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2 older couples (We almost waited too long)


You are never too old to try new things so when I was about
to turn sixty, a series of events occurred that led me and
my wife to Miami.

Society discounts couples our age as having no passion
and desire for intimacy. If a couple is in their twenties
or thirties, everyone assumes they are highly sexually
charged. Then when a couple reaches their forties, everyone
assumes they are still very sexually active but not as often
as they once were. Once you get in your fifties and sixties,
people just assume you have lost your fire. For me, my mind still works the same way when I see an attractive
lady no matter what how old I am. I have always been a fan of
the feminine side of each lovely creature that has passed
my way. And I am old enough and wise enough to appreciate
each woman for the unique qualities that only she has.

And that happened to me when I was around Donna, the wife
of my life long business partner. Although Donna and I never
stepped over a line, instead we chose to skirted around
the chemistry we share for one another for over thirty years.
On many of the vacations my wife, Mary and I along with Phil
and Donna there were also moments when I also felt that sometimes
Phil and my wife had that same chemistry too.

The one thing Phil and I knew how to do was make money. Thru
our efforts our wives and children enjoyed a upper middle
class life style which included private schools for each
of our children, beautiful clothes for our wives and every
other perk that comes along when your husband is successful
And because of our efforts in the business world, our two
families were very close for over thirty years.

I was in my office one afternoon when my partner strolled
in and sat down as if he had something on his mind. Phil and
I had been more like brothers than business partners for
as long as I can remember. What that really afforded us was
the ability to speak frankly and say what was on our minds.
I can't remember a time when Phil and I had a fight of
any kind.

"What's up?"I asked looking up from some
spread sheets I was working on. Phil smiled and said nothing
before he got back up to shut my office door. That rarely
happened so I sensed whatever he was going to say, must be
important. I put my pen down and leaned back in my chair waiting
for Phil to share his thoughts with me.

"You do realize, we are both turning sixty this year.
And it feels like time is starting to run out for both of us, "
Phil said smiling in my direction. I wasn't feeling
like my days were numbered yet and was still in good health
so I asked Phil if he had some medical issue I should know
about. Of course I was very concerned for my partner.

Phil chuckled for a second and added, " No not any
medical problems. But more like, can we both say we have
done everything we wanted to do?" Phil said calmly.

I then realized Phil was talking about philosophical things.
We had both made enough money to travel to every place in
the world we had both wanted to see. We had both married the
loves of our lives when we wed our wives and all of our children
were both happy and healthy.

"I guess I haven't thought about it that way.
I'm not sure what else I would have tried in my life that
I haven't tried so far, " I replied. My partner
then leaned back in the chair, looked into my eyes and simply
said, "How about Donna?" At first it didn't
register what he had just asked me. "You mean your
wife? What does she have to do with anything?" I asked

Phil said he since we had known each other for so many years
, this might be the time we have an honest conversation considering
our ages. "Are you telling me you and Donna haven't
had a thing for one another. I'm talking about a physical
attraction because I have noticed it for a long time, "
Phil explained.

Feeling like I was suddenly trapped, I explained to him
that I had also noticed how he and Mary looked at each other
too. "I'm not mad. It's just something that
happens between people we know and find appealing, "
I said. Phil shook his head yes before he said, "Maybe
the four of us should do something about this attraction
before we get too much older."

"You mean me and Donna together and you and Mary together?"I
asked. I had always thought that one of the reasons I had
this chemistry with his wife was because she was the opposite
of my wife. Donna was the classy blonde woman with all the
curves while Mary was the classy brunette woman with the
slender, sleek kind of body. And it's not just because
of their body differences but also their personality differences
as well.

"So what exactly are you suggesting?"I asked
Phil now sitting straight up behind my desk, feeling rather

"I don't know exactly. But as we get closer to
sixty I feel like we need to at least start the conversation, "
Phil said before he got up and walked out of my office. I sat
there in deep thought and didn't know how to handle
what we had just both shared with one another. We were two
of the most respectable couples in our community so this
sort of issue didn't fit our public images.

Mary and I had planned to meet for dinner at seven after I
left my office and I found her waiting in our booth at a nice
restaurant nearby. I remember walking up to the booth and
realizing what a stunning woman my Mary truly was. She had
always been good looking when she was a younger woman but
now that she had matured she looked even better.

I had spent the last hour in my office trying to figure out
a way to bring up the odd conversation Phil and I had shared
earlier. But when I saw my wife in the booth, I got cold feet
and just couldn't bring that up to her. The one thing
my wife and I had always shared with one another was respect
. To me respect means everything and once given it allows
the couple to act out in ways that only their spouse will
be witness and be part of at the height of our passion.

I slid into the booth next to Mary, leaned over and offered
her a quick kiss on her cheek. My gorgeous wife had worn an
attractive top, low cut in front but only tastefully low
cut. I then ordered a scotch and took a drink, still needing
to settle myself even more now that I was near her. The idea
of Mary being with Phil, even for one night was too much to

My wife and I shared a delightful dinner and an after dinner
cocktail before we headed for home around ten. She pulled
her car into the garage first and I followed her before we
got out, shut the door and went inside of our, now way too
big of a house.

My hormones had been kept in check for most of the night but
once my wife and I were alone, they could no longer be controlled.
I immediately pulled my beautiful wife into my arms as we
embraced and shared a hot kiss in our kitchen. Mary was receptive
and kissed me back before she finally pulled back and asked
me what had gotten into me.

"What do you mean"? I asked as she stood red faced
in front of me. "We don't kiss like that very often"
Mary said so I pulled her back into my arms again and felt
her heat from the start. My wife's small breasts pushed
up against the front of my suit as our lips began to do that
dance they did when we were both a lot younger.

In recent years there were times when I took the little blue
pill to make sure I would satisfy her but I sure didn't
need one that night. "Stop doing that, " My
wife said as I followed her up the stairs and kept reaching
for her tight little round ass. We managed to make it into
our master bedroom before I undressed her.

I had always adored Mary's slender shape which included
her small but delightful breasts along with the large areolas
she had around each nipple. When I had been a younger man
I use to joke with my wife and say they were there to show me
where to suck. But it was my wife's wonderful pussy
that I really craved for the past thirty plus years.

My wife had a unique shape to her vaginal with fat yet long
outer lips that puffed up when she was aroused. And when
she crawled onto our bed that night and waited while I undressed,
I imagined for a second Phil was looking at her naked on a
bed. I know it was the wrong thing to imagine but every since
Phil and I had our talk, it was the only thing I could think

Mary responded well as we worked each other over fairly
good before I climbed on top of her feeling like it was our
first time and not a millionth time. Maybe that is how real
love makes you feel. Every time was exciting with Mary.
She spread and allowed entry before our bodies were in that
wonderful place where I didn't know where mine ended
and hers began.

While we shared our coffee together the next morning, I
once again though of a way to bring up my conversation with
Phil but just couldn't. The last thing I would have
ever risked was the respect my wife had for me and the love
we shared for one another.

I had just gotten into my office when Phil rushed in and closed
the door again. "Did you talk with Mary last night?"
he asked. "I didn't either but I left a note for
Donna to read then give to Mary, " he said as he flopped
down in a chair.

"What did the note say?"I asked Phil now feeling
very nervous myself. Phil explained it basically said
the same things we had talked about the day before. How there was some chemistry between the four of us over
the years. And now that we were turning sixty, he wondered
if it was time to start an honest conversation and see if
we wanted to do something about it or leave it be

It felt like someone was sticking me with pins the entire
day as I kept looking at my phone, expecting a call from my
wife. But Mary never called and Phil and I both left at six,
a little earlier than we usually left the office. I took
my time driving home going through every possible scenario
in my head concerning my wife's reaction to Phil's
note. And I also wondered how Donna was going to handle it
with Phil. Our wives were not horny young women who would
toss caution to the wind like they might have years before.
One of my thoughts was that maybe Phil and I had waited too
long to address this issue and now our wives were no longer
to even consider it.

Mary greeted me with a smile as I walked in the backdoor and
put my briefcase down. She appeared normal so I approached
her and kissed her on her cheek like I had done every time
I had gotten home during our marriage. She was unusually
quiet for a minute or so before she turned and softly said, "
Donna brought me a copy of the note."

I was trembling so badly I figured it was better to let my
wife speak first than for me to say anything and risk saying
the wrong thing. "I was shocked, " Mary then
added as she served me dinner and sat down across from me.
I apologized although I had not been the one to bring the
subject up or write a note. My wife smiled, sort of and said,
"You don't need to apologize. I know it was all
Phil's doing."

Like I said earlier Phil and Donna had been good friends
of ours for over thirty years so I couldn't throw him
under the bus completely. If my wife and I ended up having
a fight, that would pass but loosing lifelong friends was
a lot more serious. "He brought it up but I also shared
my feelings too, " I told Mary as she nibbled on her
meal across from me.

"I'm sure you did, " My wife said and then
shut up again. If I could have been granted one special power,
one time in my life, at that moment, the ability to read my
wife's mind would have been it. We finished our meal
in silence but as my wife stood up to clean up the dishes she
mentioned to me her and Donna decided the four of us should
go out for dinner in a couple of weeks.

I just sat there having to face the fact that maybe my sweet
Mary was not as offended by all of this as much as I expected
her to be. Then I had to also deal with the fact that maybe
my wife might want to be with Phil which was even more terrifying.
I always knew Mary loved me but maybe this classy woman I
loved also had a fire in her she kept hidden all these years.

Phil and my birthday were a week less than two months apart
so when our wives decided to throw us both the "Big
Six O" party. All of my kids and grandkids showed up
as well as all of Phil's family. The private banquet
room at another of our favorite restaurants hosted our
party and through the night, Phil and I had a great time celebrating
this milestone as partners as well as best of friends. And
as the party began to wind down my wife pulled me aside and
gave me my present.

"Go ahead open it, " She said once were had snuck
off alone for a few moments. I opened the envelope and saw
two tickets to Miami. "Please, don't read too
much into this but Phil and Donna will be joining us too, "
she said before she kissed me on my cheek.

The four of us met at the airport a couple of weeks later and
boarded the plane with Mary and I one row ahead of Phil and
Donna in first class. The plane took off and although I had
flown hundreds if not thousands of times before, this was
the as nervous as I had ever been. My pretty wife read a couple
of magazines alongside of me and seemed very relaxed during
the first hour of the flight.

"I think it's time to talk about this, "
Mary whispered to me as I looked at her puzzled about chatting
on a crowded airplane. "Ok" I said as my wife
leaned very close to me and whispered in my ear, "This
is what you want, right?" I looked at her pretending
I didn't understand what my wife was asking me. "You
know what I'm talking about. The note, " She

Our eyes met and I don't remember a time during our marriage
when my wife and I looked at each other more seriously than
we did right then. "Is this what you want?"I
asked her. Mary frowned at me and whispered, "One
night but no guarantees from Donna or from me. Then tomorrow
the four of us will all get together at lunch and talk . , "
She said before she stood up and before I realized it Donna
was now sitting alongside of me.

For a second I couldn't believe this was happening
as I looked at Donna now having taken my wife's place.
"We have been avoiding this for years, " She
said as she patted my leg and got comfortable in her seat.
All I could do was stare occasionally at her chest and watched
her breasts heaving in front of my eyes. We still had a few
hours left of our flight and that was way too long a time for
my mind to make sense of this while Donnas' perfume
drifted into my head.

Was I really going to spend the night with Donna and was my
wife really going to spend the night with Phil. Thirty years
of friendship and it has now come down to this? Our plane
finally landed in Miami as the four of us exited with Donna
remaining by me and my wife with Phil. We all got our bags
from the baggage area and even though we were all staying
at the same hotel, we decided to split up there and meet up
again for lunch the following day.

Donna checked in with me and the hotel just assumed she was
my wife so there was no issue there. We headed up with the
bell hop and our bags to our room before I tipped him and suddenly
we found ourselves alone in a hotel room for the first time
in a long friendship. We were so nervous I believe we both
wondered where the chemistry we use to feel had gone.

We quickly decided a few cocktails might help as we left
the hotel room five minutes after entering it. Not only
did we not hold hands, we didn't say a word as we rode
in the elevator to the lobby floor. Donna was still a hell
of a woman and had the body I had dreamt of for years but it
just didn't feel right .

"Let's not chance running into them right now, "
I said and she agreed. . A cab took us down a few streets and
pulled up in front of this Latin bar and sidewalk cafe which
looked like the perfect place for us to hide. The margaritas
were perfect as well as strong and half way through our first
ones, Donna and I actually began to laugh and flirt a little.
She looked simply amazing as we played some eye to eye games
and felt a little attraction for one another returning.
And we both kept agreeing that this was still totally insane.

It was around nine or so when we returned and rode in the elevator
back up to our room for the night. On the ride up I looked at
her and softly said, " Should we try and kiss?"
Donna smiled before she moved in front of me and closed her
eyes as our lips touched for the very first time.

There was definitely something there but maybe not enough
to get us to go all the way. When the doors opened another
younger couple was standing there and saw Donna and I kissing
so we rushed by them. "We must have looked like old
fools, " I said as she giggled while we walked to our
room holding hands.

Then it instantly became very awkward again for us as we
were once again in a hotel room alone and didn't know
how to handle it. But she looked very good and I must have
looked the same way to her because we slowly came together
again for another kiss. It was a half friendly kiss and a
half real one.

After a few more kisses, Donna told me she had brought pajamas
although not sexy ones and went in the bathroom to change.
I had also packed pajama's so I quickly removed my clothes
and put them on while she was still in the bathroom.

When the bathroom door opened and we saw each other for the
first time, we both began to laugh."Do you realize
how stupid we both look"? she said covering her face
with her hand. There we were, two old people wearing the
most conservative pajamas' you could have imagined.
"We sure don't look like two sexy people"
I said as Donna just kept laughing.

I think Donna and I were use to be friends and not lovers and
we didn't know how to make that switch. "I have
an idea. I'll take my top off if you will take your top
off too, " I said. She giggled and told me no doubt
I would be for that kind of a deal.

"I have a better idea. Why don't I take your top
off of you and then I'll decide about mine, "
Donna said as we kissed briefly as I felt her fingers undoing
my buttons. "This is kind of sexy, " Donna whispered
as we kissed a little more while she removed my pajama top.
"Do you mind?" she asked as I smiled right before
she ran her hands over my chest softly and appeared to be
enjoying it.

"I have seen your chest many times at the pool but why
does it feel so different now that I am touching it?"
she asked. "Maybe because we never admitted how we
felt, " I said as Donna smiled and pressed her lips
to mine again. " So what is it that we are feeling?"
Donna asked. Were we crossing some line that lands somewhere
in between love and lust?

Donna then backed up and stared at me for a few moments. "Lets
keep this on a strictly friends only basis, " She
said. But then Donna reached for the buttons on her pajama
top and began to undo a few. "I thought we were keeping
his as strictly friends?" I asked her after the top
two buttons come open. "Well maybe a little friendly
than we have been for the past thirty years, " She
said and undid another button.

My palms were sweaty and I had troubling swallowing as Donna
undid another button and her cleavage was more than a little
visible. I had stared at her chest hundreds if not thousands
of times and always wondered what Donna would look like
topless. When the bottom button was also undone, she smiled
as she slowly opened her pajama top and exposed her large
wonderful breasts to me for the first time.

Donna had two huge oval shaped breasts that hung like artwork
on her chest. "Let's not let this confuse us.
It's only lust we are feeling, " She said smiling
as she tossed her top onto a chair. I walked up to Donna and
felt her large soft breasts crush against my chest for the
first time. It was beyond hot and beyond sexy as our flesh
touched for the first time.

"We both need this, " I whispered before we
walked to the edge of the bed and stopped. "Are you
sure? We can't undo it, if we do take that step as friends, "
Donna said as I reached for her short pajama bottoms. I sensed
her deep concern as a close friend and not simply her lust
as a woman, so I stopped with my hands still on her waist band
and looked into her eyes.

"Do you want to stop?" I asked her after a very
short kiss. Donna was trembling by then and her eyes showed
me the confusion she was battling. "I don't know
for sure. Let's lay together and take it slower, "
She said softly as we both climbed onto the bed at the same

Over the next twenty minutes or so Donna and I got each other
worked up into a real frenzy. She have been my partners wife
and a really good friend of mine but at that point, I wanted
her as a woman. So as we heated up even more while Donna was
nibbling on my neck when I slipped my hand under the waistband
of her pajama bottoms.

Her entire body stiffened as she stopped nibbling on me
and tensed up. But Donna remained silent as I moved my hand
under her panties and inched it closer to her pussy. "Honey,
are we both sure about this?" Donna whispered once
my fingers felt the stubble of her pubic hair.

I looked at Donna and saw the panic in her eyes so I told her
to relax before my fingers moved over her slippery crack.
Her body jerked as soon as she felt me touching her womanhood
but remained on her back gasping for air. Donna closed her
eyes for a while as I played with her pussy before I began
to lower her pajama bottoms and panties. "I can't
believe this is happening, " She said softly as she
raised herself up so I could slip them off. I had seen this
woman for over thirty years in everything from evening
gowns to swim suits and now she was lying next to me totally

Donnas' body was amazing even at her age as her large
breasts heaved on her chest yet the curve of her hips and
the dark shadow of pubic hair finished the portrait for
me. My lips then began to kiss her on her mouth and then slowly
traveled onto her neck. I could feel the woman's heat
as she laid trembling next to me so my mouth continued its

Soon my lips were nibbling on her large breasts as Donna
shook even more. I carefully made my way up one side of her
left breasts before my mouth found her nipple. And once
I began to suckle her gently, Donna raised her hand up and
held the back of my head. She was mentally and physically
preparing for our first ultimate union together.

It didn't take long for both nipples to be swollen and
very pink before my mouth then traveled onto her stomach
and stopped right above her pubic hair. Her legs were tightly
closed as my head was an inch from her pussy. Her scent was
now detected easily since I had never been so close to that
part of her body before. I ran my finger gently over her outer
lips as Donna whimpered once or twice before her legs began
to come apart.

This was a very big moment for both of us as friends and as
soon to be lovers. Using the palms of my hands, I gentle felt
her inner thighs and pushed as Donnas' legs came apart
enough for my tongue to continue its journey. Her cunt was
ripe, juicy and incredibly addicting for me as I began to
consume her essence as a woman.

It took less than a minute before I moved in between her legs,
facing her as my tongue then really went to work. Donna whimpered,
moaned and thrashed about on the bed as what appeared to
be a climax coming on. It was very exciting for me to help
her get there but also to be able to watch her in the throes
of such a powerful release. Obviously as a good friend I
had never seen that part of her before.

Her climax was wonderful and I did what I could to make it
the best I could for her. Donna was now a fully prepared,
mature sexy woman in need of breeding. I lifted my body up
as she watched me slowly climb into position on top of her.
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, " She kept repeating as my swollen
shaft brushed up against her slippery crack the first time.

She amazed me when she then reached up and gently pulled
me down on top of her as my cock slipped just inside of her
womb. "I'm ready, " She said as my pushed
again and felt myself probing deeper until I was completely
inside of her. She was still very excited but also began
to tell me how good I felt and how amazing it was to be giving
herself to me.

It wasn't love but it was more than just a fuck we were
sharing. "Is it as good for you as if feels to me?"
she asked once after a hard thrust into her. "You are
truly an amazing woman, " I said to Donna as she smiled
back and let me continue pumping into her. Neither of us
wanted it to end but of course it had to end at some point.

We were like kids enjoying a new ride for the first time and
switched positions a couple of times while I genitals were
still connected. And near the end, Donna got very animated
and seemed to be excited about having me cum inside of her.
She was pinned under me as I pounded her fairly hard before
I erupted and felt myself spraying like a fire hose into
her pussy.

It took us some time to calm down as we hugged and kissed while
I pumped a few more times as if I had drops left that needed
depositing. "It was better than I dreamed it would
be" I told her. Donna smiled and shook her head yes
before she added, "Why did we wait so long?"

When she finally climbed off the bed it didn't feel
real for me to be watching Donna naked walking into the bathroom
to shower. "I'm done, " she yelled out
five minutes later as I walked into the bathroom and saw
her still totally naked in front of the mirror messing with
her makeup. As I passed by her I patted her ass before I got
into the shower to clean myself off too.

But the sex we shared had only made us both more restless
than we had been before. Neither of us were tired so we got
dressed and decided to go walk on the beach under the moonlight
together. We were strolling along holding hands when I
commented about Phil and Mary and wondered if they had done
it too.

Donna and I finally returned to our room sometimes after
midnight and decided we both needed some rest after a long
but exciting day. We were facing each other near the bed
when Donna said, " Pajama's or no pajamas. It's
your call." I smiled at this beautiful woman and told
her no pajamas.

When we turned off the lights and crawled into be naked we
immediately met in the middle and it started up all over
again. I had not had sex twice in one night in over ten years
but on that night, there was no stopping me. We have been
friends for a very long time but Donna and I had now added
lovers to our relationship.

The next morning was once again awkward when we met up with
Phil and my wife for lunch. I couldn't tell looking
into my wife's eyes if she had fucked Phil for sure although
logic told he probably had. And the four of us avoided that
conversation before and during lunch before we all walked
out into the lobby .

"Maybe it would be helpful if we take a little time
and talk with our spouses alone, " I said. Phil, Donna
and my wife all agreed so Mary and I headed towards the beach.
And to tell you the truth I didn't know how to bring it
up with Mary even after being married to her for decades.
I just never thought this would ever happen to us although
I had no regrets that it had.

We were holding hand walking on the beach for a few minutes
when my wife softly said, "Ok let's just be honest.
We both want and need to know what each other did. So did you
and Donna make love or not ?" She asked. I smiled at
Mary and admitted to her that indeed Donna and I had made
love together last night.

"How about you and Phil?" I asked my wife. She
hesitated for a few more seconds as we continued walking
and I got more nervous with each step. She smiled as she shook
her head no. " We would wanted to but when we went to
bed but I just couldn't, " Mary explained with
her gentle voice.

"But then this morning I was in the shower when Phil
walked in the bathroom and asked if he could join me, "
my wife said now clearly blushing. "Did you let him
join you in the shower?"I asked Mary as she squeezed
my hand and nodded yes. "So then you did it?"I
asked my wife literally hanging on her every word. "Yes
we ended up on the bed and made love together this morning, "
She said softly.

When the four of us got back together we decided to go back
with our own spouses and back to being just friends like
we had been for over thirty years for a day or two. It was the
most sexual Mary and I had been in years once we were back
together sharing our room after being with someone else
for a night.

It was the last night of the trip and after dinner and drinks
the four of called it a night and headed back up to our rooms.
Mary and I had not been our room for more than fifteen minutes
when the phone rang. I answered it and heard Phil tell me
that he and Donna talked about it and wouldn't mind
switching things up on the last night as long as Mary and
I felt the same way.

"I don't know. Let me talk to Mary and we'll
call you right back, "I said and hung up the phone.
"It was Phil and Donna right?" My wife asked
standing in her lingerie looking better than she ever had.
"Yes it was. They want to know if we want to switch again?"I
said. My wife's delicate small breasts were visible
in her see thru teddy and she smiled at me with a twinkle in
her eye. "See you in a couple of hours, " I said
as she slipped on her robe and I watched her rush the four
doors down the hall passing Donna on the way.

I guess that four day weekend proved that older people still
have it because Phil, Donna, my wife and I sure proved it.

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Very good. I should be so lucky.


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Excellent story - you never get to old to enjoy the pleasures
of sex


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Very good story, plz continue.


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great story, wish i could have had that luck when my wife
was allowed. Please keep the stories coming.


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So nice to have such good friends


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Always refreshing, keep them coming


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this is the best story that I have read on here for a long time



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Excellent and well written story.


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A story like this gives me hope. My 44 years of marriage has
become a bit stale.

. Our love is still strong but the passion is lacking.

. I would give so much to have a situation like you describe
"Well done."


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Very well written and a great story too


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This is nicely written , , and yes older people do it too
, , and love it