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A Lovely Day


I woke up, eased out of bed, put on a robe and went to let the
dogs outside. While waiting on them to come back inside,
I step out on the porch where a light breeze is blowing. The
dogs come running back to the porch and we all go inside,
locking the door behind me. I go back upstairs, see that
you are still asleep, I gently take your face in my hands
and give you a kiss. I slip in bed beside you as you are waking
up, my hands roaming your body, taking your cock in my hand.
I start giving you kisses from your lips, down your neck,
to your chest stopping to nibble on your nipples, down your
stomach to your legs, down your legs, your feet taking your
toes in my mouth, up your inner thigh as my fingers start
to pump up and down on your cock and lower myself to where
I can run my tongue over the tip of your cock, which is getting
harder with every stoke of my hand and tongue. I take your
cock in my mouth and suck, tasting some of your semen that
dribbled out, while caressing your nipples between my
fingers. Your cock is fully aroused and hard, throbbing
in my mouth. You gently pull me from your hard cock and lay
me back on the bed. You give me a passionate kiss running
your hands over my body. You kiss my neck, down to my chest
then take one breasts in your mouth and nibble on its nipple
as you caress my other breast with your hand, pinching the
nipple. You then kiss me down my stomach to my legs, spreading
them open, you straddle me where I can suck your hard cock
while you put your tongue in between my pussy lips, finding
my clit, you start sucking while inserting two fingers
in my wet pussy, going in and out, finger fucking me. I take
your cock in my mouth, sucking up and down. We are both getting
hot and ready to climax, when you raise up and turn around.
I turn side way, putting one leg up over your shoulder and
your cock slips inside my wet pussy going deeper and deeper.
Faster and harder your cock is going into my wet pussy, our
excitement and passions are building to a frenzy climax,
as we scream out. I can feel your throbbing cock's semen
flowing out mingling with my juices. As our bodies quit
trembling and your cock slips out of my pussy, the sun is
just coming up and through the curtains. We give each other
a kiss, grab a quick shower and get dressed. We go down where
I pour you a cup of brewed coffee and fix me a cup of hot tea.
Since the dogs are going to the groomers early this morning,
we have to leave after we finish our coffee and tea since
we have to cross the ferry into town. After getting the dogs
to the groomers, you decide to get your hair cut and go to
the barbershop, while I decide to do some shopping. While
walking around, I decide to go into a quaint store for ladies
apparrel. I walked into the women's clothing store and
was greeted by a tall, slender saleswoman who appeared
to be in her late twenties. "May I help you?" she asked politely.
I told her what I was looking for. When I told her the size
she looked me over and grinned slightly before heading
for the designer jeans section. I followed behind her as
she walked. She was
attractive, with long, flowing black hair and light skin.
She wore a very short, light gray dress and black
stockings that accentuated her long, slim legs. The woman
handed me a pair of jeans and said, "Here, you can try these
on over in the dressing room. After entering the dressing
room, I quickly kicked off my tennis shoes and removed my
jeans. I sat down and proceeded to pull the jeans up my legs.
For those of you who have never tried to put on a pair of tight
jeans, I can tell you that there are few tasks in life that
are more difficult. When I got them up to my hips, I pulled
trying desperately to get them over my butt. I was able to
get them part of the way up, but no further. Whenever I go
out wearing tight jeans, I carry a pair of little pliers
in my purse to help me get the jeans on and off, like when I
go to the bathroom. Unfortunately I forgot to bring pliers
with me that day. I figured that maybe the saleswoman could
help me somehow. I opened the door of the dressing room
slightly and peeked out. She was right outside. Not wanting
any of the others in the store to hear, I whispered my predicament
to her and asked if she could give me a hand. She smiled knowingly
and replied, "Sure." She came into the dressing room and
shut the door. "Oh my, you do have quite a problem here, "
she quipped after examining my situation. "Turn around
and hold your arms straight out in front of you. Lean forward
with your hands against the wall." I did as she asked, feeling
like I was about to be frisked. Suddenly, realizing that
my thong-panties left my bottom exposed to the woman, I
felt a little embarrassed. She stepped up behind me, gripped
the top of the jeans, and began tugging them up. I tried to
help by holding my breath. The woman seemed to know what
she was doing. She would pull one side up a little and then
do the same on another side, and so on and so on. It felt kind
of funny to have her touch my bare skin with her hands.
They even grazed the crotch of my panties a couple of times.
In less than a minute, she had inched the jeans all the way
up. She gently grabbed me by the hips and turned me around
so that I was facing her. She reached down and yanked the
zipper up. Then she slipped her finger inside the front
of the waist and fastened the snap. She backed up, as if to
admire her work, and asked me, "Well, how do those feel?
Too tight?" God, they fit like a second skin. I was barely
able to breathe. I tried to crouch down just a little, and
I could hardly move. "They're perfect, " I gasped. "Turn
around and let me see, " the saleswoman requested. Without
saying a word, I did as she asked. "Mmmm, these look great
on you, " she said. I looked at the reflection of my ass in
the mirror. She was right. I looked pretty hot, if I did say
so myself, "I'll take them, " I said excitedly.
"Great. Do you want to wear them out of here, or shall I help
you take them off so I can wrap them up?" she inquired. It
was hot outside, so I told her I wanted to put my shorts back
on. OK then. Sit down on the bench, " she told me. I did and
leaned back on my elbows. She knelt in front of me and snaked
her fingers down the front of the jeans and unfastened the
snap. Then she quickly pulled the zipper back down. "Raise
up off the bench a little, " she directed me next. I had to
hold my arms stiff and straight down so that I could grab
the edge of the bench to lift my rear up. That position was
not at all comfortable. I wondered why she wanted me to sit
instead of stand. She reached underneath me and began tugging
the jeans down over my bottom. Just a before, I felt the
soft touches of her hands on my naked skin. Next, she pulled
the front down a little, gently grazing my panty-covered
pussy. Steadily, she worked the jeans down, using the same
technique that she had used earlier to get them on me. Then,
she grabbed the waist on both sides. All at once, she gave
a mighty tug and pulled the jeans completely off my hips
and down to my knees. The force surprised me, and I struggled
to keep from losing my balance. I looked down and was horrified
to see that not only were the jeans pulled down, but my panties
had gone with them! There I was, with my pussy completely
exposed in front of a woman I didn't even know Before I could
say anything, she spoke. "Oops.
Sorry about that." She was still on her knees on the floor
in front of me. "I'll take care of that, " she
said. With that, she quickly grabbed the jeans and panties
and pulled them both completely off. "What are you doing?"
I asked in an alarmed tone,
but quiet enough so no one else in the store could hear."Just
enjoy it, cutie, " was all she said, and quick
as a cat, she stood up between my legs and was on top of me.
She shoved me backwards and pinned both my
shoulders to the wall. I tried to push her off, but I couldn't
get any
leverage. Then, she leaned forward and pressed her lips
to mine and began kissing me forcibly. I tried desperately
to turn my face away, but she was too strong and persistent.
She held me firmly and continued her assault on my mouth.
Needless to say, I was in a panic. There I was in
a dressing room, naked from the waist down, being kissed
heatedly by another woman. I was afraid to scream because
I didn't really want to create an embarrassing scene. I
continued to struggle against her, but I couldn't escape
her strong hold on me. After several seconds with the woman's
lips locked to mine, I realized she wasn't actually hurting
me, so I relaxed a little and tried to gather my thoughts.
She must have felt my resistance wane, because the next
thing I knew her tongue was in my mouth. I couldn't believe
it. I wondered just how far she intended to go with me. She
certainly showed no signs of stopping. Resigned to the
situation, I opened my mouth slightly thinking that the
sooner I cooperated the sooner it would be over. She responded
by hungrily probing her tongue deeper into my mouth. It
almost felt like it was down my throat. My God, I had never
been kissed like that before! With our mouths still pressed
together, I was
shocked to hear her start moaning. Worried that someone
might hear her, I tried to find my voice to somehow tell her
to be quiet. It was only then that I realized *I* was the one
moaning! I was actually enjoying being frenched by another
woman. Surprised at myself, I then made a bold move
and drove *my* tongue into *her* hot,
wet mouth! She, of course, responded enthusiastically.
We proceeded to kiss each other lustily for several more
seconds Recognizing that I had become a willing participant,
the woman removed one of her hands from my shoulder and began
fondling my braless tits through the thin material of my
top. Still kissing me, she then moved her other hand down
and began caressing my naked thighs. She obviously knew
exactly how to touch another woman. My stomach fluttered
and my pussy was instantly steaming. She then pulled her
lips from mine and began to passionately nuzzle my neck.
I put my hand behind her head and ran my fingers through her
long, black
hair. She was amazing. I felt like my entire body was covered
by her soft hands and luscious mouth. After a minute or so
of this touching, she backed away and knelt in front of me.
I licked my lips nervously in anticipation of what I hoped
was about to happen. She looked up at me inquisitively as
if seeking my approval for her to proceed further. I found
her sudden hesitation a little amusing, considering that
only a little while earlier she had practically tried to
me. I leaned forward, put my hand behind her neck and
pulled her face towards my moist pussy. That was all the
encouragement she needed. She began swirling her talented
tongue through my blonde bush. Teasingly, she grabbed
a few of my pubes in her teeth and shook her head gently, pulling
my cunt hairs ever so slightly. She then placed one hand
above my mound and pushed the bottom of my top up, reveal-
ing my flat stomach. She began kissing and licking my tummy.
She continued upward, finally pulling my top up far enough
to expose my small boobs. My pink nipples were rock-hard.
She seemed to like what she saw and began sucking my stiff
nubs. I'm usually pretty loud during sex, so to keep quiet
I had to pull my top up to my mouth and bite down on it to keep
from screaming and moaning.She sucked, licked, and bit
my throbbing nipples while I massaged the back of her neck.
Once, I looked down to see her pull away from one of my tits,
and a string of saliva trailed between her mouth and my nipple.
It was no wonder my boobs were as soaked as my pussy. With
both of us breathing heavily, she moved back down to my stomach,
stopping briefly to insert her tongue in my belly button
and give it a good lick. She continued down and positioned
herself so that her face
was only inches away from my glistening pussy. I watched
her intently and marveled at the situa-
tion -- a beautiful woman, impeccably- dressed, on her
knees, about to go down on me. First, she lifted my leg and
draped it over her shoulder. I could see the tendons stick
out in my
slender thigh. My pubic hair is pretty sparse, so at that
moment, my most private parts were completely
exposed to that lovely women. She took her index finger
and placed it at the top of my slit. I moaned softly through
my impromptu gag. She ran her finger down the length of my
pussy, gently stroking my swollen lips. I was in heave.
Her finger continued on, and she inserted the tip of it into
my asshole. I had never had anything in
*that* hole before, and I gasped at how naughty it felt.
She grinned at me wickedly and removed her finger.
Next, she slid her hand under my ass cheek and fondled my
butt as best she could under the weight of my body. Her other
hand quickly returned to my cunt. She inserted two fingers,
and they quickly found my erect clitoris. I raised my hips,
trying feverishly
to hump her invading fingers. Meanwhile, she had moved
her other hand from under my cheek and maneuvered it to my
ass crack. Before I knew it, she had worked her entire thumb
up my virgin butthole. It felt so fucking good to have that
woman screwing both of my holes at once. I was close to a powerful
orgasm, and she knew it. Still working her fingers in and
out of my pussy
and ass, she pressed her face into my sopping cunt. Instantly,
her skilled tongue began to work the same incredible magic
on my snatch that it had done earlier on my mouth and tits.
She slowly and sensually licked
my entire valley, up and down, up and down. I was delirious.
I started pinching my aching nipples, trying to
speed up my impending climax. Just then, the woman found
my clit with her tongue and began licking it vigorously.
That pushed me over the edge. My entire body exploded with
intense waves of sexual pleasure! I was blinded by flashes
of white light and stars! It was, by far, the most incredible
orgasm I had ever exper-
ienced in my life. I just sat there with my eyes closed, unable
to move. I was totally spent. The tank top fell from my mouth
and rested above my tits. Somewhere far away, I felt the
woman remove her fingers from my two holes. The smell of
my juices
drift up to my nostrils. After a few seconds, I gathered
enough strength to open my eyes. She was busily licking
my juices off her fingers. She looked up at me lovingly and
smiled. "Thank you, " I managed to whisper breathlessly.
"Oh. I'd better get back to work, " she said with a start.
She quickly stood up, smoothed out her dress and hair, gave
me a peck on the mouth, and vanished from the dressing room.
With my body still weak, I slowly pulled on my clothes and
tried to make myself look presentable. I
picked up the jeans and left the dressing room to pay for
them. My saleswoman was at the register. She looked absolutely
perfect -- not a hair out of place. "Do you need anything
else today?" she asked me, acting cool and professional.
There were two other customers and another saleswoman
within earshot. I just grinned and shook my head. She knew
damn well I had already gotten much
more than I had bargained for. As she handed me back my change,
she smiled and said, "Thank you very much. Please come and
see us again."

As I am leaving the shop, the manager thank me and said, "Come
back soon!" I leave thinking that would not be a idea of coming
back in the store especially if the nice saleslady was still
there. I go out of the shop and see that you are through getting
your hair cut. You ask me if I found what I wanted and I smile,
give you a kiss and tell you what just happened. I can see
your eyes twinkling with excitment and you are smiling
and wink at me. Since it is nearly lunch time, we decided
to just look around and window shop before eating. As we
are stolling, hand in hand, we notice a tattoo parlor. You
look at me and say, "Why don't we go inside and browse." I
agree and we enter the tattoo parlor. There are quiet a number
of people browsing. On the back wall, they have pictures
of all the different kinds of tattoos. While we are looking
around, I say that I had thought about getting a little yellow
rose tattoo put either on my ankle or up above one of my boobs
or on my back just below my shoulder. You look at me and ask
me if I would like to have one put on, saying that you would
like me to get it on my ankle or above one of my boobs. I am alittle
hestitant but finally agree. The two tattoo artist are
busy with other customers, we are told to wait in one of the
rooms, We go into the room, where there is two chairs, a
table, all the equipment for tattooing. They told us it
would be a 30-45 minute wait. We are trying to decide where
the tattoo will be put on. You take me in your arms, give me
a passionate french kiss with our tongues probing in each
others' mouths, while your hands start roaming all over
my body. You turn me around with my back to you, pull me close
and start nibbling my ears then kissing my neck. Your hands
go under my top, caressing my naked breasts with your fingers
pinching my nipples, while your lips are kissing down my
neck to my shoulders. I can feel your cock getting hard against
my buttocks and start rubbing my butt back and forth against
your cock. You pull my top off then undo my jeans running
one of your hands down inside my jeans and thong panties
til you reach my pussy lips, You spread my lips apart with
two of your fingers and with your middle finger, you start
rubbing up and down my pussy slit until you find my clit,
I let out a moan. You pull my jeans along with my panties down
as I step out of them. You lay me down on the table, spreading
my legs apart sitting down in one of the chairs, you move
your head toward my open pussy taking two fingers and inserting
them up my pussy wiggling them around at first then finger
fucking me in and out. Your mouth finds my pussy, putting
your tongue between my pussy lips starting from the bottom
going upwards until you find my clit taking it in your mouth
and sucking it while I hold your head in my hands. You take
one of the fingers out of my pussy and insert it in my ass.
As my excitement builds as you are fingers are going in and
out of my pussy and ass and your tongue is sucking my hard
clit, you go faster and faster until the moment I cum trembling
all over. You taste my sweet cum and run your tongue gently
up and down my clit, causing my body to tremble as I moan with
pleasure. You get up, undo your wranglers, put my legs over
your shoulders, and insert your rock hard cock deep inside
my wet pussy. I raise my buttocks up to meet your every thrusts
going in me. My pussy muscles are massaging your throbbing
hard cock as you go as deep inside me with your balls against
my ass. I wiggle my butt from side to side raising up to meet
your cock going in me. I am caressing my breats and pinching
my nipples with my fingers. In and out, faster and faster,
the furry of our passions building into a tremdous orgasum
for both of us shakes our bodies as our cum juices flow. As
our bodies quit trembling, your cock comes out of my pussy,
the tattoo artist enters the room, looks at us and smiles.
We get up and get our clothes back on and tell him what we decided
not to get the tatto today. The tattoo artist tells us if
we change out minds, just come on back anytime. Once outside,
we quickly find somewhere to eat lunch. We find this quaint
family owned cafe that serves a variety of food sections.
Since the luncheon hour has passed, there isn't very many
people eating in the cafe. The hostess tells us that we can
sit anywhere we want to, so we spot this corner table in the
back of the cafe. All the tables have tablecloths on them
with a candle in the middle. Once we are seated across from
each other, the waiter hands us the menu and we tell him that
we want two ice teas to drink. We are looking over the menus
deciding what to eat, talking about the events of the day
so far. The waiter comes back with our two teas and silverward
wrapped in cloth napkins. He ask if we are ready to order
and we say yes. After placing our orders and the waiter goes
to turn them in. You feel my bare foot on your leg, slowly
going upward to your knees then pressing between your legs
to your crouch where I can feel your cock. I rub my foot up
and down gently where your cock is. You look at me, wink,
smile and say that we need to eat right now. I say, "You are
right", but keep my foot between your legs pressed up against
your cock. After eating and paying the tab, we leave the
resturant hand in hand. We look at our watches and remark
that by the time we get back to the groomers, Chewy and Mutt
should be ready to go. We get everything in the explorer
and start driving towards the ferry to go back to the main
land. We get to where the ferry boat is and find that we will
have to wait alittle while until the ferry gets back across.
I reach over and give you a kiss and put my hand between your
legs until I can feel your cock, rubbing back and forth with
my hand. I keep rubbing my hand over your cock until I can
feel you getting hard. The ferry boat arrives back, after
the cars have unloaded, you drive onto the boat, put the
seat back as far as it will go. I undo your wranglers and take
your hard cock out, bend down and take it in my mouth, swirling
my tongue all around and over the head of it. I start to suck
on your hard cock, up and down with the tip of my tongue running
all over your cock as I reach up and pinch your nipples between
my fingers. I suck faster and faster as you let out a moan
as you feel your cum squirt out into my mouth. I taste your
sweet juices as I swallow all of the cum juices flowing from
your throbbing cock. I lick up and swallow every drop of
your cum juices from your cock. I raise up and give you a passionate
kiss after telling you that I love you. You get your wranglers
done up and pull the seat back up alittle because the boat
is just fixing to stop on the other side.
As the ferry boat comes to a stop, you start the explorer
waiting your turn to drive off the boat. On the way home,
we stop at the gas station to fill up. I get out and go to the
restroom. Having to wait awhile to get into the restroom,
when I come out, you are waiting for me. I get in and off we
go. As you are driving, you notice that I am moving around
in the seat and ask me if there is something wrong. "No, "
I reply, putting two of my fingers to my lips and then touching
them to your lips. I take your hand, putting it under my top
up over my breasts. You gently cup my breast and pinch my
nipple between your fingers. I undo my jeans, slipping
my hand down under my panties to my pussy lips slipping one
finger between the lips to find my clit, rubbing it back
and forth, up and down. You are watching me as best you can
and keeping an eye on the road. I take your hand away from
my breasts and climb into the back putting Chewy and Mutt
up in the front. Since the windows are tinted dark, I pull
off my clothes while you adjust mirror so you can watch me.
I lay down with my legs spread open so that you can watch everything.
I play with my breasts pinching the nipples, then reach
under the dog's blankets, I pull out a viberator and a dildo
with a french tickler on it. You watch in anticipation of
what I do next. I take the viberator, turn it on, running
it over my breasts, stomach, legs and inner thighs up to
inside my pussy lips to my clit while pinching on of my nipples
with my other hand. I slowly inserted the viberator deep
into my wet pussy going in and out and around. I pull the viberator
out of my wet pussy with the juices on it and slowly put it
up my ass. I then take the viberating dildo with the french
tickler on it and put it deep inside my wet pussy. Going around
as it goes in and out, faster and faster, in and out. Deeper
and faster it goes in and out until my body trembles with
such furry as I scream out that I am cumming. I put my finger
on my clit and start rubbing it all around, while the dildo
is going in and out. My body is racked with trembling excitement
as wave after wave of cum shoot from my pussy. I lay there
until the trembling subsides and take the dildo out of my
pussy and the viberator out of my ass. You notice that I am
taking the viberating balls out of my pussy that I put in
when we stopped at the gas station and smile. I finally manage
to get my top and jeans back on, put Chewy and Mutt in the back
again so I can climb up to the front seat. You look at me smiling,
blowing me a kiss and say "I love you!" I reply, "I love you,
too!", and blow you a kiss. "Just wait til we get home, you
have gotten me so hard and horny!" "I can't wait, " I say.

We hear an airhorn blast from a semitruck that is passing
us, as we look up there are two men in the truck giving us the
thumbs up sign for okay and big smiles on their faces, looking
at us. We wave at them and then smile at each other, We notice
that the trucker falls back behind the explorer as we drive
on to the house talking and looking at the scenery, we forget
about the trucker. After about ten minutes, we pull in the
driveway, stop in front of the house, getting out as the
dogs jump out to go play. Since there is no one in sight, I
come around, putting my arms around you, giving you a very
passionate french kiss. You start to put run your hands
over my back down to my buttocks while my hands are roaming
all over your back and buttocks. I step back, beginning
to take my clothes off. I slowly ease my top up over my head,
since I do not have a bra on, my breasts are in full view. Taking
my breasts in my hands, I pinch the nipples until they are
both hard, stiff and sticking straight out. Then I run my
hands down my stomach to my jeans, unzipping them. Placing
my hands on each side of my jeans, I slowly pull them down
along with my thong panties, running my hand down to my pussy
lips, putting a finger inside the slit to find my clit, rubbing
it up, down, back, forth and around until it gets hard. Then
I come over to you and unbutton your shirt, giving you kisses
from your neck to your chest taking a nipple in my mouth sucking
on it til it gets hard while rubbing the other nipple with
my fingers. Then I undo your wranglers, pulling them down
with your underwear revealing your beautiful hard cock
which I start running my tongue up, down and all around.
We lay down on the grass beside the explorer. I am on my back
as you kneel over me with your cock where my mouth can suck
on it, as you take my buttocks in your hand, lifting my pussy
up to your mouth, you start sucking on my clit as you put two
fingers in my wet pussy. I take your ass in my hands and bring
your ass up so my tongue can lightly go up and down and around
over the crack of your ass. I put my finger in my mouth to get
it wet so I can put it up your ass, while I take your cock into
my mouth and suck tasting some seman oozing out of the head.
As our frenzy builds up to a moment of us cumming together,
our bodies are on fire, we both scream out as our hot cum juices
start erupting from us. I take your cock out of my mouth,
swallowing the sweet hot juices from your cock and let the
rest of the juices go over my breats. You lay down beside
me, I sit up and lay down over your stomach and take your cock
in my mouth until it is rock hard again, all the time you are
rubbing my clit with one hand and pinching one of my nipples
with the other hand. I raise up, straddling over you and
put your hard cock deep into my wet pussy until you can feel
my clit on your stomach, above your cock. I start rocking
side to side, back and forth on your hard throbbing cock
as my pussy muscles massage your cock. Your fingers are
pinching my nipples. I lean backwards alittle going faster
rocking back and forth, side to side with your cock as deep
inside my pussy as it will go. I start cumming going faster
and faster, just keep on cumming wave after wave the juices
flowing onto your hard cock down your balls onto the grass.
You hold back amazed to see me cumming so much. You lift me
off of you, tell me to get on my hands and knees with my head
laying downward with my ass up in the air. You take your hard
cock and put in up inside my pussy, pumping faster in and
out of me with your hands pulling my buttocks to meet your
thrusts inside me. I let out another moan as more cum juices
start flowing out. You take your cock out of my cum soaked
pussy and gently, slowly put it inside my ass. Once it is
inside as far as it will go, you start going in and out as I
am moaning "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me!" I am rubbing my clit
as your cock is going in and out of my ass. My body is trembling
all over with the frenzy of excitement as I start screaming
that I am cumming again. You cannot hold back any longer,
and release your hot cum juices into my ass. As we stay in
that position with your cock still in my ass waiting for
our bodies to quit trembling, we hear the dogs barking.
Looking up, we see the truckers with a video camera in their
hands, getting back into their truck, wave and smile as
they drive off, blowing the air horn a couple of times. As
your cock slips out of my ass, we gather up our clothes, go
inside heading for the shower.
You go on to the shower, while I give the dogs food and fresh
water. Then go into the bedroom, putting the shopping bag
with my new jeans down on the bed, I come into the bathroom.
You are about finished when I step into the shower. I get
the soap from you, turn you around and wash your back and
buttocks. You rinse off, then get the soap to wash my back
and buttocks for me, hand me the soap and step out to dry of

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