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A New Experience For Me...


I (April) had put a post on AdultFriendFinder looking for a bi-woman that
wanted to
try new things and different things. My husband (Mark)
and I want to try
a threesome of a new nature. She wrote to me about it. Well
I wrote her
and explained to her what i meant by my posting and we shared
alot and
even seem to have alot in common. We have been writing back
and forth
for months now.

I think she learned alot about me. That I wasn't such
a abnormal person
after all, but a normal person that just so happens to love
to please a
woman. Sometimes even more so than a man does or can. I explained
to her
that i have had these desires since I was a little girl. Her
body was a
dream come true. A magazine centerfold pin up kind.

She also knows I talk pretty straight forward. I say it how
I like it,
and how I want it to be. I can be totally sensual and romantic
but I can
also be as nasty and dirty as they come. I love to mix the two
when I am with a woman. I think this heightens and adds to
the pleasure.
I mean giving a woman total sensual pleasure while talking
nasty to her,
maybe treating her to the most fantastic orgasms she has
ever had. This
is every woman's secret desire from her lover. She
usually asks me a few
sensual and sexual questions and I answer her the only way
I know how by
making wild passionate love to her.

She is a very beautiful woman, she is smart and very sexy,
she is
caring and quite a wonderful mom of 3 wonderful children.
I have met
them as well as spending time with them. Just talking to
her and sharing
myself with her is good enough for me. And I hope she feels
the same way
as well.

We have talked and talked about trying to get away together
for a
weekend, just to sit and talk. Well its hard for her to get
away with
her kids and then the fact that its summer makes it nearly
impossible to
get away for a long time. She says that maybe we can meet for
a long
lunch one day this weekend if my ex husband can take the kids.
He said
its not an issue. So i tell her "great" i'll
make all the plans. I got
my house ready for her arrival in the next three days.

Its a very nice house, sits right on the beach with a wonderful
view, has a hot tub. A heated pool and a deck that are secluded
so that
you can be naked if you want and no one can see you, but still
sit and
have the ocean at your feet. I tell Cj about this & she
agrees that this
would be fantastic. She asks me if she need to bring anything
with her
and I tell her absolutely not. That this day is all on me.
I will take
care of everything that it is her day to be treated totally
like a
queen. No cooking, no cleaning, no running, and that I am
there to take
care of things. That I will take care of her. All she needs
to do is
bring herself and her bathing suit. We will sit back enjoy
the day and

As I prepare my list of what I want to do, I am thinking of her
now. She
is a such beautiful woman and I will have to admit the thought
drinking wine and sitting almost naked in a hot tub with
her gets me
very excited. I have no intention of doing anything to her.
I've been
good in the past. I mean when I've been to a nude beach
with her and I
never did anything, all my life I've been around partially
naked women
and never attempted anything so this day should not be any
different. Cj
and I have talked a lot about sex. I will not have any sexual
about her. Well that might be a lie, but I will not do anything
at all
with her today, well that might be a lie to. But I will treat
her to the
most special day and it will be fun for us both.

I arrive early, this has got to be perfect. You could not
ask for a
better location, to bad it's not closer but this for
a day is fine. I
turn on the heater to the hot tub to make sure the water is
warm by the
time Cj arrives. I have all my goodies with me and I start
preparation. I have fresh strawberries, green grapes,
some orange
segments & some honey dew melon. I have some imported
dutch milk
chocolate and also a fondue warmer in which to melt it in
and a variety
of crackers and cheeses. I know how she loves to sip on red
or white
wines but with this type of food I feel a excellent bottle
of chilled
champagne is really a better call. I will have some red and
white wines
just in case Cj insists but its a warm day, we will be in the
sun and
the hot tub and a cold bottle of champagne will be much better.
We can
drink the wines later if we need it. I put the champagne on
ice, laid a
thick but yet very soft quilt on the deck. Cj loves roses
and I have
freshly cut some and put them in a vase right in the center
of the
table. Hey a few roses even for a friend is perfect for me.
With all
this preparation you would think I was getting laid but
that is not the
plan she deserves something like this more often. I know
she is in love
and that her girlfriend is not a bad girl. She is just short
on the
romance and caring end. I guess I always laugh at myself.
I am the woman
every woman always wishes she has but they always seem to
go to the
strong macho type man instead cuz of tradition.

I am finally ready. I have everything ready and I hop in the
shower to
freshen up quickly. Cj will be here soon and I want to be fresh
clean. I jump out of the shower put on a pair of shorts, my
nicest silk
shirt no bra or panties and sit down to wait. I cannot hardly
take it I
want to see if she likes what I have done for her or if she thinks
of me
as a total asshole. I try to calm myself down I know that Cj
thinks I am
this total horny girl. That is nice we have been alone together
still I wonder what will she think this time. After what
seems forever
but is really only about five minutes I hear the doorbell.
It is Cj. As
I look out the door I see her standing there. She has a little
of this
deer caught in the headlights look on her face as though
she feels she
is doing something wrong. I open the door to greet her. I
say hello. I
am so happy that you could make it and I take her hand and raise
it to
my lips. she hesitates a moment then realizes this is not
a sexual
advance but a gentle woman greeting her. I very lightly
press my lips to
her hand and then release it back to her. Come on in I tell
her. She is
stunning, She is wearing a pair of shorts that show off her
legs and show just how perfect her butt looks. The blouse
she is wearing
is loose and two of the top buttons are undone. She is carrying
a bag
with her that I assume has her clothes in. She smells so fresh
that it
almost brings me to my knees, this is really going to be hard
but I will
be on my best behavior. Or at least try my best to be.

I take her around the house and show her the room she can use
to change
in should she wish too. As we go out onto the deck she sees
all the food
and the champagne in the ice bucket. My goodness she exclaims
what have
you done. I tell her I wanted this to be something special
for you.
Melted chocolate she says, well yes nothing is better than
strawberries dipped in warm chocolate. I tell her that
I have chosen a
fine bottle of champagne instead of a wine if that is ok.
But I do have
some wines if you would prefer. No champagne is perfect
with the food
you have here she tells me. Would you like to change into
your suit
before we sit down to eat I ask her. She tells me I’m already
it. I pop the bottle & pour us both a glass. She takes
off her shorts & shirt. She is wearing a beautiful bathing suit, my gosh
if this were any
other day my clit and nips would be hard in an instant but
I must
control my self. She is wearing a thin silk wrap around the
bottom but I
can see that she has fantastic breasts with the low cut top
she is
wearing. Her skin is very fair in color and by the looks is
as smooth as
silk. I wish I could just touch her, just to feel it but I will
Have a seat I tell her and I lay a pillow down for her as I hand
her a
tall glass of champagne.

We sip our champagne and talk about all those things we have
written about. I am a bit nervous since I have opened up a
great deal to
her. She knows almost every thing I like to do sexually,
how much I love
to please a woman. How to me giving oral sex is part of life
and that I
prefer that to almost anything else. I know too that she
has not had the
kind of sexual experience that she would really love to
have, that she
longs for some passion, caring, and a totally sensual experience
with some very hot sex. Oh well we laugh and joke to each other,
about how she is so happy to have a day off from the kids and
She is so happy with all I have done for her. She reaches to
me and
gives me a long tight hug and thanks me for giving her this
lunch. I take a strawberry and dip it into the chocolate
and I hold it
up to her lips.

Please taste this I tell her as she parts her lips and allows
me to
guide it inside. I watch as she bites into the strawberry
and closes her
mouth around it. It is so sensual and sexy looking. That
tastes so
delicious she tells me. I just love chocolate and strawberries.
teases me as she takes the next bite giving me this sensual
"I wish this
was you look" as she finishes it. I take one and as I
press it to my
lips and take the tip of my tongue and slowly glide it across
the end of
the strawberry and give her the look like "I wish this
was your clit I
was licking". Ok this is getting a little much. She
doesn't freak on
me, she's actually smiling as though to say that looks

As we sit there I ask her if she would like to relax in the hot
tub a
few minutes and as I stand up my pussy is a little wet and I
have to
readjust my shorts quickly so she does not see the big wet
spot, I think
she notices but just does not say anything. I offer her my
hand to help
her to her feet and we walk to the tub. As she unties the silk
wrap she
has on I am in total shock, she has a gorgeous body... firm
legs and a
tight firm butt. Its so funny I am here with a woman I know
is longing
for a very hot, very romantic session of making love and
yet I have to
be good. As I won't take advantage of her or do anything
she don't want
from me. I climb into the tub and I guide her into the tub so
she will
not fall. As she steps down into the tub she places her hands
each of my shoulders and leans her head over and kisses me
softly on the
lips. Thank you for taking so much time for me she tells me.
Its my
pleasure I say back to her. I think you are a very special
woman and I
love to make a woman feel special. She smiles to me and says
I can tell.
I handed her her glass of champagne and I take mine and we
sit back and
relax taking in the sites and smells of the ocean. Its a perfect
not to hot so that you are covered in sweat, yet not to cold
as to make
you want to get dressed and stay inside. To bad its not a bit
cooler I
would like to see if her nipples get hard ok just one of those
that jumps into my head. After all I might be a nice girl but
here is a
beautiful woman, beautiful day and you are in a hot tub with
her. I am
not a monk after all. I want her bad. But I have to be good.

I pour Cj another glass of champagne, are you trying to get
me drunk and
take advantage of me she asks with a huge smile on her face.
I would not
do that, I tell her, you would have to attack me I tell her.
I know the
deal I say. Trust me this day is all about you, anything and
you want comes first. What about you she says. Its all for
you I tell
her. I would like to lay in the sun a while she tells me. I once
again I
get out of the tub take Cj by the hand and help her out and I
grab a
towel so that maybe I can help her dry off. And yet watching
her dry off
makes me crazy, I watch as she moves up one leg and then the
other, and
over her tight firm stomach. She pats her breasts and her
arms. She lays
the towel on the quilt and lays down onto her stomach. What
an ass I
think to myself, what a fine pair of legs she has. The sun
makes the few
remaining water drops on her body glisten. I place my towel
down beside
her and I lay down next to her.

I sip from my glass of champagne and I ask her if she would
like any
snacks, as they are all chilled on ice and would go great
with the
warmth I say. Sure I would love another strawberry and she
turns to her
side. As I am about to place the strawberry into her mouth
a drip of
chocolate falls to the top of her breast. I am so sorry I tell
her. I
bet you are she says as she smiles at me. As she takes her finger
wipe it away I take her hand and I guide her finger into my
mouth. I
slowly suck the chocolate from her finger and once again
I release her
hand. She is caught in a moment that she is not ready for and
does not
know what to say. I am sorry I tell her but I just had to take
a taste.
She relaxes and smiles and she says to me it is really fine,
I was just
not expecting that. Anyone else would have just handed
me a napkin. I
smile and say that would be what a fool would do. She laughs
at me and
she knows what I am saying without me ever saying it. If she
only knew
that I would love to drip this chocolate over her entire
body and lick
off every drop from her head to her toes she would freak.

Cj lies back down and looks over to me. You know I'm very
fair skinned
and if I am out here to long I might burn she tells me. Would
you like
me to get you some sunscreen and put it on your back for you
I ask. Its
not a problem at all. I would be more than happy to help you
out. Its ok
she tells me I do it myself all the time. Why I say that’s what
I am here
for. She once again smiles at me and lays back down on her
stomach and
say well if its not to much of a problem for you I would love
it. Once
again I just laugh. Who in their right mind would not want
to rub lotion
on this beautiful woman’s body. Just the chance to touch
her soft smooth
skin is enough to drive me crazy inside. Would you like for
me to give
you a fantastic massage as well while I put the lotion on
for you I ask.
I will not if you do not want me to but I do give excellent massages.
actually love to give massages. Touching is a way to get
so close to a
person and at the same time make them feel so good. She once
smiles and says to me that she would love it, that its been
a long time
since she has been pampered this way.

I'll get the sunscreen. I spread my legs over her and
I kneeled just
above her butt. I put some of the lotion in the palms of my
hands and
rub them together, this warms the lotion so that there isn't
such a
shock when it touches her body. As I start to rub the lotion
into her
shoulders she does a little twitch, sorry she says its just
been a long
time since another woman has touched me. Its ok I can stop
if you do not
like it I say to her. No please don't stop, it feels so
good to have
some firm hands rubbing my shoulders I am fine. As you wish
I tell her
and I begin again to massage her shoulder. I place my thumbs
on her and
massage her neck, she is really tight I think from all the
stress of
being mom and dad all the time. As I work my hand down the center
of her
back I ask if I can untie her top. Do not worry I am not trying
to look
at you naked, its just easier to massage you that way. Cj
laughs as she
says of course you can just please continue. As I untie her
top the
strings slide down her sides and as she lifts up a little
to readjust it
I can see the sides of her firm breasts. I continue to rub
and massage
her back I move my hands down her sides I can feel the curves
of her
breasts as my fingers work their way down the sides of her
body. Cj's
skin is like silk, so soft and yet so smooth that it is starting
to get
me abit more excited. I start to massage the small of Cj's
back and as I
do I back off her butt easier to reach her lower back this
way and also
my pussy is getting a little bit wetter now and I do not want
her to
feel my hard throbbing clit pressing against her. I want
this to make
her feel good, I am not trying to get turned on. But its just
that I am
massaging such a very beautiful woman. I put just my thumbs
just under
the bottom of her bikini so I can massage just the top of her
butt. Cj
jumps. Just Relax. I'm not going any further down.
I hear her let out a
deep sigh and I am not sure to take it. Is she wanting me to
rub a
little lower or is she relieved that my thumbs are no longer
under her

Cj is it alright for me to rub on your legs I ask. Cj smiles
and says
well you have already gotten me very relaxed let me have
another glass
of that champagne and then you can massage my legs. I had
her another
full glass of champagne and she
almost swallows the entire glass in one huge gulp. Ok now
I am ready. I
am thinking to myself is she this nervous about me touching
her. I have
not even come close to touching her anyplace sexual or even
to but ok I'll just go with it. I once again apply the
lotion to the
palms of my hands and start on her left foot working in between
each of
her toes firm enough not to tickle yet light enough not to
hurt her. I
massage up her left leg firmly as I go up softly as i work my
way very
slowly down her leg. Then I move to her right leg and start
at her foot
and move my hands up and down her legs as I had done on the left
leg. As
I reach higher up her legs this time I notice that her breathing
increased slow deep breaths and her eyes are closed as if
in trance. I
now take a hand and place it at the top of her legs just below
your butt
and run my hands firmly down between her inner thighs as
I move them
back together towards the top I soften
my touch and open my fingers wide apart so that they are only
an inch or
so away from her pussy. As I make this motion she lets out
a sigh and
opens her legs a little which to me is a sign that she likes
this. I run
my fingers up and down her inner thighs with the same motion
each time
firm down then very soft and light finger up and with each
time my
fingers reach a little closer and a little closer to the
edge of her
bikini bottom. I now take my hands and place them so that
my thumbs are
down towards the middle of her legs and my fingers facing
towards her
outer legs I massage her inner thighs with my thumbs, with
each and
every stroke she arches her butt into the air just a little.
She takes a
deep breath each time as well. I think she is getting horny
with this
and I'm unsure what she wants me to do. There is nothing
I would rather
do at this point then to run my fingers and thumbs up under
her bottom
and massage her tight firm ass, nothing more I would like
to see then
the lips of what I can only imagine is a perfect lovely little
pussy. Cj
would you like some more champagne? I ask her and I lean over
and kiss
the small of her back or would you like me to continue. Barely
able to
catch her breath. Cj says please continue if you would like.
This feels
so good I cannot tell you. I move between her legs and I start
to softly
massage her neck and shoulders now, very soft very sensual.
Do you like
this I ask? I run the tips of my fingers slowly up and down
her back
almost teasing her as the get closer and closer to her butt.
I push her
hair to the side and lower my lips to her neck and blow a soft
breath against her skin. Please don't stop Cj tells
me that is so nice.
I want more. Is it all right if I kiss you? I ask, your neck,
your back,
and your legs. Yes Cj tells me please kiss me all you want.
Do not worry
I tell her I will not touch you any place that you do not want
to be

As I lower my lips back to her neck I slowly start to kiss her,
I run my
lips very slowly up and down her neck with only the tip of
my tongue
sliding along as I go, I breath my hot breath onto her neck
and I kiss
her softly and work from one side to the other side of her
neck. I untie
the top of her bathing suit top with my teeth. I hope that
is ok I
whisper she does not say a word as I continue to kiss her neck.
I suck
softly on her neck as I move to her ear lobes. I take one in
between my
lips and gently and softly kiss and lick them and give a very
nibble, then I kiss around to the other ear lobe and kiss
and lick it.
While kissing and licking her neck I am running my fingers
softly up and
down her back tracing my fingers along her spine running
the tips of my
fingers just down to the side of her breasts I can feel the
roundness of
her firm breasts. I move my lips to the middle of her neck
and I slowly
kiss my way down her spine about ever inch or so I kiss her
slowly very
slowly working my way down her back, running my hands up
and down her
sides and across her hips. I slide my finger tips just under
the edge of
her bottoms and then slide my hands back up her body. As my
lips kiss
the small of her back I take the tip of my tongue and I slide
it back up
to the top of her back to just below her hair line. I move very
tasting ever inch of her as I go. My gosh her skin tastes so
good. In my
mind I can only imagine how her sweet pussy would taste.
I wonder to
myself if she is getting hot and wet down there. Is all this
licking and
kissing her neck, back, & ears is it making her wet.
I know one thing
that right now my clit is as hard as a rock just being this
close to

I want her to roll over so I can now give her a frontal massage
but I
can't as my shorts are all wet now and she would see it
& I would be
totally embarrassed to have a wet spot like this in front
of her. After
all this is supposed to be about her and relaxation. How
does that feel
Cj I ask, do you like it? Are you relaxed enough? I love it
Cj tells me
I have not felt like this in so long I almost forgot how it
could feel.
I am still kissing her neck. All of a sudden she sits up. Forgetting
top has been untied or maybe not. I need another drink she
tells me.
Sure sweetheart I will get you another. She all of a sudden
she notices
that her breasts are exposed but I guess its to late now to
worry about
it. Her nipples are quite erect and that turns me on even
more. I pour
her a glass of champagne and sit back beside her. She seems
to be
enjoying herself as am I. Maybe she even likes the idea that
she can get
me turned on without doing anything to me.

Ok would you like to lay back down so I can massage the front
now I ask
Cj. She gets a funny look on her face at first but maybe its
the sun or
champagne or maybe she has just relaxed enough and she just
don't care.
Without a word she lies down on her back and says to me with
a huge
smile please do. I once again place the lotion in the palms
of my hands
and warm it as I start to massage the tops of her shoulders
and her neck
with my hands she is breathing deeply. I move my hands slowly
down her
sides across her ribs and down across her stomach. The tips
of my
fingers running right along the edge of her bottoms. I can
see with her
very tight bikini bottom the slight mound that her pussy
is creating
from lying in this position. I run my hands up her chest and
across her
breasts. Is this alright I ask her, yes it feels so good to
have my body
massaged Cj tells me. As I run the tips of my fingers across
her nipples
I can feel that they are getting very hard. They are starting
to perk up
as my hands circle her breasts. As I move my hands slowly
back down her
sides and just across her hips onto her thighs she slightly
wiggles her
butt and in doing so opens her legs ever so slightly. I run
my hands
back up her body up over her bottoms a hand on each side just
away from her pussy and back up her stomach and then around
her breasts
again. This time I again spend a little more time massaging
her breasts,
slowly touching her nipples, running my fingers slowly
in circles around
each nipple at the same time. Oh my that feels so good Cj tells

Now I am at a point I am not sure what to do. I can tell that she
into this, I have also swore not to do anything to her unless
she asks
me too. I want to ask her if I can take off the bottom of her
swim suit
but I know if I do she might get mad and freak on me. I decide
at this
point to just continue to massage her legs and see what happens
next. I
get down between her legs and start to massage very slowly
up one leg
and then up the other stopping about mid thigh. Each time
I move my
hands up her legs. I move a little higher up trying to catch
reaction. I can see her stomach moving up and down in a deep
movement as
my fingers move up higher on her inner thighs. It seems to
me that with
each movement she is opening her legs a little bit more to
allow my
fingers to slide down her inner thighs down to the base of
her butt. I
can tell she is very horny, I can tell by looking up at her
pussy that
it is wet as well and that she is perhaps wanting a bit more.
As I move
my hands up again I let the little finger from each hand brush
up and
a crossed the outline or her bikini bottoms and just brush
the outline of
her pussy that is under this very thin piece of material.

I bend down and start to kiss her legs ever so softly with
my lips she
lifts her head, opens her eyes she looks at me with a smile
on her face.
She lowers her head back down never saying a word. I slowly
kiss up one
leg and back then down the other leg. I move my lips and the
tip of my
tongue up her legs kissing all around. All of a sudden Cj
says to me are
you sure no one can see back here. Yes I am sure I tell her.
Ok I just
want to make sure she says. She gently lays her head back
onto the
pillow. How do you feel I ask her. How do you think I feel she
says back
to me.

This time I run my hands up her legs. I linger on her inner
thighs I
guess I am going to see what happens. I trace the outline
of her bikini
bottoms then down inside her legs then up to the top and I
run just my
finger tips under the elastic along her stomach lifting
it as though I
were going to remove her bottoms. Cj asks me do you want these
That’s up to you hunny. She lifts up and I help take them off
of her as I
lift the edges with my finger tips. She lifts up her butt.
I slowly
slide them over her firm butt and start down her beautiful
legs. She looks
me in the eyes and with a very deep breath and a sigh she tells
me yes
its ok. Please just be gentle and slow with me. I'm not
sure what I want
from you or where I want this to lead but it feels to good to
stop now.

I move my lips down and start to kiss and lick her inner thighs
and I do
this gently and slowly. One side of me wants to just rip them
off her
and just dive in. The other side of me knows that is not the
way she
wants it and to just take my time. Make it so she could almost
cum from
me just taking my time with her. I lower my lips to her belly
and start
to kiss her belly button and her stomach, I run the tip of
my tongue
along the top edge of her pubic line and then I start to pull
them down
a little more. Her perfectly manicured pussy comes into
complete view
for the first time. Her body is so beautiful. Cj does not
shave her
pussy. She has it trimmed beautifully though and I do love
run my fingers through a woman’s pubic hair it just turns
me on so much.
I can see the outline of her beautiful lips as well.

I move between her legs and open them with my hands on her
inner thighs
as I lower myself to kiss her neck she opens her eyes and places
hands around my neck and pulls me close to her. Thank you
for making
this day so very special for me as our lips meet for the first
time. We
kiss for what seems like an hour our tongues exploring each
other. Our
lips locked together. She is lighting a fire of passion
in me and I in
her. I move my mouth from hers and start to kiss her neck and
her ear
lobes again. I have a nipple between my finger and thumb
as I start to
kiss down her chest. As my lips make contact with her nipple
I take a
hand and start to run it up and down her thighs. I brush my
across the soft hair of her pussy and then I run my fingers
down the
outside of her lips. I can feel how hot she is and I can only
how wet she must be as well. I want to open the lips to her pussy
so I
can feel her, I want to taste her with my tongue but I will
take it very
slow. I will make her love this as I know it has been so very
long since
she has been seduced and made love to not just sex.

As I grip one nipple in my left hand, I hold the other in my
lips gently
sucking on them and flicking the tip of my tongue across
the tip of her
nipple at the same time. I take my right hand and start to
massage her
pussy. I rub her lips and I cover her entire pussy with my
hand. I take
a finger and slowly move up the middle of her lips opening
them as I
slide my finger up and down her hot wet opening. Her pussy
is soaking
wet as I can finally feel just how hot and wet she is. As my
finally reaches her clit I move it in a very slow, very soft
circle. I
can feel her clit it feels so nice to my finger. I run my fingers
up and
down each and every curve and fold of her hot pussy at the
same time I
continue to suck, kiss and lick her nipples. Cj opens her
legs wide now
so that I can gain full access to her pussy with my hand and
fingers. I
love the way her pussy feels it is so soft, so hot and ever
so wet. I
take a finger and I slide in gently and slowly inside her
body. I can
feel the muscles in her pussy gripping my finger as it slides
inside her. As I explore the walls inside her pussy I slowly
remove my
fingers from her pussy and looking deep into her eyes I place
them to my
lips and slide them into my mouth. Cj you taste so wonderful
I tell her.
Cj I know we said that there would never be any sex between
us, but at
this point we have crossed a line and If you tell me to stop
now I will,
but I would like to know if it is alright if I lick your pussy.
As there
is nothing I would rather do at this point, than to give you
the best
oral pleasure you have ever had or at least die trying. Cj
takes my head
into her hands and pulls me to her lips, she kisses me and
looks into my
eyes and says "If I don't want something, I will
tell you to stop".
Please just continue with what you were doing it feels so
good to me.
She begs of me. "If there is anything I do not like or
do not want I
will tell you". She says again.

I reach over and I dip my finger into the melted chocolate
and I place a
drop on each nipple and then I place a drop about every inch
down the
middle of her stomach & stop right at the top of her pubic
hair. What
are you doing Cj asks. Just lay back and relax I say in a soft
voice, I
think you will enjoy this. Have you ever had someone put
chocolate on you before, Cj says oh no never. I move my lips
to one
nipple and I start to lick and suck the chocolate from her,
this makes
her nipples hard as a rock again and then I suck on the other.
As I work
my way down her stomach I stop at each drop of chocolate and
lick it
from her body. While I am working very slowly down her body,
I am
opening the lips of her pussy with my fingers. Once again
tracing every
inch of every fold and curve. As I reach her belly button
her breathing
is getting even more erratic. I circle my tongue and press
my lips
against her. I take my tongue and slowly work the last couple
of inches
until I reach her pubic line. I now take my tongue I kiss and
lick her
ever so slowly along the outline of her pussy, I can feel
how hot she is
as I move my lips and tongue over and closer to her lips. I
move my body
between her legs and she opens them for me inviting me inside
her. I
kiss and lick her lips. I take my hands and place one on each
side of her
pussy. Slowly I take a hot deep breath and gently blow into
her lips I
can see how beautifully the lips of her pussy are as I blow
into them. I
move my lips closer. Breathing deeper each time I move.
As my lips
finally touch hers for the first time Cj lets out the deepest
sigh yet.
I kiss the lips of her pussy fully with my lips. I lick them.
I take my
tongue now and start to run up and around each lip of her pussy.
one then the other between my lips and sucking on it. I run
my tongue
slowly up and down the middle of her lips & back down.
I move it slow up and
slow down tracing her lips then I run a circle around her
clit and taking
a moment I take her clit between my hot wet lips and gently
and slowly suck
on it.

As I start to suck on her clit I work my hands under her butt
and lift her
up a little, this way i can reach every inch of her pussy.
I kiss her
lips fully with my I slide my tongue up and down her lips and
then I slide
the tip of my tongue just a tiny bit inside her. I can feel
the heat of
her body on the
tip of my tongue and it is driving me crazy. I place a thumb
on each side
of her lips and open her so I can see her hot pink insides.
I move my
tongue in again and start to work it up and down the insides
of her lips. I
move up to her clit and start to lick it soft and gently then
adding more and
more pressure. Cj your pussy tastes so damn good I tell her,
I simply
love this and I could lick you all day long. Please as long
as you like
Cj smiles and says, this feels so amazing the sun on my body
tongue and lips on my pussy feel so good. As I start to suck
and lick her
clit again I take a finger & rub the entrance into her
pussy. I can feel
her tight hole waiting on my finger to enter her. As I start
to slide my
finger inside her I suck her clit fully. Sucking and licking
her clit
softly the more deeply I slide my finger all the
way inside her. She is so tight I can feel the inside muscles
my finger as I move it slowly in and out of her. I slide my tongue
up and
down the lips of her pussy again and now I slide my tongue
inside her, as
deep and as far as I can possible get it in. I lick the inner
walls of her
pussy I run it in circles inside her. Then I remove my tongue
and go back
to her clit as I slide 2 fingers deep inside her hot wet pussy.
She is getting close to cumming and I feel her hand rubbing
my hair
holding my head in place as she wants me to continue what
I am doing. As
she takes in a huge breath, she lets out a deep moan and presses
my head
deep into her pussy. I'm cumming
she tells me oh my goodness I'm cumming. I suck her pussy
and lick her clit as
her hips move up and down on my face. Don't stop! She
tells me don't stop!
I continue to suck her and lick her clit until she finally
releases the grip on
my head. Oh my gosh she tells me that feels so good. I look
into her
eyes and smile. Take a breath I say that is just the beginning.

Cj looks at me and says I think its time you took off the rest
of your
clothes, I mean I am sitting her naked and you still have
your shorts on.
I stand up and pull down my shorts, my clit is hard as a rock,
looks over at my pussy and smiles, is that for me she asks.
Only if you
want some I say,
she smiles at me and doesn't say a word. She reaches
up takes her hand and
plays with my hard clit. I think I do want
some of this she says. Lay back down I say to Cj. I want to lick
pussy some more. Oh my goodness more she says. I have told
you I love to eat
and I can eat you all day I tell her. I need another drink first
she says. I take the champagne bottle and fill her glass
and then I take a
little and pour it into your belly button and drink it out.
Its cold she
tells me with a laugh as I take the bottle and pour some down
the lips of
her pussy and bury my face inside her. As I start to suck and
lick her pussy
more I kneel up so she can take my clit into her mouth. Cj touches
softly at first this is the first strange clit she has had
in years and it
is new and different to her. I feel her hands wrap around
my ass & she
squeezes it gently.

As my tongue slides up and down her pussy lips and around
her clit I look up
at her and ask Cj, you know what I would really love to try,
what she
says. We remember how we first met? Of course she answers.
Well can I
please show you what its all about. She hesitates a moment,
well I am
not sure I have never had it before and I'm not sure.
Relax Cj just lay
back if you hate it I will stop. As she lays back down I take
my tongue
and move it up and down the lips of her pussy slowly very slowly
and start to
kiss and lick around her inner thighs and down to the cheeks
of her butt
then back to her clit where I take a moment to suck and lick
her. Then I
slide my tongue back down the lips of her pussy sucking them
between my
lips as I move lower and lower. I start to lick the area between
her pussy
and ass and she spreads her legs wide. I move my thumbs under
the cheeks of
her butt and spread them I slowly glide my tongue across
her asshole, she
wiggles her butt as I do and then I move back to her thighs
then I slide my
tongue across her ass again this time stopping at the tight
button she has. I run my tongue around in circles and flicker
it on her
little tight hole. As I start to rub her clit with
my thumb I lick a little more firmly on her ass. After a couple
minutes I
move back to licking her pussy and her clit. I look up at her
and I ask her
how that felt. It felt like nothing I have ever had before
she tells me.
With that I take my fingers and I rub the lips of her pussy.
I slide a
finger deep inside her pussy and I suck her clit again. The
I take two
fingers and slide them inside her pussy. I take a third finger
and I start
to rub her asshole with it as I suck her clit and finger her
pussy. She is
so tight, so hot and so wet. I want to slide my finger in her
ass but I am
not sure. I know she has told me she wanted to try anal but
is it to
much. Cj, can I stick a finger in your ass, I ask her? Do what
ever you
want it all feels so good she tells me. I suck her clit between
my lips
and I slide a finger very slowly in her asshole, it is hot
and oh so tight
but it slides in all the way. I want you to cum again Cj, cum
for me
as I suck you and finger you. I take my two fingers in her pussy
and one in her
ass and move them in and out slow, long deep strokes as I suck
on and lick her
clit. She is breathing heavily again her stomach moves
up and down.
I'm cumming Cj screams almost to loud as we are still
out side but
we do not care. She bounces her butt up and down as she cums
all over my
face and my fingers I slowly remove the grip on her clit and
very, very
slowly remove my fingers from her ass and pussy.

Sitting up and catching her breath Cj takes my head in her
hands and
kisses me. That is the best oral I have ever had she tells
me. How did
you learn to do that. I love it I say to her. I simply love to
pussy. After a minute Cj looks down your clit is so hard she

Cj will you please sit on my face, I ask her please will you
sit on
my face while you suck my clit. I want to taste you as you taste
me. She
rolls around and places her pussy right about my face and
goes right back to
sucking my clit. I slide my tongue deep in her pussy as far
in as I can
make it go. I use my head to slide my tongue in and out of her
like it was
a cock. I can feel her tighten around my tongue with every
thrust I
make. I move my tongue
up again and lick her asshole. She is not
prepared for it and jumps a little. I forgot you liked that
she says and
then works back down onto my pussy. I move my tongue back
inside her
pussy and tongue fuck her some more I love to have her on my
face I love
to lick her pussy and her clit in this position.

She sits up and almost smothers me as she rides my face stroking
my pussy
up and down with her hands and she's rubbing her pussy
lips all over my
face. I am going to cum again she tells me as she rubs her pussy
over my tongue. As she cums her body shakes and trembles
to the point she
almost falls
off me. Oh my gosh again she exclaims. She grabs my fat libido
out of
the drawer and says lets play with this to.
I want your libido inside me she
tells me. Fuck me she says. So she helps me attach it to me.
Then she
starts to suck on it. She lifts her pussy off my face and turns

around and without saying anything at all she sits right
down onto my cock
taking it all inside her with one long fast stroke. Her pussy
is so hot,
so wet inside and
she moves up and down the length of my shaft. My gosh this
feels so good I tell her
as I place my hands one on each cheek of her butt. I spread
her cheeks
open wide and help guide her motions up and down on my libido.
As I take my
fingers I move them closer and closer to her asshole. My
cock is sliding
in and out of her hot wet pussy. As I start to rub her asshole
with my fingers I feel how hot and
wet it is. I slowly slide a finger inside her ass as my cock
slides in and
out of her pussy. She
looks down at me and we lock in a long hot passionate kiss.
Our tongues
interlock and it seems like she wants to pull my tongue from
my mouth. I
slide in another finger in and out of her ass with the same
motion my cock
is making in and out of her sweet pussy.

Cj looks into my eyes as my libido is sliding deep inside
her. I look
into her eyes what I am going to ask next I am not sure how she
take it. Cj, can I please put my cock in your ass. I will be
slow I
will be gentle please. She smiles at me and bites my lip not
hard just a
nibble. Ok you can try please take it easy please. How should
I be Cj
asks me.
Lay in a doggie style position to start I will go slow and
easy then once you get use
to it you can move up. As Cj lays on her stomach I get behind
her and
open the cheeks of her ass. I rub my hard wet cock up and down
he crack of
her ass. I take the head of my cock and I lay it on her tight
asshole. I let it sit
there just a moment and then I start to slide the head of my
cock in just
a bit and I leave it there until I see the grip release, then
I slide it
a little more in and take tiny short slow strokes. I am working
my cock
slowly, very slowly inside her ass. A little more and little
followed by a few
slow easy strokes.
She is relaxed now with one final motion my cocks slides
all the way
into her asshole. I stop once I reach the base of my balls
& let her
relax with my cock all the way inside her. I start to move
my cock slow
in and out very slow
very long strokes. Are you ok I ask her as I bend down and kiss
her on the
neck. Its ok she tells me it does not hurt and actually it
feeling pretty good, must be all that champagne since I
do not care a
this point. I lift her up onto her knees, you want it deeper
she says to
me with a smile. I open her wide a hand on each cheek and slowly
slide my
cock in and out of her ass. Taking long slow deep strokes.
Can you rub
your clit for me as I do this I ask her. She takes a hand and
starts to
rub her clit. I continue to slide my cock in and out, slow
deep. She is loving it and it feels so very good.

I lean over and whisper in her ear, Cj can I cum on your face?
I have
never felt that before she tells me ok so yeah its ok. Please
sit on my face and fill me
with your hot cum. I lean up and start to take my belt off so
my cock can stay in her ass.
I move so I can have her licking me while I still slide my libido
in and out of her tight little ass.
a little faster & a
little deeper. I can feel it I am getting
closer & closer. Oh Cj I exclaim I am going to cum and
with a final
deep thrust my cock she explodes on my cock. I can see all
the cum around her sweet opening.
Getting ready to drip on my face. Oh my gosh you cum a lot she
tells me that is so fantastic what
a feeling.
I almost collapse after this. I have not cum like this in
so long I
cannot remember. Cj you are fantastic. Cj falls to the quilt
and take her
into my arms. Lets just lay here like this a while. I want
to hold you
close. She faces me and we embrace in a long hot passionate
kiss. I hope it was all ok
for you I say. April it was perfect. Do not worry about it
you did not do
anything to me I did not want nor was not ready to do.

With a wicked smile on her face she looks into my eyes and
says when is the next time we are going to do this again
and so what is
*****April69Love at the yodeling cowboy*****

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