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A New Fantasy


The waves of anxiety threatened to drown her as her senses
came to attention, every nerve in her body on alert. She
had nearly fallen numb from the exquisite torture of the
day, tides of orgasms ruling her entire being after he left
her there, blindfolded, bound and gagged with a small vibrator
humming on its medium speed slipped within her, a pair of
cotton panties holding it in place. She had had visions
of someone coming in and "rescuing" her, finding her in
this humiliating position, nearly nude and covered in
the sticky scent of her climaxes. The thought of being discovered
as such frightened her, so she kept her moans low despite
the ball gag securely wedged between her lips. <br>
Now, her nearly numbed body found feeling again as soon
as he returned. She felt him in the house. She didn't need
to see him to know his presence. She didn't need to hear a
door open or close to be aware of his proximity. She knew
he was there. She envisioned him in his khaki slacks and
polo shirt, dropping his attaché near the door, slipping
his sunglasses off and casually setting them on the sofa
table with his keys, wallet, and change. She imagined his
nonchalant expression as he went through the very normal
routine of coming home from work, acting as if he didn't
have a new toy awaiting him in the back bedroom. She sensed
his entry into the bedchambers without a single sound from
him. She laid still, gauging her breathing, unsure of his
initial intentions, though it was quite obvious where
things would end up tonight. <br>
He remained silent and she was acutely aware of his stare.
Though she might have been able to control her breathing
pattern, she could not stall the intense blush that flamed
against her skin as she visualized him gazing at her vulnerable
body. Eye candy indeed, with her wrists bound securely
by leather straps to the links on the wall and her ankles
tied to either post at the foot of the bed. Her legs were tautly
held apart, ensuring that her instinct to hide her glistening
wetness could not be realized. Her nipples had been erect
so long during the day that they ached. She nearly shrieked
as she felt him kneel next to her on the bed and brush his arm
carelessly across the throbbing peaks. He pressed a kiss
to her wet forehead and softly brushed her hair back from
her face. <br>
As his hand trailed down her body to the waistband of the
soft floral cotton panties, she wanted to cry in relief,
overjoyed that he was finally removing the instrument
of torture from her sore womanhood. To her shock, he merely
slid his hand in to twist the vibrator setting to its highest
mode and her body tensed immediately as one final orgasm
ripped through her abused body. She felt her eyes roll back
and it seemed the world faded from the bright white light
in her mind to a peaceful black haven as she drifted from
consciousness. <br>
He'd never imagined she would agree to this fantasy. In
the two months they had known each other, the flirting and
innuendos had grown intense. In so many ways, he felt that
he didn't know her, and yet there was a volatile connection
between them that neither could deny. Now that they had
shared several dinner dates and weekend afternoons together,
she had shyly asked him one night if she could be the next
to bring a fantasy to life for him. He hesitated only briefly,
easily persuaded by her newly confident caresses. His
voice thickening by the moment, he told her to meet him at
his home the next morning at six. She had been prompt, but
seemed a bit confused when he appeared at the door in his
usual work attire. He kissed her lightly and led her back
to the bedroom and ordered her to disrobe, leaving only
her delicate cotton panties in place. She had complied
and was cooperative even as he bound her wrists. Her confidence
seemed to falter when he began to fasten her ankles. He asked
her quietly if she was still sure about participating and
he watched closely for her reaction. She seemed to weigh
something in her mind and then nodded silently. He placed
the blindfold and gag before pulling the vibrator from
the drawer next to the bed. She started briefly as he slid
her panties down just enough to insert the toy and turn it
on. He replaced the panties, kissed her forehead, and promised
to return. <br>
He savored the vision of her climax. He had imagined this
scene all day, her delicate body wracked in endless orgasms,
completely unable to fight them, unable to escape the delicious
torture. All too often, he had been close to being caught
by coworkers with his own reaction to those thoughts. It
had been tedious to follow the speed limit on his commute
home, and as he pulled into the driveway, he felt himself
harden again. It had been more difficult yet to keep from
exploding as he walked through the bedroom door to see her
assailable form shaking almost imperceptibly in the aftermath
of the day's torture. He had to shake himself to keep from
climbing over her, ripping the panties away, tossing the
vibrator to the side, and driving himself into her soft
wetness. No, he'd reminded himself, this had to be slow
and beautiful. He wanted this to be her most treasured memory.
After starting the water for a warm bath, he swiftly unfastened
the restraints from her body and carefully removed the
brace from the ball gag. He reached for a tube of lip balm
and lathered it gently on her lips and over the area of the
ball braced by her mouth. He drew his fingertip over the
waxy balm to ease the ball from her lips without splitting
them. He then slid the saturated panties down her hips and
legs, bringing them briefly to his nose to inhale her sweet
scent. He trembled and quickly set them on the nightstand,
moving to unearth the vibrator from her slickness. He turned
it off and slipped it into the drawer near the bed. <br>
He removed his clothing, neatly storing his slacks and
shirt in the laundry next to her garments. He stepped back
into the room and lifted her limp body into his arms to carry
her to the scented bath. She remained unconscious through
his tender caresses in the water, though she moaned occasionally.
He very carefully washed her hair, pouring warm water from
a bowl to rinse the suds away. He laved her gently, cleansing
every inch of skin, taking tender care of her intimate areas.
He dried her soft skin with a thick, plush towel and very
carefully brushed her wet hair back from her face. He quickly
changed the sheets on the bed and settled her back onto the
mattress and pillows, fastening only her wrists this time.
She began to stir as he walked away. <br>
She awoke to the sound of his rich voice singing a Motown
ballad, one of her favorites. The sound of the shower was
all that clouded his clear vocal talent. She could feel
her skin tingling with the zeal of a fresh bath, but when
she tried to move her hands to touch her stomach, she found
her wrists bound and she remembered suddenly the day's
events. She was relieved to find her legs free, if only to
clamp them shut instinctively. The shower stopped and
his voice dropped to a hum. Her heart began to race as she
asked herself silently what she had gotten herself into.
Last night, things had been so perfect...again. She felt
her body aching for more of his touch, her mind weeping to
be fed more of his thoughts and fantasies. In a spontaneous
moment, she'd blurted a question that had been plaguing
her for a week. She had nearly recanted it as he hesitated
to answer, fearful that he didn't want her in that way. Desperate,
she had reached out to caress his face, his chest, hinting
toward his lower body, but never quite making it there.
Thankfully, he agreed and she wasn't sure whether her excitement
or nervousness outweighed the situation. So she had shown
up at his door, eager and hesitant all at once. When he opened
the door, she'd expected him to be in a robe or less, but he
was dressed for work. She thought he had changed his mind
until he led her in and instructed her confidently. She
hadn't even thought to disobey or question him. He had politely
given her the opportunity to back out, but she'd made up
her mind. She wanted this now more than ever. His method
of torture had surprised her, but certainly it wasn't painful
as she had feared. <br>
Now she looked up to see him standing silently at the foot
of the bed. She blushed deeply, aware that she was exposed
even with her legs crossed. Her breasts heaved with her
heightened breathing. Her eyes locked with his and she
saw something very new and very raw in them. She shivered
and twisted to one side, curling her legs up beneath her,
acutely conscious of her nudity. <br>
He took a deep breath. He kept his hands at his sides. His
gaze roamed freely over her form, but was suddenly very
discontented at the hidden angles. He looked into her face
and reminded himself to slow down, be patient. She may have
been the one to ask for this, but she was still very much a
newcomer to his world of fantasy. Quietly, in a very steady
voice, he said, "Unfold yourself to me." <br>
Her mind raced at the simple statement. She blushed a deep
crimson in her cheeks and she felt her body heat up, her mind
battling her needs. She was such a reserved girl, flirty
and fun, but never lewd. Here she lay, naked by her own request
and at the mercy of a man she wanted to respect her...and
value her. Her body ached to obey his request, wanting to
be the object of his desires, needing to see him respond
to her. The silent war raged for only a moment as she felt
her body betray her. Her hips rolled back to place her flat
on her back, her legs parted slowly, and she gasped as the
cool air around her lighted upon her warm netherlips. She
slid her ankles further apart, purely guided by the heat
in his eyes. She stopped only when he reached to fasten the
straps to one ankle, then moved to fasten the other. <br>
He didn't speak. He couldn't speak for the moment. He may
have been "in control", but she was casting a spell. Her
hesitance had given him the slightest worry that she would
back out, and he would never force her to do something she
wasn't sure of. Still, she was pressing him to the brink
of insanity with her silence. Till she moved. And opened
her world to him again. Willingly. <br>
He sat next to her on one side of the bed, reaching to touch
her face. He stroked her hair, gently traced her cheeks
and nose, circled around her soft lips, stroking them with
a curious thumb, pressing against them, parting them tenderly
for a moment before continuing the path down to her chin
and across her jaw. His other hand joined in as he began to
caress her shoulders, sliding along her collarbone and
down her chest to her full breasts. She drew an unsteady
breath as he squeezed the orbs gently, massaging them,
his palms circling the nipples until they were straining
to his touch. Her back arched gently toward his hands and
he looked at her face, aroused thoroughly by the exquisite
twinkle of sheer pleasure in her eyes. She gnawed lightly
on her lower lip, and he noticed the straps biting into her
wrists as she struggled against them. <br>
He smiled wickedly and couldn't help leaning in and teasing
her a bit. "You can't stop me, baby. I'm going to touch you
everywhere. I'm going to kiss all your secret places and
you can't move, you can't get away. I'm going to play with
your nipples, bite them, watch them peak for me. You can't
stop me, baby." He leaned over and planted a teasing kiss
on her lips and looked into her eyes before whispering,
"You're going to cum, baby...I'm going to make sure of it...You're
going to cum for me like my own dirty little slut, right?"
She began to quiver at the echo of his words in her mind. She
struggled in the restraints, aching to cover her breasts,
hide her smooth pussy lips from the path she knew he would
take, but she couldn't. Her cheeks burned hot with the thought
of being a bad girl, all her dirty little thoughts out in
the open. It was as if he were reading her mind, drawing out
the full truth of her confessions and fantasies when she
had only offered half. He was reading her, he knew her secret,
she just knew he had figured it out. She was so ashamed, and
yet it felt so good to finally have someone to share it with,
to help her face the demons of her lust. She felt her body
responding easily to his touches, his commands, though
her mind screamed in denial, willing her nipples to resist
the hardening, willing her pussy to fight the warm wetness
that was threatening to spill forth at any moment. Her body
refused to obey her mind, completely submitting to his
erotic environment, his wicked seduction. <br>
He trailed his fingertips along her skin and noticed her
writhing more fitfully when he touched certain areas.
He glanced up to see her fighting a smile, her eyes crinkled
and tearing up. A mischievious streak took hold of him and
he began to exploit her sensitive areas, tickling her until
she began giggling and gasping. Against the soft curve
of her neck, he flittered his fingertips and when she drew
her head to the side to inhibit him, he leaned up and kissed
the area, making her relax only to redouble his tickling
attacks. Near her belly button, he noticed how her stomach
tensed with his touch. He licked her neck and slowly planted
a trail of kisses down her torso, stopping briefly to suckle
on each nipple, fluttering his tongue against them and
pestering them to firm peaks once again. He kissed between
them and continued the downward journey, his fingertips
tormenting the soft skin around her navel as his lips fastened
around the small indention. He darted his tongue in and
out of the miniature valley, tickling all around and up
her sides, anticipating her body's writhing beneath his
torturing. <br>
He paused a moment and looked up to see her face tilted down
to watch his antics, the giggles still twisting her lips
into a delightful smile. He watched as the smile melted
to something more sobering while his hands slipped from
her waist and down to her thighs, stroking the smooth skin
there, his fingertips brushing toward the center. He moved
between her legs, giving her bellybutton a final kiss,
and slipped slightly lower. Her giggles faded to a whimper
and he felt the blood rushing to his groin as he lowered his
face to her apex, never losing his gaze into her eyes. She
appeared to be struggling between ecstacy and fear as his
nose lowered closely to her smooth pussy lips. He breathed
deeply, relishing the sweet smell of her womanhood. She
began to tremble and he chose to fan the flames once again.
He pressed the tip of his nose softly against her glistening
lips, moving slowly across them as he moaned. "
smell so good, sweetheart...delicious...I'm going to
taste you, baby...I'm going to lick your sweet pussy juices
and slide my tongue inside you." She moaned and whispered,
"No, please....wait..." He barely registered the objection,
but once it sank in he slid up her body and raised himself
over her staring into her eyes. He was careful to keep his
hard cock pressed only into her thigh, fearing that he couldn't
stop himself if her wetness touched his throbbing member.
"You don't want me to?" he asked, his voice low and clear.
She blinked, eyes dark and glazed with the passion she was
obviously fighting. "It's not that...I do want you...I
want this-" she whispered. He cut her off quickly by snatching
her still-wet panties from the nightstand and slipping
them into her mouth. "Then you'll have it and more...I'll
give it all to you...You can't stop it, girl. And deep down,
you know you don't want to." <br>
He nibbled on her bottom lip, inhaling the scent of her earlier
orgasms on the floral cotton gag in her mouth, rubbing his
cockhead against her thigh. He continued to taunt her as
he slipped one hand down between her thighs and slid his
fingertip through the wetness. He could feel the added
moisture, the increased heat as he persisted with the mental
stimulation. "You're a bad girl, aren't you? You want to
feel my fingers on your clit, don't you? You don't want me
to move them away, do you, girl? You know you can't stop me
from fingering your sweet little hole and you want it, right?
You're a bad girl, and bad girls cum for me. Are you a bad girl?"
Her mind reeled from the audible accusations, the same
charges she had heaped upon herself time and again so many
nights alone in her bed. She had kept those secrets quiet,
her need to be sensual and sexual, her need to release. He
was voicing her secrets, bringing them into the open, making
them real. Her gulped breaths were flavored with her own
scent, a reminder of her body's earlier betrayal, the reality
of her eroticism and there was no way to deny it any longer.
He asked her time and again if she was bad until finally,
she offered a defeated nod, accepting her role and stepping
up to embrace the full meaning of it. <br>
When she finally lamented, finally gave him the permission
to bring her to the climax he so wanted to provide her, he
kissed his way back down her body, tickling her sides on
the descent to her sweet haven. She giggled a throaty giggle,
muffled by her flavored gag. The sound was sexy this time
instead of innocent. She quieted momentarily when he gazed
up at her and said, "Watch me, me eat your sweet
cunt and lick your juices." <br>
He slipped his hands down and parted her lips further. Without
looking away from her face, he lowered his mouth to the thin
stretch of flesh below her warm vaginal sheath. He pressed
his tongue there and slowly licked upward, stopping briefly
to barely dip the tip into her warm hole and then slide upward
to the top of her mound. She released a deep, shaking sigh
and then drew a sharp breath as he fluttered his tongue against
the hood over her clit. The leather straps bit harshly into
her wrists as she instinctively moved to grasp his head,
and in frustration she dropped back against the pillows.
She closed her eyes as the sensations began to burn from
within and she could feel her tiny button responding to
his tongue. She could feel it swelling and reaching out
to meet the tender kisses. A moment later, she felt the tip
of a finger caressing her hot hole, circling it, and finally
slipping in. Her body clenched and he began to drive the
digit in and out slowly, continuing to torment her clit
simultaneously. As she relaxed, her body found a rhythm
and she could feel her hips raising slightly to meet the
thrusting finger and the darting tongue on her clit. <br>
He continued for several moments until her heard her moans
evening out and felt her hips becoming more insistent.
He stopped suddenly, eliciting a cry of confusion from
her. He smiled when she opened her eyes and stared at him
accusingly. He moved from one side of the mattress to the
other, reaching to the floor on each side and pulling up
additional straps that were fastened to the bedframe.
He draped two ends over her hips, wrapped them underneath
her, and drew them up again to tie them securely to each other,
immobilizing her hips. The other two straps he slid under
each thigh and back down to the bedframe, securing them
and pulling her thighs further apart, her pussy lips spreading
under the new restraints. <br>
She was silent and he looked up to see her staring at his thighs
and the long, thick member that hung between them. She looked
awed and the realization fueled his longing. He slid over
her and straddled her torso, settling back and laying his
hard cock on her tummy just below her breasts. "You have
beautiful breasts. Luscious and tempting." He grasped
them in each hand and gripped them, almost painfully. His
fingertips twirled around the areolas and pinched her
nipples, twisting them. "Purely delectable. So soft.
So full." He leaned forward and whispered against her gag.
"I'm going to fuck them, girl. Would you like that? Such
a bad little girl..." He pushed the orbs together and kissed
them like that, licking the nipples and suckling them.
Then he slid further up her body and slid his hard cock between
the soft flesh, rocking back and forth. He reached behind
him and she could feel his fingertips rubbing through her
pussy juices, taking a moment to massage her clit again
before bringing the saturated hand up to his cock. <br>
She watched, mesmerized, as he lubed himself with her juices,
stroking the thick manhood, the tip swollen and dripping
precum. The sight of him hardening in front of her moment
by moment made her burn from her core and she could feel her
clit swell without his touch. She moaned, suddenly imagining
her mouth moistening his cock, her lips wrapped around
it, sucking on it as she'd fantasized a dozen times before.
She wanted it. She could almost taste it. <br>
He lifted a hand to her mouth and removed the panties from
between her lips. He caressed them with his hand and she
could taste her own wine slickening her lips. He pressed
her breasts together around his sticky cock and began fucking
them, his hips driving forward and back. She tilted her
head down, her lips only a breath away from his cockhead
each time he pressed forward. He watched her, saw her lips
puckering toward his manhood, and he began moving faster,
harder, bruising her breasts. "This feels so good, baby.
You're going to make me cum, you naughty girl. I'm gonna
spray my cum all over your pretty face. Do you want it? Do
you want it??" He moaned as she whispered "yes" over and
over. He felt his balls rubbing on her skin while his cock
pummeled between her tits. He felt his cockhead swell nearly
to pain and his shaft thickened with the load building inside.
Her tongue slipping over her eager lips pushed him over
the edge and he felt the first burst of cream explode and
land on her lips and chin. He kept pumping and watched the
load spray her eyelashes and cheeks. He released his grip
on her breasts, slid further up, and slipped his cock into
her mouth, grasping her head and pouring the remainder
of his juices down her throat. She sucked hungrily, swallowing
each ensuing spurt of cum. <br>
Knees shaking, he slid down her body and laid atop her for
a moment, breathing in rhythm with her. He drew his fingertips
across her face, gathering the cream and wiping it across
her mouth. She licked her lips and then sucked his fingers
clean. He smiled teasingly and whispered, "You are my dirty
little girl. My own private slut, as it were." She blushed
and he couldn't contain the chuckle it elicited. "My beautiful
little slut. With such a pretty body." He caressed her hair
and skin, his fingertips tickling gently again, making
her smile and bubble with laughter. He felt her relaxing
for the first time that evening and he knew it was time to
toss her into the whirlwind again. <br>
"You must be good, right? Everyone thinks you're a good
girl. Not a dirty little slut, right? You should behave.
You shouldn't indulge those lustful thoughts. Bad girls
cum, but you're a good girl, eh?" He smiled wickedly and
whispered, "So you won't cum when I lick you again, will
you? A good girl wouldn't cum, and bad girls get punished.
You'd better not cum..." He slid down her body again and
kissed her inner thighs. <br>
Her mind swirled in confusion as her mind wandered from
savoring the taste of his cock to focusing on this new game.
She couldn't be bad. How could she not? He was there between
her thighs, his lips so close to her aching pussy. How could
she be good with him lapping at her like this? But she had
to be good. He was right. Good girls wouldn't cum. Good girls
would lock their legs together. Good girls would resist
the burning wet heat he was creating inside her. She could
be good again. She had before. She had to be. She wouldn't
cum. She drew a shaky breath and the second his tongue slid
into her hot wetness, she knew she was lying to herself.
He admired the beautiful rose color of her glistening inner
folds, wet with her excitement. He wanted to devour her,
drink her sweet wine. He wanted to make her beg him for more.
He drew his tongue along the outer lips, sucking at them,
nibbling gently. He slid it through her juices, darting
at her clit, the tiny button peeking out from under the little
hood, aching for attention. He fastened his lips around
it and fluttered his tongue against it. He pinched it with
his fingertips and licked it again. He could hear her trying
to suppress her moans and it fueled his determination.
He twirled a fingertip through the wetness and pressed
it against her little hole, sliding it in slowly, not too
deeply, establishing a rhythm. She was so tight, clenching
around the invading digit. He wanted to stretch the opening,
make it wide so her juices would have an easy escape from
her inner core to his hungry mouth. He twirled the lone finger
within her for several moments, flexing the tip a bit before
drawing it out. Meanwhile, he had fastened his lips on her
swollen love button, very carefully grazing his teeth
against it, then licking it mercilessly. The ropes bit
viciously into her hips as they quelled her bucking. She
was moaning louder now, gritting her teeth and fighting
the sensual assault he had told her she couldn't enjoy.
He pressed his middle finger against his index finger and
slid it against her tight opening once again. He had to press
slowly, and he eventually had both fingers slipping in
and out, twisting and twirling inside her tight sheath.
Her clenching muscles around them encouraged thoughts
of his cock being buried there. He felt himself hardening
again as he imagined her clutching at his thrusting member
inside her softness. <br>
A loud moan interrupted his thoughts and he glanced up to
see her head rolling on the pillow, her body straining against
the straps, the ropes cutting into her flesh with white
marks. She was clenching faster and harder on his fingers.
Her hips were chaffing against the ropes around them. He
muttered to her, "Don't cum. You'd better not cum. Good
girls don't cum, baby. You can't cum. Are you going to cum?
Are you going to be bad again? Are you?" His fingers pumped
faster and harder until he felt her clench almost painfully
around them. He drew them out and rubbed her clit viciously
while he lowered his mouth to her sex, thrusting his tongue
in and groaning as the muscles within her spasmed and she
poured a warm sweetness onto his lips. He sucked the quivering
hole and swallowed her nectar, darting his tongue in and
out once again. He would give her no relief and continued
his assault on her clit with his manipulative fingers.
"You came, baby, you bad girl. Are you gonna cum again for
me? Do you want to cum, you dirty girl?" His cockhead rubbed
against her leg as he drove his tongue inside her again,
refusing to let the climax end. <br>
She felt as if she were spinning. She couldn't move her legs.
Her arms were useless. Her body wouldn't twist or turn.
All she could move was the muscles within, trying to clench
them enough to impede his fingers and tongue...or was it
to play with them? It felt so good, too good to stop. There
was no way to stop the orgasm from sweeping over her, and
now she was trying desperately to find the ground again.
He wouldn't let her. Every inch of her skin was on fire, her
core trembling and seizing. She could feel the waves ebbing
and flowing harder and faster. His fingers on her swollen
clit, her sensitive clit, they just wouldn't leave her
in peace. They tormented her. They teased her. They enticed
her. They pleased her. She could feel herself floating
up again, further from reality. When he thrust his tongue
deep again and began humming with his baritone voice, vibrating
her deep within, she felt the world around her explode as
the binds tore into her flesh again, keeping her immobile
and prisoner to the waves of orgasm. <br>
He panted heavily, drunk with the taste of her, ravenous
to capture her just once more. He drew his fingers away from
her, crawled up over her body, and positioned his throbbing
cock at her entrance. He leaned in and kissed her soundly,
her juices on his lips moistening her face. "You came, you
dirty little slut. You know what dirty little sluts get?
What they crave? I'm giving it to you because you're MY slut.
Do you want it? Tell me you want it. You can't stop it." He
braced himself, barely able to control his body's need
to possess her. His eyes clashed with her own fiery gaze
and he waited for her response. Her voice was low and lustful,
clear and pleading. "Yes, please. Please I want it. Fuck
me. Fuck me like the slut I am. Own me." He could feel her hips
straining again at the ropes and he pressed forward, hard
into her. <br>
She was tight, so very tight, and he sank slowly inside and
met a barrier. He drew back, his mind barely registering
and he began to shake. He looked into her eyes with a silent
question. Tiny pieces of old conversations fell into place.
She lifted her head to press a hard kiss against his lips
in unspoken answer. Overwhelmed and teetering on the edge
of madness, he drove forward in one swift, hard motion and
broke through to her inner core. She shrieked and buried
her head in his shoulder, shivering almost violently.
He drew on a will from the depths of his soul to remain still
and let her adjust to him. He was throbbing inside her, his
own body trembling with explosive energy. He could feel
the new wetness coating him, but he waited for her signal
to continue. When she pressed a tearful kiss to his collarbone,
he began to move inside her. The slow rhythm quickly escalated.
He captured her lips with his own, thrusting his tongue
in and out in rhythm with their union. Her muscles clenched
around him faster and faster, milking his swollen cock.
The tight sheath felt exquisite around him, gripping him,
stroking him. He dove deeper and deeper, feeling his head
press against her cervix. As she moaned his name and clenched
one final, tight grip around him, he tumbled helplessly
over the edge, pouring his seed deep within her and collapsed
over her shaking form. <br>
When he regained mobility, he kissed her softly, wiping
away her tears. They said nothing. They didn't need to.
He unfastened the straps and ropes and curled his body into
hers, holding her close, feeling their hearts beat together,
and planning a new fantasy. <br>

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