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“I’ll Be Dirty For You”


He was quite young to be a high school teacher, and some might
say a bit inexperienced, but the results he had achieved
so far showed that he had a natural flair for the job with
the pass rate in his classes being significantly above
John had been teaching for only four years now, but he knew
exactly what type of student Lesley James was.
She was a girl who had brains but wouldn’t use them.
She was someone who was capable of straight A’s but who gave
up at the slightest difficulty.
She would show up today for her appointment promptly at
five despite the fact that she hardly ever showed up for
class. She would then tell him some cock-and-bull story
about a dead grandmother and she would expect to be given
an A.
But the fact remained that she had failed the first important
exam in his class in her senior year at school and had failed
it badly.
He wondered what they were teaching kids in high school
It was only a few years since he’d graduated himself and
he wondered if everything had changed in so short a time.
It seemed to him that by the time you got to her age you should
be able to handle a little upset in life (assuming of course
that the upset was for real and it seldom was). It was a tough
situation. These were potentially good students, but
if they failed then he could offer a makeup exam.
In Lesley’s case she would probably fail that too.
Lesley got to Professor David’s office a few minutes early
and she stood in the hallway outside trying to compose herself.
She knew it was her own fault that she had failed the exam;
you have to expect that sort of thing when you don’t go to
class. But this was something she didn’t know if she could
She needed to pass this Course in order to get into university
in the fall, but she didn’t think Professor David would
be able to tutor her enough so she could catch up. She had
heard rumours about other girls who got stuck like this
(although no one could ever say exactly who had been involved)
which gave the idea that he would offer to pass her if she
would do a little “extra credit”.
He was after all a man and all men ever thought about was sex.
There was a problem with what she was thinking of doing,
A big problem.
Unlike all the other girls in her class, she was still a virgin.
In fact, she had never done anything sexually, she’d never
even kissed a boy before and didn’t know how she would react
if this grown man not only wanted to kiss her but wanted to
fuck her as well, as she had been planning.
She had spent the two hours since classes had finished getting
all dressed up for this but what would she actually do when
it came down to it?
All the time she had spent getting ready and planning exactly
what she was going to do had got her really aroused. As well
as anticipating the pleasure she thought she would get.
She knew it would hurt, a lot, but she’d also heard of the
sudden rush of pleasure a girl could get from having a cock
shafting in and out of her cunt, something called an orgasm.
She could smell the sweet aroma of her juices as they seeped
out of her pussy and she put her hand down between her legs,
cupping her mound.
She could feel the warmth there.
She could feel the lump of her swollen clitoris.
She could feel the wetness of her juices soaking through
the cloth.
But now she was at his door.
Would she be able to go through with it?
God, now that the time was here, she was scared that she would
succeed in what she had been planning to do but she hoped
it would be worth it.
She felt her nipples go rigid under her top in anticipation
of her first ever fuck and, as she slipped a finger under
the leg of her pants to touch her clitoris, she felt a sudden
rush of moisture from her pussy, so much that it leaked out
past her finger and trickled down her leg.
She pulled the cloth back over her streaming pussy, put
her wet finger in her mouth to lick her sweet juices off and
hoped he would like the taste.
She knocked on the door to his study.
‘Come in.’
After Lesley had taken her coat off and turned to face him,
he could see she was dressed in the typical sexually liberated
style of the modern student.
She was wearing all white: a tight, low-necked, cropped
top that was a few sizes too small, so small in fact that it
showed both the bottom curves of her large breasts squeezed
out underneath it and an enormous amount of cleavage; high-cut
lycra sports-pants; cute ankle socks and sneakers. Her
jet black hair was teased up into a strange configuration
that must have used half of a can of mousse and taken ages
to arrange.
Jack thought she looked very attractive like that, the
way her big breasts stood up so firm and round with the dark
circles of her areolae and the lumps of her nipples showing
through the thin fabric. He liked the way her sports pants
moulded to her pubes as well and seemed to make a groove along
the bulging surface of her mound. He also liked the scent
she was wearing, but couldn’t think what it was at the moment.
But, whatever, she was his student, Jack reminded himself
and stood up to greet her.
Even after all her planning Lesley hadn’t truly believed,
deep down, that she would have to go through with what she
intended and she had thought that in a few minutes she would
be laughing at her ridiculous expectations.
But it was happening.
It was really happening.
She had walked in the door and the first thing this guy did
was stare at her tits and pussy.
He was her Teacher and he was staring at her tits and pussy.
She couldn’t believe it, momentarily forgetting in her
nervousness that she had dressed as she had precisely in
order to produce this effect.
She felt a short involuntary tremble pass over her when
he touched her shoulder as he greeted her.
He pointed to a chair and asked her to sit, then sat down in
his own with his back to his desk.
She went over, picked up the chair and moved it so that when
she sat down in front of him with her legs together, their
knees were almost touching.
‘Well, ’ Jack began, ‘I believe the reason you have asked
to see me is your exam grade. You scored less than ten percent.’
She leaned forwards with her head down, crossed her forearms
and put her elbows on her knees to squeeze her breasts together.
‘Yes, ’ she said, looking up at him to give him a clear view
down her cleavage, ‘that’s why I’m here.’
‘You wouldn’t have done so badly if you’d gone to the lessons, ’
he said, a bit discomfited by the sight though he felt his
cock give a twitch. ‘Actually, I think you would have done
rather well.’
His words set her back a bit and she had to regroup.
He could tell she was quite surprised to discover that he
had noticed her absence in such a large class as hers and
was sure she was formulating another “dead grandmother”
‘I’m really sorry that I missed so many classes. I was sick
a few times and...I don’t know what else to say. I’ve just
got to pass this course, ’ she pleaded, ‘otherwise I won’t
be able to go to college next year.’
He was impressed. It was not the whole truth, but it certainly
did contain some elements of it and showed she recognised
the seriousness of the situation.
He thought for a moment. She wasn’t so far behind that with
a little bit of extra help she couldn’t pull a ‘C’ for the
rest of the course.
The problem was the first exam.
Maybe if she would do some sort of a research paper, an extra
credit assignment. It would be very hard work but, who knows,
she might even learn some things the others in the class
‘What can I do? Is there anything I can do to pass this exam?’
‘Well, ’ Jack replied, leaning towards her and putting
a friendly hand on her shoulder, ‘there is a way I could give
you a passing grade, but you will have to work for it and I
don’t think you’ll like it.’
Jack was completely unprepared for what happened next.
Lesley jumped up and stood in front him with a determined
look in her eyes, his hand running down over her breast as
she did so and feeling a hard nipple pressing against his
palm before he could snatch his hand away.
She put her hands on her hips with her elbows and shoulders
forced back, pushing her large breasts out just above his
head and her cropped top rising to just below her nipples.
He thought she was going to claim that no amount of work was
too much and, in a way, that’s what she did.
‘I know what you want me to do, ’ Lesley said. ‘You want me
to be dirty for you.’
She put her hands on her breasts and pinched her swollen
nipples through the cloth.
‘You want me to squeeze your cock between my tits and put
it in my mouth.’
She paused and moved a hand down to cover her pussy.
‘You want to lick my pussy…’
After a short pause, she added, ‘And you want to fuck my brains
Jack was about to protest. He was shocked and wanted to assure
her that he had meant no such thing but before he could do
so he realised that she was standing just in front of him
and, because he was leaning forwards, this meant he was
looking up at her.
He was looking right up under the front of her cropped top
at her half-naked breasts just inches away.
The slight smile on her face told him that she knew this and
was making no attempt to hide it.
He averted his eyes and glanced down.
She took her hand away and he was staring straight at her
pubic mound.
He could see that a large patch of the cloth was stained a
darker colour from her juices which were the source of the
aroma he thought he had recognised. He could also see a line
of wetness had run down the inside of her thigh.
He looked up again at those half-naked breasts and her beautiful
face just above them.
She smiled again.
Her smile told him that she wanted him to see this and more.
He was very confused by the situation and now, to make matters
worse, he felt his cock begin to stir.
‘Well, that’s O.K.’ Lesley continued, ‘I’ll be dirty for
She cupped her hands on the bare flesh of the lower, exposed,
part of her breasts. Then she pushed all four fingers of
each hand between her breasts, pulled her cleavage open
and said, ‘I’ll let you put your cock between my tits.’
She squeezed the hard lumps of her nipples through the thin
cloth of her top with the forefinger and thumb of each hand
and licked her lips suggestively.
‘I’ll suck your cock for you and make you cum in my mouth.’
She moved her left hand down to cover her pubic mound.
‘I’ll let you lick my pussy.’
She moved her right hand down to her pubes as well, but this
one she slipped underneath her sports pants.
‘I’ll even let you fuck me if you want.’
She took away the hand which had been over her sports pants
and moved it to hold the back of his head so he couldn’t draw
away, the outline of her other hand visible now. He could
see that her second and third fingers stopped at the knuckles
which were rising and falling; so two of her fingers were
obviously in her pussy and moving in and out.
She took her fingers from her pussy and pushed them between
his lips into his mouth so he could taste her juices.
She said, ‘I think your cock is already a bit stiff. Lets
see how hard it gets.’
She moved both hands to the underside of her breasts, grasped
the bottom edge of the cropped top and pulled it up over her
head, slowly.
If Jack had had any chance of stopping her, it was gone now.
As she raised it he saw more of her large and perfectly formed
breasts showing.
After what seemed like ages, she pulled her cropped top
off over her head and her lightly tanned orbs fell completely
He couldn’t believe how gorgeous her large breasts looked
and on a girl so young as well.
He saw now that she was clad in a miniscule bikini top, if
you could give such a tiny thing that name.
She was wearing an extra-small thong bikini top under the
cropped top and he could clearly see her nipples, which
were already very swollen, sticking out through the gossamer-thin
Her “bikini top” was a single cord that looped around her
neck, crossed just below her collar bone, widened only
slightly where it passed over her large nipples and then
went around her back. It covered the hard nubs of her erect
nipples but, with her nipples erect, was not wide enough
to cover the dark brown circles of her areolae as well.
Her breasts looked even bigger as she was only about five
feet four tall.
She turned sideways to him, bent over with her legs and back
straight and began to untie her sneakers.
He liked the way her breasts hung down when she was bent over.
After she had untied her laces, she stood up to face him again
and took one sneaker off, leaning forwards and balancing
herself with her forearm resting on his shoulder, her hand
on the back of his head.
This meant, because he was still leaning forwards himself,
that her big breasts were very near his face.
She threw one sneaker aside, changed hands and leaned forwards
to take the other one off.
Her big breasts were even closer.
She tossed the other one aside, put both hands behind his
head and bent lower to touch her lips to his. Her lips parted
and he felt her tongue forcing it’s way into his mouth.
She broke off the kiss, lifted her head up a bit and pulled
him forwards so his face was between her breasts in her cleavage,
then stood up straight and turned to face the other way.
After running her hands over her bottom, she bent over,
thrusting her lycra-covered bottom close to his face.
‘Do you like my bottom? Touch it for me, Teacher, squeeze
my bottom?’
He reached out with trembling hands and caressed her soft
bum for a few minutes through the skin-tight Lycra fabric
of her sports-pants. He could see the outline of her pussy
where the thin fabric stretched over the mound of her labia
with the large wet patch that darkened the cloth at her crotch
and ran his finger slowly along in the groove where it was
pulled between her labia.
He could feel how wet she was.
‘I can do this, ’ she thought, feeling a delicious shiver
as he touched her slit.
She stood upright, turned round to face him and eased both
her hands down the inside of the front of her sports-pants
to touch her pussy. He could see that she pushed the index
finger of each hand into her pussy, as well as the wet patch
getting bigger.
She was getting really turned on now.
She could feel the moistness of her pussy, her juices pouring
out, and was becoming certain that she could go through
with what she had planned, especially after he had touched
her there.
She took her hands out, brought them up to her face and licked
her juices off her fingers one by one, slowly and sensuously,
looking deep into his eyes all the time.
‘Is this dirty enough for you?’
Then she moved her hands back down and gripped the front
of the waistband of her pants.
She pulled the waistband away from her flat stomach and
glanced down underneath them, paused for a moment then
looked at him with a coy little grin.
‘Would you like to see what’s down there, Teacher?’
That was obviously a rhetorical question because she started
to pull the pants down before he could answer.
The upper edge of her bikini bottoms came into view as the
pants descended past her hips.
She pulled the pants down further and further, bending
forwards to do so until her head was almost touching his.
He straightened up a little bit out of her way and she carried
on bending forwards, pulling the pants down more. Finally,
they were all the way to the floor and her head was in his crotch
where she paused for a moment, breathing in the aroma of
his maleness.
With her head so close, she could see his erection straining
against his pants and she thought it looked as though it
was quite big, a lot bigger than she thought they usually
She stood up straight, with the pants around her ankles,
revealing that she was wearing extra-small thong bikini
bottoms which matched the top. They were so small that they
only just covered her slit from end to end.
Lesley pulled his knees apart, moved forwards to stand
right up against his chair and put a hand on his shoulder,
pulling him closer. Then she lifted one of her feet up so
she could pull the leg of her pants off over her foot.
Her knee went out to the side as she raised her foot and he
watched, from just a few inches away, as her bikini bottoms
pull up so tight the gusset almost completely disappear
between the smooth, puffy and very moist lips of her slit.
She took the other pants leg off in the same way.
Even more of the gusset slid between the lips of her slit
each time she raised a foot to remove a leg of her pants.
She put her hands on her hips, arched backwards and pushed
her thong-clad crotch forwards into his face.
‘Do you like what you see, Teacher?’
She paused so he could have a good long look.
She stood up straight again and put her hands on her breasts.

‘Would you like to see my breasts, Teacher?’
When he nodded she turned around to face away from him and
looked back over her shoulder. After a moments wait, she
said ‘Well, pull the knot undone, then.’
He reached up to the knot in the middle of her back, tugged
one of the loose ends and let go when it was free.
She turned to face him with her hands on her breasts, covering
her nipples, and he saw the single cord looped around her
neck, the ends hanging down in her cleavage.
‘Pull it off.’
He did so and dropped it onto the floor.
‘Do you like my tits?’ she asked quietly as she cupped her
hands underneath them and flicked each hard nipple slowly
with her index fingers.
God, she was getting turned on.
I can do this, she thought, I really can.
She realised she wanted more.
She wanted him to fuck her.
She wanted it more than anything she’d ever wanted in her
‘Do you want to suck my nipples?’
He couldn’t answer, he could only nod his head again; he
was completely enthralled by her.
She put one finger of her left hand under his chin, lifting
his head up.
Then she leaned forwards and, still cupping her breast
with her right hand, pushed it into his face, an erect nipple
forcing it’s way between his lips.
Jack couldn’t help but open his mouth to allow the nipple
He gave it a gentle suck.
Then he sucked harder and harder still, flicking the nipple
with his tongue, until it stood out as large as an acorn in
his mouth.
The other nipple was presented to his mouth and was given
the same treatment.
‘Is this dirty enough for you?’
Lesley stood up straight and turned around with her back
to him again.
She bent over again and made a show of rubbing the bare cheeks
of her bottom about a foot away from his face.
She couldn’t believe it, but she was starting to enjoy teasing
him like this so she pulled the cheeks of her bottom apart
and moved back towards him until her bum was just an inch
or so away from his face.
She stood there for a few moments, with her legs spread a
bit, then eased her thong bottoms down partway until they
were hanging by the wet thread caught between her labia.
She paused and then tugged them down the rest of the way and
off, meeting a slight resistance as they were pulled from
between the swollen lips of her dripping pussy.
Her head was touching her knees now and she moved back a bit
more until his mouth actually made contact with the engorged
lips of her pussy.
All he had to do was stick out his tongue a little and he could
lick the lips of her pussy.
Would he?
She waited.
She waited a bit more and leaned backwards slightly making
firmer contact between his closed mouth and her pussy.
Would he lick her pussy now?
He did.
He opened his mouth, pushed his tongue out between the puffy
lips of her slit and licked gently up and down between the
It felt incredible.
What had she been missing all this time?
It was as if something deep inside her was awakening.
‘Aaaaahhhhhh, that’s soooo good.’
She was almost cumming and it would be the first orgasm she’d
ever had. But not yet, it was too soon.
She moved the chair a bit closer, stood up straight and covered
her pussy with her hands. Then she turned around to see Professor
David kneading his cloth-imprisoned cock.
She sat down on her chair with her knees together, totally
naked now apart from her white ankle-socks, and lifted
both feet to rest them together on the edge of it. She drew
her knees up to her ample chest and wrapped her arms around
her legs, hugging them to her.
Then she leaned back in the chair, moving her hands to her
Keeping her feet and knees together, she dropped her hands
down and forced them between her thighs to cover her mound,
then let her knees fall apart all the way very slowly and
moved her feet to the corners of the chair.
She lifted one foot up to her mouth, held the toe of her sock
between her teeth and drew her foot away, pulling the sock
off and turned her head to drop it over the side of the chair.
She rested her foot back on the corner of the chair and repeated
this with the other foot.
‘Would you like to see my pussy, Teacher?’ she said, looking
at him coyly again.
He nodded.
She moved her hands apart a little and pulled her pussy open
with her fingertips, exposing herself fully to him.
‘Is this what you want to see?’
He saw that her pussy was completely shaved. He could also
see that her pussy lips were really swollen and shiny, dripping
so much with moisture that a trickle was running down to
her anus.
‘Do you like what you see?’
She paused.
‘Is this dirty enough for you, Teacher?’
She paused again.
‘Perhaps not, ’ she said.
She put three fingers of one hand in her mouth to wet them,
moved her hand back down to her open slit and traced her fingers
up and down the crease, slipping first one finger, then
two, then all three into her pussy and pushed them in deep
all the way up to her knuckles. She pulled them out and pushed
them in deep again.
‘Is this dirty enough for you?’ she asked.
She put her other hand up to her mouth and licked three more
She put that hand between her legs and pushed those three
fingers into her pussy as well.
She pulled her pussy wide open so he could see right up inside.
‘Is this dirty enough for you?’
By now she was desperate for him to fuck her.
He WAS going to fuck her.
She could see it in his eyes.
He knew he was going to fuck her.
She could see something else as well.
It took all her willpower not to beg him to fuck her NOW, straight
away, with no more delay.
She began moving her fingers in and out slowly, masturbating
herself gently.
Jack never really considered himself to be the type to let
eighteen-year-old girls strip and masturbate themselves
for him.
He raised his eyes to look at her beautiful face, then down
to those stunning breasts. My god they were huge. If she
left right now he would be content to jerk off, imagining
his cum landing on those soft orbs.
He looked lower still and saw her wide open pussy, with those
six fingers pushing into it as far as they could go, being
pulled out and pushed in again and again.
She was incredibly beautiful.
He glanced up at her face and back down to her pussy.
She started moving her six fingers in and out of her pussy
faster and faster, masturbating furiously now and giving
a low moan as she did so.
‘My god, ’ he thought, ‘she’s almost having an orgasm.’
She moved one of her feet up his leg, sliding it along the
length of his now rigid cock into his lap and felt her juices
pouring out of her pussy as she masturbated. She also noticed
a dark stain spreading on his pants. It was only precum,
but she didn’t want him to cum yet.
She knew that he could be made to cum now and that would be
her grade, but she wanted something out of it herself.
She wanted him to fuck her.
He must fuck her.
He would fuck her.
She stood up with her fingers still deep inside her, moved
really close to him and masturbated herself with her pussy
only inches from his face.
She took her fingers out of her pussy, put one hand on his
shoulder for balance and brought her foot upwards to grip
it with the other hand. Then she straightened her leg still
holding onto her ankle and did a vertical splits movement.
Jack was reminded of the movements a ballerina would make
but this girl looked unlike any ballerina he had ever seen
When her leg was fully raised she moved her hand from his
shoulder to the back of his neck and pulled his head towards
her fully open pussy until his mouth was touching her pussy
He opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out and licked her
pussy lips again.
‘Oh yes, Teacher, that feels so nice. Aaaaahhhh yeeesss.’
It was still too soon for the first orgasm of her life so she
lowered her foot to the floor, slipped her fingers back
into her pussy and started masturbating herself inches
from his face again.
Then she walked round behind him and sat on the edge of his
desk with her legs apart.
He spun his chair around and found himself at eye level to
her pussy, those fingers still moving in and out.
‘I have never had my pussy eaten, ’ Lesley revealed. ‘Could
you please eat me, pleeeese?’
Jack knew that the pleases were fake, but he didn’t care.
She laid back on his desk, put one foot either side of him
on the arms of his chair and moved her knees wide apart.
‘Go ahead, eat my pussy’ she said. ‘I want to feel your tongue
in my slit.’
She moved her hands and pulled her beautiful pink lips apart
with her fingertips.
Jack bent forward and inhaled the sweet smell of her pussy.
He kissed and licked around the lips a few times, then slid
his tongue into her tangy wet hole as far as he could. He pulled
it out, gave her clitoris a few more licks, then pushed his
tongue back inside to lick the walls of her pussy again.
She bucked her hips and rammed her pussy into his face.
‘Ohhh yeess’ she cried, ‘eat me, eat my cookie. Oh, make
me cum on your face.’
Then she felt two of his fingers invade her pussy as well
while his other hane covered a breast, and came almost immediately
as he lapped furiously at her delicious young clitoris.
Lesley’s whole world exploded, then surged back together,
only to blow up again.
She had never had an orgasm before and even what she’d heard
about it hadn’t led her to believe it would be anything like
that. She just couldn’t believe what she had been missing.
As soon as the last wave shook her body, she knew that she
absolutely must have his cock inside her.
He would fuck her.
She knew he would fuck her.
She was desperate for him to fuck her.
She knew she would have his cock inside her but she had to
make sure it would be ready first.
She sat upright on his desk and pulled him to his feet, unbuttoned
his shirt and took it off, then undid his pants and dropped
them as well.
He stood there in only his boxers.
She pushed him back into his chair and swivelled it round
the other way, then she walked round, knelt down before
him and reached up to his waist. She grabbed the waistband
of his underwear and began to pull it down.
He cooperated by lifting himself off the chair so she could
pull his boxers down.
As soon as his cock was free of its prison it sprang up and
she opened her mouth in surprise.
She discovered the reason for that strange look in his eyes.
She had never seen a grown man’s cock before but she knew
that this one was a lot larger than the average size and she
felt an instant of fear that it would be too big for her.
But she was too far gone to care.
God, it must be over eleven inches long and as thick as her
She pulled the underwear down the rest of the way and off,
then leant forward, took his cock in her right hand and began
to slide her fist up and down slowly.
His cock was so big that her fingertips didn’t meet when
she wrapped her hand around it.
She knew she was right in wanting Jack to take her virginity.
Jack groaned in pleasure.
She held his cock with both hands, bent her head down to give
it a little kiss on the tip and then looked up at him and smiled.
‘The Teacher has such a nice hard cock’ she said in a very
breathy voice. ‘Lesley wants to suck the Teachers cock.’
Jack smiled in agreement.
‘I never had a cock in my mouth’ she said, speaking to his
cock. ‘Oh, I want to suck you soooo bad.’
She slid up his front to touch his lips lightly with hers,
put her left arm around his neck and kissed him. He felt her
warm pink tongue slip into his mouth and her big breasts
squashed against his chest, her nipples making hard lumps
against his skin. She didn’t stop pumping his massive cock
the whole time. She kissed his ear and stuck her tongue inside
it. He nearly shot his load it felt so good.
She breathed into his ear ‘I wanna blow you, I want to taste
your hot cum. Oh Teacher, ooooohhhh. May Lesley please
suck your cock, I want you to cum in my mouth?’
Jack could only groan.
She slid down his chest, her large tits brushing across
him, held his cock between her tits and moved them up and
down, wanking him into her cleavage.
Then, taking his cock in her hand, she planted little loving
kisses all over the tip. He watched as her small pink tongue
licked at his cock hole. She was actually eating his precum.
She ran her tongue up and down his cock a few times, then looked
up at him.
‘Mmmmmmm. Lesley likes her lollipop. She’s gonna eat the
whole thing.’
She put her mouth over the tip of his cock, circled it a few
times with her tongue and then swallowed it to the back of
her mouth.
She lifted her mouth off and said ‘Lesley wants to eat more
of her lollipop. She’s gonna eat all of it.’
She lowered her head and he watched as his entire cock disappeared
into her mouth. He could feel it sliding deep into her throat.
Then her nose was in his pubes.
No one had ever been able to swallow all of his cock before.
Her warm wet mouth slid up and down his cock and she felt his
jiz rising as she sucked it.
She felt him stiffen and knew he would soon cum. She slid
his cock out of her mouth and caressed his balls with her
free hand, running her pink painted fingernails through
the hair on his jewels.
‘Lesley was a bad girl making Teacher eat her pussy. Lesley’s
sorry, pleeeease give her a drink of your hot cum?’
She looked longingly at his stiff tool. Her tongue darted
out and gave his cock a long wet lick.
‘This is good candy, but it makes Lesley thirsty. Do you
think if she sucks hard enough on this straw, she’ll get
a drink of something good?’
She put the head of his cock back into her mouth, closed her
lips around it to form a seal and sucked hard, her cheeks
puckering in with the vacuum she was creating.
Then she began to pump her hand up and down his shaft.
‘Oh fuck’ he thought, ‘she’s jerking me off in her mouth.
This little coed slut is jerking me off in her mouth. Lesley
is jacking my cock off into her mouth.’
He could take no more. His cock exploded inside her mouth
with a feeling you can only get from a blowjob. He felt as
though he came for a very long time. He saw her swallow once,
twice, still sucking hard and stroking like mad. She tried
to swallow again, but choked. She jerked her head back and
his cock fell from her mouth, but she kept pumping it with
her little hand. Another gob shot out, spattered on her
lightly-tanned cheek and she jerked back further. Seeing
his cum splat on her innocent little face gave him another
surge that forced the last of his cum out. It shot out, arced
through the air between them and landed on one of those perfect,
brown nipples. He watched as it dripped down and rolled
across her tit. She licked wildly at his cock, her hot, pink
tongue sliding up and down his spent shaft.
‘Now for the next part’ she said, standing up. ‘Just to make
sure I get an A on my report card.’
‘What are you going to do?’ he asked.
‘Well, I said you could fuck me, didn’t I. You do want to fuck
me, don’t you?’
She leaned forwards to hold his head and bent down to kiss
him, working her tongue into his mouth and tasting her pussy
juices on his lips.
Then she lifted her head up, rested her elbows on his shoulders
and brushed her large breasts over his face, feeding her
hard nipples into his mouth for him to suck each one in turn.
While he was sucking her nipples, she hooked one of her legs
over an arm of his chair, then the other leg and lowered herself
down slowly until her pussy was over the head of his large
cock, just touching it. Guiding it with one hand, she dropped
down a bit further until it was just inside her pussy and
she felt it pushing against her barrier, then she pulled
up slightly, paused for a long, teasing moment and dropped
down until it was at her barrier again.
She pulled up again, paused, moved down and up almost imperceptibly
and paused again.
‘Do you want to fuck me?’
She couldn’t wait for him to answer and suddenly dropped
all the way down hard.
She screamed with the sudden pain, a pain which was worse
than she thought it would be.
After a moment, the pain subsided and she felt an incredible
warmth as his huge cock filled her up completely.
She moved up slowly and dropped down hard, up and down again
and again, faster and faster, her large breasts bouncing
as she approached her orgasm. With a cry, she reached her
peak and rammed herself down on him, her pussy muscles going
into a series of spasms that set Jack off and he unloaded
a huge amount of come deep inside her.
After a couple of minutes Lesley looked down into his eyes.
‘You’re not finished yet, you know.’
‘What do you mean?’ he asked
She lifted herself off him, his cock falling out of her pussy
and flopping down onto his stomach.
He noticed some blood on his cock.
Her blood?
So, she had been a virgin?
He hadn’t been sure. He thought her cry may have just been
for his size.
Well, he hoped he had done well for her.
What she said next confirmed that he had done well for her.

She pointed at the blood on his cock.
‘That was the first time for me and it was great, but it hurt
a bit.’
‘I want to do it again without the hurt.’
‘You’ve already got your grade, ’ he said, jokingly.
‘Yes, maybe, but this is for me. I want you to fuck me and fuck
me properly. I want you to make me cum again and again.’
She got to her hands and knees on the floor between his legs
facing away from him and turned her head to looked back.
At the sight of twin globes of Lesley’s backside and the
opening to her deep well of pleasure between them, Jack
felt his passion rising again and his cock responding.
He got to his knees, placed the tip of his cock at her opening
and pushed just the head into her pussy. He pushed it a bit
deeper, leaned forward along her back and reached round
to cup her huge breasts, one in each hand, the nipples making
hard lumps against his palms.
He flexed his hips ever so slightly, pushing in a little
bit further.
‘Oooohh, I like that.’
Lesley’s low cry encouraged him to push his cock in a bit
further, just a little.
Another low moan.
A little bit further.
Another low moan.
He pushed his cock in a bit more and then pulled it almost
all the way out quickly.
He paused.
‘No, no, please, put it back in me, ’ she said.
He pushed his cock into her pussy in small stages as before,
but went a bit deeper this time and then pulled almost all
the way out quickly.
‘Give me more, ’ she sobbed. ‘Please just fuck me, fuck
He realised he could get a bit of his own back on her for the
invidious position she’d put him in by punishing her with
an excess of pleasure so he pushed his cock in, again going
a little bit at a time and finishing a bit deeper.
Then he pulled out again.
In and out slowly again.
And again.
She couldn’t stand it.
She tried to jerk backwards onto his cock but she found she
couldn’t move, he was holding her too tight.
He pushed his cock in bit by bit and pulled out slowly again.
She tried grabbing at his hips to pull him forwards, to get
his cock in her but, again, she couldn’t move.
‘FUCK ME, ’ she screamed, ‘FUCK ME, FUCK ME.’
Jack pushed all the way inside in one swift smooth motion.
He pulled almost all the way out again and pushed back in
Out and in again, even slower.
Lesley, by now, thought her pussy would go into meltdown
and was moaning at the excruciating ecstasy of what was
happening to her.
‘Please, Jack, faster, faster. Oh please, faster.’
He repeated the slow in-out actions a few more times, really
getting his revenge now.
Then he suddenly changed pace.
He jerked himself upright, grabbed her hips tight with
his hands and started ramming his huge cock in and out of
her pussy at a fantastic rate.
Lesley felt the blessed relief of the cock she craved finally
slamming into her pussy, the immediate release of her orgasm
like the detonation of fireworks in her mind.
‘Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Jack, I’m...aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, YEEEESSSS,
aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. I’mmmm cummmmmiiiiinnnng, ’
she screamed.
He suddenly felt Lesley’s pussy go into spasms, which set
him off and they felt the union of their joining in an explosion
of pleasure that nearly blew their minds into a million
After a moment, coming down from the peak of their joint
ecstasy, Jack pulled out and collapsed back with closed
eyes and a stunned expression on his face.
Lesley turned around, still on her hands and knees and looked
down at him.
‘I wonder, ’ she thought.
She bent down to his cock and gave it a little suck.
It started to swell a bit.
She sucked harder.
He opened his eyes and looked at her questioningly.
‘The first time, it hurt, ’ she said, ‘and the second time
was so I could see what it’s like without the hurt.’
She gave his cock another suck.
‘Now I want to do it again, just for fun, ok.’
He felt he was powerless against her determination and
his cock seemed to be leading a life of it’s own.
‘But I’ve go to get back to my marking.’
‘Not till you’ve fucked me again.’
She swallowed his cock right to the back of her throat, until
her nose was in his pubes.
‘But I’m exhausted.’
Then he felt her tongue licking his balls as well.
She pulled up, his cock fell out of her mouth and she said,
‘Oh, you won’t have to do a thing except lie there.’
She crawled up his body until she was squatting with her
pussy poised above his cock and lowered herself down on
it, feeling the huge pole invade her pussy again.
She pumped her bum up and down, his massive member penetrating
her depths time and again.
She moved faster and faster and faster.
Suddenly she was there, the spasms in her pussy again set
his cock off and he came as well.
‘Wow’ he said a few minutes later as they recovered.
‘Are you sure you’ve finished now?’
‘Yes, I’ve finished, at least for now.’
‘Erm, I think I’ll give you an A for the course.’
‘No’ she replied, realising that she wanted to get fucked
by his enormous cock again, ‘not an A for the course, just
for that exam. I have four other exams to take in your class
and I will be needing a LOT of special tutoring.
Jack suddenly realised that this could be a new way of teaching
since it was suddenly apparent that she wanted his cock
more than he wanted sex with her. He could require her to
bring her books to any sessions with him and only fuck her
if she learnt something. He might, no, he would get in trouble
if the governing Board of the College found out but he was
sure they would realise he had the best motives at heart
and he hoped he would be able to keep his job.

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