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Stones crunch under your feet as you step out onto the gravel
driveway and set off for your walk.
You immediately breath a sigh of relief with the release
you are now feeling. Release from the boredom and tedium
of the conference you are attending.
You set off in the direction given to you by the receptionist
when you asked if there were any good walks, and now you are
striding over the gravelled drive towards the perfectly
manicured lawns and the gateway you can see in the distance
giving you a tantalising glimpse of escape.
You look back towards the hotel, gothic splendour unspoilt
by recent improvements to the hotel hidden behind the imposing

It didn’t feel like that when you arrived two nights earlier.
It was late then, and dark and drizzly, and as you stepped
out of the taxi you’d been filled with a sense of forboding
as you looked up at the twin towers acting like bookends
terminating each end of the building. You smile now as you
remember chastising yourself in the realisation that
the feelings you had were born in the old horror movies you’d
seen and they had nothing to do with the reality of the building

Striding out over the lawns you arrive at the gate in the
high brick walls surrounding the grounds to this country
house hotel and lifting the latch you push it open, expecting
it to feel heavy but finding it surprisingly light as you
As you step through you are greeted by a wondrous sight of
an arboured walk through unspoilt English countryside.
The footpath worn into the soil by countless feet that have
passed here before you, leading off through a tunnel of
overhanging trees, rays of sunshine beaming through openings
in the canopy overhead.
“At last”, you hear yourself saying out loud, the sound
of your own voice coming as much of a surprise to you as it
would have come to anyone overhearing you had they been
around. Thank goodness though, there is no sign of anyone
else on the path and you feel alone and at peace as you start
to stride down the path. Your paces a little too fast for
the relaxed walk you had promised yourself, but slowing
as every stride brings more relaxation from the stresses
you have been feeling.

You’d been very pleasantly surprised when you had stepped
into hotel on arrival. The reception hall was intricately
lined with carved oak panels covering every wall. The double
height within the hall served to enhance the feeling that
this was once a very grand house owned by a very rich family.
It had obviously been quite recently restored as there
were none of the signs of wear and neglect that you often
see in similar country house hotels elsewhere. When you
were shown to your room you were even more nicely surprised,
as it too was very large, and had been modernised to incorporate
all the features required of a modern hotel. This place,
you had thought was definitely a cut above what you were
used to at this sort of event, as you surveyed the room to
see the over-large bed, sofa in front of a coffee table,
and the large office desk with it’s leather faced chair
tucked under it and a brass desk light pointing down to a
leather cornered blotter, pen and paper laid nicely at
an angle to show that this was a desk that meant business
and not just there for show.
The bathroom though was the crowning glory, a large cast-iron
claw-foot bath sitting absolutely in the centre, surrounded
by matching basin, a WC and bidet all along one wall, and
on the other an enormous shower cubicle surrounded by a
curved glass screen.
And you can remember now how you had thought it was such a
waste to have all of this to yourself and no-one to share
it with. With any luck though that would change later in
the week.

The sun is warming you now and you can feel it heating your
skin through the thin summer dress you are wearing. You
remember sitting on the terrace the previous evening to
enjoy the sunshine that had arrived that morning to chase
the clouds and the rain away. You’d gone straight there
after a very long tiring day of lectures and speeches, none
of which had seemed relevant to you, and you were here now
hoping some of the other delegates might join you. Each
time one passed though, all they said was that they were
going to their rooms to prepare for the following day. You
wondered why, as you had spent weeks researching, searching
the net, talking to contacts, and writing your pieces for
the various sessions you were involved in. It made you feel
angry that perhaps the other delegates hadn’t treated
it so seriously and hadn’t troubled themselves to prepare
as well. It depressed you to feel that the week you were to
spend here might be just a continuous stream of the ill prepared
and ill written presentations you had seen today. At that
point you’d finished your glass of cold white wine very
quickly before ordering another and that night you had
slept well aided by the soporic effect the wine had on you.
All the frustration you had felt on the terrace is draining
away now though, as you amble through the woodland and enjoy
the heat of the late afternoon sunshine. You look in each
clearing as they appear off to each side of you, and in one
you see a sight that stops you in your tracks, as small blue
flowers glow out of the gloom, illuminated by the sunshine
so much that it looks as if each petal has a tiny lamp inside.
You wish you’d brought your camera, but you’d opted not
to load yourself up with anything, you wanted to feel unencumbered,
so you had deliberately left it behind and all you are carrying
is a small plastic bottle containing water, which you raise
to your lips to relieve the dryness of your lips and throat,
leaving it half empty as you push down on the cap to seal it.
You continue onwards, almost ambling because your relaxation
is now complete. As you pass round a bend in the path though
you see another woman walking some distance ahead of you.
At first you feel resentment that someone else is there
invading the solitude you so badly need, but then a little
curiosity as you watch her and see the sun passing through
the dress she is wearing so that her profile can be seen clearly,
looking almost as if she is naked underneath.
You suddenly realise that her dress is a similar thin cotton
one to your own and you quickly dart a look behind you to make
sure that no-one is getting a similar view of you. You smile
with realisation that there is no-one there and as you continue
walking you wonder to yourself why it would be such a bad
thing if anyone had a similar view of you, after all your
own body is pretty good, even if you are saying so yourself.
You continue walking, more slowly now ensuring that you
won’t catch up with the interloper ahead, and as the path
continues to bend you are pleased when she disappears from
view, and you continue to walk, glancing to each side to
ensure that you don’t miss any part of this solitary pleasure
and sipping from your bottle almost absent mindedly.
You have walked for what seems now like an eternity, and
the figure you had seen in the distance is now long gone,
off on a different path you assume. You have another need
now though, and that is a pee. You have drunk all of the water,
and although you know you could hold on until you get back,
you remember feeling the need when you had set out, and you
don’t want to curtail the walk or get back too quickly, so
you step into a small clearing through a hole in the bushes
now lining the footpath. Leaning down you remove your knickers
entirely, slipping them first over the sandal on one foot,
then the other by lifting each one in turn. It’s best you
are thinking to remove them entirely to ensure there are
no accidents when you squat over the grass, which you do
scrunching the knickers up into your right hand. As you
fully lower yourself your water starts to flow immediately.
You hoist you’re the skirt of your dress right up around
your waist, and you can feel the sunshine on your bottom
as you look down to make sure that the copious flow is running
into the grass and not onto your open light sandals. Eventually
the flow ceases and the last drops drain from inside you,
and you realise with a little alarm that you have no tissues
with you, so you use the only thing to hand to wipe yourself
dry as you rub the thin lace panties between your legs, deciding
to keep them in your hand as you walk to let them dry in the
warmth of the sunshine.

“Oh yes I’m enjoying the sunshine now………..REALLY enjoying”

The words clatter into your world of solitude as if someone
nearby had fired a gun and instinctively you duck down hoping
whoever had spoken them hadn’t seen you at your toilet in
the woods. Glancing through a small hole in the bushes into
another clearing beyond you see the woman you had seen on
the path earlier. She is laying on the grass fully in the
sunshine, her dress pulled high up her legs as far as modesty
would seem to allow, and to get the maximum benefit form
the sun on as much of her as she could.

“Oh yes what a wicked idea”

At first she seems to be talking to herself until you realise
she is wearing a silver Bluetooth earpiece, looking just
like an old fashioned hearing aid, and you know she is talking
to someone on her mobile phone, which is laying on the grass
beside her.

“Mmmm I love to feel the sun on my body”

As she speaks she starts to undo the buttons down the front
of her thin cotton dress, and gently, silently you lay down
on the grass, not sure how you can move without being heard,
not wanting to be discovered by her, and, curiously, for
some reason, not wishing to disturb her.

“Oh yes, I am”, you hear her say, as she continues to unbutton
the dress all of the way down, letting the light material
flow off her body to reveal herself completely naked below,
as gently she starts to brush her breasts with the tips of
her fingers.

“Mmmmmm, I’m naked alright and about to enjoy being naked,
wish you could be here with me”

You realise that the woman is having phone sex with someone,
just like you have done with me in the past, but never like
this, never outside, never in this sort of sunshine, and
somehow you feel jealous of the woman’s opportunity. At
the same time though you can feel a tingling starting in
the pit of your stomach, a tingling of wicked excitement
at the situation you have stumbled into.
As you watch her hands begin to slide down over her stomach,
and her legs begin to open. You know what she is about to do,
and you know you should try to slip away quietly, but you
are transfixed, not only by what the woman is doing, but
also by her audacity in just laying there almost totally
naked and just enjoying the moment seemingly without fear
of being discovered.

“Oh God I wish I had your cock here to enjoy too, but right
now, I feel so horny, my fingers will do very nicely”

The woman’s legs open wider and you can see everything,
nothing is hidden form you. It is almost as if she is deliberately
facing herself towards you. You lay absolutely still as
her hands slide down over her stomach and start to gently
slide up and down the full length of the slit in her cunt,
touching herself just the same way you do when you begin
to masturbate, and immediately the lips of her cunt start
to swell and open and glisten in the sunshine with the wetness
of her juices.

“I love to feel the sun on my body, it’s sooooooo nice”

As you lay transfixed the woman relaxes right back and the
movement of her fingers starts to concentrate on her clitoris,
as she closes her eyes and you see her breasts move slowly
up and down as her breathing deepens, and you know she is
getting more turned on, and that she is slowly working herself
to an orgasm while you watch.
Beads of sweat run slowly down your back as you are laying
fully in the sun, but you wonder to yourself if it is just
the sunshine making you sweat, as you feel your own cunt
beginning to moisten and you spread your own legs apart
to let the slight breeze begin to play between your legs.
You tell yourself that this is ridiculous and that you should
leave. You are no lesbian and it is steve who is turned on
by voyeurism of this kind, not you. But whatever it is, be
it the situation, or seeing her you can feel yourself getting
more and more turned on anyway.

“I’d love your tongue on my clit right now, I know you love
the taste and believe me there is plenty to taste”

As the woman speaks she arches her back and pushes her cunt
onto her fingers, and you can see she isn’t lying, her juices
are soaking the inside of her thighs. You hand slides down
below you and you start to just gently circle your clit with
the tip of one finger as you continue to watch her.

“You dirty bastard……….I’d love that, god I wish you were

Whatever has been said to her it seems to spur her on and her
fingers quicken, rubbing her clit harder and harder and
slow quiet moans start to eminate from deep within her throat.
Her hips are thrusting now, up hard onto her hand and you
can see her fingers dipping deep into her with each thrust
before they go back to circling her clit.

“I’m cumming”

Her cunt lips are wide open and soaking wet now, and you stare
knowing she is near. You want to watch her now, you want to
see her cum, just like you do.

“OH YES”, she screams loudly, not caring if anyone hears, ”oooohh
OOOOhhhhh, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn God that’s good, FUCK me!!!”

She continues to scream as wave after wave of pleasure passes
through her and as she continues to pump her hips and rub
her clit, taking maximum pleasure form every sensuous
ripple as it passes through her.

Your own finger is still rubbing and you can feel your hand
soaked in your own juices, but you daren’t let yourself
cum for fear of being discovered.

“Oh god that was SO good, just wish you could be here to share

“I bet you do look good too”, a mans words, like another gunshot
into this secret world you have found. You lay absolutely
still, but breathing deeply, quickly, as you realise that
this man is standing on the path right behind you.

“I can just picture you laying naked in the sunshine, fingering
yourself and cumming like only you can, I would love to have
seen that. My cock is rock hard just hearing you”

All of your senses are screaming now. You are glued to your
spot. You try holding your breath for fear that you will
be heard.

“Imagine I’m there, spread your legs wide and spread your
cunt lips wide so I can see right into your wetness”

“I am”, the woman lies.

“Now you’re not telling me lies are you?”, says the man,
“Because if you are I might just have to come down there and
chastise you, and you make you suck my cock as a penance”

As he says it you hear the slight sound of a zip being undone
and a rustle that you know is him getting his cock into full

“Would I lie?”, she says.

And with that the man says, “Yes”, abruptly and steps into
the clearing to join the woman.
She smiles, but doesn’t seem at all surprised. You wonder
if this is all arranged and maybe a game they play, and you
lay down absolutely still to continue watching.
The woman beckons him over to her, “Nice to see you arrived
ready, ” and she kneels up in front of him and takes the full
length of his cock deep into her mouth. The mans head immediately
pulls back as she starts to fuck him hard between her lips,
turning him slightly and as a result you get the best view
possible of this private act, and your juices flow so much
they are now soaking the grass.
The man moans and immediately the woman stops, “Oh no, you
can have my mouth later. Right now my cunt wants your cock,
hard and fast, and all of your cum”
She stands and moves over to a low tree close to you. She bends
over to grasp the low branch and lifts her skirt right up
off her bum, “now fuck me”
The man quickly takes his light shirt and trousers of and
walks to join her, his erection sticking directly out in
front of him and twitching, looking slightly ridiculous.
He grasps her waist and thrusts himself deep into her and
just starts to fuck, hard and fast, and they both begin to
moan, enjoying their mutual pleasure. For a brief second
the woman casts a glance in your direction and you freeze
for fear of discovery, but she looks away again without
sign of seeing you.

“Oh fuck me, harder!!! Cum for me!!! Fill me up!!!”

Almost on command the mans head goes back and with one last
deep thrust his eyes close and he moans loudly as you know
he is cumming and you can almost feel the sensation too,
of white hot semen spurting deep into your wet willing cunt.

“Oh yes, ” they both say almost in unison.

They continue to thrust and push against the other for minutes
as the sensation die down, and eventually you see the mans
cock slide form inside her, and drips of his cum immediately
oozing from inside her. She stays bent over for a few seconds,
letting the cum run from inside her down her legs, in full
view to you.

“Mmmm why don’t others enjoy that feeling?”

Eventually she stands and kisses the man, holding his now
soft penis in her hand. Standing back she licks her own juices
and his cum from that palm of her hand and they then both begin
to dress. She uses his handkerchief to wipe herself clean
before re-buttoning the front of her dress. You notice
though that she doesn’t put any underwear back on, so she
really must have been naked underneath her dress when you
saw her in the distance, the sun outlining her slim form.
Once dressed they make a rudimentary attempt at brushing
each other down, without too much success. They kiss, holding
each other tight in their arms and then they turn to step
back onto the track and walk towards the hotel.

You continue to lay still, for minutes more, making sure
that they are well ahead before you go back onto the path.
You can feel your cunt soaking wet and with that little itch
that tells you it needs some attention, and you decide that
once back you will finish off with the toy you brought with
You stand up and brush yourself off, realising that you
will look very hot and very sweaty when you return, but with
a little wry smile you start back on the footpath, wondering
what will happen next, and thinking that this may not be
such a boring week after all.
As you set off down the footpath you continue to brush yourself
down and do your best to tidy yourself up.
Beads of sweat are still running down your back, the sun
is still beating down hot as ever, even though the afternoon
is drawing on into early evening.
Your mind is racing over what you saw while you laid so still
in the grass.
"Did she see me?'
She looked in your direction a couple of times but she made
no sign of actually seeing you.
But you were beginning to wonder if she knew you were there
and whether the show was really all for your benefit.
You dismiss the thoughts telling yourself it is all in your
imagination and speed up to get back in time to clean up and
go to dinner. Although you can feel yourself soaking wet
and really turned on, you decide to leave finding that sort
of releif until later when you are in bed and you can relax
and enjoy it properly, maybe with me at the other end of the
phone line.
You can feel the air though between your legs, you left your
panties off in your haste and they are still crunched up
in your hand. The air cooling the soaking wet lips of your
cunt sends more tingles passing through your body, and
that familiar ache wells up in the pit of your stomach and
you start wishing again that I could be here tonight, you
need cock, rock hard and pulsing, just fucking you, fast
and furious.
You pass round a bend and come to an abrupt stop.
Way ahead you see the man and the woman. they are embracing,
kissing each other passionately, then suddenly the man
disappears off into the woods and the woman continues walking
towards the hotel.
From that you deduce that theirs is an illicit affair and
they obviously don't want to be seen together.
You let her broaden the distance between you, and then continue
walking yourself, still composing yourself and getting
ready to arrive back in the hotel, trying hard not to look
too hot, or too flustered.

The stones crunch again as you approach the doors and step
through, this time welcoming the cool of the air conditioning.
The woman is still in the lobby talking to the receptionist
about something, and she briefly glances in your direction
and gives you a little smile. You nod very slightly and continue
on up the stairs to your room.
Closing the door behind you, you breath another sigh of
releif that you had not had to pass too many others on the
way. You go straight into the bathroom and start the shower,
making sure it is very warm.
You slip out of your sandals and lift the dress right off
over your head and step in to the warm flow feeling it immediately
caress you and begin to wash the sweat off your body. You
start to liberally soap your whole body, and as you do you
hear the shower go on in the next room. the water cools briefly
before coming back to your temperature and it makes you
shiver as you feel the chill, and your nipples grow erect
with the cold as you soap them clean in your hands. Your fingers
linger briefly between your legs as you start to soap clean
your still wet and open cunt. You slide them up and down your
slit and briefly onto your clit again before chastising
yourself and putting the shower gel down to start to rinse
all of the soapy bubbles off your clean white skin.
Once clean you step out of the shower and wrap yourself in
the thick soft white towel from the rail and then don the
luxurious white towelling robe supplied by the hotel,
and step back into your room to get yourself ready for dinner.

Before going into the restaurant you decide to go into the
bar for a much needed drink. Others from your group are already
there, and after ordering a glass of white wine you join
them for a chat about the day.
As you talk, the woman walks in to the bar as well, and she
joins another group on the other side of the room, and begins
to chat loudly with them. You can't resist a glance
in her direction, and when you do she is also looking at you,
and she raises her glass in a mock toast, which you echo with
your glass before turning your attention back to the group
you are in.
Over dinner you sit with the same crowd and all of the talk
is about the days proceedings and what is planned for tomorrow,
and all of the conversation is washed down with copious
amounts of wine, which you feel a dire need for to get you
through the evening.
Eventually the converstaion dies and you all retire to
the bar again for one last drink before bed. This time you
get a whisky and american as a nightcap, hoping it will help
you to sleep.
You all say your goodnights and set off up the stairs to your
rooms. You turn down the short corridor towards your door
situated at the end and you stop to put your key in the lock.
You fumble it slightly and just as you finally unlock it
you hear,


Turning you see the woman opening the door to the next room.
she is smiling and you smile back, a little nervously, "Goodnight",
and then step quickly into the shelter of your room.
You sit down on the edge of the bed and the room swims a little
as you do, mostly through tiredness, but with some alcoholic
help too, but you felt the need for a drink.
That need had now been sated, and now there was another need
you wanted to attend to, and slipping quickly out of your
clothes you lie down on the bed, totally naked and lean into
your drawer for the toy you brought with you for just this
The evening is still warm so it is nothing to be laying on
top of the bed, and the moment you switch the toy on and touch
it to the lips of your cunt your juices flow freely and your
lips spread wide to welcome it inside, deep deep inside.
the second llittle buzzing head touches your clit and sends
an electric shock through your body which makes you gasp
with pleasure.
Over the buzzing of your toy you hear moaning from the room
next door, and you stop briefly to listen. You can hear a
buzzing from in there too and you realise that she must be
toying too as you hear her moan again. Whether she can hear
you or not now doesn't bother you, you are in dire need
and you continue your attention on your soaking wet cunt
and clit, lifting your hips onto your toy to get it fully
inside you. It doesn't take long before you are having
your first orgasm and you moan as it explodes through your
whole body. Almost simultaneously you hear orgasmic moans
from the room next door, but you ignore them and you keep
going, cumming time and time again on your toy, enjoying
every second of this much needed attention to yourself,
and occasionally catching pictures in your head of what
you had seen the woman doing in the sun earlier in the day,
and of her being fucked so hard, animal like by her male friend.
being fucked the way you need to be fucked now, and you thrust
the toy one last time deep into yourself to enjoy one last
climax before you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

In the morning you are awoken by the alarm on the bedside
phone. You are immediately aware of the heat in the room,
coming in through the open window, and you know it is going
to be another scorcher of a day. Hoping you will have time
to enjoy the sun again, you realise that today is fully booked
with sessions and you raise yourself from the bed resigned
to another eight hours of tedium.
As you walk to the bathroom you notice a piece of paper that
has been slipped under the door. you pick it up and unfold
it. there in neat handwriting, on hotel note paper was a
message that made you feel confused, excited, annoyed,
animated, all at the same moment,

"I just wanted to say thankyou.
I love sharing and showing off, and sharing with you yesterday
and last night made my day really special.
I hope you don't mind me writing, and i hope I haven't
shocked you, but knowing we only have another couple of
days left here I had to let you know.
If you don't want to speak to me I will understand and
I will leave you alone, but I hope you will.

Hope to see you, and speak to you, later.


You sit down on the edge of the bed and consider what you have
read, looking it through once more to be sure. so she had
known all along that you were there in the woods, and she
was deliberately toying with you. At the same time you realise
that the note is written very carefully not to give anything
away and that only the people who were involved would understand
it's true meaning.
Laying the note on the bedside table you go into the bathroom
and start making yourself ready for the day.

Going down the stairs to breakfast you make a decision not
to do anything about the note, but just to let the day pass
and see how things go. You know you are curious about what
the woman means exactly, and what she hopes to gain from
contacting you, but equally you don't want to let her
think you are as interested as she is. So, you just decide
to see what the day brings.
She is there in the Breakfast Room, but you sit away from
her with another group, and breakfast passes peacefully
and easily.

In the morning session yours is the first presentation,
and although you start nervously, it goes down well with
the audience, among whom is the woman you now know as 'Lisa'.
she has listened intently to your whole presentation,
but throughout she has avoided eye contact with you, so
she isn't as confident in herself as her note makes
her out to be. The realisation makes you feel better about
the whole situation as it is obvious that you can still control
things and set limits.
The morning, lunch and the afternoon sessions all go well.
The presentations today seem better, more thought through,
more complete than the previous days, so it all feels a little
more worthwhile than it had done.
Lisa has been in the same ssession as you all day, but she
has done nothing to approach you, so she was sticking to
her word in her note, and waiting, no doubt hoping, for you
to make the next move. about which you had still made no decision.
As the final session finishes a couple of the attendees
suggest a drink before getting ready for dinner. thirsty
and hot, and feeling a lot better about things now you agree
to join them and you all adjourn to the bar.
Sitting at a corner table you all speak animatedly about
the days proceedings and are all far more enthusiastic
than you had all been yesterday.
Your drinks are brought to you by a waiter, thankfully quickly
as the room is filling rapidly with all of the other delegates,
including Lisa.
After a couple of white wine spritzers you are feeling more
relaxed, and in the time the crowd in the bar has thinned
out quite a lot. the discussion and the laughter, and the
drinks have put all thoughts of lisa out of your mind. you
try to summon the waiter again to bring just one more drink
before you go to your room to freshen up for the evening,
but he seems busy, or in a world of his own, so you decide to
go to the bar yourself. There are only two of you left at your
table, and as you squeeze through to the bar and order your
drink, the other one waves at you to let you know he has decided
to go to his room after all. You instantly feel peeved that
you have gone to this trouble to get here. he could have decided
to go before you battled through to here, and now you have
a drink but you are left on your own. With a little frown on
your face to decide to go out on the terrace to quietly enjoy
the evening sunshine.
as you pass through the french doors you are bumped by soemeone
coming in the other way, spilling a little of your drink.

"Oh no i'm so sorry, I should look where I'm
going", as you look up you relaise it's Lisa.
"This must look almost deliberate, but honestly,
it wasn't"

She turns straight away to a waiter passing by, annoying
you again that it was the one who had seemed oblivious to
you earlier and she oreders you another drink.

"You'd better make that two", you call
out to him and turning back to Lisa you say, "You would
like to join me wouldn't you? I think we ought to sort
things out"

Lisa smiles nervously, but agrees to join you, and you both
walk out onto the terrace to find a table in the sunshine.
At first your conversation is stilted, awkward, and all
about the great weather (which you both agree is a waste
all of the while you are stuck in here), and about the days
proceedings. lisa tells you how good she thought your presentation
was and wishes you luck in getting the funding you need,
and then goes on to question you about details of parts of
your talk and asking you to expand upon them.
You notice that her dirnk is disappearing quickly, and
that she is speaking quickly, obviously nervous at speaking
with you now. She takes a last gulp of her white wine and before
you can refuse orders two more drinks for you both.

"It's OK you don't have to be nervous",
you tell her, trying to sound as calm as you can, "i
got your note"

Lisa looks at you and smiles as best as she can. "Oh
dear, I shouldn't have passed it to you should I?"

"No, it's OK", you reply, taking charge,
"I'm just not sure I want it to go any further that's
all. Mind you, i know it's my own fault, I shouldn't
have stayed and watched yesterday afternoon"

"I'm glad you did". Responds Lisa, even
more nervously. "I'd like to be able to explain,
and tell you why I enjoyed it so much."

You are both talking in a way that means that even if you are
overheard by the others on the terrace they won't understand
the detail behind it and it makes the conversation difficult,
but Lisa continues as best as she can,

"I'll leave you alone if you prefer"

Whether through genuine interest or just continuing curiosity
you tell her it's ok and there is no need to leave you
alone, and before you both go to your rooms you agree to have
dinner together so that you can talk some more, but you make
it clear that you aren't offering anything more.
By the time dinner comes you are feeling much fresher and
much more relaxed. When lisa joins you she has obviously
taken her time and made an effort to get ready. perfect make-up
and an elegantly simple red dress, low cut at the front,
but not too low, seeming to suit her well.
You sit alone together at a quiet table in a corner alcove
where you can speak freely without fear of being overheard.

"Do you mind if we have a drink while we choose from
the menu? I need one", says Lisa.

You laugh slightly and tell her you could do with one too
and you each order your drinks from the waiter and start
to look through the menu. The drinks arrive quickly and
disappear just as quickly, but decide against ordering
more in favour of getting a bottle of wine, and after asking
your preference lisa orders a bottle from the long list.
Your starters arrive and you chat normally about yourselves.
lisa tells you she is a divircee now and has been alone for
around htree years. She explains that the life suits her
as she has a job that keeps her on the move and away from home
an awful lot. By the time the wine bottle is almost empty
she also tells you that sex is no problem and that she can
always find a man if the need arises.
You ask her about the man you saw her with and she explains
that he is someone she meets occasionally and that she has
known for a very long time.
You see parallels in our situation, so you explain all about
your life and all about us, and you tell her that i am the real
voyeur out of the two of us and that I would have exploded
had I seen what you had yesterday. You also tell her that
I am due to be joining you tomorrow evening for your last
night here.

"Mmmmmm, she says"he likes to watch does he?
So does John, but he never gives me a real chance to show off
properly before he jumps on me. I love showing off.............i
suppose you've realised that"

You nod and smile and Lisa continues, " I didn't
realise I did until a couple of years ago. Just after my husband
and I split up i went to Greece for a holiday with an old friend.
We decided to go over and just get ourselves fucked as much
as possible, my friend too was also having a bad time in their
marriage and she decided to get away from it and have some
fun. her hubby didn't like the idea but he had to put
up with it and, obviously she didn't tell him what our
real intentions were!!! He would have killed her!!! mind
you he phoned her every day while we were away, just to check
up on her I'm sure"

Lisa finished her wine and oredered another bottle.

"I'm rambling aren't I?" she said
mocking herself, "anyway, off we go to Greece. First
night out we really get made up, we were going to knock them
Trouble was that when we actually got out there we realised
the place was full of drunken English kids intent on downing
every drop of alcohol on the island and then throwing up
in every corner of every door they could find. The only other
men were just lecherous locals who didn't interest
us at all. mind you we did have some fun between us that night
dancing dirty and lezzy style and watching the kids faces..........they
were a picture I can tell you, all tongues hanging out and
eyes on stalks!"

By this time you had both finished your meals and the second
bottle of wine was half empty. lisa was in full flow and seemed
almost releived to be getting what she wanted to say off
her chest, so you just let her continue.

"I'm no lesbian though, please don't think
that, but I did discover I enjoyed watching that week, and
being watched and sharing without touching. Oh God that
felt so horny"

Lisa paused for a moment, obviously remembering wahtever
it was that she had found so exciting.

"Anyway, the first night we went back to our apartment
and just went to bed, both more than a little drunk, so we
both slept very well. Next day we just got over our hangovers
on the beach, and after a late afternoon siesta we were ready
to hit the town again. Trouble was it was just more of the
same, so we decided to head home earlier, mind you even that
was gone midnight. When we got back we had another couple
of drinks on our balcony and watched and listened to the
drunken yobbos in the town, and agreed that we were going
to be hard put to find any decent action out there. jane,
that's my friends name said she agreed, but it was a
shame because she was beginning to feel really horny and
she might have to resort to telephone sex with her husband.
We both laughed out loud at that idea. "trouble is, "
my friend said if we do that I bet he won't think to change
the sheets and they'll still be there for me to wash
when I get back!",

"I screamed out loud at that", said Lisa, "It
just seemed so rude and so basic........but oh so true"

She continued her story,

"We finished our drinks and Jane went off to get her
shower first while i made up my bed. I had the bed settee in
the lounge. Jane and I tossed a coin when we arrived and she
won the bedroom. Anyway, Jane seemed to take ages in the
shower so I went along to the bathroom and told her to hurry
up. Jane sounded almost alarmed when i called out to her,
i hadn't given any thought to what i might be disturbing."

Lisa lowered her voice now as if about to share in some deep
secret, and in a way she was.

"I sat back down and pretty quickly Jane appeared
wrapped in a towel. she only got a glass of water and then
said 'goodnight' and went off to her bed. I went
in to have my shower, worried about jane as she seemed pre-occupied
with something, as if something was worrying her. I finished
my shower and turned the lights out and got into bed, but
the light in janes room was still on because she always slept
with the light on, and her door was only half closed. I wasn't
wearing anything because it was so warm and i only had a light
sheet covering me. I had trouble getting off to sleep so
just laid there looking at the stars through the open patio
door to the balcony. After a few minutes I heard Jane moan
a little. i almost called out to her to see if she was OK but
as I looked over to her door I could see she wasn't having
any problems, quite the opposite. The mirrors on her wardrobes
gave me a perfect view of her laying on her bed, as naked as
I was, her legs wide open and the fingers of her right hand
working away hard on her pussy and clit. She was obviously
close to orgasm because she was pumping her hips up and down
into her hand and her head was rocking from side to side.
i couldn't take my eyes off her, it was so horny to see
her like that, and when she came she almost exploded and
covered her face with her pillow to muffle any noise she
made. As she finsihed off still stroking her cunt she did
glance over at me via the mirror, but she didn't show
any signs of realising i was watching, mind you I realised
that i was completely uncovered and my hand was stroking
my cunt too. I just kept stroking myself and watching jane
until she finally went to sleep, but she had a couple more
orgasms before she did and so did i watching her."

Lisa drank a little more

"I did enjoy that, but i felt so guilty, so in the morning
over breakfast i told jane that i had seen her, but she already
realised. She enjoyed it too so from then on we shared the
bed and bought some toys and showed off, and helped each
other a little, all week. horniest holiday I've ever

You watch her face as she seemed to drift off in her thought
sback to her holiday.

"Sounds really horny", you say, not shocked,
but surprised at thsi intimate revelation from a stranger.

"It was, " she replied, "and I'm
horny now just thinking about it. I'm going to have
to go to bed soon and do something about it"

You both finish your drinks and head off back to your rooms
with Lisa telling you that she is pleased to be able to explain
and thanking you for listening.

"Well goodnight, " you say, "enjoy

Lisa laughs and then asks you the question you've have
been expecting her to ask, "I will, but it would be
nicer to share it again, fancy joining me?"

To her obvious delight, and as a little surprise to yourself
you agree.
You both go into her room, and she kisses you lightly on the
cheek and then guides you to sit on the chair at the end of
her bed.
You sit down on the chair, not quite sure why you are there,
and feeling more like escaping than staying.
Lisa goes to the desk and picks up a bottle of wine to pour
you both a drink. As she does you see her laptop open and on
on her desk, and you notice the webcam linked to it.
She hands you your wine and after taking a gulp of it herself
she steps towards the bed. With her back to you she leans
into the bedside drawer and puts something under her pillow
out of your view, then she turns and hands you a small digital

"Take some photos for Steve, after what you said I'm
sure he'll enjoy seeing this"

She shows you how to use the camera, and you feel a liitle
better having something to concentrate on, and not just
being stuck with the embarassment you feel at the situation.
Lisa arranges the pillows so she can sit on the bed, propped
up, and she sits down without undressing.

"It was great in Greece. No need for men and definitely
no need to get saddled with some greasy oik just for a fuck!"

You take you first picture as she sits, her legs bent, but
her skirt tucked in between her legs, as she drinks from
her wine glass.

"Jane and I slept together every night for the rest
of the holiday. Nothing lesbian, other than watching each
other and helping each other out a bit every now and then"

You wonder what she means by that, but you don't ask,
knowing that she will explain at some point.
Lisa puts her glass down on the bedside table, and settles
down a litle bit onto the bed, you keep taking photographs,
needing to hide behind the camera.

"Mmmm it was nice and very very horny, i don't
think I stopped cumming for the whole holiday. Jane loved
it too, that was REALLY obvious. That night we stayed in
with lots of wine and we talked about things. She told me
that she knew I was watching but only relaised when she was
very near orgasm and by that time she definitely wasn't
going to stop and get up to shut the door, and she admitted
that when she did orgasm it was really powerful, helped
she was sure by knowing she was being watched. I told her
I'd enjoyed watching too and it had made me very very
wet, and that i had masturbated too with my fingers when
i thought she was asleep. Jane said she was glad because
that meant she didn't have to feel so guilty, knowing
they were both doing it. We kept talking and drinking, about
men, sex, our favourite way of doing things, our favourite
toys, telling each other everything. jane even admitted
she liked anal sex, which came as a bit of a surprise because
I'd always thought her to be a little prudish"

As Lisa spoke her hands were sliding up and down the inside
of her thighs raising the hem of her dress tight into her
crutch, but still hiding everything form view.

"By the time we'd finished off two bottles of
wine and told each other everything my panties were soaked
and I really needed to do something about the itch I had.
then jane suggested playing strip poker, which i agreed
to with a giggle, admitting I had no idea of how to play it.
jane got soem cards out of her bag, I had no idea she'd
bought them because they were pornographic on the back,
which we couldn't resist looking at for a little while.
She told me briefly how to play and we agreed that the bet
would be one item of clothing for each lost hand. Neither
one of us was wearing all that much so it was never going to
last too long. Jane won the first hand, at least she told
me she did, and straight away just told me to remove my knickers
straight away. i objected but she insisted so i took them
off from under my dress, and threw them onto my bed hoping
jane wouldn't see quite how wet they were."

As Lisa spoke she slowly slides her knickers off from below
her thin dress, and you catch a tantalising glimpse of wet
pussy as she does. She doesn't try to hide anything
now as you continue to take photographs of her. Her legs
were wide open and her cunt fully in view as she tells you
more about the poker game. telling you each time she won,
and each time jane won, and what they insisted came off.
As she tells you about each piece of clothing she removes
it, until she is laying there naked in front of you, now openly
stroking her soaking wet cunt lips as she continues to talk,
a little breathlessly now. You can feel butterflies in
the pit of your stomach as you watch her, and you keep taking
photographs. You can also feel how wet you are and are a little
surprised at how good and how turned on you are feeling.

Lisa continues, as she starts to push two fingers into her
open willing pussy.

"Needless to say I was naked before jane had even lost
her bra and pants, so when i lost the next hand Jane insisted
on a forfeit. She told me to go and lay on her bed and put on
a show for her the way she had done for me. I was feeling so
turned on i didn't need to be persuaded too much, so
i did, just like this."

As you watch Lisa slides further down onto the bed and starts
to rub herself more vigorously. You can see her juices flowing,
and her inner thighs soaking wet. You put the camera down
and watch more closely as her brething becomes panting
and her hips start to rock onto her fingers. you can see her
nipples dark and erect as they rise and fall with her breathless
anticipation of what is about to come. You start to rub yourself
through the thin material of your own dress, and Lisa looks
over at you and smiles.
Her fingers delve deep inside her now and you watch as she
briefly pumps them in and out befor econcentarting on her
clit again with her finger tips. Suddenly she starts to
thrust her hips up and don and she moans with delight as she
orgasms, a strong powerful flood of her pleasure passing
through her whole body, obviously enveloping her as you
sit and spectate.
Eventually she stops touching herself and she asks if you
would pour some more wine, which you do, even though your
hands are shaking.

"That was lovely, tahnkyou, " she says as she
sips her wine.

She doesn't bother to try and cover up or close her legs,
instead she just sits there looking at you.

"You ok?", she asks looking a little concerned,

"Mmmm yes, " you reply, "to be honest
I'm not sure why I came in with you, but I think I'm
glad I did"

"Are you turned on too?" asks Lisa still looking
worried, "I hope so because I haven't finished
yet, I need my toys"

She reaches under the pillow and takes out two vibrators,
one slim and long and the other a large Double headed one
just like the one you use, the one you want to be using now.

"Tell you what, have a look at these first",
Lisa jumps up from the bed and presses a switch on her laptop,
and a slideshow of photos of her and Jane starts immediately.
They are both there in all sorts of clothes, dressed and
undressed, in all positions and poses and sometimes together,
and sometimes obviously in the midst of orgasm.

"Very nice, " you say shakily, feeling a real
need now for some relief from this deep itching you are feeling.

Lisa looks at you then takes you by the hand and leads you
to the bed. She hands you the double-headed toy, "Feel
like some fun for yourself? I'll leave if you want"

You shake your head and lay down as Lisa sits in your chair.

You turn the vibrator on and slip it between your legs and
up under the hem of your dress, sliding it up and down the
soaking patch in your knickers. the vibrations immediately
start to work and you moan a little as you feel your own orgasm
building inside you, and you know it won't take long.

You look over at Lisa nad she is watching you intently, rubbing
her pussy as she does, obviously enjoying the show you are
giving in return.

"Ok if I take some pics too?", she asks

You nod and lift your hips to remove your knickers as she
lifts the camera and starts to take photographs of you.
As soon as you are naked under your dress you spread your
legs wide open for her and she eagerly gets in close to picture
your soaking wet cunt.
You slide the toy right inside and turn it full on, feeling
the vibrations deep in your cunt at the same time as the other
part buzzes tight against your clit. Lisa keeps photographing
as you lift your hips high and you drown in one massive orgasm,
releasing all the feelings you have built up inside yourself
over the course of the evening. You just keep cumming and
cumming as your juices flood from inside you soaking your
legs and the bed.

"Wow, " says Lisa, "That looks fantastic!!"

She sits down again and begins to rub herself furiously
as she watches you slowly slide the toy in and out keeping
the pleasure going for as long as you can hold it there.

She moans loudly and cums again herself as she stares intently
directly at your toy filled soaking wet cunt.

You let the toy slip out and continue to rub your fingers
up and down your slit, enjoying the constant tingling you
can feel as your climax refuses to subside completely,
and now you watch, looking directly at Lisa's cunt
as she fingers herself too.

"Oh you are so so wet, Steve will want a picture of that"

She stands and she takes a close up picture of your cunt as
you move your hands out of the way.
She moves over to sit beside you and gently leaning forward
she places two fingers of one hand either side of your slit
and spreads you open as she holds the camera away and takes
another shot.

"Steve will definitely like these"

She leans forward still with her fingers spreading you
wide open and all you can see is the back of her head as she
takes another picture.

As she sits up she looks over at you and shows you the screen
on the back of the camera. You look and see a perfect picture
of your cunt, spread wide by Lisas fingers each side and
just above your clit only millimetres away you can see Lisa's
tongue, teasing the camera with the idea that she has been
licking you.

"Oh you're right, he'll love that, "
you say shakily as you feel another tingle of peasure inside
and more juices flow from you as you realise how close her
tongue had come to your clit.

Lisa laughs and puts the camera down and then she licks her
fingers, whether of her own juices of of yours you don't
know and you don't care, you are just feeling good,
and nicely relaxed, and looking forrad to my arrival tomorrow.


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