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Mike awoke at the break of light the next morning. Turning
to his night-stand, he looked at the radio alarm clock.
six o'clock am.

To damn early to get up on the weekend, he thought to himself.
Oh well, Ted will be here in a half hour or so anyway.

Might as well get up. He moved back to his stomach, feeling
Luan's soft body next to his. Then again, Ted could

Mike pulled the covers away from Luan's body, revealing
her smooth backside, firm ass, and slender legs to his eyes.
A dark nylon body stocking covered her from neck to toes,
with a small opening for access to her pussy and asshole.

He rolled on top of Luan, his body pressing her into the soft
mattress. He rubbed his dick against the fabric over her
ass cheeks. He reached beneath her, fondling her soft tits
through the nylon stocking. His mouth pressed hotly against
her neck, sucking on the hot flesh as she moaned and writhed
beneath him.

Lifting up his body, he rolled her over. He lowered his body
back onto her soft flesh. His hand moved her long, dark hair
from her face, her brown eyes locking onto his, as his mouth
covered hers. His tongue danced inside her, playing tag
with her tongue as he darted it around her mouth. His erection
was rubbing her cunt through the opening in the stocking,
moving against her wet pussy lips as she spread her legs
wide, giving him easy access to her womanhood. His hands
moved back to her soft breasts, kneading them through the
soft fabric until milk began to slowly ooze from them, spreading
through the nylon stocking in circles from her tits.

Mike felt Luan respond beneath him, her arms encircling
his body as his erect penis found the opening to her cunt.
As the head disappeared inside her hot hole, he shoved forward,
burying his hard rod into her moist depths. He heard her
gasp and arch her back when he slammed his tool into her.

Mike put his hands under Luan's back, their bodies
pressed tightly together as his hips started a slow, rhythmic,

His stiff penis moved up her moist channel, until it drove
into her uterus, then pulled back out. He moved his hips
again and again as he fucked her hot cunt, their pubic hairs
meshing together at the end of each stroke. The suction
when he pulled out of her made a loud slurping noise, exciting
him as it mixed with his panting and her moaning.

Luan felt her warm milk slowly leak down the sides of her
body as her Master fucked into her pussy, her juices engulfing
his tool as it rammed her clit with each stroke. His body
pressed her into the bed, smashing her tits against her
body as his pubic mound banged into hers with every stroke.

She moved her hips upward as best she could on his down strokes,
trying to bury his hot erection as far into herself as she
could. Her vagina walls worked firmly on his manhood, massaging
his rod lovingly in its slick, vice like grip. With each
stroke she squeezed her pussy muscles, trying to milk the
cum from him.

Mike rolled off of Luan onto his back, his breath coming
in short gasps as he lay on the firm mattress.

"Get on top and fuck my dick, " Mike ordered

"Yes Master, " Luan replied.

Luan moved to her knees on the bed, quickly moving on top
of her Master, legs spread open wide over his manhood. With
a knee resting on each side of his masculine body, she reached
down to guide his massive member into her wet depths. Her
hips moved slowly downward, her pussy swallowing his rod
in one smooth motion. Their groins pressed hotly against
each other, sending sparks from her love button to her pussy
as it flooded with hot juice, her excitement growing towards

Luan moaned to herself as she started to move up and down
on her Master's hard shaft, her body standing straight
up from his in a ninety degree angle. Her hands pushed against
her thighs as she pumped her hips on his huge member. She
concentrated on controlling the muscles in her pussy,
stroking him gently with each movement of her body. She
moved her hips in a quick rhythm over his body, his ten inches
shaft disappearing into her soft cunt, only to reappear
a split second later, coated with her juice.

She felt her Master's hands move back to her breasts
as she fucked herself on his staff. His hands were kneading
her soft flesh roughly through the nylon fabric, making
her milk flow even faster from her enlarged nipples. Her
nipples squirted the milk against the body stocking, running
down her taught stomach until it reached her cunt lips,
mixing with her juice before running onto her Master's
shaft and onto the bed below them.

The sweet smell from her milk and the pungent aroma from
her fucking pussy wafted up to her nostrils, giving her
an intoxicated feeling as her orgasm built.

God she's good, Mike thought as Luan moved her pussy
over his raging hard on, bringing him closer and closer
to his release. He would cum soon he knew, her pussy massaging
his manhood with every stroke, her juice dripping down
onto his body.

His hands milked her breasts, sending a stream of her mothers
milk down her wildly fucking body, to finally come to rest
on the bed beneath them.

"I'm Cumming Luan, don't stop!"

Mike yelled at her.

He could hold off no longer. Grabbing her hips, he pumped
his cock deeply inside her, impaling her body on his rigid
tool as it started to spurt his
scalding seed inside her. He felt his cock shoot [color
blue] spurt after spurt [color
black]of cum into her depths. Her pussy flooded his tool
with its juice as she climaxed at the same time, her pussy
spasms making his orgasm seem to last forever. His fingers
held onto her gyrating hips, his body arching to shove every
last centimeter of his rod into her. His cock eventually
stopped spitting his seed into her, and he relaxed back
onto the bed, her love nest still holding tightly onto his
slowly softening dick.

Luan was on the verge of cumming as her Master slammed into
her the final time. His hands roughly pulled her onto his
erupting cock, burying it deep within her womb. Between
the hot fluid pouring inside her and his groin pressed hard
against her hot clit, the sensations were to much for her.
Her orgasm exploded in her. Her pussy contracted uncontrollably
on the flowing dick buried deep inside her, flushing her
pussy with her own hot cum. Her hips struggled against her
Master's strong hands, unable to break his strong
grip. She ground her hips downward, rubbing her clit against
his pubic area, sending lightening sparks up her cunt and
throughout her body as it shook in orgasm. The orgasm rolled
through her body for almost a minute before it subside,
leaving her weak and unable to catch her breath.

Mike felt Luan collapse on top of him after her orgasm. He
reached up and removed the black hair that was covering
his head.

He listened as she worked to regain her breath, her head
pressed hotly against onto his chest. Her wet tits were
smashed onto his chest from her weight, the milk still slowly
leaking out and down his body to the bed below. He could feel
her pussy still quivering against his now soft penis, there
juices flowing past it onto his pubic hair and finally the

Mike reached up and took Luan's head in his hands, moving
it to his lips. He pressed his mouth to hers, his tongue searching
for hers, and playing with it.

They kissed for several minutes, Mike beginning to play
with the idea of fucking her again when there was a soft knock
at the door.

"Come in, " Mike yelled at the door.

Linda opened the door, her long blond hair contrasting
nicely against the two piece black G-string bikini she
wore this morning.

"I hope I didn't disturb you Master?"

Linda asked, a little fear in her voice.

"No. What do you want?"

Mike responded.

"Ted is here Master, at six:thirty like you ordered
him, " Linda answered.

She was glad her Master wasn't angry with her. He sometimes
woke up mad, even when he had told them to wake him. And he
never liked to be disturbed when he was fucking. She had
heard their love making while she was outside the door and
had waited for fifteen minutes after she thought they were
done before knocking to be sure it was safe.

Mike looked at his watch. seven o'clock .

"OK, tell him to wait for half an hour, then come up
here with his reports and some coffee. "Me and Luan
are going to take a shower now, " Mike told her.

"Yes Master, " Linda responded, quickly leaving
the room and closing the door behind her.

Mike pushed Luan off his body, his wilted penis slipping
out of her wet pussy as she moved to his side.

"Come on Luan, " Mike told her, "time
to get up and take a shower.

I need a washer.

Mike manoeuvred his body off the bed, walking to his connected

Luan raised herself off the bed, her legs a still a little
shaky from their screwing. She removed the body stocking
from herself, the wet fabric sliding coolly over her flesh.

Her Master was brushing his teeth as Luan entered the bathroom.
Not stopping, she walked over to the shower. Turning on
the water, she waited for him to join her.

Luan stood back slightly in the spacious shower as her Master
entered. She waited until he had soaked his body before
she reached toward him with a washcloth and soap.

Luan poured some shampoo into her Master's hair, scrubbing
his scalp under the flowing water. Moving to the top of his
back, she worked the cloth into a soapy froth as she rubbed
his hard body. Her hands wandered down to his ass, the cloth
moving over his flesh in brisk strokes.

Her Master turned around, allowing her to scrub his face
and neck. Shifting her attention downward, she moved her
cloth to his hairy chest, cleaning her own congealed milk
off of him.

Next, she went to her Master's groin, washing his soft
penis tenderly. Her hands gently rubbed his testicles,
the soap removing the residue of their fucking. Going to
her knees, she washed his thighs and legs.

While she soaped her Master's feet, his soft dick was
directly in front of her face. She gently kissed the head,
tasting the unrinsed soap that covered it.

"Take the head of my dick into your mouth Luan, I have
to pee, " Mike ordered her.

Luan quickly moved her mouth over the soapy head. Almost
immediately, her mouth was flooded with his hot urine.
It tasted a lot like the warm salt water rinses she used to
gargle with as a child, but much stronger. It had a pungent
after effect that she wasn't sure was tasted or smelled.
She swallowed as much of his salty waste as she could, the
hard stream striking the back of her mouth and then shooting
forward. What she couldn't gulp down spilled out of
her mouth in a torrent, down her wet body, disappearing
in the shower drain. She left her Master's rod in her
mouth for a minute after his piss stopped, cleaning the
tip with her tongue before washing it again with her cloth.

Mike let loose of his pee as soon as Luan's mouth covered
the head of his dick. His urine gushed forcibly into her
oral cavity, a huge quantity stored up from the previous
night. He looked down, seeing her mouth gulp in desperation
as she tried to catch all of his fluid before it rushed out
of her mouth and down the shower drain. His piss seemed to
last forever, sending a steady flow of his waste into his
slaves eager mouth.

After he was through emptying his bladder into Luan's
mouth, he rinsed himself off and stepped out of the shower.

"I feel nice this morning slave. You can finish cleaning
up in my bathroom this morning, just don't be all day, "
Mike told her.

"Thank you Master, I'll be very quick, "
Luan replied.

While Mike towelled himself off, Luan moved to the sink
to start her daily cleaning. After brushing her teeth,
she reached into the cabinet below the sink, bring out her
douche bag.

Taking it with her back to the shower, she cleaned herself
thoroughly, making sure all her holes were squeaky clean
and well lubricated.

As Mike walked back into his large bedroom, he saw Ted Crawford
sitting at his table by the window with two cups of coffee
and a pot of the same before him. Melanie was tearing down
his bed, fresh sheets resting on his cabinet. She was wearing
a tight red halter top, her 34 C tits and nipples stretching
the fabric from her chest. Her bottom was covered by tight
gold exercise leotards, stretching across her firm ass
down to her ankles. The outfit contrasted well with her
dark black skin, her afro braided tightly in the back.

Mike thought about Ted. He was the only person addicted
to the drug triloxakin that Mike didn't order to call
him master.

Of course, Ted had taken the drug on his own, and then given
the secret to Mike.

Two years ago, Ted had worked at the Matabin drug company
in the research and development division. He was actually
the person who invented triloxakin. Ted had been so sure
the drug would work, that after just two days of laboratory
testing on animals, he had used himself as the first and
only human guinea pig. When he came in the third day, and
saw his animals in a coma, he had gone into panic.

As the pain spasms started in his body, he knew he was in trouble.
He worked feverously on an antidote, but the constant desire
for the drug made it impossible for him to concentrate.

Afraid the company would use the drug to enslave the human
race, he had left, destroying all computer records and
company notes with him.

He had gone to Mike, an old friend and molecular chemistry
student at Los Angeles university. He told Mike his story,
giving him his notes, begging him to produce the drug for
him and find a cure. The drug had worked its psychological
effects on Ted's brain, making it almost impossible
for him to deal with the thought of not having the drug again,
and unable to help Mike reproduce the drug.

Mike was actually glad when, after three days, Ted went
into his pain coma so Mike could work undisturbed on copying
the drugs structure.

Thank God Ted had taken good notes before he had taken the
drug, or Mike would never had reproduced it.

Four days after Ted had gone into his pain coma, Mike was
able to produce a batch of the drug. He had given him the triloxakin,
quite surprised by how fast he came out of the coma.

The next few months was a learning process for both of them,
especially Mike. He discovered the two other drugs, hoping
they would remove the addiction to Ted, but both were failures
from that stand point. He found Ted was almost completely
psychologically dependent on him, his two days of coma
removing all of his will when Mike asked him to do anything.
He was just as bright, and just as outspoken with other people,
but found himself emotionally dependent on Mike.

Mike had decided to use the drug to his own advantage. He
had given it to Terri, a cute short haired blond living in
the apartment next to his. Through experiments with her
and several other pretty women, he discovered the best
way to quickly produce a slave. It was simple, let them have
a good dose of the pain coma right from the start, and they
all became emotionally dependent on him as their supplier,
eager to do anything at all to please him.

He had spread out slowly, starting a high class escort service
in LA with twelve of his girls. He didn't earn that much
money from their hooking, but got a great deal from the clients
afterward, mostly high power politicians who didn't
want their pictures smeared across the front page of the
paper in very compromising positions.

He now had services in New York, Washington, DC, Chicago,
Miami, San Francisco, and Dallas, plus had managed to get
a few top executives from several fortune 500 companies,
including the entire board of directors from Matabin drugs
(he thought that was only fair to Ted). And of course, the
prettiest he kept at home for himself.

Mike grabbed the jockey shorts and cut offs Melanie had
laid out for him, putting them on before he sat down next
to Ted and took a sip of hot coffee.

"Good morning Ted, " Mike greeted Ted.

"Morning Boss, have a good time?"

Ted grinned at him, eying Luan in the bathroom.

"Pretty good, as a matter of fact. So, what's
new Ted? Why this important meeting on a Saturday?"

Mike asked him, his gaze resting on the coastline stretched
out below him.

"Take a look at these, " Ted told him, passing
two personnel folders to Mike.

Mike opened the first one and looked inside. He saw a picture
of a large blond woman, dressed in a black leather corset,
and hip high spike heel boots, a cat-o-nine tails whip in
one hand, a spiked paddle in the other. Her hair stretched
to just below her shoulders. He read the bio data on her.
Mistress Donna, 32 years old, six foot even, 150 pounds,
38-thirty-36, address; 2345 J Street, apt fifteen, New
York, New York.

Big girl, Mike thought.

Closing the first folder, he looked into the second. He
found a picture of a young oriental girl with long black

Looking down to the bio data he read; Sung Lee Kim, originally
from Singapore, eighteen years old, five" two inches
, 105 pounds, 34-twenty-two-34, address; 56890 Hemlock
Avenue, New York, New York. Closing the folders, he looked
over at Ted. "If Terri wants to make these girl slaves,
I really don't think we need anymore at this time Ted,
especially in New York, " Mike told him.

"I agree Mike, but the decision was already made.
Terri made them both slaves five days ago. I just found out
yesterday from Becky in Washington. "Evidently
Terri had faxed this data to her, bragging about them. She
immediately forwarded them to me, " Ted responded
to Mike.

Mike shook his head slowly.

"That stupid fucking bitch!"

Mike yelled out.

"What in the fuck does she think she's doing?

"I think she's just trying to impress you Mike,
I don't think she's honestly trying to usurp you, "
Ted said, trying to calm Mike.

"That's beside the point Ted. The one major rule
we have here is that I and only I have the authority to give
the drug out. This is the second time Terri has pulled this
bullshit. It's time to reign her in. Who do we have here
in L A that can take over in New York?"

Mike asked Ted, the anger beginning to dissipate from him.

"I think Colleen would be a good choice, Mike. "She's
smart, a business school graduate. She should do fine, "
Ted replied to Mike.

"OK, have my jet ready to leave Oxnard for New York
by ten o'clock am, that will give her two hours to get
packed and get here. "Make reservations for me at
the Hiat in New York. Tell Terri to be there waiting for me, "
Mike instructed Ted.

Ted reached out for the phone on the table, dialing the numbers
from memory, to put Mike's instructions into action.

Mike looked over at Melanie, who was just finishing cleaning
up his room.

"Melanie, pack me a suit case. Enough clean clothes
in it to last three or four days. I shouldn't be gone
that long, but I may, " he instructed her. "Yes
Master, " she replied, quickly going to his closet
and getting a suitcase, starting to pack.

As she was packing, Luan walked out of the bathroom, her
naked flesh glowing from the hot shower and scrubbing she
had given herself.

"Luan, go tell Linda to come up here, " Mike
ordered her.

"Yes Master, " Luan answered, leaving the
room to find Linda.

"All set Mike, " Ted said, hanging up from his
last phone call, "Colleen will be at the jet by nine:thirty,
ready to go.

You're booked for the penthouse sweet at the Hiat,
and Terri will be there waiting for you. She sounded awful
scared when I talked to her Mike.

"She should be. I am not at all amused by this little
stunt of hers, " Mike said.

"You wanted me Master, " Linda asked as she
walked into the room, still wearing her black two piece

"Yes, we are going to New York for a day or two. Go pack
yourself some clothes, enough for three or four days. Be
ready to go in one hour, " Mike ordered her, "and
tell Luan to come back here.

"Yes Master, thank you very much, " Linda replied,
a large smile spreading across her face.

She loved to get out of town alone with her Master.

After a few minutes, Luan walked back into the room, still
naked, kneeling in front of Mike.

"You wanted me Master, " Luan asked, her head
bowed to him.

"Yes Luan. "I think Ted here is horny. Give him
a blow job, " Mike ordered her.

"Yes Master Luan replied, scooting over to Ted on
her knees, her head moving down between his legs. "Thanks
Mike, " Ted said.

Mike walked over to the bed and sat down just as Melanie finished
packing his suitcase.

"Melanie, I left Cathy tied up down in the basement.
While I'm gone, I want you and Luan to keep working on
her for me, understand?"

Mike asked her.

"Yes Master, " Melanie replied to him.

"Go through the house schedule and explain to her
what is expected of her, " Mike instructed her, "You
can start her bisexual training and her toilet training.
She is to go to work Monday morning. Make sure she is not late.
You'll be in charge while I'm away. I'll leave
a four day supply of drugs for you. It's your discretion
on whether you give her the pleasure drug or not. Luan's
been very good so far this morning, so unless she totally
screws up, she can have hers. Any questions?"

"No Master, " Melanie answered him.

"Good, now go downstairs and untie our new slave.
Bring her back up here, but don't enter the room until
Luan leaves. You can use your time explaining the way things
work around here to her, " he told her. "Yes
Master, I will, " Melanie responded to him.

She left the room quietly, going down stairs to untie her
new sister in slavery.

Mike reached over to the fresh clothes Melanie had left
for him. A pair of blue jeans and a comfortable shirt plus
tennis shoes completed his wardrobe for the trip. No reason
to be sitting in tight clothes for a five hour flight, he
thought as he slipped into them.

Mike looked over at Ted and Luan as he sipped his coffee on
the bed. He watched her head move up and down on his hard cock,
her arms encircling his waste to draw him closer to her.

Luan moved over to Ted as her Master ordered her. Reaching
out with both her hands, she quickly undid his belt and pants.

She pulled his pants and boxers down his muscular legs until
they were around his ankles. Bending her head down, she
sucked his semi erect tool into her moist mouth, her nostrils
filling with the pungent aroma from his groin.

She moved her tongue around the base of his penis, the salty
taste exciting her as it moved further into her eager mouth.
It began to grow from the attention of her expert mouth and
tongue until it was fully erect, sliding easily into her
throat with each thrust of her head. It wasn't as long
as Mike's, about eight inches she judged, but it was
still a mouthful.

She let the hot tool leave her mouth, her tongue running
along its length from the tip to the base. She was mouthing
the side of his rod, her lips wrapped halfway around it as
she move her head downward. At the base of his tool, she worked
her tongue into his pubic hair, going until she reached
his hairy scrotum sack. She gently sucked on his balls,
listening to Ted moan with pleasure from her action. His
pubic hairs tickled her nose, making her want to sneeze.
She massaged his testicles for a few minutes before moving
her head back to the top of his hot erection. She sucked the
head into her hot mouth, moving her lips along its length
until the entire tool was again buried deep in her throat.

While she lovingly moved her mouth over Ted's manhood,
she felt him start to hump his hips into her mouth, his soft
moans telling her his orgasm was approaching quickly.

She felt him tense, his cock expanding inside her mouth
as it began to pump its salty seed into her eagerly sucking
mouth, shooting against the back of her throat.

Her mouth moved backward, opening as wide as she could when
he started to shoot his load. She laid the head of his dick
on the top of her tongue, giving her Master as good a view
as she could as he shot his hot jism into her. One hand reached
up to gently massage his balls, trying to squeeze every
once of his seed into her mouth. Her other hand moved to his
shooting rod, steadying it so all the spurts
of cum landed on her tongue and rolled back
into her throat where she sucked it down like it was water
from the fountain of youth.

When his penis had stopped pumping his hot jism into her,
Luan closed her mouth back over his softening tool, her
tongue darting into his pee hole to clean out as much of his
nectar as she could.

"Whew, that was great Luan, " Ted told her,
picking her up and planting a wet kiss on her lips, his hands
squeezing her tits when they were within reach.

"Thank you Ted, " Luan replied, looking over
at her Master.

"Was it OK Master?" she asked him.

"If Ted said it was great, it must be. You know he doesn't
lie. You better go now Luan, if the others are out there,
send them in, " Mike instructed her. "Yes Master, "
she said, "have a nice trip.

I'll miss you.

As soon as she left, Melanie and a naked Cathy walked into
his room.

"I'm going away for a few days Cathy. While I'm
gone, you will obey Melanie and Luan just like you would
me. Understand?" he asked her.

"Yes Master. "I will do whatever they order
me to do. I will try to be a good slave, " Cathy answered

He noted with satisfaction that she had moved to her knees
as soon as she entered the room. He knew her muscles must
still be terribly cramped from her night bound to the stocks
and any movement very painful to her.

Yeah, he wasn't going to have any trouble training
this one.

Not like that stupid Terri.

"Good, now take my bag downstairs to the door and then
wait for Melanie. She'll be right there to continue
your training, " Mike ordered her.

"Yes Master, " Cathy answered him.

She got up off her knees and picked his suitcase off the bed,
carrying it in front of her as she left.

Mike followed her bouncing ass cheeks as she walked out
the door.

Nice ass, Mike thought.

"Melanie, in case of an emergency either get a hold
of Ted or myself, preferably Ted first. This trip shouldn't
take to long, " he told her.

"Yes Master, I'm sure everything will be OK while
you are away, " Melanie answered him from her knees.

"Here, " he said, handing her a small vial with
about fifteen drops of liquid in it, "this will last
you four days.

You have plenty of pain drug if you need to punish anyone.

"Lets go get Linda Ted and you can drive me to the airport.
It's nine o'clock now, maybe we can get an early
start, " Mike ordered him.

"OK Mike, " Ted replied.

Mike left his bedroom and walked over to the slaves room
and opened the door. He looked inside and spotted Linda
just closing her suitcase.

"Are you ready yet?" he asked her, eying her
in the clothes she had chosen to wear.

He had given all his slaves orders to dress sexily around
him, but somehow Linda always seemed to outdo everyone
else. She was wearing a dark blue spandex top, the material
clinging to her upper body, her breasts pushing the soft
fabric away from her body, the outline from her nipples
quite evident in the fabric.

Her legs and ass were covered by a pair of white slacks. They
clung to her buttocks and thighs tightly, then slowly spread
wider along her legs, flaring out loosely at the bottom.
Her golden hair hung neatly down her back, her ears adorned
by a small pair of gold earrings.

"Yes Master, " she answered with a smile, "I'm
all backed and ready to leave.

"Good, lets get out of here then, " he said.

They walked out to the front of the house, Ted stopping to
grab Mike's luggage and throw it in the trunk of the
Cadillac he was driving.

Mike and Linda climbed into the back seat, sinking into
the soft leather. Linda snuggled herself against Mike"
body, pushing her breasts into his arm as she clung to him.
Ted climbed silently into the front seat and drove them
out of the yard. nine:ten, Mike thought. With any luck they
would be at the airport by nine:thirty and in the air by nine:45.

And then he could think about what to do with Terri!

Mike stepped out of the car almost before Ted had brought
it to a full stop, holding the door while Linda stepped out,
a little off balanced from her high heels. Beside the jets
open hatch he saw Colleen standing next to the copilot,
waiting for them.

"Get the baggage and wait for me in the plane with Linda, "
Mike instructed her as Ted popped the trunk latch from inside
the cab.

"Yes Mr. Brannigon, " Linda answered him,
remembering to use his proper name when out in public.

"I should be back by Sunday night late, or Monday,
hopefully, " Mike was telling him.

"Just give me a call when you know for sure, Mike, and
I'll have the jet waiting for you, " Ted returned.

"Right. As long as Terri hasn't messed up to much,
I'll just stay long enough to make sure Colleen has
it all under control and then split back here with Terri, "
Mike told him.

"See you later Ted, " Mike said as he walked
to the open hatch.

"Have a good flight, " Ted yelled as he drove
the Caddie away from the plane.

"Glad to have you with us, Mr. Brannigon, "
the copilot greeted him as he walked up, having just finished
stowing their luggage.

"We're all ready to go, sir. About a five hour
flight today, " he told Mike.

"OK, don't disturb us until we arrive",
Mike told him.

"Of course sir, " the copilot replied as he
latched the cabin door shut.

This was normal for this guy, he didn't ever want to
be disturbed. He and the pilot always stayed in the cockpit
during the flight. He thought it was silly, but he also knew
Brannigon was some big stockholder in Matabin, with a lot
of pull. Sometimes it seemed the jet was owned by him, and
not the drug company, the way they scheduled it around Mike
and not the executives. He quickly walked past his passengers
into the cockpit, closing the door behind him.

Mike looked around the compartment, taking in the familiar

There were six grey leather chairs on one side of the jet,
with six on the other side, each facing each other in a club
seating arrangement. In the centre aisle were several
small holes in the floor where a small conference table
could be set up. The chairs swivelled on their base, so they
could face forward during takeoffs and landings. Between
the first row of seats and the cockpit door was a small bar
area, with bottled drinks in a refrigerator. Behind the
last row was a small fold out desk and a stored typewriter.
At the very back was a lavatory.

Mike studied Colleen while the jet taxied out to the runway.
She was sitting directly across from him, her chair facing
his. He was glad to see she had remembered his orders to always
wear sexy clothes around him. Her green eyes looked at him
as he studied her, a wry smile spreading across her delicate

She had a tight, shiny, long sleeved silver body suit on.
It appeared to be made from either silk or a silk like fabric,
encasing her ample three six inches bust tightly. A nipple's
outline protruded from the soft material, her other one
hidden by her long auburn hair as it lay across her shoulder,
falling almost to her waist.

The fabric continued to hug her body, squeezing her twenty-six"
waist, the stretch band making a line across her lower stomach.
Her pussy was tightly sealed in the suit, the material pulling
in underneath her, enclosing her hips and protruding ass.
From her enclosed groin, the body suit hugged her thighs
and legs firmly until it reached her ankles. A pair of slim
silver slippers adorned her feet, completing the outfit.

A loud bell chimed in the cabin over the whine of the jet engines.
Mike looked up, seeing the "Please Fasten Your Seatbelts,
and Lock Your Seats in an Upright and Forward Position"
warning light on.

They all did so as the Captain's voice boomed over the
loudspeaker, repeating the message to them as the jet accelerated
down the runway.

Mike felt and heard the landing gear raise beneath him as
the jet raced upward toward the distance clouds, some 35, 000
feet above them.

After a few minutes, the plane lowered its nose slightly,
still climbing upward, and the warning light blinked out.

Mike swivelled his seat so he was facing Colleen again.

"I'm thirsty, Colleen, get me a beer, "
he ordered her.

"Yes Master, " Colleen responded to him, unhooking
her seat belt and going quickly to the front bar area.

"I know you brought some toys with you, " Mike
said, turning to face Linda.

"As soon as she returns, I want you to put on a show for
me with her. Put her through her paces."

"Yes Master, " Linda said.

She reached under her seat, grabbing the large purse she
had brought on board with her. Opening it, she removed an
eight inches strap on dildo, several lengths of rope, some
leather bondage straps, and a full leather hood with gag.

Linda watched Colleen hand Mike his beer. Before she could
sit back down, Linda reached out with her hand, grabbing
her chin and turning her head to face her.

"The Master wants a show. You will do as I say, "
Linda told her.

"Yes Mistress, " Colleen replied, her eyes
lowering as Linda gently held her head.

Linda's other hand reached up, her fingers seeking
the soft outline of Colleens breasts through her jumpsuit.
Her mouth moved to Colleen's, her lips parting as her
tongue darted into her oral cavity, seeking her tongue.

Linda let go of Colleen's chin and moved it to her other
breast, both hands now working the firm flesh under her
clothes. She roughly pulled at the nipples through the
jumpsuit, pinching the tops, forcing Colleen to moan into
her open mouth.

Her hands moved to Colleen's back as her tongue continued
to push inside her mouth. She found the zipper to Colleen's

With one swift motion, she unzipped the suit to the bottom
of her firm ass.

Linda stood back, pulling the tight fabric over Colleen's
shoulders and down her taut body, exposing her breasts
and pussy slowly, as the silver cloth moved downward.

"Kick off your shoes and step out of your body-suit, "
Linda ordered her.

"Yes Mistress, " Colleen replied as she quickly
did as she was told.

Linda studied Colleen's naked body in front of her,
swaying slightly from the motion of the jet. Her right hand
reached back to her breasts, as her mouth again locked onto
her red lips, smearing her lipstick over both of them. Her
left hand moved down to her pussy, the fingers slipping
inside of Colleen's already dripping cunt.

When Linda's hand moved down to her cunt, Colleen quickly
spread her legs, giving her easy access to her moist womanhood.
She wanted to feel Linda's fingers inside her, her
mouth and other hand having already started the juices

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back, "
Linda instructed her as she reached for the rope sitting
in the chair.

"Yes Mistress, " Colleen said to Linda.

As she turned around, she felt Linda grabbing her hands,
solidly binding them behind her back with the rope an leather
straps. After her wrists were bound, she felt her move up
to just above her elbows, the rope pulling her arms in firmly,
so her elbows almost touched behind her back.

She stood there for several minutes, hearing Linda doing
something behind her, but not sure what.

"Turn around and kneel, " Linda ordered her.

As she moved to obey, she saw Linda had been busy removing
her clothes, and now stood before her kneeling body totally
naked, her breasts pointing straight out from her chest.

Linda reached out to Colleen's long auburn hair, grabbing
a handful of it and pulling her head back.

"OK, bitch, lets see how good you are at using your
tongue. Eat my pussy, " Linda instructed her as she
moved her body up to Colleen's face, her legs spreading
to allow Colleen's mouth to slide under her pussy.

Colleen smelled the strong odour of Linda's pussy
as she moved over her face, the pubic hairs tickling her
nose. She stuck her tongue out, lapping at her pussy lips,
moving it up and down her wet slash. She gently tongued her
clit, her mouth closing around the little bud as she sucked
on it and moved her tongue across its sensitive surface.
Moving back down the gash, she pushed her tongue into Linda's
hot hole, greedily sucking as much of her love juice into
her mouth as she could, before moving back up to her clit.

Linda felt Colleen's tongue start to work on her love
box. She moaned to herself as it worked on her clit, gently
sliding along the length of her love nest, to bury itself
as far as it could reach up her cunt. She grabbed harder on
Colleen's hair, trying to force as much of her mouth
into her pussy as she could, not really caring if she could
breath or not. She loved this part of being Mike's slave,
to be put in control of the other girls, able to make them
do whatever she wanted them to. To please her in any way she
could think of, and she could think of quite a few!

"Ohhhhhhhhh, that's good. Lick faster bitch, "
Linda ordered her captive slave.

Colleen sped up her pace, her tongue pressing deep into
Linda's hot orifice, her mouth making a tight seal
against her hole, sucking out her pussy juice, drinking
it quickly down her gulping throat. Her tongue moved back
up to her clit, darting over the sensitive knob.

She felt Linda press her head even harder into her cunt,
her groaning now almost a continuous moan escaping her

"Keep licking slave, I'm almost ready to cum!"

Linda ordered her.

The orgasm was racing toward Linda at breakneck speed,
Colleen's talented tongue bringing her closer and
closer with each flick.

"Yes, yes! I'm Cumming!" , Linda yelled
to Colleen, her breath coming in rapid gasps.

Her hands pulled her head tightly against her cunt as the
orgasm wracked her body, the spasms shaking her body.

Colleen pushed her tongue deep inside Linda's cunt
as she heard her yell, her upper lip massaging her love button
as her tongue worked inside her moist hole. As the orgasm
shook Linda, Colleen pushed her head hard against her pussy,
her tongue trapped inside her spasming cunt, lapping at
her salty fluid.

Linda held Colleen's head against her pussy after
her orgasm subsided, enjoying the feel of her tongue moving
around inside her.

"That's right Bitch, lick it clean, don't
miss a drop, and don't stop till I tell you to",
she said to her in a gasping voice.

She pulled Colleen's hair even harder, forcing her
nose into her pubic mound until it bent sideways.

Colleen worked her tongue gently around Linda's wet
cunt, lapping up into her as far as she could, draining her
hole of all its pungent fluid even though she could barely
breath with Linda's vice like grip on her hair.

After a few minutes, Linda pulled up on her head, bring Colleen's
mouth even with her tits.

"Suck them", she ordered her as she let go of
her hair and reached down to grab Colleen's own breast.

Colleen moved her mouth over the right nipple, taking as
much of it and the soft breast into her mouth. She felt Linda
grab her own breasts, roughly squeezing the 36 D's
in her grip. Her tongue had worked Linda's nipple into
a mini erection, the aureole swelling and the nipple standing
straight out from her chest. She moved her mouth over to
the other breast, tasting her salty sweat as it engulfed
the soft orb.

Linda continued to knead Colleen's breasts roughly,
squeezing them one second, then pulling hard at the nipples.
She could hear soft, muffled moans from Colleen whenever
she pulled really hard on the nipples. So she pulled hard

"That's enough, slave ", Linda told her
as she moved slightly back from her.

"Stand up straight, I have something for you",
Linda ordered as she reached behind her grabbing a leather
hood that had been in her hand bag.

"Yes Mistress", Colleen replied.

Her arms were beginning to hurt, being tied so far back behind
her. She stood as straight as she could in the jet, her cum
smeared face looking toward Linda and the hood that she

Linda pulled the hood over Colleen's face, tightening
it with leather straps. She left the attached dildo gag
loose for the moment, she had other plans for that mouth.

"Kneel slave", she ordered her.

Linda watched Colleen move to her knees as she fastened
the eight inches strap on dildo to herself. She moved forward,
so that the dildo was just inches from her mouth.

"Open your mouth Bitch, and suck me like a man",
she ordered as she shoved the head of the dildo against her

Colleen opened her mouth when she felt the dildo push against
her lips. Her tongue eagerly began to work on the rubber
member like it was the real thing. She moved her mouth down
its length, swallowing the entire thing into her massaging
throat. She began a slow in and out motion with her head,
taking the length into her throat till her nose pushed against
the leather strap holding the dildo to Linda's pubic

Linda let Colleen continue her sucking for several minutes,
letting her coat the dildo with a slippery film of spit,
before pulling back from her. She reached out to the kneeling
girl, putting the attached gag into her mouth and securing
it tightly.

"Lie on your back and spread you legs", she ordered
her after the gag was secured.

Colleen quickly laid back onto the jet's floor, bending
her knees and spreading her legs wide in the process. She
was now lying on the floor, totally naked, blind and exposed,
her tied arms pushing into her back as she waited for Linda
to fuck her with the dildo.

Linda wasted no time. She quickly moved between Colleens
spread legs, her mouth moving to one of her reddened tits.
She took the soft flesh into her mouth, biting hard on the
nipple. She enjoyed the muffled cry of pain from Colleen's
gagged mouth as she worked her teeth roughly over the already
abused mound. Her hand moved down to Colleen's wet
cunt, guiding the dildo into her female cavity. She removed
her mouth from her nipple and replaced it with her hands,
one on each breast. Holding Colleen's breast for support,
she thrust her hips forward as hard as she could, burying
the entire length of the dildo into Colleen's pussy
with one shove.

Linda smiled to herself when she heard the muffled scream
beneath her.

The pain was almost unbearable for Colleen. She honestly
thought she might pass out when Linda grabbed her poor tits
and shoved the huge dildo into her all in one stroke. The
gag in her mouth halted the scream of pain that tore up from
her throat. As she lay beneath Linda, she felt the dildo
begin to slowly withdraw from her tight hole.

Mercifully, the hands ceased their vice like grip of her
tormented breasts, moving to her side as Linda started
a slow in and out fucking motion with the hard plastic penis.
As the dildo moved in and out of her hot love nest, Colleen
caught herself beginning to enjoy the fucking Linda was
giving her now that she wasn't being so rough. She began
to arch her back and send her hips up to meet Linda's
thrust with each pump of her hips, now moaning with pleasure
beneath her masked face.

"That's right Colleen, fuck that dildo hard
girl", Linda said to her as she moved the dildo in and
out of the captive girls pussy.

She picked up her pace now, shoving into the helpless woman
beneath her as hard as she could.

With each stroke, she could feel Colleen thrust up her hips
to m

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