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"One and Done?" - Secrets


"My you are a busy boy, " a voice from behind
me whispered in my ear, "and with Kim's mother
no less!"

It had been a week of firsts: Victoria called me on Tuesday,
less than forty eight hours after Kim had left for school,
thinking that had been more than an appropriate amount
of time for me to get over that loss. "Want to come over
and watch a video?"

Thinking it would be the video of she and Kim having sex,
that we'd started watching the previous Thursday
night, but never finished, I told her I'd be there at
2:00 PM.

She greeted me at the door, hair combed back, but still dripping
from her shower, wearing a fluffy house coat.

A quick kiss and then, "Give me five minuets to fix
myself up, " and left me standing in the foyer.

Not knowing what else to do with myself, I walked to the den,
the only room in the house I'd been in before.

Just as I sat down, I heard a female voice from upstairs,
"You met him at the door dressed like that?"

Then this reply from Victoria, "How would I know he'd
show up on time? Aren't you always complaining that,
"Men are never on time!"

Footsteps coming down the stairs, and a woman walked into
the den. I say woman, rather than girl, because this had
to be Victoria's mother. In truth, she looked like
an older sister, older being a misnomer.

Here's a first! The first time as an adult, being greeted
by the mother of my date, the mother almost young enough
to be my daughter!

"Hi, " big smile, hand out in greeting, "I'm
Stephanie, Victoria's mother. I want to apologize
to you for her coming down to greet you dressed as she was.
Believe me, that's not the way I raised her."

Taking her hand, I could only marvel at the thought that
this woman/girl standing in front of me was anyones mother,
especially Victoria's! Slightly taller, she had
the same auburn hair, only cut shorter. Dressed causally,
jeans and a tee shirt, she could easily pass for a college
co-ed. The only discernable difference between she and
her daughter...? The roundness of her curves and a fuller

Like I said, "..., an older sister."

She politely asked if I'd like a drink, or something
to eat, which I declined.

"Okay, " picking up the television remote,
playing with a couple of the buttons, the screen turning
blue. Then, "I've got to get ready for work. I'm
sure Vic will be down in a minuet, but you can watch TV until
she does."

Pushing one more button, she handed me the remote and walked
out of the room.

A second later, an image appeared on the screen...,

Kim, Victoria and I walking into this very same room!

I hit the pause button.

What to make of Stephanie?

Kim had told me that she wasn't yet thirty five and that
she'd been pregnant with Victoria before she turned
sixteen. She'd raised her daughter as a single mother,
working as a, "Call Girl, " since then. To prove
it, Victoria had pointed out her mother's, "Personal
Ad, " in the Providence Pheonix.

I'd also learned that Stephanie had been counseling
Victoria and Kim on all things female, including the advise
that their first lover should be, "..., an older man,
preferably one who is married."

She'd even scripted and videotaped the tryst between
Victoria and Kim, as a going away present for Kim and me.
After the fact, Kim told me that Stephanie had used an automated
camera to video my reaction to that presentation, which
is what she'd set up for me to watch!

I was still standing in front of the TV, all of those thoughts
running through my brain, when I heard the click of high
heeled shoes coming down the stairs.

A moment later, Victoria stood in the doorway, no longer
dressed like she'd just stepped out of the shower.

She was dressed like a school girl!

Hair in ponytails, white button up, collared shirt, three
of four buttons unbuttoned, cropped at the bottom so her
midriff was exposed, red plaid micro mini skirt worn low
on her hips, white knee high stockings and black MaryJane
style shoes.

All I could say was, "Wow!"

"Do you like it?" she asked, "I figured
that it was in the spirit of that whole, "Back to school, "
thing..., you know."

"Yes, " I replied, smiling a lecherous smile,
"I do like it. And I get the whole, "..., back
to school, " thing!"

Walking over to me, she turned at the last instant and bent
at the waist to pick up the TV remote. She was wearing nothing
under the mini skirt.

Turning back to me, she pushed me backward onto the couch,
then plopped down in my lap, the remote control turning
on the TV.

She, Kim and myself frozen on the screen.

She pressed the "On" button.

The three of us talking, the sound of their video in the background.
Then Kim kissing me...

I started to get hard...,

Victoria turning to face me, feeling I was sure, the swelling
in my crotch. Then she made a surprised face, her lips forming
a perfect, "O."

"Ohhh Mr. Teacher..., I've been a bad girl. I
think that I need to be punished."

Oookayyy! I can play along...

"Well Victoria, what did you do?"

"I snuck into the man teachers bathroom and I saw the
principal's pee pee, " in her little girl voice.

"That is bad, " I told her, "and I'll
bet he did punish you."

Looking at me, pouting lips, "Yes teacher, he did
punish me. He put his pee pee in my mouth and it got hard and
big and then he held the back of my head and he pushed it in
and out of my mouth until he started to make pig noises and
then a bunch of sticky, salty stuff was in my mouth and he
told me to swallow it...., " pausing..., "and
then he told me never to go into the man teachers bathroom

As she was talking, she was squirming in my lap, making me
that much harder.

She then pivoted and lay across my lap, lifting her skirt
to expose her ass. "Mr. Teacher, I need you to punish
me some more, " her voice growing husky with this

Never one to refuse the request of a lovely young lady, I
spanked her ass with my bare hand.

Lifting her head and looking back at me, she said, "Harder!"

So I hit her harder! Three, four, five times.

With each smack, she would lift her hips to accept the blow,
her breathing becoming shallow, my hand leaving red welts
on her skin.

After the, I don't remember how many whacks, she pushed
herself upright and told me, "I want to put your pee
pee in my mouth."

It was her voice, not that of a little girl, and it was a demand,
not a request.

We both undid my belt and zipper and she pulled my pants off,
my shoes at the same time. Kneeling on the floor, she pushed
herself between my legs and started to suck on me.

While she'd done the same thing to me only five days
before, I'd been distracted by Kim, licking and sucking
on my ass and balls.

This time I was concentrating on Victoria.

She was very accomplished at what she was doing, far more
so than Kim. But with Kim, there was the added dimension
of being Beth's daughter, as well as a girl that was
making love to me, not just having sex with me.

A distiction that, at the moment, was being lost on me!

Standing up, she kissed me, her saliva all over her lips,
chin and cheeks. It smelled of my crotch and I licked it all

Pulling me forward, she collapsed on her back on the couch,
"Fuck me!" with a grunt as I landed on top of her.

Reaching for me, she expertly slipped my cock inside her...,
another first for me!

And this was a real first, as I was also fucking her with her
mother still in the house!

She had her arms wrapped around my neck, her legs wrapped
around my waist also, clinging to me, she whole weight under
me, her vaginal muscles holding me inside her, her moan
loud in my ear.

Then she relaxed.

We found a rhythm, moving as one, her tightness holding
me, causing a friction that was sapping my resolve.

My only consolation...?

She was excited as I was, her moans now becoming pants and
screeches and then howls and screams.

It was way more than I could take and I squirted inside her,
my moans mingling with hers, her ass and pelvis rising and
tightening, until I'd finished.

I collased against the back of the couch, falling sideways
next to her. She rolled to her left, on top of me, her face
on my shoulder, her breathing coarse in my ear.

We lay together, trying to catch our breath, she still in
her school girl costume, me naked from the waist down. I
never heard Stephanie come down the stairs. I never heard
her at all until she sat down on the edge of the couch, her
arm around her daughter, a soft, "You okay?"
whispered in Victoria's ear.

I felt the vibration, as well as heard the low, "Ummmmm, "
from deep inside Victoria.

I opened my eyes, and didn't recognize the woman sitting
next to me!

Stephanie's short auburn hair was now long, platinum
blond. The young co-ed look had been replaced by full Hollywood
make-up adult, a glamorous look, but not in my opinion,
a better look. And, she was wearing black leather, all black

My eyes gave me away.

"Working clothes, " she admitted with a smirk.

Then to Victoria, "You sure you're all right?"

Victoria turned her head slightly to the left, soft voice,
"Yes mother, I'm all right."

To me, "The principal story?"

I physically reacted, so much so that Victoria lifted herself
up on an elbow, turning to her right, exposing me.

I didn't care.

"Mom..., do you have to?"

Stephanie, "Yes I do. You know the doctor doesn't..."

"Mom, I feel better when I talk about it. Especially
with..., " looking down at me, "especially
with him. I trust him."

Kim had said almost the same thing to me the first time she
and I had been together, that she, "..., trusted me."

Lifting my head to rest it on the arm of the couch, I pulled
Victoria up onto my chest.

"What's going on here?"

"The, "Principal Story, " Stephanie
said, her voice flat, "it's true. When Vic was
in the forth grade, Kim dared her to go into the male teachers
bathroom, not knowing that the principal was in there.
He Victoria, but I knew, because of me and my reputation,
that she'd be torn apart if I tried to pursue charges
against him."

"So you did nothing?" I asked, incredulously.

"Oh no, " Victoria interrupted...,

her mother continued, "Let's just say, Victoria's
tuition to, The Fashion Institute, has already been paid
in full. That bastard never missed a payment."

With that, Stephanie leaned over, gave me a kiss on the cheek
and her daughter a kiss on the forehead.

"Very nice meeting you. I think the girls made a very
good decision."

And with that, she was gone.

I stayed for another half hour, finding out that Stephanie
had paid a private detective to dig up whatever might have
been the in the principal's, now Superintendant of
Schools in a large city, past. Between that, and the, "movie, "
that her mother had made with him, he had paid a small fortune
to keep things quiet.

"To be honest, " she said, summing up the event,
"I kind of felt sorry for that loser. I mean..., little

"I wish that prick would call me to substitute, "
I told her, "I'd love to grab a couple of the guys
I know in that system and get him in the gym some afternoon."

Putting a finger against my lips, she said, in that little
girl voice, "It's been taken care of daddy."

Those things were going through my mind as I drove to Providence
with Beth, the following Saturday night. She was nattering
on about the trip to New York State, bringing Kim to college
the previous weekend, how pretty the campus was and how
many handsome young men there were for Kim to meet. She also
told me how her husband had gotten, "romantic, "
with her on Saturday night at the hotel, after an evening
of drinking with Kim, her roommate and her roommates family.

I couldn't help offering, "That must have been
nice. I'm sure you wore a couple of your sexy frocks
to entice him."

That earned me a slap on the arm.

She was wearing one of her, "sexy frocks, "
tonight, another, "Little Black Dress." This
one; sheer black, all over, lace. Because of the design,
the fact that she was wearing nothing underneath, was not
all that evident. The lace design covering enough that
you knew she wasn't wearing undergarments, but you
couldn't really see anything.

It was very provocative!

So much so, that a gentleman at an adjacent table bought
us a round of drinks. His excuse? "You look like such
a happy couple."

Until he came to the table so we could thank him, I doubt he'd
even looked at me.

Had we not had plans for the night, I would have asked him
to join us!

We went from the restaurant to, The Foxy Lady, where we watched
the dancers, had a couple of drinks, Beth flirting with
the men sitting around us, and I bought her a, "Lap
Dance, " more for them than myself. The dancer earned
more in tips for her two songs with Beth, than she had in two
sets on stage.

At least that's what she told Beth.

From there, we went to, The Black Key Club. A private, "Members
Only, " club that we'd heard about from our friend
Kat, at Miko's. We'd gone through the vetting
process, attended an, "Open House, " where
we met the owners and a large contingent of the members,
and had finally been admitted as members.

The purpose of the club was to offer a safe enviornment where
couples, single women and "select" single
men, of all sexual preferrences, could mingle and if motivated,
exchange sexual delights with each other, be it one on one,
threesomes, foursomes, a football team, or the entire
membership in a giant furball!

The theme on this particular September, Saturday night
was, "Back to School."

Beth had made her own costume purchase, which she'd
made me wait until this night to wear.

I'd chosen the brown tweed sportscoat, leather patches
on the elbows, college professor costume out of my closet.
Decorative smoking pipe as my only accessory.

When Beth came out of the dressing room, I was very impressed.

Hair in ponytails, black and pink plaid halter top and micro
mini skirt, white knee high stockings, with two tone black
and pink platform high heels.

Oh, and the material that covered her breasts in the halter
top? Made of very sheer black material!

She won first prise for the best, "School Girl, "

Since this was our first, "Theme, " party,
we just walked around, checking out the various, "theme"
rooms, talking to a few couples that stopped us to congradulate
Beth on her costume, and to see just how everyone else acted.

We were afraid that we might offend someone if we acted too

Little did we know!

The club closed the doors at 10:30, anyone who'd made
a reservation expected to be in attendance by then. They
had a, "BYO, " liquor license, but a bar and
bartender to mix your drinks with mixers supplied by the
house. You wrote your name on your bottle and could only
leave it there at the end of the night. They kept the bottles
for a month and you were free to use them for that period of
time. If you didn't use them up, they were discarded
at the end of the month.

The bartender made Beth a very nice martini with the Grey
Goose I'd brought.

Since we'd gotten there a little early, and after a
couple of laps around the club, we decided to use the hot
tub. Stripping off our clothes, we'd just gotten comfortable,
when an attractive man walked in and asked if he could join
us? With no reason not too, Beth answered, "Sure,
hop in."

A minuet later, the man walked out of the dressing room naked,
a thick, uncut six inches hanging between his legs, and
climbed into the hot tub with us.

I could see that Beth was impressed.

We made small talk, Gavin sure it had to be our first party,
as he was a regular and surely would have noticed us before.
Admitting that it was, he then gave us an honest appraisal
as to what we should, and shouldn't, expect.

One thing he did expressive, in very firm terms, was that
I shouldn't expect to find many women as, "...,
attractive and well built, " as Beth!

"and I'm not blowing smoke up your butt, "
he said to her, "only stating the facts."

She thanked him for the compliment, and we talked for a few
more minuets, and then I suggested that she and I get out,
as we'd been in the water, "long enough."

Climbing out, I could see that he was watching Beth very
closely, talking in every inch of her anatomy.

Taking a towel, I started to dry her off, only glancing at
him, lifting my right eyebrow.

Gavin got out of the water and joined us, drying Beth, as
I stepped away.

It only took her a second to notice his six inches growing.

She played with his cock until another couple walked in,
immediately apologizing for interrupting us, which gave
us an excuse to get dressed and go back to the party.

Gavin was never far away, the little taste he'd gotten
more than enough to keep his interest.

Walking past the "Dungeon, " was came upon
a small group of people looking into one of the bedrooms.
As people in front of us moved on, we got close enough to see
a very attractive young couple engaged in a very intense
session of, "sixty-nine, " oral sex.

I guess we got there a little late, because as we watched,
they got up, kissed and then got dressed and walked out of
the room.

Another couple behind us, asked Beth where she'd found
her costume, and as she was telling them where she'd
found it, I noticed another couple in front of us talking
to a single, very large, handsome and well dressed black

The woman, also very attractive, (I was begining to think
that Galvin had impossibly high standards for the attractiveness
of females) was wearing the same "school girl"
costume that Victoria had worn earlier in the week, and
she was in an animated discussion with the man, showing
him a magazine and then a sheet of paper. The black man was
smiling a lot, very interested in what she had to say, and
then, stepped aside and offered her entrance into the same
bedroom the younger couple had just vacated.

As I watched, the black man stooped and kissed the woman
and with a couple of finger manipulations, had her top and
skirt off, the woman naked in front of him.

Her escort stood and watched from the doorway.

I moved to the doorway, standing next to the man, Beth abandoning
the other couple to join me.

Gavin stood behind Beth.

Now the woman started to undress the black man, both kissing
and fondling each other as he was undressed.

Once naked, his semi-erection made Beth take a breath,
making me think that Gavin's soft six inches no longer
seemed that impressive to her.

The woman, now sitting on the edge of the bed, took the growing
black penis in her mouth and began to suck on him as if her
life depended on it!

She was very serious about sucking that man's dick!

I know I was getting aroused, as I was sure anyone watching
had become..., especially Beth.

She had my arm in her hands and she was squeezing it hard.

The woman's partner had moved to a chair, set at the
bottom of the bed. He was watching the man and his woman with
a bemused look on his face, seemingly enjoying the other
man's sexual prowess as much as the woman.

The black man then pushed the woman onto her back, her legs
still hanging over the edge of the bed. Kneeling on the floor,
he lifted her legs over his shoulders and attacked her pussy
with as much relish as she's sucked on his cock.

In moments, he had her screaming in ecstacy, her entire
body shaking.

Standing the black man looked to his right, at a table placed
just beyond the chair the other man was sitting in.

He was looking at the condoms that were, seemingly, everywhere
and anywhere there was a flat surface in the club.

Before he could move, the woman lifted herself onto her
elbows, grabbed the black man's hand, and pulled him
on top of her.

In one quick move, she had him inside her, wrapping her legs
around his torso, her arms on his shoulders, pulling him
toward her.

Beth squeezed my arm harder.

Gavin moved behind Beth, his arms around her waist, his
body pressed against hers.

She protested no more than the black man, now pounding the
woman like a jackhammer.

Her screams now were louder than before, so loud that they
attracted the attention of just about everyone in the club.

Gavin's hands were all over Beth's chest.

Beth let go of my arm, her hands now reaching behind her,
going to Gavin's crotch.

The black man, satisfied that he'd pleased the woman,
got up off the bed, thanked her for the opportunity to help
her, "..., with your syllabus, " got dressed
and walked away.

More than one person thanked the man sitting at the bottom
of the bed.

The woman just lay in the bed, spread eagled, too exhaused
to move.

Beth broke away from Gavin and asked me to take her to the

No idea what she was thinking, but more than pleased at the

"Tie me up on that table, " she told me, pointing
to a large padded, "discipline, " table in
the middle of the room.

I told her that I'd rather have the, "Dungeon
Master, " do that, as I was unfamiliar with the etiquette
of a dungeon.

Other than watching a number of couples in the dungeon,
I'd never seen the Dungeon Master doing anything,
other than retrieving different discipline instruments
for an individule.

Doug, the Dungeon Master himself, was a very, "Non-
Threatening, " individule. Kind of doughy, he wore
glasses, no leather, and had sandy blond hair.

What he did have, I learned, was an uncanny ability to find
just the right, "tool, " to produce an orgasm
of "gargantuan, " proportions.

Bringing Beth to him, I told him she wanted to be restrained
on the discipline table.

"What then?" he asked.

"Make me cum, " she answered.

He shrugged and I stepped back.

He asked her to get up on the table and she did, stripping
off her school girl costume before complying. With only
her knee highs and platform shoes on, she climbed up on the

Doug set to work, restraining her, with cuffs and clips,
rather than rope, to the table.

Gavin was now standing next to me, watching, his breathing

Doug looked down at the spread eagled Beth, considering...,
then picked up a black leather blindfold and put it on her.

He then moved to the wall, taking a length of very heavy steel
chain off a set of hangers.

I had no idea.

Carrying the chain to the table, he quietly put it down between
her legs.

She had no idea.

Doug looked at me, as if asking permission? I turned to Gavin
and said, "She's all yours."

As Gavin moved in, Doug picked up the entire length of chain,
putting it down on Beth's crotch.

She let out a soft, "Oofff, " the weight compressing
her abdomen.

Gavin bent and kissed her on the lips, his hands going to
her breasts.

Doug picked up the chain, then let it fall, inch by inch,
between her legs and over her pussy.

Her mouth opened, but no sound came out.

Gavin was licking, kissing and biting her nipples.

Doug picked up the chain and started to let it fall, now six
or eight links at a time onto her slit, soft moans now escaping
her lips.

Gavin's fingers now joined Dougs chain, fighting
for space in her crotch.

"My you are a busy boy, " a voice from behind
me whispered in my ear, "and with Kim's mother
no less!"

Turning around, I was looking at a woman wearing a, "Mardi
Gras, " mask. Dark hair, flashing eyes behind the
mask, the same "school girl, " costume that
both Victoria and the woman who'd seduced the black
man had worn.

Great cleavage between the open buttons of the white shirt.

"I'm sorry, " I said to her, "do I

She lifted the mask before I could finish the question...

It was Stephanie, Victoria's mother!

"Holy shit, " I said, too loud.

But not too loud for Beth to hear, her cries of pleasure getting
louder as Doug and Gavin molested her with steel and flesh.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, taking her
by the arm and moving away from the dungeon.

"I'm with him, " she answered, pointing
toward the large black man we'd watched with the pretty
woman earlier, the one with the magazine.

"Working?" I asked.

"What else?" she replied.

"But here?"

"Where else?"

"I don't know..., Jesus!"

She was laughing now, the black man coming over. We introduced
ourselves, Richard from nearby Massachusetts.

"How do you know Steph?" he asked.

"Mutual interests, " she answered for me.

"Alone?" he asked, looking around.

"No, I'm with the noisy one on the table, "
I answered, pointing over my shoulder.

Looking over the top of the people watching, he smiled and
said, "Looks like she enjoying herself."

"That's her, " I responded, "insatiable."

"That can't be true, " looking at her again,
her cries getting louder as Doug rattled the chains and
Gavin continued his digital assault.

Looking at Stephanie, she offering, "Yes, it is true."

Richard took her arm, "Well, have fun, " and
off they went, Stephanie putting the mask back on.

By this time, Beth was exhausted, her throat sore from her
screams, her twat bruised and raw from the weight of the
chain and Gavin's fingers.

I rescued her, thanking the two men for their help in answering
her request to, "..., make me cum."

We went out into the lounge, where I had the bartender make
her another martini. As she rested, I asked her if she was
ready to go?

"Not yet."


No, not yet."

"What else do you want to do?"

Opening her eyes and looking at me, she very matter of factly
said, "I want to suck that black man's cock and
then have him cum inside me."


"Let's do that another night, " I suggested.

Sitting up and finishing the drink, she stood and said,
"No, I want to do it right now, " put down her
glass and walked back inside the club.

Following her, I could only hope that Richard had found
someone else that he and Stephanie could hook up with and
that Beth would give up.

That wasn't going to happen, as Steph and Richard were
walking from our left, as soon as Beth and I walked into the

Without saying a word, Beth walked over to Richard, grabbed
him by his belt, and pulled him over to a stack of mattresses
on the floor of the playroom.

He offered no resistance, walking slowly as Beth pulled

Once she was against the mattresses, she let go of him with
one hand, the other starting to unbuckle his belt. She was
pulling off his boxers, before his trousers hit the floor,
and was sucking his growing cock, before he had a chance
to kick off his shoes.

The crowd around them was growing just as fast, Gavin in
the lead.

Stephanie pulled me away from all of them, out the door and
into the lounge.

"Okay, what's going on?"

I told her the truth.

"For how long?" an incredulous tone in her voice.

"Almost ten years, " I said.

"And Kim?"

"An accident, " I lied, "I went to the
restaurant where she worked one afternoon and recognized
her from the high school. Without trying very hard, she
seduced me. It was only later, when we started to talk, that
I realized who she was. By that time, it was too late!

"Too late for who?" an accusation, rather than
a question.

"You tell me, " I shot back.

"Jesus, " shaking her head, "what a mess."

"Only, " I interjected, "if they find
out. I know I ain't telling either one of them. Are you?"

Smiling and shaking her head, "Like I said, "My
you are a busy boy."

Then we walked back into the club, just in time to see Richard
drop his load of cum inside Beth, and Gavin jump in, just
as Richard rolled off.

Both men's cum was dripping down Beth's legs as
we walked out of the club, me spending a full fifteen minuets
licking and sucking it up in the back seat of my car.

Then I put my own on top of what was left inside her.

I saw Victoria twice more, once with Kim when she came home
for Thanksgiving, before Vic went off to, The Fashion Institute,
in NYC.

I hired Stephanie one night, intending to take her to a nice
restaurant and then Trinity Square Repertory Theater.

She cooked me dinner at her house instead, and then showed
me the movie that she'd made with Victoria's .

I understood then why he'd paid her.

But I still wanted to beat the shit out of him!

I also admitted my lust toward Kim, when she was only fifteen.

"But you never acted on it, " Steph told me,
"and fifteen, looking like Kim did, is a lot different
than ten. That fucker is a pervert, and he'll get his
before it's all over."

Sofening, she looked at me and said, "And you know
what? If you'd been my teacher, when I was fifteen...,
I would have made you act on that, "lust, " impluse!"

She was better than all of them.

But..., the memory of Kim, undressing for me, in the room
at Foxwoods...?

That will be, I hope, the image I have in my head when I take
my last breath.

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