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( The two great women I loved)


I had first met Charlotte is when she began to work as the
daytime bartender at a local bar that I sometimes have lunch
at. Seemed like a nice person, friendly enough and always
had a smile whenever I walked in.

She was a rather tall, very slender woman although Char,
as she liked to be called, had some curves too. I never could
quite tell how big she was on top because of what she wore.
But I only say that, because as a man that, was how my brain
worked. But it really didn't matter because I was not
looking for female attention at that point in my life.

It had only been around six months since I had lost my wife
and since I was also in my late fifties, at the time, another
relationship was not what I was seeking. But Char, could
still be my friend and in fact we became fairly good friends,
once I began to see her once a week for lunch.

I learned she was a single mom of a teenage daughter and I
also learned Char had actually been married before not
once but twice in her life. I was surprised when she admitted
she had been married twice because she didn't seem
like the type of girl who would marry, just anybody.

We had become friends for about a year when Char asked me
over to her apartment to have dinner and meet her daughter
because I had told her what a lousy cook I was. I thought it
was a very sweet gesture on her part, and accepted on the
condition I would pay for the groceries she needed for our
meal. She told me I didn't have to do that, but I insisted
and ended up giving her thirty dollars which she said was
way more than enough to cover the cost.

And that is the first time I met her daughter, Charlotte
who was called Charlie for short. There seemed to be a lot
of Charlotte's and nick names in their family but I
thought it was cute, just the same. I have to also say Charlie
was this absolutely sweet fourteen year old girl who looked
so much like her mother, I felt like I was looking at a younger
version of Char.

I guess Charlie officially adopted me as her newest Uncle
by the time I left their apartment. I also got the sense after
I left, that Char didn't invite a lot of men over to her
place or have a lot of men meet her daughter. So, I felt she
showed me a great deal of respect by inviting, in the first

I still stopped in and chatted with Char once a week at the
bar and her smile was always there to greet me. I had also
learned that Char was forty one years old, didn't date
much or at least she claimed she didn't because as she
put it, there was a real lack of good men to pick from. But
that didn't stop me for encouraging Char to get back
into the dating scene because she had a lot of years left
and she didn't want to spend all of them alone.

"Well what about you? When are you going to start dating
again?" Char said one afternoon while I was eating
my lunch. I chuckled and told her I had my one real love in
my life, and didn't' need another. "You're
never too old, " Char snapped back, as she filled
my soda glass again. I told her there was only one Mary in
the world , so it made no sense for me to even try and find another

"Well you could at least go on some dates. You don't
have to fall in love and get married, " Char said to
me which was I had been saying to her for nearly a year. And
somehow, that is how Char and I both agreed to look for other
people to date and report back to each other if we ended up
on a date with someone, new.

I left, really not planning on trying to ask women my age
on a date but I told Char I would start looking, just so she
would also start looking. I mean Char wasn't a movie
star but she looked rather cute in her own special way. So
there had to be a lot of men her age that would enjoy her company.
So that began our newest routine each week when I stopped
in the bar for lunch. I would ask Char if she went on any hot
dates lately and she would ask me the same thing.

And then after a month or so, one Wednesday I asked Char and
her face turned red before she told me she had gone on a date
the previous weekend. I was really excited for her and imagined
Char all fancied up looking her best for her big date. "So
tell me all about it. Where did he take you?" I asked
her about as excited as I had been in a long time.

I was surprised but found it absolutely sweet, the way Char
blushed the whole time she told me about her date. "And
how did the date end?"I asked her, teasing her even
more. "Oh yes. Of course he spent the night and we hardly
got any sleep, " She said grinning at me from ear to
ear. I had a pretty good sense that this was a good woman and
an excellent mother so it was highly unlikely Char was going
to have another man spend the night with Charlie in the bedroom
next to hers.

"I remember those nights too. Mary and I hardly ever
slept when we were first married, " I said before
Char and both began laughing uncontrollably. "Ok
silly. He was nice but I didn't feel any spark at all, "
Char then told me as she refilled my soda one more time. Before
I left I told Char I was still very proud of her for going on
a date in the first place and that she shouldn't give
up just yet.

And at Christmas I told Char I had bought her and Charlie
both a small gift, since I had no else to buy presents for.
So Char and Charlie came to our home to have dinner with me
two days before Christmas. Char's mother and step
father lived a couple hundred miles away and they always
spent the holiday with them. But they wanted to spend time
with me too, so that is why we celebrated our Christmas two
days before the real deal.

It was a particularly cold winter that year and I believe
it was some time in February that I found out Char was having
problems with her car. By no means was I made of money but
Mary and I had saved our entire lives which meant I was sort
of set now that all I had to support was myself.

I remember I was home, sitting in my chair and was thinking
a lot about my late wife when I wondered what she would do
to help Char, if our situations were reversed? I truly believe
Mary would have pitched in and helped solve Char's
car problem because she had always had such a big heart for
people in need.

In some ways Char was turning out to be like a daughter to
me , which I really never expected to have in life. Of course
I would have had to have been sixteen when I had her, so realistically
Char could not be my daughter but she felt like she was. I
guess the part I admired the most, was how upbeat Char always
was, no matter what personal or money problems she was having
in her life. Because she had such a great attitude, it caused
me to have a better attitude too. Being around Char was infectious.

So one afternoon when I was at the bar having lunch, Char
and I began to talk about her car and the cold winter we were
experiencing. And at one point, I asked Char if she needed
some help with her car or maybe even getting a newer one.
I remember the shocked look on her face as she backed up a
few steps with her jaw open. "Why would you do that?"
Char asked as she stared at me. I told her because we were
friends and friends help each other out at a time of need.
It took about two weeks before Char finally agreed to let
me loan her some money but only to get her old car fixed. A
new battery and four new tires, seemed to do the trick. Char
paid me very slowly but she never missed a week where she
didn't give me something, even if it was only ten dollars.

It was nearly the end of March and Char and I had been discussing
and how much we were both looking forward to the warmer weather.
"I hate being inside all the time, " Char had
just told me and I had just agreed. "Do you ever go skiing?"
She asked me as I chuckled and told her I was too old for that
sort of thing. Of course she frowned at me before she went
down the bar to wait on some other customers.

I remember as I sat there admiring her, I wished I had been
ten or fifteen years younger because Char was the kind of
girl I could have been interested in. She was cute, bubbly
and very, very caring. I also wondered why her first two
marriages had not worked out but then I realized I would
never get the whole story about those marriage. It was not
right for me to even ask Char about such personal information.

Although Mary and I never had a daughter we did have one son
who I had not spoken with for over a year. Ronnie had been
a troubled kid growing up in and out of trouble. When he became
a teenager, he put his mother and I through hell. I can't
count the number of nights Mary sat up worried about our
son and what he might be getting involved in. And I only mentioned
Ronnie because a few days before Easter he showed up at my
front door. He asked if he could spend a few days with me but
I knew down deep all Ronnie really wanted was more money.

Char had invited me to spend Easter with her and Charlie
but now with Ronnie at my door, I wasn't sure what I was
going to be doing for Easter. It was Good Friday before Easter
when I made a point of stopping in the bar so I could talk with
Char and maybe back out of her invitation. And since I never
stopped in on Fridays, ever before, Char was shocked to
see me. She was so shocked she in fact ran from behind the
bar and hugged me in front of everyone else.

"What in the world are you doing here on a Friday?"
Char said smiling from ear to ear. I told her I wanted to talk
to her so I stopped in for just a few minutes. "Ok, is
there a problem?" Char said as she backed up looking
concerned. Every person has a few secrets and one of my secrets
was my son. I ordered a soda and when Char had some free time
I explained to her that Ronnie had showed up, so I might not
be able to make it to her apartment for Easter.

"Why don't you just bring him along with you.
I will have more than enough ham, " Char said to me.
I ended up bringing Ronnie within me and within a few minutes
he was laying the charm on Char and she appeared to be buying
into it. My son was really good at one thing and that was charming
the ladies. Ronnie was extremely handsome for a thirty
four year old man, and his mother and I had no doubt he had
been with a lot of girls during his life.

"He is just wonderful, " Char whispered to
me when Ronnie and I were at her apartment to celebrate Easter
with her and Charlie. All I told Char, was to be careful but
that didn't seem to slow her as she continued flirting
with my son and he continued flirting with her.

When Ronnie and I finally left, all he talked about was Char
and how good she looked. I told him more than once to leave
Char alone but those word fell on deaf ears. It was the very
next night when my son walked downstairs and told he had
a date and that I should not wait up for him. My heart sunk
in my chest because I knew his date was probably with Char.

Ronnie never came home that night and I didn't do much
more than toss and turn the entire night in my bed. I worried
the entire night about Char and hoped and then prayed she
had not let my son spend the night with her. It was about nine
the next morning when Ronnie finally strolled into the
house with a big grin on his face. He looked at me with his
smug look and casually said as he passed by, "She had
a real nice ass."

I had never considering myself a violent man but I came as
close as I ever had, but resisted fighting my son, right
there on the spot. But, instead I headed down to the bank,
drew out three thousand dollars and gave it to Ronnie but
only if he agreed to leave by noon and never come back. "What's
wrong with you, old man. Do you have the hots for her too?"
he said before I handed him the money and Ronnie walked out
of my life for good.

I waited until my usual day Wednesday before I walked back
into the bar to see Char for the first time since she went
on her date with my son. And as soon as Char saw me, she broke
down and began to cry as she covered her face with her hands.
Clearly she was embarrassed about what she had done and
ashamed of herself.

I just stood there as watched Char along with the other customers
in the bar as she became even more unglued before she rushed
from behind the bar and disappeared in the ladies room.
Char appeared five minutes later with her eyes now red and
her guilt dripping off of her shoulders. "I am so sorry, "
She said as she stood in front of me ready to start sobbing

"It's alright. Ronnie is gone for good. I paid
him off this morning, " I said to Char as she slowly
moved closer until we shared an embrace. "I know it
was wrong, " She whispered and then she also whispered
she hated herself for doing what she did especially with
Charlie in the bedroom next door. "We all mistakes.
Don't beat yourself up too much, " I said back
to Char as she clung to me even tighter.

At that point I felt like I no longer knew Char like I thought
I did, and I wasn't sure I would ever be as close to her
as I once had been. I wasn't mad at her for sleeping with
my son but it did reveal some part of her character I had never
seen before. I finally concluded Char just made some really
bad decisions when it came to men in the life and that is probably
why she had been married twice, already.

And then I took a break and stopped going in the bar where
she worked for a few weeks because I needed some time to think.
I wasn't mad at her but I was mad at myself for even brining
Ronnie around her, in the first place. I was home one afternoon,
just before dinner time when my front door bell rang and
it turned out to be Char.

I opened the door and just looked at her standing there looking
back at me. "I haven't seen you for a few weeks.
Here are you payments for the car loan, " Char said
as she handed me some cash. Char also looked like she was
about to start crying any second so I asked her if she wanted
to come in for a minute. The last thing I needed in my quiet
neighborhood was a forty one year old blonde woman to be
crying at my front door.

"Are you sure you want me to come in?" Char asked
still fighting to hold back her tears. I reached for her
hand and helped her walk into my foyer before I closed the
door behind her. "I don't know how to tell you
again, I am really sorry, in a way that will help you believe
me" Char said as she stood there with tears once again
beginning to run down her cheeks.

My heart began to break or at least it felt like it could when
I saw Char crying again so I pulled her into my arms and silently
held her. And her arms also came up and held me as we just stood
there in my foyer holding on to one another. We had been good
friends and she deserved to be forgiven. It was from the
heart how we hugged each other, but it wasn't romantic
in any sense of the word.

Char finally pulled back because she was as confused by
our hug as I was. "What is going on here?" She
asked me, wiping the last of her tears from her cheeks. And
when I didn't respond Char told me again, she knew there
would only be one Mary in my life but she hoped there to be
a little place for her too. "Is your heart big enough
for me too?" She asked me, looking directly into my

I had been raised with old school values and Mary had been
the only woman I had ever been with and then we didn't
do that until a week before our wedding. And I knew in Char's
generation, things had changed and changed a lot based
on her two marriages and probably her many lovers, including
my own son.

I told Char there would always be a place in my heart for her
but not the kind of place she might be happy with. She giggled
for a moment before she told me she didn't expect that
I was going to fall in love with her any time soon. "You
might not understand this, but sex just isn't that
important to me anymore. I think I have finally learned
my lesson once and for all, " Char explained.

It was like someone waved a magic wand over us because on
the following Wednesday I walked back in the bar for lunch
and was greeted with Char's smiling face once again.
"Well hello there good looking, " She said
as she filled my soda glass and handed me my menu to look over.

Char had a few other customers so she left me and went to wait
on them and as she walked away, I was back to admiring her
nice round ass, once again. As a man I was always going to
admire a good looking woman's body no matter what.
And the truth was , I just plain liked Char as a person more
than I liked her body. But then again, I still liked a woman's
shape and had since I was twelve years old.

The weeks passed and Char and I continued our close, deep
friendship each Wednesday when I had lunch. And I heard
all about Charlie's big day was approaching when she
was going to be graduating from eight grade. Char was going
to throw a party and invited me to it so I could also meet her
mother and step father. "It's not going to be
a big party. But I think Charlie would really like it if you
were there too, " Char said smiling at me.

I can't say I liked her mother or her step father very
much, but it was worth going, just to see Charlie's
eyes when she opened up my gift. Char's mother was too
trashy for my taste but it did tell me what kind of role model
Char had growing up. I left around five as Char walked me
to my car and thanked me a couple of dozen times for making
Charlie's day so special.

And when we got to my car, Char surprised me when she got up
on her tip toes and kissed me on my cheek before I left. I must
have had a strange look in my eyes because as soon as she kissed
me, Char giggled and told her it wasn't a sexual kiss
so I had nothing to worry about. "I wasn't worried, "
I told her as she smiled and said she was happy that we were
friends again.

It was fast approaching, the fourth of July and Char had
already told me Charlie was going to be spending a week with
her grandmother. So when Char asked me if I would drive her
and Charlie up to her mother's place, I said yes. I wasn't
sure Char's car was running that well, even after the
repairs she had done and I worried the two of them might break
down on the highway.

We had just dropped Charlie off and said our good byes when
Char and I headed back home and began to chat. "This
is the first trip we have ever taken together, " Char
said at one point. I just smiled and nodded my head as I made
our way towards the freeway. "Did you and Mary travel
a lot?" Char then asked me. I told her we took three
or four trips out West when our son was little and we really
liked the mountains and the National Parks.

We then rode in silence for a short ways before Char asked
me if Mary had a wild streak because she thought my wife sounded
like a saint whenever I talked about her. "I mean,
did you two ever do anything that would shock, even me?"
She asked grinning from ear to ear. I chuckled as I steered
my car along and simply nodded at Char after she asked me.
I had no doubt Char thought Mary and I were always too old
fuddy duds and had never been wild in our younger days.

"So tell me. You can't just leave me hanging like
this?" Char said now giggling with excitement alongside
me in my car. I still wasn't going to tell her any of my
wife's and my secrets but Char kept asking me over and
over for the next thirty minutes.

"Ok, ok you win, " I finally said as Char got
this excited look on her face as she waited to hear whatever
I had to say. "But you have to remember we were once
young and had a strong sex drive even if we never cheated
on each other, " I said first as Char agreed that she
had always understood that to be true.

"Let's see, how do I tell you about this?"
I said out loud as Char sat there practically trembling alongside of me. "Come on.
I'm dying here, " Char said after I apparently
was taking too much time. "Ok, one of the things I always
liked as a man is the shape of women. I just like looking at
them even if I was never going to touch any of them except
for Mary, " I added. Char told me she always knew I
was looking at her backside when she walked away from me
in the bar.

"Well the thing is. Mary and I start going to a nudist
camp site on weekends and we both found out we really liked
it, " I said and then shut up. "I got to look at
lots of other women and Mary discovered she liked showing
other men her body too, " I added and then shut up.
"Are you saying you and Mary walked around totally
naked around other people?" Char asked as she was
gasping for air.

I just nodded my head but had a big smile on my face because
I knew Char never thought my wife and I would have ever done
something like that. The truth was Mary had always had a
great body with very full, round breasts and when she was
in her twenties and thirties, she enjoyed showing them
off. I sensed Char was simply blown away by what I had just
shared with her.

There was about a minute of silence before Char finally
responded when she said, " Your pulling my leg, right?"
"Of course I am. I just was kidding with you, "
I said back to Char kind of regretting I had ever told her
what my wife and I use to do when we were younger. "I
knew it wasn't true. But you sure got me a for a few seconds, "
Char said giggling her usual delightful giggle.

The subject was finally dropped as Char and I chatted about
Charlie, the nice warm weather and how she was going to relax
without having Charlie to watch for an entire week. "I
love Charlie but a week long break is going to be great, "
Char said as I nodded that she deserved a break, for sure.
I dropped Char off at her apartment around four and headed
back to my house to get my lawn cut before the sun set.

The following Wednesday I was back in the bar for lunch and
found Char looking very relaxed and very upbeat. We chatted
for a while about her weeklong vacation so far, from being
a mom and although Char admitted she missed her daughter,
she also loved the time alone. I finally ordered one of the
daily lunch specials as Char rushed my order into the kitchen.
She then waited on some other customers but made it back
to me a few minutes later.

"Can I ask you if you were actually telling me the truth
about what you and Mary use to do?" she said sheepishly.
I couldn't lie and so I nodded my head yes. Char gasped
for a second before she said, "So you were telling
me the truth, after all ?" I nodded my head again as
she blushed even more. "Was it close by here?"
Char then asked me and I told her it was about an hour drive
away. "No shit!" Char said then before she said
she never realized anything like that was so close to where
we lived.

There was a small nudist campground with campers and tents
for about fifty camp sites as well as a pool and a bar on sight
that the area nudists used each summer. And at one time when
Mary and I were younger, we use to spend several weekends
each summer at the camp ground enjoying both the warm weather
and the fun of being a part time nudist. Like I had already
said, I enjoyed looking at women and my wife discovered
she liked having other's especially other men admire
her womanly shape as well.

Char then leaned over the bar and whispered to me, "So
you and Mary had nothing on at all?" I chuckled and
told Char that we wore sandals, if that made it easier to
accept. She then had to wait on a couple of businessman who
had just come in and when she came back to me Char said, "Will
you take me there?"

It was shocking to me and not because Char was curious but
because she looked like she was serious when she asked me.
"Are you sure?" I asked Char as she stood red
faced while she said she was pretty sure she wanted to try
it, but she was also kind of scared and would need me close
to her to protect her.

I didn't' have much to pack except for a cooler
with some drinks in it and another cooler for some food for
us. And it was exciting when I drove over to pick Char up on
Friday morning because we had plans to camp at the campground
on Friday night and then leave sometime on Saturday, so
she could go and pick up her daughter early on Sunday morning.

I also had some concerns about seeing Char without her clothes
on as well as showing her my body with any clothes on too.
I hadn't seen a naked woman in over a year and although
it excited me as a man, it also troubled me as her friend.
What if Char and I started to feel something we didn't
expect? With my wife, I always knew at night, Mary and I would
end up making love because being naked all day long was obviously
arousing although it wasn't sexual in the way you might
think it would be.

Char was waiting on the steps of her apartment building
with a small bag next to her when I pulled up to get her. She
was already blushing as we hadn't even left for the
campground yet. We had already agreed that when we were
in the camper I had rented, Char and I would both be covered.
So we would only be naked when we were outside, surrounded
by other people.

"God, I can't believe I am actually going to do
this, " Were the first words she said once she got
into my car. I chuckled and told Char she could change her
mind by just get out of my car before we left. Quickly she
shook her head no and told me just to leave before she got
cold feet. I thought it might help to lighten the situation
in my car so as soon as I pulled out onto the street and I asked
Char is she was a real blonde because I would know for sure,
in just a few hours.

The look she gave me was simply priceless as she stared at
me for the longest time before she said "Not very blonde,
down there." She was so wired it was hard to concentrate
on the road as Char went on and on about being naked in public
and how she was so nervous but also excited about trying
that for the first time in her life. "So, people just
walk around showing their everything?" She asked
me a few seconds later. I joked and reminded Char the people
often do cover their feet before we both broke out laughing.

We finally arrived, drove down the long dirt road before
we got to a gate and had to be buzzed in. And Char nervously
waited in my car while I went inside the office to register
and pay for the camper for a night. Her eyes looked like saucers
as Char sat in the front seat nervously looking for people
walking around with any clothes on.

When I got back into my car, I told Char we were still a little
ways away from where the campers were located along with
the pool and the people. "Ok, I'm going to take
a deep breath before we go find the camper, " Char
said as she sat there totally red faced.

As we passed by the pool where a lot of people had gathered,
Char suddenly began acting like a thirteen year old girl,
all over again. And right in front of her were bare breasts,
bare vaginas and bare cocks, of all different sizes and
shapes. "Oh my God, They are really, all naked, "
She said as we passed by the people on our way to our camper
for the night.

Char and I finally parked in front of the very small camper
I had rented for us before we got out and unloaded the few
things we had brought along. And while we were unloading
a couple passed by us and waved as we waved back. Char froze
up again just staring at the man and the woman both walking
by without a stitch of clothing on.

Five minutes later we were face to face in the small camper
staring at each other because our moment of truth had finally
arrived. "Ok, so tell me again, how is this going to
work?" Char asked me quite nervously I might add.
And I will admit I was also quite nervous as well as excited

I didn't respond to her and instead reached down and
untied my shoes before I removed them. I then unbuttoned
my shirt next as Char just stood there watching me begin
to undress. "So we should undress in here and then
go out?" She asked. I finally stopped and asked her
if she was going to get undressed too or was she going to just
stay in the camper for the rest of the day. "No, I came
here to try this so I guess I have to now undress in front of
you too, " Char finally said as she flipped off her
sandals before she reached for the t shirt.

I watched but tried not to stare as Char raised her t shirt
over her head and exposed her lacy bra to me for the first
time. It turned out Char did have a nice size chest after
all. Not huge but quite large and her breasts appeared to
have a real nice shape to them although I had to wait until
she removed her bra to be sure.

I then removed my shorts and was down to just my underwear
when I waited for her to catch up. Char removed her shorts
next before it was time to expose the rest of her body. I could
tell she was very nervous as she looked at me while she reached
behind to unhook her bra. "This feels really strange, "
She said before she slowly lifted her bra off as I watched
her pointed breasts pop out like two cone shaped points
on her chest.

Char and I then just stood there looking at each other with
only our underwear left on. "Well what do you think?"
She said blushing while she smiled at me with her breasts
now exposed. I told her she looked very nice and should be
proud of her body. She seemed to be still trembling so I gave
her a minute or so standing there topless in front of me before
I asked her if she was ready to get completely naked.

"I'm not sure, " Char said first as her
cone shaped breasts had begun heaving on her chest. "But
everybody else is naked so let's just do it, "
Char said before she reached for her panties while I reached
for my underwear. Char stood back up totally exposed in
front of me where her sparsely covered pubic hair didn't
do much to cover her outer lips. "Not very blonde down
there, " she said pointing with her finger at her
pubic hair.

Char then looked down at my cock for the longest time before
she commented, that I was not getting hard. I tried to explain
that nudism is not about sex even if it makes us all feel sexy.
"But you still think I look sexy, right?" she
said standing naked a few feet from me. I told Char she looked
very sexy and very appealing as a woman and had nothing to
worry about in that department.

For a moment the whole thing reminded me of Mary all those
years ago and it made me sort of sad. But then I looked at Char
and felt grateful to have such an attractive younger woman
by my side, which was something I sure never expected would
ever happen to me again.

Char sunbathed most of the afternoon by the pool and definitely
got a lot of looks from the men and the ladies as she laid stretched
out under the sun with her body on display. And then a few
times Char and I cooled off in the pool and splashed each
other and had a really good time. Although I was having a
lot of fun, I was also beginning to stir inside as a man each
time Char's breasts bounced up and down in front of
me. I was trying my best to fight those feelings, but I was
losing the battle.

But I kept telling myself it wasn't real and this was
just a new experience with a good friend. But her cone shaped
breasts were tempting to look at even if I tried not to look
at them. And then there was her trimmed but still dark pussy
hair around her slit that caught my eye even more. It finally
had gotten to me so I left and walked back to the camper, to
calm myself down telling Char to remain at the pool as long
as she wanted too.

Char returned to our small camper fifteen minutes after
I did and when she walked in she noticed my cock had begun
to harden. "Maybe we should just leave, " I
said to Char as she stood there looking better and better
to me. "Or maybe we should stay and see where this might
lead the two of us, " Char said back to me as my shaft
continued growing.

"If it helps you feel any better, I have been very wet
too, ever since I saw you naked, " Char said to me.
Char and I slowly came together in the tiny camper before
we shared our first lips on lips kiss. And what made our kiss
even better for both of us was that we could also both feel
each other's body touching ours. Char's cone
shaped breasts finally crushed up against my chest as my
hard swollen shaft pushed between her legs while we embraced.

The explosion of our passion took over and before we both
knew it, we were on the bed hugging, touching and continuing
to kiss one another. I can't remember a time I was that
hard and Char hadn't' even touched my shaft yet.
We didn't know the reasons for our new passion but we
knew how this was going to end. Once my hands began massaging
Char's breasts, she lost it even more. And when my finger
tips finally played with her fine pubic hair, Char began
to whimper her approval.

It was so intense, so quickly neither of us could wait much
longer, so after another hot kiss, Char laid back on the
bed and spread her legs before she invited me to mount her.
And as I slowly climbed into position Char had this incredible
look in her eyes that was intoxicating to me. She was indeed
one incredible woman and now I was about to savor all the
secrets she had to share with me for the first time. .

My shaft slowly worked inside of Char's vagina as our
two bodies slowly became one. And once we were united, Char
and I kissed each other before we began to figure out how
to move together and make the most of this memory. She was
a very passionate woman and a wonderful lover while we remained
connected in our first union.

Char and I were making love some of the time and at other times
we ended up fucking each other too. It was a mixed bag of feelings
and intensity and I wasn't sure which was stronger.
But being part of Char's body was something special
for me and I tried my best to show her how I truly felt. The
longer our union lasted the closer Char and I became as people.

Char finally sensed when I began to get even more rigid because
she smiled at me the whole time I worked myself into a frenzy
on top of her. I was slamming Char pretty hard near the end
and her wonderful pussy just kept gripping down on it, until
I exploded. I was breathless, exhausted and satisfied
more than I had been in a really long time.

Char and I both cleaned up and were back out the door an hour
later ready for more adventure. But this time we held each
other's hand and strolled around showing off our bodies
as a couple and not just friends. We had our sandwiches for
dinner and spent a couple of hours later on that night in
the bar with some other really fun people. Of course the
fact no one had any clothes on, only seemed to make Char even
more outgoing.

Char reached her first orgasm with me later that night after
we had gone to bed and it was amazing to be part of her experience.
Her slender body coiled up and then would relax before it
coiled up again and again until the spring inside of her
finally snapped and her climax hit her. We were still two
very different souls in the dark making love but we were
together and cherished the experience we both were having.

Saturday at noon came much too quickly and before we knew
it, it was time for Char and I to get dressed and head home.
I could never have imagined doing any of this again, especially
with a bartender I happen to meet at lunch a year or two before.
Yet on the way home, I told Char this didn't mean we were
a couple and I wanted her to still keep looking for men closer
to her own age, that she could date.

"Does that mean you not going to ask me out on dates?"
Char asked after I tried to make her feel like she was still
a free woman and was not obligated to me for anything. Char
showed me she was wise beyond her years because once we did
back home and she did go pick up Charlie, we pretty much spent
all of our free time together anyway. But we didn't
make love for over a month even though we had made love twice
in one day at the campground. I think neither of us knew how
to approach that back in our real lives.

I still struggled with the fact I was too old for her but Char
put that fear of mine to rest when we spent one more weekend
at the campground near the end of August. It was a weekend
I will never forget and I don't 'think Char will
either. I realized I needed her in my life and she showed
me she was more than willing to be part of it.

Char and Charlie moved into my home a few months later and
as a family we clicked even though Char and I did not get married
even though I asked but she said never again. Charlie loved
her new room, her new neighborhood and her new friends who
all lived very close to her now that she lived in a real neighborhood
and not in an apartment. And Char and I shared a bedroom too
and spent countless nights rekindling our feelings for
one another.

Charlie is now grown and even went to college and graduated.
Char remains with me in my home which became our home. I left
Char my home and what money I have left when I do eventually
pass on in hopes of taking care of her for as long as I possibly
can. There will always be only one Mary in my life but I was
lucky enough to share the later years with a very, very special
younger woman who I also love dearly.

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awwwww, that was sweet and well wrote!


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Good job. It made me really think about a another certain younger woman. Maybe there is a future for us too.


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Your sensual, well written stories are A WELCOME BREAK from the usual 10 inch cock / come four times b/s that shows up here. Always a pleasure to read your submissions. KEEP THEM COMING. THANKS


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getting started on a new life and about friends and the need to be with people


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A truly great love story with erotic ending. Great job writing>


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that was a very touching story. I really hope it was true at least parts of it. If there is a lesson in it I believe it is


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Yep Dangerous, "True Romance" with a little bit of hot sex thrown in. Great writing. Love Making is so much more fun than just fucking. Though just fucking is certainly fun as well.


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a great story but way to long