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A Healthy CumLust


Okay, I want to tell this story, but I want to write it in the
`third person’ if that makes sense, as I feel very self conscious
now writing about the events of `that night’. Not that I
regret them, it just feels a little, you know, weird. It’s
a girl thing. Anyway, just a quick intro to set the stage
so to speak for the `good bit’ (as my husband calls it) ‒ the
bit where I get gangbanged.

Please wait while picture loadsWe'd been married
about 6 months or so at that stage and my husband had brought
me to Perth to meet and hang out with this bunch of people
who were part of a big cabaret-cum-rock group-cum-dance
troupe that he used to be part of. They were having a reunion
of sorts. So over the span of a few days I indeed met all the
guys and we spent quite some time with them, surfing, dining,
sailing, swimming ‒ you name it.

They were a real nice bunch and I got on with all of them like
a house on fire. Then, about a day or so before we were due
to head back to Sydney, they invited us for a BBQ lunch at
the house of the group’s unofficial leader, Kris (who used
to play with a very famous rock group by the way). I got to
tell you, I was already horny by the time we got there.

About a month before I had been pretty sick with the flu which
had dragged on for weeks, and when I got over it, my husband
got it. We were just making a full recovery and all my 'bits
and pieces' were waking up. And if all that sounds like
I'm trying to make an excuse, well so be it. Anyway,
there were a lot of people there, but several hours after
the lunch was over most of them dispersed until it was just
the 'original' bunch hanging around in Kris'
big, spacious 'sound pit' (A big concrete garage
converted into a studio/lounge type of room ‒ very cozy).

We had been drinking my special and (slightly) alcoholic
pineapple fruit punch like it was going out of fashion (it
was a HOT day) singing, talking, dancing and laughing and
generally having a good time. I must admit I did flirt outrageously
and showed a lot more flesh than I ever would, (at one stage
I lifted my skimpy mini skirt and teasingly wiggled my bottom
at them in response to some joke) but I just felt so utterly
comfortable with these guys. In fact I was so comfortable
that I never noticed that I was the only female there until
someone put on a porno DVD and another person pointed out
that they were in `mixed’ company.

Laughing, I reassured them that it was okay, I didn't
mind one bit etc. The movie in question was really very hardcore
‒ with some deeply imaginative title like "Californian
cum-sluts' or something similar. Someone else piped
up, saying that perhaps this wasn't appropriate,
considering the general tome of the film and women's
general tolerance of this kind of scene (some blonde bimbo
was getting her face cum-sprayed by some dude with a cock
the size of an elephant's) That was when I said it ‒ not
the smartest thing to say in a room full of horny guys when
you're the only female there, but I said it anyway,
just blurted it out:

"It's okay with me ‒ honestly. I love cum!”

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" several people intoned
simultaneously. Vanessa smiled, blushing, "I said,
I like cum." Kris shook his head, "No, what you
said was, you 'LOVE' cum, with emphasis on the
word LOVE!"

"Okay. I LOVE cum. Happy? What's the big deal?"

Please wait while picture loads

"Just that none of us have ever heard a woman say something
like that. For one, they think cum tastes foul so they never
want anything to do with it, let alone, you know, swallow
it or get covered in the stuff like we\re seeing here. Most
women are disgusted by this kind of scene. Or if they’re
not, they feel that they should be." Vanessa shrugged.

"I don't see why. To me, sex is meant to be fun.
If you get sticky and messy with sex juices doing it, all
the better. In fact, it turns me on. Like eating a mango,
you can either eat it nice and tidy like, or you can enjoy
it. It's the same with cum. And it doesn't have
to taste that bad either."

Her husband, Phil was looking at her, stunned, and nodded
when someone slapped him on the shoulder. "You have
an amazing woman there, Phil. About time one of them accepted
that it’s okay to enjoy sex, and think dirty and stuff."

"Yeah, how do you feel about anal sex?" someone
piped up.

"Hey!" Phil interjected, "That's
enough!" Vanessa laughed and kissed him.

"As if you don't want to know yourself! It's
okay hon, I can handle 'twenty questions' if that
is what they want to do" He shrugged and leaned back.
The question was asked again. "I don't mind anal
sex ‒ when it's done right, and when I'm in the mood."

"How about oral sex?"

"Love it!"

"Girl on girl sex? Eating pussy? Have you? Would you?
And if you have did you like it?" Vanessa laughed,
rolling her eyes deliberately. "Yeah, I once did
it with another girl. Several times actually. Back in high
school. It really was awesome. I totally love eating pussy,
LOVE it!" And so the questions continued, each one
delving deeper, and more personal.

Meanwhile, the movie continued on, depicting one lewd,
cum drenched scene after another. Vanessa was growing
more and more aroused, answering each question boldly
and in great detail. She was clearly enjoying the attention.
Then someone asked; "What about gangbangs? Have
you ever felt like fucking a whole group of guys?"
She fell silent.

Please wait while picture loads

Even Phil, her husband stopped in his tracks. She had been
rubbing his crotch surreptitiously and now stopped. She
looked at him, biting her lips nervously. He opened his
mouth after a continued pregnant pause to answer for her
but she cut him off.

"Yes" she said demurely, as if confessing some
dark secret, which in fact, she was. "Yes, I've
thought about that." She took a deep breath, smiled
and looked up. "When I was about 16, my Dad once brought
these four guys home. They were visitors at Dad's company
‒ from America. I know it sounds cliché but they were these
gorgeous black dudes.

They stayed with us for two days and I flirted with them something
terrible and they flirted back when my Dad wasn't around.
One of them even kissed me, and they all managed to touch
my tits or arse at least once when we were in the pool. I loved

I have had lots and lots of orgasms and fantasies since then
just imagining all four of them fucking me at the same time."
Silence. Someone coughed. The tension in the air was incredible.
Everyone was thinking the same thing. Finally, Kris posed
another question:

"How about now? If the... em, opportunity arose...would
you agree to a gangbang?"

She took a deep breath, or it may have been a deep sigh, and
looked at Phil. "I'm a married woman now. I don't
think my husband would go for that."

Kris shook his head, smiling. "You didn't answer
my question. Besides, Vanessa, I know your husband here
pretty well. We didn’t call him `filthy Phil’ for nothing.
He has frequently said that women should allow themselves
to shed their sexual inhibitions, no matter what they are.
I believe his exact words used to be, 'fuck like a slut,
live like a lady' isn't that right Phil?"

Phil nodded, almost blushing.

Kris continued, "So my next question is to you Phil
old mate; IF your pretty wife here asked you to let her take
part in a gangbang, would you let her, considering your
desire to meet a woman who isn't afraid to indulge their
most secret fantasy?"

Timidly, Phil answered, after a long pause. "I...I
guess so. But only if she really truly wanted it herself,
you know, not to satisfy anyone else's fantasy or anything."

Please wait while picture loads

"Why don't you ask her?" Kris came and knelt
down besides Phil and his wife, who was still sitting on
the lounge. He put his hand on her knee. Vanessa made no effort
to remove it, and neither did Phil.

"Vanessa?" Phil asked, "Do
know all the stuff that happens in a gangbang?"

He pointed at the TV where a beautiful Asian girl was getting
pounded front and rear, semen already dripping from her

She nodded. "So if I said 'okay' to that...
um, I mean... would, er... do you... er, want to?"

"Yes!" she said, after a lengthy pause in which
her shallow, ragged breathing was heard by everyone.

"Yes, what?" said Kris with an evil smile as
he slowly slid his hand up her leg, under her skirt, and between
her thighs. She arched her back and gasped softly. It was
obvious that his hand hadn't stopped at her thighs,
and that his fingers were creeping under her wet panties
and into her even wetter vagina.

She was being fingered by another man, and her husband was
sitting right beside her! Still, she was by now so horny
that, had he not been doing it, she would have been fingering
herself, and as soon as he paused, even for a second she did
just that.

"What do you want, Vanessa?" he asked her, slowly
and emphatically. He wanted her to spell it out. Phil tried
to speak but no words came out.

Please wait while picture loads

"I want you to fuck me, " she whispered as another
gasp escaped her lips. Kris' arm was visibly moving
backwards and forwards as he pumped three fingers into
her. Wet, slurping noises came from between her thighs
betraying her advanced state of arousal. "ALL OF
YOU!" Kris turned to Phil.

"How about it Phil?" Will you let us fuck your
wife?" Phil looked at his wife, whose eyes were closed
in bliss. When she opened them she looked at him, and her
eyes almost pleaded with him.

"You really want this?" she nodded and he continued
"You want to be fucked like a slut, in every hole of
your hot little body?"


"By every man here?"


"To be drowned in cum and suck every cock that's
shoved down your throat?"

"Yes! Oh fuck yes!!! I want all that!!! I do! Please!"
she was breathing frantically now as Kris continued to
pump his fingers in and out of her tortured pussy "Pleeeeeeasssse1"

"What about..." Phil began, but Kris cut him
off. "Oh for fuck's sake Phil, if you were gonna
say 'no' you would've done so by now. She wants
it, and so do you!" With that, he suddenly dragged
Vanessa off the lounge and onto the floor. "Let's
give her what she wants!" he said, and with that he
violently ripped and tore of her skirt.

Phil was in shock, but Vanessa writhed around erotically,
thrusting her hips towards her 'assailant'.
Her blouse was next; Kris ripped it open and roughly yanked
the shredded remains from her body, followed by her bra,
and finally, her soaking wet panties.

Please wait while picture loads

"Oh, how sweet is that!" exclaimed Kris as her
smooth, shaven pussy lay revealed, "That is so beautiful!
Don't you just LOVE a shaved pussy? Almost a shame to
mess it up eh?" He quickly stood up and removed his
pants ‒ he was already shirtless - as were most of the other

Having said that, he aimed his huge erection at her swollen
vaginal lips and drove himself forward. Phil watched with
horrid fascination as another man began to fuck his wife
‒ right in front of his face!

Vanessa, on the other hand, moaned her approval and when
someone presented her with another (equally big) cock,
right next to her face she immediately took it in her mouth
and began to suck, so hungrily and greedily that her husband
could only look on in stunned silence. Kris was by now pumping
into her with long, violent strokes, slamming his massive
cock deep into her.

"Yeah, slut ‒ suck that cock!!" he shouted "We're
gonna fuck you stupid!" He looked at Phil, who was
glaring at him in hurt and horror for talking to his sweet
young wife that way.

"What?" Kris (almost) sneered, as he continued
to pump into her. "Does that shock you? Does she sound
like she's complaining? She loves it, trust me. Now
go and make yourself useful Phil. There's a big jar
of Vaseline in the bathroom. Get it, we'll all need
it to fuck your horny bitch of a wife in her arse! GO! NOW!"

Phil fled the room, his own erection pointing straight
ahead of him despite his misgivings, looking back just
as the first cock erupted in his wife's hungry, slutty,
beautiful mouth.

"Mmmm..." moaned Vanessa, as the hot liquid
spilled over her tongue and into her mouth and over her chin.
Kris continued to pound her, feeling her climax against

Please wait while picture loads "You really do love
that cum don't you, you little slut?" Vanessa
nodded, reaching for another cock, cum frothing out of
her mouth. "Tell us about it. while hubby is out of
the room, tell us all your filthy little secrets."
Vanessa looked at him uncertainly. He meant what he said.
"Come on, " grunting as he fucked her.

"Stop acting so 'demure'. You want a chance
to be a slut, this is it, slut it up girl, don't hold back.
Tell me your most disgusting secrets!" She paused,
panting, trembling, sweating. And then, in a rush she told
them, about the next door neighbor who first fucked her
when she was only 16.

"He had a shed, he asked me to stay and look after some
things while he went to get some parts. I found his stash
of porn magazines. He came back early, found me fingering
myself and so he fucked me ‒ Please wait while picture loads
he fucked me up the arse because he said I'd get pregnant

I found out later that was bullshit because he'd had
a vasectomy, but I didn't care. He just wanted to fuck
me up the arse. He was sooo good at it, it didn't even
hurt and I liked it." She stopped to moan, and wrap
her lips around the next cock, and then stopped to continue
her story.

"After he fucked me I went inside to have a shower.
I felt his cum dripping out of me, there was so much of it.
I was so horny, I licked it up to taste it and before I knew
it I was fingering myself again. I didn't even hear
him come in the house, to check if I was ok. But he caught me
doing all that and I sucked his cock there and then and he
came in my mouth and I drank it all and I loved it! I've
loved cum ever since, I have wiped it out of my pussy after
sex, and I’ve even sucked it out of a condom once. I can't
help it, I just love cum, I don't know why, I love it,
I love it, I love it. I never told any of my partners, not even
Phil, I was too embarrassed, I'm such a cum slut."
Kris shook his head in astonishment.

"Wow!" he said. "That’s one awesome confession.
So what do you want from us?" he teased.

She moaned her response, "CUM! Lots and lots of hot
sticky cum!"

"What? I can't hear you! You're still acting
like a fucking princess! Is that what you want? Do you wanna
be a princess or do you want to get fucked?"

"No, I want to be FUCKED!" she replied aggressively.

"So TELL us, and stop whispering. Believe me this
place is soundproof." This time she yelled out louder
"FUCK ME!!!"

But still he taunted her, "Demure is sexy, but not
in a gang-bang. Come on, slut it up bitch!!"

He slammed his huge cock into her one last time, and exploded
his big load into her just as she too came, screaming at the
top of her lungs, "FUCK ME YOU BASTARDS! FUCK MY CUNT!

"That's better, " said Kris as he pulled
out of her already sloppy pussy. Phil was standing in the
doorway, still stunned, having come in just in time to hear
his wife's uninhibited lust-filled screaming. There
was already someone else between her legs, pushing his
cock into her, while two more guys took position by her head,
cramming their cocks into her eager mouth.

Within minutes, they too were cumming, pumping huge jets
of thick semen into her mouth, and splashing crudely over
her face. She felt the guy inside her cunt climax also, his
sperm not only filling her pussy, but spilling out to splatter
all over her naked vulva.

"Get in there and lube her up Phil, " commanded
Kris. "Almost time to see just how much she does like
taking it up the arse."

Phil knelt beside his wife and began smearing a thick layer
of lubricant around and inside her anus, His cock was rock
hard but he couldn't believe that here he was, preparing
his beloved girl's arsehole to be fucked by another
man. Several men.

She moaned as he pushed his fingers into her, already sucking
on another cock. No sooner had he finished, and someone
was already taking position between her legs. More cum
was being pumped into her mouth and onto her face while Vanessa
grunted her encouragement.

Please wait while picture loads

"More..." she moaned, purposefully choosing
words to incite and fuel not just her own lust, but theirs
too. "I want more cum..." She had not stopped
climaxing, one orgasm after another ripping through her
body, as she sucked, and allowed herself to be savagely,
wonderfully fucked.

Soon, a third load of cum was delivered to her hungry cunt,
which was already oozing a steady stream of the same creamy
liquid, and then a fourth, spewing huge jets of thick cum
into her overflowing hole.

When the fourth man withdrew, Kris was suddenly there again,
his cock hard once more. He grabbed Vanessa by the waist
and casually flipped her onto her hands and knees. There
was no doubt what he was planning.

Phil could not help himself as he craned his neck to watch
Kris slowly stuff his mammoth cock into his wife's
willing anus.

Please wait while picture loads

"Oh, holy fuck!" Vanessa screamed, as she suddenly
became aware of the size of Kris's cock. Her pussy had
been so hot and wet she had barely noticed that he was extremely
well endowed.

"Thought you'd like that, you hot little slut!'
He fed more of his cock in and Vanessa moaned, half in pain,
half in obvious pleasure.

"Do you have to call her that?" Phil asked, annoyed
but stroking his cock at the same time as he watched his wife's
tight arsehole being stretched "I don't have
to" Kris replied with a laugh, "but she seems
to enjoy it, and so do I." He looked at Phil as he slid
the last inch in. Vanessa gasped, and shook as yet another
orgasm hit her.

"Look, " Kris explained, "I have been
in a few gangbangs and let me tell you, it's no place
or time for sweet nothings. That's between you and
her. This is all about fucking and sucking, nothing more,
nothing less."

As if to prove this point, he suddenly grabbed her shoulders
and drove as much of himself into her back passage as he could
before her orgasm could subside. Wailing, Vanessa took
him, her body shuddering from both his ruthless pounding
and her continuing orgasm.

Please wait while picture loads

"Oh YES! FUCK MY ARSE!! she screamed, as two more men
struggled to find a position near her mouth, their cocks
ready to explode. At last she managed to take them in to her
mouth. Her anus had grown accustomed to the invading rod
of flesh, and she was ready for more. Kris allowed her to
raise herself up enough so that she could enable herself
to suck the cocks that were impatiently thrusting at her

She took them in her mouth, one after the other, eagerly
licking, sucking and fervently stroking the long, rigid
shafts. She was quite obviously still enjoying the moment,
reveling in the decadence of it all.

Each time someone climaxed, she chortled, groaned and
moaned in delight as the warm semen would hit her tongue,
or splash thickly onto her face and chest to mingle with
the many previous loads that were already streaming over
her torso. She had already swallowed so much, but still
eagerly ladled up every drop to hit her tongue, sending
it down her hungry throat, accompanied by a delighted 'aaaah'
as if she were drinking some refreshing nectar.

Kris watched her settle into a rhythm, alternating between
the two cocks she held in her hands, flowing effortlessly
between them, while at the same time pushing backwards
onto his pumping cock as it pistoned in and out of her arse.

Damn, she was hot, this one! Better than any girl he'd
had in any gangbang. She loved it and was not afraid to show
it. "You've got a live one here, Phil. I'd
hang on to her if I were you!" Phil nodded. So far he
had not yet been able to get near Vanessa ‒ it seems the other
men were determined to make him wait till the bitter end.

"I gotta tell you, " moaned Kris as he neared
his second orgasm, "I thought I'd had the best,
but she's proving me wrong!" With that, he tilted
his head back, grunted loudly and let his cock explode deep
within her bowels. Vanessa felt each spasm, each searing
hot spurt as it flooded her anal passage.

It felt sublime.

She felt him withdraw, her anus gaping and distended, sucking
in air until suddenly, she felt the soft, spongy flesh of
another cock tip, nudging against her opening. Aided by
Kris' volumous explosion, this one too slid easily
into her cum-filled rectum.

Kris slumped back in a chair, sweating profusely. As he
sat and watched, he went on to tell all those listening about
a gangbang he'd had while touring with 'the band'
Apparently a couple of newlyweds, or at least the husband,
had recognized them in the hotel they were sharing and would
not leave them alone.

Please wait while picture loads

"We told him to get lost, go spend some time with his
new wife and that, but he was adamant that he'd party
on with us ‒ so he could brag on to his mates I suppose, "
Kris explained. "His new wife was not impressed at
all especially when he started to get really drunk. She
was there with us in our hotel room, so we all thought we may
as well do the job properly.

"We got her husband absolutely plastered, until
he passed out. When we were sure he was totally out of it,
we got down to business with his bride. There was only six
or seven of us that night, but we fucked her senseless ‒ it
didn't take us long to convince her to party and she
had a ball.

"At one stage she was almost straddling her unconscious
husband, while taking one up the arse. It was quite a sight.
Husband wakes up next to her the next day and never had a clue
what his pretty young missus had been up to the night before.
He thought that he'd been the life of the party!"

He paused, watching Vanessa as she gasped when the two cocks
she had been working' erupted simultaneously, delivering
a double gush of semen so large that it caught her unprepared.
Her tongue swirled around frantically, scooping up some
of it, while the rest fanned across her face and dripped
from her chin.

Vanessa barely had time to recover from the last facial
blasting that was now also pouring over her tits. Her arse
was also being pumped full again and she stopped long enough
to savor the feel of hot cum splashing against her rectal
walls. But her respite was short-lived.

One of the guys came and laid down on the floor in front of
her, his throbbing cock in his hand. He beckoned to her and
she obediently crawled over to him, instantly wrapping
her lips around his cock, but he stopped her. "No.
This one's for your pussy, babe. Climb on."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than someone behind
her said, "And this one's for your arsehole,
let's go!"

Before she could react, the owner of that voice, plucked
her up and sat her on top of the other man, almost directly
on top of his cock. It slid smoothly into her extremely wet
and sloppy pussy.

"Ever had a sandwich fuck?" the guys asked,
and she shook her head, realizing with a mixture of dread
and anticipation what was about to happen. There was no
time to panic. She was now fully impaled on the guy below
her, and seconds later, felt the other cock nudge her arsehole.

She gasped loudly ‒ dread fading as the second cock noisily
slid into her overflowing anal passage. No pain, only sensation
and pleasure unlike any she had ever experienced. She came
almost immediately as the sheer impact of being fucked
in both pussy and arsehole at the same time hit her mind and

"Oh, yes, do it, do it to me hard!!!" she exclaimed.
The two guys responded and began to stroke into her, short,
stabbing pumps that sent bolts of pleasure through them
all and it wasn't long before they too began to cum.
When they did, Vanessa cried out even louder, absolutely
delighted in the new sensation as both her holes were simultaneously
flooded with a torrential flow of thick, hot cum.

"Oh yeah! That was awesome, " she whispered

Please wait while picture loads

"Glad you liked it, " said another guy, stroking
his cock as he approached her, "cause we're about
to do it again!" And before she knew it, she was impaled
on another cock again, spearing deep into her gushing cunt
while another invaded her well-fucked arsehole.

She had no idea how many men had already fucked her, or had
cum in her mouth, had no idea even how many men were there
in the room, but in her blissful, depraved state, she didn't
care. She was cumming again, for the millionth time as the
two cocks relentlessly pounded her, in perfect unison,
thrusting noisily in and out of her overly sloppy, gushing
holes sending semen splashing in all directions with each
and every stroke. She felt something nudging her lips so
she opened her mouth. Another cock.

Now she had one in her mouth as well as her pussy and arse.
Her mind reeled, and then spun out of control when she felt
her hands being lifted and a cock placed against each of
them. The guy fucking her pussy was holding her up. He smiled
at her, "C'mon you can do it. I got ya!" She
smiled back at him and proceeded to suck, and pump, and fuck.
Her body couldn't even register the sensations. She
was in another world, a dream. All she could do was moan,
and enjoy the ride.

How many men? She wanted to know, vaguely aware that a few
had taken her twice ‒ except for Phil. Her husband Where
was he? Then it happened, the moment her subconscious had
secretly yearned for. They started to cum. All of them,
in her mouth, onto her face, in her pussy and in her arse.
All at the same time.

The cocks she had been vigorously stroking with both hands,
each sprayed numerous jets against her cheeks, further
drenching her already cum splattered face. The cock in
her mouth pumped surge after surge of sweet creamy cum onto
her tongue. She drank, shuddering in delight while down
between her legs, both her pussy and her arse were again
being filled. Overfilled.

It seemed to be happening in slow motion, and she relished
each moment and sensation, every spurt, every gush, every
drop until at last they all collapsed in a heap. The taste,
and smell of sex, and cum was everywhere. Her head reeled.
Someone was moving her onto her back. Phil.

He was between her legs, his chest heaving, his eyes almost
glazed over. His cock was so hard and ready to explode that
it looked purple. He surveyed his wife's utterly cum
soaked body, streaked and splattered from head to toe with
endless streaks and puddles of thick, white semen.

Please wait while picture loads "Phil couldn't
quite put his finger on it, but he suspected his wife might
have been somewhat unfaithful, " someone piped
up, as if reading a caption on a photograph, and everyone
erupted in laughter, even Phil and Vanessa. But then the
room fell silent, as he slowly guided his cock into his wife's
beautiful, soggy cunt. It slid in noisily, and he began
to pump her. Vanessa moaned in encouragement, her legs
wrapped around him.

Suddenly he stopped, leaned down and to her amazement,
and joy, kissed her. He pressed his lips against her extremely
cum stained mouth, even caressed her creamy tongue with
his, before raising himself up once again. "I love
you, " he whispered, and Vanessa felt as if her breath
was stolen away. He leaned back and thrust into her for a
few moments, then suddenly withdrew his cock, reinserting
it into her anus.

She pushed back against him, giving him free reign and he
pounded her as long as he could. Then suddenly, with a loud
roar, he was cumming, and Vanessa too. His tortured balls
erupted inside her bowels, then all over her sodden pussy
as he withdrew and began to move upwards.

Each spurt more volumous than the last, he splattered her
stomach, her breasts, her neck, her face, and finally plunged
his cock into her open, willing mouth where she drained
every last drop from her husband's throbbing cock.
Vanessa lay in a daze, her mind still reeling.

Phil's proclamation of love had reassured her, and
now she felt free to bask in the afterglow. She was amazed
that her body was not aching, nor her pussy and anus raw,
but the only sore part she felt was her jaw, which had sucked
one cock after another.

The taste, feel, and smell of semen permeated her entire
being. It was in her hair, clung to her ears and chin like
stalagmites, streamed down her neck, over her breasts
and down her stomach. It literally poured from both her
pussy and her anus and trickled down over her thighs and

She sat up, and was vaguely aware of someone taking a picture
on their camera, relieved to find that it was Phil. Then
she saw herself, in the large mirror that had hung on a wall
and which someone had now removed for her benefit. She looked
in amazement at the endless streams of white fluid trickling
down her entire body.

She let her hands run through the sticky topping, she licked
it from her fingers, explored her overflowing loins, shivering
with each new, cum-soaked part of her body that her hands
reached. Her body trembled. She was transfixed with her

Her fingers found her soppy pussy again and shamelessly
plunged deep inside while her other hand scooped up more
and more cum from her body to her mouth. She smeared it into
her skin, into her hair, into her mouth and even into her
pussy itself. Finally she could stand it no longer. She
flopped back onto the carpet, her legs spread wide apart.

"Fuck me, " she whispered, "I need someone
to fuck me."

Please wait while picture loads

Well, I could go on and on about the next hour or so but to tell
you the truth not that much happened next. Okay, I tell a
lie, actually a LOT happened next ‒ I took them all, just
in my pussy this time, one after the other and that was something
else in itself.

Much later, Phil took me into the bathroom and we had a shower
together. And just to show me how much he still loved me (or
something like that) Phil actually got down on his knees
and ate my pussy for a full five minutes or more. That was
BEFORE he cleaned me up.

I know that might sound gross in any other situation, but
I have to admit, that I went totally nuts over that `gesture’
and I love him all the more for it. We went back to our lives
and homes and haven't seen Kris and the other guys since,
despite their warm invitation to come over if we're
ever down in Perth again, and my subsequent reply for them
to cum over me again the next time we were down.

That hasn't happened, and won't. There's
no need to, and my dark fetish or fantasy has been dealt with.
Besides, time changes a person and it’s been two years since
this happened. Since then we've had a child, and motherhood
itself can make you look at life differently.

I recently looked at the photo that Phil took of me that day
and went into a spiral of depression, thinking that he must
look at me as a real slut and expecting me to be screwing every
guy I meet. I wrote him this in an email while he was interstate
on business. This is what he wrote back ‒ thought I'd
share it with you:

Please wait while picture loads

"First, I trust you more implicitly than I would any
other woman. I have seen so many different sides of you.
I have seen you radiantly beautiful, like when you emerged
in your wedding dress on our wedding day.

"I have seen you covered in grease and sweat from a
hard days work in the shed or in the yard. I have seen you deliriously
happy, like when I bought you your new car, and when you landed
your new job.

"And I have seen you intensely sad, like when your
Nana died. I have seen you give birth and I have seen you embrace
motherhood. And yes, I have seen you drenched in cum from
head to foot after a night of living out your darkest desire,
and I saw you in the heights of passion."

Please wait while picture loads

Please wait while picture loads

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Well here I am again. I thought that after writing the details
of `that’ night of cum-soaked passion I’d be finished,
but apparently not. Phil, my husband wants to see all my
exploits in print., as do a few other people who have responded
to that story. Not that I have that many exploits! (I wish
I did) But the few that I mentioned in `Cum-Lust’ anyway
- written once again in the `third person’ (for reasons
of my own). Like the story of how I lost my anal virginity
at the tender age of 16, and first developed my unusual (to
most, but not to me) taste for cum…

Vanessa woke up from her light slumber and got out of bed.
Apart from a slight headache, she was feeling much better
than she had at 6 o’clock that morning when she first rose.
She had looked, and felt terrible, so her mother had sent
her straight back to bed.

"Stay home from school today. I’ll be back late today
anyway and so will Dad, so you’ve got the house to yourself.
Sleep, rest, and get better. Call me if you need me, but if
not, see you tonight." That was it, Vanessa had mumbled
a vague reply, and stumbled back to bed. She had fallen asleep
again the moment her head hit the pillow. Now, it was going
on 11:30 and she was wide awake and feeling fine.

She drew herself a bath and soaked in that for as long as she
could stand it and wished that Chloe was with her. Chloe
was her best friend ‒ her very best friend in fact, as their
relationship had recently moved up a notch or two after
an incredible evening of steamy (and completely unplanned)
lesbian sex, followed by several repeat incidents.

They had both developed a taste for each other, and indulged
themselves as often as they could ‒ which was not nearly
as often as they would have liked! Just thinking about it
made her tingle, and she had to restrain herself from rubbing
her pussy as she shaved her legs and pubic hair. Her older
sister had introduced her to the practice of shaving her
vagina when she had started wearing smaller bikini’s,
and Vanessa liked the feel of it (so did Chloe) so she always
ensured she was smooth and silky all over.

She finished her bath, dressed herself in a light singlet
top and a snug fitting pair of gym shorts, and was making
herself something to eat when she saw her next door neighbor,
Max through the large kitchen window. He was a good friend
of her parents, a gifted electrician who was had taken early
retirement due to a medical problem with one of his legs
or something ‒Vanessa was not sure. She did know that he
was a pretty funny and interesting bloke to be around, even
though he was twice her age, and then some.

He saw her looking at him through her window and waved ‒ and
then pulled a funny face before he disappeared into the
large workshop from which he now worked. She laughed, shaking
her head and made an impromptu decision to saunter down
there and see what to.

"How ya’ going Max?" she asked him, and he beamed
when he saw her, and invited her in to the workshop. They
chatted for a while; she helped him fix something by holding
a screwdriver in place somewhere while he fiddled with
something. She had no idea, but she was having fun.

"I’m sorry to say that I have to go and pick up some parts"
he said after they had finished, "Simone will be out
all day but you are welcome to hand here till I get back if
you are bored ‒ saves me having to lock up and so forth. I should
be back in about an hour or so." Vanessa didn’t mind
staying there and made herself comfortable on the small
lounge he had at the back of the workshop after he left. He
practically lived there ‒ it was equipped with TV, VCR and
even a small kitchenette for making coffee and so forth.

Pretty soon however, she got bored with `Popular Mechanics"
and chucked the magazine she been reading on the table.
As she moved, she noticed that the seat she was sitting on
moved with her and that it was in fact a lid to a large glory
box type of thing converted that doubled as a lounge. She
opened the lid out of pure curiosity and found herself staring
at a box full of pornographic books, magazines and videos.

Trembling, she took one out ‒ a magazine called `Lesbian
Lust’ with two beautiful women on the cover, engaged in
a very graphic 69. She couldn’t put it down, and began to
read, instantly feeling herself growing wet. The next
one was an even more hardcore magazine, showing more girls
having sex in all kinds of positions. She picked up a video,
its title unreadable as it was in German or something - but
its cover was pretty clear in what it contained.

After a moment’s hesitation, she looked at the clock and
slipped the video into the VCR. She had never seen anything
like this. Beautiful women were sucking and fucking a steady
stream of well endowed, hunky guys, taking them in their
mouths, pussies and even their arseholes! Cum flew every
where - in every scene some gorgeous model would wind up
drenched in layers of thick white goo. She couldn’t help
wondering what it would all feel like.

She was entranced and glanced quickly at the clock as her
hands began to roam all over her own body. Plenty of time,
she thought, not realizing or noticing that the clock had
in fact stopped about 15 minutes before, it’s battery flat.
She was far too engrossed in the video, the magazines, and
now her own rising passion as she pushed her gym shorts all
the way down, and lifted her shirt top so she could caress
her own breasts.

Her fingers found her wet pussy and slipped deep inside,
her eyes never leaving the TV screen as she began to rub herself
faster and faster. She totally forgot where she was and
in frustration at not being able to fully spread her legs,
actually removed her shorts and soaking wet panties altogether.

"I can’t believe I’m doing this" she whispered
to herself, as she mimicked the image on screen and pushed
first two, then three fingers deep inside herself. She
pinched hr nipples, squeezed her breasts and caressed
herself all over, moaning, panting, and even giggling
to herself.

"I’m fingering myself in my neighbor’s shed!"
Yet she couldn’t stop. She wanted to come now and her orgasm
was fast approaching, so she began to pump faster. "Oh
yeah, " she moaned, "That feels goooood!"
She never even heard nor saw Max come back in until he was
standing right beside her, watching this beautiful young
teenage girl furiously masturbating on his lounge, in
his shed.

"Need some help?" he asked, and Vanessa nearly
fainted from shock, surprise and embarrassment. Giving
a surprised yelp, she hastily withdrew her fingers and
frantically made to reach for her clothes but he stopped
her. "It's okay, " he said, "what
you’re doing is perfectly normal. But we have to finish
it ‒ you were almost `there’ and if you stop now, you will
end up with massive stomach cramps, trust me."

She was still too embarrassed and aroused to say anything,
so just nodded and he grabbed her hand and placed it back
between her legs. "Go on" he said softly, but
she was too self conscious now, so he gently moved her hand
away, and replaced it with his own. "Do you mind?"
he asked, looking her in the eye. She shook her head, (almost
imperceptibly) then tilted it back in pleasure as his fingers
began to caress her. Within seconds she was back where she
had been before he walked in. His thick fingers were surprisingly
nimble and skilled, she moaned softly as he pushed two or
three into her. Then suddenly he stopped and now positioned
himself between her widespread legs and knelt down.

"Oh nooooo, " she gasped as he began to use his
tongue on her instead, sending her spiraling off on waves
of pleasure as he probed his tongue deep inside her hot wet
pussy. Not only that, but he soon began exploring her tight,
burning anal opening with his tongue and his fingers, delving
three or four of them deep into her virgin passage.

The sensations washing over her body were now so strong
that she had no desire to stop him there. To her own surprise
she was actually enjoying it, and she knew that he knew that
she was. As she began to climax, she knew then that he would
soon be fucking her, and she knew that she would let him.
Again and again he made her body shake until he finally released
her. He smiled at her as he stood up, his face drenched in
her cum juices. You okay?" he asked. She nodded and
smiled, still breathing heavily and he removed his shirt.

She watched him curiously. He was a big man ‒ not fat but solid,
muscled, with what she had heard her mother say, `rugged
good looks.’ Her eyes traversed down his body and she took
a deep breath when she saw the huge erection straining to
be released from his jeans. She had only had sex with a boy
once, a complete unmitigated disaster and she had sworn
never to do it again, which was why Chloe had become such
a welcome relief.

But here was a man, big, solid, imposing and obviously very
skilled in how to pleasure a woman. She almost licked her
lips in anticipation. Moments later, he revealed his mammoth
cock to her. He had gently pulled her forward by her hand
until she was sitting at eye level to his groin and now she
had his enormous cock right in front of her face. She took
a deep breath, her mind reeling with awakening passion
and lust, and took him in her mouth.

A thick drop of pre-cum clung to his bulbous head and she
tasted it. Sweet, sticky, but strangely enticing. She
took more of him in her mouth and liked the feel of his hardness
on her tongue. She stroked him with her hand, tracing the
thick vein with her thumb, slowly pumping the shaft while
she gradually took more of him into her mouth, just as she
had seen performed on the movie she had been watching.

Faster and faster she went, growing rapidly accustomed
to the long slab of meat in her mouth. She liked it ‒ a lot,
and would have happily continued all the way if he had not
stopped her.

"Whoa!" he panted, "keep that up and I’ll
end up cumming in your mouth."

She reluctantly released him. The thought of him cumming
in hr mouth was not that abhorrent to her. In fact, she was
now strangely curious as to what it would be like. He took
her hand again and this time guided her onto the long, narrow
coffee table, sweeping magazines and cups carelessly
onto the floor, and laid her on it, on her back. "Are
you going to fuck me?" she asked.

"Would you like that?" She nodded and he checked
again, "are you okay with that?"

"Yeah" she whispered, "I’m definitely
okay with that. It’s okay; I’m not a virgin ‒ just."
She quickly told him about her disappointing experience
with a boy from school while he stroked her pussy (and anus)
again, and then began smearing his cock with a thick coating
of lubricant from a nearby cupboard. "Why are you
doing that?" she asked, curious.

"I can’t fuck your pussy, much as I’d love to, "
he said, "it’s too dangerous ‒ I’m just too close to
cumming and neither of us wants you pregnant do we?"
She nodded uncertainly, her breathing once again ragged
and shallow.

"So that means..."

"I’m going to have to fuck you in the arse instead."
He was between her legs and already positioning his cock
as that statement sunk in. Sensing her panic, he gently
kissed her, caressing her breasts and nuzzling her neck.

"Relax" he whispered, "I am very, very
good at it, and I know you are going to absolutely LOVE it.
Just do exactly as I say, alright?" Panting, trembling
with both fear and anticipation, she nodded.

"Okay." And with that, she suddenly felt her
anal opening spreading apart as his well lubricated cock-head
began to push inside. She had heard people talk about this
at school, how gross, how awkward, how painful it was all
meant to be, but in that instant, she felt only a rising exhilaration
that grew as more and more of his massive pole invaded her
tight back passage.

She thanked Chloe silently for her bizarre obsession with
the same, for her probing fingers and tongue that had so
frequently explored and titillated that area. It was the
perfect preparation for what she was now experiencing.
Max was as good as he said he was. He took his time, a long time,
driving her mad with a strange and new desire born from this
strange and new sensation.

He seemed to know every curve of her bowels, and eased himself
into her so carefully, and so skillfully that Vanessa felt
little more than mild discomfort as her anus slowly distended
to accept this foreign object, despite its vast girth and
length. She wanted to feel every inch of him, he had been
right, she was LOVING it. It made her feel dirty and slutty,
yet bold and adventurous, nasty, but uninhibited.

"Oh yeah, that feels good. Fuck my aaaaaaaaaaaarse!"
The words came tumbling out unchecked as another inch or
two slipped inside her. She was fucking him back without
even knowing it, pushing downwards with her hips as he pushed
forward in her eagerness to completely swallow his entire

At last the moment came, and she exclaimed loudly when his
balls squished against her thighs, his entire cock stuffed
inside her tight teen arsehole. But instead of beginning
to pound her then and there, he rocked backwards and forwards
against her, moving just an inch or two of his cock, slowly
building up momentum.

Vanessa had never felt sensation so intense, she was cumming
but she didn’t know how, even though she did know he had been
rubbing her clit during the invasion of her anus. This orgasm
though, seemed to come from within her very bowels, moving
through the membrane that separated her pussy from her
arse and spilling out in a stilted, almost electric wave
of pleasure. She could deny it no longer, she wanted more.

"Please, fuck me, fuck my arse Max, fuck it HARD, I
want know how it feels, please, please fuck me as hard as
you can, I can take it, I swear, just please fuck me hard!!"
That was more than even Max could take, he had never known
a girl so openly uninhibited this way.

Grunting, his own orgasm now very close anyway, he began
to thrust harder and deeper into the young teenage girl’s
willing body, until he was literally pounding her so hard
that they both nearly fell off the table. Vanessa stifled
a scream as another orgasm rocked her body. This was indescribable.

When Max suddenly stopped and withdrew, she nearly cried
out in frustration, but he was only re-positioning her
on the table, this time on her hands and knees. She obeyed
his instructions willingly and eagerly and soon he was
pounding her again, this time from behind ‒ even deeper.

Vanessa came and came and came. And then she felt Max increase
his pace even more, himself grunting hard, his hands on
either thigh, driving himself ferociously into her amazed
at how unbelievably hard she was allowing him to pound her
fragile, hitherto virgin arse. And then he too, was cumming.

Vanessa felt his cock surge, and then there was an explosion
of hot liquid deep within her bowels. Jet after jet after
jet of searing hot cum pumped into her narrow passage, splashing
her insides, gushing out past his still pistoning cock,
pumping, pumping, pumping.

Max was nearly screaming too, Vanessa moaned, relishing
the sensation of her bowels being flooded with his hot,
thick cum. It seemed to go on forever, an endless eruption,
but finally it stopped and Max’s pounding subsided, slowed,
stopped. They stayed still for a long time, both panting,
gasping for breath. Vanessa’s thighs were soaked with
her own juices, and strings of cum that was beginning to
trickle from her arse as Max very carefully, very gently
withdrew his softening cock.

Twenty minutes or so later, Vanessa stood under the shower,
still in stunned, but pleasant disbelief at what she had
just done. Max had been almost apologetic, but she had managed
to reassure him that she had no misgivings, and he had sent
her of to get cleaned up. So they had dressed and she left,
her pussy and anus tingling pleasantly - the latter leaking
a steady flow of thick cum as she walked the short distance
to her house. And now, in the shower, her arousal was soon
rekindled, as was her curiosity.

She remembered the way his hands had felt all over her body,
and she traced his `tracks’, feeling her full, round breasts,
down to her flat, trim stomach and narrow waist and lower.
Her fingers found the sticky wetness between her thighs,
several long trails of brilliant white semen that had leaked
from her overflowing anus, trickling almost as far down
as her knees. She scooped it up, coating her fingers and
brought them to her lips, slipping them into her mouth before
any misgivings could take hold.

Like anal sex, she had heard so much from the older girls
at school about how disgusting cum was to taste. But to Vanessa,
at that moment, this could not have been further from the
truth. It had a strong, pervasive taste, sure ‒ made a little
muskier now that it had been `inside’ her. But it also had
a definite sweetness to it, a sublime, subtle taste. It
was the actual fact of having semen in her mouth, of tasting
it, of drinking it, that made it not only palatable to her,
but deviously, decadently delicious, like chocolate
to someone on a strict diet. She found herself liking it,
and liking it a LOT!

"Mmmmmm" she murmured as her hand crept between
her legs and scooped up more of the sinful liquid. Her other
hand strayed to her pussy, and she began rubbing herself
again while she licked her fingers clean once more, filling
her mouth as much as she could with Max’s sticky ejaculate.
She licked her lips, her eyes closed in bliss as she swallowed
and masturbated to the taste of it. When she opened her eyes,
startled by a noise at the bathroom door, she found herself
looking at Max. For the second time that day he had caught
her naked, and pleasuring herself.

"Need some help?" he asked again, just as he
had done the first time and she tried to look away again,
ashamed at what he had just seen her do. But he simply stepped
forwards, stripping his shirt off as he came towards her.
He began unbuckling his pants again. "You like the
taste of that?" he asked softly, and she shrugged,
then nodded, then giggled and bit her lip nervously. Her
hand was still between her legs and the musky scent of her
arousal was unmistakable in the small room.

"That’s good. I’m glad you do. It’s alright to enjoy
it you know, that’s perfectly cool."

She nodded again and he took her hand and led her out of the
shower after he stripped of his pants. "Do you want
some more?" he asked with an evil grin, and she gave
him one in return. Her hand clasped his rock hard cock and
she started to kneel down in front of him. "No"
he said, pulling her close, "I’m going to fuck you
first, then I’m going to cum in your mouth!"

The words were barely passed his lips when he hoisted her
thighs up around his waist and pushed her against the bathroom
wall. With one well guided thrust his throbbing cock plunged
into her steaming cunt and she instantly cried out in pleasure.

"Oh yes!!!!!" she wailed, and Max slammed into
her again. No gradual build up this time, no gentle prodding
‒ her pussy was hot, sopping wet and hungry and ready and
in desperate need of a brutal pounding. She came instantly,
splashing his thighs with her hot liquid and after several
more thrusts he pulled out of her pussy with an audible `pop’
and they both slid to the floor.

He began to furiously rub her still swollen, still `boiling’
pussy but guided her head, firmly towards his loins. "Suck
my cock now" he demanded, and she obeyed. His fingers
never left her pussy, ensuring she stayed in her advanced
state of uninhibited ness, and she engulfed his huge cock.
Although it was only the second time that she had ever had
a cock in her mouth, she instinctively knew what to do, spurred
on by pure, unadulterated lust and desire. This time she
knew there would be no stopping, so she stroked him furiously,
her head bobbing hungrily up and down, her lips noisily
clasping around his engorged, throbbing shaft.

She sucked him hungrily and anxiously, wanting his climax
as much as he did. Without realizing it, she was taking more
and more of him into her mouth, not gagging, not choking,
just completely enthralled by what she was doing.

"Holy cow, the little bitch is deep-throating me!"
thought Max (he told me later, with an apology for the `bitch’
part) and he was unable to resist gently but firmly pushing
her head down even further as his orgasm neared. Then it
happened, with a long, loud groan he pushed his meaty cock
up so hard that his balls literally squashed against her
chin, and unleashed the full strength of his climax into
her mouth. Vanessa could not believe what was happening.
Her mouth, her throat, was full of cock, and suddenly that
cock was pumping one high pressure jet of boiling cum into

With nowhere to go she swallowed the first salvo in one massive
gulp, by which time the second one was already spilling
out of her mouth and over Max’s balls and thighs. She had
to let go of his cock. Gasping for breath and swallowing
at the same time, she slid her mouth of his still pumping
cock. Splat, splat, splat ‒ the streams were now blasting
onto her face instead, splattering unevenly al over her
cheeks, her chin and her nose.

She gasped, realized she was cumming herself (again) and
decided that she liked the sublimely `naughty’ feeling
of cum on her face as much as she enjoyed its salty-sweet
taste in her mouth. She now had herself composed enough
to hold his cock and direct the next few spurts onto her outstretched
tongue, ladling them down her eager throat.

"I am such a slut, " she thought, "I must
look like something out of one of them pornos." Still
she did not let this thought deter her from enjoying the
experience, and continued toying with the throbbing,
spurting cock in her hand until at last, every drop was spent.
Her mouth was full, it dripped from her chin and was splayed
everywhere on her face and tits.

She shuddered in devious delight and savored every drop
her tongue caught, and somewhere in her mind the thought
surfaced that she was probably rather unique amongst women
for her enjoyment of not just anal sex, but cum swallowing.
"Nothing wrong with being unique" she thought
happily and smiled sweetly at Max as at last her own orgasmic
state subsided and she licked the last of his cum from his
cock. "That was nice…." she said, "I love

Well, that’s where it ended. We managed to talk a bit over
the next few days but that was about it. Max felt guilty about
seducing a 16 year old girl, even when I pointed out that
I had actually seduced myself, and he just happened to come
along at the right time. Were it not for the fact that I had
responded with such uninhibited lust and desire, he said
he would never have gone as far as we did, but he couldn’t
justify doing it again, despite the fact that he and I had
both enjoyed it immensely.

About two years ago, during one `memorable’
evening with some friends of my husband’s, I confessed
that I have had sex with a girl, and enjoyed it. That was an
understatement. It was probably the most fulfilling sexual
experience of my life, and that is saying something considering
I got gangbanged on the very night that I made this confession.
Believe me - that was one heck of a fulfilling night as well.
And of course it goes without saying that every time my husband
and I make love is awesome too. But there was something about
that time, maybe because we were both so young (but far from
innocent) and, I don’t know, vital? Curious? Naïve? Fresh?
Or maybe just, very, very horny.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Phil is dying to see this
story in `print’ so to speak. I usually write these in the
3rd person for reasons known only to myself. We were home
alone, Chloe and me, one of the privileges of being good,
hard-working intelligent school -girls with an apparent
disinterest in boys and sex (which was actually pretty
true, we just didn’t have the time for it, and most of the
boys at our school were such immature jerks). Sitting up
late, we had been watching TV in my bedroom and reading magazines
(Cosmo), doing make up and that sort of stuff. The movie
on TV was Basic Instinct, I do remember that, because it
was the lesbian scene with Sharon Stone that got us talking
about girls getting it on with girls, and from there it all
happened surprisingly quickly....

"What is the big deal with girls kissing girls anyway?"
said Chloe in disgust as she threw a stuffed toy at the TV.
Vanessa shrugged, "Gets the ratings I suppose. Guys
love that sort of stuff. Guys are sick in the head"
She passed her the magazine she was reading.

"Here, check it out. All these reader’s writing about
girl-on-girl experiences. Maybe we’re missing out. Seems
to be a big deal." Chloe giggled and quickly read the
article in question. She whistled. "Wow."

She said, "Did you know that, demographically speaking
we represent, like, the ultimate sexual fantasy for 90%
of the male popu..."

But she was cut off, Vanessa was howling with laughter.
"Demographically speaking we blah blah, blah..."
she mimicked her friend, and burst into further gales of
laughter at the face Chloe pulled at her, biting her bottom
lip in a semi-pout.

Vanessa tickled her, and cuddled her. "Oh, Chloe,
don’t ever change. You are so fucking cute. What do you mean
anyway?" she paused for effect; "Demographically
speaking of course?" she finished, giggling. Chloe
whacked her with the magazine. "It means, smart-arse,
that you and I are the ultimate male fantasy. We’re young,
gorgeous, lounging around in our undies, totally alone
and talking about sex. Lesbian sex no less."

"Yeah, but we’re not doing anything are we?"
Vanessa nudged Chloe who shoved her away with her elbow
giggling. "Let’s keep it that way, weirdo. Don’t
go getting any ideas tonight."

Vanessa laughed, and suddenly dived on top of Chloe, who
squealed with laughter. "Oh but baby, I vant you so
bad. I vant you to be my bitch, ja?" she said, in the
best, husky, Germanic, butch dyke voice that she could

Laughing hysterically, Chloe pulled her closer, replying
in her best, helpless bimbo voice, "Oh yes, please
do it. Take me, I’m yours, use me, ravage me, eat me."

They rolled around on the bed, laughing, giggling, and
still pretending to be feeling and caressing each other,
their legs and arms intertwined. It was inevitable that
their lips would meet, and when they did, the game stopped
as quickly as it had started. They kissed for almost a minute,
their lips crushed against each other, their hearts pounding.

"Oops" said Chloe when they stopped and looked
at each other. She bit her lip again and Vanessa’s heart
melted. "Oh fuck it, " she whispered, and kissed
her again. Chloe hesitated for a micro-second, then wrapped
her arms around Vanessa and kissed her back, open-mouthed.

Their tongues twirled together, the kiss growing in intensity
as it lingered on and on. Each time they stopped for breath,
one or the other would re-start the kiss. Their tongues
probed deep, they gently pulled at each others lips with
their teeth, they kissed each others face, chin, neck ‒
always returning back to each others warm, wet lips. Their
hands began to roam, caressing each other’s arms and shoulders
at first, and then moving gradually towards their more
sensuous regions.

Vanessa, being on top, slowly slid her hand under Chloe’s
top. Her hand found her left breast, and cupped it gently.
Chloe gasped softly against Vanessa’s lips, and then placed
her hand on top of Vanessa’s, pushing it down firmly, and
squeezing it. She wrapped her legs around Vanessa’s and
with her other hand stretched towards the toned curve of
her hips and buttocks.

Soon, Vanessa pushed Chloe’s top up, revealing her small
yet full, round breasts and hesitating only a moment, took
the left nipple in her mouth. Chloe arched her back and Vanessa
sucked, licked and pinched her swollen nipple, switching
to the right breast after a few minutes, her actions slowly
increasing in vigor.

"Are you sure we wanna do this?" she gasped after
a prolonged period and Chloe replied by pulling her face
towards hers. She kissed her, this time plunging her tongue
so viciously down her throat that Vanessa almost gagged.

"Yes, " moaned Chloe after a full 3 minutes
of passionate French kissing, "I want you. Please
say you want me too."

Vanessa giggled, "I thought that was pretty obvious.
But, it won’t you know... affect our friendship will it?"

"I fucking hope so, " moaned Chloe, kissing
her again. She was rubbing her groin against Vanessa leg
and began stroking her hair.

"What? What do you mean?" Vanessa asked, confused.

Chloe took a deep breath, and began to confess. "I’ve
fantasized about us since I was 14. Since the time you accidentally
kissed me on the lips w

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