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A Matter Of Trust, A Matter Of Self-Control


She laughs at his frown as they walk through the door. She
turns towards him as he closed the door behind them.

"What's wrong, honey?" she asks him, smiling

He smirks and replies, "You've been very naughty."

"Oh what ever do you mean, sir?" she asks innocently.

His frown wavers as it follows with a chuckle.

"You know darn well what I mean."

He leans in and kisses her. He feels her arms wrapping about
him as his lips press firmly against her lips. His back now
leans against the door. His eyes close as their kiss continues.
He hears an audible click as the lock on the door is turned.

She could feel him leaning in before she saw him leaning
in. She knew him well. She knows what makes him happy. Knows
what makes him sad. Oh and she definitely knows what makes
him horny. Maybe it was the little devil in her, but she also
loves to keep him teased. The longer she teases, the better.
She smiles inwardly as he leans towards her, kissing her.
Her lips return the kiss, equally passionate. Her mouth
opens, knowing his tongue would soon follow.

He turns his head slightly as they kiss. His tongue moves
into her mouth with ease. He hears her moan as his tongue
touches her tongue lightly. His passion on fire, lit by
her teases throughout the evening. He is more than glad
that they are home. Not sure if he could take any more of her
public teasing. He had suggested they retire back home.
He was so relieved when she agreed. All the way home, she
continued to tease him in one form or another. He knows she
had been doing it on purpose. He had noticed it after dinner.
The way she looked at him or touched him. She knows where
to touch him, nothing obvious as his cock. But a well placed
kiss to his neck. Or the tone in which she spoke when discussing
what they would like to do for the rest of the evening. Then
there was the way she stroked his arm or touched his leg.
He would have missed it were it not for his body telling him
his current situation, uncomfortable arousal.

She is not sure how it came about. Maybe it has been building
up the last couple of weeks. They haven't seen one another
over the last few weeks for various reasons. Mostly it was
because of work or work related obligations. Maybe it's
her subconscious telling her something; she laughs to
herself on their way home. If it was not for the phone calls
late at night or the notes sent to each other over the computer,
she is sure she would have grabbed him in the restaurant,
throwing him on the table to have right there. It feels like
an eternity since she's kissed him or touched him,
let alone sees him. As the evening progressed, everything
felt 'right'. She was sending him signals. She
had often laughed that he called these 'signals'

Now, here they are, standing against the door. She could
feel that his body had received her signals. It is obvious
in the way his hardness press against his pants. And through
his pants, she can feel him, consciously or unconsciously,
grinding himself against her.

He loves the feel of her body pressing against his. His arms
move up to wrap about her as he pulls her closer. All the while,
their lips continued to kiss. He moans slightly as her lips
move about his tongue, only letting him move but not letting
him out. He also feels her hands move down his back and up
his sides, stroking him.

She smiles inwardly again as her mouth pulls at his tongue.
She slides her tongue tip against his tongue, feeling his
body react with a slight shiver. She almost laughs as her
hands move down his sides and reaches behind him to grab
his ass. She moves her hips forward, anticipating his body's
reaction. She feels his hardness press against her.

He hears himself moan again as her hands grab his ass. He
feels her grind against him, against his hardness as his
body moves his hips forward. He feels her hands release
him and move back up his sides. His tongue moves along her
tongue, hoping to lure her tongue into his mouth. But to
his frustration, her tongue does not follow along and move
into his mouth. He feels her hands moving towards his chest.
He subconsciously follows the movements of her hands but
his concentration focuses on her lips pressing so nicely
against his lips and her hips and body leaning so pleasurably
against his body. His back is firmly leaning against the
door as her hands reach his chest. He feels her hands firmly
press against his chest.

She presses her hands against his chest, allowing her to
push away from their kiss. She smiles at his expression.

"Honey, I'm thirsty, " she says as she
turns around.

Taking a step towards the living room, she turns and looks
over her shoulder, saying with an innocent smile, "Mind
getting me some juice while I change into something more

"Tease!" is his first reply.

His second is a quick slap on her ass.

She skips forward as his hand smacks her ass. She exclaims
a quick 'Ooo!' and laughs, continuing on her path
towards the living room then making a quick left into the

He watches her walk off, a grin on his face. He stares at her
ass as she walks into the living room. It was as if she knew
he was staring at her. He sees her turn her head again and
look at him. He automatically lifts his hand and waves to
her. He sees her smile and makes a left turn towards the bedroom.
He slaps his own forehead realizing he had just waved to
her. Shrugging to himself, he turns left and walks into
the kitchen.

He takes a couple of glasses out of the cupboard and puts
them on the counter. Opening the fridge, he looks inside.
Seeing a selection, he pulls away from the fridge.

"Honey! What kind of juice do you want?" he yells

"Anything!" she says.

Then she asks, "Wait, do we have anything with passion

"Nice, " he says to himself.

Looking in the fridge, he picks out something with passion
fruit in it. Puts the container on the counter. As he opens
the fridge to take out the tray of ice, he wonders to himself
why she is teasing him so much. It is not that he didn't
like it, but she seems to keep him teased. He wonders how
much more she's going to tease him before offering
him more. Shrugging to himself, he drops a couple of ice
cubes into each cup.

She walks over to the closet and takes out a tank top and silk-like
bottoms. They are her pajamas but he has seen them on more
than one occasion. Moreover, she figures that they're
in for the evening. Might as well get comfortable. She kicks
off her shoes as she unbuttons her pants. She pulls her pants
down and sits on the bed. She unbuttons her blouse and slips
out of it. She quickly proceeds to undo her bra.

He grins to himself as he thinks of ways to get even. He finishes
pouring the juice into the glasses and quickly puts the
container back into the fridge. He grabs a glass and walks
out into the living room. Seeing that she isn't there,
he walks over and places the glass on a coaster. He sits down
and patiently waits for her to return.

She pulls on her tank top and walks out to the living room.
She sees him sitting there and a single glass on the coffee
table. She looks at him questioningly.

"Only one glass?" she asks.

Smiling, he answers, "Well, I thought we could share.
Being that I'm not that thirsty and all."

Shrugging, she walks over to him and sits beside him. As
she starts to reach for the glass, she hears him say.

"No no, relax, dear." he says, "Let me
help you with this."

He reaches over and picks up the glass. He moves the glass
towards her.

"You're going to spill that on me, aren't
you?" she asks suspiciously.

He laughs and shakes his head, "Now would I do that?"

"Other guys, no. You? A resounding yes."

His expression screws up into a mock hurt expression, "You
wound me, lady."

She snorts.

"Really, let me help you with this." he said
and reaches over with a glass.

She watches him as the glass approaches her lips. She leans
her head forward a little and he tilts the glass slightly
so that she could take a drink from it. She continues to watch
him as he withdraws the glass.

"Now, did I pour it all over you?"

"No, " she answers, "But that's
because I'm watching you."

"Now why would I possibly want to pour this juice all
over you? It will ruin the couch!"

She smirks, holds up her hand and ticks off a finger for every
answer, "One, you want to get even. Two, you want to
see me jump up and down. Three, you want to see me all wet.
Four, you'd do anything to get me out of my clothes.

"Stop!" he said, "I get the picture but
I still say you're wrong."

She nods severely at him.

He chuckles and continues, "Okay, how about this.
Close your eyes, keep your hand on my hand and I'll continue
to help you with this drink. We'll call it a test of trust."

She continues to stare at him suspiciously.

He laughs and reaches over and takes her hand. He guides
her hand onto his wrist.

"Now, if you think I am tilting the glass too far over
-- you can push my hand away."

He smiles at her waiting for an answer. Seeing that none
was coming, he leans over and lightly licks her lips. He
tastes the juice on her lips and presses his lips against
her lips once more and kisses her. After she responds, he
pulls away.

"Come on, close your eyes, ” he urges her.

She takes a deep breath and releases it. She closes her eyes.
As she feels his hand moving forward, she opens her eyes
and looks at him.

"Don't try anything funny."

Shaking his head, "I wouldn't do that, dear."

She glares at him as he chuckles. She closes her eyes once
more. She feels his hand move forward. The cool glass touches
her bottom lip. She opens her mouth slightly as he tilts
the glass. The juice moves onto her lower lip as it slips
into her mouth. The juice is nice and cold and she takes a
mouth full. She leans forward as he pulls away the glass.

"See? That wasn't so bad, ” he says to her, "The
big mean man didn't pour juice all over you, now did

She opens one eye and looks at him.

He laughs, "More?"

She shrugs to herself and closes her eye.

Taking her non-verbal reply as a reply, he tilts the glass
once more against her lower lip. He watches as the liquid
pours into her mouth. The juice fills her mouth and he pulls
the glass away from her lip. He watches as she closes her
mouth. A single drop spills from her lips and trails down
the corner of her mouth towards her jaw. He leans in and kisses
the head of that drop. His mouth takes the juice in and he
follows the path of the juice. He moves up her jaw to the corner
of her mouth. His lips touch her lips. He sucks gently on
her lips to take the juice. His lips reach her lips and he
presses them against her.

She could almost picture the drop of juice spilling from
her lips. She didn't swallow the juice; she waited
for him to kiss her on the lips. Her mouth opens slightly
as his lips matched her. She slides her juice soaked tongue
into his mouth and she feels him respond by closing his lips
around her. She feels him slowly sucking on her tongue.
After a moment, she pulls her tongue back into her mouth
and squeezes her mouth. Some juice spills out of her mouth
into his mouth.

He was shocked at first, feeling the juice pouring into
his mouth from her. Realizing it was the juice, he slowly
swallowed. He continued to kiss her for a while more and
pulls back.

She opens her eyes as she feels him pulling away. She looks
at him as he smiles at her.

"I think that was a successful test, ” he said.

"Now are you going to pour that juice onto me?"

He laughs and says, "No. I wouldn't."

After a pause, he looks at her and asks, "Unless you
want me to?"

She chuckles as she pushes his hand away when she feels him
moving the glass towards her.

"I see you still don't trust me, " he says
smiling at her.

"Oh, I trust you. It's just with certain things
that I don't trust you with, " she replies.

Raising an eyebrow, he asks, "Oh? Like what things?"

"Little things like that, " she answers as
she points over at the glass of juice in his hand.

"And things that concern this, " she continues
her reply as she reaches over and pats his crotch.

She was somewhat surprised to find that he was still aroused.
She pulls her hand away before she is tempted to do something
more. She pulls her eyes away from his crotch and looks directly
at his questioning face.

She stammers slightly and finishes, "Especially
when it doesn't get its way."

"Oh, I get it!" he laughs, "You don't
think I can control myself."

She smiles and winks at him, "You said it, not me."

With his free hand, he grabs a hold of her wrist. And pulls
her up off the couch, he takes her towards the bedroom.

"See?" she states, "Where are you taking

He looks over his shoulder at her and says, "Well,
we're going to continue this game of trust in the bedroom.
I'll prove to you I have everything under control."

She laughs, but follows him into the bedroom.

He walks her over to the edge of the bed. He bends over the
nightstand and puts the glass of juice onto a coaster. He
places both hands on her shoulders and gently pushes her
down on the bed.

"Wait right there." he says as he turns towards
the closet.

She sits patiently waiting for him. She looks over her shoulder
at him, as he seems to be rummaging for something.

"Honey, where do you keep those scarves?" he
asks from the closet.

She rolls her eyes and says, "On the left side."

"Where? I don't.. Oh! Got it."

She watches him as he walks out of the closet with a hanger
full of her scarves.

"What are you going to do with those?" she asks,
"You're not cold are you? You're going to
wear them?"

He grins at her, "No no. It's for the trust game."

He pulls one scarf off the hanger.

"Careful with that!" she exclaims.

He chuckles and walks over to her. He holds a corner of the
scarf in each hand and twirls them so the scarf becomes a
band of material. He lowers it over her eyes and she pulls

"What are you doing?" she asks, slightly annoyed

"Well, I figured we can test your trust and our self
control all in one shot." he said with a grin.

Not sure what he means, but still interested in what he is
doing, she shrugs. She sees him lowering the scarf over
her eyes. Then she feels him tie it around her head. It covers
her eyes completely. She reaches out and touches his stomach
then moves her hand up his body to his hand.

"Okay. I'm going to test your trust."

She nods.

"I promise not to stick my dick into you unless you
tell me I can."

She laughs but nods. She is not sure he can do it. It has been
a while for both of them. They haven't seen each other
in a while so this might even be tough for her also. She knows
that he'll give in first. She smiles to herself. She
normally does not go for this kind of stuff but tonight she
feels excited about it.

He leans in and kisses her lips lightly. He feels her respond
but she doesn't push forward. He moves back and sees
her lips in mid kiss. He picks up the glass of juice and places
the glass against her lower lip.

She feels the glass against her lip again and she opens her
mouth. She could feel him tilting the glass towards her.
She feels the cool juice flowing again into her mouth. She
drinks it, slowly. The ice cube hitting her lip startles
her. It is cold against her. She pushed slightly forward
and she could feel him tilting the glass back. She hears
the ice cube hit the bottom of the glass.

She hears him putting the glass on the coaster again. She
feels his fingers sliding lightly along her cheek. She
tilts her head slightly against his fingers. She misses
feeling him stroking her skin these past few weeks. She
almost moans at his touch. With her mind's eye, she
follows his fingers.

The backs of his fingers trail along her cheek. They move
up towards her ear and just before touching her ear, they
move down. Gliding lightly, touching softly against her
skin, his fingers move down the side of her neck.

She feels his fingers moving slowly down her neck, it feels
like tiny electricity sparking between his fingers and
her neck. She grew excited. She is enjoying this. She continues
to follow his fingers as he moves down from her neck. His
fingers move down her shoulder until they reach the strap
of her tank top. She almost sighs as he pulls his fingers
off of her skin.

She feels his fingers touch the bottom of her tank top. She
feels him lifting it.

"Raise your arms, dear, " he whispers lightly.

She found herself obeying, lifting her arms as he pulls
the tank top off of her. Once again, she sees him staring
at her. She could almost feel his eyes staring at her breasts.
She knows he wants to lean forward and just take her into
his mouth. She bites her lower lip as she realizes she wants
him to do just that. Almost sighing, she feels the cooler
air touch her naked skin. She shivered as she felt his lips
touch her neck. She feels his warm breathing trailing her
skin as he moves his lips lightly along her neck down to her
shoulder. She feels his hands moving between her arms and
her body. She follows his lips instead of his hands then.
She feels his lips moving down her shoulder towards her
left breast.

His lips moves down her left breast and she feels herself
pushing her chest forward slightly. Her nipples tingle.
They tingle with the anticipation of the feel of his lips
against them. She opens her mouth as his lips touches her
nipple. Slowly at first, with his soft lips. Slowly squeezing
her nipple then carefully she feels his lips close about
her. She shuddered as she feels his mouth pulling her nipple.
She feels her nipple harden in his mouth and against his
soft lips. She reaches up with her hands and brushes her
fingers into his hair.

He continues to suck on her nipple as he moves his hands from
behind her and reaches up to take hold of her hands. He pulls
her hands away from his hair as he gently licks the tip of
her nipple with the tip of his tongue. He feels her shiver
again. He guides her hands down to the bed and presses them
against the bed.

She feels him pushing her hands against the bed and lifts
his off her. She sighed as he releases her nipple. The cool
air hitting her already hard nipple causes her to take in
a quick breathe. She waits for him to touch her again. She
feels her entire body tingling now. Anticipating, hoping
for his lips to touch her. She did not wait long as his lips
touched her right nipple. She heard herself moan as his
lips closes around her nipple. Her nipple was hard before
he touched this one. She pushed forward again, pressing
her breast against his face. She feels him sucking against
her nipple as she feels his fingers on the waist of her pants.
She feels his fingers slip in under the front of her waistband.
She feels him pull away from her nipple and again the cool
air hits her wet nipple.

"Lean back, " she heard him say.

She leans back and feels his fingers sliding deeper into
her pants and panties to take hold of them. She feels him
pulling and she lifts her ass up so he can pull the pants and
panties down. She feels him sliding the clothes down to
her ankles. She feels his hands on her ankles. She feels
his hands gently slide over her feet to make sure she does
not have any shoes on. His fingers moved lightly over her
feet, caressing her. She pushes her feet against his hands
as he slides his hands away from her feet; he pulls her pants
and panties off of her ankles, one at a time. Then she feels
his lips on her knees. Kissing one then the other.

"Sit up, " she heard him say.

She obeys and sits up. She feels his mouth on her right nipple
again, causing her to sigh with pleasure. She feels him
sucking and letting go of her nipple. She moans then as she
feels his teeth rake lightly across her nipple.

He pulls away from her nipple and places his hands on her

She feels his lips on her once again. And again, she eagerly
returns his kiss. Slowly their lips press against each
other. Then their mouths opens and their tongue began exploring
each other and each other’s mouths. She could feel his arm
moving about her shoulder, holding her. She feels him pull
away from their wonderful kiss.

"I want you to lift your legs up and lay down on the bed."

As he instructs her, he guides her with his hands. He feels
more of her body weight pressing against his supporting
arm. He watches as she presses her hands on the bed and turn
slightly as she lifts her legs up from the floor onto the
bed. As she leans back, his arm guides her back gently onto
the bed.

She sees herself now, laying on her back naked on the bed.
A blind fold over her eyes and the cool night air caressing
her warm skin. She shivers slightly as he sits next to her
on the bed. She feels him lean over and his lips touch her.
She kisses him before he kisses her. She hears him moan slightly
as he pulls away once more.

She hears him touch the glass of juice again by the way the
ice is jiggling against the glass. She waited for him to
put the glass to her lips. She is shocked to feel something
cold against her lips. She opens her mouth and he slides
the ice cube along her bottom lip.

He watches her as he runs the ice cube along her lip. He saw
her move, startled at the coldness that touches her lips.
He smiled to himself and looked down at the rest of her. He
closed his eyes, recalling his promise to her. He looks
back up as his finger moved the ice cube.

She feels the ice cube move from her lower lip down to her
chin. She shivers against the coldness. Her body continues
to tingle at his teasing. She feels him leaning over and
kiss her cold lower lip. She returns the kiss as the ice cube
moves down from her chin onto her neck. She gasps as he sucks
on her cold lower lip as the ice cube moves down the front
of her neck. His mouth releases her lower lip and moves down
the trail of cold along her skin. She shivers at the feel
of his hot mouth against the cold trail along her skin. She
follows his lips as his lips follow the ice cube. The ice
cube reaches the hollow of her throat and starts to move
slowly towards her right breast. His lips moved slowly
along, kissing and warming her skin.

She could feel herself arch her back as the ice cube moved
along her right breast towards her nipple. She was getting
very excited at the feel of the coldness against her skin
followed by the warmth of his mouth. She 'watched'
as the ice cube moves closer and closer to her nipple. She
gasps as the ice cube touched her nipple. Her body shivers
as he starts to circle her nipple with the ice cube. His mouth
moves slowly along the trail, coming closer and closer
to her nipple.

She feels the ice cube moving away from her now very cold
nipple. She was hard and his mouth was moving towards her.
The ice cube moves down the bottom of her right breast as
his lips closes over her cold, hard nipple. She moans at
the feel and pushes up against his face. The ice cube trails
down towards her belly button. Slowly, his mouth sucks on her nipple. Pulling her in. Warming
her with his lips and tongue. She sighs with relief as her
nipple is warmed. She shivers again as his lips release
her nipple and continues to trail the ice cube. Carefully
following the wet trail, he moves his lips towards her belly
button. The ice cube moves down from her belly button towards
her bush. She could feel her hips moving, moving against
the ice cube as it approached her. She could feel his tongue
licking her cold belly button. She gasps as he stops moving
the ice cube. She feels the coldness melting on her skin
right above her bush. She 'sees' his lips moving
down from her belly button towards the ice cube. She continues
to follow his lips as he reaches the ice cube. Suddenly,
the ice cube wasn't pressed against her skin. His lips
were gone from her too.

She still feels her hips moving slightly. She could feel
him shift along the bed down her side. She feels his hands
on her legs, guiding them apart. She opens her mouth, waiting
in anticipation.

She could feel him guiding her legs, bending her leg so that
her feet were on the bed. She felt his lips then, wet against
her inner thigh right above her knee. She feels him moving
slowly along her inner thigh, lips trailing. Then she gasps
and her hands shot right up to his head. She felt the coldness
of the ice cube pressed against her inner thigh. His lips
around the ice cube, the tip exposed. The warmth of his lips
and the coldness of the ice cube send a tingling sensation
up and down her body. Her hands lay on his head as his lips
guided the ice cube along her inner thigh. Slowly he moves
the ice cube, trailing up her hot skin. She shivers and moans
at the feel of his lips and the cold ice cube against her inner
thigh, moving up her upper inner thigh towards her pussy.
Her hands seem to push as he moves closer to her pussy.

Slowly she feels less and less of the cold against her upper
inner thigh. Then it was only his lips. As his lips move close
to her pussy, he stops and pulls away. She feels his hands
on her hands, pulling her off his head.

He guides her hands over her head and presses them against
the pillow.

She feels him getting off the bed. She hears a rustling of

"Well, if you're going to insist on using your
hands." he said.

She felt his hand touch her left wrist. She could feel the
scarf around her wrist as he ties her to arm to the headboard.
He didn't tie it tight, just firmly enough to remind
her not to move. She could feel him do the same to her other

She imagined herself again. Naked on the bed, blindfolded.
Her arms above her head tied to the bed. On her body, wet trails
from a melting ice cube. She thought she must trust him to
let him do this to her. Right? She is excited. Excited because
she hears him coming back to the bed. Also excited because
she cannot wait to see, or feel what is next.

She feels his hands on her, with a soft towel wiping the wetness
of the ice cube from her skin. The towel moves from her neck
down towards her breast. His lips touch her lips. Kissing
once then moves smoothly and softly along her skin. The
towel leading the way for his lips, leading a bit more firmly
on her skin. She feels the heat of his face over her skin,
so close and so far. The touch of his lips, barely touching
and so softly kissing sends tiny sparks along her skin.

As the towel passes over her still wet nipple, she feels
his fingers forming around her with the towel. He teases
her nipple with the towel, squeezing and pinching a few
times. As his lips lightly come upon her breast, the towel
releases her nipple and moves down her breast following
the trail of wetness.

She is only vaguely aware of the movement of the towel; her
focus is on his lips so agonizingly slow in approaching
her nipple. She feels the scarves that are tied around her
wrists as she realizes that she had been involuntarily
trying to touch his head, to guide him directly to her tingling

The towel moves down to her stomach as his lips lightly touch
her nipple. Her hands still pull against the constraints
of the scarves as she arches her back, trying to push her
breast, her nipple harder against his lips. A sigh or moan
escapes her lips; she cannot decide which, as his lips take
in her nipple.

His lips press against her breast and nipple.

She arches her back again, this time at the pleasure of his
lips squeezing her nipple.

His lips release her nipple but she can still feel the warmth
of him near her skin. The towel now moves down between her
legs. She moans at the feel of his hand and that of the towel
moving down, stroking her. Her legs spread slightly allowing
him more access to her. She feels her hips move in response
to his hand moving down across her pussy. As her hips move
up against his hand, she feels his tongue flick lightly
over her nipple. Both sensations cause a gasp to escape
her lips.

She feels his tongue tip, moving across her nipple. It sends
a bolt of sensual electricity through her. She also feels
the towel, rubbing, stroking downward across her clit
and pussy. This sends another bolt up and down her body.
She was not sure which to press against what. She pulls against
the scarves again, hoping to pull more of him on top of her.
She moans again as his hand moves up with the towel, up along
her pussy and over her clit. She pushes her hips, moving
herself, trying to get a rhythm going. His tongue moves
across her hard nipple, sending more and more bolts through

His tongue flicks across her nipple once more and stops
as his lips press against her breast, over her nipple. His
hand presses the towel fully against her pussy. His only
movement caused by the gently pushing of her hips.

She waits. She could feel his lips around her nipple. She
can feel his hand pressing against her pussy through the
towel. She waits still. She almost screamed as his teeth
touched her nipple. She can feel his teeth gently raking
her nipple. She can also feel his hand, or his fingers pressing
against her pussy. She moves her hips, stroking herself
with his fingers.

Slowly, she feels his lips now sucking her nipple. Every
time his mouth pulls her nipple into him, his hands stroke
down along her pussy. Her body trembles lightly at this
with every stroke. Her mouth opens as her nipple enters,
pulled by his mouth. His hand, moving the towel up and down
her pussy.

The towel slides down across her pussy once more and moves
across her thigh, following again, the wet trail left by
the ice cube. His mouth pulls away from her hard nipple.
She feels her body continue to move from the simultaneous
sensations of his hot mouth and soft towel.

The towel finishes wiping down her thigh and lifts off her
skin. She felt his lips kiss her breast beside her nipple
once and pull away. She waited again, listening for him.
She realizes that her body was still moving slightly from
his touch and her breathing is only now just slowing down.
She turns her head at the direction of a draw opening and
closing. She hears him approaching the bed and wonders
what he is about to do. She feels his lips on her lips, kissing
her once. Then a second time. She feels him pull away.

She feels something touch her nose. It was soft; it tickles
her and itches her nose at the same time. It moves up from
her nose to the bridge of her nose, and then slowly moves
back down. She tries to imagine what it may be. It could be
a tissue corner, but it feels too silky. It moves down her
nose to her upper lip. It could also be the corner of a silk
scarf, but it's too stiff for that.

She feels him running it across her lower lip. It moves slowly
from left to right. Then it moves back across. Slowly, it
runs back halfway across her lower lip and then down towards
her chin. She feels more of it now and realizes it is a feather.

The feather moves down her chin, lightly running along
her neck. She arches her back as the feather moves down her
chest, carefully between her breasts. It moves around
her right breast, trailing the feather's smooth silky
fingers along her exposed underside of her breast. She
hears herself moan, arching her back more. Her hands tied
over her head and her arching back exposes more of the underside
of her breasts. She feels the feather moving so slowly across
the bottom of her breast. It causes an erotically electrical
sensation to run up and down her spine coming directly from
the feather through her skin. She moves her body to the left,
trying to get more of the feather along her skin. But slowly,
he moves the feather, coming from below and over the top
of her breast. She waits as the feather circles around and
moves down between her breasts again. This time, the feather
moves along her left breast, touching lightly across the
bottom of her left breast. She pulls at the scarves, wanting
to guide his movements. She hears herself whisper something
but does not know what she whispered. The feather moves
slowly up the left breast around again. He teases her breasts
this way, slowly a few more times. Then the feather moves
down between her breasts, down past them towards her stomach.

The tiny feathery and silky fingers of the feather move
along her skin and circle her belly button. It moves down
further and she finds herself spreading her legs, waiting
for it to touch her. She could feel him shift as the feather
moves. She ignores his movements concentrating on the
feather. It slides down past her belly button down across
her bush. She could feel her hips moving slightly, moving
against the feather. But the feather continues it's
teasingly light touch across her skin. She trembles slightly
as the tip of the feather touches her clit. It was so soft,
she barely felt it. But her mind's eye followed the
feather, imagining its movements with the feel of it across
her skin. She pictures the feather running lightly around
her clit the way it was moving. It's touch so lightly
that when she did feel it around her clit, it was shockingly
strong. Her body moves with the feather, moves as strongly
as any tongue against her.

The feather moves around her clit once more then down. She
could feel one of his hands on her leg, she wasn't sure
when he placed it there but she noticed it now. The feather
moves down along her pussy lip. Her body continues to move,
the sensation of the feather still strong around her clit.
Her head was pressed back against the pillow and her hands
wrapped around the scarves that are tied around her wrists.
She can feel her feet on the bed and her hips moving as the
feather moves along her pussy lip. She follows it again
with her mind as he runs the feather back up along her pussy
lip. She gasps at the feel of it on her clit again. Slowly
he circles her clit with the feather again. Then once more.
Finally, he moves the feather down her pussy once more.
Halfway down, the feather moves away from her pussy towards
her left leg. The feather trails across the bridge between
her pussy and leg. Lightly running, itching her skin. Then
slowly he raked the silky fingers of the feather along her
upper inner thigh. Moving slowly down.

As the feather reaches the inside of her left knee, she feels
his lips on the inside of her right knee. Slowly she feels
both the feather and his lips move up across her legs. His
warm breath and soft lips moving up her inner thigh while
the silky smooth fingers of the feather moves carefully
up her left inner thigh. She opens her mouth again and a moan
escapes. She was not sure which to follow, the feather or
his lips. Both moved slowly across her skin. Both sent tiny
sparks of sensual electricity along her skin up to her pussy.
Closer they both move along her skin. As the feather reaches
the bridge from her left leg to her pussy, his lips touched
the right one. His mouth opens and closes about the bridge.
She moans again feeling his hot wet mouth on her skin. She
feels him sucking her, pulling against her skin as the feather
continues across to her pussy. Lightly the feather moves
up along her pussy lip then touches her clit. She moans again
as she feels the feather circling lightly as his lips pull
against the skin between her leg and pussy. The feather
moves lightly around her clit causing her body to move harder.
His lips pressing and pulling against her. She feels his
tongue against her skin then, slowly flicking against
her skin in his mouth.

"Please, " she hears herself say.

The feather continues to circle her clit as his mouth continues
to suck against the bridge between her leg and pussy. She
pulls against the scarves but they won't come loose.
Her head presses against her right arm as her hips push against
him, trying to get his mouth to move or the feather to press
harder against her.

After another minute or so, her body continues to move.
She could hear herself saying 'please' again.
She was not sure what she was asking but she knew she wanted
to feel more. She gasps as he pulls his lips from her skin.
The cool air hitting the wet spot. The feather continues
to move around her clit. Her body, her hips continue to move.
She feels his hand touch her ass. The feather circles once
more and moves away from her clit.

Her body suddenly pushes up, thrusting her hips forward
as she felt his lips on her pussy lips. If the scarves weren't
around her wrists, she would have grabbed his head. But
all she could do was pull on them. She could feel his lips
kissing her pussy lips. Moving slowly up. Her body moves
against his face. She enjoys the feel of a much firmer sensation
against her. She waits as her body moves. She gasps and moans
at the same time. His lips touches her clit, kisses it. Then
surrounds it. She almost came, the sensation was so strong.
She moves her hips harder against his lips. Hoping to cum.
She feels his tongue tip moving across her clit. Her head
tilts forward and her hands pulling against the scarves.
She rocks her hips against him and against his tongue.

"No!" she heard herself scream as he pulls his
lips and tongue off her.

Her body still moves vigorously against the remembered
sensation of his touch.

"Not yet, " she heard him say to her.

The feather moves up past her belly button. She feels him
shifting below her. Her breathing still hard and her body
still moving. She once again followed the feather moving
up to her breast. She felt his lips on her skin above her belly
button, moving and following the trail of the feather.
Slowly the feather traced up to her left breast. The silky
fingers of the feather move up to the underside of her breast
and slowly around. His lips follow, moving lightly across
her skin to the underside of her breast. She could feel the
heat of his body over her as his lips move across the underside
of her breast. She tries to push herself up to feel his body
against her but he moves slightly, avoiding the touch.

The feather continues to move lightly around her breast
and his lips follow close behind. The feather circles slowly
down to her nipple. It rakes lightly across her nipple and
she feels his tongue do the same. She shivers at the feel.
It moves up away from her nipple, his lips once again following
obediently along her skin. The feather moves up to her neck
and she feel herself tilting her head back exposing more
of her neck. The feather moves up to her chin and his lips
lock around her chin, sucking once then releasing. The
feather moves up to her lower lip and once again moves across
it. Slowly from right to left. His lips touch her lower lip,
following the feather and kisses across it.

She feels him then. His body over her. She feels his skin
pressing against her skin, lying on top of her. She also
felt his hardness against her, between her legs. The underside
length of his cock laying over her pussy and clit. Her legs
wraps around his legs as his lips press against her lips.

She did not feel the feather anymore, nor did she care about
it. She felt him, his hardness pressing against her. Her
body is tingling with pent up sexual tension. She could
feel the release in the form of his throbbing against her.
She knows that he cannot wait either. She feels her body
moving against his hardness. The rough and silky feel of
his cock against her pussy and clit is just about to push
her over. She pulls against the scarves again, now annoyed
that she is restrained. She wants to run her hands down his
back, to grab his ass and thrust him into her. But no, she
cannot touch him. She pulls herself with her legs, moving
her hips against him. She moans at his hardness, his throbbing
against her clit. She kisses him harder as she feels his
hands moving under her and around her. Her hips move, stroking
herself against his cock. She hears him moan as she moves
herself faster. Her body shakes as she rubs against his
rough digit. She could feel him respond, his hips moving,
stroking the underside of his cock against her pussy and
clit. She feels his balls pressing against her pussy as
she moves against him.

She feels his lips pull away from her lips as she continues
to stroke herself against the underside of his cock. She
moans again as his cock throbs and slides against her. She
feels her wetness sliding across his cock and balls. She
could feel herself moving faster against him.

"Not yet, " she heard him say to her.

"No" she says as her legs grip his legs tighter,
"So close."

Her body shakes, the electricity of the evening building
up and the teasing all evening pushes against the dam of
her orgasm. She could feel him trying to pull off but her
legs wouldn't let him. She knew he was not trying very
hard because his hips continue to move with her, against
her. She starts to moan as her body moves harder, stroking
harder against the underside of his cock. She heard him
moan and it causes her to moan and thrust harder. She feels
it coming as her body tensed. She pushes harder, thrusting
her clit along his cock as she came. She could feel his lips
pressing against her lips, as she was cumming. His cock
stroking her pussy and clit. Her pussy sliding against
his hardness, almost wrapping around him as she thrusts
herself against it. Her clit on fire from sliding against
his smooth and hard cock. Her mind was blank with pleasure
as her body releases against his cock. She continues to
thrust as her body began to relax from her orgasm. She was
breathing hard but kissing him back nonetheless. Her legs
relax and slide down the side of his legs.

She feels his lips moving from her lips. His lips move down
her chin, back trailing the path of the feather along her
neck down to her breast. She finds herself pulling against
the scarves again as his lips touch the top of her breast.
Slowly and gently his lips move along her skin, moving around
and down the side of her breast and along the exposed skin
of the bottom of her breast. His tongue moves out of his mouth
and licks her there. Slowly and wetly across the bottom
of her breast. As he moves near the other side of her breast,
his tongue goes back into his mouth and his lips resume kissing.

The wetness left behind becomes cool by the night air as
his warm lips kiss towards the top of her breast. He moves
his lips down her breast, directly towards her nipple.

She moans lightly as his lips touch her nipple. His lips
squeeze her nipple. She arches her back to push her breast
against his mouth. She feels him suck her nipple harder,
pulling her against his tongue.

He releases her nipple and starts to kiss her breast again.
He moves from below her nipple down towards the bottom of
her breast. Slowly his lips move. Down past the wetness
left behind by his tongue, kissing lightly across. His
lips move across the skin of her stomach down over her belly

She feels him shift; his entire body slides down between
her legs. His hard cock moves along her pussy, sliding down
and away from her. She moans with pleasure at the feel of
him moving along her pussy. She is still a little sensitive
from the orgasm she just had. She feels his hands on her hips
as his lips move past her belly button. Slowly his lips move,
kissing and touching her skin through her bush.

His hands release her hips and slides down her legs. His
fingers squeezing her inner thighs as his lips touch her
clit. She moans and pushes her body up against his face.
She feels his tongue slide across her clit causing her to
moan again. Carefully his tongue flicks up across her clit.
She moves with his tongue. Her body pushes forward as his
tongue tip flicks up over her clit. Then her body pulls back
as his tongue pulls back. She continues to move this way
as his tongue flicks across her clit. She feels her next
orgasm building with every flick of his tongue.

She feels his hands moving down under her leg to her ass.
His fingers squeeze her as her body moves forward, his tongue
flicks up over her. She moves a little faster as his tongue
moves. Up - flick. Her hips thrust forward. Up - flick. Her
hands pull against the scarves. Up - flick. His hands squeeze
her as. She starts to moan continuously. Up - flick. His
hot breathe washing across her pussy.

His tongue flicks once more and moves around her clit, sending
another moan of pleasure from her mouth. She rolls her hips
as his tongue rolls around her clit. Then his tongue slides
down her pussy. She thrusts up, pushing herself against
him. His tongue slides between her pussy lips. He pushes
his tongue into her. Sliding as much as he could into her
as his lips press against her pussy. He moans, as he tastes
her. She moans as she feels him tasting her. Sliding his
tongue out and then back in, he begins to move. His hands
continue to squeeze her ass, causing her to move her hips
forward against his face. She moves, rocking her hips and
pushing her pussy against his face and onto his tongue.

She feels his tongue stroking her pussy, sliding in and
out of her. She moves her right leg over his shoulder as his
tongue slides faster in and out of her. She feels one hand
move from her ass as his other continues to squeeze her.
She pulls against the scarves forgetting she was still
tied. She feels the urge to grab his head and push him harder
against her pussy. Instead, she uses her right leg, pulling
him -- urging him against her. She feels his fingers sliding
under his tongue.

"Yes, " she heard herself say.

His fingers slide into her as she thrusts forward. Both
his fingers move deep into her as his tongue slides out.
She moans as she feels his tongue move along her pussy as
his fingers stroke her, deeper than his tongue. Stiffer
than his tongue. She moves against his fingers, his tongue
moves up and over her clit. She tilts her head back at the
feel of his tongue sliding slowly over her clit. The sensation
sends waves of pleasurable shock through her body.

She moans again as she pictures herself. Lying there, naked.
A scarf over her eyes. Her arms over her head, wrists tied
by silk scarves. Her legs spread. Her right leg over his
shoulder while his fingers slide in and out of her. His tongue
moving so slowly across her clit sending waves of pleasure
with every movement across. She moans again and thrusts
herself against his fingers.

His tongue moves up and down over her clit, slowly and firmly
against her. His fingers sliding and thrusting into her
wet pussy as her hips push forward onto his fingers. He feels
her moving faster, more urgently. He pulls his lips away
from her clit; his fingers continue to move in and out of

"Don't stop, " she says to him.

"No, not yet." he replies.

She moans and groans with slight frustration. Her body
continues to move against his fingers. But it was not enough.
She moves herself trying to stroke his hand against her

"I want to fuck you, ” he says quietly.

"Yes." she replies.

"I want to feel your pussy surround and suck my cock."

"Yes, I want to fuck your cock with my pussy"
she says urgently.

His fingers move harder against her as she moves against
his fingers. He can feel her pussy gripping his fingers
harder, squeezing him. He almost moans at the feel.

"I want to feel my hardness against your soft and silky
pussy, ” he says huskily.

"Put your cock in me." she said.

She feels almost sad as he pulls his fingers out of her. Her
body continues to move as she spreads her legs. She feels
him shifting between her legs. She can imagine him, kneeling
there holding his hardness before him. She can see him leaning
forward with his throbbing cock. She then feels his hardness
against her. She moans as her body moves. The tip of his cock
touches her clit. It moves up and down along her pussy.

She moans as he teases her with his cock head. She feels him
sliding the tip down between her pussy lips but not letting
her take him in as he wets himself with her juices. She feels
him sliding it back up along her pussy and rests the head
against her clit. She feels it, throbbing, almost thumping
against her clit. Her clit throbs in time with his. His hot
hardness feels different from the heat of her pussy and
clit. She feels herself moving, trying to get him into her.
She moans as she feels him throbbing.

"Please.." she says.

She feels it move again, it's head moving down across
her pussy. She feels her pussy lips spread as the cock pushes
in. She moans at the feel of his cock head in her entrance.
She moves her hips trying to get more of him in. She only feels
his cock head. She feels him leaning down over her as his
cock slowly slides into her. She hears him moaning over
her moan as his cock moves. Inch by inch, slowly and deeply
into her. Her legs move up and wrap about his legs once more.
She feels herself starting to move but he presses his cock
in her, not moving.

She feels his lips against hers as she returns the kiss.
Slowly he begins to move, his lips kissing her just as slowly.
Moving out then slowly back in, sending shivers through
both their bodies. In and out as their lips press against
each other. Opening and closing. She moves her legs up his
legs to wrap around his ass. She pulls him, forcing him to
thrust deeper.

She moans as she feels all of him in her. She feels him beginning
to move faster and she pulls him harder into her with her
legs. In and out. She feels him shift slightly as he thrusts
into her. She feels his hand on her wrist. His fingers move
up the scarf and she feels her arm pull away. He continues
to move his hand, moving and shifting the scarf. His fingers
touch her fingers as they entwine. She realizes that he
had wound the scarf around his hand because she feels the
scarf against the palm of her hand. She feels him reach over
to her other hand and do the same with that scarf. She continues
to thrust against him as he thrusts into her. Her legs continue
to push him into her. In and out, moving and sliding. She
feels herself gripping his hard cock.

He guides her hands down to her shoulders, their fingers
still entwined. He presses his hands against her hands
onto the bed. His knees move up against the sides of her ass.
He continues to move in and out of her as he pulls at her.

She feels herself being lifted off the bed. She continued
to move against him, pulling his cock into her with her pussy
and her legs. Her hands were being pulled forward as her
body now sat upright. Her legs still wrapped around his
hips as her body moves up and down his cock. She feels his
lips against her lips. She kisses him as he also continues
to move his hip and his cock against her. In and out. She feels
him leaning back as she kisses him. She realizes what he
is doing and unlocks her legs and pulls her feet back. As
he continues to lean back, she feels her knees against the
bed. She steadies herself on his hands as he pushes her up
with his knees. As his back hits the bed, she feels herself
come down hard on his cock. She moans at the same time he does
but moves back up, not breaking their rhythm. In and out,
his cock continues to move.

She shivers as she now imagines herself, naked straddling
his cock. Her legs bent and against his body. Her hands against
his hands, their fingers entwined. A blindfold tied around
her eyes as she rides him. She pushes herself faster, feeling
his body shake and her next orgasm building faster. She
squeezes his cock harder with her pussy as she thrusts down
on him. She hears him breathing harder and imagines the
look on this face as he concentrates on not cumming. She
smiles to herself knowing that he feels the same pleasure
and that she will make him cum before she does. She leans
forward to kiss him. She feels her lips touch his lower lip.
Her hands now press against his onto the bed. She moves her
hips, riding and thrusting against him.

She moans against his lower lip and she feels him thrust
harder. She kisses the side of his face.

"Baby, you're going to make me cum hard."
she whispers into his ear, "Cum with me."

His reply was a moan.

She could feel him thrusting harder and it feels like longer
strokes. She moans at the feel of his body slapping up against
her. She moves with him, her body thrusting down to meet
his. She uses his hardness to stroke her pussy, stroking
herself faster and harder.

"Cum for me baby, " she whispers again.

He moans louder as he thrusts harder.

She feels it herself. The same tension builds and pushes
against her, begging for release. The feeling starts to
shake her body. She knows she cannot hold it back any longer.

"I'm going to cum." she whispers and squeezes
his hands.

He squeezes back and starts to grunt. His body stiffly thrusts
against her.

She feels his cock expand as his first wave of cum shoots
into her. She was not sure if that was it or the fact that she
told him to cum but she feels her own orgasm burst forth.
She moans into his ear as she thrusts faster and harder.
She pumps his cock with her pussy as her body shakes. Her
entire body tenses and then releases as her orgasm flows
out from her entire body onto his cock.

Her body slows down and she relaxes. She lays her head onto
his shoulder while his cock starts to soften within her.
She purrs quietly at the relaxing feel of her release. She
feels his hands moving to release himself from the scarves.
Then she blinks as he unties the blindfold.

She blinks and squints at the light. Then she looks into
his eyes and smiles. She leans forward and kisses his lips.

He kisses her back and after a moment he pulls his lips away.

"Think I can control myself now?" he asks smiling.

She chuckles and kisses him once more. She reaches up with
her hands and strokes his hair, her wrists still bound by
the silk scarves.

"It's a matter of trust, baby, ” she whispers
into his mouth as they kiss.

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What an incredibly hot and erotic story...great work.
I can't wait to read your next one.


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Take this as honest constructive criticism, sir.

First, you are obviously knowledgeble and sensitive as
to what will please this woman, and show that you are probably
reading your partners responses well, allowing you to watch her 'tells'.
These are her actions or sounds that 'tip you off'
exactly where she is at on her response curve. For the 'Starship
Erotica' to reach the desired destination on time,
the Captain must know where he stands at any given point
on the journey, so that 'all hands' get there together.

You are most likely a good lover in real life for this female,
because you seem to have a thorough grasp of what her needs
are, and your timing of how and when you meet them, show that
you can establish your 'mastery' of how to get
her there. Excellent 'Pacing' allows her to get to be comfortable and surrender control to you. She
can can then start to anticipate, and yearn for your next
move, before you give it to her.

Wonderful erotic images, sir. Your 'transition'
from male to female control near the end, is very well done
and smooth.

Please consider the following portion as a huge compliment,
because I am going to donate the time and effort required
for me to play 'editor' for you for a few minutes.
Any writer must learn to accept intelligent direction
from his or her editor in order to be published. It is a 'Fact
of Life', so don't be 'thin skinned' about
it. Simply accept it in the spirit in which it is offered.
Please also note that your excellent work inspired this response from me, not 'out of control' ego.

The major distraction and annoyance, subtracting from
your work, keeping it from being a solid '9' or
even a near-perfect '10', is your misuse of 'tenses'.

Keep in mind here, that I understand that during the free-flowing
creative phase, it's easiest to just pour it out onto
the page, to 'let it happen'. I reckon that what you write here becomes
property of A.F.F., so there is the temptation to just 'dash
it off', and leave out 'the finish work' of a good edit. You're not going to copyright
it, and have it published for your profit. A.F.F. gets all
the profits. I know that. If I'm going to put even my
'Nickname' on it, I want it to be 'eloquent',
so the writing, and the reading of it, go nearly unnoticed
by the reader. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

You wrote:

She moans again as she pictures herself. Lying there, naked.
A scarf over her eyes. Her arms over her head, wrists tied
by silk scarves. Her legs spread. Her right leg over his
shoulder while his fingers slide in and out of her. His tongue
moving so slowly across her clit sending waves of pleasure
with every movement across. She moans again and thrusts
herself against his fingers.

Change to:

She moaned again as she pictured herself; Lying there,
naked, a scarf over her eyes, arms over her head, her wrists
tied by silk scarves. Her legs were spread, with her right
leg over his shoulder, while his fingers slid in and out
of her. His tongue, moving slowly across her clit, sent
waves of pleasure through her, with each discrete movement.
She moaned again, and thrust herself onto his fingers.

Next, you wrote:

His tongue moves up and down over her clit, slowly and firmly
against her. His fingers sliding and thrusting into her
wet pussy as her hips push forward onto his fingers. He feels
her moving faster, more urgently. He pulls his lips away
from her clit; his fingers continue to move in and out of

"Don't stop, " she says to him.

"No, not yet." he replies.

Change to:

His tongue moved slowly up and down over her clit, firmly
against her. His fingers slid and thrust into her wet pussy,
as her hips pushed forward onto his fingers. He felt her
moving faster, more urgently. He pulled his lips away from
her clit. His fingers continued to move in and out of her.

"Don't stop.", she said to him.

"No, not yet.", he replied.

On balance, a very fine effort!


groovemonkeyuk replies on 5/28/2007 3:24 am:
Ty for the comment, criticism gratefully received. Most of my stories are written on a spur of the moment basis, ending wherever my imagination flows. Sometimes, that does lead to loosing myself in the story and grammar becoming confused. Anyway cheers for the comment