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Dr. Z's Toy Box   by Dr. Z

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For the guy who wants to immortalize his penis, or to give his girl the “gift that keeps on giving” when he finishes early, there is the Clone-A-Willy Kit. With the kit, or a similar one from Create-a-Mate, a guy can make a mold of his penis and create an exact rubber replica of his mighty dong. Insert a vibrator into the replica, and voila: your cock rocks! For those who have night vision problems, The Clone-A-Willy kit also sells a specially blended Glow-in-the-Dark Powder to add to your Liquid Rubber mixture mold to make your dildo glow in the dark.

When you have to go on an out-of-town trip, do you want your wife or girlfriend popping in a Johnny Holmes DVD and dreaming about 12 inches–or do you want her to be reaching for a perfect match to your johnson to get herself off? And how about those times when you’ve been out all night drinking with your buddies, or your favorite football team blew it in the 4th quarter, and your babe starts whining for sex? Hand her the clone and a tube of lube; and she’ll never know the difference. I’m sure you can find many more equally creative ways to use a replica of your wanger.

To get a good clone, you need to be able to hold a full erection for at least 5 minutes with your cock immersed in gooey, messy stuff. That might prove a little challenging for some of you – unless you have my Pet of the Year issue open while you let your dong make its impression on the goo.

Bonus Points:
If you’re between mates for the moment, you can always mount the clone on a little pedestal and display it in your trophy case. Nothing like having a little conversation starter when you bring a date home for a little nightcap!

You can purchase the Available here.

Pyrex Glass Toys

Glass Toys are artsy colorful dildos, hand made from high quality medical-grade Pyrex glass. They come in a wide varieties of colors and designs, some with bumps and swirls on the surface, others with elaborate internal designs, each packaged in a pretty velvet case. Pyrex dildos are used just like other dildos, however, they don’t vibrate, bend, rotate or turn any other tricks. They are tougher than most other dildos, so make sure to guide them in slowly. But because they are non-porous, lubes last longer on them than on dildos made from other materials. Their smooth glass surface is easy to clean - you can even stick them into your dishwasher to sterilize them. They are almost impossible to break; and they are supposed to last a lifetime. Because they are really hard, they are great for G-spot stimulation, especially the curved ones. They look great in pictures and are indispensable if you are a budding erotic photographer or just like to play one in your bedroom.

You can also display them in your glass cabinet and tell your naive friends they are a rare work of art by an abstract sculptor. Tell your female friends to go ahead and touch them because this glass art was meant to be functional, and see if they will want to try it out. Tell your most mentally deficient male friends that because they are "hand blown," they are great to use for oral sex.

Available here.

Sex Swings

Dr. Z and Justine Joli test out the Sex Swing at the Cat O'Nine party in NYC.

A sex swing is a collection of straps which support the buttocks, thighs and back, forming a swing with stirrups, which is then suspended - sometimes with bungee cords - from the ceiling, door or from a stand. The support provided by the swing allows a couple to experiment with new positions and many women love the weightless, bouncy feeling. The swing promotes longer intercourse sessions because the support of the female alleviates the effort required by the male.

There are many different types of swings. My favorite is the Love Swing popularized by Samantha in Sex and The City, because the straps of the Love Swing are padded, so they are soft and comfortable for your feet, ankles, calves and thighs. You can also buy a matching neck support.

I do recommend that you get a stand to hang the swing on, rather than risk your partner's ass by dangling it from a hook drilled into your ceiling. Bringing the ceiling down on your heads as you bang away may terminate your desire for sex, as well as your lease. The Universal Sex Swing stand is compatible with any of the available swings and is rather easy to assemble.

Assembly takes 15-20 minutes and the pipes of the stand are rather bulky to store (and you would not want to leave the thing out when your mother-in-law visits!). If you want a simpler version of the swing, without the headaches of stands and ceiling hook-ups, I highly recommend the Door Swing. It is a fully adjustable harness that fits over your door and supports up to 200 pounds.

Warning: if you are not acrobatic or are susceptible to joint injuries, the swing can be a hazard. But if you and your partner are physically fit, reasonably flexible, and looking for something exotic to spice up a dull, boring sex life, try swinging your way to orgasm.

Check out these models:

Door Swing

TLC Spinning Sex Swing

Swing Stand

Body Swing