
to move her upper body down lower, so she can engulf my cock
in her mouth. She slurps it in and then takes it out to lick
on it, relishing the manhood before her. Jen watches with
excitement and wants to take part. You gals pass my dick
between you, kissing each other between each pass.

Sonya looks up at me with an evil grin and says, “Now I want
this in my ass!” “Ooooh, I want to watch this!” Jen immediately
lets out. “All right! Let’s get you all lubed up then shall
we?” Jen quickly reaches for the tube of lubricant, and
hands it to me. By now, Sonya is already turned around, on
all fours displaying her ass to both of us, anxiously awaiting
the attention it’s about to receive. First, I give Sonya’s
pussy a good little licking. Then I let my tongue slide upward
and I lick up her entire backside. Next, I focus the tip of
my tongue squarely on her ass hole and give it a good swirl.
Finally, I squirt a large blob of lube on the fingertips
of my right hand and apply the slippery goo all up and down
Sonya’s ass.

I slide one finger in her ass and pull it out to give it some
more lube. Then I slide two fingers in and when it’s nice
and slippery inside, I get a good rhythm of finger fucking
her ass going. After a few more minutes of this, and Jen applying
generous portions of jelly to my cock, we’re ready for the
next round of excitement! I bring my thick rod to bear on
Sonya’s bung and gently press inward. Slowly, the head
disappears and Sonya moans deeply into the pillow. Then
the next inch disappears into her ass. Her moans intensify.
“Wow, this is fucking hot watching this!” Jen exclaims
with eyes wide open. Then as I’m halfway in, I start to withdraw
to get the passage primed, but Sonya presses back on my cock
to gain another two inches rather suddenly. With her desire
for more, I press harder until my entire cock disappears
in her depths, and my hips are firmly up against her ass cheeks.

Sonya lets out the most amazing groan of pleasure, and I
carefully start to pull back for the first outward stroke,
the trickiest part of anal sex. I manage to get almost all
the way out after withdrawing slowly, and then I press back
in, with a quicker stroke. Then out again, and finally,
we’re ready for full-on ass-fucking. I build a good momentum,
and Jen cannot take her eyes off the beauty of it. “Here,
make sure you rub her clit nice and good for her.” I tell Jen
as I notice Sonya’s hand stroking her own pussy area underneath.
“It’s ok. This is the part I like to do myself.” Sonya says.
So Jen presses her breasts up against Sonya’s upper ass
cheeks and rubs them around, while watching the amazing
display. I reach under Jen with my left hand to slide a couple
of fingers up her pussy, and she points her ass more towards
me, welcoming the penetration.

“Oh I think I would really like to do this too!” says Jen.
“Oh yes, it’s wonderful! You would love it! You have to know
how to relax though.” Sonya somehow manages to say amidst
the total ecstasy she feels. “It feels SOOO good having
a nice hard cock up my ass! And I cum so hard when I do!” “Fuck
her ass, Dave! She likes it! You’re doing such a good job
pleasuring her. Fuck that ass!” Jen says, really getting
into the dirty talk. “Oh fuck, here it comes! Ohhhhh yesssssssssss!”
Sonya rumbles out as she’s about to cum. “Shit, I’m about
to cum too, this is so fucking hot!” I reply in a hurry. “Yeah,
do it!” Sonya replies. “Oh my God!” I cry out as I buck my hips
harder into Sonya’s back, causing her ass cheeks to shake.
“Are you cumming in her ass now?” Jen asks inquisitively
with surprise in her eyes. “Oh yeah, big time!” I holler
out. Jen places her hands squarely on Sonya’s upper ass
and instinctively pushes back and forth, assisting with
the rhythm and penetration.

“Damn, that was fantastic!” I cry out after the last of my
wad is splattered inside Sonya. Sonya is still quivering
from the climax and sighs out, “Yes it was!” I eventually
pull out, head over to the tub and start to draw a refreshing,
luke-warm bath that helps me cool off. As the tub reaches
half-full, you girls make your way over to join me, lowering
your naked selves seductively into the water. We have fun
with it, sending little playful splashes at each other,
giggling at our silliness. “I’m really glad the three of
us get along so well.” I say. “Yeah, it’s good that we are
all friends and spent the week getting to know each other
better. I’m really enjoying this.” Jen replies. Sonya
follows up with, “Yeah, this feels really comfortable.”

“You know, this is a really nice place Sonya. I’m glad you
thought of it.” I say. “Yeah, but you have got to see the Harley
room of another place…it’s the best!” she replies. “Oh
really?” Jen inquires, unaware of the conversation Sonya
and I had about that other location. “Hell yeah! It’s the
bomb, with a real Harley mounted in the room; excellent
for screwing on if you’re into that thing.” Sonya replies
to Jen. “Well then, we might just have to give that room a
try next time!” Jen says. I’m quick to light-heartedly
remind Jen that this is her last full weekend in town, and
then she’s leaving to give monogamy a try with Mr. Montana,
the great and wonderful guy that also happens to erect prison
walls around her. We chuckle at the humorous metaphor,
previously used by Jen herself. “Yeah, that’s right” she

“But that’s why we’re doing this now, you haven’t made a
commitment yet and this is the big bang of a send off we’re
doing for you, like a really hot bachelorette party of sorts.
So, live it up, girl! Enjoy the moment you have now and don’t
sweat it! Wait, you’ll be getting some more sweating in
tonight, so disregard that last part!” I jest with a stupid
silliness. Nevertheless, you gals give a little laugh
at my poor attempt at being witty. “Yeah, let’s get sweaty
again!” Jen says, leaning in to give me peck on the lips.

I waste no time in picking Jen up by the thighs, and she wraps
her legs around me. I lay her ass on the edge of the tub and
spread her legs out wide and dive down on her dripping pussy.
I remove my mouth from her lips to tell Sonya, “I think it’s
time we play with some food and drink!” “Great idea!” Sonya
replies as she hops out of the tub towards her bag of goodies
and I go back down on Jen. Sonya returns and I encourage her
to sit beside Jen in the same, spread-eagle position. I
pop the champagne and pour it into three elegant glasses.
We toast with fully exposed cock and pussies, then each
take a sip. Sonya commences to pour the remainder in her
glass over Jen’s breasts, down her belly and over her cunt.
Sonya and I immediately lunge in and start licking it up.
Then Jen and I pour our glasses on Sonya and do the same for

I refill our glasses and break out the strawberries. I dip
a strawberry in champagne, then push it into Sonya’s pussy,
gently twist it around, then lick it out with my mouth to
munch it down. I grab another strawberry and do the same
with Jen’s pussy and then point it to her as an offering gesture.
She nods, opens her mouth wide and sticks out her tongue.
As we go through the entire package of strawberries and
bottle of champagne, I also top both sets of breasts with
whipped cream and lick them all clean. With everyone’s
attention focused on me licking Jen’s breast clean, I nonchalantly
let me cock slide inside her pussy. “Mmmmm, that’s a nice
surprise.” she says with a smile. I hold up the cucumber
I inconspicuously pulled from Sonya’s bag and hand it to
Jen. “But you have to fuck her with this, while I fuck you.”
I reply. “I like that idea!” Sonya says, repositioning
herself so her pussy is open wide and pointing straight
at Jen, half an arm’s-length away.

I shift Jen’s position so that she’s more on her side, facing
Sonya, by stepping over one of her legs so it’s between mine,
and throwing the other up over my shoulder. Jen licks the
cucumber, and glides it gently down over Sonya’s clit.
Then Jen licks Sonya’s clit and slithers the cuke up inside
her pussy.

At this point, I was running out of time to finish the
story, so I ended it with them like this:

…Sorry, I just can’t write anymore now. If I keep writing
this steamy stuff, I will bust a nut right here an now! I don’t
want to do that until we see each other tonight. There’s
so much more I wanted to write about, but I don’t think we’ll
need my story to inspire hot sexy action when we meet up.
Something tells me we’ll have no problems getting the kinky
action started once we retire to the room, and no problems
keeping it up through the night!

So we’ll just leave it at this, and let our own imaginations
complete the story until we finish it ourselves in a few
hours. We’ll also let our imaginations and spontaneity
fuel what actually happens when we get naked with each other!

I’m glad you gals are getting along so well, and I’m looking
forward to this like you can’t believe! See ya soon ladies!

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