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A Friend In Need, a work of fiction. Part II


First let me say the "Site" gods decided to go screwie during part one. Sorry we just got through the build-up.

Asking me to use the shower got an "of course Hun" and away she went. I must say my thoughts drifted to her wonderful form. Her dress left little to guess but oh what a wonderful "little" that must be.

Still deep in thought I'm awoken by screams coming from the bathroom, I had no idea from what but I ran to the rescue all the same. I ripped the door open only to find her standing in the shower, no site of others or harm done. What's wrong, what's wrong I yelled.

Pointing between her legs she replied, I can't get the line straight.

Focusing down it was obvious she was speaking of the landing strip just above her creamy pussy. With a bit of a tisk I said, damn girl you about frightened me to death.

With Bambi eyes almost as big as her nipple she told me she's sorry then asked if I could help.

In a cracked voice I said sure and moved closer to her. Let's see what we got I said while dropping to my knees. There just inches away stood heaven, I could feel my clit twiching below. Then placing my hand just above I streched the already tight skin upward then sizing things up I struck down with the razor making the needed repair.

I fell back on my rump allowing room for her to look. Oh that's perfect she said. Perfect indeed were my thoughts.

In a voice as if I just added ice to her drink, not adjusted her most private parts she thanked me and asked if I also have trouble keeping it straight.

I told her well I gave up quickly so I just shave it all. I reflected upon seeing my first bald pussy at an adult theatre. Her puzzled look upon her face told me she didn't have a clue of what I was talking about, oh I'm feeling old now.

I said never mind, just know I've been shaving for longer then you've been alive. Really she replied back, mom is still sporting the full bush.

With a bit of a laugh I said, well some like it that way. As for me I like mine shave and I appreciate it on others.

Others! She said with interest, you like girls?

Well, boys can shave too but yes, I like them both. But this isn't something we show be talking about. I then turned and left and I'd be lying if I said her sweet pussy wasn't on my mind.

She came out a few minutes later all but throwing her swimsuit cover pussy in my face. See, no hairs showing she screamed. After which we hopped in the car and headed to the school for water polo practice.

Watching all those young girls wasn't helping my state, still on edge from earlier. Finally the whistle from the coach ending the day. We stopped for a bit on the drive back, burgers and fries was her choice. Back home we talked and ate, still in her swimsuit with zero shame. Not that she had any reason for shame, it's just the difference on how we raised our girls.

After we finished it felt like the old days, me watching the news and the kids with their nose glued to their phones. Not that I was tired but more that I wanted sleep but the privacy and toys inside my nightstand. So I excused myself for a shower and then bed.

I cleaned myself and then did a quick shave too, why should she have the only silky smooth pussy in the house. Wrapped in my towel I pick my weapons of choice for the night lining them up on the edge of the bed. The toys were a bonus but thoughts of her had my pussy at more then the ready. Then hearing the shower once again telling me she's back in and providing noise to cover whatever noise I might make.

With new viger I rapidly work my favorite toy in and out of my pussy. Wanting more I reached around with a slim vib, slowly inserting in my wanting ass. In and out they do their best, always a turn on. Such I didn't notice my bedroom door open or her standing at the foot of my bed..... More soon!

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This is getting good!


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nice details and even nicer building to the last line leading into part 3


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We're getting hooked.


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Waiting breathlessly for the rest