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"The Stag Party"


Louise had known James for nearly two years before she had
agreed to actually marry him. She supposed now that it was
totally inevitable that she would since she could not imagine
life without him. She had known that she was sexually submissive
probably since she had her first sexual experience when
she was sixteen, albeit that it had been with a girl, and
that was now twelve years ago.

In their three years together and more so since she had accepted
his proposal a year ago, she had become totally submissive
to James to anything he had wanted to do with her or to her.
She had never had anal sex before she had met him and he hadn't
even asked her, merely told her he intended to bugger her
up the ass and then simply did so, almost relishing in the
pain he had caused her, but she had loved that too. Now her
anus opened to him easily and he used it as simply another
hole to fuck, usually cleaning himself in her mouth afterwards.
She hated the taste of her own ass, though she licked his
often enough, and so kept herself as clean as she could at
all times to avoid as much of the degradation of eating her
own shit as possible.

The wedding was set for Saturday the 17th, and as a traditionalist
James intended that his stag night was to be on the 16th.
He had told her that he wouldn't be home that evening
and had taken his suit etc. to his best man's apartment
a few days earlier. However on the Friday morning as he had
left for the office he had handed her a note with instructions
not to open it until she arrived home that evening. She had
no worries that he would leave her but the contents intrigued
her all day and she even left early to get back to open it.

The curiosity gnawed at her all the way home and she rushed
into the House and tore open the envelope. Inside was a card,
it read.

It was one of the expensive invitations that James had printed
for tonight except that the time of 8:00 had been crossed
out and, in James' elegant hand, 9:30 had been written
alongside. She didn't know how many invitations had
been sent but knew of only 23 people, plus James and Richard
his best man, who had said they would attend. The Hotel was
small, exclusive, and fully booked by James and his guests
for the whole weekend. The wedding party was there tomorrow
and they had planned the first night of their honeymoon
there as well.

Louise's imagination ran wild, she booked a taxi for
8:30, even on a Friday that allowed plenty of time and then
showered, taking time and care to shave herself smooth
everywhere in the way that she knew he liked her. She put
on her makeup before dressing and admired her naked form
in the mirror, Yes, he would enjoy her body tonight. He hadn't
whipped or caned her for weeks and there were no marks or
bruises anywhere, only the two heavy golden rings through
her pierced nipples, which he had done to her as a birthday
present, adorned her body as she looked in the mirror and
admired herself. She slipped on the hold-up stockings,
garter belts ruined the line of the dress, and then her thoughts
wandered to which dress she should put on as the tighter
ones either required a bra or allowed the outline of her
nipple rings to show through, whereas a more flowing one
hid the line of her figure. She decided what the hell and
wore an elegant but low cut black gown whose very shape accentuated
her breasts and did indeed show the two golden rings'
outline. James would like that she decided. She stepped
into the dress but was struck by a sudden thought, opened
her bedside cabinet and removed the tube of lubricant there.
She had run out once and only remembered when James had told
her to kneel on the bed as he intended to use her ass just as
they were going out to dinner. As he considered it her responsibility
to have her body ready for him at all times he had simply fucked
her without lubricant, she had spent the entire evening
sitting and trying not to wince every time she moved. When
they had arrived home he had used her that way again, this
time drawing blood as he fucked her ass cruel and hard deliberately.
She had learned the lesson and now kept a spare tube as well.
All this flashed through her mind in an instant as she unscrewed
the tube and squirted a generous amount onto two fingers
and then forced them inside herself to make herself ready,
just in case. The rest of the tube went into her handbag.
Wiping the excess off her fingers and ass she finished dressing
and had just left the bedroom and poured a large scotch when
the doorbell rang, her Taxi had arrived. She gulped back
her drink and rushed out of the House, giving the destination
to the Taxi driver as she climbed into the back seat.

The journey was uneventful, even fast, and she arrived
well in time at 9:20, she asked the Taxi driver to wait for
a few minutes and sat quietly in the back until precisely
9:27 when she paid and stepped through the front door of
the Hotel showing the invitation to the two Doormen that
James had employed to ensure that the Hotel stayed private
for the weekend. They leered at each other as they held the
door open and I entered then Hotel.

"Ahhh" A prim, middle aged man greeted her in
the Hotel Reception, now simply a meeting room since the
whole place was booked for three days. "You must be
here for the Party. The Gentlemen are in the main Lounge
but the other, errr, Ladies are in the small annex if you
would care to follow me?" Louise's mind raced
as to what James had planned and she followed and entered
the indicated room.

The small annex was a large comfortable room looking like
an old-fashioned lounge. Inside there were four other
girls, three had long hair and what James would so precisely
have termed large tits, the last, the youngest had a short
bob and very small breasts, she was almost boyish looking.
Like Louise, all were elegantly attired in expensive looking
evening dresses. One, a brunette, was, Louise judged,
older than the others, 35 maybe 38, but elegant and beautiful.
Two, a blonde and another brunette, Louise judged were
somewhat younger than herself, Louise guessed them at
22 or 23. The last, also a blonde looked like she was 16 but
she must have been as old as 18. All four were playing with
a selection of expensive looking masks which were on a table,
the masks covered the top of the head and the face down to
about the nose and would effectively disguise whoever
was wearing it, but for obvious reasons they left the mouth
free, and available... The girls welcomed Louise with
a Hi, smiles and asked her name, introducing themselves
as they went round. The older one, who name was Jane, said
that she was waiting for one more girl but had heard nothing
from her as to how long she would be. It was obvious that Jane
didn't know any of the others, except the youngest,
but it was also obvious that she had been given the briefing
of tonight's events and told to pass on the instructions.

Jane's mobile rang, with a tone like an old fashioned
bell telephone, and all conversation quietened as she

"Yes? Oh, I am sorry. Yes I understand. Of course I
will. I think you will miss a good one. Okay. Catch you next
time maybe." She hung up and whilst they had heard
only one side of the conversation its meaning was obvious.
All those that were coming were already here.

Okay you can all guess what that was. Well the good news is
that I already have instructions of what to do if this happened.
As she spoke she removed from her nearby bag a number of identical
envelopes and handed one to each girl, Louise included,
and kept two for herself. None carried any names so each
had to contain the same, everyone knew it was their fee and
Louise's heart fluttered with excitement at the thought
that tonight she was to be a paid whore at her future husband's
stag party. The last envelope Jane opened and counted six
fifty pound notes out for each girl. "That's
it, splits the last fee equally. Seems fair as we will have
to look after her proportion of the guys as well."
She smiled, and her smile was echoed with giggles and winks
from the other girls. Sophie did the Math and realised that
each girl was now being paid no less than Eighteen HUNDRED
pounds for tonight. She was glad that James was wealthy
and giggled to herself as she wondered what she would have
to do for her money.

"Okay. Just to confirm." Jane spoke with an
air of authority. "We are here until whatever time
in the morning this all ends. If I had to guess, I would say
about 2-3am, it usually does. The men are too tired and/or
too drunk by then so. Now, any questions?"

Everyone looked at the others and shook their heads in negative

"So everyone is up for everything?" She beamed
a smile and reached over and took the young blonde's
hand, pulling her towards herself she planted a long loving
kiss on her lips. A kiss that was responded to with fervour
and the two put their arms around each other.

The other brunette leaned over to Louise and whispered,
"They are mother and daughter and 100% bi-sexual,
but they are just so into each other. You should see them
put on a show. I have and it really is something."

Louise acknowledged the information with a quiet nod and
swallowed hard. The two released the hold on each other.
"Okay, I'm assured that your bags, etc and everything
else will be safe here so, Shall we?" as Jane spoke
she picked up a mask and fastened it behind her head. Louise
chose an owl mask and fastened it as the others all did the
same. All five walked slowly from the Annex, across the
Reception and into the Main Lounge.

Immediately Louise cast her eyes around to take in her new
surroundings. The room was large, lit with the dim electric
lights that imitated candles in the shape and flickering
and fitted like a comfortable club with armchairs, low
tables and sofas and a very plush carpet on the floor. A bar
was at one end and a large open fire in an old inglenook fireplace
at the other, in front of it was a full polar bear skin rug,
complete with head! Louise took all this in almost immediately
and then did a double take. There must have been sixty or
more men in that room including both her younger brothers!
For an instant she wanted to run, "What if?"
Then she knew that James had planned all of this and if He
wanted her to fuck or suck her brothers then she would do
it for him. She was, after all, his slut and she was, for tonight,
also his paid whore who had been given the opportunity to
back out and had taken the money.

As they entered the room all eyes turned upon them. The younger
men and the single men moving towards the girls first. Louise
knew that the others would all follow soon enough, the difference
between herself and the others, of course, was that she
knew every man who was going to use her. Most had been at her
and James' home for dinner or for parties. Every man
who's cum she would swallow had talked to her. She was
excited at the anonymity but totally humiliated to know
that whereas they may never know she would always remember
who used her tonight.

Her mind still thought this when a mouth forced its way onto
hers. She responded and the felt hands behind her fondling
and groping her ass cheeks. She realised almost instantly
that this was not the man kissing her and broke the kiss to
turn her head and kiss the second man. She recognised Richard,
tomorrow's best man, instantly and wondered if he
knew what James had done or if he thought that these were
just five very special and very talented whores.

She felt her dress lift as Richard's hands groped for
her flesh but Paul, for it was he in front, one of James',
work colleagues, said "Hey Richard, turn her so we
can watch those two while we fuck her." Louise's
eyes looked left to see Jane and Kara, for that was her daughter's
name, in another long embrace but this time with hands exploring
each other's bodies. As she watched she was pushed
onto all fours but at an angle so that both men could watch
Jane and Kara perform. Louise felt more completely used
than in her whole life. It was her they were preparing to
fuck but their excitement was coming from watching another
woman, or in this case two other women.

"Mother, would you like me to lick you?" It was
Kara's voice of course. And any reply Jane made was
lost in the uproar of half drunk men egging on a girl to go
down on her mother. Louise saw Kara drop to her knees and
lift her mother's dress but her eyes were then pulled
away from the sight as her head was turned forward and a semi
erect prick was unceremoniously pushed into her mouth.

Behind her Richard was making lewd comments about the two
lesbians as he flipped her dress over her back and without
any preparation simply slammed straight into her cunt.
She gasped at the violence of the assault as he literally
pounded her and with each thrust pushed her mouth onto Paul's
now erect member forcing it down her throat. Richard's
hands continued pulling at her ass cheeks and Louise knew
what he wanted to do to her although maybe even under these
circumstances he was cautious. When Richard gently probed
her ass with a finger as he pounded her cunt she dropped Paul's
prick from her mouth and held it in her hand so she could speak,
"You can fuck my ass hole as well if you want to. ."
She tried to disguise her voice from him as best she could
although in his resent state of excitement she didn't
think he would recognise his own wife's voice let alone

Richard needed no further encouragement and pulled out
of her cunt, leaving her feeling strangely empty, and slammed
straight up her ass in a hard and almost vicious move which
made her gasp. "How I always love fucking a whore s
ass. Hey Paul you should try this hole." Lisa, Lisa
was Richard's wife, would never let me do her here you
know, but then again only a slut would I guess.

"Well don't make it too loose then you selfish
bastard. How about we swap ends?"

The suggestion was ignored as Louise felt Richard speed
up and fuck her even harder. Suddenly he stopped and she
felt her insides sprayed with his hot cum. He pulled out
without any consideration and simply smacked her as hard
as he could on her cheek, stood up, fastened his zip and walked
away towards the bar. Almost instantly Paul came from her
mouth and manoeuvred around to fuck her ass which he entered
more gently and more slowly than his predecessor. His ass
fucking of her was more gentle and slower too but he was,
Louise now realised, also performing for a number of other
guys who were watching her used in this basest and most submissive

Whilst no-one was in front of her using her mouth Louise
could see parts of the rest of the room. Jane was on her back,
still clothed, like Louise, but with her dress around her
waist and with Kara, now completely naked not even wearing
shoes or stockings, on all fours with her head buried in
her mother's sex. Behind Kara a man was fucking her,
although from this angle Louise couldn't see which
hole he was using. Louise was struck by how like a boy Kara
looked even now, even naked, and wondered if this was why
James had chosen her. Was there something he wasn't
telling her? Or was it simply the Mother/Daughter thing.
She couldn't see James at all, but she also couldn't
see the other two girls.

She pushed back on Paul's cock as he was buggering her
and started to fuck it, she knew it would bring him on sooner
and she wanted to stand up. Then another man was kneeling
in front of her, unzipping himself so that he could release
himself and he was right at her mouth, insistent, using
her mouth like another hole. Not waiting for her to suck
or lick but literally fucking her throat. He exploded almost
immediately but carried on whilst she tried to swallow.
She couldn't, his throat fucking of her meant that
most of the cum dripped from her mouth. He carried on and
on and with every thrust she bounced on Paul cock in her ass
until she felt him tighten and shoot deep inside her ass.

Paul withdrew almost gently and stood up whilst another
man knelt between her open knees and entered her in the natural

"Wow. It was Paul's voice. Never fucked a whore
up the shitter before. Pretty good. Don't think I will
suggest it to the wife though." There was laughter
and Louise thought how boring some of their sex lives seemed,
or was it that she was so perverted and disgusting. After
all she was being part of the entertainment at her Fiancée's
Stag Party.

She was snapped back to now as the guy in her mouth tensed
again and shot a second load but this time as he came he pulled
out so that it shot into her hair and on her face. The man in
her cunt came shortly after but as another man moved towards
her she heard a suggestion that they should strip her naked
first. The men around her seemed to agree and the zip of her
dress was undone all the way down to her ass before she could
even stand up. She stepped out of it and one of the men scooped
it up and tossed it over the back of a nearby chair.

"Hey! Her tits are pierced", Louise was spun
around so that everyone could see her piercings. She was
surrounded by seven men and on hearing the shout two more
came across to join her group. Of the nine around her she
immediately recognised eight, the last was, she was certain,
a perfect stranger. Hands pulled at the rings and one of
James's work colleagues took one in his teeth and tugged
making Louise wince.

Louise was pushed back onto her knees as hands undid zips
and her mouth was passed from cock to cock without and chance
for her to be even aware what was really happening or who's
cock was who's. Hands reached from behind to maul her
breasts and everyone seemed fascinated by the piercings
which they pulled and tugged with abandon for them and pain
for Louise. Two fingers were pushed into her ass and scooped
some of the cum that had been left there, the results were
fed into her mouth as she was moved between pricks. She sucked
and could taste her own ass on the cum as she swallowed. Her
willingness caused great mirth and further jokes about
her as a whore and a slut. Louise remembered that all of these
men would see her married tomorrow and she would see them
at the Reception.

The cock circle and Louise's mouth went on for maybe
ten minutes. None of the men were going to cum, Louise didn't
have enough time with any cock for that and none seemed in
any hurry to either fuck her or wank onto her face which is
what she had expected but maybe the mask made her face less
appealing as a target, she had always thought that men liked
that because it degraded the woman. Or, she guessed, just
maybe that they were holding out as the evening was still
young. It was what? 10:30 by now? And she knew that this was
going to go on for a long time yet.

"I see you are enjoying yourselves." It was
James voice. She couldn't see him as he was behind her
but she was aware that she could hear a Video Camera. "Do
you mind?" He turned her towards and entered her mouth.
James always liked to deep throat her and use her mouth rather
than her giving him oral and this was not going to be an exception.
While he filmed her, and also passed the camera to someone
else so that they could get close-ups of her throat expanding
to take him, he simply chatted about the different aspects
of the various Whores around the room until he pulled out
before coming and zipped himself back up, with some difficulty
Louise noted with satisfaction.

"I want to try something. John can you lay down and
let her get on top of you?" John was one of their neighbours
and without questioning he undid his trousers and pushed
them down, but the man speaking was a stranger. She was moved
by hands to sit astride him and he pushed himself into her
cunt. "John, pull the whore down towards you. I'm
gonna fuck her ass at the same time."

There were cries of "Go for it", and "Bet
she can't take you both", and "You'll
never get up there as well." Sophie heard them but
was already concentrating on relaxing as much as she could.
She had been to bed with two men before, even three if you
count the fact that James was there, even though he had only
watched, but had never been taken in both her lower holes
at the same time and she knew that it would hurt. She was pulled
forward, face to face with her neighbour and hands pulled
her cheeks apart to expose her ass hole already dripping
from two lots of cum up it. She felt the accustomed head nudge
gently at her tightest hole and then gasped loudly as it
was unceremoniously pushed deep inside her. "Oh
Yeah", the voice from behind. It hadn't hurt
as she had expected but she was so full and what pain there
was brought tears from her eyes as she was fucked in her ass.

As always with these things it was the guy in her nether hole
that did all the work and John, underneath her, did little
movement. The whole thing lasted maybe three or four minutes
until, almost in unison the two men shot their seed into
her lower holes. One withdrew from her ass and she was pushed
sideways as her neighbour stood up, neither man so much
as acknowledged she now existed.

For a moment she lay still on her side and was aware only of
men, naked from the waist down around her. "When had
they undressed?" She supposed when she was busy.
The video camera was close to her lower body and she was pushed
onto her stomach and her cheeks opened so that the camera
could see her ravaged and leaking ass, then she was rolled
onto her back so the same view could be taken of her cunt.
She realised she was already somewhat exhausted and had
her eyes closed. She opened them to see her two younger brothers
standing over her, like almost everyone else they had lost
their lower clothes but somehow retained their shirts.
Her stomach tightened at what was coming next. Two hands
pulled her to her knees so that she could give her mouth to
them and she heard James's voice "Make it good,
you're being paid enough" and it was James'
hands that pulled her mouth open and forced it onto John's
cock. John, 19, and her youngest brother.

Other hands, Mark's, her other brother and five years
her junior, moved her face so that he could fuck her mouth
instead and she heard his voice "Shall we?",
Mark replied, "Yeah but I want her ass." As before
she was moved, almost lifted by the hands around her to be
astride one brother while the other sodomised her, brutal
with inexperience. She was both excited and ashamed as
the violent double penetration went on and then she felt
a third cock at her mouth and heard James' voice "Suck
it for me." She had her two brothers fucking her and
her husband to be in her mouth.

"Michael", It was James voice again. "You
should be completing the family triangle not me, you want
a go?" James withdrew from her mouth and without a
word another cock took his place, she knew it was her father
and that she had reached the ultimate degradation as a slut
that she could. Where could she go from here, and all the
time was the knowledge of the video camera. Now she knew
why James had hired five additional cameras on top of their
own, there had to be one to each girl.

"Go Dad, Complete family whore this one." It
was John, relishing her ass. If only they knew just how much
of a family thing this was. John's vulgar comments
about her, coupled with the increased speed of his buggering
her, told Louise that it wasn't going to last much longer
and she felt him stiffen and slam as far in as he could as he
shot his cum into his sister's ass. His brother climaxed
shortly after and left his cum in her cunt. No-one followed
them into her immediately and she concentrated on making
her father cum into her mouth. Her skills were excellent
he remarked, as he pushed into her throat and came. She simply
lay on the floor as her brothers' and father's
cum oozed from her body. She knew she was now a total slut,
the only thing missing was her own father buggering her
and she well knew that was a distinct possibility soon enough.

She mentally counted. That's four loads up her ass,
three in her cunt, two in her mouth and one on her face. Nine
men. By her calculations she could have to take at least
that many again before all this was over.

She lay still for a while as hands probed and groped her,
still fascinated by her nipple rings they were tugged and
pulled. She opened her eyes to see who was pulling and twisting
and deliberately hurting her, it was one of James school
friends, a quiet gentle blonde man, Dave. He continued
pulling and twisting harder and further until he got the
desired cry from Louise's lips and she saw the sadistic
smile cross his face. He then pulled her to her knees by tugging
the rings and without any prompting she took his cock into
her mouth. Through the next few minutes he continually
abused Louise's breasts and nipple rings until he
shot a huge load into her mouth. She looked up at him and opened
her mouth, still holding his cum there. "Swallow
it whore", he hissed at her and as Louise did so he slapped
both her breasts as hard as he could causing a yelp at which
he looked pleased as he turned and Louise watched him walk

The next two men were easy. She was positioned on all fours
and they just fucked her cunt until they came. Nothing special,
nothing kinky. Louise was grateful for the rest but pushed
back on them to make the experience of fucking the Bride
a memorable one. When both had finished they simply sat
in armchairs nearby watching her and Louise realised that
no-one else was waiting to use her body, or not yet. She did
a quick mental tally, Four ass, five cunt, three mouth and
one face, twelve men so far.

Louise sat up and saw that most of the men had finished what
she knew was a first round. One of the last two men to fuck
her had the camera still running and filming her, she looked
straight into the lens but was trying to somehow see the
pictures of her own degradation, she could not forget being
double penetrated, cunt and ass, by her two brothers while
she willingly, even enthusiastically, sucked her father
to a climax into her mouth.

She was still lost in these thoughts when she saw James and
Richard, the best man, approaching her, carrying four
bottles of beer, two they were drinking and the other two
they offered to the seated men.

"Was she good?, Worth the money?" James was
asking the question.

"Terrific, just recovering and then going to fuck
that Mother and Daughter over there. Can you take the camera
Jim?" The man was talking to his friend not James.

"No way. I want to have that young blonde. She is soooo
cute." They laughed.

"Jim?" It was James again. "You know Louise's
brother. Can you ask him to come over and film this. Richard
and I are gonna fuck this one silly. I've been up the
ass of the other four" Louise's stomach tightened
with jealousy, but what had she expected, she knew that
he would have "but I still have to cum and I think I want
to cum up this one."

The two seated men got up and wandered listlessly across
the room.

"Richard? Any preference to hole you want to start
off with? Though I guess we can change around as we like."

"Your Fiancée my friend so you get first pick."

Louise panicked Richard KNEW. He KNEW! did anyone else
know? She felt herself pulled out of her thoughts and dragged
to the chair where James had seated himself. Her mouth was
pushed into James' lap and her lips opened automatically
as she took him in. Beautiful he murmured.

Louise was aware that they had been joined by at least one,
and she thought two, other men.

"John. Will you do me a favour and take the camera while
I enjoy this slut?"

"Of Course, dear nearly brother-in-law. I had her
earlier you know. Her ass was so tight. Never had a woman
there before. I've never been out with the sort of slut
that would even think of letting a man well you know."

"Indeed John, she is a rather special Slut. Why not
have her again? Sure you can use the camera while you fuck
her or maybe Richard."

"Of course." The camera was passed as Louise
felt her ass cheeks parted and a second buggering by her
younger brother begin. She wanted to weep as she sucked
James and although she was trying to make him cum she knew
he was holding back, wanting to fuck her defiled lower holes.
She had always admired his ability to hold back but tonight,
just for once, she needed to feel him cum to take away every
other feeling she was getting.

John fucked her ass hard. She knew that it was well lubricated
now with the cum that was leaking from it and that only by
being aggressive could he get any real satisfaction. He
didn't last long however and Louise soon felt him unload
inside her again.

"Slut" James pushed her head away from him and
looked straight into her face "Why not use that sweet
mouth to clean up my friend."

Louise's hesitation was barely noticeable to anyone
except James as she turned and took her brother's rapidly
shrinking prick into her mouth. She could taste the essence
of her own ass as well as the cum that inevitably covered
the prick since it was filling her ass. She sucked gently
and was then pushed away viciously.

"Think that's enough. God I bet she loves the
taste of her own shit as well."

"You can find out later if you like." James'
voice was calm. Louise was in total panic. She had NEVER
done that and always swore she never would. James had pissed
into her mouth on occasion and she had hated that but anything
else, that would be going too far, wouldn't it?

"I might just do that. Mind if I sit while I film?"
John took the camera back from Richard.

"Be my guest" James stood and moved behind Louise
whilst Richard sat on the chair in front of her and pulled
her head down onto him. As she took Richard into her mouth
she felt James enter her well fucked cunt. He pounded her
mercilessly for a while before simply pulling back and
she knew well what was coming next; her ass cheeks were pulled
apart and her distended asshole gaped at Richard as he pushed
straight in. Louise couldn't help but whimper slightly
even though her mouth was performing wonders on Richard's
prick. James had hurt her when he penetrated her, she was
already sore and he knew that but still fucked her abused
anus almost viciously. His climax was long and loud although
she could no longer feel anything that deep inside. Richard
sprayed his cum into her throat at almost the same time and
simply lifted her face off him as she swallowed the last
of his cum.

"Enjoy that Richard? The whore can certainly suck
and despite everything her ass is still tight, Hope you
got it all on film John."

Both of the other men gave their appropriate assent to James'
statement and question at the same time.

James stood and pulled Louise to her feet in front of him
but facing into the room. Richard stood next to her on her
left and, she presumed John was behind her right though
she was becoming too dazed by the whole evening to know.
She looked around and saw that the room had emptied somewhat
during her own private gangbang here.

There were still maybe twenty or twenty five guys here but
the rest had left, either for bed or for home. Jane and Kara,
her daughter, were entwined in each other arms fondling
each others breasts and cunts to the great applaud of a small
group of men slumped into chair and sofas around them. The
other two, Karen and Sarah, were both giving leisurely
blow jobs to another group also sitting around. The last
few guys were standing at the bar talking and drinking and
taking an almost disinterested view of the rest of the happenings.

Louise was guided over towards the group around Karen and
Sarah, she knew most of them and now she was closer was relieved
to see that although the group included her brother Mark
her father was nowhere in the room.

James drank back the last of his beer and told Louise to lie
on her back on one of the low tables within where the group
was. He handed her his empty beer bottle.

"I'm sure that you haven't had enough yet,
so why don't you fuck that."

Louise took the bottle and pushed it inside her cunt. The
wetness of the cum made entrance easy but its hardness still
made it uncomfortable. She knew what James wanted to see,
and wanted everyone else to see. She knew now that she was
His total slut. There were four whores here and she was the
one putting on the show. She took the bottle out and turned
it around so that it was base towards her. Tightening herself
for the inevitable pain she pushed it base first into her
cunt. She yelped a little but her noise was lost in the semi-drunken
cheering of her new audience and she pounded the bottle
into her cunt, against her cervix, it hurt like hell but
what was a slut to do but entertain her man with her body in
any way he chose.

James leaned over to her and whispered quietly in her ear
"and now up your ass."

She looked at him with pleading but saw nothing but a determination
and a cruelty, but also a love and a pride in his Slut. Louise
removed the bottle and turned over to kneel on the table.
She knew what a sight she now presented, a naked whore wearing
black stockings and in black stilettos with cum still dripping
from both holes. She put the bottle against her ass and pushed
but it wouldn't open up for her, relax as she tried.

Two hands pulled her ass cheeks apart as far as they could,
she never knew whose hands they were, and that was enough
as she pushed with all of her might and pushed back at the
same time. She cried out as the cold hard bottle broke through
and there were tears of pain running down her face but the
cheers made her proud. She fucked herself for maybe five
minutes providing perhaps the lewdest show of the evening.

It had the desired effect for James, at least she guessed
that was his desired effect as almost immediately one of
James school friends came around to front of the table and
push himself into her mouth. A hand removed hers from the
bottle and then pulled it slowly from her ass, she knew how
James loved to watch her ass gape and guessed that most of
the other guys were enjoying the sight as well and, for the
first time this evening, she hoped that this was caught
on camera so she could see what it looked like. As her ass
began to close up she knew what was inevitably coming and
she felt herself penetrated anally yet again. The fucking
was leisurely as everyone was beginning to get tired but
the guy, whose face she never saw, shot his cum up her ass
to be quickly replaced by another and then a third who used
her cunt. The guy in her mouth, she seemed to recall that
his name was Ray, thrust himself as far into her throat as
he could as he came, she swallowed but tasted nothing, and
was soon replaced by another who did exactly the opposite
and left only the tip in her mouth as he filled it with his
cum. She knelt there a few minutes with fresh cum in all holes
but no-one else approached her. James helped her off the
table and she knelt on the floor, sitting proud as most of
the guys now shook James hand and said goodnight.

The other girls stood, shakily, as James thanked them and
informed them that a Taxi had been waiting for them for almost
and hour and would wait until they were ready. They gathered
their dresses and left the room, and the last few men left
with them. Whether by arrangement or just coincidence
Louise neither knew nor cared.

James lifted Louise to her feet and supported her as she
nearly collapsed. He gazed at her and said simply "I
Love You".

She looked back and replied with the same words and then
added, "and I know that you will want to know but eight
in my ass, six in my cunt, and eight down my throat, oh and
one over my face. I think! I sorta was concentrating on other
things at times but over twenty guys anyway."

"Your dress and everything is upstairs. I had Richard
collect it which is why he knew. James took her to a room and
plundered her ass while she cried with the pain and the love
she felt for him."

As he finished and held her to him she whispered "can
we do that again sometime?"

He nodded as he passed into sleep knowing he had chosen the
perfect bride.

- The End -

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Totally hot story


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you are definately my kind of man.
one of my fantaziers is being fucked by all male family members