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A Four-Way and Dinner


My wife and I had some friends over on a Saturday night. Ewan
and Rick were a gay couple; Rick and my wife Marina had worked
together for some time, though no longer, and we all got
along famously. Ewan was tall and reasonably handsome,
but slightly ditzy. Rick was short, balding but hilarious,
slender and very quick-witted. They were dear friends
and we always had a great time, making fruity girl drinks
and cooking delectable gourmet meals together.
I also invited an old high school friend, Samara. Samara
was a large black woman, with an extremely sexy voice and
a very sexual personality. We had fooled around in back
in our past, and had stayed good friends throughout the
years. She was smart, funny and always had a sexy twinkle
in her eye that I always found infectious.
Samara arrived first; she brought a bottle of wine and a
dessert. I made her a cocktail and Marina, Samara and I chitchatted
while we waited for our other guests to arrive. Less than
an hour later, Rick and Ewan knocked at the door, bearing
all manner of delicious food items and, of course, hauling
most of their bar stock with them. Ewan and I whipped up Blue
Hawaiians and Vodka Gimlets while Rick and Marina unpacked
their foodstuffs and got to work prepping for the cookfest.

We all chatted and laughed in the kitchen while we each did
our parts to make the meal: pork tenderloin with a peppercorn
crust, asparagus, a nutty salad and a host of other goodies.
Cocktails and laughter flowed and the kitchen filled with
wonderful smells. Food preparations complete, we all
retreated to the living room. Samara was always a bit of
a “fag hag”, so needless to say she enjoyed our friends,
and everyone seemed to get along quite well. Finally, the
food was ready and we all settled down to an amazing feast
and a fantastic bottle of robust red wine.
When we’d all eaten our fill, a highly motivated cleanup
effort was made, and we were relaxing with yet more cocktails
in our basement “rec room” minutes later. We popped in a
scary movie with some forgettable title, and collectively
enjoyed poking fun at the gaping plot holes and predictable
plot devices. The alcohol continued to flow readily, and
everyone was quite well lubricated by 10pm. My wife sat
sandwiched between the boys on one leg of the black leather
sectional, while I shared the other leg with my dear friend
Samara. We put in some other movie, a comedy I think, and
the laughter and drinking continued, even with frequent
smoke breaks. Samara sat with her legs across my lap, and
I massaged her feet and toes, while Marina and Rick cuddled
on their end of the sofa. Ewan had moved to the floor to stretch
out and had promptly lost his spot as my wife and Rick spread
out on the spacious sectional.
Around midnight, Ewan rose and announced that, reluctantly,
he had to leave to get up early for work in the morning. Rick
had apparently driven separately, and was able to stay.
We bid Ewan farewell, and after another smoke break, settled
in for a third movie and another round of drinks. The lights
had dimmed as well. My wife Marina struggled to stay awake,
while Rick sat in alert attention to the TV. Samara had started
to rub her legs across my crotch, and my cock was beginning
to take notice. Marina was oblivious as she stared bleary-eyed
at the glowing screen. I slid a hand under Samara’s large
thigh and stroked her bare skin. She shifted and continued
her slow, visibly imperceptible attempts to arouse me,
with great success. I was quite erect at that point.
While we all stared at the TV, it was clear that no one was
truly watching the film that was being shown. I was quite
surprised to hear Rick say, “Let’s was some porno!” in his
usual chipper tone. We all laughed, and I informed him that,
regrettably we only had straight porn in the house. He leapt
from his spot on the couch and bolted upstairs. He came down
seconds later with a VHS cassette in his hand. He tossed
it casually to me.
Laughing, I turned off the DVD and slid the cassette into
the VCR and tapped Play. We were instantly greeted by the
sounds of grunting men and the sight of an all-male threeway.
We all shared an amused look of curiosity and returned our
sights to the TV. I think we were all aroused rather quickly.
My wife expressed her arousal verbally, and Rick’s was
quite visually evident. Samara was biting her lower lip
and her foot sat squarely on my cock, which pressed back
I had never harbored a deep interest in gay sex, and though
I had questioned my own sexuality as an adolescent, I certainly
knew where my area of primary sexual interest lay: in the
domain of the female. But I was getting awfully turned on
by this display. I popped up and offered to refill drinks.
Rick and Samara accepted, and I crawled over the sectional
to get to the bar. Alone near the bar, I rubbed at my shorts-constrained
erection before finally getting about the business of
I returned with the three drinks and passed them out accordingly.
This time, however, I sat down between Samara and Rick.
It wasn’t a cozy fit, but Rick clearly noticed my sudden
presence. Samara pulled a blanket up over her bare legs,
and quickly dropped her hand onto my crotch. I twitched
in surprise, and Rick’s eyes shifted at the sudden movement.
I noticed him glancing down at my now blanket-covered groin
and he smiled. He knew what was happening.
The porn, meanwhile, switched to a young blond man giving
rather tender blowjob to a hairy-chested man. The sight
was rather alien but undeniably erotic. Samara absentmindedly
fondled my junk. For my part, I threw my arm around her neck
and grabbed a handful of her monster left tit. Marina, thankfully,
was on the other side of Rick and was completely engrossed
in the videotape. Rick now turned his head and watched me
fondle Samara’s large breast, then down at her groping
hand in my groin. He then looked back at the screen. I then
felt his hand go under the blanket and he surprised Samara
by finding her errant hand. Then he found my cock pressing
against my shorts and rubbed at it gently. I nearly moaned
aloud at this double stimulation, but I kept my silence.
I then extended the blanket to include Rick’s lap, then
slipped my right hand underneath and found his stiff erection.
Surprised, he lurched forward, then pretending he was
shifting his posture, returned to his slouching recline
against the sectional.
I pulled my hand off Samara’s hardened left nipple and slid
it under the blanket. I dove my left hand between her legs
and found the very warm, slightly damp crotch of her shorts.
She moaned ever so softly, and Rick did the same as I worked
my hand against his prick. I felt so horny rubbing at these
two crotches, a wet pussy behind one and a hard cock behind
the other.
Marina finally seemed to take notice of the hand play that
was going on, and instead of becoming indignant and hurt,
her eyes seemed to widen and she licked her lips absentmindedly.
She stared at the masked movements of what had to be my right
hand in Rick’s lap and then up at me and at him.
“That’s fuckin’ hot!” she exclaimed quite unexpectedly.
“I’m sorry, guys, but that’s super fucking hot.”
At that, Rick, pulled back the blanket to expose my hand
working at his khakis, his cock bulging almost grotesquely
against his zipper. Marina gasped slightly and reached
out to touch Rick’s cock through his pants as well. Then
she noticed that my other hand was likely buried between
Samara’s thighs. She looked hurt or angry for a moment,
but then the look of absentminded lust returned and she
smiled faintly in the bluish light of the TV.
Rick had always expressed his fascination with my wife’s
very large breasts (she’s a big girl, too), and tonight
he took it a step further.
“Jesus, Marina, let me see those tits! I’ve been envying
those for years. Take ‘em out, girl.”
Marina responded as if she’d only been awaiting the word.
She whipped her top off in one move, revealing her bra-encased
chest, 36DD. Rick stared in disbelief and cooed his appreciation.

“Damn, honey, I wish I had a pair like that. Shit, take those
fuckers out!”
Marina laughed and pulled her bra off, releasing her sizeable
tits. They dropped like bricks from gravity, and her nipples
hardened visibly as we other three stared in disbelief
at her brazen actions.
“Oh, go ahead, Rick. I know you want to. Touch ‘em!”
Rick let go of my cock and sent both hands onto her bosom,
staring in fascination.
“Must be a gay thing, I guess. I’m completely fascinated
by these things. They’re so feminine!” he said, almost
addressing her breasts directly.
“It better not be just a gay thing, my friend. I’m obsessed
with tits, ” I chimed in. The situation was so unreal. I
took a huge gulp of my whiskey coke to settle down. Samara
was leaning forward to see around us guys, and looked admiringly
at my wife’s breasts.
“Okay, now it’s a guy’s turn, ” Samara challenged. “You’ve
seen one of us.”
Rick hesitated. He must have felt like the odd duck, being
the only homosexual in the room. Finishing my drink, I stood
up suddenly. I put the empty glass down, pulled off my shirt
and dropped my shorts and underwear. I stood completely
naked, facing the TV with its sordid scene of gay sex; my
erection pulsing straight out ahead, while my wife and
two friends stared in disbelief. Feeling suddenly conspicuous,
I sat back down. The staring continued.
“Let’s see some more then, ladies. I think I answered the
challenge sufficiently, ” I said with machismo.
Marina looked at Samara pleadingly. Samara smiled back
and pulled off her t-shirt. She’s a big girl, and her chocolate
brown breasts sat in a humongous bra, something in the neighborhood
of 42EE. Rick gasped and practically leapt over me. He sat
next to Samara on her left side, and without asking, put
his hands onto her enormous breasts. Samara laughed devilishly
and gave him permission after the fact.
I stared in disbelief at the situation while my cock throbbed
soberly in the dim light. While Rick continued to explore
Samara’s chest, I felt my wife’s hand on my cock. She had
slid over into Rick’s spot. Her eyes were glued to the scene
happening with Sam’s tits, but her hand cascaded gingerly
across the surfaces of my erection. I shuddered with subtle
pleasure. Samara, meanwhile, reached behind her back
and released her tits from her bra, casting the black satin
monster behind the sofa. Rick cooed again and fondled even
more assertively. He found her large, rubbery nipples,
jet black in the TV light. Samara moaned softly, and Marina’s
touch became more direct.
“Wow!” Rick giggled as he released them and stood. “Thanks,
Sam. I’m enthralled.”
Samara pressed her foot against his crotch. “You’re engorged
too. Your turn!”
Rick looked at the rest of us, at least partly nude each.
“Yeah, I suppose you’re right.” Like me, he pulled of his
polo and unbuckled his pants. Samara yanked them down with
her toes. He stood there in his bikini underwear, his slender
but lengthy cock clearly visible even with his back to the
TV. Marina let go of my cock and jumped up to pull down his
drawers. Rick yelped lamely and his cock sprung wildly
from his tight underwear. His crotch was completely shaved
hairless, and his cock looked enormous. It pointed right
at me, and I suddenly craved to touch it.
Marina and Samara apparently had the same craving, and
their hands met on the tip of his cock. He laughed incredulously,
a gay man with two women groping his exposed pecker. They
stroked it lightly.
“Alright, ladies. Time to catch up. We’re completely nude
and you’re still hiding the goods!” I chided. It was already
starting to smell like naked flesh in the room.
They each stood and unbuttoned their shorts, letting them
drop to the carpet. I sat alone now, surrounded by two ladies
only in panties and a completely naked man whose large erection
stared me in the face. I reached toward both of their crotches,
and while it was a stretch to touch them both at once, I found
their dampened panties and immediately demanded their
prompt removal. Samara and Marina laughed at my drunken
ravings and more sheepishly, the tucked their thumbs into
their panties at the hips and slid them down their sturdy
thick legs. Now all four of us were naked. I stared at Marina’s
neatly trimmed pubis, then at Samara’s more bushy mound.
Then at Marina’s face.
Unbelievably, Marina nodded almost imperceptibly, and
then smiled slyly. Then quite suddenly, she grasped Rick’s
face and pulled it her to chest. He buried his face in her
bosom and she groped for his cock as they stood, pawing at
each other. I took the opportunity to pull Samara back down
onto the sofa. Almost forcibly I pulled her legs up and apart
and threw my head into her crotch. Her pussy gave off a very
strong musky odor that filled my nostrils long before I
found it with my face. Once I made contact, I plowed my tongue
between her thick folds in pursuit of her clit. The suddenness
of my assault caught Samara quite by surprise, but she quickly
let herself go to my ministrations. Having had the pleasure
of bringing her to orgasm orally in our past (she had told
me recently that I’ve been the only one so far to succeed
at that), I knew what pleased her, and it didn’t take long
to shake of the rust and get about the business her driving
her to orgasm. Samara is quite orgasmic, and within moments
her grunts filled the room as she thrust her pussy against
my mouth, leaking fluids into it. I had forgotten that she
was an ejaculator, and I quickly milked the bitter liquids
from her quivering pussy.
I pulled my face away to find Marina sitting down on the sofa
with Rick’s cock in her mouth. Rick was watching me eat out
Samara. The pleasure of his position was clearly registered
on his face. Marina fondled his balls and nearly deep-throated
him. I sat up and watched them in fascination, their lust
driving my own. I felt Samara’s hand on my cock, and I turned
to see her wipe up my pre-come and press it to her tongue.
She shot me a sly look and grabbed my cock with determination.
I lunged for her massive tits, and took one of her rubbery
black nipples into my mouth, sucking hard. She gasped again
and pulled my head against her flabby tits. Her hand jacked
me off aggressively. We slid around in our positions, and
I soon found myself lying on my back across her lap with her
tit in my mouth, while her hand pulled on my cock. I felt another
hand on my balls, and broke from Sam’s tits to see Rick kneeling
and fondling my scrotum. Marina was caressing Rick’s back
and staring in fascination. I sat up to stare and Rick’s
slender but clearly masculine hands on my genitals. Samara
let go of my prick and it slapped noisily against my stomach.
She shifted over away from me on the couch. Marina walked
around Rick and approached Samara. I couldn’t see well
as it was behind me, but I figured out that Marina was straddling
Samara and they were kissing passionately, their large
breasts smashed against each other, skin against skin.

I turned back to Rick, who had taken over where Samara left
off, and was slowly sliding his fist up and down my cock.
I slid my left leg off the couch and my toes found his cock
in midair. He looked up at me. He let go. I slid further down
the sofa. He stood and lay on top of me. Our cocks jammed together
as his mouth found me. I was slightly uncomfortable, but
lust far outweighed any second thoughts. I let his kiss
land, and when his tongue emerged, it found its way into
my mouth with little difficulty. It was so strange to feel
stubble against my face as we kissed tentatively. It lasted
a few minutes, but I began to give myself to the moment. We
broke away and both of us looked above us to see what the girls
were up to.
Samara had bent Marina over facing away from her, and Sam
sat comfortably while she lapped away at Marina’s pussy.
Marina’s tits hung pendulous and she grasped her knees
to keep balance. She was fighting to not fall over from the
odd position and blinding stimulation to her clit. Sam
was also playing with her own nipples while she licked and
sucked, her massive sagging black breasts sitting on her
own knees.
Rick and I shared a humorous look over the spectacle of lesbian
lust happening a foot away. He climbed off me and stood at
my head. I slid down further to the end of the sectional.
He knelt on the sofa and his cock dangled above my face. His
hairless crotch looked so smooth in the blue TV light. I
reach up and wrapped my fingers around his dick. I pulled
it towards my mouth, albeit with some apprehension. He
moved with me, and soon his balls were against my forehead,
then my nose. Finally they landed against my lips. This
nearly hairless sack hung heavy against my face. I opened
my mouth and they fell in. I immediately started to suck
gently, while my hand stroked his cock. His thighs surrounded
my head, muffling my hearing, but I think I heard him groan
loudly. He leaned forward to play with my cock and balls,
balancing himself with another hand on the sofa back.
I heard my wife come loudly in the background and I felt the
sofa move as she undoubtedly rocked herself against Samara’s
face. My tongue explored Rick’s balls and my hand his cock.
I could smell his ass not far away, but it smelled clean with
only the faintest trace of the “ass” smell I so closely associate
with my own butthole. He continued to jerk on my pecker,
and I fought the desire to come. He sat up slightly to get
my dick into his mouth. I used the moment to spit out his nuts
and pull his pecker into my mouth. I was fully into this now.
He moaned, but with my cock in his mouth it was more of a vibration
that I could feel. It felt fantastic. I moaned in return,
and my lips made his cock vibrate. This led to continued
“harmonic feedback” as Rick and I sucked each other’s cocks.
I clearly had a lot to learn and I’m sure he’s had better,
but it must have been good enough. He started to fuck my mouth,
and it was all I could do not to gag on his stiff cock as it slid
back into my throat. Yes, I clearly wasn’t very good at this.

For my part, I started fucking his mouth. He clearly did
know what he was doing, and I’d be hard pressed to say I’ve
ever had a better blowjob. As he sucked and licked, he parted
my thighs and my butt cheeks and started to toy with my anus.
I squealed onto his cock, not from discomfort so much as
the shock of a new sensation. It felt very bizarre, but fantastic.
Then I felt something yet altogether different and thrilling.
A tongue suddenly arrived on my puckered asshole. I felt
the nearby presence of another body near my head and I felt
Rick groan extra loudly. I realized the girls were tonguing
our assholes while we sucked each other’s cocks. Outstanding.
I was trapped by his legs and his cock so I couldn’t tell who
was licking whose ass, but at this point it really didn’t
I felt myself getting very near to orgasm, which I was not
ready to have just yet. I slapped at his sides furious to
get him to stop, and finally the attentions to my cock, balls
and ass subsided.
“I don’t wanna cum just yet.” I gasped.
“Me neither. Can I fuck your wife?” Rick asked nonchalantly.
“I haven’t fucked a girl in years, nor have I wanted to. But
I really want to stick you, Marina.”
Marina laughed loudly and grabbed his hand. They went to
the other end of the sofa. I watched them as she sat him down,
and then straddled him. He slid easily into her wet vagina,
and these two dear friends looked at each other lustily
as she slide up and down on his glossy pecker.
“Well then you’d better fuck me, Tiger, ” Samara growled.

“Hmm, I’d better eat you out one more time, just in case I
never get to again, ” I responded.
Samara’s eyebrow leapt upwards at that. I lay back down
and commanded her to sit that beautiful big fat black twat
onto my mouth. She obliged, and I was soon back licking at
her rubbery folds. She also had the most enormous clit I’d
ever seen, so once I found it, it wasn’t easy to lose. I was
more methodical this time, and I systematically worked
my lips and tongue around her pussy. When I’d hit a good spot,
she’d involuntarily press herself against me, and I had
to put my hands on her huge, smooth, round ass to make sure
I could still breathe.
I heard Marina orgasm atop Rick’s pole a few feet away. Inspired
by her, I increased the pace and intensity of my work on Samara’s
box, and soon I was rewarded by the low, sultry grunts of
her familiar orgasmic strains. She rocked her twat along
my face, the slash of her cleft riding along my protruding
tongue. She treated me to some additional ejaculatory
juices as she finally shuddered her way through her orgasm.
Finally she lifted her backside from my face and I breathed
in deeply. She smiled down at me hungrily.
“Get that fucking cock in me right now!” Samara demanded,
almost angrily.
“Yeah, man, fuck her already, ” Rick and Marina chimed
in as they grinded together towards another Marina orgasm.

Samara sat down on the sofa and lifted her meaty thighs,
exposing her cunt. It glowed pink in the light of the TV,
still blaring gay porn in the background. I sat up, knelt
in front of her, and slid my cock right into her hot box. She
gulped at the sudden and rather unceremonious entry. I
pumped hard and fast, answering her earnest demands for
penetration. She dug her nails into my shoulders as I pounded
into her, slamming my pubis against her clit. She cried
softly with pleasure.
“Oh Jesus, yes, just like that. Unnh, yeah, fuck my pussy!”
she grunted.
Feeling that my angle of entry and capacity for thrusting
power were being limited by my position, I stood up slightly,
sliding out of her with a noisy plop. I leaned over her, pulling
her legs over my bent knees. I bent down to reinsert myself,
and recommenced to fuck my friend Samara. I heard my wife
groaning nearby. I glanced over to see that she had turned
herself around and was riding Rick’s dick with her back
to him, while he stared at us in fascination. Finally he
started to come, and he grunted noisily before whimpering
as his semen filled my wife’s cunt. She felt him come, and
slammed down and grinded herself on him to finish him off.

I felt Samara start to come again, so I sped up my thrusts
to meet her. She came hard again, harder than before as I
pumped my aching cock into her slippery twat. Finally we
both erupted into orgasm. She clutched me tightly to her
as I released spasm after spasm, load after load, of hot
cum into her. For me, it was a long time coming, what with
all the stimulation I’d had so far. This was her third of
the night, so it was about time I got to come too.
“Fuck!” Samara exclaimed as the disorientation of orgasm
died away. “I’ve never been fucked like that.”
“Neither have I!” Rick blurted. Marina had lifted herself
from him, and his crotch was a mess of sticky semen overflow.
Marina’s box was in fact dripping with semen, all over the
leather sofa. She laughed with embarrassment and reached
for the drink napkins that covered the coffee table.
“Um, I think I’m gonna need some of those too, honey, ” Samara
cautioned. I finally pulled out of her, and what seemed
like a pint of cum began to ooze from her pink flaps.
Rick sat up and stared at the gooey scene.
“Hmm, let me help. No sense letting good cum go to waste, ”
he quipped.
Rick threw himself into Samara’s crotch, lapping up my
cum. Thankfully Samara wasn’t ready for another orgasm,
or poor Rick would have been stuck finishing that as well.
As it was, he sucked up all the exposed cum, pausing to share
a sticky wet kiss with Samara before sitting back down on
the sofa.
I collapsed as well, my sticky flaccid cock slapping unceremoniously
against my thigh. We all rested for a few minutes, taking
in the sheer magic and madness of what we had just done. Finally,
I was ready for some refreshment.
“Drink refill, anyone?”
As if on cue, Sam, Rick and Marina all found their drinks
and slammed their remaining contents before holding them
aloft. We all laughed.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” I pried myself from my comfy spot
and grabbed my empty glass before retrieving their proffered
ones. I made my way to the bar and started mixing drinks.
I didn’t bother to ask what anyone wanted. ‘We’re all having
rum and coke, ’ I decided.
I returned with drinks and we all sat a moment and sipped
our cocktails. The gay porn played on, and we sat in silence
for some minutes, taking in more of the all-male action.
Eventually, my cock began to reawaken. It stirred slowly,
and as it grew erect, it went from being between my legs,
climbing up my thigh and finally pointing straight up.
Samara was still the closest to me, and she took notice.

“Huh, looks like somebody’s ready for some more!” she observed
dryly. I smiled sheepishly.
Marina proclaimed drunkenly, “Okay, honey. Who or what
do you want?”
I looked at my friends. Each of them seemed happy to be involved.
I settled my gaze on my wife.
“Will you be hurt if I don’t pick you?” I asked tentatively.
“Psshh! You can fuck me anytime you want. This might never
happen again!”
Samara looked at me hungrily. ‘Man, this girl loves my cock, ’
I mused to myself. I looked right at Samara, and said a very
strange thing.
“Rick, fuck me in the ass.” I couldn’t believe I had said
that. My face went flush. Without looking at him, I turned
and found my drink and took a strong swallow.
“Wow, man, are you sure? I mean, I’d love to, if you really
want me to.”
The ladies became quiet. Samara was probably disappointed;
my wife was probably in shock.
“Well, if it’s my call, here’s how I’d have it. While Rick’s
doing me, you ladies can suck my cock.”
A look of curiosity passed both their faces, and Marina
whispered, “Uh huh, okay.”
Rick stood up and walked over to me. I breathed deeply.
“So, what works best for this? I have no idea.”
“Well, every time I fuck a guy while two chicks blow him…”
Rick joked. We all giggled.
“Okay, okay. Lemme think. How about if I slouch and put my
legs up in the air?”
Before I could finish, Rick grabbed my ankles and pulled.
My ass slid noisily along the damp leather seat until it
was hanging off the edge. He pushed my legs back against
my body so that my anus was completely exposed.
“How ‘bout if I pick up where your wife left off earlier?”

He dropped to his knees and moved his face to my ass. His tongue
found my asshole and immediately started working in small
circles. I groaned and twitched, but settled back in to
his ministrations. Rick expertly tongued my ass, teasing
it, pressing against it, lubricating it. He next slid a
finger in, which surprised me, but it felt fantastic. I
bucked against him and moaned again. His finger worked
into me, and soon it felt quite comfortable. Then one finger
became two. I bucked again, but settled in. ‘He’s loosening
me up, ’ I reasoned to myself as I gave myself anew to his
expert stimulation.
When Rick had finally worked a third finger in and my ass
was starting to feel overstretched and sore, he stopped
and returned his tongue to my now stretched butthole. He
was more forthcoming with the saliva lube now, and left
a great deal of spit around my ass. Then he stood and thrust
his pecker at my mouth. I hungrily accepted it and sucked
it as best as I could in my position.
“Lube it up good, ” Rick beckoned gently. I got the idea
and left as much saliva as I could on his stiff cock.
When he was extremely hard and well lubed, he pulled his
cock from my drooling mouth and knelt back down. I felt the
head of his cock at the entrance of my ass. Involuntarily,
my asshole contracted.
“Shhh, relax. Pretend your taking a shit, ” Rick advised.

I took another deep breath and pushed out like I was trying
to crap. The outward relaxation of my sphincter against
his cock head felt strange, and he wasted no time exploiting
the breach. He inched his slippery cock into my ass, and
it took all my concentration not to contract again.
“Yep, that’s it. Keep crapping, keep pushing out, ” Rick
I did as I was told, and slowly Rick’s long but blessedly
slender cock inched its way up my rectum. Finally, after
a few minutes of concentration and teamwork, Rick’s entire
length was in my ass. I felt so filled up, and I felt like I
had to shit!
“Okay, ladies, let’s get this guy off, ” Rick said. He lowered
my legs against his hips so that Marina and Samara could
get to my now slightly shrunken pecker. I deduced that the
blood supply that kept me hard must have been diverted to
the crisis happening in my rear end. I felt slightly embarrassed,
and then remembered I was being ass-fucked for the first
Samara leaned over and Marina came around to the other side.
They cooed lovingly as they fondled my half-hard pecker.
Rick was not yet thrusting, which was just fine. I was just
trying to adjust the current state of affairs. Finally
Marina leaned in and put my dick in her mouth, her tongue
prodding me towards a full erection. It didn’t take long,
and as my cock stiffened to aching new proportions, I felt
the tension on my ass relax a bit. I wasn’t sure of the physiology
of the whole thing, but it started to feel really good all
Samara leaned in to join, and the two gals traded licking
and sucking my cum-encrusted pole. Finally Rick started
his movements, and while at first a bit uncomfortable,
as I concentrated on my dual blowjob and relaxed my anus,
his thrusts started to feel quite nice. Soon he was moving
with confidence and while always gentle, the thrusts became
increasingly faster and more demanding. The ladies, meanwhile,
were working wonders on my cock. I laughed to myself. ‘To
think I’m getting blown by two beautiful ladies and it’s
mostly to distract me from the cock in my ass, ’ I mused.

Somewhere along the way, Rick and I hit our stride, and his
pumping was met with my own bucking. The gals were turned
on by this, and really started working my cock over, each
vying for the salty spray that would eventually emerge.
Rick pumped hard, and it felt truly amazing.
“Jesus, Rick. Oh, man. Yeah, fuck my ass, ” I managed. I
pulled Marina’s head down hard on my cock and she deep-throated,
nearly gagging but controlling herself.
Rick was starting to look distracted, and I realized he
was going to come soon. I decided to egg him on.
“Yeah, Rick, fuck my ass and come in it. Dump your cum in my
ass, ” I challenged. He didn’t need much.
I watched him start to convulse and as he grunted, I felt
the most remarkable sensation deep in my colon. This warm
penetrating feeling of his spurting cum flooding my ass
was truly bizarre, and Rick began his telltale whimpering
as he pumped spurt after spurt into my butt.
The sensation was amazing, and that combined with expert
cock sucking from Samara and my wife sent me over the edge.
I bucked hard against Rick, then thrust myself up and into
whoever’s mouth happened to be on it at the time. I opened
my eyes and realized it was my wife, and she hungrily sucked
at my emerging cum. She moaned loudly, and Samara jealously
pulled my pecker from her mouth. A spurt shot high into the
air before Sam could get my cock into her mouth to milk out
the rest of my load. I closed my eyes again and enjoyed my
orgasm and they girls fought over the salty cum that had
now slowed to a dribble.
Quite suddenly, Rick pulled himself out of my ass. He grabbed
my cock from the quarreling gals and dropped his face right
onto it, catching the last dribbles of my gravy. I was now
twitching from over-stimulation, and pulled my spent
cock from Rick’s mouth. I was done.
Samara apparently was not. She moved Rick aside and knelt
down between my knees. She pushed my knees up and began licking
at the errant cum that had started to dribble from my well-used
asshole. I shuddered again, but it did feel good. I let her
finish. Finally she withdrew and collapsed back onto the
sofa beside me, smacking her lips noisily. Marina started
caressing my shaking thighs tenderly. Rick sat on the floor
in front of me, laid his arms across my knees and rested his
head on his arms.
The four of us sat in exhaustion and disbelief for some time.
The tape had ended, and in fact had automatically rewound
itself. The screen was blank blue. I fell asleep shortly
I awoke with a start, unaware of where I was. I found myself
on the sectional, next to my wife. We were both still nude,
with a blanket covering us. I looked around and saw Rick
lying atop Samara’s large frame, his head resting on her
enormous pillow-like breasts. They had a blanket as well,
but were clearly still nude underneath.
The next morning, I awoke with a nasty hangover and a very
sore ass. Rick had left shortly before, and Marina had helped
him pack all his stuff back up.
“I’m taking a shower, honey, ” Marina croaked, her lovely
naked body standing at the bottom of the stairs.
“Uh huh, ” I managed. I heard her ascend the staircase,
and then the water running moments later.
I lifted my head again and found Samara’s form still lying
across the other leg of the sectional. She slumbered on,
oblivious to the start of the day. I dragged myself upright,
and put a hand to my head in response to the rush of blood and
the subsequent hangover headache. I stretched and remembered
my tender asshole.
I should have been sexually exhausted, but seeing Sam’s
slightly opened mouth and hearing her soft breathing,
my cock stirred. ‘What the hell, ’ I muttered, possibly
aloud. I stood and walked over to her. I put the tip of my semi-erect
cock against her lips. She awakened halfway, but her mouth
opened and her tongue emerged against the underside of
my peter. She moaned softly. Her hand emerged from the blanket
and it landed on my butt cheek. She gently pulled me into
her mouth. By the time the water stopped running, I was emptying
myself into Samara’s warm, wet mouth.
“Now, do I have time to make you come before she finishes
drying her hair?” I said dryly, while my hands lifted her
heavy leg, and the distinctive smell of her sex rushed at
my senses. I heard the hair dryer whir as I buried my face
one last time into Samara’s slippery cunt.

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