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Meet Taylor Vixen!   by Molly Mounds

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Join us on Monday, Dec. 21st at 5pm PST for a live chat with the 2010 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Taylor Vixen! To participate, join the group Taylor Vixen

It's official - Penthouse Magazine has named Texas beauty Taylor Vixen Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2010.

Debuting in Penthouse Magazine's special 40th Anniversary issue, Taylor Vixen immediately became a favorite among Penthouse readers. With her gorgeous natural figure, dark mischievous eyes, and friendly down-home nature, she cannot help but draw people to her.

"I have always loved Penthouse. It's sexy and tasteful, and a place for young women, like me, to express ourselves," says the 26-year-old. "I had the best time at my photo shoot, where I was able to bring out both my personality and sexuality at the same time. I loved my photographer, Emma Nixon. My favorite part of the shoot was doing the robot dance at one point. I love to goof around!"

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To whet your appetite, here are a few more facts about this Texan temptress!

Sign: Scorpio

What’s your favorite thing about your hometown of Dallas, Texas? It’s country! People are friendly.

What’s your favorite thing about modeling? Meeting new people every day.

If I’d had a million dollars, I would: Build a house, invest the rest.

Favorite sport: Volleyball.

Favorite workout: Pilates.

Favorite foods and drinks: Sweet tea.

Favorite way to relax: Take a hot bath and masturbate.

What gets you excited? Being dominated.

What gets you in trouble? Boys.

What qualities do you like most about yourself? I will make you laugh!

When you’re being photographed in the nude, how do you psyche yourself up? I think of things I like ‒ picking up a guy, the look I would give him.

Describe your ideal man: 30s, nerdy type, maybe into computers, dark hair, funny!

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