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How to Jump Start Your Sex Life   by Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D.

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You've been with her for a few years and sex is becoming stultifyingly stagnant. If you feel like a car running low on battery power, it's time to jump-start your sex life. But to get back that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling, you'll have to crawl out from under your comforter, strip off those nasty old boxers, throw caution to the wind, and seek some sensual adventure. Get that adrenaline going by injecting some new sensations into your sexual script.


Sex in public places is always a big turn-on, as the fear of getting caught pumps adrenaline into your veins--and that's the same stuff that fuels sexual arousal! Start slow--begin by fooling around with her in front of a mirror or a video camera, then try stroking her with your foot under the table at a restaurant. Have her give you a handjob or blowjob while you are stuck in traffic. Once you've gotten those exhibitionist juices flowing, you can get more brazen and try it anywhere you may be seen.

Movie theaters are perfect for exhibitionist experiments. Pick a dirty foreign film - the subtitles will get her horny without much effort on your part - and get busy in the back row. She might get so inspired, she'll want to star in your own homemade production.

A picnic in the park is never complete without some alfresco porking. How about the back of a crowded bus or subway car? You can pretend to drop your wallet and duck under her skirt to find it; or if there is only one seat available and she conveniently forgot her panties, you can let the vehicle's bumping bounce her on your lap until you both get off - way before you reach your destination.


Sex in a confined place can offer an unexpected degree of physical intimacy. Remember the thrill you felt in high school when you made out with your girlfriend in your old compact car - her knees all the way up to her chin, her feet on the steering wheel? Make out in a telephone booth to re-create the experience. For those who prefer more breathing room, try elevator sex. There are two ways to score: One strategy is to wait until you can get on an empty elevator and hit the stop button midway be����tween floors. Then see if you can come before security does. The more difficult - and exciting - way is to simply ride the elevator up and down, doing it when you have the car to yourselves and looking innocent when someone gets on. You two-minute guys should be able to score in this scenario.


The feel of water against your body adds to the sensuality of liquid loving, and her dripping-wet body can be a turn-on, too. Water makes you buoyant, helping you experiment with new positions. So make "wet and wild" your motto for cool sex. There are lots of possibilities, whether you've got an Olympic-size pool or a bathtub. Some tips: (1) water can wash away the natural lubrication in the vagina, so be sure to have some lube on hand--for the best in slippery sex, make sure she is as wet on the inside as on the outside; (2) if you're mostly submerged, water will impede rapid thrusting, so use a slow and steady stroke - that's also better for getting her off, which means you'll get lots of wet kisses in return; (3) notwithstanding the liquid environment, those hearty little sperm and STDs can still do their business, so use protection.


The airplane bathroom is an overrated place to have sex, not to mention uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. It's much better to stay in your seat and ask for a blanket, spread it over both your laps, then reach under and play with each other when the lights dim and the boring movie starts. Get her dripping and let her lick her wetness off your fingers. You'll arrive refreshed and happy - even if the flight is delayed.