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A Bit of Hot Coffee


“You didn't see it did you," James asked me one day, a smirk on his face.
"See what, the fact that, Professor Bailey, barely knew what he was doing," I asked.
"No, you dumb ass! I was referring to the girl who kept giving you glances from two seats over." Now, James and I have been friends since fifth grade, and I knew him like the back of my hand and honestly thought he was just bullshitting me again. He was more of the womanizer than me with his athletic build and whatnot, so he tried to act like my wing man half the time going to get me laid. In reality, I was more of a bookish gentlemen who enjoyed quiet time alone with a book than with some random girl day after day like my friend, James. I mean, seriously, is he TRYING to get an STD or is it just me? But I digress, so back to the story.
"Isn't that what you said about the girl in Biology last semester," I started, "I asked her if she just wanted to get a coffee, nothing real serious, and she laughed! Literally, laughed in my face!" I could see James grin at the memory of that day, and then quickly try to hide it.
"Look, Cal, that was one mistake on my part. This time is different, I swear."
"One," I interrupted loudly, "dude, it was five in a row! This is an insult to myself that I keep following your advice." When I say five, I actually mean five times, and that was just in one semester. Each time was a rejection. It was then that James smacked my shoulder and pointed over towards the commons. Among the group of guys lazily tossing a football back and forth was the girl from our Calculus class that he was talking about. Mind you, she wasn't actually playing football, but sitting up with her back against a tree reading a book. Couldn't quite tell what the book was that she was reading due to how far away we were, but she was clearly into it. We stood there for a couple minutes watching her and she never looked up. Never realized it before, but she was actually kind of cute. She had long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and a pair of large glasses that caused her to have a geeky sort of look. Well that, and the pseudo-school girl uniform she was wearing, which was a pleated skirt and a button-up top. Wow, all she had to do was unbutton a few of the top buttons and she could easily go for the, "sexy school girl," Halloween costume category.
"Man, she has a nice pair," my always tactful friend said, and I couldn't help but agree. They were big without being huge, and you could clearly see some cleavage with the way her shirt has moved. Damn, now I am staring at them. Of course while I am staring at them she decides to look up at me and make direct eye contact. I tried to hide the fact that I was looking at her and I noticed she just smiled and went back to her book.
"Alright, come on," I said to James, "let's go before she thinks that we are creepy stalkers."
"Sounds like a plan, Stan"
We were sitting in Calculus the next day and I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious knowing that she had actually been watching me yesterday. My mind was wandering so badly that I had no idea what the answer was when the teacher asked me a question.
"Hello, Earth to Cal," the professor called out.
"Sorry Professor," I said while shaking my head, "daydreaming a bit there."
"I see," he said before looking around the room, "can anyone else help our daydreamer out over here?" I put my head down in shame. Now I look like an idiot to her.
"The answer was forty two, professor," a feminine voice said as I looked up.
"Thank you, Melody," the professor called out, "well, looks like we have run out of time for today, class. See you tomorrow." I began packing up my books while the class started filing out. My plan was to wait until the cute girl had left so I didn't have to make eye contact. Apparently, that was too much to ask.
"Hey, nice job with that last question Cal," the same feminine voice said from behind me. I turned around and of course it was the cute girl I had the hots for. From the sound of her voice her name must have been Melody, the girl who answered the question before.
"Yeaaaaah," I said, blushing, "I was worrying too much about the final that I totally spaced out for a minute." It was a total lie, but I knew it was better than the truth.
"Happens to the best of us, right," she said with a giggle. After about five seconds of awkward silence I decided to pop the question.
"Hey, uh, interested in grabbing some coffee with me?"
"Sure, just let me drop my backpack off first if you don't mind."
"Not a problem. Starbucks in twenty?"
"Sounds great. I'll meet you there," she said with a smile and walked off in the direction of what I assumed was her dorm. I started to walk back to my dorm when she spun around and called out to me, "I just bought some really awesome Fijian coffee a couple days ago if you want to come over to my dorm instead and try that. It's up to you." I was not expecting that in the least, but I was not going to pass up on that offer.
"Sure, lead the way," I said and we began walking to her dorm. Her dorm happened to be on the south side of campus. This also happened to be where most of the wild parties took place. How the Hell did she ever study? She unlocked the door with a swipe of her key card and we walked inside.
"You can toss your stuff anywhere. I really don't mind." I put my backpack down next to the door and took a look around the room. It was spotless and surprisingly well furnished. She had her own personal room, living room, and kitchen. Lucky her, I thought. All I had was a bedroom. She walked back into the living room where I had been sitting and brought over two cups of coffee.
"Here's that coffee I promised you," she said as she placed it on a coaster I front of me. When she had bent over I could barely make out a bit of cleavage from over the top of her shirt. It was beautiful.
"Thanks," I said with a smile, "you have a beautiful place here. How did you manage to score this?"
"That is a long story. I'll tell you if you want, but first let me go get changed. It is really hot in here," she said with a giggle and walked off into her room. Wow, she really is fucking hot. I turned and watched as she left, but couldn't help but notice the cute sway of her butt as she walked into her room. A couple minutes later she reentered the room smelling of strawberries and with a much tighter shirt that shows off even more of the amazing breasts from before. It was hard to tell but I thought she may not have a bra under the shirt. The thought of that took my breath away.
"Not like the coffee," she asked, sitting down next to me with a sigh, "it is a little dark for most people."
"Haven't tried it yet. Way too hot." Even as I said that, my eyes wandered to her breasts giving my words a whole new meaning. "So tell me about how you got this dorm," I said, trying to downplay my embarrassing lack of eye contact.
"It's kind of a funny story," she began, "you see, I used to live in a dorm with three other girls. One of them was a constant party girl and was always having guys over for "fun." The other two girls were dating each other. I was having a really hard time passing my classes last year because I was always either walking in on the two girls wrist-deep in each other or the other girl taking videos of herself getting banged by three guys. Now, I was halfway through the semester when I walked in and the two lesbians essentially tried getting me to go down on them. It got really awkward after that day so I went to the Dean. Here I am now."
"Wow," I said, as I tried to hide my growing erection. She smiled wickedly and leaned in a little closer.
"I like you, so I will let you in on a little secret. I actually enjoyed it. That is why I couldn't study." She then laughed and slapped my thigh which made my cock jump.
"I am totally kidding by the way," she added as she glanced down at my growing erection.
"Oh Lord, looks like you wish I wasn't." She was right. Totally right. Now I just felt foolish. I shifted a little in my seat in a futile attempt to make my penis smaller, and she just laughed.
"You don't need to hide that you know," she said leaning in to kiss me. I could feel her hands slide up my leg to cup me. I couldn't help myself. I reached up and began rubbing her breasts. I was right, she wasn't wearing a bra. I started to undo her shirt without ever breaking lip contact. She paused the kneading of my cock for only long enough to take the shirt off of her arms. She then moved one leg over and straddled me. My pants suddenly felt very wet on the crotch and it made me back off with realization. She smiled and bit her lip as I moved my hand underneath her shirt. She wasn't wearing any panties! She groaned as I spread her lips apart with my fingers.
She was really enjoying this. I leaned her back a little so I could suck a nipple into my mouth. She began rocking her hips against my fingers faster, then my penis started to seriously ache against the fabric of my pants. With some skill I turned her to the side and laid her on the couch with me between her legs. She smiled up at me as I began to unbutton my pants.
"Oh no you don't. That's my job," she says whole amazing my hand away. She finished tugging my pants down and pulled my penis out. She slowly stroked it while looking into my eyes. I reached out and put my hands on her breasts. They were really soft and the nipples were a light pink color. I gave them a squeeze and she pumped harder. I was starting to get close to climax now and didn't want to waste it like this. I grabbed her hands and pushed her back down onto the bed. She began rubbing her breasts while I finished taking off my pants and fished a condom out of my wallet.
"I see someone's prepared," she said with a naughty look on her face. I opened it and in a flash it was slipped on.
"Well, didn't want to keep you waiting," I say, returning the look. I held my cock to her entrance and rubbed it back and forth and up and down. She moaned even louder than before, suddenly grabbing my ass and forcing me to plunge myself into her depths. She cried out in pain as I tried to keep from cumming right then and there. I couldn't just sit there so I started pulling myself out and pushing back in slowly. I pulled her lips up to meet mine and we kissed again, our tongues mingling. I could feel the soft of her breasts against my chest add our hips rocked as one. We were like that for a few minutes before I could feel her start to breathe heavier. She broke the kiss and looked up into my eyes.
"Baby, I'm about to cum all over you," she said. I can make that happen, I thought and backed up to a kneeling position. I lifted her butt up so we never lost contact and began riding her really hard, scraping her insides with every thrust. She bounced up and down and started gasping with every fall until she arched her back and began humping wildly. I lost control just as she did and started spilling my load into the condom. Never have I felt this good. I wish it didn't have to stop. She gave me one last kiss before dismounting me and sliding the condom off of my already flaccid penis. I was still pretty sensitive from cumming and I involuntarily pulled back at the action
"Relax, Cal, Just going to clean you up." She then started to lick at the semen that had collected at the base of my balls by holding my now slightly erect penis up straight for access. When she was done, she swallowed hard and held me by the hand.
"There's no classes tomorrow," she said, "want to sleep over? I will make it worth your while."
How could I say no? She led me into her bedroom and we got under the covers. Snuggling closer to me, I wrapped my arm around her and held her close. With her head on my chest, I heard her start to breath deeper as she settled into a deep sleep. Sex with Melody definitely took a lot out of me and I could feel myself following the same path as her. Finally, I let myself fall asleep.
I woke up gently the next morning to the sound of rain. Well, I thought it was rain, until I looked out the window and saw beams of sunshine pour in. Ah, must be the shower, I thought. Not wanting to scare her, I slipped quietly out of the sheets and walked over to the open bathroom door. I didn't think she could hear me over the sound of the shower, so I quickly slipped inside the room. Her back was to me so I quietly watched her; saw the streams of water fall down her back. She had lovely curves to her body and right now I want to fill them. Luckily, since I was still naked from last night, I was able to sneak up to the shower curtain without her turning around. I watched with lust as she lathered soap onto a washcloth and began rubbing out between her legs sensually.
"Oh, Cal," I heard her moan. I backed up a half step thinking that I was already spotted. I called quietly as her other hand went up to pinch and rub her nipple that was getting harder by the second. That was when it hit me. She was masturbating at the thought of me. Holy shit, I have never had that effect on women. I wonder how often she did this. Quickly, her rubbing became more insistent and I decided to give her a hand, literally. I stepped in the shower and she's whipped around, forgetting I was still here.
"You are still here," she asked, putting the washcloth gingerly on the rack.
"Of course. What makes you think I wouldn't?"
"All the other guys I know only want a one night stand and leave before I even get up. Apparently, you are a stand-up guy." She smiled and looked down, watching intently as my penis began swelling. "A stand-up guy in more than one way I see." She moved to take me in her hand but I gently moved her hand away.
"Oh no, ladies first," I said with a smile and turned her around.
"A gentlemen, I see," she replied with a giggle and reached around me to pull my ass closer. I let my hand slide down her front to settle between her thighs whole my other arm came across her chest to cup the opposite breast. My slippery cock got wedged in between her ass cheeks and she began moving up and down in order to stroke it with her cheeks. She gave a purr when started circling her clit with my fingers. When I finally pushed aside her folds and entered her with just a finger she was already letting loose little groans of pleasure. I gently probed her insides while massaging her breasts. I could tell she enjoyed this, but I knew I could do better. Pulling my cock out of her ass I turned her towards me and got on my knees in front of her. She took one leg and propped it up on the edge of the tub to give me better access. She gripped my head and held onto me as I ran my tongue up and down her slit, tasting her slick juices. I nibbled on her clitoris and it sent shock waves up through her body. She started making constant groans when I added two fingers in her vagina along with me biting her clit. I heard her cry out once and then collapsed down into my arms, panting heavily.
"Oh God boy," she she tried to say between gasps, “you really know how to ravish a girl."
"That’s not ask I can do," I laughed and turned her around again. She bent over and gripped the towel rack. I moved in close and positioned the head of my cock at the base of her vagina. I rubbed it a little trying to get it settled at her entrance.
"Take me Cal," she pleaded, "don't make me wait." I pushed myself inside and found she was much looser since the last time I took her. I wonder how long she was actually in the shower playing with herself, working herself until she wasn't as tight. I let a moan out as I pushed the rest of the way inside her. Her walls gripped me as I tried to pull out of her and push back in.
"I can take it, Cal, so push harder." I had no problem with that and began thrusting harder into her vagina. I angled myself a little so I was pushing with a downward angle in order to reach her coveted g spot. Her knees buckled when I hit it for the first time and I fell out of her. I held my hands on her waist and held her up as I entered her again. This time she knew it was coming and was able to keep herself from falling. I pushed harder and faster than before and we both started coming closer to climax. She soon started pushing herself back onto my cock meeting me thrust for thrust. Bending down, I held myself to her, letting the ecstasy wash over us.
"Cal, I'm gonna cum," she cried and started grinding her pussy on me, finally pushing me over the edge. I lost control of myself as we began having an orgasm together. I pulled out at the peak and shot my hot load right onto her back in long streams. She stood up straight and the cum washed down her back and down her legs, collecting in the drain. We stood and kissed, relishing the feel of our bodies together. We finished washing each other if of the sweat and grunge we made while fucking and then got out of the shower. I enjoyed grabbing the towel and gently rubbing her dry, then let her do the same.
"Next time we need to use our tongues," she said with a devilish smile."
"But then we would be dirty again," I replied
"The better to clean you again with my pretty." I must have been too spent at the moment, because my cock didn't even try to inflate. When we finally got dressed we looked at the clock and swore. We were late for our Calculus class! Grabbing my backpack we rushed out of her apartment and tried to sneak into class late. I managed to sneak past the professor when he turned to write a problem on the board, but I could not sneak past James, who gave me the biggest grin ever. He leaned over and whispered something in my ear.
"Told you so."

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