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Teri hurriedly ran down the stairs, when she heard the doorbell. She thought about putting on her see-through black negligee but decided against it. Teri knew she was thought of as a MILF (Mother I'd Like To Fuck) by the young guys in the neighborhood. She was 41 but in great shape. After the baby was born, she worked out and looked better than ever.

Teri answered the door stark naked. The deliveryman maintained his composure to the best of his abilities, attempting to be oblivious to her state of undress. His cock jerked and he hoped she didn't notice.

"Package for Mrs. Thomas," he said.

Teri looked at the boyish face with wavy brown hair and not well-hidden muscular body. He couldn't be more than 20 and that was fine with her. She could see his eyes looking her over. Her nipples were aroused, long and firm. Her well-trimmed pussy was moist with anticipation. Teri's long straight red hair draped over her shoulders.

"Call me Teri." She took the delivery and placed it on the nearby bench.

"I'm sooooooooo horny," Teri unabashedly told him. She took 2 of her long manicured red polished fingers and placed it in her cunt. Coating them with her slit's juices, she licked off its tasty nectar with her tongue.

"Want to cum inside?" she seductively asked him. It was a question she wouldn't have to repeat. He nodded and she led him in and closed the door behind him. She moved the other well-lubricated finger to his lips and he let it gain entrance in his mouth.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM delicious." He smiled. Teri took that as her cue to get down on her knees. She reached over and her right hand slowly massaged his crotch from the outside of his pants. Her tongue wetted the area but she wanted to touch his hot rod. She eagerly unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his semi erect cock.

Looking up into his eyes, she began taking the swelling cockhead into her hungry mouth. Her experience at blowjobs was evident. She easily deep throated the full length of his well-hung instrument. She barely gagged as inch by inch it made it's way down her passageway.

"Ohhhhh fuck, baby," the deliveryman moaned. "Suck that cock."

Teri kept bobbing her head up and down his stiff prick. His hand pushed her head down to take it in deep and he began fucking her mouth hard with his very erect pole. The sounds of it entering and leaving her mouth filled the air. Releasing his dick, she licked his pulsating shaft from the base to the head, spitting when she reached its peak. Teri's mouth fastidiously engulfed his prick and the wetness of her saliva soaked it as she continued sucking it. She touched his heavy balls gently, cupping them in her hand.

"I'm going to cum," he panted. Teri swiftly pulled his cock out just in time. Her tongue stuck out and he groaned as waves of his hot creamy cum sprayed her face and fell down her chin. Some landed in her mouth. She savored the taste of his salty sperm. Her tongue attempted to get all his cum from her face so she could enjoy every drop of it.

He picked Teri up and carried her to the soft blue leather couch. Laying her down upon it, her pulled her legs apart and his face edged to her intoxicating pussy. Her folds were smooth and her inner lips large and swollen, with only her red hair trimmed on her mound. He brushed his face up against her pussy, in order to breathe in the wonderful smell and taste the savory cunt that was ready and waiting for him. Her sweetness flowed into his mouth as he swirled his tongue and deeply inserted it into her most tender spot. His fingers probed into its center of desire. Her screams of delight increased as the intensity of desire in her slit magnified.

"Oh God, oh God." Teri's hot pussy was on fire and only his cock could put out the flames. Lifting her from the sofa, he carried her up the winding staircase. "Where's your bedroom?" he asked. She motioned to the right and he carried her there.

Without hesitation, he leaned her succulent body against the wall of the room, overlooking the King-sized bed she shared with her husband. Her legs wrapped around him, he quickly entered her starved cunt and pounded it hard and unyielding. Fucking her with deep thrusts of power, the full stamina of his young vigor evident. He didn't stop his insertions until his balls emptied inside her juicy cunt. Her waves of orgasm were equally intense. Her outpouring covered his soaked dick.

The lad wasn't done yet. His cock sprang back to life as he placed her on the bed. He was a young stallion ready for another ride. He removed his clothes and dumped them on the floor, wasting little time for such trivial matters. He lay flat on the bed and Teri knew what he wanted, what they both wanted. She mounted his energized tool and slid down.

Teri's bountiful breasts bounced as she went up and down his dick. His hands reached over and fondled them as she continued giving him the ride of his life.

"Baby, don't stop," he ordered. Teri didn't. She loved the feel of his dick as she felt it inside of her. Up and down, over and over again, her wet cunt went on its journey. He thrust in synch with her movements and his load of sperm again filled her up. Dripping down in steady streams down her legs, his heated cum poured out her soaked slit. He still had more fucking left in him. Teri was amazed by his insatiable energy.

"I want your ass," he announced. They went down on the floor. Teri was in the doggie style position, head and hands down and ass up. He gave his slightly limp prick some quick strokes, which brought it back to life once again. He moved his hand over to her soaked cunt and moistened his fingers with her pussy juices. His wet fingers slowly spread her anus, lubricating her tight asshole. With one swift pierce, his eager prick easily slid into her wet anus. He pulled Teri's luscious hair and grabbed her ripe nipples, as he fucked her behind.

"Like that, slut?" he inquired.

Teri replied, "Fuck me harder."

The deliveryman delivered his thrusts deep and steady until he came yet again. Teri announced it was time for him to leave. She wanted to rest before dinner. She thanked him and he asked her if he could come over again. She said that was possible and he smiled. He put on his clothes and left.

Teri looked over at the package still unopened on the bench and picked it up. She noticed for the first time it was somewhat heavy. She was surprised and opened it up. Staring at the laptop inside, she began opening up the card enclosed. "Happy Birthday, Teri. Enjoy your new laptop. Love, Mom and Dad."

Teri stared at her gift as the phone rang. Her husband Dan was on the phone. "Teri, I'm sorry but the deliveryman scenario has to be postponed. The guy said he had a family emergency. We'll have to reschedule." Teri dropped the phone.

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sorry dude I think she started with out you.


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that was a good ending.


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loved the ending ,,,looking forward to next delivery


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I was a courier at one time and had many encounters like this. mmm those were the days.