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Molly MoundsIs Your Profile Too Dirty?

Are you sabotaging your success[/b] with a profile that's too explicit? Advice Diva Molly Mounds tackles the issue of using dirty talk in your profile.[/b][/center]
Martin Downs, M.P.H., and Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D.Double Exposure

In order to help you get the most out of your sex life, you need advice from experts[/b] on both sides of the bed[/b]. [/center]
Molly MoundsPhoto Do's and Don'ts

Good photos[/b] are a major key to your success[/b] on the site; don't let bad pics sabotage[/b] your pretty face! [[/center]
Martin Downs, M.P.H., and Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D.Standing the Test of Time

I recently married a woman I’m crazy about, but the high of being with her is spoiled by my constant fears about our relationship not working out.
Molly MoundsRyan Keely Revealed

Chat live with Ryan Keely on Friday, January 29th![/b] Ryan Keely isn’t your average centerfold: tomboyish, spunky, sarcastic and intensely sensual, she an undeniable appeal. [/center]
Molly MoundsMeet Taylor Vixen!

Join us on Monday, Dec. 21st at 5pm PST for a live chat with the 2010 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Taylor Vixen![/b] [/center]
Victoria ZdrokAsk Dr. Z

Our PhD Sexpert Dr. Z discusses when masturbation becomes an addiction, swinging gone sour, and what to do when your girlfriend hates giving head. [/center]
LolaTo Host or Not To Host?

That hot couple wants to meet this weekend - but they want YOU to host! How do you prepare your home and ensure a good experience for all? [/center]
Dr. ZDr. Z's Toy Box

The only Penthouse Pet with a PhD, Dr. Victoria Zdrok, reviews some of the latest sex toys - using the scientific method.
Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D.How to Jump Start Your Sex Life

Has the passion faded? Check out these electrifying tips to give your sex life a turbo-boost!
Molly MoundsRocking the SF Fetish Ball

We slapped on the lube and dove head-first into the SF Fetish Ball, to deliver this titillating on-the-scene report!
Muffy DiverNina Hartley Exposed!

Taking a blow-by-blow look at the porn diva's How To Series ‒ from oral, to anal, and beyond!
Miss Glitterati
Celebrity Sex Tapes, Volume 2

The second installment of our Celebrity Sex Tape Reviews! Featuring scandalous skinflicks from Colin Farrell, former-pro wrestler Chyna, and a whole slew of B-listers!
Greta ChristinaThe Year in Review

Greta Christina reports on the best sex toys of 2007.
Molly MoundsExotic Erotic Report

San Francisco's much-ballyhooed Exotic Erotic Ball overtook the Bay Area with a literal feast of flesh, fetish, fantasy...and a whole lot of stripper shoes.
Colonel LingusShe's On Top

Penthouse writer/editor and author Rachel Kramer Bussel talks to Adult FriendFinder's Colonel Lingus about tips for members, domination and submission, and her yummy cupcakes.
Savanna Samson and YOU!
Advice from Adult Star Savanna Samson

"Hey Savanna,
He gives me a good orgasm, but I can never seem to squirt. Can you advise please?"

VIVID's sexy porn star Savanna Samson delivers exciting answers to this and other hot, sexy questions. See inside.
(photo: Courtesy of
Dr. ZHow to Score a One Night Stand

Sometimes you just want to get the girl, get laid, and get out before breakfast. Our resident sexpert Dr. Z tells you how to find the perfect one-night stand.
Muffy DiverGetting Dirty in tha D

Detroit's Dirty Show is the biggest erotic art show in the nation, and a pervert's paradise.
Editors with Sunny Leone
Giving and Receiving in December

Exclusive Interview:Sunny Leone
(December 9)
"We have a lot of sexual tension between us already, so when I watch her play with her pussy I imagine that I am really there watching her and I am about to eat her pussy." Star of all those hot Vivid girl-on-girl scenes, Sunny Leone reveals her intimate pleasures in this hot, exclusive interview.
Sephera Giron
November*s the Month for Tasty Stuffing

November's Tasty Tarot
(November 1)
"Women: There’s a strong, wealthy man waving his wallet in your direction…Men: You’re on top of your game in love and play." What sign has this tasty reading in their cards? Check out your tarotscope with Sephera Giron, inside.
Diana Dillinger
Life is a Masquerade in October

For Those Without Balls…
(October 29)
"I’ve been to fetish balls before, but this Halloween, it’s different: I’m a single slut now. The last time I came to one of these erotic balls, it was on the end of my master’s leash…" For all of you who mentioned in the comments that you had no fetish ball to go to on Halloween, here's a hot pictorial tale that's as good as being there.
Sephera Giron
Check Out the Wisdom: *School Daze* September!!!

Your September in the Cards
(September 1)
"Women:You are sitting pretty on your throne, waiting for your worshipers to adorn you with gifts and adoration. Funny thing is, men love Capricorn women… Men: You are smitten by a woman who is beautiful and gentle. You feel compelled to adorn her with gifts. You put her on a pedestal." Our friendly prognosticator Sephera Giron lets you in on your love life surprises for the School Daze month of September.
Sonia Davide & Diana DillingerCheck Out our splashy articles in *Wet and Wild* August!!

Cum Again . . . Again!
(August 22)
How do those male porn stars produce so much cum? I doubt we're being spoilers to reveal that some of it's fake. Still, the recipe for fake cum is a guarded secret (these bukakke cookies will never tell). Last time, we went to our test labs and cooked up a few batches of our very own faux fun juice. We posted the results and you voted for your faves. See which sploshy, dripping cum sauce came out on top, and find out the secret recipes!
Your Favorite Editors!
Watch for our splashy articles in *Wet and Wild* August!!

Cum Again?
(August 2)
How do those male porn stars produce so much cum? I doubt we're being spoilers to reveal that some of it's fake. Still, the recipe for fake cum is a guarded secret. To end all that, we've gone to our test labs and cooked up a few batches of our very own faux fun juice (see sploshy, dripping results, inside). Post a comment and let us know which cum load looks most realistic. And next edition, we'll reveal the secret recipes!
C.J. Watson
Ode to Bad Porn

(June 15)
"The thing that took MBGB from 'just another Black porno' to porn celebrity status was the casting of the undisputed queen of Black porn…the ultimate screamer, Janet Jacme. The woman just sounds like she wants to be split into two, and when a girl's screaming for it at the top of her lungs who wouldn't want to follow her to the tip of climax?" C.J. Watson has a humorous word or two to say about bad porn.
Tera Patrick, with You our Readers
Getting Women Off

(May 24)
"I have to admit, that my hardest earth shuddering orgasms come from brutal anal sex with a vibrator on my clit. I cum so hard it feels like I'm gonna pee!" Where there's a will there's a way -- our porn star sexpert Tera Patrick offers some orgasmic ideas for the woman who's hard to get off; plus she answers "should I paint my schlong?" and other fascinating member questions.
Editors with sixftblonde2Swinging: Our First Time

(May 12)
In case you don't already know, lots of swinging goes on here at AdultFriendFinder, a favorite online destination among the lifestyle community. But we know there are also many hopeful swingers here, too, not only looking for other couples, but trying to find out how it's done, where it's done, what's normal, what can be expected. It's about time we introduced a few of our experienced, busy swinging couples, to those who would like to get busy swinging. Introducing:[member sixftblonde2].
Tera Patrick, with You our ReadersSpinners and Sinners

(April 25)
"How do pornstars make anal sex look so easy?" asked AdultFriendFinder member coldaddict. This month our porn star Sexpert, Tera Patrick, answers member questions about doing anal on screen, play , and how to get those good love angles ‒ no matter what size you are.
Tera Patrick with You, Our Readers
Big Lips; Curved Dicks

(April 11)
"Personally, I love to get teased lightly until I am squirming and screaming... but my fave is getting really close like that, and then getting pounded by a big thick cock when I can take no more!" This month our porn star Sexpert, Tera Patrick, talks about love styles, breast implants, and a special dick that hits the G-spot.
Brenda Lewellyn
Public and Pushing It


"Public and Pushing It" certainly pushes sexual boundaries in every delicious way possible. Unfortunately, our new censor thinks it's too sexually charged to post on the site. We're staging this small rebellion and posting it anyway -- since, duh, we are all ADULTS. We'll leave it up for as long as we can get away with it. So enjoy this steamy morsel before it's too late!
Tera Patrick -- and You, Our Members
Ask Tera: Sex Alone for 2

Tera Patrick Exclusive!

This week in her hot'n sassy advice column, porn star Tera Patrick tackles swingers' jitters. Plus, how to turn a partner on to mutual masturbation. Take a peak.
Tera Patrick and You, Our Members
Ask Tera: Bad Boys and Gag Girls

Tera Patrick Exclusive!

Porn star Tera Patrick talks about girls who gag and offers unexpected responses, some wet, some wild to your favorite questions -- why is my husband sneaking his porn? What's the "most common mistake guys make when kissing a girl"? Take a peak:
Tera Patrick -- and You, Our Members
Ask Tera: Jiz to Fuzz

Tera Patrick Exclusive!

This week, sexy porn star Tera Patrick offers her titillicious advice on the kinds of questions you only find on AdultFriendFinder: the joys of double penetration (DP), cum tasters and conoisseurs, and the big question -- How real are those porn orgasms?.

Tera Patrick -- and You, Our Members
Ask Tera: Wake Up, She*s Horny!

Tera Patrick Exclusive!

In her sexy, open way, adult star Tera Patrick digs into her plentiful experience in the adult arts to offer her take on scissoring, dick skills, girl-on-girl, and lots more.
Mark J. King
Private Parts

"Candy red lipstick, Minoan corsets, black dildos in the ass, the rustic Italian countryside, and hot Czech women fucking like hungry animals fighting for food is what this film delivers." Mark J. King reviews a selection of hot DVDs from the latest Private Video four-pack, The Best of Susi Medusa.
Jacqui Lemmon
Great Balls Afire

"It's funny how we women avoid a guy's nuts like the plague." According to Jacqui Lemmon, it's time this wanton neglect came to an end. Inside she tells us how.
Jenny Friend
5 Ways to Please Your Mouth (with Your Man) -- A Woman’s Secrets

In this new twist on an old favorite, Jenny Friend turns the art of the blow job on its head.
Steffani CameronThe Good Girl’s Guide to Giving Great Head

"This whole process is going to be about giving and denying, about taking him to the brink..." Inside: Follow Steffani Cameron's sassy guide to giving the hottest head he's ever had.
Dion Moore
Slobbing the Knob

"I was just lubing up my new hot pink vibrator (or "Pinky" as I like to call him) and preparing for a multi-orgasmic test run when I was stopped cold in my tracks..." -- Dion takes a stand on "slobbing." >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Editors with Greta Christina
Part 2: The Bent World of Greta Christina

"Dallas is definitely extreme. Even in sex-obsessed San Francisco, I haven't known many people who make getting laid the center of their life and identity in the way she does." -- Greta Christina (Interview inside.) <<<<<>>>>>
AdultFriendFinder with Greta Christina
The Bent World of Greta Christina

"Writing this story made me constantly horny and wanting to masturbate all the time... I'd force myself to sit at the computer in that state of intense arousal, and I wouldn't let myself jerk off until I'd finished the paragraph or scene." -- GRETA CHRISTINA (Read the interview inside.)
Tristan Taormino
Dyke Debauchery

New York based Tristan Taormino gets a taste of Debauchery and dyke party porn, not to mention the most raunchy dyke sex carryings on -- San Francisco style.
M. Christian
From his Ass to his Dildo

How's a guy to keep his butt-dildo in place when he's busy having a self-love fest? Advice columnist M. CHRISTIAN offers some suggestions.
Maris Lemieux, a Review
Tickle Me to Ecstasy

"It is gentle and playful, suggestive of innocence and the frolics of children, yet capable of inducing powerful orgasms."--M. Moran, Erotic Tickling Book Jacket:
Maris Lemieux
Why Men Love Bitches (Or Do They?)

"After all, a strong woman is everything men dream and fantazise about. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and...bitches -- it doesn't get any better than that." -- Sherry Argov.
M. Christian
Fantasies Galore

Oral sex with a stranger and kinky humiliation -- writer and sexpert M. Christian tackles it all.
AdultFriendFinder with CollegePlayers
Cammer Craze on Site: CollegePlayers

Welcome to the wild midnight world of web camming: holding up signs, eating plenty of ice cream, and stopping in the middle of, well, you know -- to take requests.
Editors: Greta Christina
Paying for It (Behind the Scenes)

Meet our new reviewer of sex-related everythings, GRETA CHRISTINA! In this interview, Ms. Christina talks about the sex workers who contributed to her anthology Paying for It. Be sure to look for her first bi-monthly review -- later this week -- of Peter Gorman's photo book, Stripped Naked.
L. Chavez & Carriebu
The Right Stuff on Site

We couldn't help noticing this hot cammer couple on the AdultFriendFinder web cam circuit. They've got the art of web camming down, and their inbox is bursting. Check them out.
Editors with Eric Forbes
Conclusion: It's Erotic; It's Electric

Eric Forbes took his life (and balls) in his hands when designing toys for the latest rage in erotic play: electro-stim.
AdultFriendFinder with Eric Forbes
It's Erotic; It's Electric

From Eric Forbes, the owner of SexTek, AdultFriendFinder gets an exclusive peek at the latest rage in erotic play toys: electro-stim.
S.Lewis with Paige WhiteA Few Words from a Toy XXXpert

It's an interesting year for sex toy purveyors and there are some definite trends -- at least at San Francisco's Madam S leather and sex toy store.
AFF & Barbara Nitke
Sex Repression Didn't End with Kinsey: An Interview with Barbara Nitke

Her website displays photos she took during porn shoots and intimate kinky partner play. Now her law suit is heading towards the Supreme court over the right to keep her web site live.
Editors with Violet Blue
Part 3: Ultimate Sex Tipper

Cunnilingus? Fellatio? Fantasy? Violet Blue has written The Ultimate Guide books to all of the above -- not to mention the recipe for sweet-tasting semen (you'll find it inside!).
Editors with Violet Blue
Ultimate Sex Tipper

Cunnilingus? Fellatio? Fantasy? Violet Blue has written The Ultimate Guide books to all of the above and more.
AdultFriendFinder with funtimes4all

We discovered the successful AdultFriendFinder member-couple funtimes4all38 after reading their exciting article in our "member success stories." We couldn't resist interviewing them to find out their secrets of success on the site.
Maris LemieuxDEEP THROAT Part 2

The second part of our DEEP THROAT article: Techniques for getting the stiff one all the way in, and things to do while it's visiting your tonsils.

This month, AdultFriendFinder has decided to concentrate on the wonders of Deep Throat. Inside: DEEP THROAT and ten steps to get you there.
The AFF Editors
Sex Queen, Part 2

Carol Queen outed the world of strap-ons in the video "Bend Over Boyfriend," to familiarize sex conoisseurs with "the dildo and harness aisle" of their sex toy stores...
The AdultFriendFinder Editors
Sex Queen

How does a shy girl from Eugene Oregon end up as a sexologist, sextoy store owner, and nationally known sex advisor? Sexpert Carol Queen tells us. (photo: Karen Vibert-Kennedy)
The Editors at AFF
Bigger, Longer, Thicker

Sassy anal sexpert Tristan Taormino sounds off in an AFF Exclusive Interview
Dr. Z and Dr. Downs
What's Better Than Pussy?

Dr. Z shares with readers some simpler ways to refer to 'pussy'[/b] to avoid making a shy female uncomfortable[/b]. ][/center]