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How to Score a One Night Stand   by Dr. Z

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Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D.

We get it. You're not into commitment and long term relationships at this stage in your life; you just want to score some raunchy sex with a hot babe. There's nothing wrong with that, and believe it or not there are plenty of smokin' girls looking for a night of passionate sex with no strings attached. The trick to a successful one-nighter is finding the perfect Ms. Right Now. And while finding a sex-seeking hottie in a crowd of women with romance on their minds may seem like an impossible task, you can zero in on the free spirits if you know what to look for, both in looks and behavior.


-Dressed To Thrill

Here's a good rule of thumb: The more skin she shows, the more skin you're likely to get by night's end. This seems like common sense, but scientific research consistently shows that sexually adventurous women tend to wear skimpier clothing than their more repressed companions. One study showed that ovulating women are more likely to dress provocatively, but beware that biological imperative and make sure you're safe; women may not realize it, but they get hornier at this time of the month because it's when they're most likely to get pregnant. A sexily dressed woman feels good about her body and may even be a bit of an exhibitionist, whereas a self-conscious woman is unlikely to feel comfortable enough to undress in front of a stranger. Don't waste your time on the sexy librarian in the turtleneck go for the girl in the low-cut tank and barely there miniskirt.

-The Devil Is In The Details

If she has a manicure and pedicure, she's been to the salon; she may also have a fresh Brazilian wax to show off. And if she's got tattoos and piercings, she has a wild streak that bodes well for you. A tongue piercing is especially good she probably likes to demonstrate her oral prowess.


-Alone In A Crowd

When a woman is alone at a nightclub or a bar, she is most likely looking for a hookup. This is good for you, as you won't have to deal with resistance from her buddies, and good for her, since she won't have to put up with disapproving glances or follow-up questions from her girlfriends. If you are checking out a group of women, go after the least attractive one. She'll be flattered and appreciative, since she rarely gets the attention when she's out with her friends. Or look for the one who seems left out of the clique. She's ready to be rescued.

-Dirty Dancing

If you're in a dance club, look for a girl who is shaking it like a milkshake on the dance floor. She knows how to move, and she's comfortable with a lot of male attention two solid indicators that she's up for a one-night stand. The conventional wisdom that a woman who's a good dancer is good in bed is commonly believed because there's truth in it. Dance really is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.


-Trap The Tourists

We've all felt the appeal of sex with a stranger while away from home and our more censorious friends. Foreign tourists, in particular, often look to sample the legal goods because they know that when they get back their friends will ask, "So, did you hook up with any Americans? How do they compare?" Foreign college students often make good targets. (Trust me, I was one!) If you don't live in a tourist town, check out conventions in your area, which are usually held at big hotels. Traveling businesswomen frequently get lonely and go looking for a little no-strings-attached companionship once they're away from gossiping colleagues.


-Go Cougar Hunting

Don't just target pretty young things. Research shows that women in their thirties and forties are hornier and more likely to reach orgasm than women in their twenties. Hot-looking 50-year-olds on the prowl are an even easier target. They're less likely to get a lot of male attention, so they frequently adopt a carpe noctem ("seize the night") attitude. And don't forget MILFs. They already have kids, so they're not looking at you as a potential father. In fact, MILFs are likely to care more about the bulge in your jeans than the quality of your genes.