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Playtime for couples

Hey Savanna,

my wife and I are trying new things in the bedroom and are wondering if you have any fun ideas. My wife loves to do more than one position every time and is into a lot of kink. Any help is appreciated!


Dear lonely2nite78

How fun you just asked this question! I just finished filming a Vivid movie called “MILF,” which should be released very soon. The script cracked me up because it had lots of fantasy elements, and it was so much fun imagining doing those things with my husband. Most of my fantasies come from things I’ve done on camera, and want to take home without worrying about camera angels and open penetration.

Anyway, this movie was about a couple that moved into (obviously fictional) Milfwood, where (naturally, hello, it’s porn) everyone next to them and across from them is having sex. These two characters play out this fantasy where they're wearing army fatigues and literally hunting each other around the house with night goggles and pellet guns. They even had a bear head!

Play this with her and do not let her know you ever looked or cared to. When she looks your way, go so far as to look past her as if you see a friend or someone you know who just happens to be behind her. It’s crazy, yes, but we women are always curious about the ones who don’t want us.

Okay, so that is a little extreme, but not really. Ever play hide and seek? Well, imagine that in army combat, enemy against enemy! What a way to take out your aggressions and have the ultimate fuck (captive fuck that is, with ropes and everything). Sounds silly and the kids might be a problem, but if you can get away with it, you will feel like teenagers or younger. And when you are finally captured, the torture will be pure pleasure!

If this is still too extreme, how about high heels, sex toys, and a Savanna movie? Works for me!

The piercing truth!

Dear Savanna,

I was wondering if you could tell me–since you have all your privates pierced–is it your hood or your actual clit that is pierced? I had my hood pierced over a year ago, and have heard since then that although it hurts a lot more, and is difficult to do, an actual clit piercing is much more pleasurable. I was wondering if this was true.


Dear Carilyn_David

A year ago I would have told you all about how wonderful piercings are, but right now my nipples are killing me. I just finished a movie where I was a good Catholic girl who wouldn’t have them, and so I kept taking them out and putting them back in after the scenes. Now they are hurting, and I'm over it.

Please don’t get your clit pierced. I mean, why mess with a good thing? Also, if you are going to be sexually active with more than one partner, I fear they hold and attract germs that will cause you problems. I hate to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to something you are fantasizing about, but at this point in my life, that is where I am at. I will do one photo shoot hanging from them with chains to document having them, but then I am taking them out. I found the piercing irritated my clit too much and was not a pleasurable sensation. Visually yes, but absolutely not physically.

The piercing truth!

Hello Savanna,

my wife and I saw you in a movie with Julian and it is clear he has quite the cock. Does size matter to you when you are shooting a movie or having sex in your personal life?


Dear pumpguy22

Funny you should ask, because I a firm believer that size does not matter, as long as you are man enough to realize the truth and enhance your skills in other directions. Instead of dwelling on insecurities of size, or lack thereof, how about facing facts in a positive way and investigating the areas which will prove to be your strong and confident points?

Julian has a beautiful cock, but to be honest with you, there was never that much chemistry between us. So regardless of the size of his dick, the sex was never really heartfelt and true. It may look good on camera (hey, I am a professional, after all!), but if you look real closely you will see that I am not wet at all! What really matters is the chemistry and connection between two people. Size is secondary, and should never be an issue.

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