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A Friend In Need, a work of fiction. Part III


The clearing of her throat all but sent me through the roof! Landing back down I'm sure white as a ghost. Still in shock she's the first to speak, "I'm so sorry"

Doing my best to act cool but how with plastic cocks shoved in both holes. Oh oh it's okay I say while trying to pull my blanket to hide my shame.

Again she cries out, is that blue one a rabbit, I heard they're great.

Still with a crackle in my voice I say indeed it is, pulling it out from beneath the covers. It's one of my favorites I claim but not knowing why, my God she's just a kid.

Reaching out she asks to see it and before I can answer back she already has it in her hand. My face feels flush as I watch my nector dripping from the still warm tool. Then when she slowly runs her tongue up its long length, clearing and taste in her way. Yummy she replies, aged to perfection.

That instant seemed to last forever the Angel and devil on my shoulders fighting it out. Tell her to leave said one, the other replies fuck that. Bury your face in the sweet box. Before I can tally the score she breaks in again asking if she could barrow it.

Having the decision taken out of my hands I say with relief, sure you can. Well not my first mistake of the night, when instead of my rescue things just got worse. There at my feet she slips the vibrating toy up her young self. The devil leans closer " you've done your best, who could blame you " The Angel counters, you know better.

In a unison the Angel is answered back by both of us "shut up"

My hand finds my soaked pussy, rubbing my emgorged clit with one hand while continuing with the toy still lodged in my ass.

She reaches with her free hand ripping the covers off of me exposing my naked body and the self pleasuring going on underneath. Much better she claims, her eyes fixed on me while mine refusing to leave hers.

Her legs grow weak and she almost falls as an intense orgasm shutters her body. Removing the toy my hand reaches out and I insist it's my turn, it's like pure honey only better as I lick the toy clean. But Mama's still hungry so I wave her to get up on the bed. Knees apart and that thin strip of hair matted down with cum, I slide my head between her legs.

Like an ice cream on a hot day I lick at it with pleasure, the texture of my tongue against her young smooth pussy. She reaches down grasping my full motherly breasts, pulling hard at my nipples until grip is lost sending them bouncing back into place. I'm rewarded as my face is left awash in her next climax, my tongue sent out to recover every drop.

Her eyes are fixed upon me as I stand making my way to the nightstand, into the lower drawer where I remove a harness and good size strap-on dildo. With great interest she watches as I step into it and then the three snaps that holds the toy in place.

Stroking my plastic man-cock I ask if she's ready. Fuck yeah fills the room while she bends her knees up into the air. I take a dab of lube putting a shine on the toy, the I press the head down hard upon her red clit. A full gasp, them two words "fuck me"

Inch by inch the toy slips in until we're hipbone to hipbone. A few careful strokes then attacking her with abandon. The faster I plunged the faster she screamed. Our bodies smacking loud and hard. She gives a fair warning and I'm close too, the back of the toy smashing at my clit beating it raw but still excited.

The sex Gods looked down upon us thankfully as together we reach the promise land. Both gasping for aid she works out a thank you, I slowly peel off of her laying at her side. This old lady still panting when she chimes in again, that was wonderful.

Like Mel Gibson where he screams out Freedom at the end of the movie I work up the same screaming a single word "WAS"

Reaching down I slip my finger deep inside her wet box then finding the spot I begin tickling her G spot. With broken speech OH My God! as I worked her bean. Now able to move I place my body before her, bringing her home delivering her first G spot orgasm and dessert for me.

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mmmmmm tasty
little story


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This is hot! Very tasty.


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This made me very hard!!


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mmmm yum I'm a little wet


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is there more dare i ask


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great job of describing the excitement and thrill of the moment


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We all anticipate more of your great stories.


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An excellent tale - thanks for sharing