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A New Experience


Kelly and I had been running
for a few weeks and it was time for a little break from the
road and enjoy a little R&R. I had some friends in Georgia that I had not seen in years,
and Kelly had yet to meet, they were more into the alternative
scene, something that Kelly had yet to really touch on too
deeply. We parked the truck at a nearby truck stop and I gave my friends
a call to come and pick us up, they told me they would be there
shortly. Kelly and I packed up some overnight things and waited,
and about 30 minutes later my friends were there, they called
me up and I directed them where we were parked. We gathered our things together and climbed into the van.
My friend Daniel was driving and his girlfriend Eve was
there also. I introduced Daniel and Eve to my wife Kelly, and Daniel
introduced Eve. We started talking and catching up on old
times and what all had been happening over the past few years.
Daniel stopped at the pizza shop and picked up an order he
placed before he came to get us, then headed to the house.
Once at the house, Eve showed us to the guest room so we could
get our things put away, once we finished putting our things
away, we made our way back to the dining room where Daniel
and eve were sitting waiting for us to join them for dinner.
Kelly and I sat down at the table with Daniel and Eve. We ate
and talked about basic things, work, life, you know, general
bullshit over pizza. When we finished up; Kelly gave Eve a hand cleaning up the
plates, and glasses While Daniel and I walked out to the
back porch and talked some more. “So Daniel, What do you think of my Kelly?” I asked. “Not a bad lady at all, you seemed to luck out!” Daniel replied.
“Yeah, I think so as well, so are you still into ropes and
stuff?” I asked. Daniel looked at me and replied, “Funny you should ask,
Eve and I have another couple coming over later tonight.
We’re probably not going to get into anything since there
is company here. I will make sure they don’t start talking
about too much kinky stuff is you like.” “That’s ok, Kelly’s not really deep into the hardcore extreme
stuff, but she likes bondage and to be spanked. She plays
a really good sex slave, but all we have really done together
has been threesomes. She never has had anyone other than me give her ass a good
spanking. Nor has she ever been with another female, but
she is curious.” I replied. “Well, are you guys up for anything?” Daniel asked. “I think we could be, if the mood is right, we could play out
the night and see what happens. Kelly might enjoy it, but
let’s keep it a surprise. “I told Daniel. “Ok, but if it gets to feeling uncomfortable, just let me
know and I will let John and Paula know.” Daniel said. “Sounds like a plan to me, it should prove to be interesting.”I
replied. Kelly and Eve had finished up, and were both sitting in the
living room talking, when Daniel and I walked back into
the house and joined them. Our conversation of everyday life slowly turned towards
a sexual nature; It was rather a subtle change at that, and
before long, we were now talking out each other sexual experiences,
and talking about activities in the BDSM lifestyle. Kelly and I told them that we had been involved in a few threesomes,
and that for the most part they were really a lot of fun, and
how she enjoyed the attentiveness that was given to her
body during these sex sessions. She also went on to talk about how she enjoyed it when I would
tell her to do things and that from time to time we played
out the scene that she was my sex slave and I was the master
and she had to do whatever I asked of her. Daniel and Eve listened as Kelly opened up the doorway that
would lead her to a sexual experience such as she had never
had before, and once Kelly finished, Daniel asked her if
she had ever thought about the possibility of trying something
a little different in the BDSM world. Kelly told him that it was a thought, but she had seen pictures
of what people do in BDSM and she really was not that much
into pain and a lot of the stuff she saw, she did not imagine
she would like it. Daniel and Eve both assured her that if she did not like something,
her request would always be respected and not violated.
Kelly told them that the most she really enjoyed was being
spanked and did not know where her limit was on that. She
also told them she enjoyed being tied up, and she enjoyed
being submissive. She talked about how someday, and if I was up for it, she would
like to watch as I made love to another woman, and maybe one
day, try being with another woman herself. Daniel and Eve got up and ask us to come along, they lead us
down the hall, opened a door, behind the door was a set of
stairs leading to the basement. They switched on the light and we followed them down, once
down the stairs, we look around. There were paddles, crops, and whips along the walls; Chains,
shackles, and a lot of other different items; to confine
a person. Daniel and Eve looked at us, and more towards Kelly, Daniel
said, “Welcome to our playroom.” Kelly was looking around, I think she turned a little red,
and said. “What do you do with all this?” “We use it during some of our BDSM scenes, I am sure you know
what the paddles are for, right?” Daniel asked, and Kelly
replied, “Well, yeah, but you have so many different ones,
and some look like they would really be painful.” With that,
Daniel answered, “It all depends on what a person’s limits
are and what they enjoy. For some, a light spanking is all
they want, to feel a slight sting, a warming of the ass, and
for others, they build up to a more extreme stage.” Kelly asked, “Extreme, how extreme?” And Daniel replied, “Well, they might start wanting harder
and longer spanking sessions, and that still might not
be enough for them. If they want more, then it can go into
caning and possibly even whips.” With that Kelly replied, “Well, I definitely am not into
that kind of pain. A good spanking is nice, and it does turn
me on, but I don’t like the thought of going to those extremes.”
Daniel replied “And that is understandable, not everyone
is into the extreme limits of pain. To make sure that you
and your partner or partners know when you have reached
your limit, you should always set up a safe word to use. The
words stop, and no more are best saved to use during your
session, so you should always make sure you have a word that
will not be mistaken as those, a word that is unique and means
enough.” Kelly told Daniel that she did know about safe words, but
we had not used them since I was the only one that that ever
spanked her, and I usually knew when she had enough, though
there were times she would have liked just a little more.
Daniel told Kelly that if she was interested and if I didn’t
mind either, she would be more than welcome to have a session
here in the playroom. Kelly looked a little apprehensive about giving an answer,
but after a few minutes told him she would think about it
and talk it over with me, and we would let him know. Daniel said that would be alright, that either way, he wanted
her to feel comfortable about it. And assured her that she
was not under any pressure to do anything she did not wish
to, or participate in anything. He let her know that we were
there as guest in the house as well as friends. Kelly smiled. “Thank you, it’s not that I don’t want to try
it, in a way, just talking about it does excite me a little.”
With that, Daniel showed us around the room and explained
some of the items they had, and Eve talked about some of the
past experiences the two of them had been involved in. Kelly and I followed, with my arm around her waist, I knew
that Kelly would enjoy a little of this type of lifestyle,
we were not sure at this point where her limits were, but
together, I was sure we would explore and seek them out.
As we walked around, there was a pillory custom made so that
the person in it would be bent over with a padded part below
their chest and stomach, and the feet of the person would
be in shackles that could be close together or spread apart.
In the front of it was mounted a seat that could be raised
to have a person’s crotch in the person’s face that was in
the pillory. Not to far from there was a bed, there were shackles on the
wall hanging, a lot of really interesting sex toys on some
shelves nearby. The bed also had chains and shackles attached to it. Yes, this was Daniel’s playroom alright, it was like stepping
into some of the images I had seen about BDSM. Though I am
not that much more into BDSM then Kelly, this room really
started to peek my curiosity. The thoughts of what Kelly
and I could do in a room like this, together, exploring,
trying out different things. Yes, the thought already
had me turned on; I could only imagine what Kelly was thinking.

Eve told Daniel she was going upstairs to get dressed for
this evening, pardoned herself to us and left the room.
Daniel told us to feel free to look around, they had company
coming over within the hour and he also needed to go get ready.
We told him thanks and he left, leaving Kelly and I to ourselves
downstairs in the room. “So Kelly, what do you think about all this stuff?” I asked.
“It’s really wild; I never see anything like this except
for in pictures. I wouldn’t mind trying it, but, I just don’t
want to have someone hurt me. You know my limits, you know
when to stop, but I don’t know about letting anyone else
do that to me.” Kelly said. “It’s alright Kelly, we don’t have to do anything, if you’re
not interested, and it’s alright. I don’t ever want you
to do anything you do not want to do yourself.” I told her.
“Chaz, I do want to try, I am just a little scared, and it’s
something I have never experienced before in my life. Do
you want me to try it? I will do it for you.” She said. “Kelly, I would love for you to try it, however, you have
to be comfortable about it, if your only doing it for me,
then it is not worth doing at all. It has to be for both of us,
I want you to enjoy yourself, as much as I want to enjoy it
myself.” I told her. “Okay, let’s just takes it as it comes, it really has been
turning me on, I think I am wet. Some of the things they told
us, I was imagining them happening to me, I wouldn’t mind
doing some of those things, but I do not want to go to extremes.”
Kelly said. With that, I looked into her eyes and held her close and kissed
her, “I know baby, I know, we will see where the night goes,
either way, I love you, and I would never let anyone harm
you.” Kelly looked up and me, I could see the look in her eyes, so
submissive, she wanted me to make the decision what we were
going to do.

Part Two: Kelly and I went back upstairs, I let Daniel know we were
going to bathe and freshen up. He told me that was alright
and showed me where the bathroom was and Eve brought some
extra towels. Kelly and I went in and closed the door. I started to draw
the water for Kelly’s bath, we got undressed, Kelly got
in and laid back in the tub before the water got to high, as
she lay there, I ran my fingers over her soft skin, leaned
over and kissed her lips. She smiled, and looked up at me.
“Chaz, I love you so much. “ She said. I looked back into her
eyes, “Kelly, you are so wonderful, I love you, too.” With that, she pushed the warm water over her stomach, and
breasts. It made her skin look so shinny, I ran my fingers
up her legs, over her stomach, and softly squeezed her breast.
I leaned over and began to suck on her nipples. Kelly laid her head back against the back of the tub. Her
eyes closed, she softly sighed. I moved my one hand down between her legs and ran my fingers
between her pussy lips, and slowly sliding them inside
of pussy. I watched as she sighed and moaned lightly. I stopped and
she opened her eyes, smiled, and said, “Baby, you are so
good to me; I really do love what we have.” I smiled, “I think it is you that is too good to me, and I love
what we have also, it is so wonderful, so wild at times, so
unique. “ Kelly was ready to wash her hair, she laid down in the tub,
her head submerged into the water, I watched as her long
hair flowed around her head in the water. She moved her head
from side to side, making sure her hair was fully saturated.
Then she sat back up out of the water. I handed her the shampoo, she lathered up her hair, deeply
washing it to the roots. And then once finished, she submerged
herself once again into the water, once again I watched
as her head moved from side to side, all the suds floating
around her head, she brought her head up and then submerged
it again. After that, she sat back up, and I handed the conditioner
to her, she finished conditioning her hair, handed me the
two bottles and sat back against the tub. I took the soap and lathered up my hands and began to was her
legs, running my hands up and down them, lathering them
up, massaging them as I ran my hands up and down her calf,
and then her upper thigh, and back down, I massaged her foot,
running my fingers between her toes, and cupping my hands
around her foot. I did this with both her legs, then took her arms, and work
on the same technique, rubbing her arms, massaging them,
running my soapy fingers between her fingers, I did this
to each arm. Next I turned my attention towards her breasts, soaping
my hands up, and then running my hands over her breasts,
softly squeezing them. Once finished, I had her roll over, soaped up my hands and
started on her shoulders, massaging them as I lathered
up the soap on each, and then slowly started to work my hands
down her back, her shoulder blades, and then the small of
her back. I then lathered up my hands again, and started
to was each cheek of her beautiful ass, rubbing my hands
over them, and then letting my fingers probe the crack of
her ass. Up and down her ass crack I began to run my fingers,
teasing her asshole with my fingers, once in a while sliding
my finger into her tight ass, and then running my fingers
down further, exploring her pussy. I then had her roll back
over, I lathered up my hands again, then I began to was her
pussy, running my hand over her clit, my fingers running
slowly in and out of her pussy, and slowly rubbing the soap
over her pussy lips. I figured that time was somewhat limited so I finished up,
Kelly submerged her head once again to rinse out the conditioner,
and then stood up, I handed her the towel. She stepped out
of the tub, and began to dry off. “I think I am going to just take a shower while you finish
drying off. I should be done soon. “ I told Kelly, she acknowledged,
and told me that would be alright. She understood we were
limited on time. After I finished my shower, I stepped out and saw that Kelly
had just finished up, I dried off and got dressed myself.
We put the clothes away and took our things back into the
guest room. We walked back into the living room and found Daniel and
Eve sitting on the couch, We all were dressed pretty casual,
I was in Jeans, a button up shirt, and Kelly was wearing jeans
and a nice classy v neck shirt, slightly exposing some cleavage.
Daniel was wearing khaki’s and a polo shirt, Eve was wearing
jeans and a blouse. They looked over and told us we looked great, and asked how
everything was, we told them it was great. And thanked them.
We sat and talked about the earlier tour, Kelly was quiet
for the most part, I did most of the talking and said we will
see where the night takes us and go from there. Daniel said that would be good, and if we wanted to join in,
do so at any time, we were free to go anywhere in the house
we wanted. I thanked him, and we slowly moved off the topic of the evening
and just started into a basic conversation. It was about six o’clock and the door bell rang. Company
had arrived.

Daniel got up, Eve joined him and they walked to the door.
They opened it and invited the couple inside. They brought
them into the living room to meet us. Daniel said, ” Chaz, Kelly, I would like to introduce you
both to our friends, this is Greg, and Nancy.” Kelly and I both stood up, I shook hands and said “Nice to
meet you both.” And then we all found a place and sat back
down. We started out the evening with small talk, I was telling
them about our travels on the road, and places we had seen.
Kelly sat quietly for a while unless she was asked a question
from me, or one of the others. But for the most part, the conversation
was about our travels. Daniel excused himself and went to the kitchen with Greg,
and there he informed him about who we were and gave him a
little insight about the two of us, what we liked, might
want to do, that we were taking it easy, and we might or might
not wish to join in tonight’s session. Greg let him know that it was alright, and that he would take
Nancy aside and fill her in, he told Daniel that we looked
like a decent couple, and that Kelly was really beautiful,
and had the look of a wonderful sub as Daniel had told him
Kelly was submissive, and quiet. The two came back into the living room and sat back down,
we continued to talk about the road, told them where we called
home, just about anything you could think of. Kelly sat next to me, watching me talk, her legs together,
her hands folded in her lap. A few more minutes had passed and Greg looked at Nancy and
told her that he needed her to help him find something in
the car, they stood and excused themselves. While they were out, Daniel told us that if we ever felt uncomfortable,
to just take him aside and let him know, I told him ok, and
that I thought Greg and Nancy were really nice people. Kelly
agreed with me. Soon after, the door opened, Greg and Nancy both walked
back into the living room and sat back down. “Oh well, I had a gift for you guys but I don’t know what happen
to it. I must have misplaced it at the house. “He told Daniel.
Daniel knew he had taken Nancy out to talk to her about us,
but replied smiling; “Well thanks, hey, it’s the thought
that counts.” We continued our conversation, slowly it started into
a more sexual talk, Daniel and Eve started the conversation
by talking about an adult toy party they recently had, Daniel
said it was the first time the guys were allowed to stay and
it almost ruined the whole thing. He said that once the dildos came out, the guys couldn’t
shut up about the size of some of them, and wondered what
the hell they were up against. And the way some of them worked,
one of the guys was talking about how his wife wouldn’t need
to have sex with him if she got some of them. But after everything was said and done, Eve told Kelly that
if we were ever though town when she had a party, that Kelly
was invited to come, but the guys were going to have to stay
outside. The conversation slowly leads to me telling about some
of our adventures on the road with some of the guys we met.
I told them about the time we pulled over with 2 other trucks,
we got out, us and the other drivers were on the side of the
truck, all of us guys were enjoying Kelly’s body, and Kelly
was enjoying going down on each of us, and then having each
of us fucking her on the side of the road. Then we talked about how Kelly gets turned on when I would
spank her ass, and about some of our other adventures of
when I would tie her up, and spank her, or tie her up and tease
her naked body. I had the laptop close by, I opened it up and showed some of
the pictures I had taken of Kelly when I had her tied up, and
a few when I had spanked her ass. They all looked at the pictures, Kelly was a little embarrassed,
but she got a little closer to me and glanced at her pictures.
Nancy looked at Kelly and said, “That’s really a great picture
of you there, they way you are sitting, tied, you look very
submissive.” Kelly blushed, and said “Thank you, I usually do whatever
it is that Chaz ask of me.” “So, Chaz, do you and Kelly play out a Master and sub scene?”
Greg asked. “We do from time to time, when it comes to sex, she always
wants to please me, do whatever it is I ask of her, I respect
her limits of what she wants and does not want.” I replied.
“That is understandable, so, has Daniel and Eve showed
you down to the play room?” Greg asked. “Yes, it was very impressive; I would not mind having some
of those things back at our house for Kelly and I to play with.”
I replied. “Well, if you two are up for having a little fun, we would
not mind watching how you two play, I mean, if Daniel and
Eve don’t mind.” Greg said and then looked at Daniel and
Eve. “We don’t mind, that would be interesting to watch, and
we have to rest of the room if we wanted to do something different.
“Daniel replied. Greg agreed, as said. “So what do you two say?” I looked at Kelly, “Well, what do you think?” Kelly replied,
“I will do anything you want me to do.” I looked back at Greg and over at Daniel, “Ok, we’re up for
it.” With that, we all got up, Daniel and Eve lead us all, then
Greg and Nancy, and we followed behind. Down the hall, to the door, and down the steps to the room.
Daniel turned to Kelly and I and told us to do anything we
felt like doing, use whatever we wanted to use, and they
would stand back and watch unless they were asked to join
in to help with something. I turned to Kelly, I kissed her lips, and looked into her
eyes again and told her “I love you!” she looked back at me
and said “I love you, too, Chaz.”

Part Three: I began by taking Kelly over to the far wall. First I pulled
her t-shirt up over her head and took it off, laying it on
the nearby table. I then took some soft rope lying nearby,
and tied it around each of her wrist, I then threaded it though
the eyehole of each of the eyebolts mounted in a spreader
hanging down from the ceiling. I then cranked up the cable, pulling the spreader higher
and higher, Kelly’s feet were still touch flatly on the
ground. I then took a blindfold and placed it over Kelly’s eyes.
I looked as she stood there, in her bra, jeans, and socks,
she was so beautiful. I thought about what I wanted to do
with her first. I walked up to her, and ran my fingers the side of her face,
I moved my hands down to her breasts, and lightly squeezed
on them though her bra. I walked around the back of her, I ran my fingers down her
back, then walking around, I touched her skin as I moved
back in front of her. I undid her jeans and unzipped them, then slowly pulled
them down over her thighs, and down her legs. Then I removed
them and laid them with her shirt. Next I pulled off her socks, and placed them on the table.

I moved back over in front of Kelly, now hanging there with
nothing but her bra and panties on, I walked around behind
her and undid her bra, then walked around the front of Kelly
and placed my hands on her bare breasts. Lightly pinching
her nipples, and then I moved my mouth over the top of one
of her breasts and began to suck on them, lightly biting
on her nipple. Kelly began to breathe heavier and sigh; I reached around
behind her and placed my hand on her ass, rubbing it lightly.
And then I began to squeeze hard on her ass, and slapped it
a time or two. Kelly moaned out and lightly spoke out “yes”. I looked over to where Daniel was and put my finger up to my
lip; I pointed at Eve, and motioned her to come over. Eve got up and walked over, I had her continue by sucking
on Kelly’s other breasts after I moved my mouth, Eve began
to suck on Kelly’s other breast, and started to touch her
skin. Kelly seemed a little confused, I am sure she knew
it was not me sucking on her breast now, but she said nothing.
Eve squeezed her one breast she was sucking on, and placed
her other hand down between Kelly legs, feeling how wet
Kelly was getting though her panties. Eve slowly pulled Kelly’s panties down and off, and then
continued to run her fingers between her legs, rubbing
her clit, and then running her fingers between her pussy
lips. Eve then began to suck on Kelly’s other breast, biting on
her nipples. I looked over and motioned for Daniel to come over now, he
did, and went behind Kelly and started to run his hands down
her back, over her ass, and down her legs, then back up her
legs. He walked around the front of Kelly and began sucking on
Kelly’s other breast, Eve stopped and got up and walked
over to where the toys were, all clean and sterilized, she
found a nice one that was about 6” long and medium thickness.
She picked up a bottle of lube, and then walked back over
to Kelly, she lubed up the toy, then walked behind Kelly
and spread her legs apart. She began by reaching forward
between Kelly’s legs and teasing her clit, pinching on
it and rubbing it, and then she slowly ran her fingers between
Kelly’s pussy lips, and slid a finger into Kelly, slowly
running it in and out of her pussy. Then she pulled it out and slowly came back to her asshole,
and slipped her finger into her tight ass. Kelly jumped
slightly. Eve moved it in and out a few times, and then pulled it out.
Eve took the toy and pressed it up to Kelly’s pussy, slowly
sliding it into her pussy. Kelly moaned out, “Yes”, Eve slid it in deeper and deeper,
moving it in and out, faster and faster. I walked over where Eve was and I began to spank Kelly’s ass
while Eve was fucking her pussy with the toy. Daniel was up front squeezing Kelly’s breast, pinching
and biting on her nipples, sucking on her breasts. I looked over to the other two and motioned them to come over
if they would like to, both Greg and Nancy walked over, Greg
traded places with Daniel, and Nancy went behind Kelly
and began to kiss on Eve. Eve pulled the toy from Kelly and placed it back on the nearby
table. She then cranked down the cable and lowered the spreader
bar that Kelly was attached to. Nancy got on one side and untied the rope and Eve untied the
other side, they then took Kelly’s bra off. Me and the other
two men watched as Nancy and Eve brought Kelly over to us,
and then had her knell down in front of us, I walked up to Kelly
first, undid my jeans and pulled them down, then my underwear.
Daniel and Greg were getting their clothes off as well.
Next I walked closer to Kelly’s face, I placed the head of
my cock to her lips, and she opened up her mouth. I slid my
cock into her warm, wet mouth. I reached around behind her head and pulled her forward
as I started to fuck her mouth, deeper and deeper into her
mouth I fucked. She was sucking hard on my cock, I slid it deeper into her
mouth, about gagging her, then pulling back, I wanted her
to taste my cum, but not just yet. I had her stop sucking on me, and I pulled my cock out, next,
Daniel moved in front of her, sliding his cock into her mouth.
Kelly moved her mouth slowly down on his cock, taking it
deeper and deeper; Daniel took his hand and placed it on
the back of Kelly’s head, holding her head there while he
began to fuck her mouth. He fucked her mouth harder and harder, I watched as the shaft
of his cock vanished into Kelly’s mouth. He grabbed the back of her head, pulling her forward; all
the way down on his cock, forcing it deep in her mouth, and
almost gagging her, she continued to suck on it. Daniel
held her head still, her mouth all the way down on his shaft.
Unlike when I had her suck my cock, Daniel was going to feed
her a load now. He told her to swallow, as he began to cum.
Kelly continued to take his cock as he feed her his load of
cum, he held her head until he finished, then let up lightly.
Kelly then moved her mouth up and down over his cock, sucking
it clean. Once Daniel was finished, it was Greg’s turn to use that
hot mouth of Kelly’s. Greg’s cock was an average length
but very thick. It was difficult for Kelly to really get
into her mouth, but she did her best. Greg was gentle with her, placing the head of his thick cock
into her mouth first, then slowly feeding a little more
into her. I watched as he feed his cock into her mouth, a little at a
time and then would stop, then feed her a little more. Kelly began to move her mouth up and down on his cock, working
her mouth around it. Greg placed his hand behind Kelly’s
head, and slowly fucked her mouth. I had never seen a cock
as thick as his, I could tell this was a real challenge for
Kelly to do; however, she was doing very well. Greg continued to fuck her mouth for a little while, then
stopped, and pulled his cock out. Nancy and Eve pulled Kelly up off the floor, and then lead
her over to the pillory; Greg opened up the top half and the
ladies placed Kelly’s head and hands into the padded holes,
then Greg closed the top back down, locking Kelly into the
device. There Kelly was, standing in this device, locked in. Daniel and Greg began to run their hands over Kelly’s smooth
ass cheeks. Eve took the blindfold off of Kelly, and Nancy
walked over and picked out two paddles and laid them next
to Daniel and Greg. Next, Eve and Nancy told me to come with them; we walked over
to the bed which was in front of the pillory. Nancy told me
to lie back on the bed, and I did so. I looked over at Kelly, her eyes, locked on me and the two
women. I then watched as Daniel and Greg began to lightly
spank Kelly’s ass with their hands, one would spank her,
then the other. Then they both would rub on her ass. They started to spank her harder, Kelly taking every spank
that would come, every once in a while she would close her
eyes and breathe a little deep, the men would stop the spanking
and run her ass until she regained her composure. Daniel asked Kelly if she was ready for a little more, Kelly
told him, “Yes sir, thank you.” Then they would continue, but now, they picked up the paddles,
each of them would take turns, giving Kelly three pops each,
then they would rub the smooth wooden paddle across her
ass for a minute, and they both took turns paddling her ass.
I was lying on the bed, directly in front of Kelly. Nancy
and Eve both had taken their clothes off now. The bodies
of both the ladies were stunning. Nancy and Eve both were
lightly tan, the both had very firm, and medium size breasts,
and beautiful curves. Nancy got on the bed, positioned herself between my legs,
she took my cock and began to fondle it, licking on it, down
my shaft and then placing my balls in her mouth and sucking
it them. Her mouth was so warm, my cock became erect quickly as she
continued to fondle my cock, and licking up and down the
shaft, then she slowly placed it into her mouth. Eve got onto the bed next, placed a knee on each side of my
head, she squatted down low enough for me to begin sucking
on her clit. I could hear the paddle in the distance as it stuck Kelly’s
ass, spanking her harder and harder, then stopping to give
her a break, then continuing once again. But hear was all I could do, I could not see anything since
I had Eve’s legs on each side of my face. I worked on Eve, sucking
her clit, her pussy lips, running my tongue darting in and
out of her pussy. Eve sat down a little lower, I continued to suck on her clit,
and slowly slid a finger inside her wet pussy. Nancy was playing with my balls, and taking my cock all the
way down, sucking on it, and once in a while biting on it lightly.
Eve was leaning forward, running her hands over my chest
and playing with my nipples, then running her hands down
over my check and down to my stomach. Eve had Nancy stop, and then Eve placed my cock in her mouth
and began to suck. Nancy moved off the bed, I could catch a glimpse of her walking
over where Kelly was in the pillory, then she got up in the
built on chair that was placed in front of the persons face,
she was making Kelly go down on her, telling her to suck on
her clit. Daniel and Greg stopped the spanking of Kelly, and were
now running their hands over her ass, and teasing her asshole
as they would run fingers up and down the crack of her ass.
Eve moved, my view was gone, I continued to suck and nibble
on her clit, I reached up and began to play with her breasts,
and she began to rock her hips, her pussy and clit now rubbing
over my mouth. Then she stopped sucking on me, changed positions, she
was going to ride my dick. She grabbed my cock and slowly slid it inside of her wet and
hot pussy. I reached up and began to caress her breast. I now glanced
over to watch what was going on with Kelly. Nancy was laid back in the seat with Kelly eating her out.
Daniel lubed up Kelly’s ass and got behind her, and slowly
slid his cock into her ass and began to fuck her deeply, slapping
her bottom now and then. Daniel thrust deeper and deeper into Kelly’s ass, holding
her hips, giving her all he had, as hard and deep as he could
go. Nancy moved out of the chair, I could now see Kelly’s face,
the glimmer of liquid from being forced to eat out Nancy’s
pussy. Kelly looked up, and watched as Eve was riding my cock, and
moaned out as she herself was having her ass fucked. But I could tell, she was enjoying it all. Greg reached under
Kelly and began to tease her breast, pinching on her nipples,
caressing and squeezing. Eve was ridding me harder, and faster, and Nancy had walked
over and was sucking on Eve’s breast. Eve was moaning out,
as she began to ride faster, her pussy tightening around
the shaft of my cock. I was doing all I could do to not get off,
but it didn’t help, I groaned out, my cock exploded, I could
feel the cum as it shoot deep inside of Eve. At the same time, Eve was climaxing riding me faster and
harder till she moaned out loudly, reaching the peak of
her climax. Then Eve climbed off of me, and off the bed. Walked over and
got up on the chair placed in front of Kelly and told her to
suck all my cum out of her pussy, to lick it clean, and don’t
leave anything. Kelly did as she was told, her face going down between her
legs, and began to suck my cum out of Eve’s pussy. Kelly sucked
it all out, licking up and down between Eve’s pussy lips,
making sure she didn’t miss a drop. Eve then moved Kelly’s face away, got up and came back to
the bed. Nancy had already climbed on the bed and was riding my cock,
Eve climbed up on the bed and began to kiss Nancy, and was
caressing her breasts, and then moved her mouth down and
sucked on her breasts. Nancy was riding me harder and faster, deeper my cock went
into her pussy. I looked over, Greg was about to have his turn with Kelly’s
ass, his thick cock, I wasn’t sure Kelly was going to be able
to handle it. Greg walked around behind Kelly, took the lube and placed
it on his cock, and on her ass, he then slowly began to slide
the head of his cock into her ass, Kelly moaned out, but not
bad. Greg asked if she was alright, she told him she was,
he then slid it a little further into her ass, and then deeper,
now all the way in, he began to fuck her ass. She moaned out,
“yessss!”. He began to fuck her faster; Kelly was taking his thick cock
up her ass, and enjoying every bit of it. Nancy was riding me fast, and like Eve, I felt her pussy tighten
up around my cock, very tight, she road it faster and faster.
Eve moved behind Nancy and was spanking her ass as she was
ridding me. Nancy began to moan out, loud, climaxing, and spraying
all over me; I could feel her fluid flow down my balls and
between the crack of my ass. Again she cried out, “yessss, oh god YESsSSS!!!” Greg was fucking Kelly’s ass harder and faster, Kelly was
climaxing as well, “Oh god! Fuck my ass harder, please!!,
YEsss” Greg gave her ass everything he had, and then began to shoot
his load up her ass, he groaned out, “DAMMMM, Yesss!! Fucking
hell!!” Both Kelly and Greg climaxed together, and then sighed.
Nancy climbed off of me, and both ladies got down off the
bed, they both walked over behind Kelly, running their
hands over Kelly’s extremely red ass, and then picked up
a bottle of lotion and began to rub each of her ass cheeks
down, then her legs, her back. Daniel unlocked Kelly out of the Pillory, and helped her
up and out. I had gotten up off the bed, Eve, and Nancy took Kelly to the
bed. Laid her down and gave her a full body rub down, caressing
each and every part of her body. Kissing and sucking on her
breasts. Each woman took turns going down on Kelly, sucking,
kissing and teasing her clit. I watched as these two ladies took extra special care of
Kelly, tenderly touching and soothing every part of her
body. Once they were finished, I brought over Kelly’s clothes
and laid them next to her, we kissed, I looked into her eyes
and once again told her how much I loved her, as she said the
same to me. The evening ended there, we all got dressed and went up stairs,
talked a little, then Greg, and Eve left. Kelly and I went to the bedroom, there we made love for hours,
the events of the evening still in our head, but we felt somehow
closer, and more bonded. The next day, we thanked Daniel and Eve for being such great
host, and let them know we looked forward to seeing them
again sometime soon. They took us back to the truck, and
were on our way. What an event, it was so wild, and so wonderful, Kelly and
I both enjoyed something neither of us had ever done before.

~Chaz & Kelly~

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great story


rm_SultryKelly replies on 4/29/2007 10:29 pm:
Thank you, I appreciate your compliment. Chaz

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This was a very nice erotic story wish my wife and I were there!


rm_SultryKelly replies on 4/29/2007 10:28 pm:
Thank you, it would probably be very interesting to make this story become a reality for Kelly and I.

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WOW! What an awesome story...please be sure to add more...some
great adventures.