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swinging singlesLactation10/27/2016  2  
big and fat womenLactation10/13/2016  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Part 2. Older Women Producing Breast Milk.9/16/2016  7  
AFF Naughty Community.Older Mature Women Producing Breast Milk.9/7/2016  17  
Lactation LoversANR without lactation8/7/2016  2  
Lactation LoversTips6/7/2016  0  
Lactation in CaGreat product6/4/2016  0  
Lactation LoversLooking on Central Coast of California...4/18/2016  0  
Lactation LoversLactation Inducer Edmonton area4/9/2016  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Update: Older Women & Breast Milk.3/8/2016  1  
100% Pure Titty suckerSouthern Oregon1/28/2016  0  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresLooking for ANR in NorCal...12/7/2015  0  
Lactation LoversLooking for ANR in NorCal...12/7/2015  0  
Lactation Loversadult lactation11/17/2015  3  
Lactation in Caadult lactation11/17/2015  0  
Lactation LoversWhat if?11/8/2015  14  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresOttawa, Ontario - lactation10/12/2015  0  
100% Pure Titty suckerNeed a nipple sucker!10/5/2015  16  
Lactation LoversI had a wonderful dream8/24/2015  3  
Lactation LoversInduce lactation in SE Alabama???8/15/2015  0  
Women who love sucking nipplesSO HAPPY TO BE HERE!!8/2/2015  0  
Women who love sucking nipplesSO HAPPY TO BE HERE!!8/2/2015  0  
Women who love sucking nipplesSO HAPPY TO BE HERE!!8/2/2015  0  
Lactation LoversFour things to understand about inducing7/7/2015  3  
Crossdressers that LOVE WomenFirst Lesbian Threesome6/13/2015  0  
2 Taboo for Yousucking mothers milk6/12/2015  31  
Lactation LoversInducing Lactation / ANR5/16/2015  5  
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Lactation LoversBay Area Newbie!3/20/2015  3  
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Lactation in CaT.E.N.S. machine2/28/2015  3  
Lactation LoversHypnosis and lactation2/22/2015  3  
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Lactation in Cafrom dry to wet ...12/27/2014  3  
2 Taboo for YouBreast abouse and forced lactation.11/23/2014  1  
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Lactation in Camilk10/28/2014  0  
Lactation LoversStarting the process10/23/2014  2  
Lactation LoversHi! New here!10/19/2014  6  
Lactation LoversFinally! I found a lactation place.10/3/2014  1  
Lactation in CaWhere have all the women gone....9/24/2014  0  
2 Taboo for YouIs bigger better?9/17/2014  50  
Lactation LoversEVER NOTICEā€¦..9/15/2014  12  
Lactation LoversUnable to find anyone to get me pregnant or induce lactation and to drink my milk8/23/2014  6  
Lactation LoversBreast size change from lactation8/22/2014  1  
Lactation LoversNeed man to nurse for lactation-SW lower Mi8/14/2014  6  
Lactation LoversTips for inducing lactation8/4/2014  4  
Lactation LoversLooking for group in PA7/16/2014  0  
Lactation LoversNew Member6/15/2014  1  
Lactation LoversTittie Man Craves Breast Milk5/21/2014  4  
Seeking Lactating LadiesHelp With Lactation4/18/2014  0  
Lactation LoversNew4/14/2014  1  
Lactation LoversErotic lactation in Michigan4/9/2014  0  
Lactation LoversLove to find a lactation partner in PA. I want milk.2/5/2014  3  
Lactation LoversAsian Milk1/31/2014  7  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresAsian Chocolatey Nipples1/31/2014  4  
Lactation LoversLooking for suckling in Southern California1/30/2014  0  
Carolina's Fetish GroupLactation1/5/2014  0  
Carolina's Fetish GroupLactation1/5/2014  0  
Carolina's Fetish GroupLactation1/5/2014  0  
Nanaimo-Connexxions,ANR,Lactation and Suckling12/11/2013  0  
Lactation LoversNew to group from Seattle12/1/2013  0  
Lactation LoversSeeking erotic lactation11/30/2013  4  
2 Taboo for Youlactation11/14/2013  13  
Lactation LoversAnyone looking in W. Pa.?8/10/2013  1  
Lactation LoversInducing8/5/2013  13  
Lactation LoversGreetings from New York!5/4/2013  0  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresNipples want to be suckled; MD Eastern Shore5/3/2013  1  
Lactation LoversHi4/14/2013  0  
Lactation LoversHi4/14/2013  0  
Adult Nursing RelationshipsGOT MILK??4/7/2013  0  
Lactation LoversLooking to induce lactation3/22/2013  2  
Pregnant MILFsPregnant in Detroit Metro?12/27/2012  0  
Roleplay Anything taboochat today12/8/2012  0  
Lactation Loverschat today12/8/2012  2  
Lactation LoversLouisville KY area looking for ANR/ABF partner.... still :P11/17/2012  2  
Lactation LoversLactating women in Ohio11/17/2012  0  
Lactation LoversPA Looking for someone with experience in forced lactation to advise me.10/19/2012  4  
Lactation Loverslooking for erotic phone chat with lactation play8/4/2012  9  
Lactation LoversLactation Help7/3/2012  3  
girls4momsabf help5/10/2012  0  
Lactation LoversNew5/9/2012  0  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresWant to start laction in PA5/9/2012  0  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchAny women in the area for lactation or women from India for playtime.5/8/2012  0  
Lactation LoversInducing lactation5/8/2012  8  
Lactation LoverRelocation for Lactation.4/20/2012  5  
Lactation LoversRelocation for Lactation.4/20/2012  0  
Lactation LoversMilky tits in New Mexico4/15/2012  0  
Lactation LoversLactation Help-PA3/13/2012  13  
Adult Nursing RelationshipsOn A Search...3/12/2012  0  
Mormons Needing MoreThoughts on lactation2/26/2012  7  
Lactation LoversInduce Lactation / Fetish2/7/2012  2  
Alberta ANRBig Tit Sucking1/31/2012  0  
Lactation LoverHmmmmmm.......1/22/2012  2  
Raleigh BBW'sI'll relate this to the breast fetish folks, pregnant lactation1/22/2012  0  
Lactation LoverWhat does it do for you?1/21/2012  1  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresBreast play in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada1/18/2012  0  
Lactation LoversMale in Edmonton, Alberta looking fore ANR1/18/2012  0  
Red Deer worldBreasts. lactation and adult nursing1/8/2012  8  
Lactation LoversNorthern Illinois F Seeking M To...1/7/2012  9  
Lactation LoverSo how do we induce lactation?1/2/2012  2  
Alberta ANRSuckled to lactation12/31/2011  2  
Lactation LoverA little dilemma.....12/16/2011  5  
45 and Older BunchANR12/15/2011  10  
Lactation LoverNew to group interested in inducing lactation12/11/2011  4  
Lactation Loverscinci ts looking to induce lactation12/11/2011  1  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresNew to group interested in inducing lactation12/11/2011  0  
Lactation LoversWI Lactation efforts under way12/4/2011  3  
Lactation Loversnew to room11/8/2011  2  
Adult Nursing RelationshipsLooking to Suckle11/5/2011  0  
Lactation Loversnew tor group 44eee10/30/2011  9  
Lactation LoversINDUCING LACTATION10/1/2011  5  
Lactation Lovershelp me start lactation9/26/2011  2  
Lactation LoverFavorite lactation fantasy?9/11/2011  13  
100% Pure Titty suckerLactation in S F Valley9/2/2011  0  
Lactation LoversAny one in NC needing suckling or breast play?8/30/2011  2  
Lactation LoverHow far is too far?8/29/2011  13  
Lactation LoverHave you tried it?8/25/2011  3  
Looking to Breastfeed in UTLooking to breastfeed in SLC or help induce lactation...8/15/2011  0  
Adult Nursing RelationshipsGOT MILK??8/10/2011  0  
Lactation LoverFirst drops8/7/2011  12  
Lactation LoverHow did you start lactating?7/30/2011  8  
Lactation LoverLooking for a woman in VA who is lactating7/29/2011  2  
100% Pure Titty suckerlactation7/26/2011  5  
Lactation LoverGroup opinion!7/25/2011  7  
Lactation LoverWhat's in it for you??7/22/2011  16  
Breast Feeding/LactationLactation in West Midlands7/22/2011  2  
Lactation LoversNew here - doing first post7/19/2011  1  
Lactation LoverWhy so taboo?7/15/2011  14  
Lactation Lovernew too erotic lactation7/14/2011  3  
Lactation LoversNew Group!!!!7/14/2011  1  
Adult BreastfeedingNew to the group! What's the fastest way to induce lactation without pregnancy7/11/2011  3  
Lactation LoversLooking for ANR in SE Mass6/6/2011  1  
MILF loverMechanicsville Lactation5/31/2011  3  
Lactation LoversAnyone in Las Vegas?5/15/2011  0  
Lactation LoversGreater Louisville KY Area4/27/2011  0  
Lactation in CaInducing Lactation in EB4/26/2011  4  
Dirty MindedOdd stuff4/22/2011  1  
Dirty MindedOdd stuff4/22/2011  1  
Lactation LoversHouston - any ladies lactating or would like to start4/19/2011  0  
Lactation LoversLooking near Plainfield, IL4/3/2011  1  
Lactation LoversABF/ANR Near Louisville KY3/27/2011  0  
Adult Nursing RelationshipsGot Milk??3/19/2011  0  
women4 women lacatation luversGot CT milk?3/14/2011  0  
girls love breasts tooTrying to Induce lactation2/27/2011  9  
Lactation LoversLooking in Northeast Ohio2/24/2011  0  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresBreastmilk in Rockville MD2/21/2011  0  
Milk LoversBreastmilk in Rockville MD2/21/2011  0  
Lactation LoversBreastmilk in Rockville MD2/21/2011  0  
100% Pure Titty suckerBreastmilk in Rockville MD2/21/2011  0  
100% Pure Titty suckerHello seeking older white men for fun and lactation2/12/2011  9  
Fun With Natural Lactationpics2/12/2011  0  
Lactation LoversRestarting Lactation near Louisville KY2/11/2011  7  
REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERSin vegas march 6 to 11 looking for fetish2/7/2011  0  
Adult Nursing RelationshipsBay Area Breasts Need Help2/4/2011  4  
100% Pure Titty suckerSC Girl Seeking lactation and Suckler1/30/2011  2  
Lactation LoversBay Area Breasts Need Help1/29/2011  8  
S.L.C.naughty girls horny guysSeeking Breasts In The SLC Area12/26/2010  0  
Lactation LoversLactating in The Florida Panhandle12/19/2010  1  
Lactation Loverslooking to suckle in South Louisiana12/7/2010  0  
Lactation LoversNew to the group and lactation12/6/2010  1  
Lactation LoversANR - Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton12/4/2010  1  
Lactation LoversHi..New to the Group12/3/2010  1  
Hudson Valley LactationWelcome!10/25/2010  0  
Hudson Valley LactationWelcome!10/25/2010  0  
Hudson Valley LactationWelcome!10/25/2010  3  
Lactation LoversLooking for sucklers in Los Angeles for my 38EE10/2/2010  2  
Lactation LoversAny older women been successful with inducing lactation?9/10/2010  0  
Lactation Loversnew member searching in minnesota9/9/2010  0  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)Lactation9/7/2010  3  
Seeking Lactating LadiesLuton UK8/20/2010  1  
Lactation LoversMilk desired in Tampa8/6/2010  0  
SPECULUMS INCNew to this, SE UK Fem needs examined6/14/2010  0  
Seeking Lactating LadiesLondon6/14/2010  1  
Lactation LoversLondon6/14/2010  6  
tap_my_ass_plzLactation6/11/2010  4  
100% Pure Titty suckerhi, looking for keep or induce lactation in MD, DC, VA6/2/2010  0  
Nipple Sucking Pleasureshi, looking for keep or induce lactation in MD, DC, VA6/2/2010  0  
Milk Lovershi, looking for keep or induce lactation in MD, DC, VA6/2/2010  0  
Lactation Lovershi, looking for keep or induce lactation in MD, DC, VA6/2/2010  0  
Lactation Lovershi there6/2/2010  0  
BigBoobie's Groupneed a man to suckle me3/21/2010  2  
Lactation LoversNC BBW 44H seeking "suckle buddy"3/13/2010  2  
Lactation LoversAnyone in the Everett area need suckling2/18/2010  0  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresLooking for an ANR in the Charlotte area.2/9/2010  2  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresSeeking Breasts And Nipples For Suckling In Auburn WA Area2/5/2010  1  
BigBoobie's GroupSeeking Breasts In Boise ID Area2/5/2010  0  
Lactation LoversSouthwestern MI or Northwestern IN2/2/2010  2  
North West CallingSeeking Breasts In The Auburn WA Area1/30/2010  3  
WatchingSeeking Breasts In Boise Area1/30/2010  0  
Nampa swingers any one gameSeeking Breasts In Boise Area1/30/2010  0  
Extramarital NeedsSeeking Breasts In Auburn WA Area1/30/2010  0  
Boise Area Swing & SwapSeeking Breasts In Boise Area1/30/2010  0  
Roleplay Anything taboolactating for my Daddy?1/25/2010  30  
Lactation LoversMale/female to suckle Ky, IN , OH ??1/22/2010  11  
Lactation LoversTriad NC needs help inducing lactation1/15/2010  6  
Lactation in Ca209 area1/14/2010  0  
Roleplay Anything tabooDaddy or ?? in the Seattle area?12/21/2009  1  
women4 women lacatation luversphilly12/13/2009  0  
Lactation LoversSFV looking for someone to help induce lactation12/4/2009  2  
Lactation LoversSeeking Female for Forced Lactation in Augusta, GA Area12/3/2009  0  
Lactation LoversISO the MILKY WAY12/3/2009  0  
Lactation Loversanyone have side effects from meds - domperidone or others11/30/2009  5  
Lactation LoversInfo on inducing lactation Louisville, KY11/29/2009  3  
Lactation LoversHi everyone11/18/2009  0  
Lactation Loverswestern WI woman seeking local sucklers11/14/2009  13  
Lactation Loverssuckle11/4/2009  0  
Lactation LoversMilk in australia11/1/2009  0  
Lactation LoversLooking for Advice on Forced Lactation10/20/2009  5  
Lactation LoversLactation fans who want to see "breasts squirting milk" pics and vids!10/16/2009  0  
Lactation LoversLooking to nurse around Nash.10/11/2009  0  
Breastfeeding Chatwant to induce regular lactation for adult nursing sex9/14/2009  0  
Lactation LoversNot one woman is interested?9/9/2009  4  
Lactation LoversNew Yorker9/9/2009  0  
Lactation Loversi want to relactate any advice folks9/6/2009  9  
Breastfeeding ChatLove Leakage9/1/2009  0  
women4 women lacatation luversDailylactation8/29/2009  2  
women4 women lacatation luversKinky bimoms.8/28/2009  2  
S.L.C.naughty girls horny guysmale seeking to breastfeed or induce lactation for ANR...8/12/2009  4  
Nipples,Lactaing & OTKNeed help with stimulating lactation in SFV8/11/2009  2  
Lactation LoversJacksonville man seeking a partner for Suckling/Breastfeeding/Inducing8/10/2009  0  
Lactation LoversNew To Group - ISO ALL Interested In A Suckling-Massaging Schedule in DELMARVA7/23/2009  3  
3 MEN AT A TIMECUM Suck On These!7/22/2009  1  
HUGE GLOBESIncreasing My 40 DDD's Thru Self-Inducing Lactation7/22/2009  9  
Sensual/Erotic MassageI NEED To Be Suckled & Massaged EVERY 3-4 Hours7/22/2009  0  
Lactation LoversWill help to induce lactation in Denver7/18/2009  1  
Lactation LoversLooking to induce in SoCal7/14/2009  2  
Lactation in Cait would be nice6/26/2009  0  
Fun With Natural LactationLooking for lactation in DC/MD/VA6/23/2009  0  
Michigan Breastfeedingi am here to Learn....6/20/2009  0  
Lactation in Cai am here to Learn....6/20/2009  0  
Lactation Loversinteresesred in know more6/20/2009  2  
Lactation LoversWanting ANR Bloomington IL5/24/2009  4  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresANR5/24/2009  3  
hippies &bikers o'myLife From the Bottom Rung...5/14/2009  3  
Lactation Lovershow to induce lactation5/1/2009  5  
Nipple Sucking Pleasures!!4/25/2009  0  
Lloydminster. FunontheBorderAny ladies nursing?4/22/2009  1  
Lactation LoversGroup question...4/11/2009  3  
Lactation Loverssuccessful lactation3/20/2009  1  
hippies &bikers o'myPUTTIN' OUT...Resumes,that is...!3/10/2009  4  
BBW Sexual Fun"What the fuck were they thinking?"2/24/2009  9  
Lactation LoversIs It Possible to Induce Lactation?2/20/2009  3  
Lactation Loversguys in PDX?2/20/2009  0  
Lactation LoversThe end of lactation2/18/2009  2  
Lactation LoversWant a sexy girl to suckle at my breasts2/17/2009  0  
Lactation LoversHerbs & Information for those wishing to Induce Lactation2/11/2009  1  
Lactation LoversLooking for WOMEN interested in experimenting with lactation1/31/2009  2  
Lactation LoversCurious1/29/2009  2  
Lactation LoversMississippi Lactation1/10/2009  0  
Lactation Loversorange county CA lactation meetings1/6/2009  1  
Lactation LoversHello to Everyone12/26/2008  8  
Lactation LoversHeya12/22/2008  2  
Milk LoversLooking in Phx12/21/2008  0  
Lactation LoversIs it possible to get more then a few drops?12/14/2008  4  
Lactation LoversClarity on Herbs & Medications to Induce Lactation12/10/2008  9  
Lactation LoversThanks MM12/7/2008  2  
Eyes Wide Shut in AlabamaNew to the group12/7/2008  4  
Lactation LoversIs it imoral for a grandmother to inudce lactating to breastfeed her own grandson?12/7/2008  22  
Lactation LoversLooking for a man near Toronto who enjoys suckling.11/23/2008  3  
Lactation LoversAnyone in Bellingham?11/20/2008  0  
Lactation LoversHey all!10/29/2008  4  
Lactation LoversPregnant and looking forward to lactating10/28/2008  11  
Lactation LoversAnyone in Puget Sound?10/24/2008  0  
Lactation LoversHow Do You Increase Your Milk Supply10/12/2008  1  
Lactation LoversOregon?10/6/2008  1  
Lactation Loverslactator in s, il, and s,e, mo. area wanted10/2/2008  0  
Lactation Loversdamn i love the messages about lactation,anyone in my area?10/2/2008  0  
Lactation LoversEast Anglia suckler needed9/28/2008  4  
Lactation LoversSeeking Breasts In The Auburn WA Area9/27/2008  0  
Lactation LoversWould like to provide suckling services for NW Washington9/26/2008  0  
Lactation LoversInduced Lacation for Adoptive Mothers (and others)9/26/2008  4  
Lactation...Lactation9/21/2008  1  
Lactation LoversWhat's in it for you???9/21/2008  5  
Lactation Loversyoung dfw man looking to fulfill fantasy9/14/2008  0  
Lactation LoversThe lactation process has finally begun................................9/9/2008  10  
Lactation Loverscome suck these8/31/2008  3  
Lactation LoversErotic lactation stories.....8/26/2008  8  
Lactation LoversHi everyone.....8/19/2008  6  
Richmond Fun no StringsCalling all sucklers8/19/2008  1  
FOR LADIES ONLY IN VACalling all Breast lovers8/19/2008  0  
MILF loverrichmond lactation8/14/2008  6  
Bi-women looking for a couplelactation8/14/2008  0  
Lactation LoversSensitivity in nipples8/13/2008  2  
Lactation Loverssuckle me8/10/2008  3  
Lactation LoversForced Lactation in Houston area.8/9/2008  1