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my turn was different   2/14/2013

Pat told me all that happened to her and i wanted to meet a couple to play with without her along.i looked for couples on AdultFriendFinder i got a response from an older couple.they said she wanted a guy to make l

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the lady from the bar   2/14/2013

Pat and i were out having a few drinks watching the games on their big screen.i noticed a woman was watching us and told my Pat to check her out.she got up and went to the ladies room and the woman fo

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pat and us   2/13/2013

the next day i got to work and pat met me at the office door.she said hi and i said hi back and then she said well.i said yes it was really hot the time we spent together.she said want to do it again

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the new girl   2/11/2013

i was working in an office doing filing and cleaning out old files.they employed a new girl and i was to teach her how to do the filing as new client's were signed up.we worked together for several mo

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home again   2/4/2013

we left the cabin all ready for hunting season and headed home.bob and i were in his truck and the other guys were in different trucks when we left.we drove for an hour when bob says i need to take a

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the next day   2/4/2013

the next day bob and i got up and went into the main room.we saw a case of beer sitting on the table and knew the other guys were back.bob started breakfast as i cleaned up the place.i cleared the tab

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the hunting cabin   2/1/2013

it was summer and a few friends and i bought a cabin up north for hunting and fishing.we decided to spent a week up there to fix it up if it needed any repairs.

we got there and the door was

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my ex came by   1/29/2013

i was sitting at home one morning and there was a knock at the door.i got up and looked out and there stood my ex wife.i opened the door and ask her what she was doing here.she said there painting my

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she or he   1/28/2013

as we got to the motel it was still early and i had plenty of time to shower and pack.the chubby lady said she'd wait for me to get ready and then she'd go with me and pay the bill.

i hopped

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the trip   1/25/2013

i was on a business trip to houston and was sitting in the airport waiting for someone to pick me up from the company i there to meet was getting late so i rented a car and with gps got on the

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cleaning the garage   1/25/2013

i was cleaning the garage and hooking up a pulley to hang my bike out of the way above the front of the i worked i saw Bob coming down the street.i started to close the garage door so i could f

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bob's wife pat   1/23/2013

it was a week later that i ran into pat at the coffee shop in town.she was sitting alone in a booth when i walked in.i ordered coffee a sandwich to go when i saw her waving to me.

i got my co

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bob was submissive ??   1/23/2013

i was running around town getting some things for the house and saw bob going into the adult video store just outside of town as i was driving home.

i turned around and went back and parked o

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a few drinks   1/22/2013

it was late when i woke up with a sore ass but i dressed and went over to ted and tina's.i walked in and there was ted, tina, bob and his wife pat.we all said are hi's and i got a drink.


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weeks later   1/22/2013

weeks later i was mowing my grass and ted and tina came by on their bikes.they stopped and ask if i'd like to drop by this evening and have a few drinks.i said sure i'm free tonight and said i'd be th

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the next day   1/18/2013

the next day i walk over to ted and tina's to see if her sister is still i walk down the street ted comes out and says you have a good time last night and i say yes i did.

i say is

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ted and tina   1/18/2013

i got an email from ted inviting me over for a garden party.he said there were several people coming and him and tina wanted me to come.they said it was shorts and swim suits.

i got dress in

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the new couple   1/16/2013

i've lived in a small town all my life.nothing ever happens here people marry and have kids and life goes day a couple who i've known for years invited me to a party at their place to celebrate

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my three brothers   1/15/2013

that night after supper i went out to play for awhile.when i got home mom was reading in the living room and i said i was going to bed i was tired.she said say your prayers and i'll see you in the mor

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first expierence   1/15/2013

my first experience with sex was when i was fourteen.i was younger than my brothers and they treated me like an outsider cause i was my mothers favorite.

one day i was in my third floor room

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jimmie   1/11/2013

i was AdultFriendFinder one day and found an old guy who wanted to try giving their first bj.i contacted him and he said he couldn't host but would come to me if i wanted.i couldn't host either but talked him into

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at the bar   1/4/2013

i was off work on a wednesday and was running around town paying bills and picking up some stuff.i stopped at a bar for lunch and get a beer.while i was sitting there waiting for my food this black gu

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she was hot   1/3/2013

i was working for an inventory company one winter.we'd go to different company's and inventory their stock for them.this one place said they could supply some help but we needed to bring about twenty

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after tiffany   12/27/2012

after my time with johnny and tiffany i started to look for another guy or cd to play with.i changed my profile to find the perfect connection.

it was several months later i got an email from

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new friend   12/26/2012

i was on a dating site and got an email from this guy.he said i liked your profile and pics.i replied thanks for the approval but i wasn't looking for guys as my profile said.

he said that if

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tina gets hers   12/19/2012

hi i'm back as john holds his wife tina down on his cock.he keeps saying come on bitch your going to learn your the submissive one not me.with this john is humping against tina's face.

he loo

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the couple   12/14/2012

i was on another dating site when i got a message from a couple who were looking for a male for a threesome.i sent them a reply and we talked about what they were into.he was very submissive and she w

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lady from super market   12/13/2012

i was at the super market a few weeks ago and was looking for a few good steaks for the i walked up to the area with the steaks i lady ran into me with her cart.

she said she was sor

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neighbors college son   12/11/2012

i was out shooting hoops in the driveway when i saw my neighbors come home.they had their son with them who was in college.i waved at them as they passed me.

their son just watched me as they

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couple fantasy   12/7/2012

when i was 18 i had this fantasy about the couple that lived next door.she was kind of chubby but she still looked sexy to me.i was in our yard mowing grass when i hear her come out of the house.

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"fantasy" my introduction to guy sex   12/6/2012

i just turned 18 and was hitching a ride to town.these two guys pulled over and asked where i was headed.i looked at them, one was a lot older than the other maybe 50 and the other in his 20's.i told

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