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2 nd Meet after Hotel Part 3


So, your hubby it out of town and you will be alone for the next couple days. You mention this to me in passing a week or so ago and had since forgot about it. We texted earlier in the day and you said that you would be home around 3 and just staying in the house due to the weather. You just finished dinner and are doing the dishes before chilling on the couch and watching tv. You see headlights out the window and you hear a car pull up, but when you check the driveway there isn't a car there, must have been somebody turning around.

You return to the dishes and but have a strange feeling that someone is watching you its hard to shake and feels as if someone is close. Suddenly you feel a hard pull on the back of your hair, and a firm grip on the back of your neck, at first this scares the shit out of you but after a few seconds.... you know that hair pull and firm grip on your neck as it is all too familiar to you. You feel a hand let go of your hair and start undoing your pants, your pants fall to the floor along with your panties. You feel the grip on your neck tighten and bend you over the sink. You see the other hand grab a spatula and you begin to quiver.... you hear the spatula being raised and you just lay there still and obedient. Suddenly, SMACK, and again , you get several hard SMACKS and your ass begins to sting and you can only imagine how red it is.

You get picked up straight and turned around and now you match the face to that familiar hair pull and firm grip on your neck, I kiss you deeply and hard your legs begin to buckle. I grab the back of your hair again and put you on your knees, you look up at me with your lustful eyes. I tell you to open my pants and take my cock out and place it in your mouth, you desperately try to free my cock and it seems like it takes you forever to pull it out once you finally do you start swallowing it as much as you can, you keep sucking my cock like it's your job. Then you feel me grab the back of your hair and I shove my cock down your throat and hold your head, it seems like forever... you wonder if I am going to let you up, just when you have to breath I pull my cock out you take a quick breath and I slam it home again and do the same thing. This face fucking continues for a while.

Your pussy is dripping wet now. I pull my cock out and pull you up by your hair and bend you over the sink again, then SMACK again and again with the spatula. You feel my cock at the entrance of your ass just sitting there you don't know if your ready to have that cock in your ass again, but at this point you have to have something inside you can feel your wet saliva dripping off his cock onto your ass. You feel a hard pull on your hair and firm hand on your neck and head of my cock sliding into your ass. I go very slow giving your ass time to adjust soon I am taking long deep strokes you are writhing in a mixture of pain and pleasure. After a while I reach around and start rubbing your clit hard after a few seconds it's too much and your orgasm starts to hit you your pussy quivering while my cock is in your ass, suddenly you feel something shoot out of your pussy and run down your legs you just squirted all over the place... I am holding you up and at the same time keep my cock buried in your ass once your orgasm subsides i put you back on your knees in front of me.

This time I don't even touch you I tell you to suck my cock how you want to, so you do. The crazy thing is you start sucking my cock the same way I made you suck it, like its your job, gagging yourself with my cock your eyes are watering you can barely breathe but you fucking luv it.

After a while I pick you back up and put you on your back on kitchen table. You see me standing over you hand around your throat, tip of my cock in your pussy and suddenly slap right across the face. I ask you if you want my cock, you say god yes please fuck me, I say no not yet, I slap you again, you start to beg saying please fuck me with that cock, and Slap! again finally you say i need that cock .... I have to have it fuck me. Suddenly you feel my balls slap your ass because I just buried cock in you in one deep hard stroke. I keep my hand on your throat, and i start fucking you hard and fast you feel another orgasm cumming on and then it hits you like a tidal wave. I am still fucking you hard and fast through it and you feel your cum splashing all over the place. After a couple minutes it subsides and you hear me say I am going to cum. I pull out on and step back from the table you hop down grab my cock and swallow it, as soon as you do you feel my cock explode in your mouth, you swallow all of my cum like a good girl. Once you have swallowed I tell you to clean my cock off , which you do , you start with the balls sucking one and then both into your mouth then cleaning the rest of it off. You put my cock back it in my pants and button me up, I kiss you and leave.

You look around kitchen still wondering exactly what just happened and you see your cum all over the floor by the sink and by the table from you squirting all over. You realize I better clean up hubby is coming home.

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