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April Advice with Savanna   by Savanna Samson and You!

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Hey Savanna. I've always had a problem with premature
ejaculation. I was wondering what I could do to "hold
my horses" and not cum too soon.

A.Ok so here it goes, and I am serious! You asked and I will tell you, but it’s no fun and games! You need to listen and obey! Ready? The truth is, I too have the problem of premature ejaculation, but, being a girl, I can get away with it. I don’t have to worry about loosing my erection because I can spit on it and keep going. You, my love, do not have this luxury so you must listen to me. Look into tantric sex. It may seem annoying at first but it really works. Seriously, I understand wanting to come when I damn well want to come but let us both go on a tantric journey to try to control that urge. Trust me it will not only beneficial for our partners but for you and me as well because our orgasms will be so much more memorable and satisfying. My husband has the most cum in the history of the world. Now you can choose to believe me or doubt me because it is not documented on film and at the risk of totally exposing myself and my marriage I will tell you that this fact is both the answer to your concerns and your wife's downfall. I say that because as much as I enjoy the extreme amount of cum he has I also have to have quite a lot of sex before it builds up to that orgasm. I am not talking all at once either. For me, and I’m sure most of you women reading this will agree,our own orgasms are amazing but if we don’t give one to our man we are left feeling empty and disappointed. For the sake of your man however, we need to help him out and let him stop before he comes and then allow him to do it again a few hours later. Eventually he will learn to last longer and build up that luscious amount of juice that will squirt out all over you.
I know that you, as a man want to satisfy your woman, but don’t forget our orgasms only goes so far because we want to satisfy you. It’s uncomfortable for everyone involved if that happens too quickly so whether you are alone or with your partner try to stop and think about mowing the lawn or baseball or anything it takes to “hold your horses.” After some practice it wont be so difficult and will prove to be well worth the hard effort.


Dear Savanna: My lady and I LOVE our sex life! We have one
minor problem of not being able to do the dog though. I knew the first
time it was a problem as she yelped and asked not to do that
again. Turns out I'm a bit too long for the available
space. I really miss that feeling of those lovely lips giving
my boys a little kiss every time it goes in. Any ideas to offer
that will help me/us keep from hitting her cervix?

A. Hi honey, um, the truth is that I too hate doing the “dog”. I mean I do it because I am a people pleaser but the whole time I am praying to myself that it be over, even to the point of wishing he would shove it in my ass! I have cum that way maybe once or twice and that was only because I was rubbing my clit underneath like crazy. However, I always offer myself that way to my man as a token of my love or passion. I only complain if a) he tries every time and b) if that is the only way I can make him cum.
I remember making a man with a rather large penis cum and then just because it was still a little hard but not so big and feeling macho, getting on all fours and offering my pussy. What a mistake! Within a minute that thing was full blown again and he was cramming it so far in and it hurt like hell. I took it as long as I could and then I escaped and immediately started sucking it. I guess what I am saying is to your Lady and that is, “Honey, sometimes it sucks and it hurts but we, as women, have to do what we have to do to please our man.” And now to you, “Honey, it sucks sometimes and I know you want what you want when you want it but remember your girl’s pussy is a tight, tiny little thing and have some respect. Do it for a little bit to start, then change positions before she has to beg you or save that for the very end when you are ready to cum and give it to her good before spraying your hot cum deep inside her or all over her lovely back.” Relationships need work and compromise and we never want to hurt each other but a little pain sometimes can be so good and goes a long way!


Hey Savanna, got a silly question here: what's the best
way for a guy to get laid in one night (at a party) WITHOUT
being blunt?

A. Please don’t be blunt! Crazy but true, a woman always goes for, even if it is only mental, the one man who does not give her the time of day or night. The one who makes her wonder if he is gay or not is the one who catches her eye; hence why so many best friends of women are gay men. As difficult as it may feel, do not pay attention to the girl you want. Unfortunately, I am one of those women who wants the one who does not want me. I guess I am a glutton for punishment but I can’t help it. Ok, how else? There is actually a way to make a woman think you are not paying attention to her when you really are. Keep your eye on her until she catches it or thinks she does, then immediately look away. She, being the curious, self conscious little bitch she is, she will need to know, by nature if she was imagining it or if you were in fact looking at all. Play this with her and do not let her know you ever looked or care to. When she looks your way, go so far as to look past her as if you see a friend or someone you know who just happens to be behind her. It’s crazy but we women are always curious about the ones who don’t want us. When you do happen to inch closer and have conversation forget about all those pick up lines and be truthful. What really attracted you to her? Her smile? Her blouse? Her hands? Her eyes? Don’t be afraid to expose yourself but please, whatever it is, tell it from your heart and eyes and not what you think she wants to hear. This takes courage but we women see right through the bullshit pick up lines. Of course I have fallen for, “Wow your babies are going to be amazingly beautiful.” But don’t do it! We may melt for a moment and then realize what has just happened. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable but never desperate. Oh and no matter what happens, do not and I repeat DO NOT call her the same night that she gives you her number! Even if it was a magical first evening don’t do it! If that woman gets home and sees the blinking light on her answering machine she will be so gutted when she pushes play and it’s your sorry ass saying how wonderful it was to meet her. I too hate playing games but absolutely wait a day and a half or two days before calling her. If she calls you, well either you’re golden or she’s a psycho bitch. You’ll soon find out.Hey, best of luck and remember confidence! You’re the shit! She wants you and you could care less!!!

XJayXmanX, 21 M

My partner and I love having sex and she loves it when I lick
her pussy, but I hate the taste. What can she or I do to help it taste better?

A.Gosh what a loaded question! Meaning, I want my women to taste like a woman and not like blueberry lube or condoms or babywipes! A healthy pussy tastes like, well, nothing or maybe a little salty if she worked out or I don’t know how to explain it, but a woman. I mean, I admit I taste myself all the time just because I am always self-conscious because of young fools growing up who compared women’s privates to fish! How aweful to have that in the back of your head in the heat of the moment? Some women’s vaginas has a stronger odor than others but it should never smell or taste tainted. It is a man’s duty, as difficult as it may seem, to inform his partner of anything that is stinky or lumpy or just not right. I don’t care how inexperienced you are if you stick your finger in a woman’s vagina or ass and feel a lump then please tell her. I mean maybe you are not that familiar but we as humans have the sense to detect something that just doesn’t feel right. As far as the taste, gosh, I don’t know, I have had women that taste like nothing and that is almost stranger than a pussy that tastes too strong! The PH level in a woman’s vagina changes throughout the month and the taste is often stronger at different times but in my experience most pussys do taste stronger when I first go down on them and then lighten up as the juices start flowing so please suck it up until you really get her going. If, however, the taste is too strong and funky, she probably has some feminine issues that need to be addressed. Communication is the key to any relationship and also any great sex life and I urge you to talk with her about her taste. There are tricks of the trade that I have learned that supposedly make us taste better. Eating strawberries for one are supposed to make the woman’s pussy juice sweeter and the men drink pineapple juice before a scene because it makes their sperm sweeter tasting and smelling. Why don’t you taste my pussy and you can compare notes?


Dear Savanna,

My wife and I are trying new things in the bedroom and are wondering if you have any fun ideas. My wife loves to do more than one position every time and is into a lot of kink. Any help is appreciated!

A. How fun you just asked this question because I just finished filming a Vivid movie called MILF, well I think you what that is, but anyway it should be released very soon. The script cracked me up because it was so much fun imagining doing those things with my husband. Most of my fantasies come from things I’ve done on camera and want to take home and do in ways that feel good with out worrying about camera angels and open penetration. Where do you live? Well never min, that’s not important, but I ask because I live in the heart of Manhattan. I have this lovely telescope that I use in my apartment and what I realize is that no one is having sex! I look and look and they’re just not. Anyway, this movie was about a couple that moved into Milfwood where naturally, hello it’s porn and everyone next to them and across from them are having sex. These two characters are unpacking boxes and wearing army fatigues and literally hunting each other around the house with night goggles and beeee guns, that just sting a little. They even had a bear head. Ok so that is a little extreme but not really. Ever play hide and seak? Well imagine that in army combat, enemy against enemy! What a way to take out your aggressions and have the ultimate fuck, captive fuck that is, with ropes and everything. Sounds silly and the kids might be a problem, but if you can get away with it you will feel like teenagers or younger and when you are finally captive the torture will be pure pleasure! Ok so perhaps this is extreme, so how about highheels and some sex toys and a Savanna movie? Works for me!


Dear Savanna,

I was wondering if you could tell me–since you have all your
"privates" pierced–is it your hood or your actual
clit that is pierced? I had my hood pierced over a year ago,
and have heard since then that although it hurts a lot more,
and is difficult to do, an actual clit piercing is much more pleasurable. I was wondering if this was true.

A. A year ago I would tell you all about how wonderful piercings are but right now my nipples are killing me because I just finished a movie where I was a good Catholic girl who wouldn’t have them and so I kept taking them out and putting back in after the scenes. Now they are hurting and I am over it. Please don’t get your clit pierced. I mean why mess with a good thing? Also, if you are going to be sexually active with more than one partner I fear they hold and attract germs that will cause you problems. I hate to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to something you are fantasizing about but that is where I am at, at this point in my life. I will do one photo shoot hanging from them with chains to document having them but then I am taking them out. I found the piercing irritated my clit too much and was not a pleasurable sensation. Visually yes, but absolutely not physically.


Since joining Adult FriendFinder I've found that there's a lot of no-strings-attached sex going on. I like the idea of it, as it
suits my lifestyle, but my question to you is: how can I avoid confusing sexual needs with emotional (love) needs? Sometimes it's really hard to have a great fuck with a guy and then just move on!


Hello Savanna,

My wife and I saw you in a movie with Julian and it is clear
he has quite the cock. Does size matter to you when you
are shooting a movie or having sex in your personal life?

A. Funny you should ask because I a firm believer that size does not matter if you are man enough to realize the truth and enhance your skills in other directions. Instead of dwelling on insecurities of size or lack there of, how about facing facts in a positive way and investigating the areas which will prove to be your strong and confident points? Julian has a beautiful cock but to be honest with you there was never that much chemistry between us so regardless of the size of his dick the sex was never really heartfelt and true. It may look good on camera but if you look real closely you will see that I am not wet at all! What really matters is the chemistry and connection between two people. Size is secondary and should never be an issue.