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A Cheater's Diary


February 20:

We have reached a new low with our sex life. Since I have been keeping track, this has been the longest dry spell at 28 days. Yes, a whole month since we last had sex. It is pretty depressing for me.

June 18:

Wow! That has been the shortest time between having sex that we have done for over the past year since I have been keeping track. It was five days from the last time. Why can't it be just a single day?

June 24:

Today is my birthday. You asked me what I would like for my birthday. I replied that I would like to give and receive oral sex. You replied that due to us being busy, you would give me your present tomorrow morning.

June 25:

This morning you washed and prepared yourself for sex. I was hoping I would be able to give you oral pleasure and perhaps receive it in return. Alas, it was not to be. During our foreplay, I sucked and nibbled your breasts. And then when I started heading south to tongue you to an orgasm, you stopped me saying you don't want to get infected. I'm fairly certain it doesn't work that way but I must respect your wishes. So we end up doing the typical sex position, the scissor position. You seem to orgasm and I know I do. I was hoping for more for my birthday, but I will take what I can get.

June 27:

I have made a decision. I signed up for a web-site promising to help me meet women for just casual sex. We have been averaging sex maybe once every 11 days. I have the feeling you would be perfectly happy if it was once a month or less. I have to admit I am quite unhappy with it being so much less than even once a week. It doesn't help that you seem to not want anything other than the scissor position and that you never want to reach out to me and all of the time I have to initiate everything. And when I initiate, most of the time you postpone saying not now, maybe tomorrow with tomorrow not happening. Even when we have sex in the scissor position, you cover your face with a pillow. And we always stop after I orgasm once. Never any more than that.

July 17:

I met someone online. Her name is Kristy. We chatted for a while. I told her a story about me going down on her and bringing her to orgasm with my mouth and hands. And then she pulled me around into a 69 position and we brought each other off. She continued to suck me as I continued to clean her and I remained hard. She then had me get on my back and mounted me, sliding down on my hard cock until she was stuffed full. Kristy loved my story. I loved looking at her pictures. We agreed to keep in touch.

July 18:

I found Kristy online again. This time we did a video chat. Wow, she looks gorgeous to me. She is 5 feet 9 inches and is married, like me. She lives here in the same city as me, maybe ten miles away. She has dark hair and looks fairly slender. She wears glasses. Her husband only wants the missionary position and only with the lights out. She is looking for something more exciting for sex but loves her husband and doesn't want to leave him. It is like we were made for each other.

July 20:

I spoke with Kristy again today. We masturbated in front of our web cams to each other. Wow was it exciting! We talked dirty to each other and that was one of the best orgasms I have had in awhile.

July 27:

Kristy and I have been speaking to one another most days for the past week. Tomorrow we made arrangements to meet in person. I can hardly wait!

July 28:

Wow! That was intense. I drove over to Kristy's house today.

I rang the doorbell and she answered wearing a sheer negligee covering very sexy matching bra and panties and a great big smile. She invited me in. As soon as the door was closed behind us, I took her in my arms and started kissing. She was so delicious in my arms, a nice warm body with her wonderful breasts pushing into my chest. It felt so wonderful to be kissing someone like this again after such a long time. Our tongues tangled as we continued the kiss. Kristy moaned several times as my hands were roaming over her back and snaked down to her wonderful ass. At the same time, her arms were rubbing up my neck and into my hair.

We finally broke apart with both of us breathing heavily.

"I've wanted to do that ever since I saw your picture", I said.

"You are a good kisser. I haven't kissed like that in a very long time", Kristy replied. "Why don't we head to my bedroom?"

"Lead the way."

I followed along looking at that beautiful tight ass of hers sway from side to side. When we entered, she turned around and said "let's get you naked!"

I helped her as she tugged my shirt up and off exposing my chest and nipples. She leaned forward and started teasing one with her tongue. I started tugging at her negligee, pulling it up and off. She pulled back from my nipple, allowing me to toss it aside. She then pulled on my belt, loosening it and snaking a hand into my shorts. She started squeezing my hard-on (boy, was I thankful I decided against underwear for this trip!). She pulled my shorts down letting my erection free and it bobbed in front of her. I reached out and unhooked her bra and threw it aside. She knelt down and started licking the head of my cock. Her tongue snaked out, teasing at the slit and starting to lick around the head. She then opened her mouth wide and took the head and a portion of my shaft into her warm, wet mouth. She started sliding up and down on my shaft, taking more of me in on each down stroke. Soon, I was all the way and partly down her throat as she held there moving her tongue around the underside. She slowly pulled back and slid back down. She continued doing that, sliding back and forth. She then reached up and started fondling my balls. All of this was incredible for me. I couldn't recall ever having such sensations in a very long time. She then slid a hand back and slipped a finger into my ass. That did it! I groaned out "I'm going to come!" She just pulled back so tip of my cock was in her mouth as my jism shot out splashing to the back of her throat.

She seemed to reluctantly pull off my dick and smiled at me. I pulled her up to her feet and whispered "that was incredible. You have some wonderful skill." I then kissed her mouth and our tongues battled again. Yes, I could taste myself some in her mouth, but it really just turned me on more. I then pulled back from her and said "Your turn now" as I gently pushed her to sit on the bed.

I knelt in front of her and started lightly flicking my tongue against her left nipple. I then teased at her right and flicked back and forth lightly. The nipples were already hard, but it seemed they hardened a little bit more due to my teasing. I then took her right nipple along with a portion of her breast into my mouth while rolling my tongue all around the nipple and sucked hard. She moaned and pulled my head tight against her breast. After sucking for a bit, I switched to her other breast, giving it the same treatment. While I worked on her breasts with my mouth and tongue, I started to tug on her panties. She lifted her butt to allow me to slide them off and pulled one leg up to slip one side and then the other and I tossed them aside. I started to lightly kiss down her taut stomach and teased at her belly button.

I then kissed lower and went down past her slit teasing on her left inner thigh. She started massaging her breasts while moaning as I lightly licked and kissed down her leg. I started massaging her thigh with one hand while I lifted her leg and continued kissing down her leg and then kissing her foot and sucking on her toes. She moaned out "my husband has never done anything like this. I love it!"

I switched to her other foot and started with her toes and slowly worked my way back up. As I neared her slit. I paused to gaze at it. She was neat and trim with her hair. Her lips were engorged and starting to open a little. I then leaned forward and inhaled deeply. Her scent was intoxicating to me. I then flicked out my tongue and slid it into her slit, tasting her for the first time. It was divine nectar to my taste buds. I then started darting my tongue in and out of her lips and would occasionally flick at her clit which was starting to stand up. Her juices were really starting to flow at this time and I continued to lick them up, cleaning her gorgeous pussy. I then brought my hand up and started moving a finger in and out as I moved my tongue up higher to start teasing the old man in the boat more. She was moaning and squirming now as I attacked her clit with a passion and gently nibbled and licked it. I added another finger to slide in and out of her slit. I was in heaven. This was something my wife would never accept and here, Kristy was loving it.

Kristy then grabbed my curly hair and pulled my head tight against her as she shuddered through an orgasm. I continued my oral ministrations as she had a series of tremors. Finally, she gently pushed me away saying "I need to rest a moment. That was incredible. I haven't anything like that with my husband."

Oh, how those words stroked my ego. I slid up next to her body and we both scooted up fully on the bed, lying next to each other and held each other. I started kissing her again. She responded passionately. She felt my renewed erection against her thigh and she reached down to wrap her hand around it. She started stroking her hand slowly up and down its length as we kissed and I started fondling her breasts. We continued our hand play for awhile until she pulled away and said "I want to feel your length in me, now!"

"Your wish is my command, darling."

I shifted position between her thighs as she spread them opening up to me. I took my cock in my hand and started teasing her pussy lips with the head. I slid it up and down her slit before easing the tip in. I started sliding slowly deeper as she reached down to spread her lips further apart. I finally slid all the way in and stayed there a moment, savoring her warm, wet tunnel as it snugly held my cock. I slowly started to slide back out until the head was all that was in her and the pushed forward smoothly. I started to get a good rhythm going while I held my upper body above hers and gazed down at face. She had closed her eyes and had a smile on her face as I continued to slide slowly, sensuously in and out. I really wanted this to last as long as possible as the feelings, the sights, the smells, the sounds all seemed to meld perfectly into our union and enhanced the whole event. And oh yes, this was quite an event.

She moaned out "Faster. Fuck me faster." Ever the gentleman, I complied with her request and started stroking faster and faster into her slick tunnel. She reached out and pulled me down to her as I moved my hips as fast as I could, driving my cock relentlessly in and out of her clinging pussy. She suddenly came hard with her muscles squeezing tight on my cock. I shoved forward deep and stayed still as her muscles rippled along my shaft trying to convince it to give up its juice to her waiting receptacle. I used all of my willpower to not come and finally succeeded as I felt her muscles release their grip. I then started stroking again and shortly after she had another, smaller tremor. This time, I couldn't hold out and I pushed hard with our pubic bones tight against each other as I shot out my sperm into her pussy.

We stayed like that for several minutes, waiting for our breathing to return to some semblance of normalcy. When it finally did, I rolled off and popped out of her and laid along her side. She rolled over partially on me and I folded my arm around her as we enjoyed the afterglow of wonderful, primeval sex. We dozed for a number of minutes, just holding each other. She said "we should probably take a shower."

Reluctantly, I let her loose from my arms and followed her to the bathroom. She turned on the shower to get it starting to warm up. I slid up behind her and started massaging her breasts. Rubbing them with my long fingers, teasing the nipples. She leaned back into my chest and reached behind her with a hand and found a new, strengthening erection. She started pushing against my hands while tugging gently on my cock while she lead me into the warm water of the shower. I closed the door behind me while she grabbed the bar of soap and started lathering her hands. She then reached out, pulling me under the water and then reached up to bring my head down to her waiting lips. We kissed long under the water and then she pushed me gently back and started lathering up my chest and arms. She continued soaping up my body, reaching down between my legs to wash my cock and balls gently with her hands. She gently pushed me around and lathered up my back and ass. She playfully stuck a finger all the way up while she reached around with her other hand to stroke my erection. She slid the finger out and pulled me under the water to rinse off.

I pulled the bar of soap from her hand and started lathering up for her turn. I gently covered her breasts with my soap covered hands and massaged slowly, making sure to cover every inch of her chest with soap bubbles. I then knelt down and lathered up her right leg from the thigh on down to her toes. I then did the same to her left leg and then lathered up her pussy, rubbing all over the outside. I turned her around and cleaned up her back and paid special attention to her ass. I lathered up a finger and gently inserted it up her back passage, sliding it slowly in and out.

She then said "that's nice, but I want to feel you in my pussy again. Fuck me now."

Again, who was I to argue with such a beautiful lady's request? She bent over and spread her lips. I lined up and had to scrunch down some to get the right angle and started sliding my length into her. She moaned as I started going faster. I reached down to her dangling breasts while stroking in and out. I teased her nipples while massaging her breasts, feeling the warm water spraying on my back as I continued to pound into her, over and over. She moaned loudly as she pushed back hard against me and I switched my hands to pull her hips tight as I shot off once more into her clasping pussy. We both moaned out our lust as the water poured down. Finally, I released her hips and she pulled away from me. I picked up the bar of soap where it lay on the floor from when I had dropped it earlier and lathered up her pussy lovingly. She took the bar from me and did the same to my cock and balls. We rinsed off and got out of the shower. We slowly dried each other off and went into the bedroom. I looked at the clock at the side of her bed and noticed it was getting late for me.

She said, "That was wonderful. I really hope we can do this again sometime."

I replied, "I would love that. But, I am afraid I must be leaving for now. My wife will be expecting me home soon."

Kristy replied, "Yes, my husband will be home soon, too." She then looked at the bed and said "I should change the sheets, too."

Reluctantly I started dressing. And then she walked me to the door. Before I opened it, she took me in her arms, pulled my head to her and kissed me long and deep. Our tongues yet again did a tango to a silent tune playing in our heads.

We stopped kissing and just held each other for a while. She then pulled back and said "you should go before I pull you back to my bedroom."

"Yes, I should..." I then opened the door and slipped out, walking out to my car. As I was getting in, I turned back and saw Kristy looking out the window at me, smiling. I smiled back to her as I got in and drove away.

Author's Note: This is my first erotic story I have ever written. Please let me know what you think of it. If you like what you read, let me know and I can give this another try.

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Nicely written, well done mate.


daremo68 replies on 7/25/2017 9:53 am:
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

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Outstanding! I can totally related because what you have written is a page of my life.


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Some of the things you wrote reminded me of the lady I was cheating with, and the things we did.


Members can vote on this response!

You're well on your way! The three most important words I can share with you are edit, edit and edit. It is difficult to read stuff up here with poor grammar, poor construction and misspelling. Not that I'm perfect (far from it) and an I'm not talking about an occasional typo but misuse of there their they're and two too to drive me nuts. There's one guy up here who writes a great story but it's all one continuous paragraph! Arrgh!

You've written a good story! Good time line, just enough enticing detail and few cliches. I'm looking forward to the next diary entry. Are you going to share more of Kristy's story with us? I'd like to know more about both of your characters. Truth or fiction?


daremo68 replies on 7/26/2017 5:39 am:
Regarding one big paragraph, I've discovered if I open my stories on a computer, it looks fine (tried with Chrome and Opera) but if I open from a mobile device (Android/Chrome or iPad/Safari & Chrome) it gets formatted as a single paragraph. Would be nice if the mobile version kept the same formatting.

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Damn that was incredible!!


Members can vote on this response!

Very hot story Please write some more.


Members can vote on this response!

very well done. If this comes from real life have your wife see someone about hormones. It did wonders for mine , she can't keep hands off me now.


daremo68 replies on 7/25/2017 9:58 am:
If this comes from real life, I may have to check into that.

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quote Voyuer97:
You're well on your way! The three most important words I can share with you are edit, edit and edit. It is difficult to read stuff up here with poor grammar, poor construction and misspelling. Not that I'm perfect (far from it) and an I'm not talking about an occasional typo but misuse of there their they're and two too to drive me nuts. There's one guy up here who writes a great story but it's all one continuous paragraph! Arrgh! You've written a good story! Good time line, just enough enticing detail and few cliches. I'm looking forward to the next diary entry. Are you going to share more of Kristy's story with us? I'd like to know more about both of your characters. Truth or fiction? :)
Oh, I hear you about editing. There are so many interesting stories that loose a lot due to not proofreading. One story I read recently in multiple places used "trust" instead of "thrust". Big difference. Given the feedback, yes, I think I will add to this and also create other stories.

As for truth or fiction: Some of both. You can probably guess at least some of the truth.


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Oh please keep it going...very good.


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Excellent story - very well written...