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"stop dreaming. Take action read testimonials,R better indicators, 4get pictures taken 10 yrs ago,"
Ridgeway, Virginia, United States
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gang_bang4u 38/G
Ridgeway, Virginia
It is far better, to just come out and say exactly what you want, how often you want it and more importantly when do you want to start. Now, All-male members must take and pass STD test, no exceptions, and update every 4 to 6 months, so someone is being tested just about every month, nothing is 100%, but this is 10,000 times better than any other group or individual does.. we absolutely test, males that have wanted to get in my group claiming they have already been tested, they are simply rejected, until actual proof has been presented, ladies, this is for your protection and safety as well as mine. Men, you must Have Min. of 7 1/2 inches Last Min of 2 hours and get off min of 2 times.. Testimonials are what others see and think; then they voluntarily translate into testimonials for others to view the good, not so good or bad and/or the excitement they experienced and now want to translate/transfer for others to view and interpret, as they see, what they want or desire for their pleasure or consideration. Understanding the key to becoming a member, since one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch, it can never be about the individual. Although our philosophy is, ", one for all and all for that one.". We do not do orgies, or have a , come one come all concept. We are a small group of six individual males, that have been with this group for many years. The six males are spread over two states, so 100% participation is almost impossible. We have one couple, and one Ms. fantasy girl {I refer to the Ms. fantasy girl as my girlfriend} as our profile states, For some reason, men seem to want what belongs to other men and almost guarantees, a little higher degree, of respect from all male members, because I refer to her as my girlfriend, the woman of a couple is just that the wife of the couple. we will absolutely positively always be totally honest about what is going on, at all times. Generally I get with the individual or couple the first time, so that I can arouse or generate some excitement from my male counterparts. Your privacy and told discretion is job one. Any one permanent member can propose blackballing another member. All ladies rate our men, on a scale from 1 to 5. If a male member receives a one are two that male member is subject to being blackballed/eliminated. This keeps our group to a point that everyone gets along and there is never been any type of bickering our jealousy.Of course, everyone must respect the wishes of others at all times. Ladies look carefully at the [two options]. For some reason, most hot sexy ladies choose a blind fold gig as a entry playground to become a Ms fantasy girl{Simply a female member, right now we have one and we never had more than 3} if you're married, your husband becomes a member also, if you make it. Our members can call for what they want when they want it. Our philosophy as we keep getting on, until you get off. If you have felt loss, the economy dragging you down, become part of something fantastic no matter what your age. If you have the right attitude, join us. We been around a long time, feel security and much much more. We do not do, meets and greets. In any shape or form.We do, however, from time to time to meet and eat. LOL with our few sellect women. We do take in a new woman every 2 or 3 mo's depending on how aggressive she is. Therefore it is difficult just to meet and have sex. Experiencing a very fun filled dream fantasy night. We understand there are couples and many single women who want to talk the talk. And of course many wanting to walk the walk we actually walk the walk without a lot of talk. Hopefully you can understand our position on this matter, we're not trying to be sarcastic, we just do not have any time for smoke and mirrors nor a lack of bull.If you are one of those women, that just want to look at pictures and use up your battery life. We're not really interested in that. However if you are adventuresome and really desire to transform your fantasy dreams into reality, because you are tired of settling for, just the thoughts of being the center of attention of two or more men. We always start slow and build up over time. Or that real HOT time with your B/F or other significant,Before or after we have done you, our philosophy, and indeed our motto "we keep getting on until you get off" is one that we live by. You will never, need to worry about your privacy, with my group. Because we'd never ever send any face pictures, over the Internet, for anyone for any reason. No one can ask any business personal or private questions about you, nor can you ask any questions about anyone else. Relax and enjoy the moment without fear of anyone discovering your true fantasies..... Plus we take every precaution, to make your fantasy safe also..No matter how taboo with the exception of humiliation, Pee or Pain because we are more into sexual pleasure... Now with respect to STD testing, All we are saying, actually, is we are attempting to eliminate, as many risk as possible. Nothing is 100%, safe except [no sex]. We do NOT allow just anyone to attend our events. . We on the other hand, also tried to stick to the same small group of women, sometimes one, two and never do we exceed four women at any one given time span. But in four years we have never had even the remotest possibility of an incident, knock on wood. Women, I know, U have had many Dreams about, being the Center of attention of more than one or two Men, you maybe have even told your HUSBAND/Boyfriend. And in some cases, if you are married, your Husband may have that desire for you also. What we do, is allow your Dreams to become REALITY... Without anyone ever finding out, in a Private, Discret, Safe WAY ! ! Maybe you have had a fantasy about two men Cumming or getting off inside you at the same exact second, we've done that and On two occasions we've even had three men cum almost at the same time. Or maybe you've wanted to have one man lay under you and eat you, while you're being pounded, inside You PUSSY. It could be that you want to experience the intimacy of being with another woman and a man or two at the same time. If you've ever had any one of these fantasy dream, but you were afraid/allowing of even yourself thinking, about it,, let alone others knowing you are/having thought's about them! Then maybe we can help. Men/women and couples, please understand we have a give2get policy. What that means, please do not expect to come, into my group thinking it is a dating service. It will work somewhat better for everyone, if everyone, participates, in bringing other interesting/stimulating/somewhat kinky/sensual, sexual participants, into our group as your give2get. Of course they're many ways to give to get. I am the leader of my group. My name is Larry, and I allow no one any details about you, except maybe some cosmetic/generic details. Things like, but not limited to, your handle on any site, your personal information such as home/work number's, on line address, which state you live in, which town or county you live in, which direction north or south, the type of work. You or anyone connected with you do or have. In most cases, I will assign a pet name. At all times, you will be encouraged and reminded to use that pet name. Of course, you can have input on choosing such pet name. We'll will, of course, discourage names like "sugar drawers" but candy is okay. From this you should be able to get my drift. If you've ever wanted to do something like this without fear of anyone ever finding out, now is your opportunity. Please understand we have rules, those rules must be followed. If I am to guarantee your privacy and discretion. One of the things we try to do is start slow, with ...{two men}... Then escalate up over time, to more. We have found, some women tend to go, wild and state, they want eight men. In the pass. We did go along with the woman's wishes or the couples. Only to see her sometimes freeze up. That will never happen again. If you want the kind of group that would descend upon a woman with eight men from day one. You might want to choose another group. We however, start slow, get to know the woman or the couple. Find out things she and if a couple, what her husband, have on their mine, with respect to a fantasy. For example, some women do not like to swallow, some do not like anal, some like it hard and fast and so on and so forth. These are the things that we try to ascertain. During our first one or two contacts. At some point within AdultFriendFinder Rules{I Believe 2 contacts, if we seem likely to be a good Match/fit, we can/will move to the next step, under AdultFriendFinder guidelines at the appropriate time. Let me warn you up front. We do not do pain, nor pee. However, generally speaking, just about everything else is on the table. Please understand, we have no time for [CYBER CHICKS]. So PLEASE, We want/need to have, many Many MANY chats and on into phone chat. As we want to attempt, to get to know you better, so we can see if we will be good Fits for each other.Whenever I have chatted ON LINE, I have encountered a grave misconception. Contrary to the fact that we are one of the most popular groups on AdultFriendFinder, [as determined by the amount of hits we receive all our profile] we do not engage in sexual activities with that many women or couples. We tried to work with one or two couples, and two to four select single women and not switch off to something new, whenever it comes along. If a couple or a select single woman gets transferred out of the area, then of course we will accept a new couple or a new single select woman. That's not to say, it's an exceptional couple or a single select woman, did pop up, she would NOT be illuminated by the mere fact, that we have reached a comfort level with the two or three couples/single select women........... There are many ways to participate with my elite group. You can choose to have just ONE gang bang and never have a gang bang again, this is your option. Or if you are a woman either single/in a couple, you can choose to be, Ms. Fantasy Girl. A Ms. fantasy girl{simply a temporary female member}, once he completes the required times [3 stages of 16 hour involvement which can be broken up into any segments, stage I you give me and one of my men, stage II you give me and two of my men and finally in stage III you give me an a minimum of three of my men] to be gang bang, then becomes a permanent member, just like me. Of course once you merge out of all three stages we will be giving you a party somewhere, specialty and Your Honor, just for you. Places that we've had parties previously is {Nag's Head North Carolina; Myrtle Beach South Carolina; Daytona Beach Florida; three different times in the Orleans; three times on the St. Thomas Islands; four times in Cancun Mexico and our last time in New Orleans, this pass September] of course once your full-fledged member, that will entitle her to is to cast votes on who gets in and who does not get in as a member. One negative vote is all is required to block anyone from becoming a member of my elite group.... If you are a beautiful sexy, vibrant woman, you may have already encountered jealousy from other women, and likely, already know how catty some women can be. So many of the beautiful women have chosen the .....[blindfold GiG]..... As a method to join our group, plus this guarantees no one would ever recognize you in public, if you desire even further protection for discretion and privacy. Also, Because, if you complete the blindfold gig. You Are in Our Group without a Vote. Once you choose this method, the other females know, you can become a member without a vote and seemed to relax and loosen up. And for some phenomenal reason, seem to welcome those that have chosen this method into the group with open arms. As a Ms. fantasy girl, you can simply pick up the phone and pull rank on any other women seeking to get ahead of you. For example, if you want sex Saturday night, and some other chick wants the same. We will of course be at the beck call of Ms. fantasy girl. COLOR darkblue]Understand if one does You We All Do You, Well, our ages range from 24 to through upper 40's there are 8 of us MEN 2 Women and 2 Couples,,,most r in there Twenties to upper 30's lower 40's some to upper 40's,, 2 in there lower 50's our smallest dick is around 71/2 the largest is 9 1/4", and if he gets excited I have seen him reach 9 1/2 inches and That's NO Joke,. But Again most of us r around the 7 1/2" to 8 inch mark,,, We turn down anyone under 6 1/2ish"s unless he is the HUBBY ALL Single MEN Must take STD tests Prior to being inter-veiw or BEING ADMITTED into our group,,We Have one thats a Construction Guy, one is a Young Banker, one is a Fighter Pilot, one is an Aviator, one is a plant manager, one is a stock broker and generally the rest are just plain good men. AdultFriendFinder req. us to average the age group. We believe, in holding to the highest standards AdultFriendFinder has set, and will obey all of their rules. No excessive drinking, no drugs of any kind, will be permitted at any of our functions The men also must agree to AdultFriendFinder rules in addition to our rules and BE, of good character, as in the community where they live. In addition, they must be a good fit, to our group, as in their personalities and how they enter mix, with other's. A good motto we have, is "one for all and all for one". Also " We kept get on until YOU get Off". Every member must understand, it is not the one guy, she is interestd in but rather the group as a whole. Ladies, (if) U have DREAMED about having a mans tongue LICKING your Pussy, while another mans cock is inside pumping U Hard, THEN I have two men that seem to LOVE Doing THAT.... MEN, (I believe)If, each man does his job, everyone else we'll enjoy themselves immensely. The number one priority, for our group, is the privacy, discretion, and most of all protecting the woman/couple reputation and generally respecting her and if he has a boyfriend/husband respecting there relationship. At no time can any member Know Your full Name{Nick-Name, is ok}, Handle, e-mail address, phone number's or any PERSONAL/BUSSINESS information,{except Me) & I need it only to set things up... It is not our goal to come between you, the woman/couple and their partner. What we are trying to do, if anything with respect to a relationship is we really want to enhancing that relationship. If you come in together as a couple whether boyfriend/husband , then you must remain as such unless the other partner gives his/her permission to play separately, however if you are married and you come in, as a single, but married, we will protect, your privacy, that way too, 100%... We do have many methods for doing so, But it requires your help too , you cannot give out your handle on any site, you cannot give out adddy address, you cannot talk about your private life, as and where you live what you do for a living, all are strictly off-limits...
ALSO, Anytime, one of our guys turns out to be a {5 or 7)min man he is out, {as in not ask back}, and can't stay in our group, he must be able to cum AT THE Very least 2 times in 4 hours and be able to fuck and stay hard for at least a total of two(2) hours during the night, or he is not ask back. We have 8 Men now. Some are Married; and very clean 2 are recently divorced; 2 are single; At all times we will totally respect your bond with your wife or G/F,{if married or involved}, none of our guys are permitted to ask for or take her personal information, for a private date, or her PH. NUM. or make any outside arrangements without the groups OK and/or We must have both hubby and wife/G/F permission, IF this happens and we find out,, this guy is ***OUT*** of our group.. we are Very strick about this rule,,WE ARE also VERY VERY DISCREET and WILL NOT SHOW ANYONE'S FACE PICTURE,**NO FACE PICTURE'S** **NO FACE PICTURE'S** NOW OR IN THE FUTURE... If You and/or your WIFE want to fuck a FACE, Then pick a different group, with NO RULES to protect your Personal Private LIFE,, OUR Privacy Rule's R Always Strickly INFORCED, We are there to make both parties Fantasy come true,Hubbies & Wifes,, not to come between to two lovers/married or g/f or b/f.. We want to be invited back again and again..BUT, Said request must come through .;this site/Profile, at No Time can, shall or will we CALL-Contract You,, Unless invited to do so, BY WAY OF E-Mail/call, unless U GRANT an OPEN INVITAITION to ME, To Contact U; So rest at EASY NO-Un-Wanted Contacts of any KIND,,,You Must e-mail US ,, if you desire us back... Anyway, you Can Count on our discretion, as NO one will ever know unless u tell,, we would prefer u didn't,,.. Understand, Gen. we pick the order of the guys that FUCK HER, and everyone that's with us FUCKS her Until all have had enough,, and that may take a while,, also we will FUCK HER likewise Until *she* has had enough, even FUCK all Nite until ALL ARE DONE, that also is one of our rules, she can ask for double penetration if she wants she can request 3guys at once whatever turns her and u ON, Generally, We also like to start each
***GANG BANG*** off with a nice back rub this takes 15 to 20 mins usually, then some kissing,, then some licking,,someone rubbing some one kissing,, before penetration,,,,, OUR FAVORITE Place for fun stuff is a 44ft boat, and a Little boating can be FUN Too....Out of the state and Country visitors many want to spend the Night, Weekend, or even weeks on our boat, let have fun4all... We are very slow, easy going, laid back, not pushie group...NOW, what we have started doing, So As To Cut Down on Cyber Chick Chat. All start same way ,,, One on One, for total of 16 hours,,, then Two on One same way,,, NOW They can be Broken Up into 4 four-hour FUCKS, and some time's, I may Have a *New Guy* that just FINISHED His D/D MEDICAL Tests, on the "One on One's" and "Two on One's".. THE NEW GUY WILL BE EVALUATED, BY THE [WOMAN .&/OR. COUPLE], THE SAID EVALUATIONS IS TO BE BASED ON HIS **ATTENTIVENESS**, ABLITY TO **GET ALONG** WITH OTHER'S, **ENDURANCE**, **LOVE MAKING ABLITY**, **HOW HE EATS PUSSY**, ABLITY TO JUST **GET HER OFF**, This Helps Keep, One Bad apple from spoiling the bunch of APPLE'S,,,, Knowing one or two Men, When She does get the GROUP... WELL The FACT IS,, This Does seems To Make her Very Very VERY relaxed, and MORE AT EASE,, also Lets Me see what her interest's are Her Likes - Dis-likes are also... Also Gives me time to BUILD INTERESTS For, My Guys, about YOU,,, IT'S Very important, for me, to be ABLE To Show U R For REAL...and Lets My Guys see YOUR TRUE DESIRE A ABOUT BEING GANG BANG,,, We have BOOKED a Hotel More Than Once,,, ONLY to have a NO SHOW, Maybe this has already happened 2U also,,, But When this HAPPENS,, It's very HARD to get as many guy's 2gether for next GangBang,, U SEE, some of my Guys Travel a Long WAYS.... and it Helps drum up That INTERESTS, Hering about how SEXY You Really ARE, and yes How KINKY U R Tooooo... Its a WIN WIN kinda thing,,,****..ALL the above seems to ..Quickly.... confirm, or determine *YOUR ...Real desire...* for Appeasing your Appetite for a real GANG BANG] And therefore,, we will be trying to eliminate You as ***CYBER*** session/ or a **Cyber Chick**... , Once We do You,, Then U R IN Our Program ahead of all other's... THE MORE AGGRESSIVE U R The More Likely U WILL GET DONE,, PLEASE UNDERSTAND We R Real,,, and Yes You Will Be Getting a GangBang,, not just fucked alway's, By ONE GUY,,, LIKE I have been told, Some OTHER [Site's?//So Called Group's] DO,,, We Will Give You a GangBang for REAL,, but our Rules/Method's R also REAL and They WORK For All's Benefit, We do HAVE A BACK LIST, but Hot aggressive *Non-Cyber* chicks, seem to get around... Please, please, please... if you are into cyber stuff or just want to collect picture's,,, get a playboy and/or playgirl,,,We Will Be try to determine IF, U R 4 REAL *ALSO*, from the START, so as to not waist anyone's TIME,,...After Chatting 4 a while,,... We Ask 4 U e-mail num,... Now, if U will take a ph call that's even better ,... its show U R Not A CYBER or Just Talking You May Actually Want Total Fulfillment by take one dick right behind the other,,,We also need e-mail and Ph conformation 24 hours prior to the time we are to arrive at a place {to be determined} or we will not come... Please Follow AdultFriendFinder rules, No Drugs, and PLEASE PLEASE Understand Guys,, You must BE Tested for D/D or Have Prof. of tests... EXCEPT for couple's,, resent divorce WOMEN and/ Some single CHICKS,, I will need to confirm, You Have been tested,, every time prior to Getting/Joinning,, My Group.. There Will Be No Exception, NONE.... to this RULE, have the test done

My Ideal Person The more aggressive you are, the more likely you will be DONE and Redone lol. Aggression can be determined by the amount of times you ask and how eager you are to get it, right now. Everything begins when we reach the point, under AdultFriendFinder rules that we can exchange personal information. Everything gets set up, generally speaking from phone chat, that way we can determine things like what you like and of course your dislikes. We have very little interest in women that claim they haven't had sex for a long time. My interests triples and may even quadruple, in a woman that says "I just got FUCKED and now I want more" if she's that hot, having just got a fellow off and now WANTS more, that's what I'm talking about LOL. The reason I started a group, is because many of us men have experienced a woman, that can take care of her man once or maybe even three times a month. Having the opportunity, to be with the woman that can satisfy many men, especially in one night, brings our sexual excitement to a frenzy. And reaches the point of almost wanting to worship such a lady. You get done faster if You CUM to us,, she can be very young or very very OLD so 18 to 70 we will gang bang her, of course it doesn't hurt IF she is a Beautiful knox out for sure, But it's not the most important thing, she canbe very tall or very very short, and if she is a sassy spunky, sensual adventurist risk taker like so many of us are. That of course will never hurt your chances of getting us. if YOU want her FUCKED, and you're part of a couple and you want her Gang Bang we can do her, or if YOU YOURSELF WANT GangBanged, and your a single woman, marital status, is NOT important{whether single, separated or divorced}. You Never Know WHAT SUBJECT, MIGHT COME UP,,,, Travel is Cool Too.... also if your a guy and want to join our group and u r willing to abide but our rules ,, 1st u must be at least 7"d/d free and willing to be tested,, 2nd understand its supposed to be fun for everyone, and you must fit with this group of guys,, YOU have to be able to fuck for a total of 2 hours,, out or 4 hours,, be able to cum at least 2 times,, never ask for, except or give out a ph num. Like to give Back rubs, Must love licking and eating Pussy and ASS too.Anal sex is optional..... Be a Great Kisser.... Not pushy.... AND be able to give a definition of the Word ***GIVER*** And be able to implement an all nite gang bang. Some of the husbands, want their wife gang bang, then they want to eat the wife's pussy, after each man gets off, this seems to be a major turn on for both the wife and the husband. So husbands, you can be in the next room or as close to your wife's pussy as you want to get and wait, while we are getting ready to CUM in your wife's pussy. You can have us meet her, somewhere and be on the cell phone listening to us FUCKING her and then send her to you, full of our CUM. {This seems to turn on a couple big time also} just tell me, what really turns you on. Anything that turns the woman on, turns all of my men on including me. ANYTHING is possible, if you have an adventurous and KINKY mind. The only thing that is out of bounds, is humiliation like PEE or extreme pain. Guys if You have Never said to a woman "GET READY BABY,, FOR THE BEST SEX OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE,," And has never said "ALL I WANT TO DO IS LICK or PLEASE ALL NITE" And has never said to a woman "ALL I WANT TO DO ALL NIGHT LONG IS PLEASE" You must show extreme respect toward everyone at all times, and understand you must be clean and agree *** NO DRUGS AT ANYTIME *** If you drink You must be a light drunker only. DO NOT SHOW UP DRINKING OR DRUNK and submit a few pic's for the group to use at its discretion. Please be patient we have been getting far more than we expected with request for a gang_bangs a 2nd request usually does show more interest though..,, and DOES NOT hurt.... Respond in a way we can respond Back To You,, always With AdultFriendFinder Handle So we know Who You Are...Please Honor AdultFriendFinder Rules & we Be D/D free... as We Are...

  • 38/ / Group
  • Ridgeway, Virginia, United States
Sexual Orientation:
All Straight
Looking For:  Women or Couples (man/woman)
Birthdate: February 14, 1980
Relocate?: Prefer not to say
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5 ft 10 in / 177-180 cm
Body Type: Athletic
Smoking: We are all non smokers
Drinking: Most of us don't drink
Drugs: Most of us do not use drugs
Education: BA/BS (4 years college)
Occupation: Manager's
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Spiritual
Bra Size:
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Green
Glasses or Contacts: None