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Playtime for couples

Hey Savanna,

I desperately need help. I am a 52-year-old guy, and I'm afraid I cant get it up anymore. Do you know of any type of foods that will help me get my hard-on back?


Dear countryman8100

Well, let me see, the guys in the industry sometimes eat like six bananas before a scene, but I never really asked why. It may be because it helps them stay harder longer, but it also may be to make them shoot bigger pop shots.

You know, it is very common to have this happen, particularly once you�re aware of it and your mind starts to add to the problem. The first step to getting your hard-on back is to stop worrying about it. A good woman will take her time on you and not judge you if it doesn�t stand up to her attention the second she looks at it.

The second is to try to eliminate the toxins in your body and be aware of eating healthy. Good nutrition improves erectile dysfunction! I suggest doing a two-week whole body cleanse and drink tons of water. You can go to your local health store and ask someone to help you find the best one. Eat lots of richly colored berries that will increase vascular flow. Drink vegetable juices free of salt.

There are also some herbs that are said to make your dick hard and performers in my industry swear by them. They are: Asian Ginseng; Damiana; Ginkgo Biloba; and Muira Puama. Please don�t ask where to get these things!

Of course, these days there are also plenty of medications that men can take that are actually covered by most health insurance. There is something called Cialis that you can take three hours before even thinking about sex. That means you can take her to dinner, pop a pill and rest assured your cock will not fail you when you take her home for dessert.

There is also Viagra, although a whole pill often makes your face and ears red and becomes obvious to someone like me that you�ve taken one. The men in the industry usually take half of a 100mg Viagra pill so they can still come and save the other half if the girl is not exactly to his liking. Also try to get your hands on this drink made in Santo Domingo called Mama Juana. It has some tree bark and herbs and stuff in it that increases a man�s vitality.

And when all else fails, picture my mouth around your cock. I�ll get it hard for you!

The piercing truth!

Dear Savanna,

Me and my boyfriend enjoy a healthy sex life, but there is just one problem � he can't make me squirt. He would love it if he could. He gives me a good orgasm, but I can never seem to squirt. Can you advise please?


Dear zomersbloom

Squirting is the craze these days. I was always so jealous of girls that could do it.

When we have an orgasm we usually tense up our whole bodies and actually prevent ourselves from reaching the ultimate release. Try to let go as you come, I mean really let go. The best position for me to squirt during penetration is in what we call reverse cowgirl. The penis curves at just the right angle to work that cushiony area that makes you squirt . Remember, don�t hold on to your orgasm ... let it go. This takes practice, but is so worth the effort!

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