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A Binding


Imagine if you will, a softly lit room with a large bed in the middle. Now strip off your clothes and lay on your back on that lovely bed. Spread your arms and legs out to feel it's full softness. Close your eyes...

Feel the soft cloth against your eye lids as I tie a blindfold. Thrill at the smooth suppleness of the rope that binds one wrist, then the other, then an ankle, and then the other. Tight but not overly so. You are allowed some movement. Just not too much. Listen closely to the sound as I pour a glass of wine. Can you now feel the coolness of the glass against your calf? Along the inside of your thigh? Higher yet? Remember the glass is full. Don't spill it as my fingers gently slip between the lips of your moist pussy, opening them enough to place the stem of the wineglass there. Don't spill...

I can hear you moan slightly as my fingers tenderly trace patterns on your soft bare tummy and across your full breasts. Stopping every so often to tease your hardened nipples. Careful! I see you've spilled a drop of wine. For that I'll have to play a bit rougher with your nipples. A pinch and tug elicits further lovely sounds from you but you've held still and the wine is safe. You feel the warmth of my tongue and lips around your stinging nips, soothing them as my hands caress your incredible body...

Now my lips move up along your upper chest and further up to your neck. You can feel my warm breath against your skin as my lips seek yours. Dancing with them in a deep and passionate kiss. Tongues teasing, tasting, playing...

You feel and hear me step away for a moment. The soft shuffle as my clothes fall to the ground brings a smile to your lips. Sitting beside you for a moment, I slip the wine glass from its holding place, being careful to fully caress your wetness with my fingers and brush across the nub of your clit. I sip the wine and then before placing the glass back, you sense me lean in and then feel my warm tongue slip along your wet wet lips. Sliding gently deeper to get a better taste of you. A loud moan escapes you... Then the glass is back in place. Don't spill! You know what happens if you do!

And then in an instant you feel me astride you, one hand on each of your breasts. I push them gently together and you can feel my hard cock there between them, throbbing with desire, hot with need. A few minutes of that and you feel me shift slightly off and up. My lips quickly devour yours for a moment then pull away. Your mouth still open, you're breathing heavily. You feel the tip of my cock against your lips and your tongue snakes out for a full taste. Now it's my turn to moan and I do so heartily. My hardness slips between your lips and almost erupts with the warmth and teasing of your tongue, but I hold back. A gentle sway as my cock slides in and out for a few minutes, getting harder and harder.

Then it's gone again. My weight slips off of you and again you sense me sitting. This time lower on the bed between your legs. The wine glass is again removed as I take a lengthy sip. My hand at the back of your head lifts so that the glass can be sipped from by you as well. Lowering your head, you hear the glass being placed on the nightstand. And then begins the kissing and tasting. My lips all over you. My hands everywhere. Time flows. One minute turns into 15, into 30. My lips have finally found your most delicious spot. My fingers spread your pussy and my tongue goes to work dragging every gasp possible from you.

Pausing to catch our breath for a moment, you feel the warmth of my body pressed to you as my rock hard cock slowly enters your soft warm home. Sliding in deeply and then withdrawing to the very edge before once again diving deeply. We move in rhythm, the tempo increasing every minute, until we're both gasping for breath and groaning loudly.

Then a final deep thrust and you feel me explode in you. Shuddering wildly, my body collapses onto you and as I bury my face in your neck, my hands remove your blindfold and unbind your wrists. Your arms embrace me, holding me tightly, lovingly, until my quake subsides.

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