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A Hausfrau's Liberation


A woman I know, someone I first met online and then in person
when she and her husband came to NYC, have something of a
unique arrangement. Their marriage had been one of true
love, which descended into an arrangement of sorts: He
would run their business (which they both owned) and she
took care of the kids and the home. Come to find out he had
been stepping out on her for quite some time. They live near
Miami, which, as anyone who has been there will tell you,
has quite the party scene. I suspect that, in spite of his
obvious hair implants and having the physique of a manatee,
his financial success translated to success with his many

Her dilemma seemed to offer her a choice... either make
him pay, financially, and break up their arrangement,
or redefine their arrangement. He disliked the idea of
divorce (and its ensuing settlement) even less than she
did, or at least that is the impression she created when
she confronted him with evidence of his infidelity. Why
men leave their email accounts open, or select easy-to-guess
passwords, is beyond me.

And so... she told him her idea for their new arrangement.
He would now be the one to keep true to their vows, while she
would take a greater role in their business (necessary
on many different levels), and she would have a set time
during which she was free to date others. The main difference
between the arrangements of his dalliances and hers is
that, while she would select whom she would fuck, his presence
was always required. He had to sit there and watch her fuck
whomever she wanted, how she wanted, whenever she wanted.

It worked like this: She would find others of interest to
her, during their initial correspondence explain her
unique situation to them, and if they agreed to her conditions,
she would arrange to meet them. Part of her planning included
making sure he was waiting for her at home. She would meet
her new friends for drinks, evaluate things, and if they
passed, she would take them home. Her husband was made to
serve drinks, play the perfect host, before during and
after her fucking her new black, white, and Latino friends.
I understand, from her, during her play she and her husband
would engage in some quite unique banter, her asking him
things like "Did you fuck your whores like this?"
her telling him how good their cocks tasted, or her telling
him how she preferred their large cocks to his. After her
friends were finished, she would take her husband from
the playroom to their bedroom and finish the evening by
telling him how much she enjoyed fucking them while he fucked

It is at this point when I met her. I found her online, I enjoyed
her profile, more I think I respected her approach to things,
and told her so. She messaged back and we started exchanging
messages and emails. While she did not often get to NYC,
she had the means and the motive to plan something, and did.
She still had a few kinks she wanted to work out, and she wanted
to give him a surprise reward for his good behavior. They
just happened to be in a nightclub on a specific evening,
at a specific time, where she and I really hit it off. Soon
all three of us were flirting, we managed to get a booth,
this night club has certain booths with curtains (which
I had previously managed to reserve), and soon he was commenting
on his good luck when she pulled my dress down to expose my
breasts while I unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock,
and started sucking him. She and I shared a very salty kiss
after that, when the oblivious one said perhaps I would
like to go back to their hotel room. I thought her giggle
would give things away but it did not.

And so, his cock got its first taste of strange pussy in quite
some time while I tasted hers. She laid me on my back kissed
me and caressed my clit while he fucked me, watched me suck
his cock again, watched me ride him until he came. I pulled
off him after that, left him spent and her with quite the
devious smile on her face, and went to get some water. When
I came back into the room I leaned against the wall watched
her taste his cock, spied the oh-so-content look on his
face, and mentioned aloud his belly is not nearly as bad
as she had told me, then asked if he had been working out?
She stopped sucking him long enough to tell me yes he had
been, seeing her with the fit, trim, and hung, had inspired
his new health-conscious regimen. The look on his face...
went from lust to confusion, with a quick stop at understanding,
before a sense of resignation fell over him. I climbed next
to her and, while we alternated sucking him and kissing
each other, she told him we, the three of us, had plans the
evening after next; and that if he was a good boy he'd
get a reward much like the one he had just received. I gathered
my things and left them as they were, with his cock on her
mouth, and his look of resignation turning once again to

The next day passed quickly enough for me, but I suspect
'twas not the case for them. She called a couple of times,
making sure things were still on, making sure I was still
with her, expending nervous energy while, I am sure, fending
off his questions about the plans for the next evening.
I assured her all was well, and cautioned her to not do a thing
with him that evening, no matter how much he begged, that
she too needed to be true to our plan.

The next evening I left my apartment, got into the hired
car, and picked them up at their hotel. He was dressed shabby
chic, and she had on this very nice and tight shimmering
silver dress, a look somewhere between sultry and slutty.
I had her sit in the middle, feeling her nervousness. I tried
to put her at ease, telling her what was to happen was certainly
within her, that she would be just fine. Still... I commented
on her body, telling her she looked far more trim and fit
than her pictures had indicated. She told me her new lifestyle
meant a new her, out with the old frumpy and dumpy hausfrau
and in with the new wanton and liberated woman. I grazed
nail across her nipple, as she responded I asked her if she
was excited. Of course she was. I asked if she had stayed
true to our plan, which drew an annoyed and quizzed look
from him and a knowing smile from her. Translation: she
had not fucked him nor masturbated since two evenings back,
when we had first met. She giggled again. I leaned close,
caressed her breast, licked her ear a bit, and whispered
all she needed to do was to give into the night and let her
passions rule.

His curiosity got the better of him, and soon he got a bit
obstreperous; or stroppy as our British cousins might

"What are we doing?" "Where are we going?"
"What's going to happen?" He asked, each
question coming just after the last.

Well, we are riding in a car, to New Jersey, and that is all
you need to know, for now. All would be revealed in due time.

"I've had enough of this! I demand you tell me
what is happening!" he shot back, and continued with
"I'm putting a stop to this, this instant!"

I can only imagine what the driver thought of this exchange.
I kept on caressing her breasts and her legs, while telling
the driver to pull over to the side of the road. Heaven knows
where we were, but I had had enough of his whinging manner.

He sat up, looked at us both, and asked "Are we there
yet? Is this where we get out?"

"No, " I responded, "but this is where
you get out unless you adjust your attitude. Nothing will
happen that she does not want; indeed all this was her idea
and her plan, and you will be present at all times."
We would not continue unless he acceded to her plans. Else,
I patiently explained, we would drop him at a diner and have
another car come gather him, and then he could wait at the
hotel for her and I to return.

He turned to her and, in a plaintive whisper, called out
her name, asking if this is what she wanted?

"Behave dear, " she commanded, icy steel in
her voice I had not previously heard, "Or be gone".
Well, now...

Soon we arrived at our destination, to a nondescript business-class
hotel perhaps 25 minutes outside of Manhattan. Into the
bar we went, her and I arm in arm with him walking behind dragging
both his tail and his ego. I selected a table, carefully
placing his back to the bar, which she and I were facing.
We were there to evaluate, and to be evaluated. More she
was, as whom we were meeting were not strangers to me. We
sat, had drinks, I encouraged him to have a few... to ease
his tensions. Soon two drinks came our way, two drinks we
had not ordered, which brought to her face the most contented
smile. Surprisingly, he noticed neither the two new drinks
nor the change in her disposition, being content to be lost
in his own thoughts and the bottom of his glass. She seemed
to consider, I let her be lost in her thoughts, when finally
she reached out and pulled the drink to her lips, and I followed
suit. The bar emptied, save the wait staff, and us. I told
her to take her time and finish her drink, and ordered him
another. That familiar tingle started just as the waitress
brought over a folded napkin to me. We sat, we relaxed; she
and I had a cigarette (a pleasure now FORBIDDEN (!!!) in
NYC bars) when she announced perhaps we should get things
started... Of course, we should.

He trailed behind us again, as we made our way through the
lobby to the elevators. Unfolding the napkin to reveal
the room number, I punched the appropriate floor and away
we went. I clasped her hand; she clasped back, and giggled.

A knock at the door gained us entry to a suite where the five
men who had been in the bar were waiting for us. As instructed,
there were chilled bottles of champagne, and enough glasses
for all. Her husband just stood there, mute and powerless
to stop things, with the look on his face alternating between
anticipation and disbelief. Introductions were made,
I know I got a thrill and I suspect she did as well out of watching
him shake each of their hands. The bottled uncorked, the
unmistakable imagery of her licking the white foam from
the neck of one bottle, and glasses filled for a toast.

"To our newest gangbang slut!" they raised
their glasses in cheer, and surprisingly enough she did
not giggle, but she did blush.

As requested, the suite had two beds. In addition, as requested,
there were two bathrooms. She and I moved to one to get ready
while they did the same. She and I used the complimentary
mouthwash, reapplied our lipstick (garishly so), and
removed our dressed. Out we strode to the bedroom, hand
in hand, her and I wearing heels, a thong, and a smile. The
covers had been pulled off the beds, some moody jazz played
from the boom box thoughtfully provided by one of the men,
and the men were all down to their boxers or briefs, standing
around with arms folded looking at her and I, the beginning
of their erections peeking at her and I. Her husband, as
instructed, was sitting in a chair by the bed breathlessly
waiting for things to start. I pulled her to me, kissing
her, as they surrounded us. I felt hands on my ass, on my tummy,
on my breasts; as I am sure did she. One of the men standing
behind her pulled her thong over her ample hips while I watched
his eyes take in the sight of another man completely undressing
his wife.

Comments passed about her luscious, voluptuous body,
and I added my own about how her form and temperament both
spoke to her desire to please and be pleased. She and I shared
a very long deep and wet kiss before she turned around, selected
one of the men, posed him in profile to her seated husband.
With a minimum of effort, she went to her knees in front of
her first selection, and peeled off his briefs. His still
somewhat flaccid cock was like marbled ebony, shiny on
its head, and pointing right at her. After he stepped out
of his briefs, she began kissing up from his feet to his knees
to his thighs. Craning her neck, she positioned under him
and licked from the base to his tip of his cock. She opened
her mouth and lasciviously extended her tongue and swallowed
as much of him as she could. As his erection grew, she used
her left hand to stroke the base of his shaft, all in profile
so her husband could both see his cock disappear into her
mouth and so he could see the wedding ring on her hand wrapped
around his cock. While he focused on her, she seemed quite
oblivious to him, focusing instead on the cock in her mouth.

Another man pulled off his boxers and stood next to her first
selected one, which soon meant she was stroking one cock
while sucking the other, and then switching between the
two. As I was caressed and had my panties removed, I told
him how she and I had arranged all of this. How she had told
me she had never truly been with two (or more) men at once,
how she had really wanted that to happen, how for an evening
she wanted to be a slut, a cock-hungry gangbanged whore.
He croaked out something unintelligible, cleared his
throat while she most definitely opened hers to swallow
the cock in her mouth, and asked what all was to happen.

I told him, simply and directly, both she and I would serve
our mutual desires, hers, theirs, and mine. How both she
wanted to have cock in her mouth, her cunt, and especially
how she wanted him to watch while she got fucked in her ass.
And, I told him I wanted the same.

Her two new friends pulled her to her feet and pulled her
arms over her head. Their hands went everywhere, her moving
in rhythm with them, swaying to the heat of the moment. They
laid her on the bed and pulled her legs pulled apart. One
of the men went between her legs while the other knelt by
her head and moved to pull her mouth to his cock. Trouble
was the man wanting to fuck her mouth was blocking her husband's
view, which she soon corrected. Oh, she was quite aware
of what was happening... The moan she let out as her first
lover slid his cock into her cunt filled the room, opened
her mouth, then the other man turned her head to the side
and fed her his cock. She had one hand on the cock in her mouth
while the other moved lower to massage her clit.

Seeing she was well on her way to bliss made me realize I was
behind in this game, and that I needed to catch up. I to my
knees, pulled the boxers off my friends, and started moving
my mouth from cock to cock, tasting licking, kissing, and
sucking as I went. There are few greater thrills for me than
feeling a man get hard while he is in my mouth, so that I soon
had three very hard and very wet cocks all to myself. I went
to my bed, pulling two with me and telling the third he needed
to tend to my friend. I went to my hands and knees with one
man in front of me and the other behind. I looked over to my
friend and saw her legs in the air moving in reaction to the
man fucking her, another man still kneeling over her mouth,
and the third seemed to be holding one of her legs and caressing
her breast. I could not see but I suspect her husband was,
by this time, drooling.

With a cock head rubbing on my lips, I nuzzled the cock in
front of me. Pressing soon brought his cock into my cunt
and slow strokes let me feel his length, which was not insubstantial.
I moved my mouth to suck the cock in front of me, and I began
a nice steady motion, pinned as I was, between the two of
them. These men, I should say, are experienced at this...

They are a group of friends who enjoy treating women to the
pleasure of multiple male lovers. I have been the center
of their attention a "few" times, and a "few"
more times I have introduced other women to this experience
with them. I suspect they keep notes or otherwise discreetly
pass general lore between themselves about their frequent
guests, so as to best please her. They know, in other words,
I like to start things slowly; I like deep penetration and
giving slow wet oral sex, I like to make them cum before I
completely lose control of myself. The men are selected
based on their looks, their ability to patiently follow
directions, their adaptability to the various moods of
their guests, and their cock.

The two men fucking me switched positions. I looked over
to see how my friend was doing... One of the men was between
her legs with his mouth on her cunt, another was straddling
her chest with his hands squeezing her breasts together
while his cock slid between them, while the third man was
rubbing his cock on her nose and mouth from above. Seeing
she was doing just fine, I looked up to see the man who had
just been fucking me hold his cock to my lips. I love tasting
myself on cock; I love the mixture, the taste of his pre-cum
mixed with my own lubrication. I wanted to taste more of
him and balanced on one arm to place my hands under his testicles,
to cup him and pull him deep into my mouth, and then back out.
He got the message and started sliding his cock in and out
of my mouth. The man behind me gripped my hips and did she
same, gently fucking me, knowing a thrust too quick or powerful
might kick off a reflex his friend would not enjoy. The man
fucking my mouth gripped the base of his cock rubbing just
under his head on my tongue.

I knew from previous experience he had very good control
and closed my eyes focusing on making my mouth a very warm
wet tight place for his cock, inviting him with my sucking
to cum in my mouth, which he soon did... He announced just
as I felt his head swell and shortened his strokes even more
while I deepened my sucking and distended my tongue for
him. He held in perfect control while his caramel colored
cock placed his crème on my tongue. He shivered and shuddered
while I gave him one last good suck and let some of his cum
slip down my throat, swallowing while I still held him in
my mouth. He then pulled his cock from my mouth and I swallowed
the rest of his delicious gift.

That done, I wanted to get fucked, and get fucked hard. I
placed my head on the bed, turned to watch my friend, who
by this point was straddling one man, facing away from him,
while another knelt and had her suck his cock. Her husband
still sat there and watched silently, his hands gripping
the sides of his chair. The man she was riding began slapping
her ass, playfully it seemed, but his big hands could deliver
quite the sting when necessary. Moreover, she did have
an ass that just begged for spanking. As, I am told, so do

Hands spread my ass and gripped me tighter as his tempo increased.
I knew, or I could feel, his eyes watch his cock slide into
my cunt, and I could feel the burn of his desire to fuck my
ass. I could feel the burn of my desire to have his cock press
against my ass and open me, but that would have to wait; I
wanted him to fuck my cunt. His friend, the one who had just
so expertly cum in my mouth, called out encouragement to
him. I started moaning, I started talking, begging really,
asking him to fuck me harder. Begging him to fuck my cunt
harder, faster, I wanted to feel his length all inside of
me. My hands were on top of my head, with my head buried in
my arms. When I went to move my left hand to my clit, my caramel
lover placed his hands on mine and told me it was not time
for me, just yet. This seemed quite unfair to me as I could
hear my friend elicit the "Oh, God!" and "Oh
Yes!" exclamations, as is consistent with the mating
call of the group sex slut. They did know me... They know
that, after this, and after not cumming, I will be quite
the wanton woman for quite some time.

By now I could feel the powerful thrusts of his wet slick
cock deep into my cunt, feel his testicles slap against
the top of my cunt and clit, and I could hear all of this as
well. Soon my mating calls mixed with hers, plus me begging
him to fuck me harder and to cum for me. He climbed up on me
drove deep and pulled out a bit, lowered down creating great
slippery friction between his shaft and my pubis, rocked
his cock like a jock and came for me.

I pulled up to my hands and knees, turned to the man in front
of me, said "You bastard" with a smile, and turned
to my friend. The man behind me kept in me kept on sliding
in and out, making a pure mess of my thighs in the process.
One of my friend's lovers was deep in her with her legs
thrown over his arms. I could just make out the sight of his
slick cock when his motion pulled him back out. Another
man was sitting, leaning against the headboard, his deflated
cock limp against his thigh. Looking at her face and seeing
the streak of cum extending from the corner of her mouth
down her cheek told me all I needed to know about why he was
taking a breather. The third man had her speaking Russian,
which given the size of her breasts seemed entirely appropriate.
She was squeezing her breasts and licking as she could when
his cock peeked up that high. He stroked and stroked and
came, coating her neck and between her breasts. My mouth
instantly watered, even more than it had been.

The man in her cunt really bent her legs back and kept incredibly
deep in her. She is tan; she is by no means alabaster in tone,
yet the contrast between her tan thighs and his ebony cock
still was striking. He spread her legs back and apart, her
knees to her chest, and pinned her to the bed. She reached
up to rub and pinch his nipples, while holding a look of concentration
in perfect contrast to his building point of explosion.
Yin and Tang... Hard Cock, Wet Cunt; Exploding Man, Controlling
Woman: Everything in perfect balance. She was urging him,
in a whisper, to cum for her. Here she was, a sheen of sweat
covering her, cum dripping from her mouth and neck, cum
streaked between her breasts, and she was in control enough
to command his performance. Her husband kept on licking
his lips and breathing through his mouth. I wonder if he
even recognized this woman as his wife. Finally, her ebony
lover did cum for her. He slapped once, twice, three times
and groaned as he shot his cum deep into her cunt.

He rolled off with a groan, and she let her legs down. I climbed
off my bed, went to hers, stood over her, and took in the sight.
She arched a bit to stretch her back, rubbed her breasts,
and even pinched her nipples. This was a woman still on fire,
still with needs as yet unsatisfied. I took her hand and
asked if she would like a moment alone with me. She did, moved
to her feet, got her balance after a moment's unsteadiness,
and we walked hand in hand to our bathroom.

I kissed her full on the lips after turning on the light and
closing the door, which she returned with such intensity
she made my heart skip. Before all of this, as she and I had
shared, she had expressed a passive interest in women.
Perhaps she was not a true bisexual, as I am, but certainly
comfortable with her sexuality and comfortable to not
let arbitrary labels concern her; this being why she let
me go down on her though did not reciprocate that first night
we met. The kiss I received indicated that perhaps she was
having a change of disposition. I bent over a bit to lick
her breasts and to taste some of the cum still clinging to
her skin. I asked her, as I worked my way up to her neck, if
something had changed. Indeed, something had. She had
been watching me as I had watched her, and thought she had
rarely seen a sight as erotic as that. My hand went over her
tummy to her cunt, feeling her slippery lips, as I asked
her to explain what she found so erotic, what had changed.
She said she was still not sure, but that she could not now
imagine being without another woman in her life.

She smiled... and placed her hand on my shoulder. She was
becoming surer of herself by the moment. I asked how she
felt, how her body felt, was her mind able to handle all of
this, all as I kissed down her body. She said her mind felt
fine, she was able to handle and even revel in the thoughts
of this Madonna turning into a quite willing whore. As for
her body, perhaps I would do well to check things out myself.
She sat back on the counter, lifted one leg to the side, reached
down, and spread her cunt for me. Oh, she was just fine. Her
lips were dilated and engorged, still very wet, and the
cum from her last lover still seeping from her. I told her
we do not have much time as I extended my tongue and licked
his cum from her cunt. She petted my hair back when I nuzzled
then sucked gently on her clit, and told me I was right. She
called out for them to bring in her cigarettes, and two glasses
of champagne.

That having been delivered by her oh so obedient husband,
who was soon shushed out the door, we had a smoke and sipped
some more champagne. I think she enjoyed the many tastes
in her mouth, as did I. I asked her if she knew what was next...
what would happen when we went back into the room. She inhaled
deeply, exhaled, turned to me with a devious look, and told
me tell her just what would happen. I said things would get
far more direct, forceful, and even more energetic. She
put her cigarette out, sipped the last of her bubbly, turned
to face me, and told me to go on. I told her they had not yet
had her ass, nor had they had mine, and that that would change.
She pushed me back against the counter, lifted my leg to
the side, and bade my continuation. I told her they would
expect her to get DP'd, to get a double penetration,
to have cock in both her cunt and ass at the same time. Hmmm
she said dropping to her knees in front of me. She asked if
she was the only one of us who would have that done to her.
No sweetie, of course not I answered. I said it seemed she
liked being spanked, perhaps that would happen again,
she said she hoped it would and placed her tongue flat on
my cunt and had her first ever taste of another woman. Feeling
as good as that did still we were running out of time and I
reluctantly pulled her to her feet. We kissed again, I whispered
to her soon we would have all the time we needed to continue
where we left off, and emerged back into the room.

The men were more lying around than standing this time.
The look in their eyes told me they were as ready for the second
act as we were. Her husband, by this point his jacket off
and his linen shirt unbuttoned, wrinkled, and bled through,
was gripping his hands together in an expectant manner.
He had enough nervous energy for everyone in the room. She
announced to the assembled group that both she and I were
rested, and ready. She and I kissed again a bit, and then
in a stage whisper, said that while she really wanted what
was next to happen, first could she just watch me? Of course...
Just as I was to select whom, she said since this was the second
act, wasn't it was only fair for her and I to completely
swap our admirers? Now it was my turn to giggle, and smile.

I went to my bed, sat with my legs under me, and my knees far
apart. I was presenting myself. I wanted them to see my body,
my legs, my cunt were open and available for them, for their
pleasure. Her three admirers soon came to my bed with her
standing by, each of my previous lovers at her side. She
asked her husband to position the other chair for her viewing
pleasure, as well as another glass of champagne. One of
her new friends called out a little encouragement by telling
them I had not cum, that they should expect a hair-trigger
response. She piped up with the helpful hint that I enjoy
being spanked, and perhaps that would be a good way to start
things. That was all the encouragement they needed.

I was gently forced to my tummy, with one man holding my legs
and another holding my arms above me, while Mr. Ebony started
massaging my ass. Every so often, he spread my ass, wide.
Soon he lifted one hand and brought down playfully swatting
my ass, first one cheek then the next. I heard her say "Harder"
and he complied. He spanked me harder and harder; I could
feel my ass turn first a rosy shade of pink and then a bright
red. I just buried my head into the bed as he continued. I
timed my moans perfectly; they came just after every hard
spank he administered to my ass.

I was rolled over to my side, just long enough for her to place
a pillow under my tummy. I heard her get up, come over to me,
and heard her tell him it was time. He spread my ass then she
liberally applied lubrication from a bottle to my upturned
ass. Make it nice and slick, he told her, do not let her ass
feel anything but my hard cock sliding into her. I sensed
rather than saw her get to her knees and suck him hard, and
then heard his moans as she coated his cock in lube.

She came to the side of the bed, right by my face. I understood,
I had done this before; She wanted to see my face as his cock
opened my ass. She leaned over and kissed my cheek as he spread
mine and pressed his cock against me. She kissed me best
she could while his gentle but insistent pressure soon
made my ass open just a bit and then a bit more. He began his
rocking as I began my moaning and she pulled my hair from
my face. Oh, he was good... He kept things easy, going a bit
deeper each time, and could sense with my movements when
I needed him to rest and let me accommodate him. Soon he was
giving me near his full length, as I could feel his hips pressed
against the back of my ass and could feel his lovely cock
deep within me.

I made a motion to move my hand, to rub my clit; she kissed
me and said she wanted to do that for me. Stroking my hair
with one hand while she wiggled her other under me, soon
she found my clit, and after a few gratuitous strokes on
my lips soon had my clit between two of her fingers. Is this
good, Susan? Yes... please do not stop. My hair-trigger,
as advertised, soon had me trying to squeeze my legs together,
which was quite impossible as his tree-trunk legs were
between mine. I gripped the bed sheets with both hands and,
as she continued stroking and gently pinching my clit,
had my first and long overdue orgasm of the evening. I felt
my ass grip his cock, I felt my cunt grabbing in vain trying
to find purchase on anything, and felt her stroke in small
circles just to the top of my clit. She eased her hand out
and he rested in me, letting me come down from my wee little
endorphin rush.

He rolled over to one side, and pulled me with him, never
once breaking contact between his cock and my ass. I was
facing her, watching while she knelt back and motioned
for one of the men to come over to her. She remained on her
knees so that when he, my next Italian lover, walked over
to her it was with a minimum of effort that she took his cock
into her mouth. The man behind me started some gentle motions
in me, and pulling me back against him, making more room
on the bed. I was watching my friend suck him, watching her
fluff Mr. Olive, thinking all the time how perfect she looked.
She looked even better than perfect, really; she looked

I thought he would roll me over on top of him, with me facing
away, and so then letting my next lover slide into my cunt.
Instead, he kept me as I was while the other man lay next to
us. Placing one arm around my tummy and holding me tight
against him, he rolled us over on top of him. Just the movement
alone almost caused me to almost lose control but somehow
I maintained. My friend, very thoughtfully, went behind
us all and pulled the cock out from under me. She used her
fingers to open me a little more and even massaged my clit
for good measure, all before she told Mr. Ebony which way
he needed to move me.

Mrs. Miami was frenetic, urging and giving directions,
"Up a little bit more... OK Good! Now back... Yes,
that's it... Perfect!" Feeling the cock against
my cunt, her gripping his shaft and stroking his head against
my lips, and then her telling Mr. Ebony to pull me all the
way back, until my penetration was doubled.

I started moaning almost before they started rocking me
between them. Mr. Ebony moving my ass up and down, me grinding
best as I could against Mr. Olive, feeling both their cocks
rub against each other inside of me. Feeling my cunt and
ass now completely open, whatever inhibitions I may have
had at this point had by now flown the coop. Mr. Ebony decided
I again needed to be spanked, that I was a very bad girl, and
with two cocks in me who was I to argue? I could feel it building
within me, that small pool of fire spreading from the base
of my spine and spreading warmth as it spread though my body.
Mr. Olive kept his hands up at the elbow so I could place my
hands on his and prop myself up against both of them. By now
I was bucking back against both their cocks, feeling both
of them simultaneously slide deep into me, feeling Mr.
Ebony grab my hips and pull me back, feeling my clit grind
against Mr. Olive's pubic hair and bone. That small
fire, having since spread throughout my body, soon had
me light-headed and my legs shivering, as it seemed my body
turned to liquid and I came and came and came. I could not
stop shivering, I could not stop moving back against them,
My body had a life all it's own even as my head told me
soon I would pass out from their ministrations. Soon I did
collapse, right into Mr. Olive's arms, while Mr. Ebony
climbed up and both embraced me in the most libidinous embrace
I had had in quite some time.

Mr. Ebony soon pulled out of me, making sure to keep my ass
spread so my friend and anyone else watching could see just
how open I was. She said my gaping ass was truly a sight to
see, I rolled off Mr. Olive and told her she was next. She
just smiled, got up from her chair, and went over to her bed.
Her husband was seemingly glued to his chair. Her two next
lovers son joined her, each soon attached to a breast and
spread her legs. I found the energy to move over to her bed,
I wanted to fluff her lovers for her as she had for me. I made
sure she was good and wet; I licked her lips out and apart,
sucking on her clit and licking her now very wet cunt. I went
to Mr. Caramel's cock; with no pretense or teasing,
I started sucking him. When I deemed his cock hard enough,
I motioned her to roll over on top of him. She slid over him
and I held his cock while she lowered her cunt completely
engulfing him in one quick motion. She moved back and forth
enough to coat the length of his cock, down to his base, with
her now flowing lubrication.

A few playful spanks were definitely in order, not that
she minded in the least. She really enjoyed moving her ass
back in time with my hand, each time then pushing her cunt
back over his cock. I decided to show her how to really prepare
another woman's ass for cock. I spread her wide, her
ass deliciously poised above his cock in her cunt, and licked
from the base of her cunt to the base of her spine. That was
unexpected, that got goose bumps raised on her ass, and
that got my tongue very focused on her ass. I went as deep
as I dared, which got her moaning, and saying barely intelligible
things, the most coherent of which was her telling me "Oh,
you nasty slut".

I lubed her ass as she had mine, sucked her other lover hard,
lubed his cock, and went to stand by the side of her bed. I
noticed her face turned away from me, turned towards her
husband; I could sense their eyes locked, sharing more
meaning than I think either of them thought possible. His
look seemed, for the first time, to be one of complete understanding.
What had started as mere payback had turned into a definite
choice, a new lifestyle, a new way of thinking, a new start
to an old relationship. The man behind her soon had his cock
at her ass, and, while she lay perfectly still, he gave her
the new experience of a double penetration. Her breath
was short, and her body seemed to have it's own glow,
as she accepted these two strange bare cocks, into her cunt
and ass, and began establishing a rhythm with them. Mr.
Caramel made certain she stayed put, by placing his fingers
on her nipples and pulling them taut. I could actually see
him roll the one nipple visible to me between his thumb and
forefinger, and pulling it very hard.

About this time, Mr. Olive beckoned me back to my bed. Mr.
Ebony had returned from cleaning things up and my presence
was once again required. My Mr. Ivory (as opposed to her
Mr. Ivory) was on the bed as well. I stood over the bed, cocked
my head to the side, and asked them what they had in mind?
Mr. Ebony said they all needed to fuck me, simple as that.
I demurred a bit, telling him I was quite tired... but did
so with a smile. He noticed my meaning and told me all I needed
to do was lay back, enjoy, and they would take care of the
rest. Well, now... and I did just that.

All during this, though my view was blocked, I could hear
my friend getting the ride of her life. A few times, she did
ask them to stop, which they did, before she got her second,
third, fourth wind.

As for me, I was quite content to lay back with my legs held
up for me and massage my clit while they took turns fucking
me. I pinched and teased their nipples, ran my nails down
their back and chest, gripped their ass to pull them deep
into me, and made my cunt as open and inviting as I could for
them. They all seemed to fold into one well-tuned lover.
I just laid back and enjoyed feeling their hands massaging
my breasts, pinching my nipples, and caressing my legs.
Sometimes I would close my eyes, just to get lost in the sensation
of it all, and then open my eyes to find my lover had morphed
from one to the next to the last, and back again. I was free
to stroke my clit and the rest of my body as I desired, cumming
as the feeling built, to taste their cocks and my body as
I went. My Mr. Ivory and Mr. Olive had both cum deep within
me while Mr. Ebony felt the need to pull his cock out and shoot
his cum over my breasts.

I emerged from my sublime little dream feeling completely
satiated, right up until I looked over at Mrs. Miami, laying
on her side, and looking at me. I sat up to face her, as she
did the same, and we stood and kissed. As much as we would
both like to have continued, our hosts needed to travel
back home, and we needed to go. She and I repaired to our bathroom
and shared a few moments before we cleaned up best we could,
which meant of course me cleaning her breasts as she did
mine. We shimmied back into our dresses, arranged our hair
so it do not have quite so bad a "just been fucked"
look, and re-emerged to find our panties and shoes.

Mr. Miami had apparently been trading anecdotes with our
friends, anecdotes about Mrs. Miami, which set Mrs. Miami's
ears burning, and I noticed her cheeks flushed. I patted
her on her ass and told her we needed to scoot. We found our
shoes in short order but, suspiciously enough, could not
find our panties. Mr. Miami spoke up, said he told our friends
they could have them as a keepsake, and that he was sure we
would not mind. I answered for both of us: Of course, we would
not. She turned to me, as we sat to slip our shoes on, and said
she rather needed hers... Sweetie, I told her, I would be
doing the same thing as you, dripping cum down my thighs
as we walked to our car. Moreover, that is why he gave them
our panties. Then, she giggled.

The magnanimous Mr. Miami soon ushered us out of the room
and down the hall to the elevator. Once inside I could tell
Mrs. Miami was feeling that post-coital drip, so I held
her hand and told her all would be fine. She returned my look
with a smile and told me she was rather enjoying the feeling.
Mr. Miami was just beaming his silent smiles to the world.
The car, blessedly, was there when we got outside. Again,
we positioned Ms Miami in the middle, and again I started
by caressing her breast, running my nail over her nipple.
She jumped a bit at that, telling me she had taken more than
a fair bit of attention there during Act II. I laughed, apologized,
and moved my hand to her thigh. Her instant reaction was
to open her legs for me, throwing one leg over mine and leg
another over his. Scooting down a bit, she laid back into
the seat and let me continue. I invited him to look as well,
to see his wife's cunt open and leaking cum from other
men. He massaged her thigh, as I did, and did not mind at all
when I went to the floor of the car to take my taste of her.

As much as she enjoyed, she pulled my face to hers and told
me it was time for her husband to get his just reward. Oh,
and what might that be? She pulled back a bit, reached over
to her husband, and pulled his zipper down. He did one better
and unbuckled his belt so I might pull his pants down to his
ankles. His built-up tension soon found relief as I moved
my mouth from her mouth to his cock. I was somewhat laying
over her; she pulled up the back of my dress and caressed
my ass as I began sucking his cock.

She told him she had rarely felt so alive, so vital. He told
her he thoroughly enjoyed watching her transform herself
from his hausfrau into a slut, even if only for the evening.
She told him this was not just a one-time thing... and that
he needed to understand that. I cannot tell if the "Oh,
yes!" he next said was in response to her statement
or my tongue. I suspect she would take from that what she
needed, and certainly, her hand on the back of my head told
me I should continue as I was, which I did until his reward
became mine. I wonder if ever there was a man more in need
of an orgasm then her husband at that very moment...

I was able to contain things, just barely, then brought
my mouth back to hers. We shared, we felt his cum coat her
tongue and mine, we caressed each other, let it spill from
the corner of our mouths, just to lick it back in, almost
completely oblivious to his presence.

And so, the car soon wound its way through the streets of
TriBeCa, back to their hotel. I sat back just a bit, just
enough for her to get the hint I would not come in unless they
invited me. She noticed, being quite the perceptive little
lynx, and she asked me to come in for a nightcap. I sensed
it would be just that, though. Quickly we went to the bar
and he got us a round of drinks. Thank God, for the dimly lit
decor that is the typical Manhattan bar hid our just slightly
disheveled appearance. She soon had her husband scooting
up to their room, as she wanted to say goodnight to me on her
own. He and I exchanged a kiss, a hug, and a pleasant goodbye
before he disappeared from view.

She turned to me and smiled. I told her to not say anything,
that I felt like I had witnessed her rebirth, and that I had
thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her, to speak nothing
of the evening we just shared. I asked next, I wanted to make
sure all would be well in their relationship. She smiled
and said she was sure there were rocky moments ahead but
she could see new beginnings. Perfect, I told her. Move
past your jealousy, and leave the acrimony behind. I could
tell as I said this she was way ahead of me. We finished our
drinks and I walked her to the elevator. I kissed her, told
her we still had some unfinished business and she agreed.
She said she would have me down to Miami, I said I really liked
that idea of going down to Miami. The elevator came and she
stepped in. Just before pressing the button for her floor,
she turned to me and said how much she would enjoy me "going
down" in the very near future. Her giggle was the last
thing I heard from her before the doors closed.

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