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A Friend Comes Over


“Hey honey”, Peter said as I picked up the phone. “I just
talked to Mike and he is laying over here tonight. I asked
him if he would like to come over for a drink and visit. I hope
that is OK.”

I am not sure to be pissed or excited with my husband as he
just called to tell me that he is bringing home one of the
pilots we use to fly. Mike was one of my favorite pilots to
fly with mainly because he was a dedicated married man.
Oh, he was very good looking and had girls throwing themselves
at him but he was not one to fool around. Greg and I had heard
that he was now divorced.

I guess I was in all truth excited to see Mike. Since Peter
had shown me the world of swinging, I have had a different
view about sex. I found that I loved the attention and hard
core sex that threesomes offered.

“Maybe this could lead to some fun tonight” I said out loud
to myself.

“Let’s see, wines chilling, hot tub is warm and it is a nice
night outside” I said talking to myself again.

I ran upstairs to clean up. I stripped down and jumped in
the show, as I washed my body I was surprised at how aroused
I was. As I washed my breasts, brushing over my nipples I
could feel a slight tingle sensation in my clit and my pussy.
I tried to push aside those feelings, but as soon as I started
to trim my pussy up I could tell how horny I really was. I slipped
a finger between my pussy lips and across my swollen clit.
Shivers ran down my back and straight to my mound. A couple
more rubs and a mini-orgasm rushed thru my body making it
hard to stand.

After I gain my wits again, I shut off the water and jump out
of the shower…what to wear? Stepping into my closet, I slipped
on my lacy panties, jean shorts and a loose fitting polo

Downstairs I straighten up a little bit, light some candles
and set out some munchies.

“We’re here” Peter called out as they came through the front

Meeting them in the front room, I gave Peter a quick hug and
went over to Mike to give him a hug…Mike’s strong arm squeezed
me tight against him.

“Great to see you again Lynn” Mike said as he gave me a kiss
on the cheek.

“Good to see you also” I stammered as I could feel my panties
getting wet just from his hug.

“Come on into the kitchen Mike, want a glass of wine?” Peter

“Sure, if Lynn is having a glass also.” Mike said.

“Of course she will” he answered.

We all sat around the island in the kitchen as I poured three
glasses of a blush wine.

“Mmmm” this is good” I said with everyone agreeing.

We spent about thirty minutes just catching up on the goings
on at the airlines. And a little bit of what has been happening
in Mike’s life.

The sun was setting and Greg went out on the deck to light
the torches. Mike was standing at the back door as I slipped
past him to hand Greg another glass of wine. I could feel
just how stiff my nipples were as I brushed against him.
I am pretty sure he felt them too as he pushed back against
my breasts. I am sure Peter could tell how horny I was.

We all took our wines out on the deck to relax in the cool summer

“Wow, a hot tub, I wish I had brought my swim suit” Mike said
as he felt the warm water.

“We don’t wear suits in the tub” Peter said.

Mike looked a little shocked as he looked at me, “Lynn doesn’t

I told him that I was more comfortable naked then I was with
clothes on, and that Greg and I frequent nudist camps every
chance we get.

“I would have never thought that about you, Lynn.” Mike
said shaking his head.

“Well there is a lot you do not know about me” I said as I headed
off to the bathroom.

My pussy was so wet that my panties were soaked. After I was
done, I was pulling up my panties and cut-off shorts, and
I stopped and reached down across my shaved pussy and easily
slipped my middle finger inside…gawd I was wet. I hurriedly
pulled my shorts up and headed back towards the deck. Peter
was in the kitchen refilling the glasses of wine.

“You comfortable enough with Mike to do the hot tub?” he

I cuddled up against him and slipped my juice covered finger
into his mouth. He sucked it in deeply in his mouth and as
I pulled it out I said “What do you think?”

The sun had set completely and it was dark except for the
torch lights. I would say that everyone was very relaxed
from the several bottles of wine we had consumed. Without
saying anything, I took my top off and slipped out of my shorts.
I walked over to the hot tub and started to climb in. I caught
Mike staring at my naked body and then at Greg as if to ask
if everything was OK.

“Go ahead, climb in if you want” Peter said.

The water temp was 104 degrees and very relaxing. The water
level was right at my breast level, you could see my hard
nipples thru the water. Mike slipped off his pants and underpants,
his semi-erect cock sprung out into the night air.

I knew I let out a low gasp as I saw the size of his cock, he was
as long as Peter’s and maybe a little thicker. Mike kind
of turned, embarrassed by my gasp, and pulled off his shirt.
He climbed up the stairs and climbed into the tub, his cock
swinging in the air.

He sat down beside me as Peter refilled all of our glasses
on more time. Then Peter was naked and climbing over the
side of the tub. I moved over a little to let Peter in and my
naked thigh brushed against Mike’s leg. A shiver ran through
my lower body.

As we relaxed in the hot water, I could see that both Mike’s
and Peter’s cocks were pretty hard. I knew that Mike was
worried about his reactions so I turned the jets on to blur
the water…well and the fact that I was sitting on my favorite
jet that flowed high pressure water against my pussy.

As the water was jetting around I felt Peter’s hand reach
between my legs, which I spread automatically. Mike had
no clue what was going on below in the water. With Peter’s
expert finger placement, I could feel my orgasm start to
build in my mound.

I let my hand float underwater over to Mike’s thigh, which
made him jump.

“It is OK Mike, relax and enjoy…I know I am” I whispered as
I took his hand and placed it between my legs so he could feel
what Peter’s hand was busy doing.

“It really is OK Mike!” Peter reassured him.

I reached over and grabbed Mike’s hard cock, it felt hotter
then the water temp. I started slowly stroking the entire
length. It must have felt good because he laid his head back
with his eyes closed.

“Mmmmm, that is nice” he moaned.

With both his hand and Peter’s hand rubbing my pussy and
clit, I knew I was going to cum any second as the waves of climax
started breaking in my body.

"I'm cumming hard" I moaned loudly. My
body bucked in the water splashing it everywhere as my pussy
clenched Peter's buried finger.

As I relaxed for a moment, I remembered I was still stroking
Mike’s cock and I reached over to grab Peter’s.

My pussy needed a cock in it badly so I lifted up and scooted
onto Mike’s lap, I felt his cock brush against my ass sending
little shocks clear up to my nipples…but I lifted back until
the head of his cock was stretching my pussy fully open,
with a couple of small strokes I sat completely down…taking
his entire cock deep into my pussy. I was so full of cock it
almost hurt, but felt so good at the same time. I reached
between my legs and cupped his balls and started a rhythmic
rocking on his cock. I was so full of cock that I could feel
his cock throb with each heartbeat.

Peter stood up in the center of the hot tub and his hard cock
was right at my mouth level. He guided it between my lips
and I eagerly sucked it deeply into my mouth and throat.

I continued my rocking motion, feeling Mike’s cock rub
against my cervix, building my climax quickly. I release
Mike’s balls so that I could ride his cock harder and use
both hands to keep Peter’s cock in my mouth.

“Fuck…stop I am going to cum inside you” Mike said between
clenched teeth.

“Give it to me, fill my pussy with it” I moaned as I took Peter’s
cock out of my mouth.

My orgasm flowed thru my entire body, as I start thrusting
fast and harder against Mike’s cock. I could feel his cock
head start to swell and stretch me more, then streams of
hot cum splashed against the deepest parts of my pussy…shot
after shot with each thrust into Mike’s lap.

I collapsed forward into Peter’s arms. My pussy was milking
each drop of cum out of Mike’s cock as it started to shrink.
Peter lifted me to the side of the tub, raising me to where
I was sitting on the side.

He spread my legs and guided his cock to my cum soaked pussy.
With a little stroke he sank the head of his cock inside me.
He pulled back out and with one thrust he sank his cock deep
inside me. I could feel Mike’s still hot cum squish out around
his cock and ooze down the crack of my ass.

Mike got out of the tub and stood behind me, supporting my
back against his chest and started rolling both my nipples,
tugging on them as Peter fucked me hard. With each deep thrust
I could feel my clit being slammed. It was like my nipples
and clit were connected. I was close to cumming again as
I knew Peter was close also.

I started cumming without thinking…waves and wave of climax
washed thru my body. My pussy clamped down hard on Peter’s
cock and caused him thrust harder and his cock started twitching
and swelling.

“Gaaaa, here I cum” Peter yelled.

It was like a hot explosion happened deep inside me. A hot,
thick load of cum was filling me to the brim. I rocked back
hard against Mike’s chest as Peter finished what felt like
gallons of cum overflowing from my pussy.

As Peter pulled out, lots of cum flowed out of me. Mike and
Peter helped me off the hot tub and sat me down on the deck
recliner. Spent, I could feel the cool night air blowing
across my still hot pussy as a stead flow of cum oozed out.

As we all relaxed, trying to catch our breath, Peter stepped
into the house to get a fresh bottle of wine and glasses.

“Hey, honey you want some?” Peter offered.

“Of course I do” I said through my still labored breathing.
I still had little waves of orgasms flowing through my body.
My clit throbbed and the feeling of the warm cum running
across my asshole kept my heart rate up…but little did I
know what was coming next.

After Peter and Mike filled their glasses, they got on each
side on me as I was semi-reclined. Their cocks hung at my
head level and I could see that both of them still had a sheen
of juices coating their cocks and a little cum dripping.
I took Mike’s soft cock into my mouth, tasting the mix of
my pussy juices and his cum. As I sucked his cock deep into
the back of my mouth, I could feel, more then taste the rest
of his cum slide down the back of my month. The aroma and taste
of our mixed juices made my pussy quiver.

I let Mike’s cock slowly slip out of my mouth, sucking the
last tiny bit of cum from it. I then turned my head and sucked
Peter’s soft cock between my lips. The taste of his, Mike’s
and my cum all mixed together sent an orgasmic wave through
my pussy.

As I was sucking Peter’s cock deep into my mouth, I felt Mike
spread my legs widely. Mike’s head buried into my pussy
and I could feel his tongue making circles around my pussy
opening. My first though was that my pussy was full of two
loads of cum, what is he doing! Then his warm tongue ran across
my hard clit! That was it...I sucked harder on Peter’s cock
as it was starting to grow hard again and all other thoughts
turned towards my cum filled pussy being cleaned.

“Aghhhhh” I moaned with Peter’s cock filling my mouth.

As Mike was sliding hie tongue in and out of my pussy, lapping
the cum up, he mumbled “damn you are full of our cum…it tastes
so good”

“I’m cumming again” I moaned as I let Greg’s hard cock slip
from my mouth.

I felt a finger slide easily in my ass, as each inch of Mike’s
finger slide in my ass, my orgasm’s came faster.

I could take his tongue work any more, and pushed his head
away. As he got up I felt his finger slip from my ass, and knew
that I had to have a cock up it, and quickly.

“Help me up, I need a cock in my ass!” I gasped.

As Mike helped me up, I could see loads of cum on his chin.
He held me in a hug as I steadied my legs, and I could smell
the mixture of all of our cum on his breath.

Mike and Peter helped me over to the rail and I leaned over
sticking my ass up waiting for a hard cock. I could feel Peter’s
hard cock push against my pussy, in two thrusts it was buried
all the way in. I wanted it in my ass and had a moment of frustration,
but Mike’s big hands cupped my breast , pinching my nipple
hard which sent a shock straight to my clit. I felt Peter’s
soaked cock slip out of my pussy and pushed hard against
my ass.

“God, fuck my ass” I hissed!

I felt a pain as his cock head slipped into my ass, spreading
it, filling it. Mike’s torture of my nipples, pulling them
and pinching them, just wanted a cock deeper in my ass. I
started pushing back against the cock as I felt it slip deeper
and deeper…until all 7” of cock was buried inside me.

“Fuck my ass, come on fuck it hard” I yelled as I was cumming

Peter started thrusting quickly and deeply. I could feel
his cock head swelling up deep in me and knew he was close
to cumming.

“Here it cums” he growled as he shot a hot load deeply in my
ass, and with each thrust another hot stream of cum splashed
inside me.

I would have collapsed cumming if Mike was not holding my
shoulders and Peter holding my hips as he finished draining
his cock.

Peter’s cock slipped out of my ass and the cum gushed out.
I slipped out of Mike’s arms and lend against the railing.
As the cool evening breeze blew over my body, I could feel
cum running out of my ass and cum working down the inside
of my thighs from my pussy. Peter and Mike were also leaning
against the railing catching their breath.

Between the tiki torches and moonlight, I could see their
cum glazed cocks hanging limp, their heavy balls hanging
between their legs. I shifted my body, trying to loosen
my back, and a large load of cum came dripping out of my pussy.

“How you doing dear?” Peter asked?

“Let’s all go get cleaned up and go get something to eat”
I called out as I went into the house on weak legs. “Last one
in the shower has to buy dinner” I added.

We all crowed into the shower, the warm, steamy water felt
good. Not to mention the two naked men rubbing against me.
I leaned against the shower wall and let the guys wash my
body. My pussy is sore and feels well used and my clit is still
swollen and so sensitive to the touch as the guys soap me

After we all soaped up and clean…I thought most of the guys
cum had flushed out of my pussy and ass. I do not think that
I have ever been so filled up, but little did I know.

Peter shut the water off and we all got out of the shower.

“Mike, here you go” I said as I tossed him a towel. I couldn’t
help notice that his cock was semi-hard again, but it would
have to wait.

Chapter 2

I put on a fresh pair of panties and a short denim skirt and
a red halter top. I noticed that Peter put on some shorts
and a polo shirt, with Mike putting his original cloths
back on.

We all jumped into the truck, with Mike sitting in the back
seat, and headed do to the local Bar and Grill. As I sat down
in the truck, I could feel more cum ooze out of my pussy…making
my panties wet again. I could also smell the musky smell
of sex…the mix of pussy juice and cum.

The club was known to be a local hang out for many of the local
swingers so I was not to embarrassed to walk in on the arms
of two men. We took some stools on the corner of the bar and
as I sat down on the hard plastic I could feel another big
load of the guys cum ooze out and drip thru my panties and
cover where I was seating.

We all ordered some wine and got three burgers. With Peter
on one side and Mike on the other I felt warm and cozy. I could
feel both their cocks were getting hard again as the leaned
into me and rubbed them against my legs.

Mike leaned over and whispered “The smell of your pussy,
the hardness of your nipples and warmth of your bare leg
against my cock is making hard all over again.”

I felt like the biggest tease, but I let my hand drop into
my lap and I slide my middle finger under my panties to swirl
it around in the mixture of my juices and their cum. Pulling
it back out I leaned real close to Mile and whispered “Taste
this” as I slide my finger into his mouth.

“Mmmmm” Mike hummed as he sucked my finger deep into the
back of his throat, completely cleaning my finger off.

As I was teasing Mike, I felt Peter’s hand cup my mound and
rub my clit through my soaked panties. I could not believe
how fucking horny I was…sitting there with two guys with
hard cocks, my pussy still full of their cum, my inner thighs
soaked and the world was going on all around us.

“Here you guys go” the bartender said as he put our food down
in front of us.

I was so wound up that I needed to go to the bathroom and I stood
up I ran right into one of our best fuck friends Rick.

“Hey, where you been?” I asked as I gave him a big hug.

He hugged me back, pulling me tight against him as his hand
dropped to my ass, pulling my crotch against his cock. “I
have been out of town working” he cooed into my ear…adding
“Feels like and smells like you guys are having fun tonight”
as he shook Peter’s hand and introduced himself to Mike.

Of course I can not keep much of a secret…”Yea, we have been
some fun and these two guys have me so worked up right now
I have to go to the bathroom before I can eat.”

“You could join us if you like” I called out over my shoulder
as I went into the ladies bathroom.

I was so fucking horny I could stand it. I rushed into a stall,
pulling my panties off I sat down on the stool and spread
my legs wide. I slipped two fingers across my clit and let
out a little yelp as a flash ran through me. I took the two
fingers and sank them deep inside my pussy, feeling the
gush of cum and my juices run out them. I started thrusting
them deeply inside me when the stall door opened up….there
was Rick with his hard cock out in his hand.

“Shit, you scared the shit out of me” I half way yelled, “does
Peter know your in here?”

“He sent me in to see you…said something about you might
need a little help.” He said as he stroked his cock.

It had been a while since Rick had been with us, but he was
a great sex partner without any drama. Seeing his hard cock
made my pussy even that much wetter…knowing that we were
in a public bathroom made it even more erotic.

I grabbed his cock and guided it into my mouth, while I dropped
my right hand back down to my pussy. My clit was throbbing
as I sucked Rick’s cock into the back of my mouth. I toyed
with my clit till I almost came then slid a finger into my

As Rick fucked my mouth, I could first feel and then taste
his pre-cum as his cock thrust forward. I knew that Rick
was not going to last long at the rate he was going and even
though I have always enjoyed going down on Rick till he came,
I did not want to get cum all over my top.

I let his cock go and stood up. I am sure he thought we were
done but I bent over, flipping my skirt up over my ass, hiking
one foot up on the stool and he had a straight shot into my
wet pussy.

With one swift thrust he was buried up to his balls inside
me. As he fucked me deep, his cum filled balls were slapping
against my clit. With each thrust a wave of orgasm washed
through me.

“I am going to cum inside you, OK?” he hissed through clenched

“Give it to me…fill my pussy up, NOW” I yelled!

I could feel his cock swell about twice the size and then
explode deep inside me. His cum felt like it was boiling
hot as he shot load after load inside me…each time he thrust
forward his cum would gush out around his cock. It was running
down his balls, across my clit and dripping on the floor.

I was still braced against the stall with my leg hiked up
as he slipped his cock out of me. God how I felt empty inside.

“What are you doing?” I said a little bit startled.

“Cleaning you up” his voice muffled against my pussy, his
hot breath felt good against my bruised area.

Damn, I could feel him sucking the cum out of my pussy, his
tongue diving deep into my pussy, lapping the cum out. I
wondered if he knew he was also getting some of Greg’s and
Mike’s cum? Knowing Rick he wouldn’t mind at all.

Rick gave me a little orgasm and stood up, smacking my on
the ass saying “Damn, your as good as always…that tight
pussy of yours could milk a man’s cock dry and from the taste
of it you have milked a couple dry before I had you!”

I found my panties and slipped them back on. I was exhausted
and did not even notice or care that I walked out of the bathroom
with another man after being in there for almost a half hour.

“What the hell you two grinning at?” I said as I walked up
to Peter and Mike.

“Nothing, just looks like you have just been freshly fucked…that’s
all” Peter said as he pulled me tight against him. “Did Rick
give you a good fuck, I sent him in because I knew how worked
up you were and we have not seen him in a while”

“Has Rick and you ever not giving me a great time?” I cooed
into Peter’s ear.

Not to let Mike feel left out a reached over and cupped his
cock…I could tell that he was turned on by all the actions
of the evening.

“Let me finish some of this burger and then we will go” I said
to the boys.

As I was finishing my burger, Rick brought over a lady about
our age and introduced her around as his new swinging partner.

“Lynn, Peter and Mike this is Ann” Rick said.

Ann was about 5’6”, nicely shaped with about D cup breasts.
She wore a flowered halter dress that was thigh length.

Peter whispered in my ear that Rick and Ann wanted to party
with us tonight and I let Peter know about my thoughts of
another woman.

“Just relax honey, remember there are two other guys here
to take care of her and Rick knows your feelings” Peter whispered

It seemed that Rick, Ann and Mike were all hitting it off.

Chapter 3

“Let’s all go to my place” Rick said.

I knew that Rick lived out in the country about 30 minutes
from the Bar and Grill and that he entertained out there
regularly. I had heard from some friends that he had a large
deck and hot tub. His place was well off the road so it added
to the privacy the countryside offered. Rick was known
for running around his place nude.

“Hey Lynn, why don’t you sit in the back with Mike and I will
drive” Peter said.

I thought what the hell, it was a long ride out to Rick’s place
and I knew Mike would be bored sitting back there. I was also
thinking of that big cock and how it would feel in my mouth.

“Sure, if Mike doesn’t mind a little company” I said as I
squeezed his cock through his pants.

“I don’t mind, if Peter doesn’t mind.” Mike gulped at my

“Get in the truck you two” Peter called out as he started
the truck. Mike and I jumped in the back of the truck and in
the dome light Mike could see my short skirt was hiked up
and he could see my pussy through the wet panties I had on.

As we closed the doors and pulled out to follow Rick, I slid
closer to Mike and he put his arm around my shoulders with
his hand cupping my left breast. I looked in the rearview
mirror and saw that Peter was watching us and he had the glint
in his eyes.

I undid Mikes pants and his hard cock leaped out into the
night air…standing straight up. I wrapped my hand around
the base and slowly started stroking it the entire length.

“Damnnnn, that feels so good Lynn” Mike whispered as he
started pinching and rolling my hard nipple through my
halter top.

Knowing you couldn’t see in through the tinted windows,
I reached up with my other that and undid my top, exposing
my tits. Mike started right in rubbing my bare nipples,
pulling on them stretching them out.

I have always loved having my nipples pinched and pulled
and usually made my pussy wet. I am not sure why thing time,
but I could feel my own juices trickling down the crack of
my ass.

It was dark but I could feel Mike’s cock leaking pre-cum
as each time I stroked up to the head of his cock it got wetter
and slipperier. I had to taste him. I wanted his cock in my
mouth so bad at that moment!

“Here, let me move a little” I said as I rolled over so that
my head was in his lap.

I held his cock at the base and as I stroked it up I ran my tongue
over the head, licking the pre-cum that oozed out of his
hole. I stroked his cock about four more times, each time
licking his head with my tongue.

I felt Mike’s hand slip under my panties and across my ass.
It was a long reach but he was able to slip a fingertip into
my wet pussy. I could not control my own pussy as it clamped
down on his finger…milking it.

Mike pulled his finger out and moved his hand a little bit
and a excited shock ran through me as he pressed his fingertip
against my ass. He rimmed my hole a couple times, sending
orgasmic shivers through my mound area. My whole ass crack
was soaked with my juices and with one easy push, Mike’s
finger was deep in my ass.

“Uggghh” I gargled, as I took Mike’s cock deep in my mouth,
feeling it hit the back of my throat.

With each stroke of Mike’s finger deep into my ass, I stroked
his cock with my mouth. Faster and faster we both went. I
could feel a huge orgasm building inside me…one that could
only come from being fucked in the ass. I could tell by mike’s
breathing that his cum was about to be unloaded in my mouth…and
I wanted nothing more then to hold his cock deep in my mouth
and feel his hot cum shoot down the back of my throat.

I exploded so hard that my pussy quivered and I felt myself
gushing pussy juice, wave after wave of orgasm rolled through
my body…so hard that I sucked Mike’s cock clear in my throat
as I felt his cum start to shoot. I pulled his cock out of my
mouth and pressed it against my tits as I stroked him fast
and hard letting his hot cum fly across my chest.

“Let me clean that up” Mike said. As he rolled me on my back,
me massaged his warm, slippery cum will into my breasts.
He then shifted to kneel on the floor and started licking
and sucking his cum off my breasts, spending just the right
amount of time with each nipple in his mouth…gently biting
them and pulling them up stretching my breasts taunt.

I was so into another build up of an orgasm that I did not know
that we had arrived at Rick’s farm. Peter had pulled the
truck over, shut the engine off and had gotten out to open
the back door.

I jumped saying “What the …?” as I felt hot breath on my pussy.

“Calm down” Peter mouthed into my mound.

I felt his lips suck my hard clit into his mouth as he rolled
his tongue around it. The intense feeling made my pussy
quiver as Mike really sucked my nipples deep into his mouth.
It was only a matter of a few seconds before I was have another
cum and Greg was lapping up my juice as they flowed out across
my ass.

“Hey you three, can’t you wait till we get inside and we can
all play” Rick called out.

I kind of pushed Greg away with my feet and Mike helped me
sit up, I noticed that Ann already had her halter dress off
and was just in her G string panties.

I climbed out of the truck and my legs almost buckled and
felt weak from all the bending and shaking. Peter and Mike
helped me walk towards the house, it was so far out in the
country that I didn’t care that my top was hanging down and
my cum covered breasts swaying in the warm night air.

Rick’s house was really nice, a rambler with a wrap around
redwood porch. He had chairs and pillows positioned around
the entire area.

“Here is a little light for everyone” Rick said as he flipped
a switch and some soft indirect lighting lite up the area.

His hot tub area was beautiful with a black light flooding
the area.

Ann and Rick came out the back French doors carrying frozen
drinks from a large blender, both naked and Rick sporting
a hard on.

Rick called over his shoulder to all of us, “We don’t dress
much around here.”

Mike and Peter had their clothes off before I could turn
around. “Hey a little help here you two” I called to Greg
and Mike.

The two boys steadied me as they undressed me, and I was standing
there with nothing but my flip-flops on. The warm air blowing
thru my legs felt great against my swollen pussy.

As we all moved to the hot tub, I knew why Rick had the area
lite by a black light, your nipples and the guy’s cocks were
a dark black.

“That is some load of cum you have on your breasts Lynn” Ann
said as her soft hands turned me around and I could see the
dried cum glowing pearl white in the black light.

We all had a good laugh at that. “Hey Lynn there is an outside
shower over there if you want to clean up” Rick said as he
guided me over to it by my arm and one hand on my bare ass.

The water was very warm as Rick washed my breasts off; my
nipples were sore but so sensitive to his touch. His hands
were soft as he messaged my shoulders that I almost fell
over by being so relaxed.

“Let’s go see what the other three are up to” Rick whispered
in my ear as he guided me back to the hot tub. Peter, Mike and
Ann all had drinks and were in the hot tub. Ann was sitting
between the guys and I could see that she was stroking Mike’s
hard cock. Peter stood up to help me in and his cock was pointing
straight out at Ann’s head. As Peter lifted me over the edge,
Ann lightly kissed the head of his cock.

“Mmmm, that is a good size cock, how do you get it in your mouth
all the way Lynn?” Ann said, never letting go of Mike’s dick.

“I just love to suck on all types and sizes, it is just such
a turn on to feel them in the back of your throat” I said as
she sat down between Peter and Rick.

The warm flowing water felt great against my entire body.
Parts of me were used more in the last several hours then
in the past couple of months. The ebbing flow washed over
my tired pussy, relaxing the muscles and awakening them
at the same time.

“Rest your hand here Lynn” Rick said as he placed my hand
on his hard cock.

The feel of his cock caused my hand to go on autopilot and
start stroking the entire length, squeezing the head.
I took Peter’s cock with my other hand and started the same
rhythm of stroking as I had with Rick’s cock.

Greg’s hand cupped my pussy as his middle finger rubbed
my hard, swollen clit as Rick’s hands started cupping my
breasts. Looking over Mike’s hand was buried between Ann’s
legs and from the look on her face it was obvious that he had
found the right spot.

As we built up to almost an group orgasm, Rick stood up breaking
the 5 way flow to announce we should all relax a few minutes
before we all got to worked up.

“Let’s all take a couple minutes to spin our drinks and enjoy
the warm water” Rick said.

“A toast, to the two ladies tonight, I have never had a night
like this Lynn, never knew it could be this fun. Ann you are
a sensuous lady and I look forward to exploring you more
later” Mike said as he raised his glass!

“Here, here” we all cheered!

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and who the fuck is greg....seems you were forgetting you
were using different names.....other than that, a bloody
excellent story!!!


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Yes why do you keep saying greg for peter.. have your men
mixed up..hehe Sailorman


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Sorry about that was changing names to protect the innocent


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Great story, even with the Greg thing in there. I loved it,
definitely got a rise out of me.


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Very Hot! Loved it.


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Great! I jacked off 2 times reading it!


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Hi Loved your story. Very hot and erotic. One of the best
I have read on this site to date. Hope there is more to come.


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