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22 years passed by before we tried it for a second time.


My wife and I tried swinging one time with another couple.
But came away disappointed mainly because we felt like
two couples on separate beds in the same room was way too
much of a distraction. I was with the other man's wife
who I don't even remember her name while my wife was
with Mike the woman's husband.

It was the first time for Jodi and I and Mike and his wife claimed
it was there first time too. We met in the hotel lounge and
spent about thirty minutes or so talking as if we were just
two couples meeting as friends. I remember the lounge was
fairly packed and I was sure no one else there knew what the
four of us were planning to do.

The woman whose name I don't recall was a pleasant and
a nice looking woman although a bit quiet and didn't
really talk much. But she smiled the entire time the four
of us chatted and seemed comfortable with proceeding with
our plan. If you have never done something like that, I can
assure it is a really big deal for everyone involved.

We were all happily married in our mid thirties and on the
surface didn't appear to be swingers. I guess because
none of us were real swingers. We were just two ordinary
couples who decided to swap spouses, one time for an hour
or so and experience the most intimate connection any two
people can make.

After about forty minutes everyone agreed to go up to the
room and that is when I remember feeling the tension really
hit me. Jodi kept glancing at me as she rode in the elevator
next to Mike and I then realized what she might end up doing
with him.

The truth be told, we were all very nervous and kept looking
at each other constantly as if we were waiting for someone
to stop what we were going to try and do. Jodi and I had been
married for nine years by then. Mike told us in the lounge
that he and his wife had been married for almost fourteen.

If you look at the years both couples had been married you
can then figure out that my wife and I had made love hundreds
of times and had gotten to know each other and each other's
bodies in every way possible. And to be fair to Mike and his
wife, they probably knew each other even better than us.

So with all that history and all those experiences we were
about to trade spouses and sample each others' spouse
for no reason other than it would be different and sounded
fun. Lust can have a deep hold on people including the four
of us on that fateful night.

We all walked into the room and switched spouses without
talking any more about it. It seemed like that is what we
all agreed to try and just got started. The beginning was
very exciting as the woman and I began to kiss and remained
in our embrace for several minutes. Her lips were warm and
her willingness shined through. She slowly undressed
me while I slowly began to undress her.

My shaft was raging hard in no time and once she was down to
her panties, I couldn't keep my hands off of her flesh.
Her breasts were small but very soft and the more I touched
her, the more I wanted her. There seemed to be a disconnect
between what our desires were at a moment like that and where
are hearts were at.

But once all four of us ended up on the two beds things got
more heated and more noisy in the room. There was constantly
moaning which caused everyone to stop too often. It was
hard to focus on the woman I was with even though I was very
aroused and wanted her. Or the women I was with would stop
and look over at the other bed whenever my wife made whimpering

I can't say there was any jealousy issues for either
couple but all the noise four adults make when they are preparing
to mate are more distracting than we expected. And neither
couple was on the same page at the same time so there wasn't
much harmony in the room. Mike and my wife were ahead of us
from the start and were already on their bed before we were

Either the lady I was with, would get nervous and slow me
down or Jodi was more into it. I wasn't sure which was
worse. At one point after about ten minutes of trying to
make this work, our wives stopped Mike and I and said we needed
to talk.

And when we all did stop and looked at our spouses on the other
bed with someone else, it sort of hit us that maybe this was
not going to work after all. My wife's big tits looked
great hanging on her chest as she sucked for air while staring
at me from the other bed. And a little part of me was glad she
still had her panties on because the woman I was with still
had hers on too. Of course Mike and I were completely nude
and both sporting erections.

"Maybe this is far enough for our first try, "
Jodi said to me smiling as if she was secretly praying I would
agree with her. "Do you want to stop too?"Mike
asked his pretty wife who was sitting next to me on our bed.
So I suggested that maybe we could just continue the way
we were for a few more minutes and promised our wives they
could keep their panties on the whole time.

"Well that sounds fair but only for a little while
longer, " the woman I was with said and my wife nodded
her head that was ok with her too. So I laid the woman I was
with back down on her back and softly used my hands to gently
massage her soft breasts while our eyes looked at each other.
"Does it feel good?" I asked her as she offered
me a smile before she nodded her head yes. We seemed to enjoy
kissing each other while I fondled her breasts.

I discovered how much I truly enjoyed holding another woman's
breasts for the first time in many years although I had no
bones about my wife's chest and how much I enjoyed them
too. And from time to time we would hear my wife whimpering
next to Mike on the other bed. But it wasn't as disruptive
as before because I knew her panties were going to remain

The woman I was with seemed to be warming up a little more
because a few times she also reached out and softly stroked
my hard cock while I played with her body. "This is
very intense, " I whispered to her as she giggled
and nodded her head in agreement. But when I let my hand fall
over her flat tummy and it reached her panties, she tensed
up and shook her head no.

I felt like I was a millimeter away from exploding at that
point. Her flesh was warm and moist and I could see what an
incredible and sexy woman she truly was. Being so close
to having her and knowing it was not going to happen, was
pure torture for me. But we continued to kiss each other
and fondle each other's bodies for a while longer anyway.
And from time to time I was glance over at Jodi and Mike and
saw they were pretty much doing the same things we were doing
although my wife was noisier than the woman I was with.

The four of us eventually switched back to our own spouses
and then it took a total of maybe five minutes top before
we were all fucking, all moaning before Mike and I climaxed.
I know Jodi did not climax which she always does when we make
love at home. But I was so aroused I simply couldn't
wait and jumped her as soon as she got on the same bed with

My wife and I left the hotel room with some very mixed feelings
about the experience. We both agreed parts of it were fun
and we also agreed that there were way too many distractions
having all four people in the same room. "Would you
have gone farther with Mike you had been alone with him?"I
asked her on our way home.

"I don't know, " she said first. And then
a few second later my wife added "I don't think
so because I didn't really know him, " she said
to me as she offered me one of her famous smiles. I apologized
to my wife for getting on top of her so quickly and told her
I would make it up to her when we got home. Jodi instantly
replied, "That sounds great. I am more than ready."

At the time I was so thrilled that we had tried it even if it
didn't work out the way I hoped it would. I realized
how much it really got to my wife when I got her alone on our
bed. Jody was a quivering mass of womanly pleasure as she
climaxed quickly and often over the first thirty minutes.
And when my sexy wife's explodes it is a marvelous thing
to be part of and watch her body go through the convulsions
she has to endure.

For months after our first experience my wife and I were
on fire. And one night in particular I was pumping my cock
in and out of my sexy wife when I asked her if she would ever
consider trying it again. Jodi had cum twice a few minutes
earlier and that is when she seemed to be the most daring
and the most adventurous.

With her inner muscles gripping my cock like it was in a vise,
I pounded down again and forced my entire shaft to remain
in her without moving it. Jodi's eyes were huge and
I could see the fire she was feeling as she said, "
Maybe with someone I knew." I pulled my cock back and
slammed it back into her before I asked her, " You
mean a friend or someone like that?"

"I don't know. Maybe, " She said as her
mouth remained open and was now ready for me to finish fucking
her hard like she obviously needed. Her comment had taken
me by surprise as my shaft went to work on my wife like I was
running off the cliff and no longer cared. I squeezed the
last few drops out before I fell on her chest, sucking for

And that is how this story actually begins because from
then on Jodi and I talked almost daily about the idea of her
fucking one of our male friends. I don't know why I even
considered letting a man I know experience my wife but I
it sounded so exciting I just wanted to give it a try one time.
It was turning me on even if it shouldn't have been.

We had several possibilities to consider who were all good
friends as well as divorced. The day that Jodi finally told
me she had decided on Randy, it sort of hit home and no longer
felt like just a sexy, crazy fun idea. And Jodi insisted
I speak with Randy because she would be too embarrassed
to ask him herself.

Jodi and I ran into Randy weekly if not more often depending
on how nights we went out for a couple of beers at a local neighborhood
pub a few blocks from our house. He was a nice guy, friendly,
outgoing and trustworthy. I had liked Randy from the start
but now the idea of knowing he might actually fuck my wife
sort of changed my view of him a little.

But Jodi insisted it had to be Randy or she wouldn't
do it. So one night while we were out at the pub, I pulled him
outside and asked him. And there is no easy way to ask a friend
something like that so I just asked him straight up if he
was interested. "This is a joke right?" Randy
said first backing up a few steps. I explained to him it was
no joke and then briefly told him about our one night Jodi
and I came close with another couple.

"This is really not a joke?" Randy asked again
still doubting what I had been telling him. When I shook
my head no, Randy thought for a few moments and then asked
me, " And Jodi is ok with this and are you sure you would
be too?" I told Randy to wait outside and I would go
get my wife so he could talk to her next.

My heart was racing when I walked back in the pub and approached
my sexy wife still sitting on her bar stool. "Did you
ask him?" She nervously whispered to me as soon as
I reached her. "Yes I asked him. You need to go talk
to him next, " I said to my wife as she looked at me apparently
surprised before she got off her bar stool.

I ordered another beer for myself and sat there shaking
but not enough for any of our other friends to notice. Randy
and my wife were gone for the longest ten minutes of my life
before they walked back in both with big smiles on their
faces. My wife walked up to me while Randy went back to a group
of single male friends who were sharing a pitcher of beer
across the bar.

"What did he say?"I asked Jodi as soon as she
sat down. "Next Saturday afternoon at two at our house, "
my wife softly said. I took a drink and asked her if she kissed
him outside. Jodi wrinkled her eye brows as if my question
insulted her in some way. The fact was she was going to fuck
the man on Saturday, so why should an innocent question
like that insult her.

But she quickly recovered and apologized to me as she leaned
over and kissed me on my cheek. "I'm sorry honey.
This has me sort of mixed up. Yes we kissed once but it was
a very short kiss, " Jodi said in my ear. It was as if
every emotion and every fiber of my being was now tangled
in knots and I didn't know which way to turn. My dick
was hardening while my mind spun.

My wife insisted she couldn't do it if I was in the house
while Randy was over. And I sort of thought that would be
her stand because when we were with Mike and his wife, Jodi
had explained that she could never have done it unless she
and Mike were alone.

Jodi was the kind of woman with the kind of body most men would
die for. She was a little over five foot three, with big soft
melons on her chest. Her tummy was flat and her hips formed
a perfect oval which made her look beyond sexual. And even
though my wife kept herself trimmed between her legs, Jodi
had a very hairy pussy which formed a perfect V shape. And
now Randy was not only to see all of her, but he was also going
to touch her body before they made love.

I waited nervously at the bottom of our steps for my wife
to appear shortly before two o'clock when I knew Randy
would be coming over to see her. And Jodi and I both agreed
beforehand that she should wear something very sexy right
from the start so both of them could accept why they were

But when my wife appeared at the top of our stairs wearing
only a lacy low cut bra and panties, my heart literally skipped
a few beats. I had seen her many, many times wearing that
kind of lingerie but she had never looked as sexy as she did
that that moment. "What do you think?"Jodi
asked from the top of the stairs.

"You look stunning. Simply stunning, " I told
my wife while finding it hard to even breathe. As she slowly
walked down the stairs, I saw how her panties were already
clinging to her crack and knew she was both nervous as well
as excited. Randy had been a good friend of ours for over
five years and was now going to also see Jodi's sexual
side too.

My wife reached the bottom of the stairs and walked into
my arms as we kissed tenderly for a few more minutes. After
our torrid embrace I told Jodi that Randy was going to die
when he saw her wearing that particular bra and panties.
I handed her the questionnaire which she agreed to fill
out after he left. She promised to leave it for me on our kitchen
table while she waited for me to join her in our bedroom.

"Ok I promise to answer every question honestly, "
My wife said and took the envelope and put it away for now.
I asked her if she was nervous and my wife said she was shaking
so badly, she no longer was sure this was a good idea. We had
one remaining verbal tug of war where she asked me if I wanted
her to call it off and I asked her if she wanted to call it off.
In the end I kissed my wife one last time and walked out our
front door which she locked as soon as it was closed.

I was so nervous and strangely excited I just drove around
until two thirty wondering if Randy had showed up at all
and if he did, what the two of them were doing at that very
moment. Jodi and I lived in an older neighborhood in an older
house where our bedroom window faced the street. The dormer
allowed for two windows to be exact which Jodi and I left
open most of the summer to cool our room from the breezes.

And even though I promised my wife I would not drive by our
house, I turned onto our street and headed towards it anyway.
It was on the far end and it didn't take me long to spot
Randy's car parked there on the street in front of our
house. I began to tremble when I realized this was really
happening and that Randy and Jodi were inside doing something

My car passed quickly as I turned the corner and pulled over
trying to gather myself so I could still drive safely. "My
God, it's really happening, " I said to myself
as I sat gripping my steering wheel. Was Randy now in my bedroom
with my wife? Was she still wearing her bra and panties or
was she naked for him by now? It had been thirty minutes so
I knew they were probably upstairs doing something.

I imagined how Jodi looked naked on our bed and how soft she
was to touch. Her big tits heaved a lot when she got excited
and I wondered if Randy was massaging them like I did all
the time. Then I imagined her legs spread for him and how
he was feeling how incredibly juicy she got after she became
excited. It was simply too much for me to deal with as I drove
past our house one more time and noticed our bedroom curtains
were also closed.

I returned at four, just like my wife and I had agreed I would.
I walked in and found our house quiet. I then I walked into
our kitchen and found the questionnaire waiting for me.
"I'm back, " I called out to my wife. "Good.
I'm in our bedroom so come up when you are ready, "
Jodi yelled back.

I sat down at our table and opened up the questionnaire,
not sure what I was going to read. Since we had agreed if she
filled out the survey at all, it would mean she had Randy
had screwed each other, so there was no need to include that

1. When I left you at two, you had on a sexy bra and panties.
Did you change your mind and put some clothes back on?

My wife's response. I thought about it for a little
while. But then I decided I would greet Randy the way you
last saw me except I put on my silk robe but left it open for

2. Where were you at when Randy rang our door bell?

My wife's response. I was standing in our kitchen.

3. What was Randy' expression when he first saw you?

My wife's response. His eyes bulged out a lot. He was
smiling and told me right away how great I looked. He also
told me he was nervous but happy that we invited him.

4. What did the two of you do next?

My wife's response. We stood in our foyer and kissed
right away. And then he began to touch my bra as we kissed
even harder and things sort of got heated up really fast
after that. So we kissed and touched for another five minutes
in our foyer.

I sat there reading this so far and realized just a few feet
from where our kitchen table is, a good friend of ours and
my wife were actually making out a couple of hours before.

5. Where did you go next?

My wife's response. We went upstairs to our bedroom.
We stopped at the top of the stairs and kissed some more.
That is where he slipped his hand under my panties and touched
me too.

6. I sensed before I left you were excited. Did you remain
that excited, get too nervous or get more excited after
he arrived.

My wife's response. I got more excited.

7. What did you do first when you both got in our bedroom?

My wife's response. Randy and I continued kissing
and touching while we stood by the side of our bed. Maybe
five minutes or more before he took off my robe so I then took
off his shirt.

8. Were neither of you, either of you or both of you naked
when you got onto our bed?

My wife's response. We just stood by our bed for a long
time and kissed while we undressed each other. He unhooked
my bra and I unzipped his pants. We were both very nervous
but also very excited when he knelt down and pulled my panties
off. He then took off his own underwear before we climbed
onto our bed at the same time. We were both naked when we got
on the bed.

9. Did Randy say anything when he saw you naked?

My wife's response. He said a lot of times what a great
a body I had. He touched me very tenderly and all over as I
laid on my back and felt his fingers. He didn't hurt
me or rush me but just played with my body for a long time until
he thought I was ready.

10. How big was Randy?

My wife's response. Pretty big. I guess eight or nine

11. Who performed oral sex first?

My wife's response. We kissed a bunch

more times and touched each other a lot. But he finally pulled
my legs apart and crawled down between them and began to
lick me first. He commented on how much he liked my hair and
a few times told me how juicy I was getting. 12. Did you climax when he ate you and if yes how long did it
take and how many times did you cum and how hard?

My wife's response. Yes I climaxed and it took a few
minutes and was very powerful. The second one took a little
longer but was just as intense. It was kind of embarrassing
for him to see that happens to me but I couldn't help
it. 13. Did you suck his cock and did he cum in your mouth either
by accident or on purpose?

My wife's response. Yes I sucked on him but only a couple
of minutes. Randy said he didn't want to cum yet.

14. What position were you in when he penetrated you?

My wife's response. I was on my back.

15. Did you change positions and if yes what positions did
the two of you try? My wife's response. Yes but only once. I got on top of
him for a while but then he got back on top of me before he came.

16. Did you do screw each other more than once?

My wife's response. Yes, Randy got hard again after
we laid on our bed and chatted and teased each other's
bodies for twenty minutes . So he asked me if I wanted to do
it again and I told him I did.

17. Did you get as excited when he was fucking you as you do
when I fuck you? My wife's response. Yes because it's very intense
for me and I couldn't hold myself back.

18. How would you describe the experience between the two
of you. Did it feel you and Randy were making love, or did
it feel like just a fuck or did it feel like something in-between?

My wife's response. Just a fuck.

I put the questionnaire in our desk drawer and walked up
our stairs feeling good in some ways and unsettle at the
same time. My wife was lying on our bed with her silk robe
on as she smiled at me the moment she saw me walk in. "Hi, "
She said first as I walked up to her without saying anything
in response and immediately untied her robe.

Jodi sensed something and quickly slid down so she laid
flat on our bed. I opened her robe and looked down at her incredible
body and saw it very differently than had all those times
before. "You look amazing, " I told her as she
smiled and thanked me for the compliment. "Did Randy
look as amazed when he looked at you, as I look right now?
I asked her. Jodi took a deep breath and told Randy told her
over and over what an amazing women she was.

I let my hands gently fall on to my wife's big soft tits
and squeezed them a little as she whimpered her response.
I was so aroused and so excited even though I knew a friend
of ours had actually fucked my Jodi, twice earlier in the
afternoon on the very same bed.

My wife's breathing picked up as my palms of my hands
worked on her tits before the slid over her tummy and stopped
just above her hairy crack. "How did it feel when Randy
touched you?" I asked Jodi. "Really good"
She said softly before I pulled her legs apart and saw her
stretched, dripping pussy for the first time.

"Did he fuck you hard?"I asked her as my finger
tips began to feel the slippery brew they had made together.
By then Jodi was getting very aroused all over again and
had trouble breathing let alone talking. But she managed
to tell me Randy was very gentle with her at first and then
fucked her very hard at the end of both times they did it.

I ripped my clothes off and had my wife lean to one side so
she could suck my cock while I stood near the edge of our bed.
Her hungry mouth felt fantastic and I watched as she sucked
as if her life depending on knowing she had probably sucked
our friend the same way. It took but seconds before I was
on our bed, between her legs, forcing my cock inside of her

"Oh yes, " Jodi said as soon as she felt me inside
of her. She may have been fucked twice already but she was
ready for more. Her big tits shook as I pounded her and knew
Randy had caused the same thing to happen when he pounded
her. And she got very excited like I knew she always did right
before I began to release my seeds in her like a gusher was
going off.

Jodi and I walked to our favorite neighborhood pub the following
Friday night both realized Randy would probably also be
there. And sure enough the moment we walked in Randy spotted
us and waved as we headed to the bar to our favorite bar stools
on the other end. None of our other friends knew Randy had
fucked Jodi the week before as we all partied like we normally
did to kick off the weekend in style.

Randy stopped by one and said hi to my wife and I. He was very
discreet and didn't mention a word about last weekend's
get together at our house. Jodi admitted after he walked
back to play pool with his buddies, that it was a little embarrassing
to see him again. "Do you want to leave?"I asked
her. She shook her head no so we stayed until around midnight
which was I usually time to go home and fuck.

It was an experience I remembered for many years afterwards
and I saved the questionnaire Jodi had filled out too. Every
once in a while when I take it out and read her answers again,
I always got aroused quickly. My wife and I spent the next
twenty years happily married and busy raising our two children.
And when our youngest finally went off to college, I began
to think about the afternoon twenty two years earlier to
be exact.

Jodi was in the kitchen making us lunch one Saturday when
I got her old questionnaire and brought in to show her. We
had not discussed her afternoon with Randy in decades and
it was almost as if it never happened. And my wife was no longer
a trim, fit twenty eight year old hottie. But Jodi had grown
into a very attractive fifty year old looking woman. Her
breasts may have sagged a little and her hips had widened
after giving birth to our two children, but she was still
a handful in the bedroom.

I walked up behind my wife and placed the old envelope next
to her on the counter without saying a word. My wife turned
the burner down on the stove and picked it up without a clue
to what it was. Her back was to me as she stood silently reading
it again. It was in her hand writing and I am sure it brought
back all sorts of memories about that crazy afternoon a
long time ago.

When my wife turned she was smiling when she said, "
I can 't believe you saved this all these years."
Jodi had always had great eyes and a wonderful smile as she
held the papers and just stared at me for the longest time.
We were speaking volumes to one another and neither of us
said a word. It was all happening in our eyes.

Finally Jodi took a deep breath and softly said, "Aren't
we a little old for this sort of thing?" I smiled and
told my wife, "It might still be fun." Jodi blushed
whenever we talk about sex and said she had no idea where
Randy even lived anymore."He moved away years ago."
I told her we could just pick someone else and invite him
over for an afternoon if she was still interested it trying
it again.

My wife and I still took our summer strolls and still ended
up at our neighborhood pub for a beer or two on warm summer
evenings. She never said she was actually considering
it but my wife was a bit more aroused at night ever since I
brought it up.

It was about a month after I showed her the old questionnaire
she had filled out for me twenty years ago, when Jodi leaned
over to me in the bar and whispered, "How about Russell?"
Russell was a man we had met a few years earlier when he moved
nearby after his divorce. He was a stocky man and also bald
but had always treated my wife and I great and to be honest,
Russell was a fun person to be around.

If my wife thought it might be fun to be fucked by Russell
then I was all for it. So I asked Jodi if she wanted to invite
him. "Oh I don't know. It would be insane, "
she said clearly rattled and starting to blush. She didn't
have to actually tell me yes because I knew the woman so well
and knew she wanted me to or she would never have mentioned
his name while referring to a special afternoon adventure.

A week later I was back standing at the bottom of our stairs
when my wife appeared wearing a see thru teddy and matching
panties at the top of the stairs. "Of course you look
great as always, " I said to her as Jodi made her way
down the stairs although this time it took her longer and
she held on to the railing but she still made it down safely.

Her huge tits were clearly visible under her teddy and I
told Jodi how much I just knew Russell was going to love seeing
them for the first time. I handed my wife her new questionnaire
before I kissed her and left. Instead of driving around
and being so worked up, I just walked back down to the pub
to kill the two hours they would have alone before walked

A couple of the regulars asked me where Jodi was and I told
them she was busy at home taking care of a project she had
been putting off for years. The two hours passed quicker
the second time than they did the first. When I finally walked
into our house and called to Jodi that I was back, she called
out that she was waiting in our bedroom, just like she did
the first time.

I walked to our kitchen and took out her questionnaire to
read it for the second time in my life. It was pretty much
the same as the first as she explained Russell was thrilled
when she opened our front door and let him in. They also kissed
immediately in our foyer for some time before she took him
upstairs to our bedroom.

The only real differences with Russell than she experienced
with Randy were that she climaxed only once with Russell
and they had sex only once but it sounded like it was one terrific
fuck for sure. I finally joined my wife and found her laying
on our bed totally naked and ready for my inspection. Her
tits felt just as soft although she did have a few marks on
the right one. And her pussy was just as full when I fingered
her a little bit and she began to leak but not as quickly as
she did the first time.

Jodi and I made love that afternoon with a warm breeze blowing
in our bedroom windows. And quite honestly even though
we were a lot older, it felt like we were kids all over again..
I feel like doing this again has taken years off of both of
us and what it has done to our sex drive in simply impossible
to put into words.

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awesome that is such a hot story, are you going to wait another
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jodi is a lucky woman and you are a lucky man. sweet, sweet
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Very well written and enjoyable. Write more.


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great story of wants and desires spread out over twenty
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