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 Positions and Orgasms  

    1) What's a really nice way to keep your lover's sexy parts lubricated during massage?
    a) Warm axle grease
    b) Cool vegetable oil
    c) Brandy or liqueur
    d) Warm olive oil

    2) How can you and your partner have more intense orgasms?
    a) Take everything more slowly
    b) Abstain from sex for a week or more before orgasm
    c) Penetrate deeper
    d) Both a and b

    3) You and your partner want to come together. Generally what leg arrangement will give you the most success?
    a) His legs are spread and hers are pressed together
    b) Her legs are spread and his are pressed together
    c) Both his and her legs are spread
    d) Both his and her legs are pressed together

    4) If a guy wants his lady to have an orgasm while he's inside her, what one factor is most important?
    a) Where her clitoris is in relation to the action
    b) How deep he penetrates
    c) He gives equal attention to her breasts, her clitoris, and his penetration
    d) All of the above

    5) Your first sexual encounter with a partner is "most likely to succeed" when the woman:
    a) Guides the penis in
    b) Decides when the man should enter her
    c) Comes first
    d) All of the above

    6) What tried-and-true sexual method can make the penis less sensitive over time?
    a) Hand job
    b) Missionary sex
    c) Humping a pillow
    d) Blow job

    7) Which of these is not part of Tantric sex practice?
    a) Giving your lover a gift
    b) Discontinuing sexual contact periodically
    c) Exchanging dominant and submissive roles
    d) Focusing attention away from each others sexy parts

    8) Which statement is true?
    a) Though vaginas and clitorises come in all shapes and sizes, the space between the clitoris and vagina remains the same in all women
    b) A man who depends solely on thrusting to reach orgasm might lose some feeling in his penis
    c) Though a man's prostate makes some of the semen, it is not actually involved in male orgasm
    d) A woman's nipples are not physically connected to her uterus or her clitoris

    9) If a woman is stimulating a guy's prostate:
    a) She's not stimulating the root of his penis
    b) It can feel like he needs to pee
    c) Prostate stimulation is better if the guy does it to himself
    d) All of the above

    10) Anal sex trivia: Which is most true?
    a) Men can have anal orgasms
    b) Women can have anal orgasms
    c) Both men and women can have anal orgasms
    d) Neither men nor women can have anal orgasms

    11) Which of the following doesn't really affect how great your orgasm is?
    a) Alcohol
    b) An undersized penis
    c) Poor clitoral placement
    d) Grief or depression

    12) Other than size and shape, what is one way his foreskin is different from her clitoral hood?
    a) The clitoral hood doesn't really exist, the foreskin does
    b) The foreskin moves in relation to the dick head, the clitoral hood is fixed
    c) The foreskin is loose and the clitoral hood is tight
    d) During arousal: the hood sheathes the clitoris, the foreskin exposes the penis

    13) If you're really working it and that orgasm just doesn't want to come, which of the following "tricks" will not help you get there any faster?
    a) Tense your muscles
    b) Hold your breath
    c) Try an unfamiliar position
    d) Forget about your partner's needs

    14) The best description for Tantric sex is:
    a) A good way to have hot sex on your first date
    b) A series of highly intense positions
    c) Slow, spiritually-oriented sex
    d) Orgiastic multiples sex, where every orifice sees action

    15) The crura is (are):
    a) A creamy secretion given off by women when aroused
    b) A special dildo with little teeth
    c) A pair of internal clitoral
    d) A nerve bundle connected to the male prostate

    16) A man can have the type of multiple orgasms women have when:
    a) He learns to come without ejaculating
    b) He takes a short cool-down period after his first come and then goes again
    c) He takes his time, while concentrating on sexual mental images
    d) Only women have these multple orgasms

    17) On your first date, which order of events has the best chance of getting you both off?
    a) You're both really turned on; so you go at it and let nature take its course
    b) You have lots of foreplay then penetration
    c) You masturbate in front of each other, then foreplay then penetration
    d) The guy licks her clitoris, then teases her by penetrating with the tip of his penis before penetration

    18) "Spooning" is:
    a) Necking while his penis is in her vagina
    b) Tonguing various orifices
    c) Foreplay while using household objects
    d) A man-behind-woman position where you are both on your sides

    19) In which position are you getting the least penetration?
    a) Woman on top
    b) Man from behind
    c) Lying on their sides facing each other
    d) Missionary

    20) A horned pillow is:
    a) When she presses his hard penis between her breasts
    b) A pillow for propping up a woman's butt
    c) Any position a man takes when he's extremely aroused
    d) A dildo with a soft cushion at its base