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A Chance Meeting With An Old Friend


Sometimes chance meetings are the best.

I hadn't seen Sheri in ages. The memories of Vegas were sweet indeed, but they were ever more distant memories. Both of us have had other adventures since then, but that definitely would be one for the "highlight reel." So it was quite a shock as I was standing at the bar, in a town that as far as I knew neither of us had been to, that I looked across and saw a very familiar ass hidden underneath about the sexiest red dress there could be.

"Oh my God" I thought to myself, it couldn't be. But then she turned around and yes it was. ... I blushed. Our eyes met for a second but for some reason a slight panic set in. I realized that if Sheri was here, so was her husband probably ... as was my wife. The last thing I would want was an awkward situation. I took a walk around, knowing that my wife was outside. "Damn, I hope nothing bad or weird happens here."

I took a walk upstairs walked around the corner and there was that red dress again. My eyes followed it up through some gorgeous legs until I hit your cleavage ... my eyes stopped. But you didn't let me stare for long. "Do I really have to ask?" You purred.

"No, you don't."

We hit the closest bedroom we could find, locking the door behind us. We both knew the score, we had 10 - 15 minutes tops ... and of course we would have to keep the sound to a minimum despite the music playing below, it just seemed like a good idea. After all, when we both have the same idea, it is usually a good thing. But regardless, there was no time to waste. Apparently, you knew that too ...

In what seemed like a millisecond after the door lock latched you had your tongue down my throat and my cock coming out of my pants. I tried to keep up. I grabbed your head not to gently and not too hard just to bring our kissing in sync ,,,,there that's it,,,, mmmmm your lips taste soooooo sweet ,,,,, i missed that ,,,, As we join each others rhythm I get the strap of your dress undone so I can get to your magnificent tits. We might not have much time, but I can't neglect those .... I caress your tits through the fabric as my hands move from your head tracing along your neck and shoulders ,,,, they slide along where the straps are and I ease them both down,,, then you feel my hands work under stroking, touching and pinching those hardening nipples,,, you sigh a little remembering how we need to be quiet.

I whisper in your ear about how hot you look ... you whisper back "I need to suck your cock."

And with that you drop to your knees and begin sucking and stroking my still hardening dick (you get me sooooo fuckin hard, baby) as that familiar taste fills your mouth ... you know we can't take our time like back in Vegas but you wanna make sure you get your fill of cock in your mouth as you lick suck and stroke my cock and balls telling me how much you love sucking my cock as you do. ... but time is still moving and I want to make you cum I need to make you cum ....

You take off your lacy panties that hug your beautiful curvy hips, now sopping wet after the way you were finger fucking yourself while you sucked me off. The smell of your dripping, swollen cunt instantly smells the room,,, my cock gets harder ... but I need a taste, even if it's a quick one,,,my tongue dives into your horny hot slit and I taste your delicious pussy and need more ,,, and more,,, i suck on your clit with my tongue fluttering over it and touching it ever so gently ,, my fingers working your hot pussy and you get you wetter and me harder,,,,, I can't wait anymore,,,, I need to fuck you soooooo fuckin bad,,,,,

I rise up and my rock hard prick slides in and begins to stretch out your sopping wet pussy. I am so turned on but I want you co cum and of course I don't want to cum too fast so I work in slowly, inch by inch till my cock is balls deep grinding into your hot cunny ,,,,we fuck faster and faster,,,,, you tell me to take you and I tell you how much I love pounding your cunt.

We switch up and you climb on top and ride me like the hot woman you are,,,, our pace varies, but the intensity rises consistently ,,,, then I feel you start to buck and grind into me as your hot walls grab my dick ,,,you keep screwing me as i suck on your totally hard nipples as well pull each other close,,,,,,"I'M CUUUUUUUMMMMMINNNNG" you say into my ear,,,much louder than a whisper,,,, you try to grab composure as orgasm rips thru you and try to muffle the moans and cries,,,succeeding a little,,,but not much.

All this is too much,,,, my cock EXPLODES deep inside you and my hot cummmmmmm fills you so much that it is seeping out of you all over me and the bed below,,,, we're gonna leave a hell of a wet spot, lol ...

We slowly come down, but both of were never ones for "quick orgasms" even if we had to take a few shortcuts to get there .... As we get dressed you give my cock one last "goodbye suck" getting the taste of us in your mouth. You come up, kiss me and go ,,,, we are well past 15 minutes. ....

A few minutes later after straightening up I walk back to the patio bar and look across. I see you kiss your husband and give a little wink my way. I like that, but really for me just knowing you are walking around this party for the rest of the night with my cum in your smokin hot pussy is keeping me hard ..I don't think I ever really went down ... Oh, there's my wife ,,, so much for that hard-on.

Hope you enjoyed. If you did, please leave me a comment or gimme a like, etc,,, do something nice

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Great story and look forward to hear if your paths cross again


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Nice! definitely worth reading!