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8 lifelong friends suddenly became lovers too.


We had all planned this vacation for months, down to every
detail from our daily meals to what we would all do for fun.
Four couples, in all, including my wife Judith and I.

Henry and Sally had just inherited this wonderful sounding
remote cabin up north on a small private lake so when they
invited us, we all quickly accepted. Each of us were in our
mid to late forties and with all our children grown and gone,
it was a time in our lives when we all wanted to enjoy the good
life again.

Henry assigned each of us men tasks about what booze to bring
and other things we might need during our week long vacation.
And Sally worked with all of our wives to buy the food and
other necessities that we would need as a group. Judith
had been put in charge of the breakfast items which she quickly
began to buy a few days before we were all leaving.

Day 1

Judith and I had the car packed early that morning both very
excited about our upcoming week away from the city. But
first we checked our house to make sure everything was turned
off and locked up safely. We may have felt young at heart
but we were still middle aged, always careful and sensible
people. I remember we both had big smiles when we got in our
car and shared a quick kiss before we backed out of our driveway,
ready to get this fun week started.

I know my wife had been concerned about the possible lack
of privacy but then we all knew we would have to make exceptions.
Judith was forty six at the time and was going to go without
her very long hot showers each morning for the entire week.
But she would adjust where she needed to because we would
all have to adjust but it was only for one week.

So Judith and I swung over to Jack and Ruth's home to
pick them up. The plan was two couples to a car which meant
along with all our things as well as the items we each were
bringing up north, the cars were going to packed. But we
had known Jack and Ruth for nearly twenty years so being
a little closer then we were all use to was just another small
sacrifice to make.

And anyway we all better get use to tight quarters because
Judith and I were also going to be sharing a bedroom with
Jack and Ruth. Separate beds but same room. "Does
this mean we are going to be sleeping together?" Jack
asked as we all laughed and agreed it sounded that way. "Only
in his dreams, " Ruth said to her husband who sat in
the front seat with me while our wives sat in the backseat.

We got onto the freeway and found the first rest stop were
we planned on meeting up with Henry, Sally, Ron and Laura
so we could all travel together into the far north woods
to the cabin. And sure enough as I steered our car into the
rest stop, there they were waiting In Henrys car.

So all eight of us jumped out of the cars to stretch our legs
as well as say hi to our other friends who we were going to
be sharing this adventure with. We may have all be in our
mid to late forties but for a few moments, we felt and sounded
like a bunch of teenagers, all over again.

I remember looking at our wives all chatting like crazy
and thinking to myself, these are four pretty good looking
middle aged women I am going to spend an entire week with.
Of course they were no longer the slender young brides they
had once been but even with their wider hips and sagging
breasts , they still looked pretty dam good.

But we had a long drive in front of us so Henry quickly got
everyone back in their cars and off we went. And Ruth and
Judith went back to nonstop talking in the backseat of our
car while Jack and I took turns driving in one hour shifts.
I was also beginning to wonder if our wives were going to
run out of things to talk about before we even got to the cabin
but they never did.

And when we finally piled out of the cars and got our first
look at Henry and Sally's cabin, the reality finally
hit us. It would have been crowded for two couples but with
four is was going to busting at the seams. But it was at least
nice and clean so we all carried a few things in while we checked
the place out.

When my wife got her first look at the bedroom we were going
to be sharing with Jack and Ruth, she suddenly stopped talking
completely. It had two beds, just like Henry had told us
but that is about all it had, squished inside the tiny room.
In fact there was barely enough room to walk sideways between
the two bed so it was going to feel like all four of us were
sleeping in the same bed.

I remember Ruth walked in and saw the bedroom and took a deep
breath. "We are all just going to have to make this
work, " She said to me and Judith. We all quickly agreed
that we could make it work because we would be spending most
of our time outdoors down at the lake which was simply breathtaking.

So we all settle in, unpacked what we could unpack, relaxed
and lounged around the rest of the afternoon. Actually
we all decided to leave our suitcases in the trunks of the
cars and get our clean clothes each morning before we showered.
There was basically no room inside the cabin let alone the
tiny bedrooms.

But it was still a great afternoon and after dinner, the
eight of us sat around a fire and talked about our past and
what a great week we were all going to have together. Eight,
very close friends enjoying what seemed like the start
of a special adventure.

Day 2

I awoke early the next morning and was still on my side of
the bed because Judith and Ruth had insisted that Jack and
I sleep closest together and they would sleep on the outer
sides of both beds. So when I first opened my eyes and listened
if anybody else was even up, I noticed Ruth still now sleeping
a foot away from me. I had heard one of them get up in the middle
of the night to use the bathroom but apparently they switched
sides and Ruth was now sleeping close to me instead of Jack.

All of our wives had cut off their long hair years before
so when I watched Ruth sleeping so peacefully, her short
brown hair framed her face very well. It may have been weird
but I kind of liked watching Ruth sleeping so close to me.
It wasn't sexual since she had on a t shirt so nothing
was showing but it was kind of sexual only because it was
so personal. I had seen Ruth hundreds if not thousands of
times but never once had I watched her sleeping before.

And then she opened her eyes and saw me staring at her from
a foot away. It was a tingling kind of moment as we looked
into each other's eyes but didn't speak. I remember
Ruth lifted her hand and pushed her hair away from her face
before she smiled at me. She then raised her eyebrows as
her way of saying, this is the way it is going to be for the
next six days.

I just laid there smiling as Ruth slowly sat up on the bed
and brushed her hair back again. We couldn't speak
because we would have woken everyone else up. So Ruth then
shrugged her shoulders at me before she climbed out from
under the covers. Ruth was more slender than my Judith so
her t shirt covering her chest hid everything well although
I still saw her nipple points pushing at her shirt. And then
I saw Ruth's panties for a second as she climbed off
the bed and went to use the bathroom.

All eight of us had done the right thing and had gotten married
early in life, late teens or early twenties, so we all missed
out on the sexual revolution. I know for a fact Judith had
only been with me while I had experienced one other girl
before I met my wife. And I was pretty sure the other three
wives would have said the same thing.

So once Ruth was out of the bedroom, I snuck out too and went
to sit at the table after putting the coffee on. I was beginning
to hear some rustling in the other bedroom and knew everyone
was going to wake up fairly soon. So I waited at the table
when Ruth walked in still wearing the t shirt she slept in
and was still showing her nipple points on the front. It
made me tingle, even if it wasn't supposed to.

"Good morning" Ruth whispered to me as she stood
by the coffee maker and waited for it to finish. It appeared
Ruth didn't have on anything under her t skirt except
for her panties but at least her panties were covered by
her long shirt. I whispered back to her good morning too
and asked her how she slept. "Amazingly well, "
Ruth said smiling at me again.

"I know my hair looks a mess but it always does in the
morning, " Ruth said giggling a little bit. I told
her she looked just fine as she poured me a cup and herself
a cup. I pointed towards the door and Ruth nodded as we walked
out into the early morning sunrise and sipped our coffee
staring at the lake. "This makes me feel so alive, "
Ruth said to me and I agreed.

She smiled at me and reached over and patted the top of my
hand when she said it was just nice spending time here looking
at the lake with a long time friend. "Jack loves his
sleep, " Ruth said. I told her Judith loves her sleep
too. And then I added "They both better stay on their
own beds." Ruth immediately began to laugh although
she tried to cover her mouth so she didn't wake anybody
else up too soon.

Over the next hour or so everyone got up, one by one and no
one bothered to get dressed before they wandered into the
kitchen to get coffee. The men all had their bare chests
showing and the wives all had on whatever they slept in the
night before. It made no sense and try to cover yourself
up when all your long time friends were living in the same
small place for the next six days.

Judith drew a few looks from the guys because of the way she
filled out her night shirt with no bra on yet. I did watch
my wife closely to see if any of this bothered her but apparently
it didn't. We just all agreed that whatever everyone
else was going to see, they were going to see so there was
no use trying to hide ourselves.

One by one we all took our showers and got dressed in comfortable
clothes to enjoy another beautiful day by the lake. Judith
and I went for a long stroll around the lake shore and then
sunbathed a bit later near the water. And everybody else
did whatever they wanted to do as the day rolled along effortless.

We sat around the fire after dinner and drank and laughed
until one by one went to bed when we each got tired.

Day 3

I remember opening my eyes the next morning but instead
of looking across as Ruth, Jack was on his side sleeping
with his face towards me. It wasn't nearly as much fun
as waking up and looking at his wife, so I got out of bed quietly
and headed for the kitchen again to make the coffee. I was
pleasantly surprised when I found Sally and Ruth both already
at the table sipping coffee. And both women had on their
night shirts and panties as the three of us sat around and
began our day together.

"Henry joked yesterday and asked me why any of us were
even bothering to get dressed at all, " Sally said.
Ruth quickly glanced at me before she turned back to Sally
and softly said, "What is the alternative?"
Sally giggled and shook her head as if she didn't know.
Ruth then joked back and said she didn't understand
why her nipples were swollen ever since we all arrived.

Sally and I both laughed before I told Ruth I didn't
mind one bit."I bet you don't" Ruth said
smiled back at me. Even at our age, it was still fun to talk
sexy as long as it was done respectfully. We had only been
there a couple of days but it was already making us act like
different people than we were back at home.

After everyone had gotten up and eaten their breakfast
the wives all told us men to go outside because they needed
to talk alone. Ron asked me what our wives need to talk over
but I had no idea. So all four of us men walked down to the lake
front and soaked up the morning sun which was getting hotter
by the minute.

Ruth finally walked out and told us guys that they were still
talking about some things. So Ron spoke up and asked Ruth
what the wives were discussing. Ruth shocked us all when
she said our wives were talking about it gets so hot during
the day so maybe they might even go topless. "But if
we do, it would start the following morning." Ruth
said and rushed back inside the cabin.

Judith finally appeared red faced and got her clean clothes
from our trunk before she went back inside to shower and
clean up. It was easier for us men because all we did was grab
a bar of soap and a towel and went down the shoreline away
from the cabin to wash up in the lake. I wanted to ask my wife
what the girls had decided but never got the chance.

Day three was by far the most exciting and nerve wracking
for everyone. Later on, when we went for our walk, I asked
Judith the girls had decided but she wouldn't say.
"Would you really go topless in front of our friends?"
I asked her when we were on our walk. "Probably not
unless we all did, " My wife said smiling at me as we
held hands and strolled along.

Day 4

I woke up even earlier that morning and quickly looked over
and saw Ruth was still sleeping next to Jack. So as quietly
as I could, I climbed out of our bed and snuck into the kitchen
to put the coffee on since that was one of my apparent jobs
because I was the first one always up.

Sally got up next and wandered into the kitchen with her
night shirt still on along with her panties. Sally then
turned to me with a big grin on her face and said, "We
have you all guessing, don't we?" I admitted
to Sally that us men were all excited and all guessing about
what our wives had decided.

Ruth showed up seconds later and poured herself a cup of
coffee too. Ruth then turned to Sally and said "Should
we make him wait a little longer?" Sally giggled and
said they should make me wait a little longer. They sat at
the table on both sides of me and giggled a bit before they
both nodded their heads at the same time. They then put the
cups down and reached for the bottom of their t shirts.

Two, very normally respectable women were suddenly acting
like some of the wild girls we all knew growing up. "You
better not make any comments now or when we all get back home, "
Ruth told me before they lifted their shirts over their
heads and exposed their breasts right in front of me. Ruth's
breasts were very pointed while Sally's were more
round in their shape.

I sat there stunned as my eyes went back and forth between
Ruth's breasts and Sally's breasts. Both ladies
were smaller than my wife but they were still large enough
to look fantastic. "Are you in shock or what?"
Sally asked me. I fumbled my words at first but told them
they both looked fantastic. "So my Judith agreed
to this too?" I asked them. They both giggled and nodded
their head yes at the same time.

My dick was waking up quickly and it wasn't because
of the coffee. "I always wanted to try this back when
I was younger, " Sally said as she sipped her coffee
and smiled a lot with her bare breasts exposed in front of
me. I guess it was our last chance to enjoy the wilder, more
carefree side of life.

And then as each husband woke up and came in to get coffee,
they each had the same stunned look on their faces. All of
our wives were exposing their breasts as well as their panties.
Judith was the last to wake up or maybe she just stalled in
the bedroom before she finally appeared topless too. "Crap,
your making us all look bad, " Laura said to my wife
when they all saw her large slightly sagging breasts for
the first time. My wife's areolas were huge dark circles
around each of her nipples which were also swollen for everyone
to see.

Of course from then on, everyone laughed but the tension
was incredible and no one was rushing outside either. Eight
middle aged people now all topless standing around staring
at one another's bodies for the first time in any of
our lives. There was this incredible energy in the air as
we all didn't know quite how to handle it. I couldn't
help myself so I reached over one and touched my wife's
large soft breast but Judith pushed my hand away and blushed
before she told me to stop.

". Should we go the rest of the way?" Henry asked
us all as a group and caught everyone off guard. "You
mean completely nude?" I asked him. Henry just smiled
and nodded his head yes. The conversation quickly jumped
from "No way" and then moved onto " That
would be really crazy." The thought we all had but
didn't say out loud was that we had all missed out on
a wild times, so maybe this was our time.

All of us men were for it and all of our wives were still up
in the air. "Why don't we all just stand in a circle
and take our underwear off at the same time, " Henry
suggested to the group. Judith was tight to my side and was
squeezing my hand even tighter than before. My wife had
wide hips and her panties already were clinging to her crack.
But then so were Ruth's, Sally's and Laura's

"Does anybody here shave?" Sally asked us all.
One by one everyone of us shook our heads no. "At least
us girls would have something covering us a little bit, "
Ruth said to the group. I asked them what about us men. The
girls all laughed and said we weren't going to be able
to hide anything at all.

"So should we do this or not" Henry asked the
group again. The tension level rose even more as I held Judith's
hand for a second more before I let go in case we were all crazy
enough to get naked in front of each other. "Ok on the
count of three, " Ruth said as she counted, one, two
three, and we all froze up.

"Now wait a minute. Are we all really going to take
all our clothes off in front of each other?" Ron asked
the rest of us. Everyone began to chat back and forth with
a frantic sense about us. The chatter lasted about thirty
seconds before Henry said we were all good friends for most
of our lives so we sure as hell trusted each other enough
to give it a try.

"Ok one more time and this is going to be the last time"
Henry said. One, two, three. We had all been friends for
years and went to each other's parties as well as backyard
cook outs. And now suddenly we all just reached for our underwear
and began to slowly lower them. I couldn't help but
stare at each woman's hairy pussy while they also stared
at all of our semi hard or fully erect cocks.

All our wives blushed but they also stood there totally
naked in front of us men. Each woman had a different shape
but all the same parts in the same places. And the same can
be said for all of us men. Different shapes and sizes but
we all had a cock and a sack with our balls in it.

"Did you ever think the eight of us would have ever
done this" Jack said standing next to his sexy wife
naked. We all quickly agreed that this was a shock for sure
but then we all agreed it was kind of fun too. "So what
now?" Someone asked and we all decided just to try
and enjoy the day being nude in front of our best friends.

We all rushed down to the lake to wash up in front of each other
and then we all dried off once we were clean. Our wives then
all went back into the cabin and dried their hair, put on
their makeup and jewelry before one by one, they each came
back out all dolled up while their tits bounced up and down
with each step they took.

With everybody naked at lunch it was so crazy as we all stared
a lot and laughed nonstop. Being able to see all their breasts
and vaginas whenever I wanted to was like being in heaven.
And when we all got drunk enough later that night, every
couple including Judith and I fucked our spouses right
next to our friends who were also fucking each other.

Judith needed an orgasm real bad and didn't object
one bit when I began to lick her pussy while Jack and Ruth
watched us. Judith came first but I heard each of the other
wives also climax once their mumbling whimpers began.
And I enjoyed looking over and watching Jack fucking Ruth
a few feet from our bed too while I fucked my own wife.

Day 5

Ruth and I were once again up before anybody else and talked
about how crazy this vacation had turned out being. Sipping
coffee while I looked at her small but nicely shaped pointed
tits was also more fun than I had had in years. "Sorry
about last night but Jack and I needed that, " Ruth
said as she blushed, across the table from me. "You
watched Judith and I doing the same thing, " I told
her as we both began to laugh. "Well that was definitely
another first" Ruth said back to me.

One by one everyone else finally got up and wandered into
the kitchen still completely naked to get their morning
coffee. No one's dick was hard yet because we had been
taken care of by our wives the night before. Just a bunch
of friends in their forties living one hell of a crazy dream.

I had known these women for most of my life. And if you would
have told me I was going to see the three of them totally naked,
I would have told you there was not a chance. But other than
the fact none of us had clothes on, everybody still went
about their day like they always did.

I and Henry did some fishing down by the water while other's
sunbathed nearby. I remember one time I went back to the
cabin to use the bathroom and stopped to chat with Laura
and Sally who were making lunch for us. "Catch anything
yet?" Sally asked as I passed by them. I told them the
fish didn't seem to be biting. She just smiled as did
Laura with their breasts hanging on their chests and their
hairy vagina's right there for me to marvel at . Of course
they both also looked down at my dangling cock and balls
sack too.

We all had lunch at different times since it was just sandwiches
and potato salad which Ruth had made early in the morning.
Judith and I were the last to have lunch because everyone
else was already back outside. My wife's big tits looked
even better as I enjoyed my meal while I got to admire her
womanly form. "Did you ever think you would be naked
in front of them?" I asked my wife. Judith blushed
a little before she shook her head no but added that it was
kind of fun.

Judith and I still went on our afternoon walk and chatted
the same way we always did even though we were both still
naked. "You know I have overheard a few people talking
about the idea of doing more than being naked, " My
wife said to me softly. I asked her who, and she said Sally
and Henry, Ron and Laura.

"Do you think when we all go to bed later tonight, they
might switch?"I asked Judith since the four of them
were sharing the other bedroom just like we were sharing
our small bedroom with Jack and Ruth. Judith shrugged her
shoulders and told me she didn't know. "Would
you ever consider doing that?" I asked Judith next
while holding my breath.

Judith immediately said she felt that would be a lot more
serious than simply being naked in front of our friends.
We finally turned around and walked back to the cabin holding
hands like we always did. I truly didn't know how I would
feel if I heard Judith whimpering because of another man.
I loved my wife and had shared a lot of good years with her
so our relationship was much more than just a sexual relationship.

But there is also within each of us a natural curiosity about
other people when it comes to sex. And if we hadn't gone
on this vacation with our friends, I doubt those thoughts
would have entered my mind. But they were in my mind now and
in my wife's mind too.

So all spent the rest of the afternoon doing whatever we
wanted to do and the night around the fire, glancing at each
other a bit differently than before. Ruth and I were sharing
some serious eye contact as the night got later and later.
It seemed like all eight of us made sure we had enough to drink
before it was finally time for bed.

You could have heard a pin drop once all eight of us were in
our beds. It was completely opposite of the night before
when the whimpers and moans started up before our heads
hit our pillows. Judith was laying next to me holding my
hand as we just laid there waiting and listening. About
five minute passed before Henry called out from their bedroom
to all of us. "Ok we all know what each other is thinking.
If we do this then we all promise to never talk about it ever
again. Does everyone agree?" Henry said loud enough
for all us to hear him.

I heard Ron say yes, Sally say yes, Jack said yes and then
Ruth, Laura, Judith and I also said yes. Then there was once
again total silence in the small cabin for another minute.
I laid there shaking, still holding my wife's hand
when we all hear movement coming from the other bedroom
before we heard Henry finally say "Hi, " and
we all heard Laura say, "Hi, " back to him. The
four of them had apparently switched partners and beds.

I then leaned over towards Jack and asked him softly if he
wanted to switch beds with me. Judith squeezed my hand one
last time before I sat up and Jack sat up and we carefully
passed by each other so we could climb in each other's
bed with each other's wife.

Five minutes later the small cabin was back to being filled
with whimpers, moans and the sounds of people becoming
very aroused. The hall light between the two bedrooms was
left on in case anyone needed to use the bathroom during
the night. So it also cast a dim glow in each of the bedrooms

I remember suddenly laying next to Ruth as we moved closer
to one another before we shared our first tender kiss. And
in less than a minute I felt her small pointed breasts crushing
up against my chest. Ruth whimpered but then Judith was
also whimpering which only made me more excited. Holding
Ruth's naked warm body in my arms was simply amazing.

The more Ruth and I kissed the heated our kisses got. And
the more we kissed the more my cock stiffened until it was
rubbing against her hairy vagina. "Can I taste you?"
I whispered to Ruth after she was heated up and struggling
to breath. She didn't answer me so I slid down the bed
we were sharing and pushed my face in-between her slender
long legs. Ruth scent was slightly different but her taste
was the same as my wife's. My tongue slowly moved forward
until I felt Ruth's outer vaginal lips. Ruth was slippery
for sure as I moved my tongue some more and felt her jerk her
body just a little bit.

So I started at the bottom of her crack and slowly moved my
tongue up each of her wet lips before I pushed it into her
pussy and caused Ruth to jerk again. I then continued up
until my tongue reached her love button and that is when
Ruth really began to jerk. The muscles in her legs tensed
up as my tongue went to work on Ruth and her whimpers got a
lot more intense.

"Oh please don't stop, " Judith kept telling
Jack as I glanced over and saw he was licking my wife's
pussy at the same time. Ruth got every excited, very quickly
as I held her hips in place and worked on her outer lips and
clit until she finally popped. It felt to me like Ruth had
a very strong orgasm but then I had never made her climax
before so I couldn't be sure.

Ruth then regained some control and began to stroke my hard
cock with her hand as I began to gasp. I remember I reached
down with my hands and gently touched the back of Ruth's
head once she took my throbbing cock into her warm mouth.
I never bothered to see if Judith sucked Jack's cock
but I am pretty sure she did.

Ruth and I fit together perfectly and within seconds I was
on top of her trembling body moving my hard cock in and out
of her wet, tight pussy for the first time. To say Ruth was
having an intense experience would have been an understatement.
But I fucked her slowly and she fucked me back as we began
to develop our own rhythm fairly quickly. And by then all
four couples were experiencing intercourse and none of
them were with their spouses.

Even though Ruth had all of my focus and my attention, I did
glance over to the other bed once and saw Jack on top of Judith
fucking her at the same time. The only difference was Jack
had a hold of my wife's big tits while his dick worked
it's magic inside of her pussy.

"Ok baby, let's have some fun, " Ruth said
after a quick kiss so I picked up the pace and Ruth responded
with louder moans. Within a minute or two more, Ruth and
I were banging our crotches together as hard as we could.
And when she felt my cock stiffen even more, Ruth whispered
out, "Oh yes, oh yes." When I exploded inside
of Ruth's pussy, it was a flood of pleasure that I had
not felt in years. It felt like I was never going to stop cumming
but eventually I did.

Ruth and I kissed a few more times and held on to each other
as we watched our spouses still going at it on the bed a few
inches from us. Judith's big tits were flying all over
the place while Jack was giving her all the meat she could
handle. I will admit it was strange to watch Judith being
fucked but it was sort of neat to see how she responded to
another man and how Jack responded to her.

"Ok I think they are finished, too , " Ruth said
as she climbed off the bed with her pussy dripping cum and
rushed into the bathroom to clean herself up. She came back
a minute later and climbed back into the bed with me with
what appeared to be a big smile on her face. And after Judith
had cleaned herself up she climbed back into bed with Jack.

I laid there for a moment and figured out that was where we
were all going to spend the rest of our night, in bed with
someone else's spouse. None of us were kids any longer
and there was no way my cock was going to get hard again anytime
soon, although I wished it had.

So Ruth and I laid facing one another and occasionally kissing
as we started to come off the high we had just both been on.
And I played with her little pointed tits once in a while
as Ruth giggled softly next to me. It took all eight of us
at least another hour before we were able to fall asleep
and then the cabin was finally quiet again.

I don't know what time it was but at one point much later,
I woke up again, holding Ruth in my arms with her tits crushed
up against my chest. And shit, I also realized my cock was
hard again rubbing against her hairy crack. I couldn't
just wake up a long time friend's wife and ask her if
she wanted to fuck me again.

Ruth was still fast asleep and at one point rolled over onto
her other side so I moved tight behind her and reached over
her body and held one of her soft breasts with my hand. I still
thought Ruth was fast sleep but apparently she wasn't
because she wiggled her ass towards me and my hard dick slipped
between her legs again. I felt her warmth and her juices
slowly coating my hard cock as he slid back and forth against
her outer lips.

So I laid there tight against her and massaged her breasts
with my one hand as Ruth began to whimper again, very softly.
It took another five minutes before Ruth rolled over onto
her back and lifted her head to kiss me again. We both sensed
our spouses were fast asleep but Ruth and I weren't.

So I reached down under the sheets, touched her wet pussy
for a few minutes before I quietly climbed back on top of
her. Ruth was actually hairier than Judith which was also
different for me but in a good way. And her body was more slender
as I straddled her smaller frame.

Someone had shut off the hall light so our tiny bedroom was
pitch black but Ruth and I still came together as my throbbing
cock worked its way back into her tight wet vagina for the
second time. We occasionally kissed and moved very slowly
and very quietly while our spouses slept a few feet from
us. My cock felt so big inside of Ruth as we ground at each
other as the tension continued to increase.

Ruth was gasping a little louder but apparently not loud
enough to wake up Jack or Judith who remained fast asleep
next to us. It became a very intense experience that Ruth
and I were sharing for the second time. Her pussy was tight
enough to create a lot of friction between us as my cock finally
began to swell even more. My arms trembled right before
my release as Ruth laid under me being flooded by another
gusher of my sperm.

Day 6

I felt like my eyes had just closed again for a minute when
it was probably an hour or so, before the sunlight began
pouring back into the cabin windows. Of course I had to wash
my cock which was stuck with hard crusty cum and Ruth's
pussy juices. But I then went down and made the coffee like
I had done every other morning.

Sally and Ron joined me ten minutes later and both had a big
fat smile on their faces too. Apparently everyone was in
a very good mood but then we all knew why. A half hour later
Ruth joined the group before Laura and Henry wandered out

Laura pulled up a chair with her shapely breasts hanging
like fruit baskets on her chest and smiled at all of us. .
She then turned to me and said, " I think Jack and your
wife will need a little more time together." We all
laughed because we all knew that Jack was fucking my wife

Jack finally appeared first and my wife followed him after
spending five minutes in the bathroom cleaning her pussy
again. "So how do we top that one?" Henry said
laughing as he drank his coffee. Of course we all laughed
but we also knew we only one day left.

Someone said, "How about anybody from now on until
we all leave tomorrow?" Everyone quickly agreed
as long as both people were interested. I had always had
sort of thing for Laura but I didn't know if she felt
the same way about me. But at least I had one more afternoon
and evening to figure it out. And I had no clue who my wife
might be interested in, if anybody at all. She had already
been fucked by Jack, so I wondered if Henry or Ron might be
looking good to her.

But we were all at the age where none of us were superman or
superwoman any longer so this was going to take all of us
some time to recover. There was some definite flirting
by the lake when we all washed up but then things went back
to normal for most of the morning and part of the afternoon.
Our pretty wives then did up their hair and makeup before
the day began to roll along peacefully.

And our last night around the fire finally arrived, as we
all sat together enjoyed some beverages which always seemed
to help us all feel bolder than we normally were.. I also
waited to see what if anything Judith had in mind while I
kept glancing at Laura every once in a while.

It was getting later and later and no one was making a move.
So Sally decided to break the ice and got up and walked over
to Jack's chair and sat down on his lap. We all watched
as the two of them kissed in front of us. The other three wives
quickly looked at one another before they all got up too.
Judith went and sat on Henry's lap which surprised
me because Henry was this short, balding man with a pot belly.
But apparently my wife thought he was also sexy. Laura and
I did end up together and the last night we all spent at the
cabin was by far the most memorable.

Day 7.

It was strangely sad the last morning when we all got dressed
and went back to being the normal friends we had always been.
We all helped loading the two cars, cleaning up the cabin
before we headed back home to our real lives with a whole
lot of crazy memories. But right before we left all eight
of us agreed this should be a annual summer trip we take as
friends until we get too old .

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you'll never be to old for fun.


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good story with lots of fun and the start of a yearly event


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I love all your stories. This one is another masterpiece.


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Great story. Thanks!!

Signed with a hug
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I have often fantasized about this with some very good friends. Unfortunately, it has never happened.


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Simply, very fun and wonderfully written.


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The start of a great yearly event!


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As usual very well written


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You stopped too soon, you should have said about Laura....


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You stopped way too soon ..

You didn't say any thing about if the wife's played with each other ..

You didn't say any thing the men sucking each other's cocks .....

you say that much about Laura.


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That was awesome. I need more friends!