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A Girl/Girl Encounter


Here's my first attempt at writing an erotic short
story from a woman's perspective. Yes, I had to get
"in touch with my feminine side"...but don't
worry...I don't wear women's undies or anything!
Let me know if it "works"! ---Author

Happy Hour

It appeared to be just another day in the life of a young-middle-aged
wife and working mom…HECTIC! My son was running late for
the bus and (of course) couldn’t seem to find his homework,
his comb…or even his left tennis shoe. My husband, Phil,
was hurriedly packing for an overnight business trip and,
even with a closet full of nice shirts, just had to have the
one that was still in the dryer. Of course, I’m trying to
iron his beloved shirt, making coffee, looking under the
sofa for the missing sneaker, trying to locate just one
postage stamp, picking up last night’s dishes…and wondering
just how in the world that I was going to be able to dry my hair
and make it to my 8:00 am appointment. Thank GOD it was Friday
and I hadn’t set any appointments for the weekend!

The office was absolutely NUTS that day! I’m a Realtor that
works in a fairly quiet real estate office…well, usually
that is! The first thing that morning was that the computers
were down. “Some kind of power surge last night” was the
only response we could get from the electric company. Of
course that meant that for some reason it seemed that everyone
wanted to buy a house that particular day! I could swear
that there must have been a BUS that brought in customers
at about lunch time…the office was a ZOO! The receptionist
came up with the “Friday-flu” at about 2:00 and left just
two of us and still no computers to handle the customers…or
in this case, the “Looky-Loo’s”. Phil’s dad called to say
that he wanted to watch our kiddo that night just before
the painfully slow clock on the wall would let me escape.
I didn’t waste a single second when the magic-hour finally
arrived…O.J. Simpson couldn’t have gotten to his car any

It hit me as soon as I started car and some lonely-heart country
song came out of the speakers…it would be an empty house
waiting for me. At first I was excited when I thought about
calling Dave, a ‘secret flirty-friend’ of mine and seeing
if we could go out together…but then remembered that he
said that he would be busy that night. I told myself, “Great!...a
nice, quiet evening…just me, a long bubble bath and the
TV set”, but somehow remembered Judy, a friend at the office
asking me at lunch (for the hundredth time) if I could make
it to happy hour at “Lou’s Place, ” a local night spot. Of
course I had answered (for the hundredth time) that I had
way too much to do at home…so I thought that it would be the
perfect time to just drop by…a glass of Chardonnay sounded
good and it would be great to watch Judy faint when I actually
showed up!

I found Lou’s Place easily enough, but was strangely apprehensive
when I approached the door by myself and thought about changing
my mind before I realized how silly I was being…and remembered
the big pile of dirty laundry that was patiently awaiting
my arrival at home. That helped a LOT!

Lou’s Place was nothing to brag about, one long bar with
mismatched barstools, a few tables on one side of a six -person
maximum dance floor, a juke box and two pool tables…but
it happened to be only a couple of miles from the office.
It took my eyes a minute to adjust from coming in from the
daylight, as it appeared to be perpetually nighttime inside
of Lou’s. It was only then that I realized that I didn’t recognize
a single face in there…and they were certainly all looking
at me. Just as I almost bolted for the exit like a frightened
rabbit, a husky voice from behind the bar bellowed, “Hey
there, Little Lady!...What can I get’cha?” I didn’t bother
wondering what his name was…I could only have been Lou himself.
Not wanting to look as out of place as I felt I answered, “A
glass of Chardonnay, please?”, to which he responded,
“Chardonnay?...That’s the white stuff, isn’t it?” Before
I could compose myself to reply, he chuckled and said, “Just
kidding, Little Lady…one glass coming right up!”

The choice of where to sit was made easy, as there was only
one open seat left at the bar. It was between an attractive
couple and a group of five or six mechanic-type
guys, complete with dirty, blue shirts with name tags.
One of them was pretty cute and when he smiled and tipped
his ‘AC-Delco’ ball-cap, I even forgave him for his grease-stained
fingers. One of his buddies though, older, balding and
with a prize-winning beer-belly hanging precariously
over his too-tight Wranglers…was managing to guzzle half
of his Budweiser and all the while leering at my chest. I
pretended not to notice while, as nonchalantly as I could,
hang my purse on the barstool and settle in. Lou approached
with my drink and as I reached for my purse he whipped what
was left of a pencil from behind his ear, scribbled something
on a piece of paper he pulled from his apron pocket and proclaimed,
“Got’cha on a tab, Little Lady!”…and was off to the sink
to rinse a stack of empty beer pitchers…even before I could
protest that I wouldn’t be staying long.

It was awkward being at the bar by myself and getting more
uncomfortable by the minute, as “Leering Larry” was still
engaged in a “stare-down” with my chest. I was already starting
to look forward to finishing at least half of the wine before
making a polite, quiet exit. With nothing else to do, I looked
around the place and casually studied the couple sitting
in the opposite direction from Leering Larry. The man was
very well-dressed and handsome, much younger than her.
“Obviously she must dress him, ” I thought. She was near
my age, give or take and very attractive. She had long , almost
back hair in a very pretty, yet wild tangle, piercing green
eyes and a generous smile. I was admiring her nails as she
took a sip of her wine and laughed at something that he had
said. I suddenly realized that I must have looked at her
for a second too long for I looked back towards her face and
she was still smiling, but looking right at me! I quickly
broke eye contact and looked away, but felt like a peeping-Tom
that got caught. I almost wanted to gulp the rest of my wine
down and make a hasty escape. Just as I was planning my exit
strategy, her date stood up and kissed her, left a twenty
on the bar, picked up his designer sunglasses and Gucci
billfold and left the bar, giving a wave and calling out
to the bartender, “See ‘ya, Lou!”

I was just about to follow his lead, but Lou was not only a
good bartender, but a mind-reader as well. He was there
in a flash. “Can I get’cha another, Little Lady?” Before
I could answer, the woman interrupted, “Oh, she’ll have
another, Lou…and this one’s on me.” He was off to the wine
rack and I didn’t know what to say…I’ve rarely had a strange
woman buy my drink before. I smiled at her and simply said,
“Thank you.” “You’re most welcome” she replied…and then
leaning over and talking lower so that only I could hear
her added, “You better sit over here honey, before that
creep’s eyeballs fall out!”…referring to Leering Larry.
“Oh, you noticed, huh?” I laughed, moving to the barstool
on the other side of her. “I was soooo glad when you got here,
babe…he was staring at mine for the half-hour before you
came in…I’m Christie, by the way.” “Nice to meet you, Christie
and thanks for the drink…I’m Donna, ” I replied. “We girls
have to stick together you know” she said, taking a sip of
her wine. I was still nervous and couldn’t think of something
to say to her. Finally, I asked, “Was that your boyfriend?...not
expecting the reaction I got. “Mark!?” she exclaimed laughing,
“Oh I wish…he’s a total babe!” “No”, she laughed again,
“I’m sure that my husband wouldn’t approve…and besides,
he’s totally gay, ” she said matter-of-factly. I laughed
too and said, “Really? You’re so lucky…I’ve always wanted
a gay boyfriend!” She agreed, smiling, “Oh, they’re great…never
have to worry about them wanting to get in your pants. Besides
that, they love to exchange recipes, ” she joked. “I’m
a little mean though…sometimes I try to seduce him just
to watch him squirm.” Before I could reply she asked, “I
see your ring there, Donna, so where’s your husband? You
know, when you’re trying to get a little on the side, you’re
supposed to put it in your purse, ” she teased. I laughed
and said, “Sorry to disappoint you Christie, but it’s not
nearly as exciting as that. He’s out of town on a business
trip and I was expecting a friend from work to be here.” She
was very easy to talk to. “Mine is gone, too, ” she sighed,
then added, “Of course, he’s always gone. He’s a truck driver.”
“How can you stand it?” I asked. “Oh, it gets lonely sometimes,

she said. “Especially now, he’s been on the road for three

weeks and my girlfriend’s husband got transferred to Chicago
last week. I’m already missing her.” “It’s hard when your
best friend moves away, isn’t it?” I consoled, to which
she surprised me again by saying, “Oh! She wasn’t my best
friend, honey…she just saved me a fortune in batteries,
that’s all!”

It took me a second to get it, but when I did I found myself
laughing out loud, but at the same time, very excited. “You’re
a big fan of the Energizer Bunny, too?” I joked, but she was
obviously lost in thought. She suddenly reached over and
started playing with my hair. “I’d just love to have a go
at that, ” she said. I was excited, but pulled away instinctively
and didn’t know what to say. She was quiet for a moment and
then burst out laughing. “Oh, my God! I’m sorry, “ she she
laughed, “I should have said something! I own the place
behind the bank…Christie’s Salon! Hair is my business…you
thought…” “Oh, my God!” I agreed, also laughing, cutting
her off . “It’s OK, Christie…I’m such a prude!” We both laughed
for a moment and then she touched my hair again and said,
“I mean it though, your hair is so thick and gorgeous! Is
it your natural color?” “Well, it’s my most natural color
that money can buy, ” I deadpanned. She laughed and was
suddenly thoughtful and finished her glass of wine. “Look,

she said seriously, “My shop is only two blocks
from here. That animal behind you is totally creeping me
out and I would absolutely love to do you…your hair that
is!” she said with a rather flirtive wink, “So, how about
it?” “Are you sure?” I asked, hoping that she was. “I mean,
well…you do that all day and it’s Friday night!” “I’m positive,
Donna, ” she replied without pausing; then adding, “There
isn’t anything that I would enjoy more, ” while looking
directly into my eyes. I surprised myself with my eagerness;
I was already standing up and reaching for my purse. “Well,
then, let’s do it!” I said, smiling.

We took care of Lou and left “Leering Larry” behind, feeling
his eyes on our backsides all the way to the door. “C’mon,
let’s take my car!” she said exuberantly. She grabbed my
hand and almost pulled me along. I was feeling a little giddy,

The sun had just set and the rush-hour traffic had quieted.
Christie opened her passenger door for me and admonished
me to just “throw anything in your way to the back-seat.”
I had to move a box of styling products and a few music CD’s
and jumped in.

Christie’s Salon was only two blocks away and when
I realized that we had just passed it, I said, “Soooo, how
many glasses of wine did you have back there? I think we just
passed your shop.” She laughed at that. “I only had three

itsy-bitsy glasses, ” she joked, grossly slurring her
words on purpose. Before I could inquire further, she pulled
into the liquor store and parked, leaving her car running.
“Now, don’t run off!” she said as she got out. I suddenly
felt just like “Leering Larry” as I found myself admiring
her shape as she practically skipped to the entrance. She
even paused at the door and raised one leg backward in her
best Marilyn Monroe imitation and playfully blew me an
exaggerated kiss, then laughed when I covered my eyes in
mock-embarrassment. I was laughing in her car by myself,
yet was tingly all over. I used the mirror on her sun visor
to quickly check my makeup and freshened my lipstick. I
calmed myself by saying, out loud to the mirror, “She’s
just going to do your hair, you idiot!” Even though that
was probably the truth, I knew that I already hoped it wasn’t.
Christie emerged from the store and hopped in, putting
a bag on the floor and proclaiming, “One bottle of very good
Chardonnay and two cheap, plastic glasses. We’re
going to have FUN!”

We parked right in front of her shop in the now deserted parking
lot. She unlocked the front door and then locked it behind
us upon entering. Even that made me excited. It was very
dark and Christie told me to “Wait right here, ” as she went
to the back and turned on a few lights. I could see her re-setting
the alarm panel, too. The salon was small, yet clean: posters
of beautiful models with perfect hair were displayed abundantly
on the walls. She came back and took my hand and led me past
several open booths and past a manicurist station to a private
booth that she obviously did her work in. There were not
only the barber’s chair and numerous styling tools, but
also a small desk and computer in one corner, with stacks
of receipts and several magazines scattered about. “OK,
babe, have a seat!” she said with a smile and then busied
herself by turning on a small stereo system to a 70’s radio
station, lit several candles on the counter beneath the
mirror and then opened the wine, pouring each of us a glass.
She handed me a glass and then raised hers in a toast. “Here’s
to our husbands: I hope they’re not having as much fun as
we are!” I laughed and said, “Amen!” before we ‘clunked’
the cheap, plastic glasses and each took a sip. She then
exclaimed, “To hell with the codes!” and playfully kicked
her heels off, each of them landing across the room, then
surprising me by kneeling in front of me and taking off my
shoes, while smiling up at me. She walked behind me and swiveled
me towards the mirror. “Now…just what am I going to do with
you?” she said, talking to herself while running her long
fingers through my hair. Her touch was electric…I could
feel myself getting wet as I watched her fingers playing
with my hair and caught myself undressing her mentally
as her ample breasts occasionally touched my hair and shoulders
as she worked.

She rested her hands on my shoulders and said, “OK, Donna,
let’s give you the Owner’s Special, ” and began massaging
my shoulders. I laughed and replied, “OK Christie, I leave
myself in your capable hands.” I closed my eyes as she slowly,
yet firmly massaged m shoulders and neck. Her touch sent
very pleasant chills through my body. She was making me
feel very comfortable and relaxed, yet excited in a way
I’d never been. Her long fingers would occasionally stray
just beneath the edges of my light sweater on the bare skin
of my chest and I couldn’t help but hold my breath in anticipation,
secretly wanting her to explore further. She leaned down,
moving my hair gently to the side and lightly brushed her
lips against the nape of my neck. I instinctively tilted
my head slightly to accommodate anything that she had in
mind. She whispered, “You smell absolutely delicious,

while playfully tracing the lobe of my ear ever so slightly
with her tongue. “Thank you, ” I whispered back, adding,
“I think I like the ‘Owner’s Special’ already.” She laughed
and said, “And we haven’t even done your hair, yet!”

She was good. After telling me that she liked the length
of my hair…she just trimmed the ends a little (to perfection!)
and then styled it with the intensity of an artist while
she worked. I’m a little picky about my hair, but Christie
made it look, well…ravishing. Someone once said that “You
know you’re having a good time when you lose track of time.”
I totally lost track of time! We spent at least the next hour
laughing, talking, doing each other’s nails, flirting…and
embarrassingly enough, even some impromptu “karaoke”
to an old Aerosmith song…complete with ‘air guitars’.
The wine bottle was nearly empty.

I was starting to say, “Christie, I’m really having a…”,
but she cut me off abruptly when a new song came on the radio.
She ran over to the radio, saying, “This song used to be my
absolute favorite!” and turned up the volume until the
scissors’ started rattling on the counter. It was “Shake
Your Groove Thing” and she started doing just that. I was
having so much fun that I joined her out on the “dance floor”
and we started ‘getting down’. We were laughing, dancing,
singing out loud and even doing “the bump”. About halfway
through the song, she suddenly stripped off her blouse
and started twirling it over her head, acting like a teenaged
girl at a rock concert. I joined her without hesitation
and pulled my sweater up over my head while ‘shaking my groove
thing’ for all it was worth. We were really having fun! A
‘girl’s night out’: just the two of us, dancing
around slightly tipsy, with just our bras on. The song ended
and we were laughing and catching our breath when another
song began…a slow love song. “Uh Oh!” I said, laughing,
“A slow dance!” She winked at me slyly, then extended her
hand graciously and asked, “May I?” We wrapped our arms
around each other and began dancing: at first still giggling
from the other dance, but fell quickly silent as we held
each other close and began swaying rhythmically to the
music. It was exciting to have my breasts pressing against
hers and having her hair touching my face as I enjoyed her
perfume. Neither of us said a word as we spun a slow circle
in the room, gently exploring each other’s soft, bare skin
and holding each other so close.

The song had ended and we were halfway through the second
commercial before either of us became aware of it and stopped
dancing. Christie was smiling as she turned the radio off
and dimmed the lights; just the flickering candlelight
silhouetting her curves as she moved. My excitement and
I was very wet but wasn’t nervous at all anymore; she made
me feel so at ease. “Are you going to seduce me now?”, I asked
playfully. She answered me without words…by letting her
skirt fall to the floor and then stepping out of it, coming
to me and wrapping her arms around me as she kissed me. We
kissed softly at first, but it quickly became passionate.
I had never kissed another woman solo like this. It was so
soft, so feminine. I explored her with my hands while we
kissed, feeling hw soft and smooth her skin was. She unbuckled
my slacks and kissed her way down my chest and then my bare
stomach as she removed them. “Where are your panties?”,
she asked, looking up at me with a teasing grin, “Being a
naughty girl, huh?”, she joked. I was so ready for her!
She kissed her way back up my body and then kissed me again,
with her fingers massaging my now very wet pussy. She stopped
and took me by the hand and led me back to her styling chair.
I unhooked her bra and kissed and licked my way down her chest
as I removed it before sitting down. She stepped back and
smiled seductively at me while she very slowly slid her
panties down her long legs. I was almost reaching for her
as she came to me, climbing completely naked onto my lap,
swinging her long hair to one side and kissing me again,
while reaching around, unhooking my bra and removing it.
She took her time, kissing and licking my neck, ears and
my lips and tongue as we enjoyed each other. Our nipples
would occasionally brush each others’ as we explored,
sending little shocks of excitement down to my already
soaked pussy. She must have known, for she reached in between
my legs and slid two of her fingers deeply into me
as we kissed. I broke our kiss with a small gasp from the pleasure.
She slid them easily in and out of me…I was soooo wet. She
brought her wet fingers to her mouth and then sucked and
licked them hungrily as she moaned; and then kissed me deeper
still. It was so sensual…I could taste my own excitement
on her lips. I was a quick learner. I ran my hand down her stomach,
in between her legs and slid my fingers into her…finding
out that I wasn’t the only girl in the room that was so excited.
I did the same for her, bringing my now very wet fingers to
my mouth and tasting her as I licked them.

She climbed off of me and knelt down, smiling as I was still
licking my fingers. I was already raising my ass enough
to allow her full access to my hot pussy before she was even
close enough to me. I wanted her tongue inside of me…right
then. I was already tugging at her hair, my body trembling
slightly in anticipation. I wasn’t shy at all, now. I spread
my legs even farther and grabbed a handful of her hair and
literally pulled her smiling mouth towards my throbbing,
wet pussy; and raised it towards her face to meet her ultimate

She ran her tongue purposefully and very slowly, from the
bottom of my pussy up past my clit…and, though I didn’t even
want to…and was completely surprised by it…I couldn’t
help it…I exploded with an orgasm just from the first touch
of her tongue. She gently held her tongue against my clit
until my orgasm had subsided and then gently licked and
sucked some of my wetness. She looked up at me, smiling and
licking her lips and fingers. “Mmmmm, you taste wonderful,
Donna…you were really wanting that, weren’t you!?” she
said. “Oh my GOD, Christie…yes I did! I can’t believe that
I came so quickly, ” I replied, catching my breath and running
my fingers through her hair. I couldn’t wait to have my tongue
inside of her, so I began to get up, but Christie playfully
pushed me back into the seat. “Are you kidding me?” she laughingly
asked. “I want more than that!” she added. She took a sip
of her wine and then began kissing, licking and nibbling
on my inner thighs. She was obviously enjoying herself…and
I sure wasn’t complaining. I relaxed and watched her, fascinated.
It was so sensually naughty to be with another woman; softer
and more gentle. I had had fantasies like this over the years
but it was almost surreal watching her between my thighs
now; feeling her warm breath and soft lips on my pussy. I
was so aroused…every inch of my body seemed ultra sensitive
and expectant.

Christie took another sip of wine and then playfully dribbled
some from her glass onto my pussy. My body tensed as the cool
wine touched me and then instantly relaxed again as her
warm tongue licked it off. She began licking me more purposefully,
rhythmically…and I could feel myself building towards
another orgasm. She stopped, looking up at me, smiling…and
then slid her fingers deeply inside of me. My back arched
from the pleasure. She slid her fingers in and out of my unbelievably
wet pussy and returned to rhythmically licking my now very
sensitive clit with her tongue…occasionally sucking
it between her lips. I was going to cum again, but the pleasure
just kept building and building…way past the point that
I normally cum. I was tugging at her hair and pushing my pussy
against her face and onto her relentless fingers. “Oh,
Christie! Oh, yes…oh, Yes…OH, YES!” I practically screamed
as I started to cum. I was almost bouncing out of the chair
in my abandon, but her mouth stayed firmly on my pussy as
I came.

I fell back, panting, my body twitching uncontrollably,
yet I was so extremely relaxed. Christie kissed her way
back up my body, pausing briefly to gently suck my erect,
sensitive nipples before kissing me my pussy still contracting
around her fingers. “Mmmmmm, Donna…you are soooo HOT,

she whispered huskily before playfully biting my ear.
She stood up and walked seductively across the small room,
pausing briefly to look over her shoulder and give me a playful
wink. Reaching her desk, she turned around and leaned back
against it. She raised one leg and rested it an the back of
her office chair and I watched, almost transfixed, as she
slowly slid her finger into her pussy and then brought it
to her mouth and licked it…while looking straight into
my eyes With the index finger of her other hand, she slowly
gave me the universal “come here” gesture…all without
saying a word.

I accepted her invitation eagerly. I went to her and kissed
her, sliding my fingers into her waiting pussy., her moan
muffled by my tongue. I kissed and licked my way along her
neck, enjoying her perfume and the feel of her hair brushing
my face. She moaned again and whispered, “Oh, Donna, I want
your tongue on my pussy so much!” I smiled and playfully
ran my tongue across her parted lips before kneeling in
front of her. My face was only inches from her pussy, my fingers
still disappearing and reappearing from her. My tongue
was only a fraction of an inch from her when I paused in a tease
and looked up at her. She was holding her breath, watching
me with a complete look of expectancy and anticipation
and I couldn’t help but smile before plunging my tongue
into her hot pussy.

I was surprised to learn that my fear of not knowing what
to do to please another woman was unfounded. Her pussy was
different than mine of course, yet very much the same. I
found myself exactly knowing how to please her, even with
very little experience. Christie was more vocal than I
…and each lick brought sounds of pleasure from her. I looked
up and watched her pinching and tugging on one of her long
nipples with one hand and sucking on the fingers of her other
hand while she watched me eat her…and I felt my own pussy
getting wetter and wetter. She was pushing her pussy into
my tongue to match my rhythm and getting more vocal by the
minute. She began tugging my hair and I licked her clit just
a little more forcefully while fucking her with my fingers.
She was going to cum. Her legs began shaking and she pressed
her pussy firmly against my face and I could feel her body
tense before the exquisite release. Her thighs tightened
around my face as I continued relentlessly tonguing her
clit. I was so excited for her…for I knew the exact pleasure
she was experiencing. Christie came hard…almost falling
off the desk and involuntarily letting out a loud cry of
pleasure before falling back amongst the papers on her
desk, scattering a few magazines to the floor. I was moaning
involuntarily myself in my enjoyment of her…very gently
licking her pussy while sliding my fingers into my own drenched

I slowly kissed my way up her very warm, panting body and
she sat up to meet me, smiling. We kissed softly, leisurely
enjoying the afterglow of passion. “Christie, your hair
is a complete mess, “ I teased, smiling. “Yours is, too,
you know, ” she replied, playfully tossling my hair. We
held each other in silence, each of us still exploring and
reveling in each other’s bodies…neither wanting it to
end. “Donna?” she asked. :Ummm…yes, Christie?” I replied
between kisses. “Do you have to go home tonight?” she asked.
I smiled , looking directly into her eyes, “No…I don’t…I
have all night, ” I replied , nibbling on her ear. I could
sense her smile as she whispered in my ear, “Would you spend
the night with me?” I responded by giving her a very deep
kiss and replied, “Ummmm, there isn’t anything that I’d
rather do.”

We got dressed, well…mostly, our bras were sticking out
of our purses as we locked up her shop and got in her car. We
drove to her house holding hands, both very relaxed yet
expectant of spending the whole night together.

She drove me back to Lou’s Place to get my car at eleven the
next morning, after feeding each other small bites of croissants
and rich, black coffee in bed before getting dressed. She
parked where no one would see us and gave me a long kiss good-bye.
I got out and was about to leave when she called me back, “Hey,
Donna!”…and held something out in her hand. It was her business
card. I took it and she said, “Set an appointment real soon,
OK!?” and winked at me. I laughed and replied, :You can count
on it, Christie!” and blew her a kiss before walking away.
Needless to say, Christie and I have become very good friends.
I love Phil very much…but have to admit that I get more than
a little excited when my hair appointment comes. My hair
gets done every two weeks at a “special after-hours”
appointment at Christie’s…like clockwork, and Phil just
loves my hair now!

The End

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