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"One and Done?" - Over Exposure


(This is a very long story and I doubt that it will be accepted
in it's present form. Wherever it is cut off, I will
finish from that point, as soon as possible. Thanks for
your interest and please enjoy our experiences)

You would think that a warning from an ex-cop would be enough
to inhibit Beth's serial exhibitionism. If you did,
you would be wrong. If anything, it served as a blueprint
on, "How and When, " rather than, "What

The workmen arrived on the last day of school. The work on
the new swimming pool was suppose to start a week earlier,
but weather and supply delays pushed it back. Watching
the four men unloading their truck, Beth became more disappointed
by the minuet. "I should have them to myself for a week, "
she thought to herself, "instead of just today."

And even today wouldn't be a full day, with the kids
getting out of school at 12:30. Plus, she had to go grocery
shopping before they got home.

She'd had a plan, but not for such a short time frame.
If she was going to play, it had to be right now.

The first stage of the work had them demolishing the existing
deck, then they would install the precast pool. Finally,
they would build the new deck/apron.

They went right to work on the deck. Watching, she noticed
that three of the men looked very similar. Medium height
and weight, dark hair and complexions, all in their mid-40's.
One was obviously the boss, giving instructions, having
them put the demolished decking in a specific spot. The
forth guy was much younger, short and stocky, blond hair
and a fair complexion. He was doing all the heavy work.

She took a quick shower and then spent more time than usual
on her hair and make-up. This was not going to be a normal

Putting on her satin, hot pink, shorty robe, she debated
a matching thong, but with so little time, she decided,
"No, " and went for maximum exposure. Tying
the matching satin belt very loosely, she went downstairs.

In the kitchen, she grabbed a cup of coffee and walked to
the sliding door, looking out at the workers. The deck was
more than half gone!

They stopped and looked at her.

Sliding open the door, she stepped onto the deck and walked
toward them. "Hi, I'm Beth, and I just wanted
to say..." The young one pushed through the others,
and put a hand up to stop her. "No miss, is not good you
be out here, " and then stopped, looking at her chest,
which was probably 40% exposed.

The foreman laughed, "What he's trying to tell
you that it's not safe to walking on this deck right
now. He's Brazilian and hasn't been here to long.
He is right though."

The other two were just looking at her, neither making any
gesture nor a comment. Their eyes, however, were speaking
for them, and they were telling her to, "be careful."

"Oh, I'm sorry, " she said, turning to
leave. Taking two steps, she turned back, the pivot of her
shoulders making the belt slip a little more. Looking at
the young man, she said, "Thank you for warning me."
To the others she said, "I just wanted to tell you that,
if you want me..., or need anything, just ask."

No one responded to her, except to stare at her chest, which
she knew had to be at least 50% more exposed than it had been
seconds ago.

Walking back into the house, she finished the coffee and
watched the men. It took them a minuet to recover, before
resuming their work.

She went to work too, revising the rest of her plan on the
go. Picking up her duster, she walked back into the kitchen,
to the far end of the slider. Reaching up with her left hand,
she started to brush the valance that covered the top of
the glass. Reaching her arm up over her head would cause
the robe to slide up up on one side. She then reached up with
her right hand, causing the entire robe to move up, her crotch
now fully exposed.

Moving slowly from her right to her left, she was pretending
that she'd forgotten the men were there, something
that would be easy to do since they'd stopped working
and weren't making a sound.

As she continued to move, not only was her bottom half exposed,
but the belt holding the robe closed was slipping apart
with every movement. The belt fell onto the floor by the
time she was half way across the door.

However, since she wasn't acknowledging that anyone
was watching, there was no need to stop and pick it up.

She kept on moving until she got to the center of the slider,
where the two doors met. The duster, "accidentally, "
hit the wood molding and fell out of her hand. It was only
then, when she bent to pick it up and looked out the window,
that so saw the four men staring at her!

It was also at that moment that she took the time to look at
their eyes.


This is why she did it! This is why she risked it all!

This one instant, when she knew, and they knew too, that
she had them.

"Was it power? Was it control? Was it worship?

Then one of them licked his lips..., and she knew that it
wasn't any of those things.

It was just ordinary lust!

The spell broken, she reached down to pick up the duster,
managing to get it and also managing to expose everything
that hadn't already been exposed.

Holding the top of the robe together, her crotch still there
for everyone to see, she opened the slider, "I'm
so sorry. I forgot you were here. I feel so stupid..., "
and then closed the door.

She might as well have been speaking to a tree. None of their
voluntary brain functions seemed to be working. They were
breathing, but their eyes were unfocused, or focused only
on her naked body.

She went upstairs to get dressed for the market. Looking
out the window, the men still hadn't gotten back to
work. She wished, again, that she had more time.

She put on a pair of shorts, a tank top and her flip flops and
went through the garage to get to her car. In the driveway,
she saw that their truck was behind her car. She couldn't
get out.

She had another idea.

Running back upstairs, she took off the clothes and threw
them into a plastic bag. Looking through the box of, "Exhibitionist, "
clothes that we'd bought, she saw a tiny white pleated
micro mini skirt. Putting that on, she looked for a top.
Almost at the bottom of the box, she found a, "Hog's
Breath, " tee shirt that I'd customized for
her. It had been a tank top, but I'd cut off all of the
hems, and then cut a slice from the bottom of the neckline
to the top of the "Hog's" head. While it
still had the logo and looked like a tank top, it practically
fell off her every time she moved. She put on a pair of high
heeled slides and ran back downstairs.

She stopped to looked at herself in the hallway mirror.
90% of her was exposed. Perfect!

Walking out of the garage, plastic bag in hand, she encountered
the young man putting something back in the truck. "Oh,
hi. Could you please move the truck, I have to go somewhere."
His mouth was hanging open, his eyes as big as saucers.

Hammers were pounding in the background. He didn't

"Could you please move..., " motioning with
her hands, "the truck."

"Boss, boss!"


"Here, here."

The foreman walked around the corner, and stopped when
he saw her. She smiled, "Could you please move the

One man on each side of her and both were doing the same thing...,
they were looking her over from head to foot. They were impressed.

The foreman acted first, "Oh sure. Sorry. I should
have moved it earlier."

As he got in the truck, the kid moved further to his left,
away from her. Beth smiled at him and then looked through
her purse for her keys.

Watching her, he seemed unsure what to do. She smiled to
herself, reminded of the axiom that she'd first heard
in high school biology class. "Flight or fight, "
was instinctive in all men. What would he do?

The truck was out of the yard, the foreman walking back up
the driveway when she found her keys. As she reached for
the door handle, the boy brushed past her and opened it for
her, stepping out of the way to let her in, as he held it.

Saying, "Thank you, " with a big smile, she
walked in front of him..., and dropped her keys. Both of
them bent to get them at the same time, she exposing her ass
and pussy to the foreman, who was ten feet behind her.

The kid got to the keys first, and looked up..., to see her
naked breasts hanging in front of him, ten inches away.

He looked up at her. She smiled, never moving.

He practically jumped to his feet.

As he was backing away when he handed her the keys.

Just then, a horn honked. Looking up she saw it was Tom, her
neighbor from across the street. His son and her's
were best friends.

"Hey Beth, everything okay?"

"Hi Tom. Yes, everything is fine."

"Okay, " a wave, but he sat there for a moment,
looking, before driving off.

"I wonder what he saw?" she thought to herself.

She turned to the men, said, "Thank you, " and
got into the car, exposing herself once more, before shutting
the door and driving away. She could see them still standing
in the driveway.

Then she remembered that she had to change her clothes.

Getting to the market, she drove to a far corner of the parking
lot and took off the skirt. She was just going to put on the
shorts when a car drove up next to her.

It was Tom.

He opened his door and got out. She lowered the window as
he approached. "Hi."

He stood next to her door, looking down at her. "Hi,
and for the second time in ten minuets, is everything okay?"

"Yeah, just like before, everything is fine."

He stood there for a count and then bent down, his forearms
resting on the open window frame. He looked at her face,
and then let his eyes run down her body. Then he leaned into
the car, now looking down into her lap.

"Interesting outfit."

Looking down, she saw that her breasts were out of the shirt
and she was naked below that..., CAUGHT!

Oh well..., then, "Yes it is, and I was just going to

With that, she pulled off "Hog's Breath, "
and pulled on her tank top. Picking her ass off the seat,
she slipped on the shorts.

With that, she powered the window up, causing Tom to move
back, and drove away, finding a parking space close to the
front door. When she was finished shopping, Tom was gone.

She was home before the kids got home from school.

The rest of the week that the pool was being installed, was
filled with rides here and there with the kids, and appointments
for herself. When she was at home, her son and Tom's,
were in the backyard, "helping, " the crew.
He was even talking like, "Xavier, " the Brazilian
boy who even Kim found attractive.

The job was done on time and the pool, plus additions, looked

The whole family, husband included were there to see them
off. Then, they all went for a swim.

By the weekend, the kids were, "swimmed, "

Her son had a Little League tournament on Cape Cod, her husband
helping to coach the team. Kim had gotten a job scooping
at a local ice cream shop, working some weekdays and weekend

Her boys left on Friday afternoon, her daughter asking
if she could go to a midnight premier at the Mall after work,
and then sleep at her girlfriends.

By late Friday afternoon, she was alone. I'd made a
date with her on Saturday night, dinner and them, "???"
after. Nothing to do but relax between now and then.

It was 7:00 PM, and she'd finished a bunch of stuff that
she'd been putting off. Now, a nice relaxing hot bath.
After the bath, naked, she put on a long, very sheer, white
beach cover-up, took a glass and the bottle of wine that
she'd been chilling, and walked out to the pool yard.

Sitting on her lounge working on her second glass of wine,
soft music in the background, the pool light casting shimmering
shadows on the back of the house, "This is perfect, "
she said out loud to herself.

"It is, " agreed a voice behind her.

Startled, she turned quickly, starting to stand, only
to find Tom standing five feet behind her. Puzzled, she
said sat back down, "Hi, what's up?"

"Saw your car, and the light from the pool. Haven't
seen the, "new, " backyard, so I thought I'd
drop in see what you guys were doing?" Looking around,
then at her, the sheerness of the material hiding nothing,
he shook his head up and down. "Very nice."

Watching him, she wondered, "He knows my husband
isn't here because his son plays on the team too. And,
he probably knows that Kim works at the ice cream shop, so
what is he up to?"

Holding up her glass, "Like a glass of wine?"

Walking over to her lounge, standing next to her, "Sure,
want me to get it?"

Pointing at the ice bucket, wine bottle sticking out, "No,
that's okay, all I need is a glass."

Standing, with him so close he had to take a step back, she
walked into the house. Like the workmen, and the college
boys on the beach before them, she could feel his eyes on
her ass as she was walking.

What to think about Tom? He had a high security job in Newport,
working with the Navy. A good looking guy, he was a little
nerdy, not much of a conversationalist, but took great
care of his son. His wife had taken a part time job with a local
lawyer a couple of years ago. Six months later, the two of
them split with their spouses, and once the divorces were
final, left everyone behind and took off to somewhere in
South Carolina. His son never talked about it. Neither
did Tom.

Walking back out, she handed him the glass and poured him
some wine.

Sitting back down, he surprised her by offering a toast,
"To your new backyard..., and the woman who makes
it even better."

"Thank you, " she said, clinking his glass.
"It is beautiful back here isn't it."

"Yes, " his voice suddenly hoarse. He paused,
then, almost stuttering, he said, "Listen, Beth,
I..., I want to apologize for the other day. I was way out
of line. It..., it's just that I saw you with those guys
from the pool company, and I wasn't sure what I was seeing,
or what you were wearing, so when you left, I followed you.
Then you drove to the back of the parking lot..., and when
I looked into your car and saw, for sure, what you were wearing,
I kind of lost it there and..."

Looking at him, she wondered?

"What did the pool guys have to do with any of that?

"Well..., when I think of you, I think..., beautiful,
smart, sexy, funny, classy...., did I mention sexy?"


And it looked, from the road, like you were coming on to..."

She shook her head, "FUCK IT, " her brain screamed!

"Tom, I was coming on to them. Whatever prejudice
you might have against working people, I don't, "
catching her breath, calming down.

"I'm an exhibitionist. I like taking my clothes
off in public. Better than that, I love wearing clothes
that expose me, just enough so that, when a man sees me, and
he thinks, "Did I just see..., " after I've
flashed him, and then he gets that look in his eyes, that
look when he goes, "Yes, " he did see something
that society thinks that he shouldn't see. That's
the moment that I get off on. That's the feeling that
I can't get anywhere else. I'd already exposed
myself to those men. But, I wanted to do it again, this time
so close that I could look into their eyes from inches away."

She sipped her wine, looking at him. "And, you know
what? If you hadn't acted like an ass in the parking
lot, I probably would have exposed myself to you too."

Taking a final gulp of his wine, Tom said, "But you

Shaking her head, she stood up and took his empty glass.
Looking down at him, she said, "No Tom, I didn't
expose myself to you. I took my clothes off. There's
a difference."

With that, she walked back into the house. Stopping in the
doorway, her back to him, she reached up and slowly pulled
the cover-up off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor
on it's own. With it at her feet, she turned to face him,
completely naked.

She stood there like that for twenty seconds, and then,
as she was closing the slider, she said, "That was
exposing myself. Good night Tom."

She was telling me all this as we were driving to Providence
on Saturday night. It was the first time we'd been together
since school had ended and she was filling me in on all the

"How long did he sit there?" I asked.

"Quite a while. He must have been thinking about knocking
on the door. But..., he finally went home."

"What if he had knocked on the door?"

"Well, since I was already naked..., I probably would
have fucked him."


She laughed, "Okay, I would have fucked him."

I laughed too, "Sounds like a good start to the summer."

"Until today."

Flattered, I said, "Thank you."

"No, I meant there's more."

"More? More what?"

"I got up late this morning. Went and did some shopping,
cleaned up some more of the things that I'd been putting
off. Then I got my clothes ready for tonight. It was still
early, only 1:30, so I made a pitcher of margaritas, put
on the bikini I bought that day with Kim, and went out to the
pool to work on my tan."

"Yeah..., "

"So, I'm laying on my lounge, just poured my third
margarita..., "

"Your what!"

"..., I'd already finished two, and I was getting
a little woozy, so I put my head down and then I heard, "Sa'scuse
me..., " It was Xavier, from the pool company. I looked
at him, and I guess he could tell I had no idea why he was there.
So he said, "No boss call?"

I stood up, that bikini is really tiny, and said, "No,
no one called. Is something wrong?"

"No, no, not no thing bad..., here." and he handed
me a piece of paper.

"Tried to call this morning, but got no answer. Xavier
volunteered to do the, "7 Day Check-up, " a
free service call to make sure everything is working. He's
very capable, but wanted me to write this so he wouldn't
embarrass himself trying to explain why he is there. Needless
to say, like all of us, he's a little intimidated by
you, but also, shall I say, fond of you too. Just let him do
the maintenance and he'll be fine. And because your
family was there, I never got the chance to tell you that
you made your installation the most memorable I've
ever done, and it will be hard for any of us to forget. Thank
you, Vincent (foreman)

I looked at Xavier and smiled. "Okay, I know why you're
here. Go ahead and do your work. Do you need me to leave?"

"He looked at me, not sure what I was asking? Do you
want me to go in the house? I pantomimed walking and then
pointed to the house."

"Oh, no, no. Here, " he pointed to the lounge,
"Here good, good."

"So I laid down again, took a sip of my drink, and let
him go to work."

"That's all you did? You just let him go back to
work?" I asked.

"She laughed again, "Okay, I undid all the strings
holding the bathing suit together and I watched him as he
was doing all the maintenance stuff. It was comical to see
how he would check me out while he was moving around the pool."

"It took him more than a half hour to get everything
done, he even vacuumed. He was soaked with sweat when he
was finished and he knelt by the pool next to me, scooping
up a couple of handfuls of water, throwing it on his face
and head."

"So I asked him if he'd like a drink?" He
looked at me, "Water? Cold?"

"I lifted myself off the lounge onto my elbows, the
top falling off, and picked up the pitcher. "No, not
water. Margarita."

"He looked at me, never taking his eyes of my face..., "

"Probably afraid to look at your tits, thinking you
might jump him right there and then!" I interrupted.

"Ha, ha, " a dirty look my way, "and he
asked, "Margarita?"

"I shook the pitcher, Margarita."

"Cold?" he asked.

"I looked and all the ice had melted. So, I stood up,
the bottom falling off immediately, and said, "I'll
make it cold." I walked into the house, knowing he
was looking at my ass, and made another batch, with plenty
of ice, and a glass for him.

When I returned, he was still kneeling in the same spot.
I handed him the glass, bent over so my boobs were practically
in his face, and poured the drink. He'd finished it
before I put the pitcher down. As soon as he put the glass
down, I pushed him into the pool."

I laughed so hard, I almost went off the road. "I wasn't
expecting that!"

"Neither was he, " she laughed, "he came
out of the water sputtering, probably swearing at me in
Portuguese. He hauled himself up on the apron, shaking
the water out of his eyes."

"Better?" I asked him. "Yes, better, "
he answered.

"I poured him another drink and said, "Let's
get you out of those wet clothes. I made him stand and then
pulled the wet shirt off him. He wasn't much taller
than me, with my heels on, but he was very broad across the
chest, all muscle, and his neck and back were huge..."

"Enough of that already, get to the point!"

She gave me a frown, "I thought you liked the details?"

"I do, but we're almost at the restaurant."

"So I put my hand on his pants, to take them off and he
pushed my hand away. I put it right back, telling him, "You
want to go to your next job all wet?" So, he stood there,
and I stripped him."

She paused. I gave her a look.

"Okay, he wasn't huge..., like his neck and back...,
ha, but he wasn't circumcised and, like I said, he was
all muscle. Funny thing, I thought he'd be hard, what
with me taking his clothes off, but he wasn't."

"So, " I said, "the two of you are standing
on the deck, both naked and you're admirering his,
"Huge neck and back..., and his, not so huge uncut
dick, that wasn't hard. Then what happened?"

"I kissed him."

"And..., ?"

"And he kissed me back. He kissed me so hard, I thought
he'd split my lips. He was trying to eat me, to swallow
me. I was trying to slow him down, but he was so excited he
got me excited. He rubbing my ass, I'm rubbing his,
then I reach between us and touch his cock..., it was hard

"He let's out this moan, and then he bit me."

"He bit you? He bit you where?"

"On the lip. Not hard, a nip. Then he picks be up, like
I'm a feather and he bites my nipple. Again, it wasn't
hard. I'm rubbing is head, his back, his shoulders,
and he's biting me. The more he bites, the more excited
we both get, until he's really biting me, and I'm
biting him back."

"How hard was he biting you?"

She was wearing a dress that I'd never seen before.
It was white, strapless, and skin tight. She wasn't
wearing anything under it, she couldn't, because
it showed off every one of her curves, her nipples poking
out in front.

She reached up and hooked her thumbs under the material
and pulled the top down to her waist.

I had to pull the car over to the curb!

She had bite marks and welts all over her breasts, her sides
and her stomach!

"Jesus Christ, what did he do to you?" I yelled,
furious that she would let someone do this to her.

She let out a whimper, a tear in the corner of her eye. "He
made love to me." And she started to cry.

I waited, silent.

"He had me around the waist, off the ground, biting
and biting. I was fighting, trying to get down, wanting
to bite him back, wanting to bite his cock, but he just held
me tight, biting and biting."

"Then he tipped me upside down, just spun me around,
like I weighed nothing, my head never going below his knees.
He was still holding me around the waist, but now his face
was in my crotch and mine in his."

"Now he's sticking his tongue into my cunt, and
he bites the lip on the left side. Not hard, a little bite,
and then another and another..., bite, bite and then harder,
bite, bite, bite, in the same place, his tongue back in me,
and then bite, bite on the other side. I'm going fucking
crazy, grabbing his cock and shoving it into my mouth, sucking
it all the way in until my nose is against his bone. I'm
upside down and I'm sucking on him, sucking him deep
and then grabbing his balls. He's biting my pussy, and I'm going crazy. I pulled
him out of my mouth, pulled the foreskin over the hood and
bite him. He pulls the lips of my pussy together with his
lips and then bites me, both lips between his teeth. I reach
down and pull his scrotum up to his shaft, biting the underneath
of his cock, at the same time as his sack, pulling the skin
away from his dick...., "

She stops talking, opening the vanity mirror, checking
her eyes.

"You okay?" I ask.

She leaned over and kissed me. "I am now."

We're parked on the side of South Main Street, the motor
running, Beth naked from the waist up.

"Now I'm so excited I just want to taste his cum.
I stopped biting him and started to suck him, pulling on
his balls, brushing his asshole with my finger tips, doing
everything to make him cum. Now he's getting excited,
so much that he stops biting me and starts to pump me up and
down. Now he's really excited, lifting me so high that
his cock pulls out of my mouth. I'm still pulling on
his balls and he starts biting me every time any part of my
skin gets near his mouth. He gets his teeth on my clit and
he bites it with his front teeth, not hard, but steady, the
bouncing slowed to where we can both get each other in our
mouths. He's biting, pressing down hard with his jaws,
biting harder and harder, and I'm sucking on him, deeper
and deeper, and I can hear myself screaming, but I can't
because he's down my throat..., then I stuck a finger
into his asshole and he opened his mouth and tried to swallow
my entire pussy, and then he squirted all over my face."

"He held me for a few seconds, still upside down and
then he spun me upright and put me down. I dropped to my knees
and licked and sucked him clean, his hands on the back of
my head."

"When I was done, he fell back on the lounge and I stood
up. We looked at each other and I laughed. "Wow!"
Then I picked up his wet clothes and walked into the house.
After I put everything in the dryer, I went upstairs to my
room and looked at myself in the mirror. I was red, but it
didn't look that bad."

"I went back downstairs, checked on his clothes and
then looked out in the yard at him. He was still naked, laying
across the lounge, looking like he'd fallen asleep.
I went back upstairs to put something on and happened to
look in the mirror again. The bite marks were now becoming
visible, I could see teeth everywhere."

"When's you husband coming home?"



"So I'm looking in the mirror and I hear him coming
up the stairs. I'm fixing my hair, wondering if I should
take a shower before I meet you, and he walks into the bedroom.
He sees me, and walks into the bathroom, his cock sticking
straight out! He smiled and I rolled my eyes."

"Since this began next to the pool, neither of us have
said a word, except, "Wow, " and we didn't
now either. He came up to me, grabbed me by the hair on the
back of my head and pressed me against the vanity. He pushed
my head forward, my forehead on the counter and hooked my
right leg with his foot, pulling it back. I had to move my
left foot back to keep my balance. With my legs separated,
he pulled my head up and back, my body arched backwards.
Then he slapped me on the ass, hard!"

"I could see myself and him in the mirror. He spit on
his hand, licked the back of my neck and then spit on his hand
again. I could feel him rubbing his spit on his cock, and
then press the tip against my pussy...., I was afraid that
he was just going to ram it into me!"

"Instead, he inserted the tip and then pulled it back.
He did it again, this time getting a little deeper before
pulling it back. He did this a few times, teasing me, all
the while gripping my hair so tightly that I couldn't
move my head."

"But he kept teasing, now grabbing my left breast,
sqeezing it roughly, pinching the nipple between his knuckles,
hurting me."

"And all the while, his cock in and out, just enough,
his body pressed against mine, locking me against the vanity,
unable to move."

"I couldn't take it anymore, so I waited for him to relax, as he pulled back..., I yanked my hear frward
and down, afraid I'd lose a handful of hair, pushing
my ass back at the same time, his cock sliding all the way
inside me."

"Now he was ready too, his hands on my shoulders, his
legs spread wide, he started to pump, all the way in and all
the way back out. I tried to reach back and grab his ass, to
hold him inside me, to feel him completely inside me, but
I couldn't reach far enough and he kept on sliding all
the way out before he went all the way back in."

"I was screaming now, there was nothing that could
hold it back. Everytime he'd get all the way back inside
me, I'd try to lock my vaginal muscles up, to trap him,
but he was too strong. But just that sensation, the tightening
of my muscles, was having an effect. His reactions and his
sounds, told me that I was getting close."

"Now he began to pump harder, staying inside longer,
never pulling all the way out. I'd lost count of the
times I'd cum, not that I was trying to keep track, but
I knew I was going to have another orgasm when he stopped
pulling out and just pressed hard against me. His pumping
has stopped, his cock all the way in me, a slight rocking
of his hips the only movement that he was suppling. I was
holding my ass tight as I could against him, feeling the
pulsing of him inside me. When he came, his body shook, a
deep moan escaping his throat."

"I turned and knelt in front of him again, sucking him, my tongue licking his cock clean."

"Finished, his dick limp, the foreskin on the edge
of my lower lip, I said, "Enough."

"I led him downstairs and gave him his dry clothes.
I walked with him out the pool where he picked up his tools
and the box of supplies he'd brought with him. I didn't
say goodbye, I just walked away, still naked."

"I took a quick shower, made myself look pretty for
you, got dressed and walked out to get in my car. He was gone."

"Wow, " with a smile, putting the car in gear,
"I don't know how I'll ever top that?"

Looking at me, she said, "It wasn't over, "

"What do you mean, it wasn't over? He was gone."

"Just as I got to my car, I heard someone softly say,

"Looking around, I knew it was Tom, but he wasn't
in his yard, or anywhere on the side of my house that faced
his? Then he started to clap. Slowly, clap...clap...,
very annoying. He was in my backyard, which really pissed
me off."

"What are you doing back there?" I asked him.

"Well, I saw the pool company truck in the driveway,
and I remembered what had happened the last time they were
here. So I walked over and heard some strange noise when
I got close to the house. I looked around the corner and saw
you in a very unusual position, in the arms of that fat poolboy
I saw you with before. Both of you were doing really crazy
things to each other, but it looked like it ended pretty
well for him."

"Looking at him, disgusted with his attitude, I just
stood there shaking my head."

Continuing, he said, "But then, after you'd
disappeared into the house, he got up and followed after
you, and from the sounds of it, made more than amends for
not satisfying you earlier. All and all, a fun time for Beth
and the poolboy."

"I almost slapped him in the face and said, "Well,
remember those sights and sounds because, unlike the,
"fat poolboy, " that's as close as your
going to get to having any of that from me!"

"He just laughed and then started to walk down the
driveway. Then he stopped turned around and said, "Oh,
and by the way..., you look abso-fucking-lutely spectacular
in that dress."

"Watching him walk away, his hands in his pockets,
like he didn't give a fuck, I almost wanted to say. "Hey
Tom, be at the pool at about 2:00 AM, I'll meet you there."

We drove to the restuarant and had a great time being entertained
by the couple at an adjoining table. They were about Beth's
age and had much in common. Kids, school, teenage girls,
their boyfriends and had all of the same joys and problems
associated with that.

What neither Beth, nor Roberta, knew..., was that Robbie's
husband, Steve and I had met here on AdultFriendFinder. We'd set the
whole thing up and were now sitting back to see how it would
all work out.

Beth had to explain the bites one more time before her husband
came home!

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