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A Massage


It was a rainy afternoon; it had rained the whole time Miss
Wordsy was in the Dominican Republic. As the plane screeched
to a halt on the runway at Pearson she breathed a sigh of relief.
She had received an email from a new client who wanted to
meet her as soon as possible seems he needed an advertisement
for an upcoming issue of the Rolling Stone and having been
present at the awards was most impressed with her work.
It had been the worst holiday yet the constant rain had done
nothing to relax her she wished that it could have been sunny
at least for one day. Stretching she could feel her muscles
loosen slightly damn she was so tense there had to be more
to life than this she thought as she undid the seat belt.
Standing she reached into the overhead compartment and
removed her carry-on bag. She couldn’t wait to get home
and soak in the tub and a night in her own bed. Stepping into
the aisle she was almost bowled over by a couple of kids as
they raced down the aisle their mother not far behind them.
Falling back into her seat she rubbed her eyes, those damn
kids kept me awake the whole flight she thought where do
they get the energy.
Rising from her seat once again, this time looking towards
the rear of the plane before stepping into the aisle. She
noticed a man sitting in his seat still, his shirt unbuttoned
his long dark hair falling on his shoulders, smiling she
walked towards him. Gently she placed her hand on his shoulder.
“Sir, excuse me sir, ” she said as she shook him gently.
His eyes opened slightly a gasp caught in her throat as he
tried to focus on her. He had the most beautiful brown eyes
she had ever seen they seemed to look right through her.
She felt her heartbeat faster as he cleared his throat.
“ Thanks lady guess I was out like a light must have needed
it, ” he said. Her hand still resting on his shoulders his
words shaking her out of her dream. “Oh yes you must have
needed it, ” she said as she withdrew her hand from his shoulder
allowing him to stand.
Turning she proceeded down the narrow aisle of the airplane
her hips swaying from side to side. Turning her head she
glanced back at the gentleman she had awakened and smiled
as she noticed his eyes glued to her backside. She was wearing
a short black skirt and blouse combination that she had
hoped to wear while vacationing knowing that it accentuated
her curves very well. She could feel his eyes on her ass as
she walked then she did something she had never ever dreamed
she would do. Stopping she bent at the waist pretending
to pick something up. Her skirt raised just enough she knew
that the fellow could she just a hint of her sky blue panties
that hugged her ass so tight. Looking back over her shoulder
her face framed by her blonde locks she ran her tongue along
her lips and smiled at the guy. Her hand moving to her backside,
she lifted the hem of her skirt exposing her entire ass to
his probing eyes. She felt her pussy tingle as she dropped
her skirt and quickly made her way from the airplane. Her
face was flushed as she thought of what she had just done,
my god what was she thinking.
Entering the airport she proceeded to the carousel and
waited patiently for her baggage to come down the chute.
She looked nervously over her shoulder wondering where
that gentleman had gone she had no idea what had driven her
to do what she did. Sure it had been 3 months since her and
her longstanding boyfriend had broken up and she was hoping
to find a little romance on the vacation. But what drove
her to expose herself to a complete stranger. While her
mind was occupied by these thought she didn’t notice that
the gentleman from the plane had stepped up behind her.
Feeling his eyes on her she turned to look at him over her
shoulder his puppy dog eyes locked with hers she watched
as his smooth tongue slipped from between his lips and moved
slowly across them. She couldn’t break eye contact with
him she could feel her pussy moisten as she stood there her
nipples began to harden as she imagined how good his tongue
would feel on them. She was once again brought out of her
daydream by an announcement over the loudspeaker, “ Due
to a city wide taxi strike all passengers are asked to double
up and proceed to exit number ten where there are Air Canada
vehicles that will take you to your final destinations.
We thank you for flying Air Canada enjoy your stay in Toronto.”
Regaining her senses she turns to look and see if her bag
had been unloaded yet. A lump caught in her throat as she
seen the fellow from the plane standing in front of her with
her baggage in his hand. “This must be yours, ” he said as
he her handed it to her. Reaching for it her hand brushed
against his electricity seemed to shoot from his hand once
again her pussy pulsed. “Thank you, ” she stammered, “
I guess I was daydreaming thanks again.” Quickly she turned
her nipples so hard she wished she had worn a bra the way that
the rubbed against her blouse only caused them to stiffen
more. Walking quickly to the exit her breasts swollen she
could feel herself getting a little moist between her legs.
She could hear the guy walking behind her stepping up her
pace she tried to put some distance between them.
Leaving the building she breathed a sigh of relief as she
saw one of the courtesy cars pull up. The driver exited the
vehicle and came around taking her luggage he placed it
in the trunk. Opening the rear door for her she stepped into
the vehicle and took a seat. Just as the door closed she looked
out the window and noticed the fellow from the plane walking
her way. Her eyes looked downwards her blonde tresses covering
her face she hoped he wouldn’t notice her. Suddenly the
door opened and there he was. “Mind if we share this one?”
he asked, ” seems we are headed in almost the same direction.”
Her voice caught in her throat all she could manage was a
nodding of her head as she slid across the back seat. Getting
into the car he closed the door, she could now smell his cologne
it was so intoxicating she loved a man that wore cologne.
Looking at him she couldn’t help but notice how well developed
his chest was he had a fine covering of hair that covered
his chest and ran down to his navel. She closed her eyes for
a moment and wondered what it would feel like too run her
fingers through his chest hairs.
As the car began to move the guy turned to her extending his
hand, “Hello my name is Glen and you are?” She put her hand
out his fingers closed around hers. “My name is Alicia Wordsy’”
she stammered as he bent his head down and kissed the back
of her hand. Gasping at the feel of his soft lips against
her hand she jerked her hand from his. Smiling at her his
eyes so gentle so penetrating he apologized for frightening
her seems it was custom for a man to kiss a lady’s hand where
he came from. “Oh no it’s ok, ” she squeaked “just I guess
I wasn’t expecting it.” Once again she became conscious
of her nipples hardening and her pussy getting wet squeezing
her thighs tightly together she looked out the window and
admired the beautiful sunset.
They made small talk as the car winded along the streets
of Toronto she was anxious to get home and get into the tub.
The car turned down the street that she lived on but before
reaching her apartment building it stopped in front of
the office complex. Glen then wished her all the best and
proceeds to get out of the car. She couldn’t help but look
at his ass as he got out damn what a fine ass he had she thought
as he turned to close the door her eyes locked onto his crotch.
Holy shit the lump that was there had to be the biggest she
had ever seen she could make out the outline of what must
be a massive organ. It ran down his thigh immediately she
could feel her nipples harden her pussy spasms god how she
needed a cock she though she needed THAT cock. Her hand moved
between her legs and subconsciously she rubbed her pussy
her panties were soaked.
Glen stuck his head back inside the car and handed her a card
she took it from him and wished him a pleasant stay in Toronto.
Taking the card she stuck it inside her purse and leaned
back against the seat breathing a sigh of relief that he
had not seen her rub her pussy. Her mind kept replaying the
image of that cock over and over she couldn’t get it out of
her head. Closing her eyes she squirmed in her seat damn
what had come over her. Reaching the front entrance to her
apartment the driver opened her door for her and removed
her bags from the trunk. Picking up her bags she walked towards
the entrance stopping momentarily to glance at the office
complex where Glen had got off for a brief moment she thought
about going there then shaking her head she decided against
it and entered the building.
Opening the door to her apartment she dropped her bags at
the door and removed her shoes. God it felt good to be home,
she thought, as she slipped her shoes off and walked across
the room and powered up her computer. Walking down the hall
unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it from her shoulders.
Her breasts swung freely as she placed her blouse in the
hamper and unzipped her skirt, letting fall from her waist
she stepped out of it. Standing in front of the mirror she
admired her body her hands moved to cup her breasts lifting
them slightly. MMMM damn for a 30 something year old lady
she sure had firm breasts she thought as her hands began
to gently caress them her fingers lightly brushing across
her nipples. She watched herself in the mirror as she kneaded
her soft pliant breasts she licked her lips and once again
the thought of Glen’s cock flashed through her mind. One
of her hands left her breast and moved down across her tight
stomach and glided softly across her panty-covered mound.

Caressing her pussy she stood there in front of the mirror
her legs slightly parted her one hand tweaking her nipple
as her other stroked her pussy. Lost in the warm feeling
that overcame her she shuddered as her hand moved beneath
her panties her finger parting her swollen wet pussy lips
as she slowly slid her finger inside her. Lifting her breast
to her lips she licked her nipple as her finger worked itself
in and out of her pussy. Closing her eyes she imagined it
was Glen’s finger that was playing with her pussy his tongue
that was lapping at her nipple. Slowly she removed her finger
from her pussy and moved it upwards towards her clit as her
finger made contact her knees buckled and she had the most
intense orgasms of her life. She fell to the floor her legs
spread wide as she worked her clit with her fingers her hips
rising and falling all the while her other hand twisting
and pulling on her nipple. As her second orgasm gripped
her body she could feel her pussy contract around her finger
that was now plunging in and out of her pussy a guttural moan
came from deep within her as her whole body seemed to quake.

She lay on the floor and massaged her nipples and her pussy
for a little longer till she felt strong enough to stand.
Then getting to her feet she entered the bathroom and proceeded
to fill the tub she took the bottle of oil that sat there and
poured it under the faucet her hand moving underneath the
stream of water she adjusted the temperature slightly
and slipped her panties down her legs. Lighting the candles
that surrounded the tub and turning on the radio she stepped
into the tub. Slowly she immersed herself her head resting
against the pillow that lay at the end of the tub she closed
her eyes and felt herself go limp as the water and the oil
loosened up her sore muscles.
Waking up a half hour later the water in the tub a little cool
now the candles almost gone she stepped from the tub and
taking a towel dried her body. Slipping on her housecoat
she walked to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine.
Taking the wine she took a seat at her computer and logged
onto the Internet. Checking her email accounts she was
happy to hear from many of her friends some had forwarded
the better jokes to her others some articles of interest.
As she read the many emails a pop up window appeared it read:
“Tired…Stressed…no time to relax? Well let us come to you!
We can make your tired aching muscles a thing of the past.
We are a new company working in the Toronto area and for today
only we are offering a personal masseuse for only $15.99.
Call us now and get that massage that you know you need!”
As she read the sales pitch she couldn’t help but think how
good it would feel. She did need a massage and at the low price
that they were offering she just couldn’t possibly refuse
besides they did come to you she wouldn’t even have to go
out. Logging out she dialed the number and made arrangements
for a massage that evening. Hanging up the phone she glanced
at the clock she had an hour before the masseuse would be
there. She decided that maybe she would make herself a light
snack and went off to the kitchen. Making herself a sandwich
she refilled her wineglass and sat on the couch turned on
the television turned it to CNN and caught up on world affairs.

She jumped slightly when the buzzer went announcing that
someone was at the front door. Picking up the phone she was
informed that the masseuse was here and needed to be let
in. Opening the door she went to her apartment door and unlocked
it then quickly went down the hall thinking that it was a
good thing she was on the 16th floor it would allow her time
to get dressed. Putting on a silky pair of shorts and a long
T-shirt she went back to the living room. Hearing a knock
at the door she yelled for them to come in the door was open.
She looked towards the door as it swung open what she saw
as the door opened made her heart stop. There stood Glen
he had a table under his arm he had changed into a pair of shorts
and a tight T-shirt his chest even more amazing than she
had previously thought.
“Well we meet again, ” he said as he closed the door behind
him a warm smile on his face. Alicia tried to respond but
the words stuck in her throat she was shaking her nipples
hardening instantly her knees seemed weak as she walked
across the room to greet Glen. “Well where should I set up?”
he asked. Her mind raced she knew where she wanted him to
set up. Right between her legs she thought regaining her
composure she suggested in the living room turning she
walked towards the kitchen asking Glen if he would like
a drink of something. “No thanks maybe after, ” he replied
as her set up the table in the middle of the room and set his
bag down on the desk. Opening it he removed several little
bottles and placed them on the desktop looking down he couldn’t
help but see the glass trophy that sat there beside the computer
the inscription reading… Presented to Miss Alicia Wordsy
of Write-off Productions 1st place.
By now Alicia was standing behind him admiring his broad
shoulders her eyes traveling along his back she moaned
as her eyes locked onto his tight ass. Startled Glen turned
around quickly Alicia didn’t have time to react and found
herself once again looking at Glen’s crotch as her eyes
remained transfixed on his crotch she couldn’t help but
notice his cock twitch and begin to grow. Glen in the meantime
couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were hard and
poked deliciously against her T-shirt. Breaking the silence
he asked “Well are you ready? Just hop on up on the table and
we can get started.”
Once again she snapped out of her daze and climbed up onto
the table. She crawled from the end of the table on her hands
and knees her shapely ass high in the air her T-shirt hanging
down Glen had the perfect perspective his cock grew a little
more as he got an eyeful of her breasts down the top of her
shirt. She had the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen,
as she lay down on the table he noticed that she also had a
very shapely set of buttocks. Moving to the end of the table
by her feet he took her foot in his hands and began to massage
it his fingers felt so good as they worked on her feet she
felt her body relax as he worked his way up to her calf. Releasing
her leg he repeated his actions on her other foot then taking
a bottle from the desk he unscrewed the cap and poured some
of the oil into his palm. Rubbing his hands together he then
took her leg into his hands and began to work the oil into
her flesh. The oil made her flesh feel hot he worked his hands
up and down her legs kneading the flesh his fingers gripped
then released massaging her aching muscles. Closing her
eyes she let herself go her body relaxing totally her arms
dangling over the sides of the bed her head turned to the
side she lost herself totally in the magic his hands were
Glen worked his way all the way up her leg his fingers and
palms working the oil into her pores she let out a sigh his
fingers felt so good as they massaged her sore tense muscles.
Glen placed both hands on one of her thigh muscles and worked
the heat penetrating oil into her muscle as his fingers
kneaded her flesh his eyes roamed over her buttocks her
shorts had worked themselves between the crack of her ass.
Finishing with the one leg he proceeded to give the other
the same attention Alicia moaned softly as he ran his fingers
up and down both of her legs and then down over her feet massaging
her toes. She giggled each time she felt his fingers on the
soles of her feet and on more than one occasion tried to escape
his clutches.
“I can see you are a little ticklish, ” glen said as her worked
over her calves his hands moving upwards his fingers slipping
just barely under the leg band of her shorts his manicured
nails scratching her buttocks as he pressed firmly downwards
and slid his hands along her leg. Reaching her feet he then
proceeded back towards her buttocks Alicia lost in the
intense pleasure she was receiving dint even respond to
Glen. As his hands once again reached the bottom of her shorts
she uncontrollably lifted her buttocks slightly his fingers
slipped once again just inside her shorts then proceeded
to move slowly outwards massaging the outer part of her
thighs. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt his fingers come
in contact with the front of her thighs. His fingers felt
so good she closed her eyes and her mind drifted oblivious
to the fact that Glen had shifted closer, and now was rubbing
his crotch against the bottom of her feet.
Glen’s cock was now semi erect, he slowly began to grind
his cock against the sole of her foot, his eyes slightly
closed. It had also been a long time since he had been with
a lady and the lady that he now had before him was surely one
of if not the most beautiful he had ever laid eyes upon. His
hands moved upwards slipping under her shirt gripping
her hips in his strong hands he worked the gently along her
rib cage. Then back down across the top of her ass up along
her spine and back to her sides. Her shirt was now lifted
halfway up her back his hands continued in a circular motion
rubbing her expertly she felt her body relax even more her
breathing was now deep and slow her body completely at ease.

Glen slowly eased her shirt higher exposing her upper back
and shoulders as he continued to massage her entire back.
Alicia moaned loudly as she felt his fingers press on each
side of her spine working their way down towards her ass.
As his fingers approached she lifted her ass higher, then
Glen did something that she didn’t expect at all, he clutched
her buttocks through her shorts and gently separated them
then squeezed them together. Her pussy throbbed as his
strong hands manipulated her ass cheeks. She felt his hands
move to her hips his fingers grabbed the waistband of her
shorts and gently slid them off her she lifted her hips to
make it easier for him. Her shorts soon were down around
her ankles and then finally completely removed. She was
now naked from the waist down but yet made no move to conceal
herself. Her pussy was so wet a small puddle was now forming
on the table below her she had decided that she would allow
Glen to do anything he wanted to her.
Glen took the shorts and moved them under his nose and inhaled
her pungent aroma. His tongue licked at the wet spot of her
shorts his head was swimming as his hand moved down and gave
his cock a rub through his shorts. His cock now throbbed
wildly fighting to escape the confines of his shorts a small
wet spot formed on his shorts as he ran his fingers all along
the outline of his cock. Alicia meanwhile had spread her
legs slightly her arms resting at her sides looking back
towards glen through her blonde mane she licked her lips
as she watched him run his finger along his shaft. The bulge
in his shorts only made her pussy twitch more she could feel
a single drop of her juices run slowly along her slit across
her clit then into her pubic hair. Her eyes were transfixed
on his massive cock she ran her tongue all around her lips
and wondered if he would let her suck his cock. God she wanted
so bad to suck on THAT cock she NEEDED to suck his cock she
thought as she watched him press his fingers tight to either
side off his shaft and stroke his cock through his shorts.
Glen looked down at the vixen that lay in front of him her
long beautiful legs glistened slick from the oil he had
applied earlier. Reaching out with both of his hand he grasped
her ankle. His fingers burned Alicia skin as he wrapped
them around her ankle still covered in a thin film of oil
his hands glided easily along her skin. His hands felt so
soft yet the pressure he applied made her muscles seem to
melt as his hands moved to her calve his thumbs moved in small
circles as he intertwined his fingers around her leg. Feeling
his thumbs rubbing her calve like that felt like nothing
Alicia had ever experienced it felt as if his thumbs were
magic she felt her whole body slump a deep guttural moan
coming from deep within her. Glen released this leg and
repeated the actions on the other one producing the same
results. Alicia felt totally under his control he was like
the puppeteer and she his puppet he held all her strings.

Glen peered down at her ass his eyes moving between her thighs
he could see her pussy lips although he had not even touched
her yet her lips were a ruby red appearing very swollen and
they also had a sheen to them. Reaching over to the desk he
picked up another bottle and poured some of the oil into
his palm. The room was instantly filled with aroma of strawberries
as he rubbed his hands together. Moving towards the table
Alicia could feel his hips rub against her ankles as he stepped
closer to the table. His hands came to rest upon her buttocks
each hand grabbing a handful of her soft pliant buttocks
he squeezed them gently causing her ass cheeks to spread
exposing he tight puckered asshole to Glen’s view. His
eyes couldn’t help but look at her bunghole as he continued
to squeeze and release her buttocks. Then he did something
that caused Alicia to jerk her upper torso up and turn and
look back at him over her shoulder her blonde hair framing
her angelic face. Glen had slid his fingers between her
ass cheeks and ran his fingers downwards until they had
reached her tight asshole and then began to slowly work
his fingertip in a tiny circle. Nobody had ever touched
her there before she had always thought of anal sex as taboo
besides who would want to stick their finger up someone’s
ass god the thought alone made her stomach feel queasy
Glen looked back at Alicia, his eyes glazed over with lust,
he felt like a deer caught in headlights on a country road
as her beautiful green eyes stared back at him. His fingertip
never stopped moving he applied a little pressure and the
very tip of his finger entered her asshole. His other hand
caressing her buttocks pressing his palm heavily down
on her buttocks he moved up one and then sliding over and
across her lower back down the other cheek of her ass. Once
again he reached for a bottle opening it with one hand he
held it above her buttock turning it slowly Alicia watched
as a stream of liquid cascaded out of the bottle. It seemed
to fall in slow motion she tighten her stomach muscles as
she felt the cool liquid splash between her buttocks she
swore she could see little beads of the oil splash up off
her ass as he placed the bottle back on the desk. The cool
oil quickly ran down the valley of her cheeks. She could
feel it pool in her asshole and as Glen’s fingertip continued
to work just inside her ass hole, the liquid swirled around
his finger, as water in a fast moving stream would, and continued
along her ass crack.
Her eyes closed and her body shook slightly as the oil ran
along that tiny piece of flesh that separated her pussy
from her ass. It felt as if it was a thousand feathers gently
being swept across her skin. She couldn’t help but slide
an arm under her body her fingers moving between her thighs.
Glen watched as Alicia’s fingers appeared from below her
body her fingers reached between her legs he felt her nails
scratch his hand as she slid her fingers from her asshole
up between her legs and along her slit. Instantly her fingers
were coated with the oil it felt cool to the touch but yet
seemed to feel so warm as she spread it along her pussy lips.
Moving her fingers back and forth she lay the whole length
of her finger between her lips and lifting her hips from
the table ran it slowly back and forth. He couldn’t take
his eyes from her finger her lips parted and seemed to fold
over her finger he licked his lips as her finger curled slightly
and slipped inside her pussy hole. Watching her finger
as it worked itself deeper and deeper inside her pussy Glen
pulled his shirt from his shorts and in one continuous motion
lifted it over his head baring his chest to Alicia’s appreciative
His hand moved between his own legs and as he stared deep
into her eyes he pressed his palm firmly against his throbbing
cock and ran his hand along it as his hand moved upwards to
his tight stomach something caught her eye. Her eyes opened
wide her breathing seemed to stop as she seen the head of
his magnificent cock appear above the top of his shorts.
His hands continued up along his chest the oil sticking
to his chest hair as he closed his fingers around one of his
nipples and rolled it between them. Transfixed by the deep
purple mushroom of his cock she didn’t even notice that
Glen had pushed an inch or more of his finger into her asshole
and had began to slowly work it in and out. Her finger moved
so easily in and out of her pussy, deeper and deeper her finger
probed her hole twisting it as she withdrew it from her pussy
she could feel her nail scrapping against the tender silky
soft fleshy walls of her cunt.
Her finger exiting her pussy she scrapped her fingers along
her lips upwards towards her clit when her finger came in
contact with her blood engorged clit her hips jerked violently.
Glen’s finger slipped from her ass as her ass dropped her
fingers closing around her clit she rolled it and tugged
on it squeezing it firmly between her fingers. Glen watched
as Alicia’s ass slowly gyrated, her legs spread wide her
could just make out the movements of her fingers as they
toyed with her clit. Glen ran his hands up and down her legs
as she continued to play with her clit her legs trembled
at his touch. Lifting her head she turned to look at Glen
as she rolled over onto her back, sitting up she lifted her
shirt over her head, tossing it onto the chair. Her silky
blonde hair fell softly on her shoulders dropping down
to rest upon her breasts. Her nipples were erect as she placed
her hands on breasts she cupped them as she looked deeply
into Glen’s eyes lifting her breast to her lips she ran her
tongue across her nipple the whole time her eyes never breaking
contact with his. Glen grasped her ankles and pulled her
to him her ass sliding along the table only stopping when
her legs were dangling over the edge of the table.
Laying back she spread her thighs her fingers moved to her
mouth her tongue shot out and licked them she then moved
her fingers to her nipples as she worked her fingers around
her nipples they stiffened even more. Her saliva coating
them grasping her nipples she tweaked them and tugged on
them stretching them. They slipped from her grasp her breasts
jiggled as they did. Glen kneeled on the floor at the end
of the table; he kissed her knees and began to make a trail
of soft kisses along her inner thighs as he watched her stroke
her nipples. Taking one leg he draped it over his shoulder
the other leg falling of the side of the table. Her pussy
lips parted her juices dribbled out of her she could feel
Glen’s hot moist breath as it spread from her thighs and
washed over her pussy. “MMMM yes please oh god please eat
my pussy, ” she begged as she wrapped her legs around his
head and pulled his face to her gash.
Glen’s tongue was dry as he moved his fingers to her pussy
he ran the tip of his thumb along her slit back and forth it
slid each time he came in contact with her clit a moan escaped
her lips her hips vibrating wildly. Gently he spread her
lips apart with his fingers holding them wide apart he ran
his dry tongue along her lips his tongue working her moisture
from the bottom of her pussy to the top. Closing his lips
around her clit he sucked it deep inside his mouth, her hands
leaving her breasts she pulled her hair the feel of his tongue
flicking across her igniting a fire that seemed to burn
deep inside the pit of her stomach. “OHHHHH GOD YES FUCKKKKKKK, ”
she hissed as Glen’s teeth closed around her swollen clit
and his tongue tip flicked it back and forth. “Your tongue
OHHHHHHH GAWDDDDD!” her hands shot down between her legs
and her hips shot upwards as she pressed Glen’s face tight
against her pussy.
Glen released her clit from his teeth and ran his tongue
down her slit reaching her entrance he stiffened his tongue
and shoved it deep inside her. His tongue moving in and out
of his mouth her fucked her pussy with his tongue his nose
between her lips his thumb massaging her clit. Sliding
his tongue as deep as he could inside her hole he proceeded
to rim her entrance working his tongue in faster and faster
circles. Her hips were now trashing up and down Glen had
a hard time keeping his tongue inside her pussy his thumb
rubbing her clit his fingers scratching her mound. Alicia
was beside herself with lust her hand joined Glen’s and
she rubbed her slit her head rolling from side to side her
eyes closed tight then suddenly her ass flew up her legs
tighten as she had her first orgasm. Glen’s tongue was trapped
inside her as her orgasm hit; her pussy muscles clamping
tight he could feel her inner pussy spasm as her juices rushed
out of her hole. Glen freeing his tongue lapped at the juices
as they gushed forward trying to lick them all up. His tongue
lapped from the bottom of her slit to her hole her juices
continuing to flow running along her slit the juice that
didn’t end up on his tongue or coating his chin ran down the
crack of her ass.
Her hips falling back down, breathing rapidly she lay motionless,
her breasts rising and falling as her hips and legs continuously
vibrated. Opening her eyes she peered down between her
legs Glen was still between her thighs his face soaked with
her juices he looked back at her his eyes filled with a longing
she raised her arms and beckoned for him. Standing Glen
stepped forward and leaning down he kissed her. Alicia
tasting herself on his lips wrapped her arms around his
neck and pulled him closer. Her tongue licked his chin and
all around his mouth licking his face clean. Then she slipped
her tongue between his lips their tongues wrapped around
each others sharing Alicia’s cream her fingers ran through
his hair their breathing was labored as they slid their
tongues back and forth first inside her mouth then his playing
a game of cat and mouse. Breaking the kiss Glen lifted his
head and ran his fingers along the sides of her face his fingers
pushing her sweat soaked hair from her face. “ My god you
are so beautiful, ” he said, ” I have never ever wanted
someone as much as I wanted you.” With that said he kissed
her again sucking on her bottom lip his hands sliding back
and forth along the sides of her body.
Alicia words seemed to cut through the silence like an atom
bomb. Holding Glen’s face in her hands she looked directly
in his eyes and said, ” I need to see that beautiful cock
I want to feel it I want to suck it I want to taste your cream.”
Glen’s eyes closed he had wanted to feel her lips on his cock
from the first time he seen her enter the plane. Secretly
he had sneaked off to the bathroom on the plane and closing
his eyes had jerked himself off imagining it was her lips
wrapped around his cock. Now his dream was about to come
true he lifted his body from hers and moved around to the
side of the table. Alicia’s hands were immediately on his
shorts she frantically pulled them down her eyes widened
as his thick cock sprang from between his legs. It was beautiful
the crown of his cock was a deep purple color a single thick
vein snaked its way around his thick shaft his balls hung
loosely below his sac. She reached out and cupped his balls
in her hands and squeezed them gently this caused his cock
to slap against his stomach his eyes closed tight a soft
moan escaping his lips. “What a beautiful cock you have, ”
she stammered, “ I cant wait to feel this cock fucking my
pussy but first I want you to fill my mouth with your cum.”

She moved her hand to the base of his penis and closing her
fingers around it slowly began to stroke it, her fingers
could barely fit all the way around it. She moved her hand
slowly up and down pulling gently on his cock stretching
the skin up over his head then working it back down expertly
she continued to stroke him as she moved her head closer
to his cock. Leaning back Glen placed his hands on the desk
to steady himself as he felt her tongue touch the tip of his
cock. She licked at the head of his cock her tongue running
all around the head each time she passed over the slit she
tried to shove her tongue inside it. Glen thrust his hips
forward in an attempt to get more of his cock inside her mouth
his stomach tightening as her tongue continue to lick the
head of his cock. Slowly she opened her lips and worked the
head of his cock into her mouth her lips sliding slowly down
his shaft her tongue continuing to swirl around and around
his cock her fingers massaging his balls. Glen watched
as his cock slid deeper and deeper into her mouth, her lips
stretched wide he could see her cheek bulge as his head rubbed
against it.
She worked her lips lower till finally the entire length
of his cock was deep inside her mouth she could feel is thick
shaft deep in her throat her nose buried in his pubic hair
his balls resting against her chin. She sucked hard her
cheeks rubbing the side of his shaft as she pulled her head
back her lips pressed tight around his cock. “ Jesus Christ!
Oh god baby yes Jesus, “ he seethed as her lips slide along
his cock. His hands moved to her head and he stroked her hair
as she slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth his shaft
glistened with her saliva she closed her fingers around
his slippery shaft and stroked him as she licked at the head
once again. Faster and faster she stroked him as her tongue
swirled around the crown of his cock she looked up at him
as she released his cock from her fingers and once more deep
throated him. Glen’s legs felt weak as she moved her head
up and down, he held her head in his hands and tried to match
her thrust with his hips. He fucked her mouth with his cock
saliva dripped from the sides of her mouth as he worked his
cock back and forth inside her mouth. Her tongue constantly
swirling around his cock licking at the underside of his
shaft as it glided in and out of her mouth relaxing her throat
muscles she could feel the head of his cock enter and exit
her throat. Glen had never felt anything as good in his life;
his balls began to churn as he felt his orgasm approaching.
He clenched his teeth and holding her head tight in his hands,
picked up the pace of his thrusting Alicia gagged slightly
as his cock slid even deeper into her throat she couldn’t
help but moan softly as he fucked her face. The moan caused
vibrations to shoot through his cock Glen could not hold
back his orgasm. “Fuck baby here it comes oh fuck ahhhhhhhhhhhh
gawddddddddddddddddddd” he gasped as he felt his balls
press up tight against his shaft his sperm rushing along
his shaft. Alicia’s tongue could feel his load moving up
his shaft his cock swelled and throbbed inside her mouth
then finally his cream exploded from the head of his cock.
Load after load of his cream splattered against the inside
of her mouth and throat she sucked and swallowed hungrily
trying to drink all of his cum. It seemed to keep coming load
after delicious load spewed forth from his cock Alicia
unable to swallow it all slowly it began to trickle from
the corners of her mouth. Glen’s legs buckling his cock
coming out of her mouth he looked down at her as she grasped
his cock in her hands and ran her tongue along it licking
up the cream that clung to it. Reaching down he took her hand
from his cock and ran his cock along her chin dragging the
head across her soft skin he scooped up the cum that managed
to escape her hungry mouth and then fed it to her with the
head of his cock. Her tongue lapped at the head each time
her placed it at her lips then she placed her lips around
it and sucked it clean.
Glen watched as she licked the remaining cream from his
manhood he could hear her smacking her lips her moans audible
as she eagerly deep throated his entire cock and then pursing
her lips she slowly slid her head back. Her tongue swirled
around his cock her lips so tight around his cock he thought
surely she would suck the flesh from his penis. Then with
a loud pop he felt the cool air on his cock as it snapped free
from her lips. Alicia smiled contently as she peered up
at Glen from behind her golden blonde bangs that hung over
her forehead, she ran her finger along her bottom lip and
chin searching for any possible remnants of his tasty load.
Then parting her lips she slipped her finger into her mouth
her ruby red lips wrapped themselves around her finger
then slowly she withdrew it from her lips. Smiling broadly
at Glen she whimpered, “Baby I love the taste of your cock
but I think what I really need is to feel that beautiful thick
cock of yours inside my cunt.” As she spoke her hand had stretched
out and once again Glen could feel her delicate fingers
close around his cock.
His cock responded immediately he didn’t know if it was
her fingers that caused his cock to grow so quickly or her
use of the word cunt. Her words stuck in his mind his cock
hardened again in her fist as she slowly stroked it. “Well
my dear, ” he replied, “ I had no intentions of leaving here
without burying my cock deep inside that hot cunt of yours.”
She felt her pussy twitch as he spoke she loved the word cunt
it was a word she barely used herself a word that was forbidden
to be uttered in public. She released his cock as she did
it snapped upwards against his stomach she laid her head
back on the table her hands moved to her breasts and cupped
them squeezed them then moved quickly down her body to her
quivering pussy. “Fuck my cunt!” she hollered, ” fuck
my cunt with that beautiful cock of yours!”
With each mention of the word cunt Glen could feel his cock
swell a little more he loved when his partner spoke dirty
to him loved to hear a lady use such lewd language. Moving
around to the end of the table between her thighs he watched
as she opened and closed the lips of her pussy with her fingers.
Her moist glistening hole appearing then disappearing
between the velvety folds of her pussy. Holding her lips
apart with her fingers she begged, ” Fuck me. I want that
cock deep inside my cunt. I want you to fill my cunt with your
cum.” Grasping his cock in his hand he placed it between
her fingers he could feel her nails graze it as he pushed
his cock into her in one steady thrust. Her lips sucked hungrily
at his manhood as he pushed it inside her she lifted her hips
her eyes rolled back in her head as she groaned, ”Ahhhhhhh
His cock completely within her looking down he saw her lips
stretched wide by his shaft slowly he moved his hips back.

Her pussy seemed to try and suck him back inside her as he
tried to withdraw her muscles straining to hold his cock
inside her. Glistening with her secretions his shaft worked
its way from within her; she moved her hand to her clit and
rubbed it. massaged it, pinched it. Pulling his cock back
till only the head of his cock remained inside her pussy
he placed his hands on her hips and drove his cock back deep
inside her. Her eyes shot open at the feel of his invading
member never before had she felt so full his cock felt like
it would split her in two she didn’t care she wanted him to
fuck he, wanted him to pound her cunt into submission. She
closed her eyes her fingers stroking her clit her free hand
massaging her tits as his cock began to move back and forth
inside her. Glen holding her hips in his strong hands worked
the full length of his cock in and out of her he could feel
her pussy massaging him her pussy seemed to have velvety
soft fingers within it that gripped and held his cock.
“Fuck baby your cunt is so tight. Ahhh yes squeeze my cock
with your cunt. God Damn it your cunt is on fire. Mmmm yeah
that’s it milk my cock with your cunt, ” he seethed. He fucked
her with slow deliberate strokes his cock almost sipping
from her pussy only to drive itself back deep inside her
she rolled her head from side to side her fingers tugging
at her blood engorged clit jerking her hips up at his penetrating
cock. Grabbing one of her legs Glen lifted it and hugging
it tight to his chest he licked her calve and as he picked
up the pace of his fucking. He nibbled her calve muscle his
cock relentlessly pounding her pussy the new angle of her
hips causing the head of his cock to burrow into the soft
inner flesh of her pussy. Alicia moaned her body shook as
she felt his balls slapping wetly against her ass cheeks
swinging back and forth across her inner thigh. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Glen felt her pussy contract around his cock, her head thrown
back over the edge of the table, her hand left her clit as
she pulled at her hair. Her breasts heaved and fell as she
let loose a torrent of juices he could feel the steady stream
of her secretions gush from her pussy. His cock continued
to move back and forth within her he felt the hot liquid run
along his shaft and down over his balls his thighs becoming
moist as they slapped against hers. As her body convulsed
on the table Glen ran his tongue along her calve muscle up
to her ankle then along the sole of her foot reaching her
toes he sucked one into his mouth and swirled his tongue
around it. Sucking her toe deep into his mouth he ran his
other hand back and forth across her stomach his fingers
lazily stroking her sweaty skin. Her body continued to
vibrate her pussy spasms began to slow as he slowed the pace
of his invasion.
Releasing her foot from his grasp he slid the toe from his
mouth and let her leg fall back to the table. He then bent
down and taking her in his arms he lifted her limp body up
to him she wrapped her legs around his waist as he turned
his hands under her ass her arms around his neck. Staggering
towards the wall he placed her back against the wall her
tits pressed tight to his chest she felt her nipples rub
against his as he moved his hands to her tiny waist as his
lips pressed tight to hers. His tongue worked its way into
her mouth he rolled his tongue with hers then like a cat chasing
a mouse her tongue pursued his as he slowly withdrew from
her mouth. Sucking her tongue into his mouth her fingers
stroked his hair as they kissed passionately. Slowly Alicia
began to bounce up and down on his cock her kisses becoming
more urgent her pussy juices trickling down his thighs
bending his knees slightly he helped her slide up and down
his cock. Clasping and releasing her thighs around his
waist she rode his cock his hands sliding once again under
her ass he clutched her cheeks and spread them as her pussy
engulfed his cock he felt his balls being squeezed between
the soft pliant globes of her bottom. Leaning back slightly,
her fingers entwined behind his head. Alicia stared into
his eyes as she clenched and released her pelvic muscles.
Glen’s face dripping with sweat, his eyes closed as he experienced
a bliss he had never experienced before as her pussy closed
tight around his cock like a velvet vice her muscles rippling
along his shaft.
“Unghhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm babbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy JESUSSSSSSSSSSS!”
his legs trembled threatening to give way he turned and
on wobbly legs stumbled towards the couch. Alicia giggled
as he laid her down on the couch her eyes wild with excitement
she loved clenching her pelvic muscles like that it always
produced the same results. “You liked that? I’ve spent
years practicing tightening my muscles down there, ”
she giggled as her eyes were drawn downwards towards her
pussy. “That was unbelievable love, ” he choked as he struggled
to regain his composure. Lifting his arm to wipe the sweat
from his brow he rubbed his eyes with his hands his legs still
unsteady even on is knees as he was now. His cock slipped
from her pussy her lips hung open stretched by the girth
of his cock.
Alicia whimpered her hand shooting down between their
bodies she grasped his penis and was about to move it back
inside her wanton hole when Glen asked. “ May I take you from
behind? I want to fuck your pussy as you kneel before me.”
Alicia squealed with delight and without any hesitation
at all rolled over her tits mashed between her body and the
silky covering of the couch. Reaching back she ran her hands
along her smooth buttocks her fingers closing around the
globes of her ass she pulled her ass cheeks wide apart lifting
her ass high into the air her legs spread wide. Glen’s face
was inches from her beautiful behind he couldn’t resist
and bent forward and planted a soft kiss on each cheek as
his hand traveled long her inner thigh to her pussy. Running
his fingers along the stretch of skin that joined her pussy
to her upper thighs he watched as she spread her legs even
further apart allowing his hand as much room as possible.
Her pussy ground against his probing fingers.
Standing Glen placed his hands on her shoulders and then
gently caressed her smooth skin from her shoulders to her
shapely behind. Her fingers still prying her ass cheeks
wide apart, Glen gazed at the tight bud of her anus, her pussy
juice caused it to glisten in fact her whole body glistened
in the early evening sun that poured through the window.
Mentally he made a note to himself that he would have to fuck
her asshole but now he had other plans he wanted to fill her
sweet cunt with his load. Taking his penis in his hand he
ran the bulbous head along her pussy lips back and forth
he stroked her pussy with his cock. Her pussy lips spread
like molten butter as he worked the head of his cock from
her clit to her asshole. A steady moan emitting from Alicia’s
lips her his shifted trying to capture his cock between
the soft delicate folds of her cunt. Looking back over her
shoulder she hissed, “FUCK ME SHOVE THAT COCK INSIDE ME
NOW!” Her eyes shot right through him he could not deny her
request this lady knew what she wanted and well frankly
it was what Glen wanted too.
Placing his cock once again at the mouth of her pussy he pressed
the head against her entrance. Alicia didn’t give him anytime
to react she threw her ass back towards him his cock sinking
into her his balls resting against the down covered lips
of her pussy. “Arrghhhh, ” he exclaimed, “ohhhhhh yesssssssssssss
I’m gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before.” She
smiled at him and dropping her face back into the couch her
hands stretched out wide she wiggled her ass slightly egging
him on. Glen needed no prodding his hips began to swing back
and forth pounding her pussy his cock pistoned in and out
of her gaping pussy her body swung back and forth under the
barrage of his hips. He fucked her sweet pussy with his thick
cock his hips slapping into her with bone jarring hits.
Her breasts banged softly against the front of the couch
as he continued to throw his cock into her. Sweat dropped
from his forehead and splashed onto her back pooling in
the tiny recess that lay just above her buttocks. At a steady
mind blowing pace his cock moved in and out of her he felt
her legs go slack her pussy once again closed tight around
his cock as her body trembled through another orgasm.
Glen could not believe the amount of fluid that squirted
from her pussy he felt it spray all over his thighs her body
shook violently as wave after wave of her juices sprayed
from her pussy. His balls dripped with her cream his cock
never missing a beat the couch drowning her screams of ecstasy
as her pussy gripped his cock firmly. Glen’s eyes once again
rolled back into his head his eyelashes flittered his head
shot back as he clenched his teeth his cock swelled within
her pulsed and then that all to familiar feeling of his balls
tightening around the base of his cock overcame him. As
he tried to continue pumping his cock back and forth his
hips jerked his come exploding out of his balls and traveled
the length of his shaft. Alicia could feel his load run the
length of his shaft and just as his head exploded its load
inside her she was overcome with another orgasm.
as his cock-released spurt after spurt of his cream. His
head dropped his legs shook uncontrollably as his cum filled
Alicia screamed into the couch as she thrashed back and
forth along his cock her body went limp her arms falling
to her side her face turned as she panted her pussy twitched
and manipulated his cock milking him trying to suck the
cream from his balls. Glen’s body slumped forward sweating
profusely his body slid back and forth along hers as she
rocked her hips forward and back her ass slamming into his
thighs. He reached up and turned her face and kissed her
passionately as her pussy milked the remaining cream from
his cock. His cock growing limp slipped from her cunt followed
by a steady stream of their combined juices. Alicia ran
her finger between her legs and scooping the cream up with
her fingers tried to push it back inside her.
Alicia wasn’t sure where or for that matter when Glen had
left she awoke curled up on the floor a blanket covered her
naked body. Her skin shone brightly color had returned
to her cheeks she felt completely at ease her fingers moved
between her thighs she felt the sticky residue of his cream
and closed her eyes. It was a dream she thought as she drifted
off to sleep but it wasn’t a dream…

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is there a number for THAT massuse????????????? wonderful
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I really loved your story. Would be interested in a part