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206 Red


The day wasn't even half over and Ty was exhausted.
He'd already, swept out the laundry room, unstopped
a bathroom sink in 204, fixed a garbage disposal in 402,
and replaced a dead light bulb in the lobby. Managing a 35
unit apartment building in North Seattle wasn't the
kind of career that his four years in the Navy prepared him
for, but at least he was working.

With the last task on his morning to-do list complete, he
was more than ready to grab some lunch. He tossed the dead
bulbs in the trash can and returned the step ladder to the
basement utility closet across from his apartment.

He was thinking about taking a quick nap to recharge his
batteries when a shrill shout from the other end of the hall
scrambled his thoughts.


Ty turned around to see a short, doughy white guy with short
brown hair and a neatly trimmed goatee walking toward him.
He didn't recognize him but just assumed it was a tenant
he hadn't met yet.

"Just putting some stuff away. My name is Ty Stokes;
I'm the new apartment manager, " he said and
extended a hand.

The stranger looked a little flustered and hesitated before
returning a limp, tentative handshake.

"You're the new manager, " he replied

His voice was a little on the high side, more like a woman
or teenage boy than a man. Ty assumed this character didn't
have much experience around black people and was a little
uncomfortable being so close to one.

"Yeah, I've been on the job for about two weeks

"Hey, that's great! You're the man I've
been looking for! My name is David Weaver; my wife and I live
in 506."

The guy struck Ty as being uptight and a little on the nervous
side, so he decided to cut him some slack.

"What can I do for you, David?"

"Nothing much really...we're having some trouble
with the fan in our bathroom. It only works occasionally
and when it does, it makes this ungodly racket."

"No problem ‒ I'll be up to replace it later this
afternoon. Is that cool?"

"Great!" David cheerily replied. "I'll
be home until around 1:30; if you could stop by before then,
I'd really appreciate it."

With that, David vanished down the hall as quickly as he

Hoping for a little peace, Ty let himself into his place
and grabbed a carton of leftover Chinese food from the fridge.
Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the blinking red
light of the answering machine.

Damn, he thought. I know who that probably is.

His suspicions were confirmed when he hit the playback

"Yo baby ‒ where you been hidin'? You ain't
been to the club in a while! What's the matter, baby;
don't you wanna see me? Call me later, we'll have
us some fun! Bye-bye ‒and don't forget to call me!"

It was Tasha Banks; a girl he'd been seeing off and on
for a couple of months. He liked her, but decided to keep
his distance when she started getting a little more serious
than he liked. If he ignored her, hopefully she'd stop

"Aren't there any women out there who just wanna
fuck? Why do they always have to mess everything up by getting'
all possessive and shit, " he wondered aloud.

Ty finished off the remains of the Chinese food, tossed
out the carton and went into the bedroom to crash.

It was 1:45 in the afternoon when he awoke. After splashing
some water on his face, he figured he'd take care of
the problem in 506 before tackling anything else. He grabbed
his toolbox and a new fan from the utility closet and took
the elevator to the fifth floor.

Once outside the apartment, he set his toolbox down and
knocked on the door.

Expecting to see David, Ty was pleasantly surprised when
Mrs. Weaver opened the door. David might have been a fussy,
uptight, little fool, but he had certainly done alright
for himself in the wife department.

The first thing he noticed about Mrs. Weaver was her face.
She had a fair, freckled complexion and vivid green eyes
that twinkled when she smiled. She was one of those women
that didn't need any make-up in order to look beautiful.
A mane of thick red hair, which she wore pulled back into
a ponytail, complimented her soft angelic features perfectly.

"Hi! I'm Annika, you must be our new apartment
manager - come on in; David told me you might be stopping

"Uh ‒ yeah, I'm Ty, " he mumbled as she ushered
him inside.

As he followed her to the bathroom, Ty got a good look at the
whole package; he liked what he saw.

She had a slender athletic build with long, smooth, ivory
legs and a tight, round ass under a pair of white tennis shorts.
She wasn't as busty as he liked, but he could tell that
there was a nice handful under that baggy t-shirt. He estimated
her age at around 24 or 25. At 5'5" she was about
the same height as her husband.

"So do you think you can fix it, " she asked,
pointing to the fan vent on the bathroom ceiling.

"Sure, no problem; It'll only take a minute or

Careful to conceal the bulge in his pants, Ty turned away
from her as he climbed up on the bathroom counter with a screwdriver.

From the corner of his eye, he checked her out discretely
s he unscrewed the cover from the vent.

Annika perched on the edge of the tub and crossed her long,
white legs as she watched him go about his business.

"So Ty, what did you do before you decided to become
our apartment manager?"

Normally Ty couldn't stand small talk with the tenants,
but in Annika's case he was more than happy to make an

"Well, I just got out the Navy about two months ago.
I got this gig by answering an ad in the Weekly."

"Really, " she gushed. "The Navy -that
must have been exciting! I'll bet you've seen
quite a bit of the world?"

The only thing Ty saw quite a bit of was the engine room of
the destroyer he served on; however, he did do his fair share
of traveling.

"Yeah, that was one thing the Navy was good for; I've
been to Japan, the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, and a few
other places."

"Jeepers, I so envy you; I've never even been
outside of the United States."

Ty smiled. He didn't mention the fact that the only
thing he cared about when he got off the ship was looking
for pussy.

"Um -Annika, would you do me favor and hand me the new

"Sure, " she said and dutifully handed it up
to him.

During the handoff, he snuck a quick peek at her chest. The
erect nipples poking at her shirt provided quite a treat.
They were nice and pointy and looked hard enough to cut glass

He wasn't normally the type of black man that chased
after white women. The only white chick he'd ever slept
with was some fat, sloppy trailer-trash type he picked
up one night after having a little too much to drink. But
Annika was in an entirely different league ‒ a lean, well-scrubbed,
little country girl who almost certainly hadn't fucked
anybody other than that dumpy little husband of hers.

How he would love to bend that little whitebread ass over
the sink and fuck her so hard she wouldn't even remember
her own name.

With such a tasty little piece so close, it wasn't easy
to stay focused on his work. The fact that she was in a talkative
mood, didn't help things either. Patiently, he listened
while he imagined what she looked like naked.

He learned quite a bit about her as she prattled on in the
background. Apparently, she and David had only been married
for eight months; they met while she was an undergrad at
the University of Utah and he was in Medical School. They
were new to Seattle and moved up here when David was offered
a residency at a local hospital.

From the way she talked, he sensed she was bored and maybe
more than a little homesick. Although, she worked part-time
as a receptionist at a downtown law firm, she spent a lot
of time alone since David worked such long hours.

"Okay, it looks like I'm done. Why don't
you throw the switch and we'll see if it works."

She threw the switch and the brand new fan whirred to life.

"Thank you Ty! No we won't have a stuffy bathroom

"No problem! Unless you have anything that needs
fixin', I guess I'll be on my way."

"No, everything else is fine. At least let me fix you
a glass of lemonade - I think you've earned it!"

Ty was not a big fan of lemonade, but he wasn't going
to object. He would probably drink motor oil as long as Annika
was around to provide the eye candy.

"You know...a glass of lemonade would be real nice
right now."

She led him back out to the living room and asked him to make
himself at home while she busied herself in the kitchen.

Their place was a one bedroom unit, identical to almost
every other apartment in the building. The furniture was
nice but nothing too expensive, kind of what you might expect
in the home of a newly married couple.

Ty lingered near the stereo and looked over their CD collection.
There was an wide assortment of classical, country, Christian
contemporary, and some soft rock. In short, nothing he'd
ever listen to in a million years.

Moments later Annika bounded into the living room and presented
him with a tall glass of lemonade.

"Here's your reward, " she chirped.

Not exactly the kind of reward I was thinking of, Ty thought.

Annika took a seat on the couch and crossed her legs. Not
wanting to run the risk of appearing too bold, Ty sat on the
easy chair across from her.

"So, how do you like Seattle so far, " Ty asked.

Annika grimaced. "'s not what I expected,
but it's a very nice city and I'm sure I'll
get used to the place eventually."

"Do you miss home?"

"No...not really. It's just that I'm kind
of bored. We did meet some nice people through our church,
but I don't see them very often during the week. I'd
like to go back to school and finish my degree, but money
is kind of tight for us right now, so that will have to wait
until David starts his own Practice."

"At least you have each other, " Ty said.

Instead of cheering her up, his remark seemed to have the
opposite effect. Annika stared at the floor and took a long
pause before answering.

"Yes...that's true, but they work David so hard.
Sometimes he'll be at the hospital for 18 ‒ 20 hours
straight, and on his days off, he's too tired to do anything
but sleep."

"Ah ‒ don't worry, it ain't gonna be like
that forever. Once he's a doctor, you'll have
lots more time to be together ‒ not to mention a lot more money!"

She laughed and gave him a kindly smile.

"You're right, Ty. Don't mind me, I woke
up with a stiff neck and it's been kind of getting to
me, " she said and reflexively rubbed the back of
her neck.

"I'm sorry to hear that, is there anything I could
do for ya?"

"Ty, you're such a gentleman. You've already
done enough by fixing that fan! Here, let me get you some
more lemonade, " she said and got up from the couch.

Ty handed her the glass and she trotted back into the kitchen.

There were a million other things he needed to do, but none
of them were anywhere near as interesting as having this
little, red-haired kitten dote on him.

Suddenly, the sound of breaking glass from the kitchen
rudely jolted him back to reality.


Ty bolted up and ran to the kitchen. There he saw Annika leaning
over the sink rubbing her neck, the pitcher lying in shards
on the floor by the fridge.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I think so...I was just reaching for the pitcher
of lemonade when I felt a sharp twinge in my neck. It's
alright, nothing serious; David told me, I should be better
in a day or so."

"Are you sure? I might be able to help you, my father
was a chiropractor ‒ he taught me a few tricks." Ty
was totally bullshitting, his father was a bus driver,
but he figured he'd given enough massages to girlfriends
over the years that he could probably fake his way through.

"No...that's alright. It's really not
that bad."

Annika was clearly uncomfortable with Ty's offer,
but he was persistent.

"Please...I really hate to see you like this. All
I wanna do is help" Ty said in the most sincere tone
he could muster.

"Well...okay...I guess it couldn't hurt, "
Annika relented.

There was an apprehensive look in her eyes as she slowly
turned her back to him. Ty was practically salivating when
she gently moved her pony tail out of the way, and offered
him the back of her neck.

"Just relax, " he whispered as he gently kneaded
her fair, white flesh with his fingertips. Annika was quite
stiff for the first couple of seconds, but she ultimately
relaxed under his soft caring touch.

Oh my...that feels so should really think about
a career as a massage therapist."

Annika was too blissed out to notice the hand making its
way under her shirt. Ty's cock hardened as his fingers
traced up along the taut flesh of her belly. He halted when
he reached the soft, cotton fabric of her sports bra.

"You like that baby, " he purred.

"Mmm...yes...I feel so much better."

Feeling confident that he had her just where he wanted,
he moved his hand upward and gently cupped her breast. At
that instant, her body stiffened and tensed up all over

"Ty! What are you doing, " Annika huffed.

"Just makin' you feel good, baby, " he

"Ty, that isn't right. I'm a married woman!"

Despite her protest, she made no effort to wriggle free
of him as he continued kneading the supple flesh of her breast.
Unless he heard the word 'NO, ' he was going to
go as far as he could.

"Don't worry, baby; it's just you and me

"Please Ty! I'm not comfortable with this!"

"Then let me help you get more comfortable."

Annika gasped as he pulled her t-shirt up over her head and
tossed it aside. Panicked, she spun around and tried to
wriggle free. Her efforts were in vain as Ty pinned her against
the counter with his pelvis. The shock in her moistening
eyes didn't deter him from planting a deep hard kiss
on her quivering lips.

"Ty please!" She recoiled and turned her head

"C'mon baby, ain't nobody gonna know about
this, " Ty said while playfully fiddling with her

"I'm a married woman ‒ this isn't right!"

Her mouth said one thing, but her body language was giving
him a different message. Although she wouldn't look
him in the eye, she offered no resistance as he pulled her
sports bra up off her head, just as he did with her t-shirt.
He knew she wanted him, even though she couldn't bring
herself to say it.

"What are you going to do with me, " she whined.

"Make you feel good, baby, " he purred.

With a sigh, her body went limp and he kissed her again - this
time harder. To his delight, she reciprocated and her tongue
met his. In a matter of seconds, the frightened, little
lamb in his arms had become a willing participant in his

He broke the embrace, stepped back and tore off his shirt.
The thrill of forbidden desire was in her eyes as she gazed
at his broad muscled chest and hard, ripped belly.

"Why don't you help me off with my pants, "
he said wryly.

Annika didn't say a word as she tentatively reached
for his fly; her hands shook nervously as she undid the button
of his jeans. Meekly she backed off and looked down at the

Ty couldn't help but smile as he pushed his jeans down
around his knees. With his 8 inch prick standing high and
hard, Annika's eyes widened, but then quickly looked

The sight of this slim, innocent girl, her full white breasts
heaving with fear and desire, was too much. There wasn't
going to be any tender lovemaking here ‒ it was a time for
only one thing ‒ wild, nasty, down and dirty fuckin'!

She let out a short, sharp scream as he grabbed her by the
waist, then spun her around and bent her over the sink. He
ripped down her shorts and delighted at the sight of the
creamy white moons of her trembling ass. Ty paused; he could
smell the sweet, funky aroma of wet pussy hanging in the

"Here it comes, baby, " he growled as he worked
his cock between her legs.

"OOOOOOOOO, " she exclaimed as he plunged
in and plunged in hard.

Ty winced - her tightness surprised him. Her pussy might
have been juiced and wet but it was as tight as a virgin's.
He grabbed her even tighter and thrust himself into her
with the full force of his body.


Annika moaned like a banshee with every pump - her red hair
whipped in the air as her head jerked from side to side.

The sight of Annika twitching and wrenching with every
stroke and the tightness of her snatch was too much and Ty
feared he was going to cum to soon. Not wanting to blow before
she got her rocks off, he drove his cock as deep inside her
as it would go and held it there.

She continued her ecstatic twitching while he paused.
Even while he rested, his size and thickness was too much
for the poor girl.

"WHOA GIRL, " he commanded while grabbing
her hair as if it were the reigns of a horse.


Her moans softened as her pussy tightened around his throbbing
cock like a vise.

"GIDDY ‒UP, " he barked, slapped her ass and
commenced pumping ‒ even faster and harder than before.

The soft moans turned to loud, desparate grunts as Ty rode
his little white pony to the finish line.


"YEAH BABY ‒ HERE I COME, " he shouted as he pumped
away like a machine.

Ty's knees weakened and he erupted with the force of
a fire hose. Annika's grunts turned into a blissfully
contented whimper as he pulled out and decorated her back
with ribbons of thick, gooey spooge.

Dizzy, he staggered back a few paces and steadied himself
against the fridge. He watched as a weak and exhausted Annika
stood upright, turned around and staggered toward him.
Dazed and glassy-eyed, she felt into his arms.

"Damn baby! You just gave me the best piece of pussy
I ever had!"

"Please...I wish you wouldn't talk that way, "
she begged in a little girl's voice.

Ty smiled. He thought it was funny that this woman who had
just wildly fucked a complete stranger was acting all offended
by his blunt language. He figured she was just switching
back into good-girl mode.

"I'm sorry, baby, " he whispered. "But
I wasn't lyin'"

They snuggled in silence for several minutes, before she
spoke up.

"This was wrong Ty...this should never have happened.
I love my husband and he must never know, " she said,
looking up at him with moist, watery eyes.

"Sure baby...I'm cool....don't worry."

On that note, she gave him a chaste peck on the cheek and walked
down the hall to the bathroom.

Ty took the cue, got back into his clothes and left to finish
the rest of his chores.


Ty couldn't believe he would do something as stupid
as put his job in jeopardy over a piece of ass; It wasn't
like jobs were easy to come by in this economy. He had had
his fun and avowed to keep things with Annika, and any other
female tenant, on a purely professional level from here
on in.

A week later, while he was putting some WD-40 on the squeaky
door in the lobby, David and Annika got off the elevator.
He tensed up; he hadn't seen her since their wild freaky
fuck session and he wasn't sure how she would react
to him. They held hands as they approached him.

"Hey Ty ‒ how's it going, " David said,
his high voice full of phony enthusiasm.

"Oh, same as it always is, " Ty answered. He
stole a glance at Annika who smiled innocently. Her face
gave no impression of nervousness. She was doing an excellent
job of acting as if nothing had ever happened between them.

Thanks again for taking care of that bathroom fan. The new
one works great, " she chirped with all the sweetness
of a little girl.

"You're welcome. So what are you two up to today, "
Ty asked.

As David babbled about seeing some bullshit movie, Ty nodded
politely and discretely eyed Annika who stood smiling
at her clueless husband.

She looked almost like a schoolgirl in her crisp white blouse
and conservative green, plaid skirt. Her hair was pulled
back off her face and hung down past her shoulders. He figured
she must have recently got off work at the law office and
hadn't changed out of her professional attire.

After a few more seconds of small talk, they mercifully
bid him goodbye. As he watched Annika walk away hand-in-hand
with her husband, he felt an overpowering lust rising within

Damn ‒ would I love to have another crack at that, he thought.

For the rest of the day, he tried in vain to put thoughts of
Annika out of his head. The image of her bent over the sink
kept creeping into his head: her tangled red hair whipping
from side to side, her long freckled back twitching and
bucking, the crack of her ass wide open - her tiny, puckered
brown-eye winking at him as relentlessly fucked her.

By the end of the day, he was absolutely consumed with thoughts
of her.

Later that night, he sought release by putting in a booty
call to Tasha Banks, the girl from the club whom he had been
trying so hard to avoid. That pussy wasn't anywhere
near as tight as Annika's but it would have to do.

"MUTHA ‒FUCKAH, " he shouted and slammed down
the phone after her answering machine picked up.

Instead of walking away, Ty just stood there staring at
the phone. A battle raged inside him as he brainstormed
the positives and negatives of ringing up Annika and David's

He cursed the moment he laid eyes on her as he dialed the digits.

It rang four times before Annika picked up.


"Yo Annika, its Ty!"

There was a long, pregnant pause and Ty prayed she wouldn't
hang up.

"What do you want, " she replied in a harsh whisper.

In the background, he heard David's muffled voice
shout something from another room.

"Oh ‒ no one, honey, just a telemarketer, "
she replied.

"C'mon baby ‒ I really need to talk to you!"

"About what?"

"I can't tell you over the phone ‒ but its very

"This is not a good time!"

"Please baby, just give me a minute of your time and
I swear I'll never bother you again!"

There was another long pause.

"Alright...but just one minute ‒ nothing more!"

And with that, he heard a click and the receiver went dead.
Ty knew what he was doing was crazy but he just couldn't
help himself. He would feel guilty later.

Minutes later, there was a light knock on his door. He opened
the door, and Annika slipped inside. She was still wearing
the skirt and blouse she had on when he saw her earlier.

"Alright, I told David I had to go get a book that I left
in the laundry room." Her tone was sharp and strident.
"I intend for that to be the last lie I ever tell him.
Now...what is it that you have to tell me?!"

Ty just smiled at her.

"I just wanna tell you that I've been thinking
about you ‒ a lot, " he purred and boldly put his hands
on her waist.

"No...NO! We can't do this again!"

"Quit bullshittin', " Ty said and lifted
up her skirt. "You know damn well why I called you.
Quit playing your fuckin' games and get with the program."

His bluntness stung. He knew she couldn't believe
that he saw through her so easily.

"Alright...what is it you want from me, " she
asked coldly, without a trace of emotion in her voice.

Ty smiled and sat down on the sofa.

"For starters, you can get out of them clothes."

Annika didn't respond; she just calmly began unbuttoning
her blouse.

Ty's heart pounded as she stripped off the blouse and
laid it over the back of a chair. He practically drooled
when he saw the soft, ripe flesh of her bosom spilling from
her lacy white bra. She didn't look at him as she undid
the hasp of her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Wearing only her bra and a pair of pink, cotton panties,
she put her hands on her hips and glared at him, coldly.

Ty smirked. ""Now, it's time for me to show
you something!"

He unzipped his fly, and pulled out his hard, erect cock.

Annika's frosty demeanor melted away the moment she
laid eyes on his massive black tool. Ty knew her fa├žade of
indignation had completely collapsed when he saw she was
trying to fight back a smile.

A little giggle escaped as she nervously undid her bra and
discarded it behind her. Free from the confines of the brassiere,
Annika's perkies jiggled as she awkwardly tugged
down her panties.

She stood waiting for the next command while Ty ogled the
thin, wispy triangle of red hair on her crotch. She looked
deeply into his eyes as if she were trying to read his thoughts.

Their eyes were still locked when Ty slowly arose, stood
in front of her and stripped off his shirt and jeans. He could
see the desparate hunger in her eyes as she studied every
inch of his dark, muscled body. He could almost hear her
heart beating as he lifted her up and sat her down on his kitchen

"Lay back, baby, " he whispered.

She honored his request and let out a deep, breathy sigh
when he grabbed each of her ankles and pinned her knees back
behind her ears.

"AHHHHH - AHHHHH, " she cried as he worked his
cock into her tight, pink twat.

Her jaw slackened and her eyes rolled to the back of her head
as Ty sunk all 8 inches deep-deep inside her.

"Ooooo - Ooooo ‒ Ooooo!"

Annika wriggled on the table and grabbed her breast as Ty
commenced pumping her ‒ slowly at first and then faster!

"MMMM ‒ BABY ‒ YOU ARE FINE, " Ty growled as he
held onto her ankles tightly and slammed into her with all
his strength

"Ooooo ‒ Ooooo ‒ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH ‒ UNH!"

Her pussy was so tight, he was almost afraid he might split
her in two.

Annika's face contorted into a twisted grimace as
Ty's rhythm quickened and turned fiercely aggressive.


Annika's erratic sing-songy moans filled the room
and bounced off the walls as Ty furiously pounded her. She
might be coming but he was far from finished - his cock was
heavy and hard ‒he felt as if he could go all night!

Without breaking rhythm, he let go of her ankles, grabbed
her forcefully by the waist and gracelessly flipped her
over into the doggy position. The rickety table banged
and jolted as Annika's slender, pale frame bounced
and thumped on the table.

"UNH ‒ EEEEEEEEH, " she shrieked as Ty slipped
a thumb into her tight virgin asshole. Moments later, the
room shook with her thunderous shriek.


Satisfied that he had done his job, Ty pulled his still rock
hard cock out of Annika's worked-over pussy and ambled
back to the sofa and sat down.

Annika remained on the tabletop writhing and squirming
in a sweaty afterglow. It seemed like a long time before
she gathered her strength, rolled over and got off the table.
Her red hair was a tangled mess and her eyes were glassy and
dazed. Ty thought she looked as if she had just been hit by
a bus.

Shocked, Annika's eyes bulged when she saw a smiling
Ty sitting on the sofa with his glistening black pole standing
high and proud.

"You...didn't...come, " she asked in

Ty smiled even wider. "Nope! It looks like you need
to finish the job, baby!"

"Oh no, Ty...please...I'm so sore, "
she whined and gently rubbed her freshly reddened crotch.

"That's okay, baby. I bet you could use a drink,
and I ain't talkin' about no lemonade, "
Ty said and wiggled his throbbing erection invitingly.

Unsteady and bowlegged, Annika clumsily stumbled over
to the sofa and collapsed at his feet.

Ty opened his legs to give her room to work.

With all the energy she could muster, Annika struggled
to her knees and licked Ty's thick ebony shaft.


Annika shyly licked and stroked him for a minute or two before
opening wide and taking all of him into her mouth in one,
big, very unladylike gulp.

Knowing she was weak, Ty stroked himself as Annika eagerly
and hungrily slobbered and slurped at his cock with all
her remaining strength.

The sight of sweet, young Annika Weaver sucking him off
so enthusiastically was a memory that would last Ty a lifetime.
She was so innocent ‒ yet so eager!

Seconds later, he felt that old familiar tingling in his
prick. Annika let out a muffled gasp as Ty grabbed a fistful
of her tangled red hair and forced her head down on his gushing,
black hose.

Annika looked up at him - bug-eyed with surprise - as he doused
her tonsils with hot, sticky spooge.

"OHMYGOD - OHMYGOD, " she gasped as he pulled
her head back from his spewing, black lizard.

Annika winced as Ty shot load after load into her wholesome,
freckled face.

When the last drop landed on her cheek, an exhausted Ty closed
his eyes, threw his head back and let out a long, heavy sigh
of relief.

For a split-second, he thought he might be dreaming. But
when he opened his eyes again and saw Annika smiling back
at him, he knew this was no dream.

"So...this is why Daddy wanted me to stay away from
black men, " she teased.

Her green eyes were as bright and alive as if she had just
awakened from a refreshing nap. She was an odd sight indeed
‒ smiling like a cheerleader, her chin and cheeks soggy
with thick, runny cum. An errant splotch matted her hair
and dripped down on her shoulders as she worshipfully gazed
back up at him.

He stroked her hair while her tongue playfully flicked
at his deflated cock as if she were trying to revive it.

" best be getting' back to your hus-"

Just then Ty looked up to see a familiar figure in the background
- it was David!

David was frozen as he stared in shock and horror at his loving
bride on her knees licking the remains of cum from his apartment
manager's spent, black cock.

Oh Shit, Ty thought. I better start updating my resume.

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Hotdamn, that was hot. tell me more


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mmmm ... hot n nasty .... my kinda funnnn .... hehe

this storyline could be explored a lot .... any more to cum?




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Very hot, great story